The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, August 18, 1883, Image 3

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&. as. iPisriErir,
Dkalkk iu
smssm Iraid
Me Plallsmontii Herald MMim Co.
A Chilli TjIiuo1 Trii.sM
Ami in fact everything contained lu
n llnd-clsss Drug fcjtoro. I'rc
hrrlr.tions carefully comjwuud-
Competition met in
ull departments.
Main as-d Third Streets
Will BUY and SBLL ill I kinds of
Will, advance money on all
on lower Main street.
One dt r west of Deck's Furniture sore
I latUmouth. Feb. 1st, 1883 4Glf.
For City and County Directory, Kail way Time
Tables. Telephone Exchang Business Di
rectory, Business Card 4c., ace fourth p;me.
Notice to Advertisers.
Copy for display advertisement ir flifinu,.!
In advertisement must be handed lu to the
buslne office not Inter than lu a. m. i.f tti
day In which they are to he Inserted. Copy
for pay local and special notices must be
hauded In before 3 p. m. each dav to Insure in.
Scrtloll. J M. IW'HIINKl.I.
Buaiuesa Manager.
Call for the Cass County Republican
Central Committee Meeting.
The Republican central committee are here
by called to meet ax Louisville, August 21st,
(Tuesday) at 1 p. in.
The members are ;
Plattsmouth City lt Ward -E II I.cwi.
2d " WS Wine.
ad " I B Strode.
4th ' F Carruth.
Precinct A It Taylor.
Rock Bluff Anderson KomI.
Liberty W Cannon.
Eight Mile Grove J II Decker.
Mt. Pleasant Samuel Richardson,
Avoca-.1 W Cox.
Weeping Water It C Y'eoman.
Centre S N Woodford.
Louisville C E Wllklnsoti.
South Iteiid-lt G McFarland.
El in wood-David McCalg.
Stove Creek Ira Stanford.
Tipton-W It Arnold.
Greenwood-- M It Cutler.
Sail Creek Win Coleman.
It I desired that every member of the com.
inlttee be present. M. M. BUTLER,
A. Salisbury, Dcntlat.
C.A. )Iariull, Dentist, suc
censor kto Clutter & Marshall.
Tcctli extracted without pain,
by use of'XItrous Oxide aa.
This beitut.ful three story brick structure, on
lower Maid street, ha Just been finished and
Ottei! up for the accommodation of
Try Schcrcr's Corn Cure, warranted
to cure without pain, only 15 cents; at
Warricks. d-tf.
Institu Resolutrons.
xno iouowing resolutions weie
passcdat the teacher's institute at Its
closing session.
We the teachers of Cass county and
state of Nebraska assembled In the
Normal iuslitute at Plattsmouth offer
the following resolutions viz:
Resolved, That the thanks of this
institute arc due to the trustees of the
High School for their kindness in grant
ing the use of the building and nppara
in free of charge.
Resolved, That their thanks are also
due to the superintendent for faithfully
conducting the institute and providing
boarding places for the teachers, ami to
the professors for the able and impar
tial manner in which the) hare given
liesolved. That the institute recom
mend the election of professional teach
ers only to the office of county super
intendent. Resolved, That it is the duty of the
superintendent to raise the grade of
teachers as high as possible, by a thor
ough and rigid examination.
1 ft . 1 r . -a .
jiesoivcti, inac we regara it as
wrong for one teacher to underbid an
oilier, ana request school trustees to
treat it accordingly,
liesolved, That frequent changes of
text books are unnecessary and that
we labor for uniformity of text books
and graded systems in the common
Whereas, Uncertainty of employ
ment is a chief cause of so many exper
ienced teachers leaving the profession,
Resolved, That we believe that
teachers should be retained as long a3
possible in positions where they faith
fully perform their duties.
Resolved, That it is the sense of this
institute that the people of this county
should board the teachers of this insti
tute while in session at actual cost.
(J. S. Dawson returns this evening
from Topeka, Kansas.
Hon. W. J. Broatcb, of Omaha, is in
the city today on legal business.
Dr. O. II. Dogge passed last night in
the city, returning home to Lincoln
this morning.
A Former Cass County Citizen
Seeks Relief ofMophla.
Advertisement under thl hcad.thrc cent
-r line each Insertion.
J. W. Barnes returned home from
Beatrice this morning. lie report one
of the heaviest storms of the season at
Lincoln last evening.
A Goed Bar
'if. 1J3
n connection with the
J louse.
( 1 O. 1 il).
New Cooas New Goods New Goods
Large stock of Latest styles in
Mens Boys and Children Suits just
received from New York which we
will sell 10 per cent less than can
be bought of any house in town, also
a new lot of hats and fancy neck
wear just received at
S. C. Mayer
The Opera House Clothiers.
The Mi:i Capitan General" cigar at
Warrick's, 3 for 25c. 14St3
Old Reliable
Wholcsaleiand EetallJDealer in
ELISDS, &c.f
Fourth Mreet. in rear of Opera House.
