The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, March 09, 1883, Image 3

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0. H. V A N WYCK. V. H. Senator. HeV. City.
AI.VIN fcAl'NOKItrt. V. B. Hnator. On-saba.
K. K. V Al.KNTINE, MpnNiM e.Weet rotat.
v .JAM KM W. DA.WE.H, Governor. Llaeola. .
X K, P. I Hi' i BM. HMrtUrr of Mlata.
J3IIN W aU.ICIIN, Auditor. Llneota. v
,.1. D. ItrUltliKVAMT. Treasurer, Uncelt. .
T W. I XlCH. Hupt. Public Iiialruetlra.
A. O . KS OAl.U Un4 ComnUihtr.
Iff A AC VofiHUA, Jr., Attorney Jaoral.
t J. NOI'.KH, Warden, of f-enltoutlary .
OK. 11. Y. .MArriiKWSON, Hapt. HosbUmI tor
the Insane.
Smprm Cttrl.
M AX WKI.L. Chief Justice. Fremont.
JKO. H. I.AKK,Omaba.
A M A HA 1 DUB, Lincoln.
, , . . , . - o -
sWotst JutlMml BliMot
. B. POl' N l. Judge. Lincoln.
3. H. BTKOUK, rrosecutlng-Att'y,
W. C. HHOWaLTKR. Clerk District Court.
Oitv 7iri0rv.
,mLUAM H. Cl'HliI, Treasurer. -J.
U. HI Ml SON. Cliy Clerk.
WlLI.fc.TI I'Olf KNiKK. roller Judire.
M. A. HA itl'IOAN. City Attorney.
V. KKOKllLKU, Chief of folic.
Y. K KitKIl :.KK. OrfMfer of MmcU .
V. KOUIfsKK, Chief of Klre IPl. .
lO.IKfH It. HALL. Ch'a Board of Health.
. ,. . . COUXCILMKK. v
tat. Ward -J.'al. S boolbacher, Wim. Harold,
jnd ward Jerry Hartman. J. M. Patterson,
-rtl Ward Alfa Drew, M. B. Murphy.
tli Ward -;. S. Dawson, F. V. Lebuheff.
.TK8E B. STRODE. - J: W. BAtt.NKM '
V. V. LKOSttl). Win. Wl.Vf KKtsTKKX.
Hit. GKEI SEL. 18 A AC W1L.KH, '.
nwrrJNO. W. UAUS11ALI.. t
- o
County Dirctry.
Jf . H. NEW HLL. Couuty Treasurer,
j W. JENXINliS, County Clerk.
J. W. JOHNSON. Couuty Judge. . .
K. W. 11 V Kits. Slierln. , V V?
OKI'S AI.ION.Sup'tof Pub. Inst ruction.
W. KAIKK1KLD. County Surveyor.
1. e. OASS. Coroner.
JAMKH CKAWFOKD.Houtb Beud Precinct.
VM'L RICHARDSON. Mt. Pleasant Precinct.
A. B. TODD, i'lattsniouth
Parlies having business with the County
L'oinnilseloiiers. will flud them In session tbo
Hint Monday and Tuesday of each uiontb.
J. A. CON S OK. HEN It Y B.KCK, Vice-Presidents.
-- .
WU.S. WISK. Secretary. - .
. PRICD. GoltDKH, Treasurer. ; ; -
Kegular meeting of tbe Board tt tUe Court;
llause.tlte, tint Tuday eveuintc of each uoath:
.IKMIVAli'AlllU VfCPAltTtfK' Oft
7.30 p. Bi. I
- .JO a. in. f
' k.00 a. ui. i
a.) p. m.
-1. 00 ft m
' .W p. m.
. .J0 ft in. (
; n. ui. I
- j B.00 B. U.
. 1 8,00 pm.
: i COO . JU;
J .25ptm
9.K0 a. ru
) K.25 a. U).
4.'5 . III.
