The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, April 07, 1883, Image 4

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The Plaltsiiiontti Herald PnMisliinE Co.
Fur City muA Count v lirertory, Kailry Tim
Tbli. TrlrphoiM Y. '.':Uiit Biuiue Di
rector), lSuiilnrsi CrU (r., third iag.
J KIT. L. STONE, - Citr Editor.
A. SalUbury, Dcii(In(.
Anot her nir il iy himI lot if l';rin
ern ii: town.
Tlie J. A. K.
liutiie tonight.
iiicctn at tli; court
Tlic Land and a big time at theskiit
inu rink tonight.
MisMs Cora Wella aiul Maggie
Strcight, of South Bend, arc in the
city today.
l'rof. HairiH, of )niali;i. will till t!i
)uIMt of lhe ChrUlnin cl.urcli. Sun
day evening.
Chaplain Wright vill deliver the
discourse at th l'resbyterian chinch
tomorrow, tu place of llav. Mr. lUii-l.
The tV.unty Supt-rintendent in busily
engaged tola in lite examination of
aliout 2; teachers, in high school build
ing. M. I. I'olk brought in from Eight
Mile CroYrt a handsome cactus, yes er
day, alul three feet in height, which
wm in blMjB. It was a beauty.
Those having charge of the Art
Loan are Hying around lively today,
getting everything in shnpe for the
opening of the exhibition Monday ev
ening. SiiiK'oii Mayer win engaged all day
yesterday iu unloading hau'l-toine fur
niture at Mr-;. Sla lelintn's house near
the llKtt.i o'lhv, vii-re hi intends
The new surveyor general, I). V
Stephenson, will take possession t
the office about the lth, the pro
gramme further than that we are un
able to give.
Wantkik A ioy at His 1Ii:kai.i f
lice t learn tlicMriuting Iratlr. Must be
energetic and not air lid to work. A
ply at on. c to II. M. It.i-iiiulJ, ImsineM
ma-iager, t this i ffice.
'lhe weight used in connection with
the g is machine in the Waterman
building, took a tumble yesterday, and
its drop shook the whole building. Its
iweight is about a ton.
W. II. Tickens, the through-going
carpauUr and builder iu the Third
ward, is engaged in building a new
dwelling-house for himself, wHch he
n forms lie IIkkald he has rented for
the entire ear before commencing
I'rof. dames E. Harris, a brother-in-law
of U. F. Stout, aud family, of
Utica, Ohio, arrived in the ciiy this
morning. He will spou-1 a thort thir
iu I'l it u mouth aud will locate per
manently in Nebraska som place.
He is a Christian minister.
A glance at this week's exchanges
from ;di paris of the blate, reveals the
the fact that at te scho d election?,
the women pretty generally turned
out and exercised the limited fran
chise accorded to them, in ihe selec
tion of school officers, and tho levys
made for school purposes.
Capt. Shannon authorizes us to say to he was not serenaded
the other night, and that if th? sereuad
er stopped aud "Me-v oiT' in front of
his reoidenoi; he ku w nothing about it.
He says wlieu the boys serenade in front
of liU house, it is for him, and not the
editor of the Journal.
A communication has been receiv
ed at this oilice directed to the editor
of the leading church in which a baud
of wandering minstrels want us to
play them upon per cent; having had
a little experience iu Matilda Fletch
ers show this proposition canuol be
Judge lohn-.on and Peter Merges aie
preparing to build a fine stone fence
iu front of their residence property on
Vine street. The fence will be some
eighty-eight feet in length, and sur
mounted with a light iron or wooden
fenet. This will be a great improve
ment to their property.
Mr3. 1IjII May Mallory. of 15.aver
City, Xebraika, ave the vab; lijtory
aldre for the graduating cl:m of the
V.r!: i AfHiticil Colle9 at Lidi.iua-
poli-. last week. Mis. Mallory is the j
wife of an iuvalid s.dier, wnodo pen
sion is so small that she Iiuh been com
pet led to Btudy iueliciiie. to procme
support for the family.