This is one of the days when search
for local news is vanitv and vexation
of spirit.
Bananas, California peaches & pears
for sale by J. P. l ouug. 14blt
Regular services tomorrow morning
ami evening in the Presbyterian church
by the pastor, Rev. J. T. Raird.
S S ' '
All the best brands of cigars at War
rick. 11013
A Severe Storm.
One of the liveliest electrical storms
of the season visited Plattsmoutli last
evening, and stirred things up some
what. The rain fall was not very
heavy but the thunder rolled as though
several cyclones were going to give us a
call. The second ward seemed to be
the one the storm was after, the light
ning striking a telegrap'i pole near
Herman Scmidt's. striking and splint
ering a tree in Capt. Round's yard and
Striking John Wayman's house. At
Mr. Bennett's and the near neighbors,
the folks were well shaken up, but no
one was injured. John Wayinan was
engaged in a game of chess, when his
house was struck, but we understand
the game was continued without inter
ruption. It is fortunate that no injur
ies were received by any in the city, as
I he storm was a most severe one.
Capt Reunett relates some interesting
experience and sights the result of his
visit to Saute Fe while on his western
trip. Capt was down among the Mexi
cans and Pueblo Indians where agri
culture is as primativc as it was at the
time of the discovery of the country. A
two pronged stick is the plow they use,
md harvesting is done with a hand
sickle the grain as fast as cut being
oaded on Burron and tal. n to the
threshing ground. Tho threshing is
done by treading the grain out with a
flock of goats and a Mexican who owns
a dozen of them goes around taking in
threshing; the grain is tramped out in
the sand afterward sifted out by hand.
When it comes to grinding it they have
old mills, two stones one upon the other ;
the uppjr stone turns upon the nether
one just as fast asaBurrou can walk
around and no faster. Mr Bennett
ssys they raise some splendid fruit and
that he saw many immense apricot trees
over one hundred years old and he says
their vineyarus in many places are
very fine; a trip of this kind down into
the civilization of hundreds of years ago
must discount Colorado and all her
John Shannon observed a man com
mitting a nuisance on his premises and
was about to arrest him, when the chap
took fright and took to his heels, run
ning ux) 4 th street, with a team and a
dozen men after him. It created quite
an excitement around the pestoffice
this morning.
The Herald ha3 heard the names of
a. R. Dixon and John Clemnions both
of Stove Creek, as likely to be present
ed by their friends for commissioner.
There is no commissioner's district that
has better timber than the third, aud
old 6olid republican Stove Creek has a
riiiht to be heard.
1 hree weeks only remain in which to
prepare for the county fair. The liveli
est week in trade for this city that we
have had in months can be made at
that time if the business men of this
city awako to their interests in
The school Board meet this evening
to elect teachers required to fill exist-
Sheet music & mr""c books for organs
& pianos at J. P. . ungs. 140tf
Tnc heat today is most oppressive,
and it is safe to predict another storm
in the very near future.
Birthday cards at
Warrick's, very
One by the chickens fall says the
Omaha Herald. This is respectfully
referred to our hunters for verification.
Ntxt Tuesday, the 21st, the subscrip
tion books of the Plattsmouth & South
western R. R. will be open for signers.
Tin Tvpe Views-
M. Messenger is in the city taking
views of business houses and residen
ces. He is taking some good views,
and taking them them cheap. He will
be in the city next week, and any waut
ing views should secure them. He
guarantees satisfaction, and shows peo
ple just what they are going to receive
before leaving the place.
s . .
Firemen's Thanks-
The fire department extend their
thanks to Mr. John Fitzgerald for his
generous gift of one hundred dollars to
the department the morning after the
late fire. At a full meeting of the de
partment this vote of thanks was passed
A. Salilbury,
"We never speak as we pass by a
beautiful new song only lOct at J. P.
Youngs. 146tf
The Rt publican Central Committee
meeting at Louisville next Tuesday,
ought to be attended by every member
of that body.
Mrs. Agnes Flemming and E. P. Roe's
last book published for sale by J. F.
Young. 14Ctf
The Herald will submit the plan3
and estimates for a city water supply
the lirst of the week. Let the public
prepare to act in this matter.
Plattsmouth, Nebraska
Just Received
A Challenge 5c Cigar,
S Uhy made for th retail trade only.
Pepperberg's Cigar Factory.
m Practical Architect.
Plan aa4 Jiaciacatlons will b carefully
nied;out. and full attention will b given a
to safety and durability.
.Water Colors, Crayon aad Pencil.
Ofu" "' KoYcmon V an'V.'ttbreMalB
Justrece:?ed a large line of scrap
books and autbograph albuns at the P.
O. News Depot. 146tf
It is a cold day when there is not
some political work going on m this
this city, which accounts for the Dem
ocratic primaries, this evening.
F.S.White has for sale fresh Cali
fornia fruits, pears, peaches, plums, or
anges, nice fresh lemons, bananas and
celery. 147tf
This is the time of year when our
country exchanges blossom with thanks
for samples of the first fruits of the or
chard and the festive melon from the
garden patch.
