The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, October 20, 1883, Image 3

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    km m rft 9 r ....,. "'m1n
Vr. -
Ad vrtlui m undfr tliU head, three eentu
kt linn i-iirli liittrtloii.
ON KY T MIAN - On real cntatn ly aTn.
,VU S A I.K. Two K1 Milk COWl".
Ill'ltllre of
d land ly
Ji'llll lioll.t & Hon.
IOK SAI.K -A kimm! Manon & llamliii rablurt
oricati, a liarKaln (or caili purchaser, lil
ijulie of I li-1 man rtcmldt. 1J5U
ttl Uy.-r.
Wood property noar Hher
J. w. Ma it mi all.
irilK SAl.f. -lieniilenre prop-rty. on
one of tlie
Itr. or v ill
A .f tlio li:st locations III 111 city, or III
trailc for stock. Impure of J. W, Mart hit. Hiotf
I,""iK SAI.K Ifoiitn and lot, price tftM.
1 100
r.ish, iiaiaurir in moiilliiy payment.
monthly payment.
TOKSAI.K Several reilil"iicet, cheap.
i i I r- ol II. II. W Heeler fit Uu.
I, it Hi SAI.K -Scratch Tablet? lu all lzer at
tint olllce. lltf
1,'OU SAI.K a lot In -ooil location,
larx at Uili ollice
Partlou f'Oi: .SAI.K An order for a
new American
M-wIhk .Machine. Inquire at thlsonlce.
1,'or. S I.K i,mmi conli of wood. Iu'iulre of
W. ?. Wise. tf
,')i: SAI.K I Id paper for Hale at thin on
- at i t'l-iil-t cr huudred or 6 ceutn per d
per uoz-
Kour lot together in ((nod loca-
lion lu tl.l
city. luijune at tliln onlce tl
1,VU KENT-'I he north storeroom In Nev
illc'.H hlnck, and M rooms up l;ur. (iood
loe.ilion lor reilaiirant or boarding house, reuts
cheap. Apply to Win. Neville. lJtf
fl'u KEN r A house, corner 7th and Ixcut
.sln-ct-'.JiliKiiilie of '1 hos. I'ollock.
I.'lii: KSNT-One ollice room and dwelliiii!
i-miiM'f ted, (a rooiiixl up stairs over llolt-
shni'iiler liakery.
Enquire at Mrs.
101 tf
, convenient to chops.
K. H. IIovkv Si rtu.v.
I.oi; UKNT South store room of the Union
llloc-k. Kmpiire of . 11. lilack, H. Spur
lovk, Alva lirew, Husiuess ciniinitteo. iX
Fli; KKNT LlwellinK Houses, Inquire of
llMl.f W. J I. HHAFKK.
I OVf A pass hook contalniiiK pai.ers valu-
alilc only to owner linder please leave atthlx
lofNH A Cold toothpirk. Owner proving
-1 properly and pay luj for this notice can
have i he same, ISJlf
1,' )IM - A ladien pocketbook coutalniiiK
some i-haiiKu. The owner call have the
same Icy calling on ,'. Itreckentield, proving
properly aud pay hit; for this notice. ljhlf
! . 1 ' 1
To My Friends:
I have reorganized my clashes
of instruction Uhiii the I'iano, and should be
1I. .sell to have sucli a may desire instruction
to address or call upon me. My term are rea
sonable, and my instruction after the most im
proved method. I'upils, bet;luniii(; wrong, can
never expect to become masters. I Invite a
trial and examination.
OF Til K
TUESDAY, SEPT. 11, 1883,
with an ami lo coip . of instructor.
On apidicat ion to I tie Chancellivr catalofjues
can he uhtaiiie.l !y those dei-irUif; Information,
and certificates for half fare on the railroads
by t'ioe cMH-cliu to attend.
First Term ii-jiins Tuesday. Sept. It lsss.
Sec. n.l " Thursday, Jan. 3. lsyt.
Third " ' Tuesday, April 1, IsjM.
Annua! Commencement Wednesday, June 11
w.H open October 2. l3. and continue 6 ino's.
and all kinds of
dor.e to ort'er on hort notice, bv
Leave orders at the Lumber Yards or at
Post Oillce.
