The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, August 16, 1883, Image 3

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Dkalkk iu
m i : i ) i ( ; i n i peufum buys,
Oils, 1'aikts, Uruhhkh,
A Full Ijineof TriiNNCM
Ai:d in fuel everything contained iu
lir-t cUkh Drug Storo. Pre--rii
lions carefully compound
Competition met in
nil department.
('01:. Main and Third Street
Will BUY ami Mil A 4 all kinds of
Will advance money on all
on lower Main street.
Oim- id r wist or liei k's Furniture sore
I h.ttMi outh. Feb. 1st. Ih8:: 4Ctf.
'1 liW beautiful II. u-e Mory brick tdructure. on
Sower Maid street, ha Just been finished and
fi !l. .1 i.p for I lie accommodation of
A Goed Bar ,uco,i,,efcri,hn,e
'!!. 11)1 CCS. In?.
Old Reliable
Wholesale and RetailIIealer in
.''onrtb Mreet. n. rear of Opera House.
Plattsmouth, Nebraska
Just Eeceived
A Challenge 5c Cigar,
s iahy made for the retail trade only.
Pepperberg's Cigar Factory.
Practical Architect.
rMju ail Specification will be carefully
:arried.out, and full attention will be given at
to safety and durability.
..Water Colors, Crayoo and PenciL
The Plattsmontb Herald Publishing Co.
official. rAPKii or Tiifc ;itv.
For City and County Directory. Railway Time
Table. Telephone Excbaog Business Di
rectory, Business Cards Ac, tee fourth page.
Notice to Advertisers.
Copy for display advertisement or changes
in advertisement must be handed In to the
busiuessofllce not latter than 10 a. in. of the
day In which they are to tie Inserted. Copy
for pay local and special notices mind lt
banded In before 3 p. 111. each day to insure in
sertion. It M. IKkiinkli.,
fiuslnesa Manager.
Call for the Cass County Republican
Central Committee treating.
The Kepuhllean central committee are here-
bv callt d to meet at Louisville. AugU't 21st
(Tuesday) at 1 p. m.
Tin' members are ;
Flatt-mouth City 1-t Wiird-E B I.ewi.
2d " S Wise.
ad .1 B Strode.
4th " F Carrtith.
Precinct A II Taylor,
Rock Bluffs Anderson K .-wt.
Liberty W Cannon.
Eight Mile Grove J II B.cker.
Ml. Pleasant Samuel Richardson,
Avoea-n W Cox.
Weeping Water -1! C Yenmans.
Ccntre-S N Woodford.
Louisville C E Wilkinson.
South Bend-RG McFaiiand.
Elm wood David McCaig.
Ktove Creek Ira Stanford.
Tipton-W It Arnold.
Grccnwood--M It Cutler.
Salt Creek Win Coleman.
It is desired that every member of the com
millee be present. M. M. Rl'TLEE,
4. Salisbury, DcntlNt.
'. A. tlarNhall, Dentist, huc--(NHoi-;tu
Clutter & Marshall.
Teetli extracted without pain,
by use of'Mtrou Oxide Cia.
Try Schcrer's Corn Cure, warranted
to cure without pain, only 15 cents; at
Warriiks. -u.
NewCooas New Coods New Coods-
Lare stock of Latest styles in
Mens Boys and Children Suits just
rcci-ivptl frniii Nt'ff 1 01 k whic h we
will sell 10 per cent less than can
he bouirht of any house in town, also
.1 now lot of hats and fancy uetlc-
wear just received at
!. C. AlAVEll
The Opera House Clothiers.
Admission fee to the Presbyterian
Sociable tonight is ten cents.
Dr. Meade may bo found at the cilice
of the county clerk until his office is
repaired fom the effects ot the fire.
Bananas, California peaches & pears
for sale by J. P. Young. I46tf
It is a good night for ice cream, and
there will be an abundance at the social
at Rock wood Hall.
Prof. Druintnond goes to Hamilton
county next week for ten days work in
their county Institute.
Fruit of all kind is plenty in the
market F. S. White received an im
mense cargo of peaches yesterday.
Sheet music & music books for organs
tfc pianos at J. P. Young3. 146tf
The village board of Greenwood has
fixed the price for license there at
One thousand dollars. It means pro
hibition. Last evening Prof, and Mrs. Drum
mond entertained some ten or twelve
of the teachers who are in attendance
at the Institute, at tea.
TLe guard rails on the walk east of
Sherwood's are in place, and it was a
judicious step from he city in having
them placed there.
"We never speak as we pass by a
beautiful new song only 1 Oct at J. P.
Youngs. 146tf
A traveling photographer is doing
Plattsmouth these days, and is taking a
large number of views of business
houses and the finer residences.
