The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, March 31, 1883, Image 4

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The Plattsmontli Herald PaMisMng Co.
For CUy and Couatr Directory, RailwAy Tirnr
Tbles. Telephone Excliiim; HuineH Ji
rectory, JSunlncsa Cards &c, see third page.
JEFF. I STONE, - City Editor.
A. Sallnbury, Dentist.
Republican Contention Tonight
Bock wood Hall.
lho Kepublrcau city convention
will be licJd tonight in Itockwood
' hall commencing at 8 p. ui. The full
list of delegates is published in Uio
proceedings of the primaries else
wnere .inc convention will nomi
nate candidates for mayoa, city clerk,
treasurer, and three members ot the
school board.
, Register.
" Reyuter.
Don't forget to register.
Preaching next Sunday at the Chris
tian church at 11 a. m., by Elder lioss.
A large number of country people
are in town today and the streets pre
sent a lively appearance.
- The Omaha Watchman mention?
among its callers this week Mrs. C.
McEntee. Key. Father I-.yncb, and
Capt. Marshall, all of this city.
The Temperance column is delayed
until the Monday's issue of th daily
en account of the abseuce of the the
editress from the city.
Phil Young's front windows present a
. nobby appearance these days. On one
."side is a Kpcciinen collection of bl.-ink-,
. books and on the other periodicals and
masasiucs. .
March came in like a lamb and is
going out like a sheep, but between
the coming in and going out there Las
been considerable lion it may haye
only been in fun though.
Chaplain "Writht and - Mrs. J. N.
Wise have returned from Kansas.
Mrs Winterstein and Miss Ollie
went to Omaha this morning.
Mrs. (Jon Mallard went to .South
JJend this morning.
Jim Burnett took the train for Aeh-
land this morning.
Mrs. Livingston and Anna and Miss
i uimer went to ulcnwooJ last even-
to aptid the masquerade, and return
ed this morning.
Vincent Suiekley, private seoretarj
of Congressman Laird, passed through
the city this morninz, on his way to
his home in Fillmore county.
The ltenublisari Primaries.
-At the republican primary of the firs)
ward held in the court room :
Meeting wa9 called to order at 8 o'clock
by E. I. Lowis, committeeman.
On motion of II. JAI. Bushnell, E. IJ.
Lewis was elected chairman and Alex
Schlegel secretary.
Oa motion the meeting proceeded to
elect, ten delegates to the city conven
tion and the following named gentlemen
were put im ncminaliou and elected: J.
C. Morrissey, Alex Schlegel, II. M. Btish
ntll, Juliuu Peppcrberg, UV. Mathews,
L.. C. Stiles, Joe Ford, K. IJ. Lewis, D. II.
Wheeler, AY'. L. Browne.
On motion of 11, M. Iliuhuell that U.
V. Mathews be declared the unanirnoua
choice of the meeting as candidate for
councilman was carried unanimously.
Oh motion ot J. P. Young it was or
dered that in the absence of any dele
gates or their proxies at the city conven
tion, the delegates present cast the full
vole of the delegation.
On motion Richard Kirkby was elect
ed committeeman for lirst ward fr en -
suing year.
Ou motion adjourned.
E. U. Lewis, t ULEUKr,, C hairman.
Miss Linn Simiugton and Gecrge,
of Ashland, and Mid AlliLautz, of
Lincoln, aro in the city the cruests of
Miss Emma Ilerold. They came
down ta attend the T. A. M. hop.
The Governor has issued his procla
mation for the observance of the 18th
day of April as Arbor Day. The proc
lamation will appear in the IIekald's
columns next week.
Another one of those handsome
nickle lanterns from the railroad boys
to Conductor Harvey. It is enough to
make one wish to, be a popular con
ductor to look at such nice lanterns.
In the county court, today, the case
of Smith vs Rosenbaum was up for
hearing and decision. The claim be
ing for medical services, judgement
was rendered for defendant in the
sum of $3.25. M. A. Hartigan for
the plaintiff, Peeson and Wise for defendant.
Manager Young is booking some very
fine troupes for the season of 18S3 and
'84. Among them are Katie Putnam,
Madison Square Theater, Esmerala, C.