This beautiful three story brick structure, on
lower Jiaid street, ban just been finished acd
C tted tip for the accommodation of
A GoedBar x:'th tbe
"tf. FRED GOOS, Fropr.
. inn
li'.w-tt: flatumwutl' Neb,
1 1 m I inn 1 1 ii i
Wm j
The Plattsmonth Herald YMlslm Co.
For City ,rid County Directory, flail way Time
Tables. Telephone Kxchaug Uu-lneiis Di
rectory. IJunliiciit Cards &C, ee fourth page.
Notice to Advertisers.
Co;y for display advertisements or channel
in adverliseineulu must b handed in to the
business oHIoe not later than 10 a. m. of the
day In which they are to be Inserted. Copy
for pay local and special notices mint be
liaiide-l In Ix-foreJ p. lu. each day to Insure in
K.-ition. II M. Ill Hii.NKi.l., V
IhlfinesM ManaKcr
4. Sallnliiiiy. Ii-iillsf.
C:. A. Uarsliall, lc-iiill, hiic
ccnsiii' Iu Clutter &. 3Iaihlall.
'!'' Hi cxtratleU lvlfliuut pain,
liy ue oI -MIi oiih Oxide tins.
r it. or i.
MectH every Tuesday evening at their
Castle ILtll, in Itockwood Block. Vis
itiuo; Knights ar; invited to uttend.
W. I j. DVKts, K. of 11. and .
The Journal removed yesterday to
their old quartern in Fitzgerald's block
on the 3d floor.
An enterprising citizen of Fremont
has erected a building, lighted it with
gas, and will soon occupy it asii skating
Today's State Journal only contained
two columns about "that well." The
contract for deepening it has been' let
to John Lanliain, of Crete.
Several large flocks of geei-e went
outh las'- night over the city, aud this
morning ducks were seen Hying down
the river m immense quantities. Veri
ly, the day of the sportsimn is near at
The Missouri Pacific folks at Louis
ville have got their round house well
under way. We arc glad to seo the
rairoad giving our friendly neighbor so
substantial an addition to their city,
which we expect will benefit them by
drawing other railway work there.
There is no earthy reason why demo
crats should support republican nomi
nees, Don't do it. Neb. City News.
That's the kind of logic they use
down in Otoe county, aud it's the same
kind republicans eould safely and
truthfully use here.
The Syracuse Journal tells the fol
lowing good bee story:
u large swarivYot bees settled in D.
F. Ilaney's house, between the weather
boarding and cei'ing, the first of An
gust, aud Monday he bad them takeu
at and got iibout 120 pounds of nice
The "old muddy" runs low these
days; and with the ungainly saua bars
covered with bleiched Cottonwood logs.
with nevei t of vegetation to be
seen, present a decidedly bleak, un
gainly appearau.'P, and mar all the
remnants of the June beat.ty of our
great water wey.
It wa9 a hard frost and a stiff freeze
la-it night, and the timid tomato with
the blushing aud tender house plant
which itiiurudeutlv staved out last
nicht are hau2in2 their heads in con
fusion au i sorrow, while the energetic
housewife who neglected these pets is
chewing the cud of bitter regret.
Dr. Root, of South Bend, started
last Monday with Mr. Snider, of Cedar
Creek, for Cincinnati, where he will
have a tumor taken from Mr. Snider's
neck, that has betn growing for several
years, it win ie a very dangerous
operation, yet we trust it may be suc-
cessfull' performed. .
Our democratic candidates are now
looking after their fence, all b&ing out
among the hon2t farmers. Conse
quently Chairman Ru finer looks lone
some; however, we occasionally see
Edward whittling, excitedly, as he
talks with some farmer, aud well we
know 4the rascals" arc catching it if
they are not getting ''turned out."
Sol. Pitcher, he who is supposed to be
toting the political theodolite around
Cass County, trying to dis-locate the
County Surveyor's office, had better re
port at these heaaquarttri. We desire
to know just how much ilu democratic
party have assessed So!, for the privilege
of having his name at the head of that
ticket; for "the last shall be first." you
know, and we know Sol will tell us.