The Herald knows whereot it
speaks when it asserts without fear of
coutradition that dirt will fly on the
Plattsmouth & Southwestern inside the
next ninety days.
The Institute is over, and no more
will the troops of workers have to
climb the High School hill when the
thermometer is somewhere between one
and two hundred.
Frank Carruth was taken ' sick at
Arapahoe while enroute westward, and
jince arriving at Denver has been con
fined to his room all the time, and is
under the doctor's caie.
The Democratic primaries are held
in the city tonight, as they are to elect
Relegates to the County convention to
elect others to the State convention
o'nly; Vol nftfch "in'teYefct & nrtinlfts.
Professor Drummoud delivered a very
interesting and instructive lecture at
the High school, Thursday evening, on
the subject of Chemistry, that was list
ened to by a large audience of teachers
and others interested in school work.
The Professor, by the aid of his chemi
cals and apparatus, made clear and in
teresting many tedious and obstruse
points in descriptive and analytical
chemistry He showed the gases of
which the air is composed, giving the
nature of each one when apart from
the others, and illustrated the numer
ous experiments, the many queer prop
erties of oxygen and nitrogen. He
ohowed the value of ventilation, and in
fact throughout handled the subject in
a manner that showed he wa3 perfectly
conversant with it.
In conversation with the teachers
who have been in attendance at the
institute we find them without ex
ception, commending Prof. Drum
mond's methods of instruction very
highly. He having had three of the
most difficult classes to teach, Phi
losopln, Physiology and Algebra,
the eulogiiims of our High School
principal are appreciated by his
friends here.
Messrs. White, Jones, Smith and
Mathews returned home last night
with several fifteen dollar chickens,
the most costly ones that ever were
brought into the city. The rest of
the party had heard of a flock down
on the Wymore branch, and are
chasing them down today, with the
prospect of reaching home this even-ins.
I). L. Heinshimer, of Glenwood,
neighboring city across the river,
been nominated for state senator.
Heinshimer is well and favorably
known by many citizens of Plattsmouth.
The examination committee of the
school board have been hard at work,
Mr. Hartigan and Secretary Stroke be
ing in attendance at the Institute and
conducting examinatons the last twg
No paper in the State ha3 such val
uable and interesting Denver letters as
our correspondent there is furnishing
the Herald this summer. The one
published today is of exceptional interest.
A New Fire Escape.
Mr. M. M. Ormsby, of David City, is
in the city exhibiting an invention of
his own, which ought to prove a useful
one. It is a combined fire escape and
hook and ladder. It is a series of lad
ders and adjustable platforms, moving
on wheels and can be used on the largest
buildings. It is intended to be used as
a part of the property of a city fire de
partment, to be used whenever occasion
requires. It is as easy of transporta
tion as a hook and ladder truck, and
needs but a minute's time to adjust it
ready for use. With this a large build
ing$ may soon be emptied and those
within enabled to safely descend upon
the ladders. Three sizes are made, the
largest being suited to an eight-story
building. A swing cradle is attached
to it by which a sick person may be
taken out, bed and all, and lowered to
the ground. The working of this fire
escape is said to be complete' Mr.
Ormsby will explain its use to any one
who may desire to understand it. He
hopes to make a sale to the city council
for the use of the Lincoln fire depart
ment. State Democrat.
The Plattsmouth Herald says that
several citizens of this burg are living
on new pork since th wreck. Wo think
this an insult to our people and it
should be treasured up against the Her
ald man who occasionally makes this
burg a visit and tries to get in his work
on subscription, advertising and job
work. Louisville Observer.
We never meant the Observer at all.
The contractors who have had the
work of putting in the steam heating
apparatus in the High School, have
completed the work. The job seem to
have been done in a thorough and satis
factory manner.
Elson the only one price clothier,
leaves for the east next week to buy
the finest stock of clothing and gent,s
furnihin goo'dsyer brought to Plattsv
An Advance,
$5.80 for the best Lead (half moon
brand) and 60 c for Linseed oil is very
cheap, and will not oe able to sell at
those prices after Sept. 1."
I48t3 wl V. J. Warrick.
Hurlhurt and Miller
proprietors of the Omaha Fancy Steam
Dyeing and French Dry cleaning works
107, South Fifteenth street, Omaha
Neb., recommend then- facilities for
cleaning, dyeing and curliug plumes
and tips on three days notice; ladies
suits in velvets, Silks, Satins etc.,
cleaned by the French Dry cleaning pro
cess. Ladies and gents clothing clean
ed, dyed and repaired. All kinds of
fancy dyeing, merchant's shelf-worn
goods a specialty'.
All orders by mail or express given
prompt attention.
To Teachers.
You can secure scratch tablets in
different sizes, cheap, by calling1 at the
lenver Tribune.
Idaho Springs August l'J. Our '.own
was startled this morning at 10 o'clock
with the announcement t!-at Dr. A. M.
