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THe Flattsmontii Herald Publishing: Co
for City and County Directory, Railway Time
Tablet. Telethons KicbaoK liiwiness I1-
restory. Business Cards Ac, see third page.
J JUT. X STONE, - City Editor
A. Salisbury, Dentist.
A young lady who lived on Vine street.
A confectioner's clerk used to meet ;
Tbey'd embrace o'er tbe gate
Every night ratber late
Both loaded with taffy so -tweet 1
Jill I j Neville was exercising hi new
teamtbis afternoon. He is justly proud
of them.
No markets today; the board of
trade in Liverpool and Chicago being
closed on account of Good Friday.
County Clerk Jennings and Judge
Newell went out to scare the ducks again
this afternon. More fun for the ducks
In the case tried before Judge Pot-
tenger. Die va Warren, for forcible
entry and detainer, judgment was ren
dared for the defense.
The first annual ball by the A. O. H.
at Fitzgerald's hall next Tuecday even
ing will be a "smash" affair, and for
nice time promises to
words imply.
be all that the
In the county court today the case
of Phillips ts Carey, a suit for labor,
J. S. Mathews appeared for plaintiff
and A. N. Sullivan for defense, de
cision reserved until tomorrow.
The St. Joe police force are puzzled
over the barn burners at that place;
every two weeks some barn in the city
is sacrificed and no trace 01 the mo
tive or clue of the perpetrators can be
The appearance of the sun brings
oat the loafers again. Why not, at
the coming election, put in some coun
eilmen who would macademize Main
street and make the able bodied loaf
ers help pound the rock.
AH parties who wish to offer spec
ial premiums to be competed for at
the next annual fair, are requested to
baud them in to the secretary to
morrow that he may iucorporats
them in the premium list.
Youag ladies who can't find skates
large enough for them have our sym
pathy. It's really too bad to be com
pelled to stand around and watch the
others enjoy themselues. Arrange
ments hare been made for a couple of
flat cars in case of future emergency.
A cordial invitation is extended to
all, to come and hear the glorious
gospel of the blessed God, to be pro
claimed every evening next week at
7:30 in the Baptist Chapel, High
School hill. Bible readings cn vari
ous subjects every afternoon at 3.
Meeting on Lord's day at 3 and 7 p.
m. "We declare unto yon, glad tid
ings,, Acts 13-32.
fillari N. Buell Takes HirtOwn Life
Sheriff Hyers returned this morning
from St. Joe, where he went to inter
view a man arretted there, supposed
to be the Weeking Water safe blower;
parties' from Kansas, however, were
looking for just such a chap, and the
jewelry found on his person was iden
tified by the Kansas parties, and the
man taken home by them for punishment.
II. A. Ensign, deputy sheriff of Lan
caster county, came down on the Lin
coln train this morning with Joe
Sharp, of South Bend, in tow, whom
he had arrested in Lincoln at the in
stigation of Charlie West, for running
mortgaged property out of the county
and attempting to sell the same. It
seems the property, consisting of three
or four head of horses, were taken to
Ashland, where he was trying to dis
pose of them. He was turned over to
the sheriff here, and recognized in the
um of 9500 to appear at the county
court on the 6th of April. William
Neville went on the bond. The Hek
ald and other friends of Mr. Sharp
hope that there may be some satisfac
tory explanation made of his doings
and that he will come out all right in
the end.'
As reported from the Clerk's office
each day:
Amos Teft to J. IL Marquet. losts 7
nd 8. block 8, Avoca. w d 890.
D. C. Fleming and wife to E. M.
- Compton, w n e f 17-10-13, w d
C. B. & Q. It. R. Co. to E. M. Coinp
ton, n e 4 n e if. 17-10 1, w d
John Bons and wife to Andrew
Kern, e 21 ft. lots and 7, block 21,
Plattsmouth $2000.
J G. Hayes to C. C. Despain lot 1
block 28 Y. & II. addition Plattsmouth,
w d $125.
N.J.Mason and husband to Jennie
Morrlsoo. lots 9 and 10 11 Duke's
addition, Plattsmouth w d $300.