. 8.00 a. in
' 1.00 p. Ill
;i.ooani. rAi-roarviLLK.
lec. IT. JUM. "
On order iiot e'xceedlne $13 - - - 'ioceuU
Over l6ud not exceeding-$3V - - 14 cento
.--- : 0 - -, lit comti
"- iv ' 9&o - r 29 west
; A" lng5 ' Montfv Order may Include ay
AUiount frwm one cent to fifty dollar, out
u.ust not routain ft fractional part of cent.
:.t clau inattar (letters) S cents per .tt ounee.
ju (PublUner's rate) acts par U.
4 M M (Transient Newspaper amd
books come under tbls class 1 cost 9r
m earli 3 ounces.
Mb. class (luerobandtse) 1 cent por oano.
J. W. MABaHAiX P. M.
B&MrK R.megjable.
Taking Effect July. 2 1881.
lftes 3 : ft. m. Anrtvear o a. in.
ri-5p. di. - - 5 :5&. m.
9 OS it. lu. " :40 . iu.
. K. C. AXI ST. JOK.
:U a. iu. " 9 3i. ui.
o ;W j). ui. " a p. m.
Leaves R :15 a. ni. Arrives
7 ;00 p. m. " :10 p. in.
:36 p. Bi. " 7 afl p. BI.
8 am. 9 : a. in.
7:t3. m :p. m.
Leave Plattsinoutb u ;00 a. m. Arrives Liu-
ooln, 11 :4& a. m. ; Hatiiigs 4 :3 p. m. ; McCook
10 m6 p. it. I Deuver 8 -JO a. m.
Leaves 6 :U p. in : arrives Lincoln a p. u.
li, ,-:oves at 9 :33 a. m. ; Arrives Liifoola 4 -.topia
-- - -v.s at 8 :io p. ni. ; Arrives at Liacola S
liutlnutt & -sa ki fa
at X :00 p. in. J , Arrive at Llocorn :30
rtuiga aa a. ixw; aicvooa o :oo a. m ; I Mi.oi. v
tf m Denver at S K p. at. ; Arrives at Me.
: 4 Q a- m. ; Hastings 10 an a. a. : LtuIa
i. r. ; Piattsmoutb t&ep.m.
' --Ib 7 a, a. ; rrives Plattsmottth
... smith & iii:fso.,.
ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Will practice In all
tbo Coorts la tbo state. UIHce over First Na
tional Bank. 4yl
JfUce over Huil tb. Black Co's. Iruic Store.
First class dentistry at reasonable prices. 2Jiy
" ' T W.' CLOTTKB.
ID El IS 3? .
riattB tomtit. Xetormnksv.
OtBoe on Mala Street over Bolmnon At Na
.haa's Store. Wj
M. HKAOB. U. ..
PHYSICI AN and SURGEON. Offieo on Mala
Street, between Slxtb and Soveulb. south side
Offlr open day aad dixbt
coUmtt physician.
Special attentloc even to diteae ol women
ftiyl cbildren. 21(1
OFFICE HOURS, from 10 ft. in., to 2 p. ni.
Elasuiluluv Surgeon for V. S. i'eusiou.
Can be found by calling at his office, corner 7tb
and Mala Streets, In J. 11. Waterman's house.
OBloo ever Baker Atwood's store, south side
o( Main between Mb and oth streets. 21tf
A1TORNKY AT LAW. Will practice In all
tb Courts iu the State.
District Attorney and ffutat y lu bile.
WlbL St. WISE;
1TTI1SVWV AT LAW Hl Ktit Vim In.
surauee and Collection Agency. Office Union
Dlovk. riatutaouiu. neurasKa. niaa
susftBOO Asrents. i'latUntouth. Nebraska. Col
lootors. tax -payors. Have a complete abstract
I titles, nay ana sen reai esiaie. negtiaie
plans. Ac. - - - lyl
Notary Pnblo.