R. Gardner "Only a Farmer' Daugh
ter.", D. It. Fitzpairick, Collier's Lights
O'London and others.
During the exercises at tho musi
cale Wednesday evening, it was re
marked that Miss Jones, of the har
mony class gave evidence of being
quite a student, judging from her
writing in music which was the diffi
cult transposi tion of the resolutions
of the different species of the Domi
nant Seventh, both major and minor,
into all the more common keys,
V. O. English, one of the IJ. & M's
most popular conductors, returned
from an extended visit in the east,
Thursday. "We spent the whole day
yesterday looking for him, but could
not find him. Today we were in
formed that he didn't come back
aloce, but brought one of Montreal's
fair young Iadic3 with him. She's
English now. Mr. English will please
accept the hearty congratulations of
the Ulka r,o.
Cap. Shannon is right after Thomp
son in the matter of inventions. Cap
is a married man, and always has to
put up the clothes line, and knows
something of the vexations connected
therewith. He has devised a little
cast iron plate that fastens on to the
post, into which is Gtted a little arm
through which the line is run that
fastens itself and the heavier the
weight is on the line the tibghler it
fastens. Time forbids a more minute
discription of it at present, but we will
give ono next week.
The second ward primary was held
at Waymau's foundry, and was organ
ized by electing W. y. Wise, chairman
and W. W. Drummond, secretary.
The following delegates wero elect
ed to the city convention to be held
this evening in Rockwood hall:
J W Barms, Geo W Fairfield, 11 B
Windham, W S Wise, D A Campbell
J Johnson, Wr W Drummond, J G
Chambers, John Calhoun, Lem Skin
Upon ballot being taken Joseph II.
Fairfield was nominated for council
man from the second ward. L. D,
Lennett roccommended for school
W. S. Wise,
W. W. Drummond, Chairman.
The Third ward primary was held
last evening at Sullivan & Wooley's
ofiice. E. II. AVooley was elected
uuainu.iu, ana viex. jacintosn secre
tary. James E. Morrison was nomi
nated for councilman, receiving 48
out of tho fifty rotes cast. The following
delegates ware elected to the city con
veution: M. B. Murphy, J. B. Strode,
M. Wargan, Dr. Clutter, E, II. AVooley,
P- P. Gass, A. B. Todd, Thos. Mars-
land, AVm. Ilares, and Wm. II. Xewell.
Thomas Marsland was recommended
for member of the school board, after
which the primary adjourned.
E. II. Wooley. Chairman.
Alex. McIxtosii, Sec'y.
The voters of the 4th ward met in
caucus at the council chamber and
electod Frank Carruth chairman, and
R. O'Xeill secretary. The following
delegates were chosou to attend the
city convention tonight: Frank Car
ruth, Ed Greusel, J. W. Jcnuinge, J.
C. Eikeubary, AVill Kline, Frank Mor
rison. AA'ash Smith, James Sage, J.
Thomas and R. O'Neill. J. U. Eikeu
bary was nominated for councilman
4thward, and Ed Greu.sel member
for ward committee.
As will b9 sebii by thelaw published
below, the women in the city who are
included in the law, are entitled to
vote for members of the school board.
The law is as follows:
Section 4 of the school laws of Ne
braska, says: "Every person, male or
female, who nave resided in the dis
trict forty days and is twenty-one
years old, and who owns real property
m the district or personal property
that was assessed in his or her name
at the last annual assessment, or who
has children of school age residing in
the district, shall be entitled to vote
at any district meeting.
Roberts os an Actor.
Last night we were summoned to
witness a private exhibition of Rolliu
Roberts' powers as an actor.
AVe have several times been asked
why we did not reply to Roberts' chal-
enge to editors, and until recently we
did not know what was meant by the
question. Mr. Roberts, in his circular
programme, is claiming to be the most
gifted, if nt the most skillful, elocu-
tiouest, mimic and ventriloquist of the
United States, if not the world.
His circular is entirely too long for
us to publish in full, and comment ou
each portion.
He expresses a belief that there is a
combination of leading actors, whom
his advancement would most effect,
contributing towards a corruption
fund which is being used to keep him
out of his profession. We can only
state that we have seen no evidence of
any such thing.