U. S. to Alston Stack s w s w 20-12-10,
Alston Stack and wife to G. D. Metta-
son s w4 s w 20-12-10 w d $350
JUver Report,
X famished officially to the War
- The river at noon today, stood 5 ft.
j in. above low water mark, showing
fall of in since noon yesterday.
The community was startled this
morning by the announcement that a
stranger, visiting in the city had taken
his own life, and an investigation of
the rumor developed the fact that it
was only too true. Mr. Willard N.
Buell, a son-in-law of Chaplain
Wright, committed suicide last even
ing by shooting himself, in a fit of
mental depression, at the residence of
his father-in-law. The report of the
pistol was not heard by any one, and
from the time he was last seen alive
until he was found dead, a period of
about four or five hours had elapsed.
The particulars, as far as known may
be gleaned from the testimony of Chap
Iain and Mrs. Wright and Drs. Living
ston and Hall, given at the Coroner's
Chaplain Wright's testimony was in
substance as follows:
"Mr. Buell left the room where we
were sitting, about half past three
o'clock, and the supposition ws that
tie had gon upstairs. He didntcome
down, and I went up to see what the
matter was, knowing his mind was in
an unsettled condition. Ha wasn't
there, and I concluded he had gone
down town, as he was looking for a
letter from his wife. I becran to feel
uneasy, and between five and six
o'clock went down town to look for
him. Not finding him, I concluded he
had gone to the junction to meet his
wife. I left word withJJ. N. Wise,
and he also started out to help iiunt
Mrs. Wright had occasion about
8 o'clock to go to the water closet, and
felt timid about it. I went out and
stood on the porch. The door to the
water closet opened toward the inside
She said she couldn't get the door
open and that some one was inside. I
went out and discovered that
some one was inside, and nut m
" a-
hand around and it rested on his neck
and ear. I found his neck cold. I told
my wife it was Willard, and that he
was dead. I went over for Will and
P. L. Wise, and we telephoned for Dr.
Livingston and Sheriff Hyers. He
(Mr. Buell; has been insane at times
for two years. His head trouble af
fected his mind. He showed signs of
insanity Thursday, but none Wednes
day. lie said he would rather die
than live. I have noticed a tendency
to insanity for three or four years. I
4 1- r i ii . "...
tuiua. it was nereaitary. l Had no
hope of his recovery. Dr. Livingston,
Will Wise, P. S. Wise and J. N. Wise
brought him into the house."
Mrs. Wright testified that she had
known Mr. Buell for eighteen or nine
teen years; that he has not been right
in his mind since he has been here.
and that be was worse yesterday. She
first discovered him about the time
the train came in, between seven and
eight o'clock. Didn't know that he
ever threatened to take his own life.
He was 44 or 45 years of age.
ir. .Livingston examined the de
ceased, and says that death was caused
by a small pistol ball entering the
brain about one inch below the occipi
tal, ranging forward and upward, and
that the wound could have been pro
duced by deceased's own band. He
found him in the water closet lying on
his race, and the pistol lying at bis
feet. In company with Chaplain
Wright he called on Dr. Liv
ingston last Sunday, and has
called twice since. Deceased
was troubled with catarrh and he told
isnapiain wrigni he would go insane
and threatened to take his own life
He asked Dr. Livingston if anything
else ailed him, and the doctor told him
"No," whereupon he replied that if he
cOuldol get well he would rather be
Dr. Hall corroborated the testimony
of Dr. Livingston in regard to the
The testimony of Will Wise, P. L
Wise and J.N. Wise as to finding the
body is in substance the same as that
given by Chaplain Wright.
The following letter was found in
Mr. Buell's pass book :
March 22, 1862.
The asylum or the grave the latter
will be best for my family. May God
forgive. Ned, be good and remember
the instructions in the book I sent you
while at Lawrence. Little ignorant
boys acquire habits sometimes that
make their lives miserable.
Maud, 1 have been in good health
most of our married life, for which I
thank God, and hope jou may bo hap-
of March, A. D. if 8S, before Mr. P.- P.