Mr. Ceo. Hargreaves, who has been
with the 1J. &M. for many years, has
accepted the position of purchasing
agent for the Atchison, Topeka & Santa
Fe 11. It., and will assume his duties
with that road at once.
Mrs. Agnes Flemming andE.P. Roe's
last book published for sale by J. P.
Youug. 14Gtf
II. T. Clarke, at Uellevue, who was
instrumental in securing the location
of the Presbyterian College there, has a
large force of men at work repairing
all his houses, fixing Hp the streets, and
fences, and he intends to make Uelle
vue one of the handsomest places
around Omaha.
Onr friend, Billy Short, from the
booming young town of Manly, was in
the city Wednesday, interviewing the
County Commissioners iu regard to a
road, to run north one mile on the half
section line through section 1-1, thence
east one-half mile to the county road.
This will give the young metropolis a
splendid outlet to the north, without
leaving the divide, making one of the
best roads in the county.
Just received a large line of scrap
books and authograph albuns at the P.
O. News Depot. I46tf
Conductor Blue has just returned
from a nine days trip over the B. & M.
with the pay car. "While in Denver,
Sunday, he saw the tramp whose diary
was published in the Herald this
spring. The tramp is now first cook in
a Denver restauraur, at a salary of 840
a month and board, and is satisfied that
the West is a grea-t country. On the
return trip the pay car paid off all the
employes between Red Cloud and
Atchison in one day a great le&t that
has rrot tteen acwmplistred betVire.
Police Court. :
Notwithstanding the dull times and
hot weather, John Jtiley forgot himself
and allowed his blood to get up to a fe
ver heat, he pranced around and want
ed to eat somebody, when a friendly po
lie eman came along and took him iu
out of his misery. John promised nev
er to do so again In Plittsmouth. Judge
Pottenger charged him a dollar with
the usual trimming for him to remem
ber the town by.
Two arrests were made this morning,
the prisoners being charged with inde
cent exposure up at the Hand bar
Through sympathy for the boys who
are noi oeneveu 10 ie me guilty par
ties and only happened to be in swim
ming w ith others at the time, we with
hold their names, the matter was finally
adjusted by the prosecutiug withdraw
ing the case the boys paying the costs,
we also lean? that warrants are out for
other ptrties who have been guilty of
shameful conduct arm well deserve pun
Postal Notes-
Our genial postmaster has just re
ceived notification from the I'ost
OlTic3 Department, of the issue of the
new Postal Notes, which can be
had throughout the country by Septem
ber 3d. It will be remembered these
notes are similar to bank drafts no
written application being needed. The
exchange for any amount less than five
dollars will be three cents.
The new two cent postage stamps will
be on sale on and aftcr'Octobcr 1. The
design is a new one the head of Wash
ington in profile from Houdon's bust,
being placed on a plain tablet above
the oval surrounding the head are the
words "United States Postage," and
underneath the tablet, are the words
"two cents." The stamps will be print
ed in metallic red. The embossed
stamps on the two cent stamped en
velopes will also bear the head of Wash
ington. The head of Jackson will complete
the design on the new four cent. stamps.
The price of stamped envelops will re
main the same tor the envelopes, the
price of stamps beiug added.
The Franchise Granted by an Over
whelm ins Vote.
At an early hour yesterday morniug
it became evident that the proposition
to grant the right to the Capital City
Street Hallway company, would be car
ried by a handsome majority, and the
great mass of citizens turned out to
make sure of it.
The vote polled was as follows by
First ward 547
Second ward 393
Third ward 460
Fourth ward 400
State Journal.
We are glad to see the capital city
showing such evidences of enterprise in
unanimously sanctioning a much need
ed though expensive improvement.
The Presbyterian Church Choir Social
to Le held this evening, at ltock
wood Hall, will be mainly devoted to
a good social time and the refresh
ment tables. The members of the
choir have selected the following im
promptu programme to open the even
ing and make their guests feel at home.
Doxology By the choir.
Duett "I would that my love"
Mrs. Wise and Miss Pollock.
Duett Cornet and Organ Mr. Clark
Miss Pollock.
Solo "Jesus, lover of my Soul,"
Mrs Wise.
Duettt Selected Mrs. Agnew and
Mrs. Campbell.
Solo "Marguerite" Mr. Bushnell.
Chorus "When the Bridegroom
Comes,', By the Choir.
Mr. "William Secor of Farragut, Fre-
rcont county, has recently patented a
machine for harvesting and husking
corn. The machine is designed to be
driven over the row and the ears arc
stripped from the stalks as the machine
passes along by radial wings which are
connected by a rotating shaft. The
ears are then carried by an endless
apron to rolles located at the back part
of the machine which strips the husks
from the ear and deposits the latter in
a receiver. The machine will receive
a through test the coming fall and
should it prove practicable will be a
blessing to the farmer in the saving of
labor, sore fingers and "sich." Council
Bluffs Nonpariel.