AV'e are not prepared to either in
dorse or deny his claim. lie began
his performance with what is general
ly termed lightning changes, and kept
up one continual change to the closo.
He is claiming to be the master of
nineteen distinct human voices, with
at least twelve of them complete in
song all in the aame key if required.
We made no note of the number of
voices, and we are not sufllciently up
in sound to distinguish and mark the
differeuco between complete chancre
and subchmige of voice, etc.
He resolved himself from one charac
ter into another so readily and so suc
cessively that were he to claim to be
tho master of fifty voices we could not
demy it, wo know so little about the
:Vs a ventriloquist he handled his
little wooden men, or puppetts with a
skill which we would not attempt to
criticise. Everything was real: the
puppetts talked, the voice was in the
box, the man was down below, and
counted the stairs as he came up, nine
teen in all. It was simply the best
that we have sa:.'u, we can say no more.
It may or may not bi the best before
the public, we are not prepared to de
cide. The selection in elocution was en
titled "Shamus O'Brien," which Was
also beyond our criticism. AV'e con
sidered the rendition simply grand
but from not having seen enough of
the celebrites to educate us up to the
mark, we will be ob.iged to alse pasa
this matter without an opinion as to
the real extent of merit.
On the whole, we consider Mr. Rob
erts an adept in his profession, and al
though we do not credit his being pre
vented by a combination of actors, we
do not understand why he is not filling
a high position in his profession in
stead f being obliged to appeal for an
opening at any price. His proposition
is liberal enough, but were there two
fortunes embodied in this one oppor
tunity, we are so situated that we
could not at present embrace it. Fur
thermore it is out of our line, but were
we able aiM desirous of speculating in
the theatrical business, we would ak
nothing better than is offered by Mr.
Roberts, and we do not believe that
many theatrical managers would ex
amine his merits without giving him
a lift.
We incline to th belief that Mr.
Roberts' own diffidence is the barrier
of his success. AVe have been acquaint
ed with him for nearly three years and
to this day he has not presented us
with one of his circular programmes ,
although he appeals to the press for
indorsement. AVe wish him every
success in the future.
Church Services Tomorrow.
Regular services In St. Luke's church
corner of Vine and 3d street tomorrow
morninz and evening; morning ser
vice, 11 a. in.: evening service, 7:30 p.
m. Services each AVednesday and
Friday evening through lent. Rev. II.
B Burgess rector.
Regular services tomorrow morning
and evening by their pastor Rev. J. T.
Baird. Morning services at 11 a. m.;
evening service 7:J0p. in.; Sunday
school at i:3o a. m. J. X. Wise, su
perintendent. CATHOLIC.
Services in church on Oak street at
8 a. m. and 10:39 a. in. Sunday school
and benediction at 3 p. m. Lenten
services on AVednesday and Friday
evtuings at 7:C0 p. m. Rev. Father
Lj ich, pastor.
A cordial invitation is extended to
all, c come and hear the glorious
goepcl of the blessed CJod, to be pro
claimed every evening next week at
7:30 in the Baptist Chapel, High
School hill. Bible readings on vari
ous subjects every afternoon at 3.
lUccung on jjom s nay at o ana p
in. "We declare unto you, glad tid
ings,, Acts 13-3-J.
Services will Le held aa usual, at the
M.E. church, tou.orrow. Subject for
tho morning diseour.-e, "The Desire of the
Angels.-' Text 1 Peter 1-12. In the
evening 'Temperance." Text Pruv. i3-
33 and Ilabakkuk 2-15.
The Evangelists have concluded to
stay another week and tell the glad
tidings of salvation to lost sinners,
through the precious blood of Jesus,
in the Baptist chapel, High School li ill"
Bible reading on varioua subjects of
interest to both saved and lost every
afternoon at 3 o'clock. Gospel melt
ing at 7:0; Lord's day -.t 3 and 7
p. m. All are welcoca. Come.
A Square 3Ieal
Can bo had at the City Hotel for only
25 cents und lodging at same reasonable
lates. FarmerR and Commercial Men
will please bear this in mind. d&wtf
For Sale.