Mr. M. V.
ing a good,
Mo'g.iu is ju-t cotnptei- .
substantial Huuc j
across the trout of hi properly 011 the
corner of Pearl street and Chicago
avenue. 'I his fence preseut juiie a
fonoidibb: appearance aud adds
greatly to the appearance uud value
of bin property.
We direct the attention of our rend
er to the ad. of Fred Herrmann, oa tha' piper. Fred is a
man who lias faith in printer's iok, a..f
i one of the ni'st successful husiues
men in plattsmouth. He h a fine stock
of goodu. which he otlem at bed j
prices, nmd when yoa wmt to bay good )
io bl. liotJut call arotiud nod e hho. j
tl9 charge uotblng to show'gooii nd i
v!U be sttul tr .co you. I
A. W. Mcfjuiiiilin Kooi to Chicago
till I'Vtuitl.
Mr. A. W.
LllKOIll llH
McLuuxlilin wctit to
Miss Carrie Slater, of Louisville, is
in the city visiting friends.
1 II. Wheeler, Jr., cams down from
Lincoln to npend Sunday. ,
IVed Murphy went to Omaha ,4lii
morning to take his run on the U. I.
Jimmy HeioM has returned from
Kin trip of a couple of weeks duration.
Jeo. Ilargroaves, who in to le A. II.
Totiuliu'ii private secretary, v ; s in
the city today.
Dr. fJ-o. II. Mack returned from
Chicago, last evening, enthusiastic
over the Thompson fire escape. lie re
turns to that city next week where
they will optm a business oMce.
Church Serrlces I'omo rrow.
Kegular services in St. Luke's church
eorner ot Vine and ad street toinoriow
morning and evening; morning ser
vice, u a. in.; evening service, 7:30 p
iu. Services each Wednesday and
Friday evening through lent.' ltev. II.
I' Hnrgfss roctor.
presbvtekian. services tomorrow morning
and evening by Chaplain Wright.
Morning services at 11 o'clock a. m.;
evening service 7:30 p. m.; Sunday
school at 0 :30 a. m. .1. X. Wise, su
perintendent. catholic.
Services in church on Oak street at
s a. in. and 10:3o a. in. Sunday school
and benediction at " p. ra. Lenten
services on Wednesday and Fiiday
ev- tiitigs at 7:"0 p. in. Uev. Father
L i ll, pastor.
, i -rdial iuvitalion is extended to
all, come and he::r tie glorious
gospel of the blcw-ed (Jod, to be pro
claimed every evening ucxt week at
7:30 in the Chapel, High
School hill. Ilible readings on vari
ous subjects every afternoon at 3.
Meeting on Lord's day at 3 and 7 p.
m. "Wc declare uuto you, glad tid
ings, Acts 13-32.
Services will held as us.n.l, ut the
M. E. chin i ll, tomorrow. Subject lor
the morning discourse, "The Desire of the
Angels."' Text 1 Peter 1-12. In the
evening "Tempera uce." Text Prov. 23
35 and Hnbakkuk 2-M.
The Evangelists have concluded to j
stay another week and tell the glad i
... I
liuuiua ui aaivtioi'ii ii hoi inunno,
through the precious Wood ol JebUS, j
in the Baptist chapel, High School hill
Bible reading on vaiioua subjects of
interest to both saved and lost every
afternoon at 3 o'clock. Gospel meet-
lugs at 7:30; Lord's day at 3
p. m. AH are welcome. Come.
There is very little satisfaction to
the people of l'lattsmouth to listen to
Matilda Fletcher's rattle aftpr having
heard such ladies a Phoebe Couzzins,
Helen Gougar, Mrs. Sexon and others
during campaign days last fall. Mrs.
Fletcher has not a pleasing address, is
wanting in arguments and possesses
little apt'ness in illustrations. Her
lecture on the "Mistakes of Ingersoll"
does little else than to awaken a de
sire to study Ingersoll, and the one
who listens to Mrs. Fletcher and then
reads Ingersoll will be irresistably led
toward favorable comments all of
which will add laurals to Pope Bob's
particular philosophy.