Gasa, Coroner of said county, upon the
body of Willard N. Buell lying dead,
by the Jurors whose names are hereto
subscribed, the said jurors upon their
oath do say that the deceased came to
his death by a pistol shot, said shot
having been fired by bis own hand
while laboring under a fit of tempo
rary Insanity.
Ia testimony whereof the said Ju
rors have hereunto set their hands the i
day and year aforesaid.
M. McElwain,
attest. R. O'Neill,
X ' Geo. W. Pase,
C. F. NicnoLS.
Ho leaves a wife and two boys aged
respectfully 17 and 11 years, who are
at their home at Blue Rapids, Kan.
They have been telegraphed the terri
ble news, and are expected on tonight's I
train. No arrangements for the f u
aeral will be made until their arrival.
Due notice of the same will be given.
Frank Mickle, of Ashland, is here
w w a 4 .
Justus Liiny, ot oaiuna, came in
this morning.
Jim Woodson boarded the train
for Iltd Cloud this morning.
A. B. Smith returned this morning
from Gage county.
Prof. Albee, of Louisville, is spend
ing the day in the city.
Herman Herold came down from
Louisville this morniug.
Mrs. Peny Walker went to Chica
go last nigh,.
Diat. Attorney Strode has finished
his labors at Lincolu and came home
this morniug.
Mrs. A. W. McLaughlin started
westward toiluy for a visit with rela
tives in Lincoln.
A. V . Saxe, of Omaha, chief clerk
m the B. & M. auditor's office, came
down this raornlujr.
G. M. r lowers and brother both
from Centre precinct are in Platts
mouth today and visited the Herald
Dr. G. H. Black, who accompanied
Mr. Thompson to Chicago, writes
home that they are mectiug with flat
tering endorsements from all who ex
amine their fire escape.
r raiiK itrown. who has taught a
very acceptable school at Cedar Creek
finishes his work this week, aud en
ters upon a college course this spring.
Mr. Brown has contributed during
the winter to the Herald, a goodly
number of letters, wherein as More
Anon, he has made the acquaintance
of many.
Ho For the Rink.
Almost a Fire I
An alarm of fire this morning, about
half-past nine o'clock, caused a grand
rush toward the lower end of Main
treat. On arrival there it was ascer
tained that a small blaze had started
in Frank Morrison's restaurant and
lunch house. The fire was between
the ceiling of the first story and floor
of the second story, where a stove-pipe
ran up through. Steve Davis first
noticed it on his way 'up town from
his grain- warehouse. Fortunately a
tub of water atnnd itiat nntafdp. whirh
was soon brought into requisition and
the fire checked before
In Basement or Fitzgerald Block,
Roller Skates For All.
2T. Ifc QiniPOOU,
CITY, of London,
QUEEN, of Liverpool
FIREMAN FUND, of California
it had made
much headway or done much damage.
A good alarm was given, and the fire
department were on hand with their
apparatus and ready for business in a
remarkably short time, which entitles
them to much credit.
Amusements Next Week.
Monday evening The celebrated
Swedish Ladies Quartette at the op
era house.
Tuesday evening Basket social at
Mrs. E. Buttery's under the auspices
of the ladies and friends of St. Luke's
Tuesday eveulug First annual ball
of the Plattsmouth A.' O. II at Fitz-
gerald's hall.
Thursday evening Japanese Tea
party given by the ladies of the Pres
byterian church at Rock wood hall.
Thursday evening Democratic city
Saturday evening Continuation of
the democratic amusements in city
convention at the court house.
J. O. IKE.
Tuesday Evening, March 27,
The music will be furnished by the
BAND. Nobody will be admitted
without an invitation
TICKETS, for Ball,
SUPPER, at Central
Restaurant, ex-
List of Letters.
List of letters remaining unclaimed
in the post office at Plattsmouth, Cass
County, Neb., March S3, 1883.