ATTORNKYAT LAW! Will praitlceiu Cftss
ad adjoining Counties ; gives special attention
to cOMoetiona And. abstracts of Utle. Office in
FiUgsrald Block. Platttmoulb. Nebraska.
'Mas his office in the front part of his resldeuce
oa Chicago Avenue, where ue may be lountl In
Towdlness to atteud o the duties of the of-
Notary rubllc. ,
Office over Carrutu's Jewelry Store.
Pkittsuiouth. .... Nebraska.
' X- A 'W Y . E It .
Prompt and careful attention to a xeneral
Law Practice.
A N. Sullivan.
E. II. Wooley
Attorneys and Counsolors
astLaw. 0JFICK In tbo Union Block, front rooms,
soooad story, soutv Prompt attention given to
all Imsiftess . mar2
a quiet place for st
All work GUARANTEED first class.
the place, up stairs, south side of iluin
street, opposite Peter Merges.
J. C. BOONE, Prop'r.
C. UElSEsL.. Proprietor.
Flour, Corn Meal A Feed
Always, on band aad for sale at lowest caih
prices. Tbo hlgbest prices paid tor Wheat and
Cera. Particular Attention given custom work.
" " OLE BULL, . i
At Hfc-J:t, riajinir Alone at .lIMIrht In
His MffLt-( lollies.
At Twenty-One Making an Unex
pected Debut at Bologna, Amid
Storms of Applause.
Boston Transcript
Nothing more interesting in the way of per
sonal history has been written or published
for a long timo then Mis. Sara C. Bull's
memoirs of her lt hiiahand, tho renowned
Diuslcian, Olc Hull. To uioftt readers tho book
will lie a revelation, as it d lIh not only with
Olo Bull the ruubician, but with Ole Bull the
man. .
Olo Bull was loin at Bergen, in Norway,
ouo of the mont piottirwine. cities of northern
Europe, in 1S10, being the ohleot of a family of
ten chllrlren. lfi-t connetions on both Hides
were of high social poailiou, and many of
them were noted for their rare musical gift.
Once a week in his father' houHf hold there
was a "quartette evening," ami when not more
than three years old Olo would creep from Lin
bed into the room and hide behind the enrtains
or under the sofa to linU.u to the instrument
and singing. Punishment and aeii'ling back to
bed had no effect, and at length ho w as al
lowed to stay np and take nilciit part in the
Sis first instructor in muic was a Dano
named Panlnon, a man thoroughly qualified in
his profession, but given to drink. At one of
tbo weekly quartettes Paulsen imbibed bo
freely that he was unable to play. Iu this un
fortunate dilemma Ole was half-jokingly told
to take his place, and the violin was placed in
his hand, with the promise of a stick of candy
after the performance. Ole accepted the com
mand in earnest A quartette of Tleyel which
bo bad heard sevoral times was chosen, and
bis memory served him faithfully. To the as
tonishment of all he played ' each . movement
correctly. He not only executed the difficult
passages, but marked the rests. It was a won
derful triumph for' tho 8-year-old boy. Ho
was wade at onca a q active member of the
club. Soon after he became ' the owner of a
little red violin. ' He slept in ' the" same room
Willi his parents, and the night of its purchar
bo conld not sleep for thinking of it After ai
was quiet iu tho houe he crfpt out of bod and
into the next room whore the instrument had
been deposited. But let him tell his owu
"When I heard father and mother breathing
deep, I roue softly and lighted a candle, and in
my night clothes did go on tip-too t- odcu ihe
case and take one littlo peep. The viuliu was
eo rod, and the pretty pearl hji tvj did smile at
lap 0! I pinched tho atj-ini; a littto with my
fingors. It Binned at me eVer more .ind liioro.
I took up the bow and looked ct it. It 6aid to
mo it v.'ould be pleasant to tr3' if, ncrosa tho
strings. So I did try it, junt a verv.vqrv little,
and It did sing to me so Kwectly ! "then 1
did creep farthor away from the bedroom. At
first I did play very soft .1 mado very, very
little noise. But pVceetiy"l did befjin'a eap
riccio which 1 like very much, and it do go
ever louder and louder; and I forgot that it was
midnight and that everybody xrna asloep.