The harness makers lruve been hav
ing a boom this spring in this city,
and both manufacturing houses here,
are crowded with work and are turu-L
iug out a large number of sets of har
ness to supply the country trade. The
firms ot Streight & Co. an I J. (.J.
Chambers & Son are well known in
Cass and adjoining con u tics, raid they
have built up trades whi-di are hard
to excel. In the lice of fancy driving
harr.es0, mauufactnriil to order, the
HetuLD will put up Platt;inouth
work the ttate.
In our list of personals will be found j
the iiaineg of .1. J. Imhotf and party, of ;
Lincoln, who came up from the capital ;
, ... r, , .r
yeoterday 10 confer with tjenerai aiai-
. , ,i ...i A.ra ili. fla-
ager Talinage and others or the .Mis-
oonri IMeil1e. flleials". who were at the
Paxtou, in legard to the connection of
that city with the Missouri by a branch
AVlual cr the lin ws s t be i uilt up
from the south or down from Papil
Iioii wa not learned, and the confer- w;s n .t eo:ic!ude.l at -the
accoun'.s. Omaha ll.-w.
A Uig Cattle Deal.
One d.iy last week Me:-srs. A. C. Mr
Coikle and L. IT. Itr-al. of this place.
g,,- lo s;:t, linker, a Cass county
stock dealer, ab-iut l.OOo he .d of fat 1
j 3tens, Ihe hels realiziu about 4o.
; 0 O. 'the c ! lie vt Hi !e rt-udy to ship
In ah iit a inoetn. Ills j oKs like a
gool trade for out houv dealers.
Superior Journal.
It is said a coMip my of forty ladies
of Juniata, bandsoiijely uniformed and
armed with brooms, will appear at
the State Reunion at II istings next
September, where they w ill give an ex
hibition of Ihe drill of the broom brig
ade. They will hold a weekly drill
uu,"$i lh;lt time,
A number of the hoys are going up
to Omaha touUht to ee Lawrence
B - rrett In -TTaiicisca De Birainl
1 lie Black Crook.
This, the grandest of all spectacular
drama", now having an unprecedented
run, will give an evening's perform
ance In l'lattsmouth on Thursday next.
The piece depends for its success a
great deal on its scenic and mechani
cal effects, and the painter and ma
chinist have worked at their specialties
with the hope and expectation of ar
riving at perfection iu the Black
Crook. How well they have succeed
ed in tho accomplishment of their
cherished hopes we will all know on
Thursday evening. The company en
gaged, and who will appear iu Ihi
drama, has b.en selected with a view
of rendering efficient every act in
which they appear. The mot promi
nent of t tic 50 artists employed in its
production is the world renowned dau M'lle Marin Uonfauti, the ac
knowledged Premiere Danseuse of the
age, supported by Premiers Assoluta.
M'lle Ortori, Morn. N'ovissim , aud a
full corps of "JO Coryphees. The dra
matic company will be toiin.l to ! t
very efficient, including such sieiliny
actors as J. XV. Itiatidell, Messrs. Hunt
ley, Brown , etc. The Pi isuiat ic
Fountain, with its myriad jots of real
water, the gorgeous transformation
scene with all its intricate changes
and mechanical effects, the rich and
gaudy wardrobe, are all worked into
this piece, which, comnined, makes it
the most attractive production, fur all
classes, ages ami sex, of an) thing ever
Mrs. Theca Tieltj?s, wife of Henry
Tieltjes, was adjudged ins. me this
afternoon. She is 53 years of age, and
the cause of her insanity is supposed
to be the death of a son. Dr. Living
ston, the examining physician, gave it
as his opinion that her life was near
its end. She will be taken to lhe
asylum Monday.
S. & C. Mayer leave a flag Ji'iug in front
of their store draped in mourning iu
honor of tiie death of Pet' i" Cooper, the
great philanthropist and trieud of the op
pressed. Phil Young has swung out a bulletin
board under his sign ornamented with
bills for the Black Crook.
Kivcr I'eporl,
As fiiruNhcd tiifieially to the .War
The. river at noon today, stood 7 ft.
5 in above low water, main, f bow ing
no change since last report.