Bachler John II Betele Clause
Brinkman Frank . Beverage John
Burke Miss Maggiu Jiaier Oswald
Cowley Angela CroBser Ernest
Cloidt John Donelsou A
Davis Miss Bradie Frank George
Grindel Abraham Griffin Wm II
Graham Alex Harvey Chas L
Hollinger Dr Hauck F
liar tmanMrsMari a Helms Sylvia
Jones Douglass
Johnston M S
Lerine Mr M
Muty A W
Maurer Wm
Sheppard C O
Smith Geo F T
Te Val W
Wilson Maggie C
Weaver Mr
Persons calling
Jacobs Ed
1 Jones Mollie
MeGeary John
McConkey Warren
Parish Edward L
Saunders F E
Saybert Isaac
Taylor W A
Weikel Relonzo
Worden W A
for the above will
"We have received a larre stock
of very desirable
It consists of all grades from
the cheap brown at 20 cents to
the high price gilt at $1 a double
roll. Buy your wall paper where
you can vet the lamest and best
stock to select from.
Competent mechanics furnished
to hang paper when desired. We
taxe pleasure 111 snowinjr our
goods; call and see us. Respect
please say "Advertised."
J. W. Marshall. P. M.
Good Friday.
The Sir Knights of Mt. Zion Cora-
mandry No. 5. in compliance with the
usages of that order, observed Good Fri
day by attending divine service at St
Luke's chapel; wheu Key. Mr. Burgess
officiated. There was a general turn out
of the members of the coramandry in
full dress making a fine display. There
was a large congregation present and tbe
services were very impressive. Rev. Bur
gess delivered an eloquent address dwel
ling with great force upon the influences
of Christian religion in every clime and
tbe grand mission of its defenders who
amid ether civilizations wielded the
sword in its defense and who today are
me ugni 01 me mncieentu century as
devoutly hail it as they did during the
darkest hours of its persecution. At the
close of the services the Sir Knights re
turned to their assylum.
A Fine Office.
Messrs. Smith & Beeson, who re
cently entered into partnership in the
practice of law, have now their suit
of rooms in Fitzgerald's block in ex
cellent trim, having remodeled them
entirely. Their central room is the
business room, the front room the
private ofiicejaud the rear room the
library, wherein their immense libra
ry, one of the huest and most exten
sive in the state, may be seen. The
offices entire, are commodious well
arranged and as pleasant quarter as"
any could desire. -
A young lady writes to the Journal
from Decatur, 111., wishing informa
tion of her uncle,' named Higgins,
whose given name she does not know.
Her name was Lizzie Higgins; her fa
ther's being James Higgins; he died
while his daughter" was an infant.
She was raised near Mattoou, 111. Her
uncle is somewhere in eastern Ne
braska. Any one having any infor
mation likely to aid an orphan girl in
finding her relative will greatly
oblige by addressing Lizzie Michael,
Decatur, HI. Will our state exchanges
kindly mention? State Journal.
Carriage Painter,
Graining, Glazing, Paper Hanging, .
Three Gboves, March 22, 1883.
The horse spokea of in the' Three
Groves itcim on Monday aj having
got loose from Dee Shrader, Sunday
night and thought afterward to be
stolen, was found yesterday tied to a j
tree in the brush a mile or so from
where it wa i taken. It is supposed
that a joke has been played on young 1
Shrader. Big Sis.
A Good Chance
To rent, to tbe right parties, a com
plete restaurant; location central and
business already established. Restau
rant can also bo used for ice cream
room. An excellant business chance
for a man and wife apply at.
7dtf Stadleman s Bakery
Leave orders at V5 arrick's. Plattsmouth. Feb.
Secure Yourself a
II O iVt E !
Forty Acres laid oO" in City Lots,
in Palmer's Addition,
Just outside the City limits, and not sub
ject to city Taxes.
where a shop man, or any other man, can
eat his dinner under his own roof and
not cold grub from a dinner pail
in the dusty, smoky shops.
Only three to ten minutes' walk
from his work. Call on
Att y at Law and Real Est ate A "cut.
Over Baker's Store.will luuke terms to suit
Onice In Kockwood Dock, with Johnson Bros
Secure tliein at the
Plattsmouth Herald Office
COD FISH, Also a choice lot of
We have a fine tok or
Fanry?Ilraiids of
I have In stock a flue line of
Queensware, Glassware, Lamps,
&c. All our good are new and fifth.
Will Exchange lor Conntry Produce. Linseed Oil Meal Always on Hani.
