The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, April 14, 1883, Image 3

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Stat TMrtor.
0. II VAN WVlTK. U. . Mutator. Neb. Cltr.
j amkVwI1 W Point
JJHN WAI.I.H II. Auditor. Lincoln.
'.! "iir.t'KlihjvLAN T"ur,r. Lincoln.
iyWii,.?Klt'.hl,.pL Instruction.
a. ii . k . a 1. 1., jul i:.nuiiaiuttr.
;.riA A':, 7 J H.. Attorney li-uiral.
)K II. 1-. MAI THKWrtON. Boot, liwultl foe
Smprtm Curt.
MAXW'KI.I., :iiiii .Juatlor. Fremont.
tfcll. U. LtHK, Omaha.
A MAMA COIJH. Llucolo.
Urcott Jutiieiat Tttrit.
S. B. P)L':1, Juugf,
J. li HTKOOK. KlMMutlnr.Ait'
W. C'.bliOWAl.lKU. flrrk Ol-trtrt Co art.
I Utll'iUIUUlU.
City 7Uretowp.
JOhKI'll V. Wr.i KU ll. Mayor.
WILLIAM II. cL'Mlil.x;. Imuurrr.
J. I. hIMI'Wtji ,'iy 'l-rk
WILL. '11 FOtTKNUKK. I'oIIom Judire.
M. A. IIAKITUAN. t'lty Attorney.
F. KKOKIILRK. hirfof io.ic-.
F. kltOF.ill.KK tlvrrrul irt'U.
k'KII.N K K, Chief of Fir.. Iirpt.
JO.Hhril II. HALL. Cti'n Board of Health.
Int. Ward -J. M. S hit bariir. Win. Ilarold.
2ml ward .lrrv llartinitu. .1. ... Paiter.ou.
3rd Ward-Alvit lr"-, M B. Ma'phy.
lib Ward-t;. S. Dawwu. F. D. l-bahsf.
V. V. 1-KiiN KD, Win. Wl vrKKriTKKl.
.!. OKKl SKI.. IHAAt; W I I.K.I.
Com ft Viructory.
W. II. NKWKI.I., tuuutjr i r vuier.
J W. JKNMMiS, County Clerk.
J. W. JOHNSON. Couuty JuJe.
K. W. II Y KtiH. Shf riU.
CVIU.'S Al.lON..H.ip t of Pub. Instruction.
i. W. FAl KFIKLI). County Surveyor.
F. P. UA. Corou-r.
HMK3 CKAWFOKIi. Bontlt Ifc-nU Pr.1net.
HA M L ItMIIAKl.HON. Ml. I'lejuaiit 1 'reel net.
A. li. mill. Futt-tnioulh
I'itriten li.tin tinlnn with tb County
oiimii'xtxi.fM. will tihil thwiu iu araiion lhi
I liit Monday and TufMilay wl rach mouth.
H(Hkl iK flUlilt.
FKANK CAItlfCTM. Pi r-o.Lnt.
J. A. ('ON Nil It, llfc.NBV it.Ko'K. Vieo-Fre.l-tlrllta
VM. S. WHI-; N-ci.-t-try.
FKK1. ;o;;iKIt. 'i'it-a-ur-r.
I'fKular nt-tiuK of tlio I'iard at the Court
llouto.lhe nrsl I'ue Jay f vrmii of ray-b muiitb
.kUitiv.vL ami ni.rAitrrui:
'.. 4 p. tO. f
. 4 a. m. (
i:-M a. in. i
.'. p. in. i
a rn
. p. ru.
. 0 m. (
...m p. iu.
-O p. in.
ll.ooa rn.
lc. 17, 11
1 tf.ou a. ni.
I 4.ui p. m.
I H.oo a. m.
I e.KS p. ra.
4.25 p. m
.o0 a, m
i 9.23 a. n.
4.25 p. m.
K.00 a. Ul
l.oo p. in
ordra not excoedinit $13 - -U'rIS.i'l
not dreading $30 - -"
0 " $40 -
$40 " 3J -
10 cent
15 cetita
'M ctnta
25 cent
A ahi(fl Money Order may include any
.t.ii!iit f.t:n out eeul to Blly dollar., but
u uif but c.itain a fractional part nf acuut.
K AT Kit roH I'OitTA;.
la r!at ru:-.tter (lettere) 3 centi fn-r V ounce.
" Publisher' rt-i) 2 el per U.
l " " (Transient .Ne.-japrr and
book come uuii-r tlii clat 1 cent per
. ratli ' oiiuce.
4tb rlia (lucrubaiulixe) 1 rent per ouuee.
J. W. Makmiiai L. P. M.
B. & M. R. K. lima Table.
Taking Effect July. 2 1681.
lae 3 :45 a. m. Arrives :0V a. m.
ISip.m. " 5-.5 p. m.
8 .-25 . IU. " v :40 . m.
K. C. Ai'b T. JUE.
:Vi a. in. 9 SW a. in.
6 :W p. in, $ 6 p. in.
Leavea :15 a. m. Arrives jsa.ra
7;00p. m. :lup. in.
" :36 p. i:i. " 7 :35 p. in.
k. r. A."r sr. j-i.
8 a ni .
" 7ai45p. m.
:2o a. m.
8 :M) p. u.