Nozon, one of the oldest resident of
the city, had been found le:id in the
oflice of the .Summit Tunnel and Mln -ing
company, of which company he
was tho president.
The following fact have thu
been made known : For some months
pat the Doctor claimed that his home
was a very unhappy one. To the wiit-
er he said there wa a wuui ol congeni
ality on the part of wife, although
lie said that she had been a tlcvott d
mother to their children, but that his
life had been made so unhappy that
nothing but a separation could ensue,
and to that end he had yesterday con
sulted Governor Bryan, and had lum
call upon Mrs. Noxou to sec what ar
rangements could be made. Through
the intervention of IJoveraor Bryan an
agreement ot separation wai drawn up,
tho doctor conveying all of his improv
ed real estate to his wife and family.
A truly loving husband and ui'lnK'fnt
father thus separate! from the
family he dearly loved. All yesterday
afternoon he was brooding over it, and
in conversation with the writer he
claimed that death was preferable to
such a lite. Being an old friend, I
tried to reason him out of such
thoughts, and last evening remained
with him in his cilice until 11 o'clock,
at which time I left him, he promising
to make a trip up Soda creek. At 7
a. m. 1 called at the oilice, hut con Id
not get in, the lock beinr caught in
side. I called ajcain at dim-rent times.
and at last consulted Mr. (Jeorge A.
Patten, when we agreed to wait until
10 a. m., and if he did not reply to us,
to get in. At that hour Mr. Patten
again tried the door, and then consult
ed Mr Blair, of the Tuttle Hardware
company, over whose store the office is
Together we broke away the heavy
paper oyer the transom, when Mr. Blair
got in and opened the door for us. On
the lounge the doctor's body was found,
he having been dead for some hours.
Acting-Coroner II. C. Bowman, Justice
of the Peace, will hold an inquest this
afternoon. Witnesses have heen sum
moned and an inquest will L held this
Iu an examination of the body, a (if
teengrain bottle of morphine was found.
Mrs. Noxon is almost insane iu the loss
of her husband. The doctor leaves a
family of fiva children, the three eldest
being boys from 16 to 20 years of age,
one daughter aged 11 years and a boy
two and a half years of age.
1 Here is nothing mat eon id nave so
shocked this community as the
of one who had been so man)- jears
among them, and to whom he was en.
deared by so many acts of generosity.
To the writer he has been more than
a friend. No brother could have been
more closely allied in friendship and
affection. than was he.
Dr. Noxon is well known in the East,
especially in Cincinnati, w here he re
sided many years. He has been a
resident of this town since lSlil. He
was 61 years of age.
A jury consisting of Messrs. D. Fai
ver, J. M. Graham, Henry Pluiumer, V.
Knoetledge, John McEweu and F. F.
Osbiston was empanelled by Acting
Coroner II. Bowman, Justice of the
Peace, to examine into the cause of the
death of Dr. A. M. Noxou. After hear
ing the testimony of Drs. Richmond and
Brummond, who made the autopsy.
and other witnesses, rendered a verdict
that the said Dr. A. M. Noxon came to
his death by an overdose of morphine.
The funeral of the deceased will take
place here on Wednesday. August l..
AI ONKY TO LOAN-On real Mtata !y Bulll-
van Wooley.
LMMt MALE ( 'heap. A houon and two loM.
r A leiraMe place, lor particular enquire at
tills OflH-V. Mill
L'Oli HAI.E-A few mi Helen of furniture, hut
iltl.e imeilx'he - Mr. lohiiMin A Mwe-
... . . . . . . ......
ncy niroK. I ui (ii ijr hiiiiii-i.
FOKKAt.K OK 1CKNT-A d Iioiiho wllh
ai-vi'M room, coiiwiueiiily arruuired and
located near the the l.uiliifn part of Hie city,
for parlieularH euu.u!reol U, b. lyger. 137ml
"I.OK HAl.E Honte and lot. prtc6o. 100
eitili. Iialiince In monthly linviiieiit.
U. II. Win uii am.
"COR SALE Several residence, cheap. In-
T ipilre of l. 11. Wheeler & C.
I.VItt KALK-Scratch Tablet lu all le. at
I thlHOtUce. Ht
VO It KALE a lot in icood locutlou.
lam at Ihi illlc
fOK .SALE An order for a new American
-- hewiiiK Machine. Inquire at thin oflice.
IOK SALE 1.000 cord of wooj.
W.. Wise.
Imjulre of
VOH SALK l Id paper for Hale at thl office
at 40 cent ,i-r hundred or ft cent MT loz
I'.nii-lull in un loC.1
ty. Impure at tin omen 11
lion in thi
1?i: RENT- South store
-l iii,..ii rii.min- nf ii. I'.la. k. is.
room of the Union
lock. Alva Irew. Rushics. ciminiltee. IliJlI
VOli RENT House for rent near center of
City. EiKiuire at rattersou' Rain. Iw.