Melinda Nevowatny, the girl who
had tue experience trying to work out
at Eight Mile Grove, and who run
away lrom there and tried to swim the
creek and get home, is having some
more experience. She has made up her
mind that Plattsmouth is too smalt a
town and that she will live in Omaha,
but her folks watch the trains to pre
vent her going. This morning she
started off with her grip and footed it
to La Platte, where 6he tired ou and
was persuaded to come back home; her
next break will probably be to go to
Oreapolis anp take the the train there
for nothing short of Omaha will satis- j
fy her.
. . Card of Thanks.
' I desire to return thanks to all citi
zens who aided in saving my property
from burning during my absence from
the city. The loss of the contents . of
my office would have been the loss of
my all and I am sincerely grateful to
those who were instrumental in saving
all from burning.
H. Mead. M. D.
Bargains in Brlckb. '
SOO.OOO brick for sale, builders will
do well to see .us . before purchasing.
Leave orders at Weckbach's store or at
the yard; all orders will receive prompt
attention. Rap en fc Martin.
df27TOo 1
date Pair Note.
' l'rcident Mclntyre, Mr. E. N. Grc-
nell and Mr. S. M. Barker, of the man
agers of the htate fair, were lo the city
yesterday and contracted for the remo
val of the poultry house and the Dorth
speed fttables fiom their site near the
power hall to the locality of the south
kdecd stables, which will afford about
three acres additional space for exhibits
of agricultural implements.
Last night a Herald man met Mr.
Greuell at the I'axton, and asked the
veteran manager of state fairs and pro
moter of fruit growing In the state,
what the prospects were for the coming
state show.
Mr. (irenell, who has been active in
Ptate fair directing for the past fifteen
ycarp. replied: Prospects were never
ho good as they arc now. There seems
to be an interest awakened all through
the State that never obtained until
now, and the railroads are giving us
very good rates "
"Naturally the state should have a
bigger fair each year, as it settles and im
proves, I suppose," said the newspaper
Yes," replied Mr. Grene.ll, ''and I be
lieve that borne parts of the state, par
ticularly the western, expect to make
better exhibits than ever before."
"Will the wet season make a differ
ence with and class of farm products?'
inquired the reporter.
I he river counties" was the reply,
"will not show as fine aad matured
corn as hitherto, because corn is lute
with them, out that is about all. Our
cereals will be especially fine; and gar
den vegetables will exceed any pre
vious year, fetock is looking very well,
and I believe we will have liner range
stock than ever before."
Speaking of other features the mana
ger said that Mr. Chambers reported
negotiations for a field of fist horses.
There are more applications for space
than have ever been received at this
stage of affairs in any previous year.
The exhibits of farm machinery "will
ue large no doubt, because sales have
been satisfactory for several years and
Election pronrpt, for cro.s have etn
more evenly paying perhaps thi n iu any
other state. The fruit exhibit will be
a fine feature of the fair.
Burt and Washington counties will
soon put up a building near the art hall
tor Uicir exhibits in competition for the
premiums offered for the best conntv
The board have lately received in
formation that Stanton county, which
has hitherto been unrepresented, pro-
. . , i i . i' i .
wsts id uniig u.iin)is oi agricultural
products and stock.
Them is g od reason to predict a bier
fair aud Omaha is for better prepared
to entertain its visitors thau ever be
fore. Omaha Herald.
Elm wood.
During the past week little of
has occurred in our vicinity: conse-i
quently we cannot sling our aquatic
quill very extensivelj-, or soar very
high into the azure fields of jourualis
tic notoriety: but realizing as we do the
importance of Keeping our corner occu
pied, and of sustainining our reputa
tion ot being as breezy as any of our
fellow local reporters, we submit the
Hurrah! The bridge builders are now
in our vicinity, and we shall soon be
deprived of the blissful privilege of
opening and closing numerous gates as
we go to and from Weeping Water.
This is a bridge on an important
thoroughfare; as it is on one of our
star routes, and also the main road
from Plattsmouth lo Lincoln." The loss
of this bridge has occasioned our citi
zens much inconvenience; but we pre
sume our commissioners have been as
expeditious as possible under the cir
cumstances, and we should feel thank
ful that our troubles in this direction
are at an end.
We understand that all the bridges
in this vicinity will receive necessary
repairs before the builders leave the
Although the weather was very un-
propitious, we understand a large ma
jority of our citizens attended the camp
meeting held at Weeping Water and
enjoyed a good time.
The recent rainy weather will prove
a big thing for corn, but will injure
some small grain which the farmers
have not been able to stack vet.
Small grain is yielding well; many
pieces of oats are going to yield fifty
bushels per acre, and wheat eighteen
to twenty, and some exceptional pieces
even more.