Learea llattsnioutb it H) a. ra. A rrlvea Lln
eolu. 11 :45 a. in. ; Maatins 4 iM p. in. ; McC'ook
10 K5 p. n. ! Inver :20 a. ui.
Laaves 6 :55 p. m ; arrivea Lincoln 9 .30 p. ra.
leaves at 9 J5 a. in. ; Arrives Liucoln I :lopnt
Leaven ni 8 :I0 p. rn. ; Arrive at Lincoln 2 :00
p. m. ; UjKiinK-i 5 a. ni.
Leaver at 2 :00 p. in. ; Arrives at Lincoln 6 -JO
p. rn. ; HaNtings 2 :30 a. m. : McCook 4 :50 a. ui ;
Denver 1 KM p. in.
Leaves Denver at 8 :0 p. in. ; Arrive at Mc
Crnk idua. in. ; Il:iiiig4 lo :o a. in. : Lincoln
Jflup. in. ; 1'iattaiiioulU 5 :00 . in.
Leaves Lincoln 7 a, m ; arrive PiattrmoutU
Leaves Lincoln at 11 :45 a. m ; Ar.lvei 5 Opm
Leave llitii-; 7 :45 . in. ; Arrives Lincoln
9 ;30 p. ui. ; PlatLimouth 2 a. ru.
Leave lienver 6 :in . in. ; Arrive MeCook
5 rfo a.m. ; Hastings v : . iu. ; Liucolu6 ;45 a.
ni. ; Piattsmoutli II ui a. ui.
goim; EAST.
Pa-seiser tralu leave I'lattsinouih at 7 no a.
m.. oo a. ni.. 5 Id p sml arrive at Pacitic
Juuction at 7 a. in., 'J 2u a. in. aud 5 SO p. rn.
k. c. ami sr. JK.
Ltrave at 9 ;Jo a. m. au.l a p. m. ; Arrive at
Pacitic Junction at i Uii a. ui. aud a :15 p. ru.
raenKtr tranit leave tv.ciiic Junetioa at 8 15
a. m.,6 :20 p. in., lo a. ni. and arrive at l'latts
mouib at 8 40 a. m.. 6 v) p. in. aud 10 20 a. u.
K. C AMI sT. .IOK.
Leave Pacific Junction at S :to a. ih. aud 6 :40
p. m. ; Arrive :S a. ia aud 5 5 p. iu.
ftfkSk&ifirXi'i'tfmm -Dm nan' " ' ' "
MiKsouri Pacific Ituilroad.
Eipre EtreM Kreiitlit"
leave leavea leave
(oinx !i)mi; KotiK
Hll'ltl. SOUTH. SOUTH.
?lmaba 7 40 p in 00 a.iu. 12 50 a. in.
aplllion .17 " 8 37 " 2.oop. ih.
Spnnjcfteld 8.42 " 9 oo 3.05 "
Louiaville 8.59 " .15 3 50
Weeping Water. 9.24 9.4 6.00
AVOCa 'J.37 " 9 53 5.45 "
Ouubar 10.07 " 10 21 " 6.45 "
Kansas City . 6.47 a.rn 7.07 p.m.
St. Iaonla 5.62 p. in 6 22 a.m.
Going Going Going
St. Iaonta-- - 8 52 a.m 8.32 p.m.
Kaaaaa City 8.38 p. ui 7.57 a. tu
Dunbar 5 10 a.m 4.24 p.m. 1.01 p. m.
AT oca. 5.45 4 54 ' 3.10 "
WeeplDg Water. 6.03 " 5.0a 2.45
Louiaville 6 32 - 6.33 " 3 "
Bpringfleld ?6.51 " 5.4s " 4.25 "
Papililon. 7.20 6.15 " 5.25
Qnaha arrlvef 8.00 6 55 " 7.06 "
The above Is .leflcrson City time, which l 14
minutes Lister tban Omaba tinm.
An old physician, retired from active pr.:c
tice, having had placed in hi hands bv m
East India Mwstonary tho formula of aiuple
vegetable remedy for the speedy and uerma
seut cure ol Consumption. Bronchitis C itarrh
Asthma, aad all Throat and Lu-ft areeiniis.
also a positive aud radical cure f -r eueral
Iebllity. and a'l nervous complaints, after hav
ing tlioroiiKbly tested its wonderful rar.ttive
power in thousand of caes. (eels itiiisduiy
ti make it known to bi fellows. The reripA.
with full particular, directions for preparation
and use, and all necrs&iry advic- and instruc
tion for succeful treatiueut at your owu
home, will be received by you by return mall,
free of charge, ty adresrinK with at-vBip or
tamped aelf-nddressed envelope to
49yl ik. J C. Kavhd.
164 Washington tit . Brooklyn. . Y.
FurnJnea Freeb, Pure Milk'
Special twite attended to. aad Frees Milk
SMITH & in; CM),
the Cutti la the stale,
tlunal llauk.
Will practice In all
Office over Fir.t Na
4yl rRltKk,A.
fit. A. MAL.IH1IL'UY,
)01rr ovr niultb. Hlark & t'u'. Dru Htore.
rlrat rlaaa drutwtry at r0ii.fnall piicn. V3ly
ii. num.. it. it..