A desirable house and lot within three
blocks of business,
quire of Sullivan &
Vtry vheap. Fn
Wooley. (U'J-lw
CITY, of London,
QUELN 'f LIvci j ool
FIREMAN' rexn, of California
ameiiican i:i i:!:ss CO.,
WKl.l.s, i- !;; co. i:xn:i:s..
All our wall p.Ai-KK is here and wo arc
sure we can phase till, the following are
our prices per double roll:
Browns $ L'O
Bull' 25
VV liitcj :;."
Flat a 50
Satins CO
iiits ::
Embossed 1 25
Centres, corners, ceiling papers, &c.,iu
abundance. We have a very large stock
and must sell. We are making a spec
ialty of lead, oil, mixed paints, etc., this
sea.on. 25-diwlw Wii.i.J. W.mikick.
CI I ATT kl mokt(;a(ji:s
Heme tliciM at tli!
PJattsmouth Herald OHico
Ollif o in Kim-I. vmmmI
:-U , v. itli Jo!iiis:ii IIhim
slaST ii, Jfltaedfis
The wot'kingmen's bencut and relief
association held a mealing last even
ing at the court house. Those p.ts
ent report the organization as every
way in a nourishing condition.
The republican primary in the Third
wrrd waa very largely attended ;;ud
cieciueuiy unanimous. ju ins pri
maries held in the city last night
wer well attended.
For Sale.
About ISO feet of good portable walk,
two stoves and a few household conven
ience. My sewing machine for $12
Singer S. M,
R. K. Roberts,
otiiee Sixth street.
River Report,
A furnished officially to the
The river at ifGou today, stood 6 ft.
10 in. above low water marK, no change
since noon yesterday.
About twents-five couples participa
ted in the T. A. M. hop !ast night, and it
was one of the most successful parties
yet given by the club. After a long rest
during the Lenten season, the spirit ot
the occasion was entered into with more
A I 1 IT .
man oruiuary emcacy. a herald re
porter waa there, cutting just as big a
hgure as any body, and introduced
an act not on the programme. He took
a tumble to himself and mado hiu
mark on the floor. Al Dorrington was oh
exhibition too, but can't compete
with the IIkkald for grace and a first
class fall. The the thtnks of the club
are due to Charley Duke for his un
tiring c -Torts iu the management and
for tho successful result of his labors.
A colony has been organized at rad
ford. Pa , for the purpose and with the
intention of seeking homes in Xebraa-
Ka. - I he members co-operate for the
purpose of securing a desirable loca
tion. Everything is to be taken into
consideration soil, climate, latitude
amd commercial facilities. The mem
bers share equally in the expenses in
curred in selecting this location and
purchasing a site for a town. Each
member will receive two lots at once
the balance remaining as common
property. The organization is net
communistic iu character, but has
been formed in order to save reduc
tion in fare, freight rates and to be
certain of finding a good location. The
colony expects to stast about t he 1st
of April.
Regular service at
churches tomorrow.
the difl'eren t
The Next Reunion Mississippi's Com
pllmeta to tbo Ti. N. O.
Col. E- P. Roggen went out to Ildst-
iug4 yesterday to atteud a meeting of the
reunion committee which is held there
today, for the purpose of making ar
rangements for the grand army reunion.
The principal matter that will be con
sidered will be the miestion of tents or
other protection. It Denver ijets ihj
1,000 tents she luu applied for to be used
duriuff the grand national encanln-
ment there, it is thought that they
can bo secured on their way back, for
U3d at Hastings. If this can not be
done it is possible that no applica
tion will be made for tents, but that
barracks will be built.
Mr. Roggen informs us that the
state of Mississippi has extended an
invitation to the Nebraska National
guards to participate iu a grand prize
drill, to ho held at Xovv Orleans some
time next summer. The first prize
will be 1,09 and the second $1,000.'
It promises to be a magnificent affair.
State Journal.
Renry Roeck -'
Has an elegant line of baby carriages
for fcale very cheap. Also a nice lot of
refrigerators and t lie largest stock of fur
niture ever brought to I'lattsmouth at
prices that can't be discounted. It. will
pay you to see him. d29w2-tf
Wanted to Kent.
A house of four or five room? in I'latts
mouth, or instead, board for a family ot
three in a private family. Address B
IIkhali olHce. " d20 (it
If you want anything in Phil Young's
line it will pay you to look through his
stock before buying elsewhere.