For enterprise and goaheaditiveness,
give us Dr. Schildknecht. his fine new
buildiug on the corner of Main and
Seventh, is about completed, and last
eveniug we found his right "right
ban man," Petor Rates, Gnishing up a
bran, spanking new sidewalk, acd wc
siid, blessed is the physician who prac
tices that w hich he preaches, and does
his duty i:i a practical manner, by
helping their pati iits keep their feet
dry ; let everybody with sore throats
and rii'it: mafic si. ;ri- i i.-e up and bless
the I)r;
Twelve miles of th? uesc'i talked of
Kearney canal, vMch ii to make a4isea
port of that heretofore inland city, has
been, completed ; only four iaoie miles
remain to finish the canal in its ea5
ty, and tlmj-tractor savs it will be
I completed by the middle of Novemoer.
The cau;d will tht-u be 16 miles long.
21 . : i v ?' '. : i: i
t . . ' !;i- ; t' Vi" lllV't) l-tlnir-
. i.-'f - : . - si'?i'tii", tr o.i its
fir-t b'C ti n, sutfici " t a -r
(vt-r w ili - -i ..i s i' ouid tK'ti wi 1
dozen of the largest tlour mills.
Mrs. W. D. Jones and -daughter, re turned
last night from a vlfrit to Wis
J. Leesly, the wide awake fruit trwt
vend r, went to Louisville this morn
ing. Mrs ,Lyu Hayes is visiting friend in
W, TJacoby will rent from his in
surance labors over Sunday in Lin
J. S. McCoy and family returned
home this morninp: rorn a tdeasant
visit of a fortnight, among friends and
relatives in l'ciins) lvania.
Myron Wheeler i at homo this week
from his labors as court reporter in
Judge Post's district.
Constable Laverty, of Louisville, who
is one of the bailiff at court came in
this morning.
Rev. G. W. Mayfield is In the city to
Sam Barker was a west bound pas
senger this morning.
A. W. McLaughlin and P. K. Ruffner
made a flying trip to Omaha yester-
T. E. Calvert, chief engineer of the
B. & M. stopped in the city a short
tifWf this morning.
Sylvester Johnson, the democratic
wheelhdcseof Louisville, came down
this morning presumably to consult the
oracle of "Delphi" alias Ruffner.
Mr. Reinhiickle's boys who work in
this city, went out to Palmyra today to i
spend Sunday with.their father, that
being his birthdaj-. ;
Mrs. ('apt. Palmer returned home
from Omaha today.
S. Richardson, one of Cas county's
lest commissioners, went to Lincoln
this morning to see Ids sou.
Burt Fuller, one of South Bend pre
cinct's best citizens, who ha been on
the petit jury, returned home this morn-
P. P. Gass returned home from the
Qdd Fellows' convention at Omaha last
night, "oi.
Geo. Donovan, formerly of this city,
but now of Council Bluffs, t ame down
last night.
J. J. Russell, a former citizen of this
place, 13 visiting -old friends in Platts-
mouthv- ;
- t -S.
G. Perry, the drugsrist, returns
home this evening.
Mr. J. Ilollister, of Marysville, Mo.
is in the city visiting friends.
Mr. John Cook and Miss Ilobson, of
Glenwood, are in the 'city today, the
guests of their cousin, C ipt. J. XV.
John Fitzgerald i3 in tho city look
ing after his varied interest.
Dr. M. M. Butler, of Weeping Water,
is in town today.
Of hasty consumption, at the age of C7
years, Mrs. Elizabeth Davis, at the
home of her daughter, Mrs. Harry
Dickenson, in this city.
The deceased was kindly cared for,
and everything done that culd be done
to alleviate her sufferings.
The remains were forwarded to her
old home in Ohio for burial.
October IS, 18S3.
All who are interested, are requested
to meet at Plattsmouth, Cedar Creek,
Louisville and Eight Mile Grove, Oct.
27th, at 2 p. m., for the purpose of
electing a Lieutenant and one delegate,
to represent each of the above locali
ties, iu a mass meeting, to be held at
Pleasant Ridge school house, Nov. 3d,
for the purpose of organizing for a
combined wolf hunt.
J. C. Gilmore,
J. M. Watrbjian, M. D.
Charles Snyder.
Dr. Richmond, and other gentlemen
of this city, who were in attendance
upon the Grand Lodge of Odd Fel
lows, which has just adjourned in Oma
ha, reports a very pleasaut and profit
able session of their Grand Lodge of
that ancient order, and also that the
city of Omaha received the delegates
and entertained them in a hospitable
and large hearted maimer.