FUVHIC'I AN and ML'KiKON. Office on Main
Kir:t. blfcu nixlti ami Movent h. aoutb aide
OfUce open day and dlcln
C'H HTV m VHiri AN.
jclaJ atloutlwu given to dlscae of worneu
aaucauuivD, 2lti
M. O DONOHOJu, Al LAW. FitiHrald'a Block.
Agent or Hlea.iiSbip ilne to aud fvoui Kuropo
R. K. LI Vl.4.HTO. .11.
ruvaictAM & ataMiEoN.
OFFICE HOt K8. from 10 a. in., to 2
p. ru.
nurj,fu for L. 8. FeuHioa.
ItK M. niLLFH.
F II V K I C I V N AS It ii V K (I K () N
Can hp fuuud b calling at lilrt offico, corner 7tb
anu oiaia nireel. in J. li. W Aleriiian'a koUae.
rurimiwiTii. n KBMAaii a.
Offirp over Baker a AtwoodV store, aoutli aide
ol Mala between 6Ui aud lb street. iruf
J. u. ntoiK.
ArrOKXEV AT LAW. Will practice in all
tlie Courts iu the Mate.
Dittrirt alitor nry and Xotar-j Public.
ATTOUNKY AT LAW. Real Ktt. Kir- r...
uranee aud Collection Agency. OtMce Cnitiu
block, rialt.tiitoutli, NrbraviKM. 2Zni3
LAW OFFICh. Ueal IClate. Flrei.,l l.lf.f,,.
aurance AueutK. I'lrLxnuiuih, ..
Inctora. taA-uayera. Hav a coinoltta ttnit
of tlllet. ttuv aud sell real oatm.. n..,r ,t i
plana. Jkr.
anf ailjolniiig Count lea ; tflves MX-eia. attention
ui collect lous and abstract of title. Ottlce in
FiUerald idock. I'latlaiuoutb. Nttbradka.
'7y l
J. c l:iviii;.iiiv,
Il.ts bia hIBch in ike front part ol bid residence
on Chicago Av-iiua, wiiere ue nay be found in
readineas lo au,.u,i .a me dutic of th of
ce 47tf.
Nitary Public.
Offlre iver Carruth'a Jawelry Storf).
A. W Y Mt .
Prompt :tnd careful
Law Practice.
aUntion tt a general
Attorneys and Counselors-at-aw.
OFFICn-In -.e lTnij!i Ui .ok. front rooms.
aeoonU ,try.u-.,,. i'roiapt ..tteotii.n iven to
all buinu . unirJ5
a quiet place for a
All work GUARANTEED first clasa-
the plae,, up uiairrt, jouth side of Alait
street, opposite I'eter Merges.
4oty J. C. BOONE. Prop'r.
Prupi fetor.
Fiour, Com Meal & Feed
TK-A't11? and for sale l 'owest cash
prices. The highest prices paid for Wheat aud
Com. Particular attention mven custom work.
Valuable outlots for residence pur
poses. Sage's addition lies south-wpst of
the city, aad all lots are very easy of
access, and high and sightly.
For particulars call on
E. SAGE, Pron'r,
PUttHrnouth. Neh.
All sufferer from this disease that are anx
lou t b- cured should try Or. K issuer's Cele
brated Consumption Powder's. Tiee Powd
ers are the only preparation kno n t.iat will
cure Consumption and all disease of tbeThroat
amP Lungs indeed, o ctrong i our faith in
them. ail als to convince you that the v are
no humbug, we will forward to everv sufferer,
by mail, post paid, a Free trial Box.
We Until want your money until you are per
fectly satisfied of their curative powers. If
your life is worth saving, don't delay In giving
these. Powders a trial, as they will surely cure
i lice, for large Box. or 4 Boxes for $10.
Sent to any part of the United State 01 Cana
da, by mail, on receipt of price. Address
rwo Fulton St.. Brooitlyu. . Y.
Dec. 28th. 12 41tly.
Sample Rooms
You will find the Finest Imported
French Brandy, Champ iitni. and other
Fine Wines. Pur Kentucky WliisKies,
94-vvjTH.l of the bes and mtst popular
brands of BOTTLE BEER, Fresh
Beer always on draught, and Fine Ci-
State a Mearee SU.. Chicago.
Will anttl to tnm IfcaV
far I. aaaaK - r.riafll
tawkb, CaT-lMira.
,ija. Ormm Hmh !"-. aaa
m, ar7 am oainiii.
lartnvttaai a4 Ea
rsn? Ail
The Actor's Story.
From Time.
Charloa Dillon, who wn bora about the year
1, anl who first commenced hia theatrical
earner about ten yeara later in the "MiaUetoe
Iifiugb," may Le said to have belonged to the
paat gnueratlon. Ilia earlier experiences were
gained in "those good old tiniee" when jonroaya
wore long, tedious and expensive, and the rate
of postage ho serious a consideration that be
ing out of an engagement wa no pleasant
proHpoct More than one tragedian of my ao
inaintanea has been known, under cover of
night, to limp into some sleepy little town with
hia email amount of properties in hia carpet-
bug minus almost everything else except a
bition. I have often heard Charles Dillon de-
acribo how, when a young man, Lo bad to maVe
nno of those foot journeys. Ho bad accepted
an eiigaemeul to play "lead" in a small coun
try town, an 1 such was the pauperized state of
bis rume that he hsd no alternative but to
walk, and eo het oat at once. The weather
was not inviting, nor. hia apparel over-warm
tor ine season 01 me year, but be waa young.