TM.IH KENT Dwelling IIouhcm. Inquire of
A: lltidtf W. II. bllAKKlt.
noil Itpnt Two rooms hv 1). II. Wheeler &
r Co.
-tT iktkii-Iiifuriii.itlou a to tho wherea-
' liout of Joseph lily the hv hi iilecoKII
abeth Thoiua. who lamleil at iura, juij
'Se'nd to S. Shelieinaii, Hee'y of Immigration
1-1'lCheBiiiutSt., Philadelphia, f'enii.
WANTED.-Information of the whereabouts
of Willi .1. t outer, wno wa inii.ui
mouthayear uk. Any one knowing of hi
present location will confer a favor by eiillng
hi address to Mr, harali E. Conner. Went i
flattKburi:, N. Y. uuu
lirVTKITuin liluekmnith and a black-
" inilh helper at Schuellbacher' shop, sotf
liri .TKIt--.litin Ksiiier h:ia holiL'ht the Rtohl-
man tilace. cornel of Till aud Vine, and I
Of Urn Plattsmonth and Month Wfstrro
It Ail road Company.
Thl i to cert Ifly that John Pltrjtcrald. A. t.
McLniiKhllo. Ir rank Carrot h. . 117 Vhe.fer.J.
' yi'.k ""'"'J ' 'rrlJ II. II. Wlndliai;.
h. E. I aimer, lico, 8. hiniiii John Wtj-ruii.
Mam. M. Chainnao. !. W. Mheruian. Win, II.
Newell. 1'red Oorder. C. II. I'armele. V. H.
Uiithmnu, .1. M. I'atlenuni, (leo. K. Ifcive y. C
leftt. tieo. II. HlH.-k. Oeo. II. Llttletleld, J. II
Areud. Loill HiicIh-I. Win. It.,.. I .,... i u
OrlKK. .1. K,Hiitlth. T. K. J.'.N. Me.'
Couiii-I, O.N. WheliM-k, Jiii-ob Klein. 'I horn if
lliublne, Kd. K. ICldildKe. J. II. Mt HHell. C.
. Mull. ieo. Croft, ami ti. V . IImii.i.i. I,...
aH-lalel Ihemnelve Inuetlier for ill inw.M.
of furuilutf an Incorporate.! KailroaU Company
'-, iiiit . ui. i 'i ni i, 1 1,'if i.wbiii me ntaiO of
1 lil-t Comnuiiv ilmll be known n tti i-i .ii..
moiitli and rioutli VVeteru Railroad Company
by which name it ahall eil.tnnd trionucl I.iiIh
liet : It exiatance kIih.II he irrii-im,l mi,. I It
may u and Penned, lu it corMiratn nam. It
may acquire, own and convey real, iieraouai
and mixed property, may con I met ami be con
tracted within it own mime : mav mi.v and
use a coinmou eal which It may alter at
uio ; may do all nceitful net to cany int., f
feet the object for which It waa cr,iM.l
It Mhall have power to exen lne all the rluht
prlvllc k'ci aud fianchies which him v I. '
ed umler chapter nUlecu of the compiled blut.
ute of Nebraska, 1
inu corporation I created to lay out, locate
matrix-1. maintain, ojicrale and enlov
Una of Railroad and '1 eleiuanli win, . .... i
ordouble track w ith uch Nide track turnout
oflli-e. aud depot, a hali be neceswai v be
tween the pl:u-i- of Hie termini or n.. ...i
road, which I prolfctc l to commeiii- . t ......
on the MIkkouiI river at Matt. mouth. In (,,'
county, Mate or Nebraka, ami to bccoimtrucl -ed
from i-aid iHiiiit, in a Mouth Westerly iliiec
tlon. throuuh Ca count v. bv wi.v r n.. ..
of Avoca; IhrouKh Otoe county, Ly way of the
w ryriM-ue, iiiroiiKU .loliimoil county bv
way of Hie town of MeriiK, through bV-tj
comity, to the town of lli-atrice, through Je
ferson county by way of falrbury to a point
iiiotnaio nur. nri-ainiiriif iv Milan inn,, nr..l..
ka, or a near a practicable to these polutt
may be deuioiiNtrated byaaurvev t i.-
on too completion or tin eu
nreoared Lo aecoinuiod ite the imlilic In tne
v of boardi.-ii' and lo liriinr by the week or
mouth. .viul
T OST A Kold K. of I, pin. The finder will be
A- HiiitHblv rewarded bv leavlnif the name at
thisolllce. W'tl
TOUND aijold and jet breast pin, the owner
can have the same by proving property and
pay inn lor tin. notice.
JTOUND On Main 8treet a pair of eye ul;wsen
lu case, owner can Ket III properly ny cai
linir at this olllce and payinir for thl notice.
Legal Notice.
len i
Vln DIm
len S l t i
Eibert S. Wehlen
v In DlHtrict Court
HewterF. Welden ) of Cas tounty.