The new railroad which is to inter
sect Clay county is au assured fact. It
is a B. & iL feeder which ii to start
from DeWitt, in Saline county, running
straight across Fillmore and Clay to
Blue Hill, in Adams county, crossing
the St. Joe & Denver between airfield
and Edgar. The contract has been let
gra ling the rocd to one mile inside of
Fillmore, and the surveyors are at
work in the south part of this county
The surveying party visited this town
the first part of the wek to obtain sup
plies. Sutton Register.
Ben. Ward, Sub-contractor on the U.
P. extension, lost a 8200 mule down
near Saltillo, Monday, in a very pecu
liar way. lie was using the mule in
dumping dirt down an embankment,
and it slipped over the edge into the
creek. It was drowned in tour feet o
water before it could be extricated.
fetate journal. . j
Burton Fuller has sold his farm of
30 acres. Consideration. $3,000. Mr
Fuller has purchased a farm of 100
acies in Seward county. e are sorry
to lose Mr. Fnller, but our loss is Sew
ar.' prnnli's Cain. Mr. Tlnnzan was
tht i'irc:iser. South Bend Observer.
We iu; i. - d our Greenback neigh-
li.i,n !i'.iln-. ; tor the poliik-al
tow 1. r W- Water wlltflV I i
j i.wi ii '-..aj ;u-y peace 1 Upa aud l'eathera at Johnson & Sween
aud harmonv prevail kc. '?'Vi 2021 iu
Read Windham's m iuy to Join" Id ¬
Call around and take your Sunday
dinner at the Perkins.
The Perkins House makes a special
ly of their Sunday dinners.
Treat yourself to a square meal, by
taking dinner at the Perkins House, to
morrow. Ladies, ask your husbands and "best"
fellows to take 'you to the Perkins
IIou.-c for a sumptuous dinner, tomor
row. ,
The Perkins Houo, under the new
management, are setting a" tnblo sup
plied with all the delicacies the mar
kets afford.
Joe Ford's new llanly skates have
arrived. Joe is bound to cater to the
wants of the amusement loving public,
and don't you never forget it.
Ed Morley has purchased the barber
shop in the basement of Carruth's
block, which not only.givcs'jdin a fine
location, but one of-the-bdst shops in
town as well. vi---"
James Antill has fitted up the room
unJer the Cass county Bank in nice
shape, and will do up a lunch, or fix
up a choice dish of oysters for his cus
tomers at the lowest living rates.
Corn Report for North Platte-
Corn is made. The great suspense
and agony is oyer, and one of the great
est corn crops ever grovn in Nebraska
is now waving in the breeze, whitening
and curing for the harvest. True, there
is some poor corn. There always vill
be. There are in any country some
farmers who rely on Providence to make
their crop, and always realize a failure.
The gods help those who help them
selves, and, although we have one of
the finest and most productive coun
tries , on God's green earth, it requires
the earnest and persistent tickling of
the ground that it laugh a bountiful
harvest. There are also fields that
were during the wet seasou too low to
receive proper cultivation. On these
the crop is light, but the great average
is a crop that will turn the attention of
the whole civilized orld toward Ne
braska, nd her lands will appreciate,
her institutions will flourish, her coun
try will be populated . and her waste
places blossom "ai' tlie rose. North
Bend Flail. Z"
She Buttoned his Collar.
Fred Fuller,, a well known - farmer
and stock man of -York county, a few
milesjnortuwest of Utica, met with'an
accident from the careless use of a
revolver, on Saturday--morning last,
which it is feared will -cost him his
life. It appears that he and his two
brothers were coming to Seward, and
while dressing he asked a young la
dy named Ilibbard, who has been a
member of the family for several
3TearSi to button his shirt collar. She
playfully picked up a revolver lying
on the stand and remarked that he
would button his collar, when to her
horror the pistol was discharged, the
ball entering his back just under his
left shoulder blade, eorung out from
just above the heart. Somebody had
been cleaning the revolve;', and it wrs
of course- supposed to be empty, but
one cartridge was in it, Dr Harvej, t f
Utica, was'seht for, and at last ac
counts,Mrl F.uller.was not expected
to live. The young lad- is nearby
crazy over the sad affair. Blue Val
ley Blade.