Next door to Court House, Plattsmouth, Neb,
1Idi82w3,u M. B. MURPHY & CO.
and we can fix you to your satis
faction on
ClotMi, Hats anfl Caps,
Trunks and Va
lices. Furnishing
gjoods, Neck
wear, 1&DC.
Fresh Goods
in everv
ment of
One price and
no monkey busi
ness. Remem
ber the place,
JUockwood block
The only "Boss" Clothier.
Law niid collection business promp
tly attended to at this otlice aud pro
ceeds remitted without delay.
Notarial work, couveyauciug aud
abstracting attended to ou short no
tice and satlslactkm guaranteed.
If there is any thini; we do make a
specialty of, it is city and suburbau
real estate. Several tine farms aud
some wild land at bargains. Laboring
men can get a homo by paying moath
ly what they now pay lor house rent.
Space forbids giving but a small
Eercentage of the bargains now on tbe
ooks at this agency; we name the
- tiix choice half acre lots, 8 tuinutca
from li. It. shops, at from $80 to $160
each, and on terms that would make
a man ashamed to say he did not own
a house. Come aud see, you are not
compelled to buy and we wont- givo
these lots away, but you can get them
so they will absolutely co3t,you uoth
iug. Five acre lot J mile from city for
$260 part ou time.
Eleven acre lot mile from city
for $550 this is extra Hue.
I have three pieces of outside prop'
erty which 1 can . sell and under
take to furnish purchaser work
enough to pay for them, now I will
furnish the ground and you the work,
i 1 a a .
won is wuai uuris me. 11 you will
do the work at a fair price 1 will give
you a clear deed for the laud; if you
can't do the work come and fcee me, I
may find some one who will do it lor
Ten acres for $ 600 00
" " " 600 00
" " " 760 00
" " " 2600 00
Several small tracts well improved
aud adjoining the city, for sale at
reasonable rates.
40 acres, wild $ COO 00
80 " improy'd 1600 00
120 " " 2000 00
1G0 "
200 ' "
240 " "
Finest slock
6000 00
6200 00
6000 00
larm in Cass
Clutter & Marshall,
gerald's block.
dentists, Fitz-leb28dti
I-ots from $-0 to $so KEPAIKING
On timc,or for Cash,to men that will build
It ia better, in my judgment to die
than be a dependent orr our friends
especially when they are not able to
care for us.
it does not seem right to live to
cause the suffering of others.
God forgive me, I know my mind is
fast going. " jrv
I hope my dear family thai you will
remember some kind things of me. for
I have worked hard a good many years
and tried to be an honorable man.
I wish I Lad always been a christian
man. and hope my bojs may be. and
that they may grow up to be useful
Chaplain Wright recognized the
writing as that of Mr. Buell.
Tbe verdict of tbe Coroners Jury
was rendered about one . o'clock last
night, and is aa follows:
coroner's verdict.
State of Neb., )
CA83 CO. '
At an inquisition bolden at Platts
mouth, ia Cass Co., Neb., on the tt day
A Nebraska City younjr eirl de
scribes her beau's first kiss as being
like a tub of roses 9wimiiur in hon
ey, colored with uutmegaand berrie9,
escorted bv leveral little Cuoids.
drawn by angels shaded by- hoftev
suckle, antl the whole spread with
melted rainbows. No wonder all the
railroads are headed towards Nebras
ka City. Plattsmouth Journal.
We will wasrer a four dollar dosr
that Cutright has been dowu to see
his Sarah Jane near this city and iust
returned home feeling very jubilant
over his first spit swanuiuir. Nob.
City News.
If this isn't Cut right off, wo will
Herald the Nevs to" the world that
these fellows are both alter the same
girl, aud tha: the lives at the mouth of
the Wejping Water. j
lee! Ice ! Ice !
AO is tne tune to contract lor your
summer s supply of ice. Bed rock prices
prompt delivery and superior quality of
ice, hrst come first served by the hew ice
man. tl2m3 - Joe Fairfield.
No Lota for Speculator !
Eor Bent.
The Holbrook house corner of 5th
and Locust street. House ia-large com
modious and excelent condition, apply
to 13dtf Thos. Pollock.