To Hester F. Welden, non-resident, defend
ant : You are heieby notified that on the l.Mh
day of AiiKUst, 18:i, Egbert M. Welden llled a
petition aKuinst you in tlie District Court of
uass uounty, jenrasKa, ine oojeci anu iojii
ot wliicli lire to obtain a aivorce iroiii you. on
the ground that vou have wilfully anauuoneu
the plaintiff without Kood cause tor the term
o' two years laxt pant. Y ou are reipiiied to
answer said petition on or before Monday, the
2tl tlay ol September, imk.i
By Wilsox & Stkatton. his Att'ys. it-i
ed ihoiiKiuid Dollar; which may
it anytime to four million dollar
irled by a two-third vote of tbe
'Legal Notice.
0iening of the Books of the Platts
mouth and Southwestern Railroad
To all whom it may concern.
Notice is hereby given that on
Tuesday, the 21 day of August, 1883
at 10 o'clock A. M, in the city of Platts
mouth, at the office of the Secretary, the
Stock Subscription Books of the Platts
mouth & South Western Railroad Com
pany will be opened to receive Sub
scriptions of Stock, and will remain
open until closed by an order of the
An installment of ten per Cent, shall
be payable at the time of making the
subscriptions, and the residue thereof
shall be paid iu such installments, and
at such times and places as may be re
quired by the directors of the company.
John Fitzgerald, President.
C II. PxKMELE.Vice President.
It. B. Windham, Secretary.
A. W. McLavoiilin, Treasurer.
Notice of Removal.
We wish to inform the public that
we have moved into the north store
room in Sherwood's new block, on 5th
street, where our patrons will find us
hereafter, and where all wishing any
thing in the Merchant Tailoring line
are inyited to call and see us.
180dtf Rasgorshek Bros.
A Square Meal
Can be had at the City Hotel for only
25 cents and lodging at same reasonable
rates. Farmers and Commercial Men
will please bear this in mind. d&wtf
I have concluded to change my loca
tion in about 30 days. Parties know
ins: themselves indebted to me will
please call and settle at once and great
ly oblige. W. H. Baker.
I ll d&w lmo
Bargains in Bricks.
200,000 brick for sale, builders will
do well to see as before purchasing.
Leave orders at Weckbach's store or at
the yard; all orders will receive prompt
attention, Rauen & Martin.
d!27mo 1
The largest and finest stock of hats
ever shown in Plattsmouth. all of the
latest styles in felt and stills, just re
ceived at Elson's the only one price
clothier. Also a few of the nobbiest
suits ever seen. We take pleasure m
showing them. 3"d6tw21tl
To the ladies of Plattsmoutli and
vicinity I wish to announce that I have
taken the rooms lately occupied by
Mrs. Tutt in the Uuion block, where I
shall continue dressmaking and invit
all to call. Mrs. M. E. Mortcn.
FOR SALE. Lots 4 and 3 In
Dloclc 4 i Improved.
d?7 B. IT. WIXtfHAM.
To John Doiiuhertv. non-resident, defend
ant: You are hereby not ilied that on the Hth
day of A uplift, is, J. W. .JobnHon. County
Judire of Cass County. Nebrask?. iHsned an or
der of attachment for the sum of 8(7.15, in an
action iiendiuir before him. wherein Al. u.
.Murphy Si Co. is plaintiff, and John DoUKherty
is ueienupiit, mat property consisting oi mon
ies belohkiiiK- to vou In the hands of the Bur
lington and Missouri River Railroad Co. in
Nebraska, and household goods, have been at
tached. Said order was made returnable on
the 13th dav of Auitust 1883. at 10 o'clock A. M.
at which time, said cause was continued to
September the 22nd 1883 at 10 o'clock A. M. at
which time you are requested toanswer.
Al. B. A1UKIM1 S. W
Strode & Ci.akk., Atty's.
G. R. Salisbury, M. D. D. D. S. of
Weeping Water, makes a specialty of
one gold fillings aud (Jcllu Joid plates
If you are in want of anything in the
dentistry be sure and give him a call.
The Dr. also keeps on hand a fine as
sortment of medicines. He is a grad
uate of the university . of the cicy of
New York, and satisfaction guaran
teed. I8wlm
Wants it distinctly and emphatically un
derstood that he is carrying a complete
line of all the best makes of cultivators
and corn planters which he will sell
cheaper than any other house in Cass
county. I pay cash for my goods there
by saving large discounts to my custom
ers. 3wtt
V, to be ihhiIm
'orniirui lki u.1,1.
the iirlviicge of count ructlnu- brum. I
main line to other town or place wlthla th
limit id the Stale. ' 4
For the minion of thl oreniilm ln. n.. i
lowing named person, nlner-. of tliene Article),
have lieeu clioscu Director, to hold their of
fice until a Board of Director are ei...i...i r......
the Htockholder a hereinafter nrovided vl
John Fitgerahl. Frank (Wmi. ...! '.i.
Tellt It. 11. Windham. C. II. Famii'-le, k. K.