R. R. Notes.
The following bit of railroad news
taken from the Chicago Times, may
interest a number of our citizens:
"The circular recently issued by the
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe road,
announcing the resignation of Mr.
"Wheeler, the assumption of his du
ties by Vice President Touzalin, and
the appointment of Mr. Harris assis
tant to tUe general manager, with
leadquarcers at Topeka, stated that
the headquarters of the president
and vice president would remain in
Boston,. It is now said that Mr.
Touzalin is looking for a residence
in Topeka, with a view to moving his
ofllce to that place, The long range
management of a railroad, to enable
the head men to be . pleasantly looa-
tect, is rapidly growing m disfavor.
Lincoln Journal.
J. G. Romine and Adam Bricker
are among the successful hog laisera
of Cass county. On the 8th of this
month Romine aoid Williams & Lew
is 35 head, average weight 327. To
tal weight 11,445 at 4cts. per. pound,
amount to 4i,S0. These hogs
were 14 months old. Mr. Bricker at
the same time sold 87 head that av
eraged 304' pounds. Total weigbt
14.57S at 4 cts. bringing the snug
sum of $583,12. They were hut 15
months old and wer? q? the Pola".
China breed., Mr. Bricko? snares
no nalns or expense to keep up his
siuck, r aimer- OI uasg WOuicl do
well to see Mr. Bricker's stock hogs
before sending east for porkers.
South Bend Observes
Anti-Monopoly State Central Com-
. ' mlttee
The Anti-Monopoly- State Central
committee met in the Arlington ho
tel j-csterdaj- atternoon to fill vacan
cies on the state ticket, and transact
business of a private nature. In
place of Mr. Ames, resigned, the
ehose Amos Dean, of Franklin Coun
t3". J. V. Merritt was nominated
for the other short term aud David
R. Daniel, of Madison county, and
David Butler, of Pawnee cocnty, for
the long term. Lincoln Journal.
A first-class scandal is reported
in the neighborhood of Nebraska
City. A farmer's wife loved another
man better than she did her husband
discovery division of property
separation divorce to be applied for.
The man who caused the trouble i3
still accepted by society, while the
woman is socially damned. Neb.
Citv News.
V i .,.,:. l ,.atr;... ,
Too mv fully too too:
"Her lip were liko the leaven, he Mid,
By autumn's crimson tinted;
Some people autumn leaves preserve
By pressing them, the hinted.
The ireaning of the gentle hint
The lover did discern, 1
And so he clasped her round the neck.
And glued his lips to her'n ''
Court Proceedings.
Iu the matter of P. Iv. Keson vs
liam Ossenkop, tried yesterday
t a
jury, a verdict was rendered last night
awarding the plaintiff $2t 0. '
The Fitzgerald case has been on tiial
almoU the entire . i tn e today.
J. W. Jennings, our efficient and pop
ular county clerk, was in town Tues
day. Mr. Jennings is the nominee on
the republican ticket for re election,
and lie snould receive the full voto of
the republican voters of the county.
Greenwood Eagle.
Notice is hereby given that I will sit
for the registration of the voters in the
First ward of the city of Plattsmouth
at the office of Fred. Gorder in said
ward on the 25th day of October from
II o'clock a. m. to 7 o'clock p. in. and at
the same hours of- each day following
until noon of November 5th 1SS:5. At
which place and during which time all
voters will call arid eee that they are
prop2rly Reg ered in the Registra
tion book of said ward.
1st wurd city of Plattsmouth. 20:id 7 1
Notice of Registration-
Notice is hereby given that I will set
for registration of th voters in the
Second ward of the city of Plattsmouth
at W ayman s foundry in said ward
on the 25th day of October from 11
o clock a. m. to 7 o clock p. in, aud at
the same hours of caU day- following
until noon of Novemberl.vtu1-if.ls83( at
which place, and during widch time
all voters will call and see that they are
properlv registered in the registration
book f said wan?. JOHN DRAIN
' Renistrar.
Second wtrd, Plattsmouth Neb. 202t7
Notice of Registration.
Notice is hereby given that I will set
for the registration of the voters in the
third ward of the city of Plattsmouth,
at P. E. Riiffnei's ellite in
Ward on the 25th day of Oc
tober from 1 1 o'clock a. m. to 7
o'clock p. m., and at the same hours of
each day following until noon of No
vember oth, 1883, at which place, and
during which time all voters will call
and see that they are properly- regis
tered iu the registration book of said
Third Ward , Plattsmouth, Neb. 202t7
Notice of Registration.