"Apples!" "Want to buy any ap
ples?'' is the cry which almost daily
resounds through our streets from the
numerous apple peddlers with which
our country abounds.
We can say, that as far as we have
noticed, with scarcely an exception,
that the fruit they cay is very fine,
and speaks well for Nebraska as a
fruit growing State.
The pic nic to which we referred in
our last passed off very pleasantly, and
was one of 'the most enjojable occa
sions of the season.
Mr. John Hart, Miss Mary Mapes,
Miss Clara Holenbeck, Mrl Samuel
Richardson and Mr. L. R. Tyson, all of
this vicinity, are in Plattsmouth this
week attending the Teachers' Institute.
This speaks well for this place, and for
the enterprise of its teaching frater
nity. Hoping we will have more to write
about next, time, we subscribe ourself.
Your affectionate, Modoc.
" Our druggist friend, Mr. S. G. Perry,
is taking to himself a wife in the city
of Burlington, today. This is business.
The Herald is only happiest when re
cording 6uch events, and we are espe
cially glad to congratulate Mr. Perry,
who since his settlement and entrance
into business in this city has made
mao7 friends, who join in good wishes.
At the Presbyterian Church Social
this evening there will be a huge pair
of scales and a weighing game, that is
an entirely new thing, which will
amus'e thjoSfc in attendants.
Dr. Meado and wife came hoinp Inst
Loui Eickhof, of J-ouisville pent
iusr nigra in iue city.
Mrs. Wm. McLaughlin started this
morning for Paeific City In. to visit htr
her parents.
fr T...1 Tto. .. ,( I w li
.v. ,,,, ui
Cutthing h from I,rtge. Wis. is ir. the
city today.
Wm. Neville made ;t Hying trip 1 ome
laet night, from hi work. rHuruIng
this morning.
.i.. liarnes is nome again iroin a
trip to Fullertoti and northern Nebras
E. L. Heed, one of Cass county't most
successful business men, i in the city
J. Ii. Meikle, one of the stalwart at-
,.t xr ..: it'... ... s
luniks ui r ucjuujj Miner is in me
city today.
Mrs. Belle Campbill spent last even -ing
with her son, returning home to
Omaha this morning.
Mrs. France, of Olathe, Kansas, who
has been visiting at D. A. Campbell's
for some time returned home this
Mrs. F. I. Mandevi'lc and daughter,
of Missouri Valley, Iowa, ire visiting
Mrs. E. B. Lewis thi week and will
remain over Sabb tth.
It. C. Curbing is in the city today,
and is looking over our improvements.
It has been some time since he has put
in a day at his old home.
Capt. Lloyd D. Bennett returned lust
evening from his vacation trip westward-
He was at the great Denver re
union and has been on tours of investi
gation through Colorado and down in
Jsew Mexico. Mrs. Bennett remains
for some time yet with her daughter,
Mrs. Wilson, in Denver.
For Cholera Infantum, Diarnea, Dysen
tery, and all Bowel Complaints.
Marsh's Tonic Astringent is peculi
arly adapted to the treatment oi B,wjl
Complaints in a marlarious country.
Not only does the debilitating' heat of
.. .....). i,i i.. .,
I summer reduce Mid relax ,he system
to such an extent as to require a Ionic,
as wel1 as nn Astringent medicine, to
successuiiiy ireni ucrauiremeiiis oi
the Stomach and Bowl., but
the Malaria, with which
everybody is more or less affected, ren
ders the tonic principle doubly neces
sary. Marsh's Tonic Astringent sub
dues fever, neutralizes aud expels ma
larial poison, sweetens the stomach,
quiets, soothes and strengthens the bow
els aud the whole system generally.
Price 50 cenjs. Foj stde by Smith fc
Black Bros, druggists, Plattsmouth.
For swellings, burns, sores, pile, etc.,
use Marsh's World's Liniment. For
sale by Smith & Black Bros. 140aw1w
To Teachers.
You can secure scratch tablets in
different sizes, cheap, by calling at the
Herald office. " tf
Ilurlburt and Miller
proprietors of the Omaha Fancy Steam
Dyeing and French Dry cleaning works
107, South Fifteenth street, Omaha
Neb., recommend then facilities for
cleaning, dyeing and curling plumes
and tips on three days notice; ladies
suits in velvets, Silks, Satins etc.,
cleaned by the French Dry cleaning pro
cess. Ladies' and gents' clothing clean
ed, dyed and repaired. All kinds of
fancy dyeing, merchant's shelf-worn
goods a specialty.
All orders by mail or express given
prompt attention.
A full stock of nice Sugar-cured
Hams and Breakfast Bacon, at Central
Meat Market, at 15c per pound: Pickled
Pork, 12Jc to 15c; Shoulders, 11c;
Shonlders, lie. Fresh Lard at 12KC.
or 9 pounds for $ 100. Frefh Fish
every Friday. Lafe O'Neill.