"Art is nature passed through the
Alembaic of man." Emerson.
Geo. Graybill, teacher ot a thor
ough and practical system of physi
cal and vocal culture, and exprr ssion
by voice and action.
Children's classes, advanced class
es, Spakespeare or Milton classes,
private classes, public and parlor
readings at reasonable rates. OlMco
at the Perkins house.
Phil Young sell the bcbt box writing
paper ever sold in Plattsmouth for 25c a
box, 24 sheets of paper and 24 enve
lopes. If you don't believe itcalliu and
see for yourself.
A new lino of line dress goods con
sisting of the latest styles uud patterns
just recti ved at Week bach's. Slk-tf
lor .Denver
ninl llie Mountains, unI all points
in Southern and "Western Nebras'4
Kustern Coanectins ul.
lor nil points
A 11 N V. LOT OK
MACKEiii:!.. lai:i;adoki: iii-:ki:fn;,tkoit, wild wave
COD FISH, Also 11 choice lot of
.T.-rairs lira on-fLjtf ciss. '
YtY Lave a 11 : 1 1 t-tiicli of
I'aiK j!I"i;iin!- of
I Iia'.t- In I-! !: a Hue liiii; of
Queensware, Glassware, Lamps,
S.C All our j;ooila aiv ik '.n ami fi !i.
Will Excise lor Coimlry Produce. Linseed Oil Meal Always on Hani.
.Next tloor to C
x ir .. . ii xi- .1 xt i
tie ""vi! c
Conneetioiid at
and all intermediate points.
G. W. IIoldhkoe, Gen. Pas. Ag"t,
Oen'l Supt. Omaha. Oiii ;ha
or Sale !
X E J , Sec. 3, T. 12, It. 13.
S E I, See. 3, T. 12, IJ. 13.
S. ,V. Sec. 3, T. 12, R.
and X. ,r
Sec, 10, T. 12, Pt.
Sinoke a emiine
sale by J. I'. Yoi:u
cijrsr ibr
Uetwcen she pott oilier and Dovcy's
Store, a black kid glove for the right
hand. The finder will greatly oblige by
leaving the same i:t Halt Si CWs butcher
shop. 27 13t
Do you want any blank books,
will iinda full and complete line
l'. O. news depot.
at the
Ei S. Y. Sec. 34,
M 7
E Lot 10, Block 2S.
3, 5U.
" 7 & 0. " 23.
S 4, ). it
Dtilce's Addition.
The n?;ove dcejcribud l;u'in
for sale on loii time, with 7
cent, interest. Apply to
li. B. WixbllAif,
lit 13
it. 1.9
v d
m ta a t tk.
OLl WVlfs JO.
1 II !.1
5 'J , Si
C5 "rf" "fl
Law and collect jnn biisiiieH jj tnip
lly atlcndctl lo at this ollict: and proceed-
remitled without ilelay.
.Nolaiial woik, eoiiveyitntdn- untl
ubhf ructin;' nlteiult!il to ou hhort no
tiee and K;iti.:laclioii iiarunti:cl.
Iflherc is any tiling we do itinke 'ti
specially d", it in city and suburban
real Chlate. .Several line farms untl
Homo wild land at bargains. Laboring
men can jct a homo by pnyin- uioalb
ly what they now pay lor hou.e rent.
Space forbid giving but a biuall
percentage of the baruiiiH now ou the
book ul this agency; 'we name tl.f
Six choice ball' acre Jots, 8 miiiutcH
from it. It. bhoj)H, at from to .
caeii, ami on terms that would make
a man ashamed to say Ji; did not owu
a bouse. (Joint; and set;, j on art; not
compelled to buy and we wontj ivo
the.-e lots away, bul you emi jjet them
st Uiey will absolutely cost you nolh
inr. 1 'ivc uct'c Jot . mile from city lor
part on time. i
i:ievt;ii acre Jot J mile from city
for $.r0 this is extra line.