Notice Is hereby given that I will sit
for registration of the voters in the
fourth ward of the city of Platsmoulh
at the council chamber in said ward on
the 25th day of Oetober from 11 o'clock
a. in. to 7 o'clock p. ni. and at the same
hours of each day following until noon
of November 5th 1883. At which
place and during wbioh time all voters
will call and see that they are properly
Registered in the Registration boak o't
said ward.
4th ward City of Plattsmouth. 202J7t
Scholars Wanted
Miss Seyer late of Berlin will teach
pupils in music drawing painting or in
the French or German languagec.
Term seasonable address P. O. box 863
city. 90U6
Dr- Schiidknecht's Office-
At the present and until further no
tice, I will have my office with Dr, Sal
isbury in the Rockwood block over
Johnson Bros.' store, where I may be
found during office hours.
Troy City Laundry,
Removed to the first door north of
Stadlemans on sixths St. opposite Nev
ills Block. The Troy City Laundry
will hereafter be located here and old
customers and new ones will find us
ready to give satisfaction in all kinds
of Laundry work. W. B. Brown Prop.
Collection Notice. -
Parties "knowirg themselves indebted
to the firm of Streight & Co., -will
please call and settle, as we must have
money to run our business. Hoping
you will govern yourselves accordingly,
we are Respectfully Yours,
196Aw59tf Streight & Co.
Bed rock puices. I have on band
a large and very superior stock of fur
niture, much of which I propose to sell
off at cost. My goods are for sale and
wefore purchasing I wish everybody
who needs furniture to call and look
them over. All I ask ol the public i3
to examine tuy goods and my prices.
" d&wtt Hexry Boeck.
200 Tons of first class hay for sale
leave orders with XV. S. Wse.
!78d2Swtf J- T. Wise.
For Sale.
Two well improved farms, between
Louisville and Weeping Water. Ap
ply toTbaddeus Adams, on farm.
Choice strictly pure maple syrup
McCourts. 201 t:i
The justly celebrated Anheuser
beer on tap at Joe McVeys. 20itf
Fresh Buckwheat flour aud Maple
Syrup at, Bennett & Lewis. I97tu
A Square Meal
Can be had at the City Uotel for msly
25 cents and lodging at same reasonable
iates. Farmers and Commercial Men
will please, bear this in mind. d&wtf
.$7,Cfro to loan on improved farms.
Apply to R. B. Windham. 137 6t wtf
Prescriptions carefully compounded,
at Warricks. 3t
.You will find the largest display of
birthday cards, scrap book pictures,
placques and decorating pictures of all
kinds at the P, O. news depot. 297tt
A Rare Opportunity.
An elegant house in a pretty and
convenient location, will be sold cheap.
Address 1. O. Box 059.
Imported ale and porter at Joe
Veys. IS'tf
Joe Mc
I will rcdiu-tr my tdock ofgo.xl.s re punitory to my removal, ami
therefore will ncll certain line's of .iuy goiiln at (JKKATLY UDDIJC
classmm.i (Miina waui:, kancv ooons.
iNOW is your time to huv :tul
avs and save monev.
- i.s good
from October I rth, and tin?
i MA I:
Reifeinher the plue
;en, rimI' avoid the rush.
Election Proclamation.
Notice Is hereby irl veil that on Tuesday. I lie
sixth il.iy of Noveiulici- urxt In
preclii-l in CaMs county, Nebraeka, lh'r will
be an elect ton held fur the nirosi' of lrdiiiK
the following olllcern to-wlt :
due j'KlKe of tin; ciiiiem; court.
One liulue of the (lirtilct (.oiirt for the 2nd
judicial district.
i wo rt'scuis oi tne uuiver.'ity of iscorai-Ku,
for full term.
One regent of the university of N.-hraska. to
fill unexpired term of l;ia: rowers, resigned.
One reirent of th university of Nebraska.
to tilltbe unexpired term of 1.. I;, l ilield, le
tltined. tne Comity lerK.
One tlouuty Troasuivr.
One County J ukge.
One Sherill.
One Coronor.
One Clerk of Diftrict Court.