Use Marsh's Cathartic Liver Pills for
Biliousness and Constipation. For sale
bv Smith & Black Bros. d&wlt
'Grace & Thierolf have af. last receiv
ed their . cigars, ' among which is the
Celebrated R. G. Ingersoll" cigars.
Now Boys, is your time to get a Jgood
cigar.' d!41tf.
Notice of Removal.
We wish to inform the public that
we have moved into the north store
room in Sherwood's new block, on 5th
street, where our patrons will find us
hereafter, and where all wishing any
thing in the Merchant Tailoring iine
are invited to call and see us.
130dtf Rasgorshek Bros.
A Square Meal
Can be had at the City Hotel for only
25 cents and lodging at same reasonable
rates. Farmers and Commercial Men
will please bear this in mind. d&wtf
I have concluded to change my loca
tion in about 80 days. Parties know
ing themselves indebted to me will
please call and settle at once and great
ly oblige. W. II. Baker.
Ill d&w lmo
For booth privileges at coming meet
ing of Cass county Ag'l Society. Apply
to W. S. Wise, Sec. 119dJtwtf
Ford's Barber Shop
Next door to court house, shaves for 10
cents, cuts hair for 25c. dtfw2t
To the lad ids of Plattsmouth and
vicinity I wish to aunouncethatl have
taken the rooms lately occupied by
Mrs. Tutt in the Cuion block, where I
shall continue dressmaking and invit
all to call. 31 rs. M. E. Mortcx.
dl23t6-wl9tf .
FOR SALE. Lots 4 and 3 In
Block 41, Improved.
dPT J. If. WI'D,HI.
AdvertlnenipnU under till head,' thre eenU
--r line each Innmiion.
ONEY TO LOAN-Ou real entate l.y MulU
vau Woolry. tf
IT'OltMAI.E-4'nrap. A home and two luta,
titrable pi nee, fur particular enquire at
tin oftlce
A trm nrtirlm of furniture, hut
ittl, e iiad.che I'. at Mr. .lolition A Hwre
try protrly of Mtvi .May Clniiuirr
LHJKHALK OR ItKNT-A nod tioiuw with
I. t- rooniH . conveniently nrrHliK-d ..!
I mcjufii ni-itr wm um iiiiniiirM purl of Hih cily.
iwia-uiais riiiuirr oi , r. uygrr. lJTIill
KM it HA I.K--IIOUHI and lulu, price $iVA. I0O
Pitiaucc in mommy a) ninm.
It. 11. Vt IXUHAM,
FOK MALE Several I evidence, cheap. In
mire tit it. 11. Vlul,-r A. i'u
I'lHl HAI.K-Scratch Tablet In all lc. at
timumce. lif
Volt HA LK a lot in good location. Purlieu
lam at tbU ofiice t(7lf
VOlt KALE An order for a new Aincrle
Hewinx Machine. Inquire at thUonU-e.
1jOKHALK I ,0k cord 4 ot wood. Inquire of
W. 8. Wise. tf
VOKSALE-t id paper, for Hale at thl office
i to cen i.i r numiieil or a cent per uoz-
I . '
VOIt KENT South more room of
the t'nlon
It Knur.
lock, Alva lrew, IIu.uiich.h eiiiiuililee. lUf
VOlt RENT House for rent near center of
City. Enquire at rulteiNou' llarn. iw.
VOK KENT Dwelling Horn-en, Inquire of
iltidtf w. it. mhakkh.
F OK Kent-Two rooms l.y 1. II. Wheeler &
"T ANT Kl-Informal lou H to thn w herea
' ' houta of Joseph Klylhe bv hi niece KllJ
nbeth Thomas who lauded ul N
J7t. '
Kend to S. Hheiiemao. Sec'v of IiuiiiiL'mtloii
r.iMChemnutSt., fhlladelphla, I'eiui.
WASTKI),-Information of the whereabouts
Of Willis .1. t'OIlL'cr. Uhl) UM in I'liUIU.
mouth a year nun. Any one knowing of his
present location will confer a favor by vending
his address to Mrs. Harah E. Conner. Went
flattuburt;, N. V. dLiilf
U'ANTHD-Two blacksmiths and a blaek
Hinit h llclniT sit Si-I.ii..lll..i.,... ui..... v.,11
! - - - .j ..... ....... ... . , i i . r .
UrA.aKD- John llauer has bounht the Stolil-
man place. cornel of Tth and ine. und Is
prepared lo accoiajMoil it e the public in the
way.f boarding ai'U lo luinj; by the week or
mouth. .oiii l
I O.ST A ?old K. of I. pin. The finder will ha
- suitably lewurdrd bv leavi IILr till M:i III. Rl
this ofiice. nut
TOLM) a gold and Jet breast pjn, the ow ner
- can have the same by proving property and
pay iiiK lor this notice.