For the n-Kt 30 days we will sell
f larjre stock of ?;ooks at cost to close
that branch:
"5 s.." V :
?1 10
'.vork I 10
Fleming's work 1 10
Other b.i';s proportionally cheap,
wl3jdt Will J. Wauimck.
A second invoice of IVc'u's Bad ll.iv
j just received at Warrick's ciieap book
govs :lt 4"n
per copy.
Warrick alwuys keeps the best 17.)
test headhght oil at 2rf cents. 150 s test
i headlight oil at
25 cts. wl-dCOMi
Peck's Had Buy.
Bound in book form at Warrick's, dilt
If you hiive anything you want sold
at auction call on Joe Ford.
kinds at
New garden seeds of
B.niiett fc Lewis'.
Waterman Oporn House.
One Nio-ht Onlv.
Th.x1rsda.3r, &.pril 12.
Ilrilllaitt revival ot tie most Muiiiiief nt Spec
tacular drama of lliOUt'Itl Illll'K.
lllttbFY ISROS.'
With its weal; h of
Magnificent Scenery !
A Superb Dramatic Company.
A eomj.lete ami efficient corns ih l;illet lert
!y th? greater premiere Atsoluta In the world,
Asfisted by the b-itcliiiiir danseiise M"l!e
J.coniiila Ortori. Tlie woielcroaviy
I With its i!iyri;i!s of colored jt of ral water,
saowini; an lae cuoi t 01 uie rHiuoo .
ami imjiorteit t tliis country at
an expense of ."),ooo 0'.
- -
An entertainment calculated to please ladies
amj ,iii!.ircii. See the crystal cascade
wei:d iiieantatioa, lite fairs" irrotfo. ttl
s,ei-peiu- the niumi..aie.i pal-
the r tn.n-t of an tiausn.i -
oiation pceiie-r.
once. lickels uu nale at .1. I.
Yiiunji's. Ki-served seats !1 ; jjeiie.ial
sion m cent" ; gallery cents.
J. 1. K I 51 2? O TIT.
CITY, ol Lond
C FEN. i f Li Vi n 1 ol
FUND, of CalifTii nia
V. SCi.lK. 1 A I (
; f. . i::vi-..i.s.s'.
Olii e In Ki.euw.
.n: ;lh .lohli-cii l.'ros
TIiv. best yrasu in use, received freBh
mornings. Trado supplieil by
HATS to Warrick V.
One liiiiulivd si ii-1 seventy-live
trt Oil at 'Jtf per al. Try
To Cent.
Furnished rooms for lodgers. Inquire
of .Mr. Ilattie Newton, Oak street. 3-1 Ot
For Kent.
The northeast, coiner roeii in Stadcl
inan's bitkery. (iood for oilice or small
! bushes-. 31tl' F. Sta n:-:i wsn.
j ii is t o Uettt.
i In one o the Ix-s loeutit-.'iS in th';
eity. Inonire of .1. W. Jennings. itf
"Art is nature passed through the
Alembaie of mar.."' Kmerson.
Geo. I ray bill, t.-acher ot a lhr
ough and practical system of physi
cal and vocal culture, and expn ssion
b' voice and action.
Children's cl:ises. :uivanied elaps
es. Spa kespearo or Miiln e hisses,
private classes, public and parlor
readings at ifa.-oi:iii!e rates. Oilice
at the Peikias house.
l'r Sale.
J Fo ir lots together in good location in
I the citv of Plattsinontii. Inquire at this
oilier " dtf
House lo Stent.
I iiKj'wire of CIiiip:a!iJ Wiinhf. off
! ice lew lire!
1 Now is the time to contract for vour
sununerV supply of ice. Beil reck piicis
prompt delivery and -apciior j::a;i!y of
ice. liist come first si-reed l.-y the new ice
man. itinrj Jo.'-: Faihfiki.1).
A new line of fine dress goods con
sisting of the latest styles and patterns
just received at Weckbach's. 23iJtf
r -
tj:df, Fleischmau fc Co.'s compressed
yeast, the lest yeast in use, received
fresh every Tuesday and Fiiday morn
ings. Trade supplied !v l'ei::ictt it
Lewis, arreuN.