One Huperlnteadent of 1'ublic Insltueliou.
(ne County Surveyor.
One County Commissioner for Third Dis
trict. one Afsessor.ln'eneh precinct.)5
Two J ustieen of the feaec in eaeo precinct.
Two Constables in each precinct.
TliJeo. .Indies of Klcction in A-urU i'Cinct.
Two Clerks of Election in each precinct.
One Overseer of i'uldiu JlighwujH in ercli
Koad district.
Which election Miall be opened at e'ht
o, clock In the inorniiiK, and will continue open
until six o'clock in tlie afternoon ot the fame
Hated this KUli day of October. A. I. Ik:.
.1, W. J KNN INOH.
County (;ierk,
f. Cans jL'uuniy, Febraska.
x tost ,
Mrs. Johnson fc Sweeney arc selling
the lollowing goods at cost: Corsets,
bustles, ruchings, embroidtry, silk
handkerchiefs, collars, buttons, laces,
back combs, beads, toilet soaps,, per
fumes, Germantown yarn, zephyrs, rick
rack and serpentine braids, bilk threat',
kid gloves, lace mits, Silkllos?, tliiinb'.es
aid all other fancy goods kept by us
and will sell at cost until sold out.
Hood;, Hosiery, Collars, Gloves, Mit
tens, Ruches &c .tc at cost and below
at the; closing out sale of the goods of
the late Mrs, A. P. Stout. l'J74t
Notice is hereby given that George
W. Sexton will apply to the Board of
County Commissioners of Cass County,
Nebraska at it.; stated'meeting in Oc
tober 1883 for a license to sell malt
Spirittis aud Vinous liquors in Avoca
Cass County, Nebraska, one year from
date of allowance.
For Sale at a Bargain.
The furniture and fixture?, and all,
or a part of the stock of the .Milli
nery store, of the late Mrs. A. P. Stout.
Call at the store. 191twl
The choicest, newest, freshest 02 s
ters, served in the very best style at
the Monarch Billiard Hail, ca Main
street. dtiOOtnovl
FOR SALE. Lots 1 itad 3 hi
mock 11, Improved.
Leave orders for grapes from Lees
ly's nursery at' A. Clarks grocery.
' lG3dtf
ForSaleor Rent for S884.
300 Acres of pasture lands all under
fence J mile south of Weeping Water.
Jno. R. Clark Weeping Water. Neb.
Fresh oysters and celery just received
at Bennett fc Lewis'. I83tf
Dissolution Notice
Notice is hereby given that the part
nership heretofore' existing under the
firm name of Grace &Thierolf, is this
day dissolved by mutual consent. Mr.
Thierolf will conduct the-' business at
their former location being authorized
to pay all debts and collect and receipt
for all bills due the old firm.
James Grace,
186t5 II. TiilEKdx.F.
Plattsmouth, Neb. Oct 2d 1883.
100 styles of Birthday cards at "War-
ncks. .
Go to McKecver & Herrmann's for a
?ood dish of ovfeters at reasonable
rates. 183m3
License Notice.
Notice is hereby given, that H.2 un
dersigned has made applica ion and
filed his petition with ! County Com
missioners of C'gs cou'-y Nebraska.
for license to sdl malt, tpirituous and
vinous liquors at tits place of business
in South Bend, Cass couniy, Nebraska,
and thet the same will come bei'ore'the
Commiasioners ior action at the No
vember session of tbe board.
David Cakfexter.
South Bend, Oct. 2J, 1883.
May lixon. Pl'tiT )
vs r
Philip B Dixcn Del. S
Philip B Dixau delendant. will take notice
that 011 19th day of October 1SS3 May Dixon
plaintiff herein tiled her petition in the district
court of Cass county Nebraska an ai 11st Philip
B. Diton ptaying for a divorce from the bond-
of marriage, on the grounds of desertion aiid
lor the custody of Ga field 1 tixon ch ild of plain
tiff and defendant. You are required to an
swer said petition on or before the day of
November 183. May Dixon.
October lath. 1833. By K. B. Windham, Aiy
lay in
Voii i" ifooila for the Jloli-
7Vrs O''r
flrrly before the oi t incut N
Verv Respectfully,
J. "P. YoN;
Another Thousand Bottles of .Marsh'
Golden Balsam to hrd'hcii
i A way.