VOUND On Main Street a pair of eye Kla-sseH
111 case, owner can iret his iironerl v bv i-:.l.
liliK at this otllce and paying for this notice.
Legal Notice.
Egbert S. Welden 1
V Vln Dint net Court
Hester F, Welden ) of Cat-s County.
To Hester F. Welden. non-resident, defend
ant : You aru hereby notilied that on the l.r.tli
day of August, lsivl, FKbeit S. Welden tiled a
petition aguinst you iu the District Court of
Cass County. Nebraska, the object and nraver
O'e ground that you have wi
I the plaintiff without uood eai
, ti ye.iri, la8t ,(1U You
ui men are 10 ouiaiu a oivoice nom you, on
viiiuny abandoned
autte for the term
years last paU You are required lo
answer said petition on or before Moudav. the
2tth day of September, lsn.'s
J5y Wi uiON & Stkatton. his Att'ys. &:u
Never Give Up.
If you are suffering with low and
depressed spirits, loss of appetite, gen
eral debility, disordered blood, weak
constitution, headache, or any disease
of a bilious nature, by all means procure
a bottle of Electric Bitters. You will
be surprised to see the rapid improve
ment that will follow ; you will be in
spired with new life ; strength and
activity will return ; pain and misery
will cease, and henceforth you will re
joice in the praise of Electric Bitters.
Sold at fifty cents a bottle by J. M.
G. R. Salisbury, M. D. D. D. S. of
Weeping Water, makes a specialty of
fine gold filling3 and Cellu loid plates
If you are in want of anything in the
dentistry be sure and give him a call.
The Dr. also keeps on hand a fine as
sortment of medicines. He is a grad
uate of the university .of the city of
New York, and satisfaction guaran
teed. lSwlm
The World Wants Proof.
"The proof of the pudding is the
eating there of," and not in chewing
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fore, take Dr. Jones' Red Clover Tonic
It cures all blood disorders, torpid liv
er, sick headache, costiveness, and all
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per bottle. Oct.5,'82 e4 w.
Excited Thousands.
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ecstasy over Dr. King's New Discovery
for Consumption. Their unlooked foi
recovery by the timely use of this great
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nearlv wild in its praise. It lsguaran
teed to positively cure Severe coughs,
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ceived at Elson's the only one price
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mouth. 135dCt2lwlt
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supply of choice, patent, winter wheat
Hour, also delivers corn, oats and bran
to anv part of the city. 133tf
Three or four good workmen wanted
at once. Inquire of
dHO tG. Claus Breckenfield
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people keep the best ice cream to be
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cigars and tobacco. lOStf
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tbc county at J. ix. Chambers Son's.
Of the rialUmonth and Houih Wc
Railroad Company
Thl Is to cert Ifl y that John fllerld.
Mi'ljiiiulilln, Frank 'ttrrMlh.
V. Wr kb4cli. O. w. Fairfield. I
iiKlilln, riaiik Hrmlh. . II. vhcl
, Wrckbacli. O. w. Fairfield. It. IS. W ine
II. K. Talnicr. (ieo. M. binith. John Water.
Ham. M, I (minium. C. W, Sherman. Win
Newell. Fred Oorder, V. II. Fanni-ln. F
OuthiiiMn, J. M. I'aftersou. Oeo. E. I'ovoy
'lent. I ico. It. Ulaek, lieo. II. l.lilli fl) Id, .
Areud, I.oiiU 1 1 or be I. Win, IUediM4fi. N,
OriKK. J E, Mmltli, I', E, llatiu;s. J. N.
Conn .(. O. N. WheiiM k. Jucoh hit In. Hi"
llaihliie, r d. E. Kldildk'C. J. ltK M Dowel
F. Mull, Oeo. CroM, and , W. lianneii, I
aH'lMted themselves tuueilmr for Him pur.
of forming an Incorporated Itnilioud C"in
under lhe Incorporation l.uwaof the Htau
'I his Company shall he known fta tlii I'U
mouth and noulli WeMern Railroad Comp
by which name it hall elt and transact it
ness : Its exUluuco ahall he ierietuul. an
may sun and he sued. In It corporuto nam
may acquire, own aud convey real, pern
ami mixed propeity, may contract and be c
traded mlthlulla own name may lnuk I
use a common cnl w hich It may alter at ''
suro ; may do all needful urtn lo cany n
feet the objects fur Which It wua created, t
It shall have power lo exercise all tho ilylj
Iirlvlleifea aud franchise which muv l at oil
ed under chapter alxteeu of the compiled b(J
Utes of Nebraska, 1
J hi corporation I errafed to lay out. loci'
construct, furnish, maintain, opera!" and ei
a line of Railroad aud 'Jelcjnaph Willi I
ordoume track wiiii audi klde Hack Initio1
oftlees, and depot, a ahall he liecetmuy I
tweeu the place of the termini of the
road, which la protected to commence i a pi 4
ou the MIouil river at I'luliaiuoiil h. in i f I
county, iuieor jeoraKa, ana 10 teooiiiiu
ed from "aid point. In a South Wcalcily din
lion, through Cum county, by wuy of lhe to4
ot Avoca; IhroiiKli Otoo county, by wuy of f '
town ot hyracuae, through Johnson county, '
way ot i lie town or stcriiiiK, throtiKh (iu
couutv. to lhe town of Ileal rlee. through J
ferson county by way of halihuiy to a point
the Stale line, seiiaiatlnK Kauaa from Sebra.