To Whom it May Concern :
liy wife, Mary Ann fctreight, having
left my bed and board without just
cause and provocation, I hereby forbid
any or all persons trust'ns her on my
account, as I v. i!l pay no debts of her
contracting sifter this date.
T. A. .stkkioiit.
Jfor-ru Uend, In'c'o., April J, 1
Compressed yeast jast received fresh
at Dennett & Lewis'." 2t
Boyd s best brand hams, breakfast !a
con, long le:in side meat at J. Hatt &
Go's. :54dtf
A Square Meal
Can be had at the City Hotel for only
2o cents and lodging at same reasonable
iates. Farmers anil Commercial Men
will please bear this in mind. d&wtf
Henry IJoeck
Has an elegant line of baby carriages
for sale very cheap. Also a nice lot of
refrigerators aud the ljrgcsd sfoik of fur
niture ever brought to Piattsmonth at
prices that can't he discounted, it will
pay you to see him. i'.20,w2-tf
Troy City Laundry
Now Located on
W. I. BliOWN, Proprietor.
Transient Vv"ork solicited
nai!ki:'P ):iy pntr.i:- for past fiivors, I soli
cit fu' tker work.
RniniMaber the place, Ma?kpiih:i!ip house,
Vaslii!ii;rii Av.iauo.
Notice i hereJ.'V 'jiven tint a eertahi note
troin .'. rcterso'-s to "lodfrev Fiuklev tlatetl
M.irch yoth lsw for r:."5 with interest lrotu
date at la per cent and due M.irce 201 h. 18sa,
lias bcc'-i lost. Kvery person i- lu-reby warned
ti'jainsi buyhts sni-1 imte as the sanio is pa.-t
due aaii has been paid.
Hated A oril ". iiKRr.v FirKr.Kic.
da5H J. '. I'KTF.RSO.V.
Carriage Painter,
GrainiBE. Glaring Pbsr Mmg,
Ho Hiambng Here! j
1 Can Outsell -uj Oiirf Price Clothing !
Onifit iu l'ia'ttsicoiilh - j
AS!) S11I.1. M A K V. VONCV. j
Eatli Here ani at m Erancli Store- i
As 1 Buy For Casli.
Ivtmember the above statement.
C. G. HE110LI).
For Sale !
N K , Sec. 3, T. !', II. 13.
S K , S. c 3, T. ii', II. 13.
S. W. i, Se c. 3, rl 1l K. 13.
ami N N. AV. Sec, K, T. Ill, 11.
KA S. See. 31, T. 13, K. 13
K h Lot lo, JJl.K-k 2S.
3, " M.
" 7 A: '.. i'3.
S !. " 1 1.
1 )uki's A(kliti-n.
Tin- above iloscribcd lanns :ire
for sale on lon time, with 7 per
cent, interest. Apply to
dint' l'lattsmouth, Neb.
Ladies, your special attenti m is calleil
to the new line of dress goods ju-t
received at Weckh a -u's. 23d"tf
Law and collection business promp
tly attended to at this oilice and pro
ceeds remitted without delay.
Notarial work, conveyancing and
abstracting attended to on short no
tice and satislaction guaranteed.
If there is any thing we do make a
specially of, it i.s city and suburban
real estate. Several line farms and
Home wild land at bargains. Laboring
men can get a home by paving month-
ly what they iilw pay tor house rent.
:paee lorbnis giving but a small
percentage of the bargains now on Un
hooks at this agenex ; ' we name the
t?ix choice half acre lots, 8 minutes
from li. Ii. hhops, at from -?S0 to $150
each, and on terms that would make
a man ashamed to say ho did not own
a house. Come and tee, you are not
compelled to buy aud we wontj give
these lots away, but you can get them
so they will absolutely cost you noth
ing". Five acre lot mile from city for
250 part on time.
Eleven acre lot mile from city
for $550 this is extra line.