euui us.aa'Jo.and, as he waa about to play "lead
for t.'.o nrt tnno, the poverty of tho present
was lost iu the glory of the future! Arrived,
completely worn out, at his destination, ha ob
taiued l.jdymj; at a quaiut little shop, owuod
bv a piump litllo baker who was not unlike the
plump litllo loavo exhibited iu his own win
dow. The baker was his owu master, journey
man, errand-boy and au. lie had a round.
fit, good-humorod face, from which twinklud
a pair of large laughing eyes; whdo bis wife
was a perfect little dot of a woman, with almost
the same round, merry face and the same kind
ot eyce an the liushand, ouly that now and
again the merry look eoftened into a motherly
11pm aa sue wat ueu, unseen, tue young irt
uian in me most practical auu uupoetio wy
tiemoiuuiiig a perfect tower or toast ana nam
aud eggs, to say nothing of many a deep re
IreshrnK draught of tea.
louug Dillou soon found that the theatre of
tho place was lookod upou by the inhahauuta
geueraily aa a sort of hauuted grange, and that
11 was iell accordingly to rank grass, damp
momu sua cooweus. iu tuo uayume 11 was
iiuuued, but at uigbt no supersiitioua pe isaut
ever avoided ghostly tower more completely
1 haii with a lew exceptions did the people
or uiai iar-Deuiua-me-age little market town.
This waa not a bngnt prospect for our btra-
gediaus of Uie city," still tbey do eruiined to
persevere in tue uope or eventually proving
successful. Dillon was very sanguine; anu
loth the little baker and bis "wife helped him
10 look forward to better times uj the cheer
ful way iu which tbey apoko of the future.
At last, however, he began to lose heart '1 be
sum he owed thorn for board and lodging Was
beginning to look heavy, yet their niauuer to
In 111 never changed; the same faro waa placed
eforo bim witu the same genial smile from the
little landlady, while the baker always greeted
ii.m with the same good-humored gnu a. id
co.-uicai nod. Had tbey wavered in the slight
est from their general bearing, had they
changed even for a moment be would have
beea bet'er pleased; but, instead of this, they
were always the same, and such aavairiu
goodness of heart maiie him feel the. helplued
neas of his position all be more.
At lust it seemed as if tho prophecies of bet
tor business were aboat 10 be fulfilled. The
manager bad, by some peculiar process kuown
only to himself, found a vuluemble poiut in
tue mayor s dignified armor, and a bepea
was the result. Dillon had, iu imagination.
already paid bis bill, aud after traveling abou:
thn streets eyoiug the various shop window,
bad in fancy, to suow tho fulness mid gratitude
of hart towttrd hia landlord and isndlsdv.
boui:iit thorn each awronriAto rre-ent. But
on the arrival of the uigiit iu question, lo! the
speli was broken, tue dreamers were rousod
f iom their golde.i sleep, for wiih the excep
tion of the mayor and bis party, the house
was eveu wort-e than UHual: aud the play
choteu for the ocsasiou was a cojuody !
ibat night Dillon, with the rent, left tho
tliea;ie with his hopes eo completely crushed
su i broken down that he could not face his
home, 'ihe thought oT the theory aspect of
the place aud the uncomplaining patience of
the kindly coujilo w.ts too much for him, and
so ho turned hi. steps whero wailing night
winds, sullen black clouds aud spectral trees
offered him companionship moro suitable
to tho haggard state of hia toolings. bis
reuses in a sort of stupor, he wandered up and
down roada and croea roads, lanea and by-lani-s
till, worn oat and numbed, the first streak of
day found bim leaning upon the low parapet 01
a little rustic bridge which arched the uoisy
flow of a shallow stream. Yielding to the mes
meric influence that water always had over
him, he watched the eddying current as it
leaped along aud give himself coniDletely np
to the grim jailer of his thoughts, till at lat a
fitful aud restless aleep seized upon him. This
leep, however, brought no soothing balm t
his mind, for as he lemed there with his head
bowed on his crossed arms, the vis on of hi--landlord,
and, worst of all, his landlady, rose
before him. demanding with angry violence the
Sayment doe to them. The more he pleade
ia m ire they raved and heaped his head
scornful epithets. Thea the surroundings
suddenly chauged, and ha was iu a deep aud
louely cell, dark and gloomy as his own
thoughts. Again there were t lie reproich u.
f .oes of bia landlord and landlady peer a
him from the grating. At le.igth aomeuinv
touched bim, when, with a start, he awoke an !
found himself in the broad daylight with
the little baker standing beside him. He
had been his moruiug rounds and un
expectedly came upon his truant lodger.
Without a word he twitched Dillon by
the 8leeve, and both turned away, Dillion walk
ing by the ride of bis captor with all the nir of
a culprit concealing as well as he could the
yves upon his wrists! Not a word was ut
tered by either till, rencliiiig home, the little
baker entered the cosy kitoheu with it s bright
hear 'h and glow of com tort, and pointing to
wheie his wife sat, her faco Palo aud sad, an
her eyes wet with tears, said: "Never been tv
bed all night never cried so much since w"
lost our little one; it was cruel to treat us like
that, sir, crueL" The little baker, as if poor
Dillion had been a refractory child, led him to
the warmest corner of the room where tin
table was laid with his last night's supper
"Never mind," said the little woman, with a
ioyous laugh, aa she dried her eyes, "the bad
boy's come home again, and please to remem
ber, sir, this is your home till a better one
turns up." So e'tying, she bustled about with
the color once again in her motherly face, and
aa if her sudden flow of spirit was infectious
the whole room seemed to Dilliou'a imagina
tion to look brighter aud bounier. The pan
w a Moon spluttering on the lire, the ke.tle
aang, the coffee steamed, the toast looked more
mountainous than ever, as poor Dillou with a
"l'defs you, mother," quivering on bia lip,
fairly broke and wept like a baby!