Kvery nersoh In lal'ttsnioJlh, who it
Buffering from Scrofula, Chionic Rheu
matism, Jaundice, Billiousues-i, Dys
pepsia, Indigestion Constipation or
CostivcncsH, lletdaclie. Loss of appe
tite. Chill or Fever, Malaria, Backache
Female Weakness. Nervous dvrihf'tf
ment, General Debi'ily. or any VAm,
Liver, Kidney, Stomach" or bowel dis
order can obtain a ' Iral -. botth: of
Marsh's Cpldcn Blood & Livr- Tonic,
free of charge, by calling at Smith A:
Black Bros' drug, store, l'lattsfnoiitii.
Persons who have aliea ly tried thin
valuable medicine cim procure the
large bottles at ,r0 cents and
For Coughs, Co'ds, Bronchitis, ali'l
Consumption, ii-o Marsh's (ioiden Bal
sam,' tin famous Threat and Lung
medicini. Two 1mc wil benefit. Sam
ple bottle free.
-: - ;
Aiittfuii ! Auction ! ! '
A lot of household goods, under chat
tel mortgage: Consisting of Lodj
bedding, bedsteads, chairn, btovt-.aJtd
general household fixtiireH, will be fufh'
at auction on Saturday next, Octfdber
20th, J:i, at the "Old Red Store,' at
the lit of Main street.
- -J-'. S.-WiriTK, Auctioneer.
ACreat Distotery.
That is daily bringiuiT j"V to the
homes of thousands by saving many of
their dear mutt from an early grave.
Truly is Dr. King's New Ixiscovery fo
Consumption, Cough6, Colds, Asthma
Brouehhitis, Hay Fever, Loss of Vohe
Tickling in the Throat, Pain in Sidu.
and Chest, or any disasb of the Throat
and Lungs, a positive cure. Guarante
ed. Trial Bottles free at J. M. Roberts.
Drug Store. Largo t-ize il.00.
An'iCiiatr beer at McVeys
-01 If
For the genuine New Yoik buck
wh'-at fbiiir go to MeComts. -.'011:5
Fresh Oysters.
Fresh oy.sters just received and fort-ale
at Fni:i Staoelman's. !G7ff.
Don't fail to smoke Phil
Gipsy Queen, Texas Sifting.!
Wanderer, He cigars.
i oung a
and the
Hew Cigar Store.
Herman has thi-t day opened up
at tin" oid Jo- MeVey Ktund. a full and
complete line, ol'rhewiiig and smoking
tobaccos cigars pipes ect., which be
will sell at t!i- lone;' rale,, stop lu
and ec him. . 20n.5.
Monarch Billia:d II ill serves up the
finest brands of frenh oysters. Call
and try tl.em. 200tnovl
For winter bloom and out door plant
ing, Tulips, Hyacinths, NarcUsns, Hol
land bulbs, Siles, and u largo assort
ment of hardy bulbs and herbaceous
plants all are best planted in the fall
if you have them as they will do no
good otherwise. Call and examine niy
stock, L A. MooitK.
M O' Connor keeps on hand the cel
ebrated Anheuser St Louis Bot
tled Beer and alwaj ready to pay pao
ticular attention to hi t customers.
1 J Vt f
Wht;i your Mood is impoverished,
or coirtiptcd, the iemedy is at hand.
Take A vcr'g Sar3aparilla.
Hand printed
birthday cariK
Lovers of healthful exrchc remem
ber Joe Ford'i skating "rink in the base
ment of Fitzgerald's block. 200 tf
Our customers and the general pub'.ic
will take notice that we are Betting up
thcbest brands of fresh oyster, at our
st md on Main stre- t. Call and see for
yourself. '
Mo.NAiu n Bii.i.ia rd IlAl.r..
Appleton's first readers at Warricks.
Mary Stuart jKil'umes at Warrick
Ladies should rt member that if they
want anything in the fancy goods line
now is tbe time to buy them at J. P.
Youngs. lOTtf -
Remember that Phil Young selU
cigars and they are as good a3 any it"
not better than sold in the city. lT9tf
Lewis. ...
Herring at
. important to Travelers
. f&cial inducements are offered you
by tCe Burlington loute. It will pay
you to read their advertisement to be
found elsewhere in this issue.
0 -
niit rriiv.