1 have three pieces of outside prop
erty which 1 can ell aud under
take to furnish purchaser, work
enough to pay lor them, now I will
furnish the ground and you the work,
work is what hurls me. It you will
do the work at a fair price 1 will give
you a clear deed for the land; if you
can't do the work come and cee me, I
may tiud some one who will do it lor
Ten acres for 500 00
' " ' i00 uO
750 00
' " '2500 00
Several small tracts well improved
ami adjoining the city, tor sale ill
reasonable rutc.
acres, wild $ COO 00
80 " improy'd 1G00 00
1-0 " -2O00 00
160 " 5000 00
'A!0 " 00
210 " " C0O0 00
Finest stock iarin in Cass county
$lC00o, long time and low rate ot in
terest. 1 Go acres, wild .iJ500
160 " -v,f o
80 " " 1200
80 " " ;',2u0
160 acres, wild, Hep. Vrv (cash) 10U0
Cor. lot 3 bl"ksfro!ii shops (chenpiidOO
1 " 3 " ' 175
2 3 " ' 150
3 cor " 'J " " 450
1 ..40 175
3 cor ' 2 " " 150
2 " " N. olh street (tine) 300
0 i;.nw. m;ii . -'hi
j 1 ' "11' 1 1 ill vi.'
I 1$ " 4i Vvashingtou avo4 350
1 " "1 uriv from -Main st extra -10O
Improved city real estate in abun-
dacce. I can find w hat yon want in
this line if you will call and see me.
IJusiness houses and lots lor sale
at much lower figures than will be
asked six months hence.
Stores and dwellings rcn'ed and for
rent, rents promptly collected.
If you don't see v. hat ou want in
this column come ami alc for it. I've
probably missed jusi what you v. aiii.
Oilice opt 11 ueariv every evening fro mi
6 to .
Cood new house and two fi:,e !u:s
in good location j-iii-e, .?-s00.
W . k). VV &lJZs,
Union k-Iock
HI -
Kockwooa BIoc'i,
i hprwnnn
juhUi n u U u 0
inr-rcB-m TT3? TTT?
COD rrSII, Apo a chv'uv lot of
Vi'e have a II"" -leek of
l;iii I'.rai.ils if
Queens ware, Glassware, Lamps,
All i'l.; i I' IK-v a':l IU ' l .
Will Zitfow Coasiry Frouucc. Liuscod Oil Meal Always on Hum!.
. t !, r t Court Ilom-r, I'iat t-moiitli, Neb,
iui..w.iH, M. B-. MURPHY & GO.
1 iGH r
Full iiinc jumvvhI
Full I Ana Cjicucral
Always on
&vays on
IPresli Groceries,
So old stock to woik of)'. The l;it st j .-itlii jis 1'
Th?3 Very High&ss Market Price paid for Country Pre due e
Corner Pearl and
I)K.I..Ki:s IN
m r n
uii uu
jBTjILIDIZsTO- paper.
west J31zxzzzs Terms CIsSl
Pa 7
- .
W V J X E. &. i
Mige galS tin lt&
I tnt SlySe M'.!
v jl. wait1
fS c? to
i e e e 1 v e 9
take pleiii:5
In miaowing
c sa 4 a o si I
M M w o o 1
rfff iTTSTTr "TTr-mb f
3 Band.
iriees lor Cash.
Frices lor awh'
Seventh Streets,
This biaiitif :i! tlirc- Mory Wrick t-lnn.-ture. on
lower .Ma .a street, la jisf Itch li:i;.,liea aud
fillet up fr tlic a;on:i;!j.o.i.iii"ii ;l
Hi:r;i;j..R iiOAUDE lis,
A Gg'A Bar in r""!-' ;:'.:;,ri"""e
27tf rjIKJ) ;0OS, l'ropr.
PurniturE StorE
hi: ai.!:::-ijn
'.. -. i -;i.tlly kept In H
Al--.. :i v iv romr.M't -twok of l uueral Goods.
M o triiil W go ric nC 2 01ns CisUls.Rolies'
EV.aLEMS, 4c.
Oiii Ncv. clmit l:r:u-siJ i at way la
IifMn.-:rler the placp, in UNION
VA O' K. on itli rwr. TWO
Doors sonth of Cass Coun
ty Bank.
Whcar we may le U uud nixLt or day.
n n