Alany years after, wbenfortuuo had changed
and he was the successful lessee of the Ly
ceum, he waa one night through the
Usual crowd of id.e s and the curious iuto his
brougham, when a voice with more eraotiou
than grammar, cried, "That's bim!" Some
thing iu the tone of voi-e took his mind back
to that quaint little couple 1 have attempted to
describe. He turned and there before him,
with their heads whiter, but their faces ki..dly
and genii I as ever, were his old landlord and
landlady! Dillon drove to the end of the street
and got out and w .ited. Soon the pair passed
him, aud he fodowed in the shadow. For a
long time they did not speak, till at last tle
little woman said, in a sad voice. "He did Vt
know 11s, John, and yet he saw us." But sud
denly there waa a rush, a enueei .z of bauds.
and uttering of joyous exclamations ; and that
night in one of the best rooms in au hotel 1 1
tue Straud, three people made merry : tho old
kin 'ness and lore were born agii.i, aud when
tuey parted the same motherly voice, though
in different tones said, "God blese him, he
hadn't forgotten us after al!"
8pnrg;eoa mad the Hal vatloaietn.
Mr. Spurgeon, the celebrated English divine,
has declared himself against the Salvation
army. In the new number of bin magazine he
writes: "It is time that somebody spoke, now
that the attempt is made to mkj men religious
by turning all rei?ioa into a game of snldiera.
Because they would not hinder anything that
promised well. Christian man have borne
with much that grieved them, but there is a
point beyond which long-auffering charity cai
not go. That point is nearlv rev-he i ; even
the most ultra tolerant must feel that hope h is
beea disappointed, aud fear now takes iu
place "
The Port of the Farm.
Will Carletm, the "Farm Ballad." poet,
described as having a "shrewd, good natured
face, whose Yankee like boldness of outline ia
further emohaaized by a tuft of Hair upon hi
chin. His voice is f ull.resouant and agreeable,
thxmrh not widelv varied in its tones, and his
tan tiar unpretentious, and made attraotive by
a, certain awkward ease." t
. Louisville Courier-Journal: A large whale
ia ashore near Balti morel Providence alwava
sends tha Baltimore editors soma food ia tb
Her Extraordinary Adventures in
tho Woods at "Windier.
Chicago Times.
Florence Dixie is a lady by birth, by mrriaK,
by title, by education, and by instinct To
doubt the word of a lady is to be wofully lack
ing in tho comtiiouc-st chivalry; and yet her
ladyship's round tale of the manner iu which
two male rogues "without a brogue," tricked
out iu tho babiliiuoute peculiar to the beskinod
ex, clean shaven, with d.igers drawn, as
saulted her ladyship's corset, duly hacking the
provident steel ribs thereof, filling her lady
ship's mouth with clay lout her lady dhip should
assert tho privilege of her sex and "holler," is
received, upon cool aud critical examination,
with as much doubt as waa FalsUtT's Ulo of the
encounter atOa islulL Her ladyship of a
fighting stock Hc-r r:adui0- renders Lit famil
iir, uo doubt, with the rule laid down by her
relative, the marquis of Quoousbury, for th
t(o'orniiieut of Untie oucouuters. The intima
tion is, broadiy, that Lady Dixie eu ig:d 'o
uock truth out of time in four rounds,
but that a caruful examination of tho
liuid uhows that truth is getting the
bust of the encounter. Unfortunate
ly, her ladyship baa a reputation for
eccentricity. Hitherto her veracity has not
eu questioned, but as she is liable, liko
ueniliors of her family, to break out
luddeuly in a uew aud biirpi ismg ro.e, it ia
tlioiight that it may be u.-ll to take her
uarraiives with some grains of allowance
unless supported by the evidence of disin
terested aud unimaginative persous. A
Uoath-strugKle is be dom silent A dc-ath-struggle
with a brave and faithful ilog
accompaniment is apt to bo noisy. Tall
male assassins in unusual garb, engaged
in their deadly business, cannot ordina
rily vanish like the witches on the heath of
t orreeaato thin air, and unlike the witches,
vanmBr unobserved. Her ladyship, atten.iol
by her Bhaggy Ht Bernard, pasrd tho stile
-epnratmg her own domain from a wood open
to the public. Pursuing her came, with un
ladylike Miride, the vdlians iu crinoline. What
.hey said her ladyahip doesu't report,
but it was said in such a way that
she is certain that the aasasius did
tot offend her ear with tho Irish
orogue, rich or other. She was
etneken down. The daggers sought her fifth
i-i 1, but her fifth rib was guarded by Uie
riuudly corset. With the uses and the power
f loaintanoe of the cor-et the assai.antd,
hough they wore gowns, did not seem to be
familiar. They wero so entangled in their
iraperies as to be oblivious of tuo principles
of their art, or so new to their business that it
Had not occurred to them that the white throat
of their victim, or her fair bosom above the
orsct, was as vulnerable to cold steel as waa
.he beel of Achillea. They smote her corset.
toel met steel, and terribie was tue rebound.
ady Dixie waa saved, aud the robust villains
Jen.irously drew dowu their veils; the giant
nastiff, remomberiug the part assigned him in
he romances delightful to tho budding mind,
cw at the assailants: Lady Dixie swooned; the
neii in buckram dsai.peured whody from
iiuuiaukeu; her L.tlyi-iiip revived to receive
he congratulations of her friends, aud to ro
poud gratefully to a message from her neih
iir, the queen of England, asking for a pic-.'.I'-o
of that ilog.