1 have three piece of outside prop
erty which i can sell aiid under
take to furnish purchaser work
enough to pay for them, now I will
furnish the ground and you the work,
work is what hurts me. if you will
do the work ut a fair price I will give
you a clear deed for the land; if you
can't tlo the work come and see me, I
may find Homy one who will do it lor
Ten acres for .Vj (X)
" " " GOO 00
" " 7.10 00
" " ' 'JC0O 00
.Several small tracts well
and adjoining the
reasonable rates.
city, lor halo at
If you have anything you want sold
at auction call on Joe Ford. d&wtf
Kiralfy's "Black Crook;'
Thursday April 12th.
CO 111 J Li"
Ladies, your special attention is called
to the new line ot" dress goods just
received at Weckbuch's. " 2:Jitf
Mr. V. V. Leonard's new house will be
two story probably brick and will be
situated on Ins tour lots on the east of
Sixth street. When 3Ir. Leouard finishes
his improvements contemplated there,
this summor ha will have one of the fin
est resident properties in the city.
The two conventions in this city to
night the democratic at the court
house and the republican at Rock
wood hall will make lively politics,
and the full quota of amusement for
lookers on, both will be well attended
and interesting-.
Lafe O'Xeil's new brick haa reached
the second story, and the brick work
will soou be finished; it will be a good
addition to the business houses in
Ice ! Ice ! Ice !
Xow is the time to contract for vour
summer's supply of ice. Bod rock prices
prompt delivery ana superior quality ot
ice, first come first served bv the new ice
man. a2ui2 Jok Fairfield.
For Sale.
Four lots together in good location in
the city ot" Plattsmouth. Inquire at this
office dtf
Peck's Cad Uoy.
Bound in book form at Warrick's.
Tor Sale or Trade.
I wo good cows, with calf.
either for stock-hos or fat cows
quire at Jonathan Hatt & Co.'s.
ll to Kent.
Inquire of Chaplain Wright.
House to Kent,
one ; of the best locations in the
Inquire of J. W. Jennings, dtf
2To Humbug Here!
I Van Outsell any One Price Clotiiins
Outfit in i'iattsnioiitu
Botli Here an-I at my Brand Store,
As I Buy For Cash.
Remember the above btatemcnt.
uhuf WUU.U v
lo a
y.'j "
l'JO "
i;o "
'J 10 "
es, wild $ G00 00
improy'd 1G00 )
U000 00
0000 M)
G200 (X
G0(W tKJ
100 acres,
1 Go "
80 "
80 "
Troy City Laundry.
Now Located on
W. IJ. KnOlY.N, Proprietor.
Transient Wcrk sclicited
myl Ia,rou for past fors. I soli
cit lurtlier work.
iv?SJniea,ber .,he Iace- -Mockenhaup hoiise,
w Mutntrton Avenue. .
i cor
3 cur
Rockwooil Block,
PlaKsmoiilIi, iMk
h rpt
tomoniof latvear without oSu il "tu
bout i:6piyrelj(WiJlui.triin- f2?.?
Ofcpaon aJ valuAhlo aircttioud foi Sh"
ixO nic of Vretabla and AoiT.; u ,
PUnta, Fruit Tiw.etlJbiiTr.ri
d.m.erry&co. oetroit M.oh-
rinest tstock farm in Cas.s couuty
$10000, lony time and low rate ol interest.
wild $200
wihi, itej). V'y (cash) lj(X)
bl'ks from fehops (cheap10J
" " 160
X. Gth trcet (liin.-) jjoO
Picnic Hill " 200
Wa-hiimion avc" u:ai
; " 1 bl'k from -Main sli-xlr 40o
Improvetl city real esiuto iu abun
dance. I can tind what you want iu
this line if you will call and ee inc.
Pusinc-rS and lots for Balo
at much lower litres than will be
asked six months hence.
Mores and dwellings rented and for
rent, rents promptly collected.
if you don't ce what you want iu
this column come and ak for ii. I'v
probably misled just what you wau.
Oliicc ojjcii nearly everv cvciiiuij : m
G to 8. & -
Good new house and two Cno lots
in good location price, fUQ.
Union lock.
Choice Candies!
Ilome-ma.le and Wuj-rantcfl
Strictly Pure.
at all I jo urn.
Ovaters ni-ht or. day at tlie
Next to WeckLacir store
JAMES A Is TIL, Proprietor