1 liexald Board of Director have chonen the
following person a olllcer of this comnanv
Johu t-itgerald. 1'resldent.
calvlu ll. I'armele. Ice J'lesldent.
iiulmti . v iiMiiiaui, necrelarv ami
A W M.l ...... I. ll.. 'IV. "
A noon a one thoTTsami Hlmri .f i, i..:if
in good faith he nubsci Ibed, aud ten dollar
pcrnhaio paid Into the Treasury of the cut
pauy.tlie prenent President ami Secretary aliall
apixilnl a time and place lor the IHut meellnir
ol tlie fUbNcrlbers of slorlr. ami ahali uJ7.
notice thereof, in at h-astone liewsiiaiier print
ed in tho city of l'lattsmoutii, ifHMy days ore--"
vlous to the day of meeting, and such auh-' "
scrlbers "hall then aud there ele-i. n.lnuu..
director f or nald eouiiauy : tlie director
cuosen snail as soon a may be after their elec
tion elect from their owu number a l'leldeiit
and Vlce-FreHident. and shall also elect a
Treasurer aud Secretary, who shall take the
place of the present oIUccm now acting in Hie
same capacity.
No person shall ho elected director In nhIiI
coiupauy, unless he shall he a bona llil
owner of at least live shares of stock Hu-mi..
ihe capital flock of this comnunv i.uii i.
T I..' I I 'l-l i
c;il liuililiru
increased at
wlien author!
siock holders, and the i-liare Hhall be d'vlited
into share of one hundred dollars eueli u. iii,.i.
shares h1iH.11 be transferable ou the buo. of
the company, as the director mav i.iTTf.i,.
through by-laws.
An iiiMalluiciii of (.i per cent hall ho pay
able at the time of making the subscription
and the tesldue tliereof shall be paid In ui.h
lustallmeiits. and at such times and places a
may be rciulred by tlie director of the com
iu stockholders may vote in person or bv
written proxy, and may cast one vote for each
Mliate they may own or represent,
Ou the first Wednesday of Mav in eve rv vutt
after the organization of this coinnanv I1..1...1
of directors consisting of thirteen member
shall be chosen by ballot, bv such of tlu? stock
holders a shall attend for that purpose either
in )nwu in ui jjivaj ; iroviucu mat a majori
ty of the stock is represented. Haul directors
shall continue lu olllce until their sii.. H..r. .u
A inajoritv of the board of Director shall
have now i-r to make ISv-Iaw. ami uiir n...
same at pleasure. and mav transact, all iiuUin..
of the corporation, may appoint EuilneerM
Aceuts and all Olllcer reouircd to ui.i ti.J
construction of the Road ; siiail have power lo
issue Bond after gettlmr the wrhten 1
of two-third of the stock, may execute mort
gage and deed of Hunt, and give a security
therefor any property belonging to the com
The private property of the stoclr li.ll
shall not be liable forthe debtsof the comnunv.
this company may he consolidated with m.v
other railroad com nan v within oroni r 11. i
State. "
llie indebtedness of thl corporation .hall
not at any time exceed two-thirds of the capi
tal stock.
Tlie principal place of transacting the buM
esof the company. hall be at I'l.-ittxiiiniitii
Nebsaska, till changed by a vote of the direc
tors, and the suoncilpiioii books of the com
pany shall be. opened at this place by perrons
designated by tlie signers of these articles.alter
giving 30 days notice by publication, next pre
ceediuir the time of opening the books and
they may be closed and re-opened as the di
rectors may deem expedient.
The time of beginning the corporate nnwera
of this company and its liability thereunder.
viii uc iiviii anu oiler Lim ui uay ox Aiay.
Signed this 21th day of April, 188.J.
H. II. Illa k.
The World Wants Proof.
"Tlie proof of the pudding is tlie
eating there of," and not in chewing
the string which tied the bag. There
fore, take Dr. Jones Red Clover Tonic
It cures all blood disorders, torpid liv
er, sick headache, costiveness, and all
diseases of the urinary organs. The
best appetizer and tonic known. Sold
by Smith & Black Bros. Fifty cents
per bottle. Oct.5,'82 e4 w.
Excited Thousands.
All over the lhe land are going into
ecstasy over Dr. King's New Discovery
for Consumption. Their unlooked foi
recovery by the timely use of this great
life saving remedy, -causes them to go
nearly wild in its praise. It is guaran
teed to positively cure Severe coughs,
colds, asthma, hay fever, bronchitis,
hoarseness loss of voice, or any affeotion
of the throat and lungs. Trial bottles
free at J. 31. Roberts' drug store. Large
size fl.00.
John Fitzgerald.
A. w. McLaughlin,
Daniel H. Wheeler.
Ceo. W. Falrllcld
H. E. Palmer.
John Waterman,
v. w. Herman,
Ered Horner.
F. K. Otithmann,
(Jeo. E. Dovey,
Oeo. II. Littlelield,
ixjuis noeoel,
N. K. Griggs.
P E. Hastings.
O. N. Whellock,
Thomas Harhiue,
J. 15. .McDowell.
Geo. Cross,
On this 2-lth day of April. 1883. before me R.