1 ho quadruped will i-bine in tho history of
the time, but tho luster of the achievement
.nust bo dimmed ehirhtiy by tho undoubted
act that his dogship did not return with a
mouthful of tho peisoim e Miicrued in the -is-i.ult,
nor with a ilrop of biood upon his grim
.ivs; no, uo? ovoa r. shred of ihe r. .-'
lessen in which the villains masqueraded to--he
purpose of aacrificin,, one. t;f the luvci'"-i
tud most eecetitriiiol' he:-rx. For this fa i
ire the dog must be hel l responsible. Aud
:he soldier passing that way; tho gardenr-r por
ing geraniums v ithin a ro I or two of the 11
uentable tragedy that v.-i-t to surprise w
il..r:n all that porti-m of the civilised w::-.d
reached by the m isMi -t'c telegraph : tie- pub
lcau who, liko the JLovite 0:1 the day tout a
ertain man vetit down from Jem .iie!ii to
ericho aud fell anions tnioves, pas-eJ by on
he otlier side, cannot escape their t-ensnre.
i hev had eyes and saw not. Thoy bad ears
a idlioard not Iu ehort, they were oblivious
f the thrilling scenes enacted under their
very noses.
It appears now that her ladyship herself, lo
doubt whose word would be to exhibit un
pardonable rudeness, is, upon reflection, con
siderably confused as to what really did hap
pen. Hho swooned. That is certain. Ladies
may sometimes die away iu a faint upon dis
covering even a leas startling apparition than
gentlemen without beard or brogue, posing
with the dagger of Melpomene. Perhaps her
ladyship saw a field-mouse and, falling iu a
faint, as was entirely proper under tho circum
stances, sustained a compound fracture of her
.or-set rib, complicated with the mental dis-
urbance from the shock, resulting in a dis
order of the mind favorable to the creation of
lalluoinatioiis. Perhaps but it is profitless
to pursue conjecture. Certain it is that her
adyehip's scream upon the melancholy and
startling occasion was not so loud as women
tter, as Mr. Pope said, when husbands or
vhen lap dogs breathe their l ist Certain it is,
i so, that Lady llixie has added considerably
t a reputation already uni'iuo, and, as waa
written of one of tho Spanish poets who be
arae famous in a night, her name is up and
.n iy go from Toledo to Madrid Toledo and
Madrid in this instance meaning Deadwood Timbuctoo
Treating to Scarf Pins.
Vaw York Herald.
It is said that while a party of friends were
-naking the rounds a few days ago of estab
Lshments whoro creature comforts are kept in
oottles and sold by the glass, one man, whose
urn it was to "treat," led the crowd into a
"uruishing-store and asked them what they
would have. Ono ordered a shirt collar, an
ither took cuffs, a third asked for a scarf pin,
rhich, it ia to presumed, he took "straight;"
out it is nevertheless related of all the party
'h it they felt rather sheepish. It is hard to
understand why. unless thev held to the old
uctiou that good feeling, which moves a man
to spend money on hia friends, can bo ex-
Dressed only by the purchase or liquor,
rhoae w ho consume strong driuks at bars, or
.tfve them to other men, know very well that
hia fiction U exploded thousands of times
.'very day. Although a man can sometimes
ndicate hospitable feeling by inviting his
riends to his house or his hotel and giving
hem wine, he cannot gratify the same eenti
ucnt bv ranging the same friends before a
ar and paying for what liquors they mav
simultaneously pour down. It is far more
manly and considerate, if custom require
yasmodic outlays of money on one's friends,
to treat to shirt collars aud scarf pins, " for
tney are just as cheap, they last longer, and,
u nlike drinks, ao .not usuaiiv compel tue re
ceiver to aecretly curse the giver.
How tVe Apples Swim.
Washington Letter.
Two ex-consuls, who are here.hanging about
-die departments in search of vacant clerkships,
brought up against each other on the avenue a
few days ago. One of thorn wore a very
lugubrious face, and, grasping the other by the
hand, remarked, with groat solemnity: tVell,
another one of us tone!" "What's the mattery
mqnired his fellow seriously. "Haven't you
read the morning papers?" asked the other.
"No," waa replied. "Gortschakoff is dead.
Who of us will go next?" and the late diplo
:nates separated, each feeling as though the
word of Damocles was hanging immediately
over him. Col. Tom Nelson, himself an em
bassador, and probably rendered a little ner
vous by tha intelligence of the illustrious Mus
covite's demise, vouches for the truth of this
story. There is nothing equal to it since the
nember of a western legislature, lamenting the
lecline of American statesmanship, sadly re
narked that Clav waa dead : that tVebster had
oue to his long home, and that Calhoun slept
ith his fathers; and, pausing for a moment, j
tdded, that he waa not feeling very well him
self. ' j
-Aleohol In the Hospitals.