ka, or as near a pracilcuble to these point ;
may be demonstrated by a survey, to le imk
on the completion of this corora(toit wi
the privilege of conMi uelluK branches from tl',
main line lo other towns or plucca wlllllj u1
limits f the Slate. . . ii
For the purpose or this organization, the fo.
owing named persons, slnei oi uicse Vsivl
lave been chosen Directors, to hold thlr '
lice until a Hoard of Directors are elcctedlfui
the stockholder H hereinafter provided vIa
John FllKerald. Frank Cariuth. oilamt
Tcirt, R. II. Windham, C. II. J'nniicle, E. I.
Kldridifc. iiiom. A.lla. tdne, N. K. Oilcii an
ii-o. II. LlttlellelU. ... " .
'l he said Hoard of Directors have chosen Ih
following persons as oltl.iers of till eouiiHiui
John t itherald I'resldenu
Calvin II. I'uimele. Vice 1'iVsldent. ' - j
Robert 15. Wind hum. Secretary and ;
A. W . McIjicikIiIiii, Treasurer.
As soon an one thousand share of aloek alia!
n eood faith he subscribed. tbmul leu .i..iii.r
er shaie paid Into the treasury of thn coin
any. llio present 'resident and Secretary thai
ippoinl a lime and place fur the tl'.t meeLIm 1
til in-; piurw riww tn ntiiei HIIU --ftllUJI IflVI
notice t hereof, Iu at one jiewipajier print
ed In the city of I'latUiiuint it, thirty day pre'
Vious to the day of ineMlfTii. and sjn h mil.
siTibers ahull then and there elect thlrleei
director" for said company the dlrecUM ai
chosen shall as soon as iuu)t.Lu after tlo irWeo
I ion elect from their own no in turn I'roaideni
and Ylce-l'rcrddciit and hall uki i-u.i
'treasurer aud Seeretar.. who shall take tin
place oi iue present, oiucer now iu-Unu In tin
a o m " t v. ...
No person shall be cleee,l director In said
'ouipany. unless ho shall he a bona tldi
owner ot at least n vcunare of stock llicrclu.
'i he capital stock of this eomiianv 1. 1, n i..
I'en Hundred Thousand Dollars ; Vliich may
inrii-irii .ii, limy; hi niir IIIIIJIOII 'UiiKya'
w lien (iiitlioil.ctl by ii two-thirds- ote or iTi.
stockholders, and the chares Hhall lit j whiclJ
islcraMe on the books of
d'vl, edi
nto idiai'CH of one bundled
hares shall be trai
the company, us the director may provide
thiol. nh by-laws, !. .-
. .. ... . .. . . . . .
nil lun'iiiiim ii. i leu per eein mitiii lit) pay
able at the lime of ml:)iik. the subscriptions
and the residue thereof hhall he paid In such
installments, and at such times and places as
may lie reiured by tlie directors of the. com
I ne stockholders may vote In person or bv
written proxy, aud may cast one vote for each
ahaie they may own or represent.
On the first Wednesday of .Mny in every year
after the oiKmilul Ion ot this company a board
of directors counlniliiK of thirteen member
shall be chosen by Inillot, by such of tin; stock
holders as Hindi atfuul lor that numosn ell her
in person or by proxy i provided thai a nisjoi l
ty of the flock is represented, haul director
hhall continue iu ollkce dutil their successor are
A majority of the hoard of Director. aJiall
have power to make iiy'iaws, and alter the
same at pleasure, and may truasao all buslnes
of the corporation, may appoint Enquirer,
Agents and all olliccrs required to aid lu the
construction of the Road ; rhall have power to
issue Roods after getllug the wrhten consent
of two-thirds of tue s ock, otay execute inert
gages and deeds of trust, and give as security
therefor any property beloiiulnit to the com
pany. lhe private property of the stock holders
shall not be liable for the debts of the company.
j ins company may oe consolidated witn anv
other railroad company within orout of the
'lhe indebtedness or tills corporation ahall
not at any lime exceed two-thirds
Is of the ca pi
tii I took.
lhe principal place oi transacting f lie busi
ness ot tne company, snail oe at 1'lattxmoutli,
Neh.saska. till chauued bv a vote of the direc
tors, and the Mibscilpiiou books of the com
pany shall be opened at this place by pen-one
designated by the signer of these articles. alter
giving 30 days notice by publication, next pre-
ceeaing tne time ox opening me doors una
iliev niav be closed and re -opened as the di
rectors may deem expedient.