A Square Meal
Cmd be had at the City Hotel for oaly
25 cvata and lodging at same reasonable
iates. Farmers and . Commercial Men
will please bear this in mind. d&wtf
the ci ' of
For Sale.
lots together iu good location in
i'luttsinouth. Inquire at this
E 11 rniture,
arc., xtc. tc..
Of All Descriptions.
Of all sizes, ready made and sold cheap for casb.
$16000, long time and low rate ot
1C0 acres, wild $2600
160 " 2800
80 " " , 1200
80 " u 320
160 acres, wild, Kep. V'y (cash) $1000
Cor. lot 3 bl'ksfrom shops (eheap)$100
Myrou K. Wheeler, second sou of I
the major, left yesterday for riatts- j
mouth, aud it is understood that he
will proceed from there to Iowa City
to eut'.T the t-thool of phonography.
Myrou has becu in Nebraska univer
sity three years, and duriug that time
has stradily pursued by himself the
study of short-baud writing after the
Ben Pitmau svstem. until low ha is
ranked as oue of the most rapid of
young phonogrnphers. He has al
ready been offered several positions,
but decided to first take a thorough
course at Iowa Citjr. State Journ
For Sale ur Trale
Tw irood cows, with calf, for
rubt-r f.r Htclc-hoj; or fat co.
piU- in JonatliHu ilatt & Co 's. '
House to Kent.
Inquire of Chaplain Wright.
Ttic only first class barber shop aud
hatli rooms iu the city at Joe Kurds,
under. tJarrutn block. . d&wtf
Mrs. A. E. fiea-) wilt give special at
tention to drcs m.tkiuir. -
A new line of fine dress cronda on-
slstiug of the latest styles and oatterns
just received at Week bach. 23dtf
New inilliuerv goods just received -at
Mrs. Read's in the ilcrold-Todd block. St
Fur Sale-
A desirable house and lot within three
blocks of business. Very cheap. En
quire of Sullivan & Woolcy. a22-lw
We have just received .another invoice
of wall paper. Don't fail to tee our
stock before bnylpg elsewhere- . ..
22d-3t ' Will J. Wabsick.
3 cor
S cor
2 "
0 tt
1 "
" N. 6th street (fine)
" Picnic Hill "
" Washington avc"
" 1 bl'k from Maiu t extra
With many thanks for past patrona'.
Invite all to call anil exaiuiue my
Sltf. ri'nXTI'HE AM lOKKl.VH
deTlbint CeU't HtltabU SfU
U Hailed iM In All. w.
HEEn PHTimn " Vi...
bfllL. aild tha llr.t faJLmrldm ... T 1. 1
lower. OrM,tnl Twairfii. pJT,i.iIi?f!?.u'I
I The Troy City1aaadry
Has removed to the Mockenbaupt build-
ing ncarthe blacksmith bnji and is pre
pared to do tint-class work. 16-dlm
Ladies,' your special attention is called
to the new --line of-dress go6da"1ust
received at Week bach's. - . 28dtf
Bockwobd Block,
Plattsmouth, Neb
Contractors and Builders.
Will give estimates on all kinds of work. Any
orders left at the Lumber Yards or Post
- Office, will receive promot attention.
Heavy Truss Framing,
for barns and large buildings .a specialty...
For refeience apply to J. P. Tonne, J. V. wsei
iacn or a. a. Waierniaa a
Improved city real estato iu abun
dance. 1 cau find what you want in
this line if you will call aud see me.
Business houses aud lota for sale
at much lower figures than will be
asked six months heucc.
Stores and dwclliciga ren'ed and for
rent, rents promptly fcllcted.
If you don't ace whit rou want in
this column come a&4uk for it. I've
probably misftc-d just what you wan.
Office open nearly every evening from
6 Jo 8.
Cfx-d unn houaf and two fine lots
i:i kixmI location t-rlnf. 8800.
W. S. WISZ2.
Union Qlock.
Choice Candies!
Ilome-matle and Warranted
Strictly Pure.
at all hours.
Oysters night or day at the
DrP CE3 3ST 1 2C ,
Next to "WeckbacIVB gtorp
V JAMES ANTlt, Proprietor.