New York Sun.
A return laid before the Melbourne hospital
committee lately, being the result of non-alco-bolio
as opposed to alcoholio treatment, by
various hospital surgeous (whose names in
these reports are only reDresented by letters),
is decidedly in favor of the use 01 stimulants in
sickness the death rate being much heavier
among those who had a meagre allowance of
It vm m Cold Day. and He Got Let.
A tramp looked at the jail at Malvern, Iowa,
on a cold day. 6moke was coming from the
chimney, and aa he shivered in his ragged
clothes, he touted for the comfortable warmth
inside the buLding As a means of getting in, he
threw a brisk through, a church window. -Bitter
was hia diaappoiatmant Tho magistrate
BW" war nouT so Hi towa
The Typical Silent Man of Art Ion.
Joaquiu Miller.
Keeping in view the irotf pikea set np for
tho immolation of pirate's heads, I venture to
note some reflections about the coming play.
The carpenUir who now poast-ssfH the ntaga
with his scenic effecta is not the eunuiy of the
playwright, aa so many say ; he is our auxiliary
and the scene painter, he ia our brother. We
need aud must have them loth when the great
play is written. Let us ouly d our work aa
well at they do theirn, and public ia oura.
As for this "great American play," somo one
of us will writo it soon. And it wdi not only
be the great play of America, but tha great
play of tho agt, the world. Far out yonder iu
the middle of America, beyond where tho
stormy e.ea of tradition from Europe rolls over
us, I think wo have tho new, btroug and suf
uoint motive to fashion it from.
The heroes of Homer shook their shields
and recited the deeds of thalr fathara aud
grandfathers, even back to the gods. All
Greek tragedy is iu tho sama strain. St Paul
found the Greeks great talkers. CivihUatiou
iu its march west around tho world has been
faithful to the Greek drama. Words! words!
words! But out yonder in the far west this la
all changed. Tho American pure and simple
dooa not talk. He adds. And this grand, aileut,
massive American is to be the central figure
for tho American, the eutirely new play.
Whether this dignity of soul is boru of tho sub
I limity about him, the eternal peaks of snow
j alsivo him, and the vast tranquility of the
' plain below him, I do uot Hay. but I do say
that this giiiud, nnspeakiug, acting man i-iists
a new man, a silent man in a noisy world.
And 1 should say he is pc-uiiarly the growth
of the land. Tor who ever saw au ludiau
whom wrong or pain or pi'y could move to
words or tears? What man his ever heard au
Indian baby cry It took C 11. Grant tweuty
years to learn to talk after I.j left us in the far
west He used but two vords in all the
grand drama of the of Vickaburg,
"I'liconditioual surreude..' I admit that
along the Atlantic seabauk hare becm to be a
noisy brood; abroad, too, and 111 congress, lor
the old bible tool, known by bia "luulatuda of
words," is alike in all lands. Aud the fool bas
bis uses, even in the draffto. But this adeut
mau, with his silent woman, at bis side, this
man of action aud not of words, from ml JuUe
America, as the central figuro, is to mark aud
distinguished the new world play from the
I have had a glimpse of my silent man iu
Joo Jefferson! Only for a niomout, however,
for a drunken Knickerbocker is very remote
from the hero 1 have in mind. But surely
Jetl'orsou haB met aud observed my silent mau
in the farthest west Davy Crockett, however,
iu more than one sense, discovered this char-
j acter almost entirely. ot this may be accounted
ior ny the Tact that .Mayo, the most studious or
men, spent his youth 011 tho Pacific, where he
must have mot aud understood this eileut man
of deeds. There is a little scene at tho well;
the old mother comes to draw water. Davy
drops everything, teudorly takes tho bucket,
draws, film it, bears it away for hia mother
without lo:tiug tho frail trembling old ha:id
touch I hands it through
I do uot re lemhcr that one word is spoken lu re.
Hut I dr l.uow that more tears have been i-hed
over tb-it ono uud ready insignificant
scene th.-n would fill that bucket, oh, the
tuiider manhood that is in it!
Another quaint bit tiom the west, which
stands out like a star to nie, is found in "My
Partner." GonUo old Joe 8a n ti lers is oiug to
divide tlo gold and go awav. for the e is Lit
ter trouble. He digs np the gold from tho
hearth a :d pours it out ou the table, where bis
eil-int p:.rtnir sits wi:h "lowed face. He di
vides the gold with ins kui c. "Is that about
right, pardaer?"
" 1 os, yei," auswer the other, t-.till
away. A;cd then Joe, ami all thi tan'- wi'dtout
a word being spoken, -s over more fcold
to his partner's heap. N ting ho is not o:
801 vod, hu cautiously t'iis over another nug
get. Then be picks "out t last the largest of
hid little heap, and uu-en adds it to his
successful rival s fortune. What a profanity
words would bo at such a time!
At West Point you read on a little monument
that, a portion of our army being ambushed in
one of our ludiau wars, every mau stood his
ground, fighting till only three survived, when
help came. Grand! immortal! But what
moved me and seems most truly Americau is
the fact, as told to me by a survivor, that not a
word of command was given after the first or
der. Every officer silently (brew his sword, be
came a common soldier, and so fought on to
the end. There was no need of command ; only
the low prayer of the dying, tho message to the
loved ones at home, and all day the lieadly
fight weuton. That is America, that is Amer
ican character emptied of the froth of Fourth
of July and foreign tradition. Aud that is the
germ of the great American play.