B.Windham. Notary Public, duly commissioned
Frank Carruth.
Joseph V. Weckbach,
It. B. Windham.
Geo, 8. Smith.
Sam. M, Chapman,
Wm, If. Newell,
C. H. Farmele,
J. M. Patterson,
Orlando Teltt,
J. II. Amed.
Win. Heck man,
J. E. Smith,
J.N. McConnell.
Jacob Klein,
Kd. E. Kldiege,
C. F. Stull,
ti. W Hansen.
and qualified for and residing in said Count
personally came jonn r itgeraid, u. 11. ui;
A. W. Mclaughlin, Frank Carruth, Daniel H
A Great Disoorery.
That is daily bringing joy to the
homes of thousands by saving many of
their dear ones from an early grave.
Tru'y is Dr. King's New Discovery for
Consumption, Coughs, Colds, Asthma,
Bronchhitis, Hay Fever, Loss of Voice,
Tickling in the Throat, Pain in Side
and Chest, or any disease of the Throat
and Lungs, a positive cure. Guarante
ed. Trial Bottles free at J. M. Roberts.
Drug Store. Large size $1.00.
Call and see L. C. Erven in his new
room Sherwoods new block. 22w2
For booth privileges at coming meet
ing of Cass connty Ag'l Society. Apply
to W. S.Wise, Sec. I19dwt"
Ford's Barber Shop
Next door to court house, shaves for 10
cents, cuts hair for 25c. dtfw2t'
F. S. White has just received a fresh
supply of choice, patent, winter wheat
flour, also delivers corn, oats and bran
to any part of the city. 135tf
Three or four good workmen wanted
at once. Inquire of
dUO to. . Claus Breckenfield
The Monarch Billiard Hall
people keep the best ice cream to be
found in the city, also choice lemonade
cigars awi toVatW. io'8'tf
wneeier, Joseph v. wecKuaeii, Geo. w. Fair-
fiulrl II V I'clr.ipr f.01. M Mioitl. Inh. VA,.
ennan, Sam. M. Chapman. C. VV. Hberman, W.
II. Newell. Fred Gorder. C. II. i'armele. F. It.
Guthinann, J. M. Patterson, Geo. E. Dovey, t).
.. ............. M ... Ir ....... ... 1... . I. . .
A d 1., fci9uua.ij hi ,iiv3 nitunu l 7 i i r- iiiciili
cal persons whose name aie aRlxed to the
above instrument, and acknowledged the ex
ecution of the same to be their voluntary act
and deed.
Witness my band and Notarial Seal, the day
i and year last above written.
seal J- Signed. ii. B. WINDUAM,
1 . ' Notary Public.
in and for Cass County. Nebraska.
On the 2Tth day of April. lg8J. before me .fas.
S. Mathews, a Notary Public, duly commission
ed aud 'lualified for and residing in said county.
personally came n. r. winauau), to me known
to be the identical person whose name is
affixed to the above instrument, and acknowl-
euKeu me execution oi tne same to be his vol
untary act and deed.
Witness my hand and Notarial Seal, the day
i - i and year above written.
SEAL r Signed, J AH. H. MATHEWS.
' ' Notary Public.
Otok Coot v. f "
On this 3d day of May. 1883. before me W. E.
Page, a Notary Public, duly commissioned and
appointed for-and residing In Otoe County, per
sonally came Geo. H Littleneld, J. Ii. Arend.
Louis Hoebel. Wm. Beekman, to me personly
known to be the identical persona whose names
are affixed to the foregoing article of Incorpora
tion, and ackno ledged the execution of the
same to be their voluntary act and deed.
Witness my band aud Notarial seal, this 3d
, ' , day of May, 1883.
seal r Signed W. E. PAGE.
' - ' Notary Public.
Gagk County-. j"
On this 4th day of May, 1883. before me the
undersigned, a Notary Public, in and for said
county, personally came . K. Griggs, J. E.
Smith. P. E. Hastings. J. E. McConnell. O. N.
Wheellock and Jacob Klein. w ho are well known
to be the identical persons who signed the fore
going instrument, and they acknowledge h
same to be their volu itary act and deed.
Given under my hand and Notarial seal
, 4th day of May.lKKi.
8EAL Signed, IIL'GH J. DOBB8
1 ' Notary Public.
Jefferson county, j"
On this 4th dav Of Mav. A. D. 18). before mo
Benjamin L. Pardy. a Notary Public, duly com-
miMivnra anu quaiinea, ior jenerson
Nebraska, personally came Thomas Harbine.
ca , tianug. joun a. Aicuoweu. C. r . stull,
Geo. Cross and G. W. Hansen, who are well
known to me, to be the identical persons who
signed the foregoing instrument, and they ac
knowledged the same to be their voluntary act
and deed.
Given under my hand and NoVaralSeal thl
" i 4th day of May. 1883.
seal Signed, B NJ. L, PfJKDY
- NoraryPubTrc.
ir- .