The time oi oeKiiining tne cor Dora! e nower
of this company and Its liability thereunder,
win De ii oiu aim aner me cm day oi M&y.
Signed this 24th day ot April, 1883.
John Fitzgerald,
ll. II. Black,
Frank Carrulh,
Joseph V. Weckbach,
R. R. Windham.
Ijeo, H. Smith.
Sam. M, Chapman,
Win. II. Newell,
V. H. Farmele,
J. M. I'atterson,
Orlando Tent,
J. H. Arned.
Win. Reck man.
J. K. Smith.
J.N. MeConnell.
Jai'ob Klein,
Ed. E. Eldrege,
;. F. stun.
G. Hansen.
A. W. McLaughlin,
Daniel H. Wheeler.
Oeo. W. Fairfield
II. E. I'almer.
John Waterman,
C. W. Sherman,
Fred t.oruer.
F. R. (authniann,
Geo. E. Dovey,
Geo II. I ittlelield,
Ixiuls iioebel,
N. K. Origgs.
F E. Hastings.
O. N. Whello. k.
Thomas Harblne,
I. li. McDowell,
Geo. Cross,
On this2Rh day of April. iHh3. before me IS.
Ii. Windham. Notary t iiblic.dulvcouimissioiied
and qualified for and residing hi said County,
personally came Jonn r iigeraia, i. u. lilack,
A. W. McLaughlin, Frank Carruth, Daniel II.
Wheeler, Joseph V. Weckbach, Geo. W. Fair
field, J. E. I'almer, Geo. H. Smith John Wat
erman. 8am. M. Cbapinan. C. W. Sherman, W.
II. Newell. Fred Gorder. C. II. Farmeie. F. R.
(iuthinatin, J. M. Fatteison, Geo. E. Dovey, O.
lent, personally to ine Known to oe me identi
cal persons whose names aie aflixed to the
above instrument, and acknowledged the ex
ecution of the same to be their voluntary act
and deed.
Witness my hand and Notarial Seal, the day
, A . and vear la-t above w rltten.
signea. , u. wi?ijiiam,
Notary I'ubllc,
in and for Cass County. Nebraska,
Cass Uoi'sir. ,,
On the 2Tth day of April. Ijrs.'i, before me Ja.
S. Mathews, a Notary public, duly commission
ed and rpialitied for aud residing in said county,
pernonally came K. Ii, Windham, to me known
to be the identical person whose name ifl
affixed to the above instrument, and acknowl
edged the execution of the eauie to be his vol
untary act and deed.
Witness my hand and Notarial Seal, the day
. s . and year above written.
JsealV Signed, -JAS. S. MATHEWS.
. Notary I'ublic.
Otok COt'NTV. f '
On this 3d day of May. 1K8.-J. before me W. E.
Page, a Notary I'ublic, duly commissioned and
appointed for and residingln Jtoe County, per
sonally came Geo. H Littlefield, J. II. Arend,
lx)uis Hoebel. Wm. Beekman, to ine persoolly
known to be the Identical person whose names
are aflixed to the foregoing articled Incorpora
tion, and ackno ledged the execution of the
same to be their voluntary act and deeo.
Witness my hand and Notarial seal, this 3d
, , dar of My. 163.
Notary Public. '
Gaok Coua'xv. (
On this 4th day of May, 183, before me the
undersigned, a Notary Public, in and for said
county, personally came S. K. Griggs, J. E,
Smith. P. E. Hastings. .I.E. MeConnell. O.N.
Wheellock and.Iacob Klein. who are well known
to be the Identical persons who signed the fore
golng instrument, and they acknowledge h
same to be their volu .tary act and deed.
Given under my hand and Notarial seal
: C ' , 4th day of May.l8s3.
seal Signed, Ill'GII J. DOP.B3
1 v 1 Notary Public.
On thi 4th day of May. A. D. ls.1, before me
Benjamin L. I'urdy. a Notary rubllc. duly com
missioned and qualified, for Jefferaon county.
Nebraska, personally came Thomas Harbine.
Ed E. Eldridee. John B. McDowell. C. F. Stuil,
Geo. Cross and li. W. Hansen, who ara well
known tome, to be the identical persons who
signed the foregoing instrument, and they ac
knowledged the same to be their voluntary act
and deed. ,
Given under my hand and NoVaral Seal thl
, ' , 4th day of May. 183.
bkalV Signed, BNJ. L. PCRDV.
Xotao PublfC.