Yeara ago I crossed over the Sierras into the
new mines of Navada, then a part of Cal. for
ma. I found au old friend standing at the
mouth of his mine, shouting out his commands
in monosyllables down tho shaft New ( ities
gleamed oelow; mines opened above; progress
thundered through tho laud. "What are you
doing here?" 1 cried He took in the horizon
under his hat, bit off the end of his cbar,
looked at the new cities below, the tremendous
mining engines all about the tunnels piei '-mg
the mountains above, but did not spe ik. "Why,
what on earth are you all doing here iu Ne
vada?" I . again shouted. "World-hunting."
And that was all that this silent man, now a
United States senator, answered. It was
enough. He made that word then and there, I
think. He coined it as from his new silver.
Sab's Apostrophe to the Rabbit.
Home SentineL
The rabbit winks with hiz noze an anmtimos
he duz it with such effek that the ekko agor
tates wat little tale hea got lef. Babbits baz
got other funny trates lieside.-i, becauso Lez-J
got knezo on hiz hind legs tbnt reatvh from hi
toze to hiz elboze an' he sets on 'em more n lis
he duz on the furthered end of 'em. Hiz ears
iz Btiffyoata of hia belongiu' to the jackass
family an' wen die sticks 'em up the stars be
gin to get nervus an' move out ther way. Bab
bits wares furs all the hull yeer an' wen they
walk ynde think the behind part ov im wuz
harder to lift 'an a burrow, but when you tetch
'em off a litenin' bug coodent ketch 'im ef yu lo
giv 'im tu daze start Babbits is good to eat
ouy if thares wimmin round yon mustn't raen
ehun ennythin' bout cats wile the bankwet ia
goin' on.
The Pleasure of ForgetfuDjiess.
Pittaburg Sunday Traveler.
The books we read and the stories we hear,
if thoy could be forgotten as soon as read or
hoard think of the inexhaustible riches of
literature and conversation. Now, half that w
read, and more than half which we hear is
stale, fiat and unprofitable, simply because of
memory's uugrateful service. Memory baa
its bright side, but for;;etf ulness is a golden
sphere; it is bright all over. Forgetfuluess
is pleasure, and pleasure is forgetfulnesa.
O'Connetl and the Mlave-Holders.
"Broadway Lounger" In New York Tribune.
August Belmont iu his recent lawsuit with aa
Irish editor only imitated the example of his
fatlanf -in-law, Commodore Matthew Perry,
who was presented in the house ef representa
tives in ISiQ by John Quincy Adams for assist
ing to bring on a duel between Daniel O'Con
neTJ, the Irish liberator, and Andrew Sreven
son, of Virginia, the American minister to Eng
land. Perry was in some way married into the
Butlers and" other plantation families which
confiscated the wages of labor, and he there
fore, although a northern man, took a hot
interest in anybody's remarks ou slavery.
Being in England he indorsed Steven
son's attempt to collect claims for
slaves set free by reaching British soiL
O'Conticll launched into a fierce invective
against American slave-holders. Stevenson
sou attempted to bully him, assisted by Perry,
both knowing that since he hid killed D'Ea
terr9 O'Conuell had vowed never to fight a
duel gain. He showed such a willingne-s to
accommodate these American gentry, however,
that they received the langh. 0 Coimell afro:
ward moved in parliament to buy a
British f;e state on the Mexic.u
boarder of Louisiana, to be col
onized with runawav biaeks from tho Uni
ted States. He would not take auy subscrip
tions raised by slave-masters for Ireland His
attitude on the subject shows what slavish
prejudice is now trading on his name iu the
United States.
Death tteaiteaiee la Kaana,
According to Kansas law, a murderer sen
tenced to death remains imprisoned for a year,
and then, if the governor signs the death war
rant, the felon ia hanged. During the eleven
yeara that the capital punishment la-i baa been
utfn-ejByiioTBody has bVrti haqged Wcfpt by
Full Line General Merchandise.
Full Line General Merchandise.
Always on
Always on
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We have a fine atoek of
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Will Exchange lor Country Produce. Linscc. Oil Meal Always on Hand.
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The host and most complete assort rrH-rt in the city. In the ISOf'KWOOI)
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a. a fit mf a- aaW-osV E.-
Farm, Freight and Spring Wagons,
Aud by confinin? ourselves strictly t. one class of work; by employing ton bat the nw
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Ju.tly earaeu tt.o reputation of making
Msnnfnctr.rer? have abolished the warranty, but Agents ma', on lb eh" own responsibility, five
she foiio via. warranty with each wagon, if ao agreed:
Wo ILrt-by Warrant thi? FISH BROS. WACOM No to be well ma1 la every pr'b
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Ktowii. 4 a can suit too, we ...licit patronajre from .crv n-ct!" of tho TJnltet! State. a4
tttt ftUM auU Term., aad tor a eo-y of TUE JtACiNK AtlliK'l l'Tilisi, m
aVlaU UUO. COH Uaclnc, Waa
11 Dainl,
IPrices for Cash.
Prices for Cash
....... ..f.
H .' W irW't 1,11 l i. . . II'... . Ill M ! f ' , .
P Fi r f iH -"" - v.'ir r
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rr 'J rl
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