Presently I hear something go crack! and the
next minute I feel my father's whip across my
shoulders. My littlo red vioiiu dropped o;i tho
floor and was broken. I weep piuoli for it, but
it did no good. They did have a doctor to it
next day, but it nevor recovered its healtli."
In lSol, when he was 1?1 years old, ho went
to Paris to pursue hi mime.-ii studies, but his
money soon gave out and ho had no tiieand of
replenishing liis purse. He was unknown as a
musician, ho could not oven teach, and he was
at last reduced to the very vorgo of starvation.
The tide turned at lant, however, and bv a
series of curious accidents he wag enabled to
gain a hearing before some rich and powerful
connoisseurs in music. Aftor a succoeful con
cert tour through Italy he devoted himself to
study with an intensity which wrecked his
health. Visiting Bologna he won in the inot
extraordinary way the great celebrity which
Lfollowed him ever afterward. It seenls that at
mo wuie ui uis oiy iu uuiuyiiH,, itiaiiorau uuu
DeBeriot were both there, and were advertised
to appear. The two bad a violent quarrel,
however, and refused to go upon the stage.
"Ole Bull had now been a fortnight iu Bo
logna. He occupied an upper room in a poor
hotel, a sort of soldiers' barracks, whene ho
bad been obliged to take temporary refuge,
bocauso of tho neglect of a friend to send him
a money order. Hecludtxl from society, he
spent the days in writing on his concerto:
and wbon evening came, and the wonderful
tones of bis violin sounded from the open
windows, tbe people would assemble in tho
street below-to linten. One evening the cele
brated Colbran (Rossini's first wife, and a na
tivo of .Bologna) was passing Caea Soldati
and beard those strains. She paused. The
sounds seemed to come from an instrument
she bad never heard before. 'It must be a
violin,' she said, 'but a divine one, which
will be a substitute for Do Beriot and Mali
bran. I must go and tell Zampieri.'
"On tho night of the concert, Olo Bull, hav
ing retired very early on account of weari
neso, had already been in bed two hours,
when be was roused by a rap on the door and
tho exclamation, 'Cospetto'di Bacco! What
stairs!' It was Zampieri, tho most eminent
musician of the Italian nobility. He asks Ole
Bull to improvise for him, and then cries,
'Malibran may now have her headaches!' He
must off to tbe theatre at once with the young
artist There t no time even for change of
dress, and tho violinist is hurried before a dis
appointed but most distinguished audience.
Tbo grand duke of Tuscany was there, and Do
Beriot with his hand in a-sling- It seemed to
Ole Boll that be had been transported by
magic, and at first that he conld not meet the
cold, critical exaena - of Abe neonlo before
"n: ror no anew fyeranc '.was against
An I'siflaUbeol Ioesu by RtfSnt
The Century. - . - -
fThe roader ovMr. ' Bryant's porms will
readily ifincmW tho many versus addreosed
to his wifo, such as "Oh Fairest of tho Bural
Maids," writ Um about the time of their mar
riage; "The Futuro life," speculating as to
the uniou of their spirits iu tbe world to come)
Hie fcHick-led," describing an illness : "Tho Life
That Is," rejoicing in recovery; "-The Twenty
seventh of March" the birthday of Mrs.
Bryant; "October, lbV5," descriptive of bor
death and burial; and "May Evening," a
gentlo reference to her loos. But in addition
to thes;, as we learn from Mr. Godwin's forth
coming biography of the poet, a fragment was
f.jund among his papers, which recalls her
memory in a very tender way, seven years
after her d ath. The lines were unfinished
and uncorrected; but wo cannot refrain from
giving them as they Were written dated
"Roslyn, 17:5."
The morn hath not tho t-'lyry that it wore,
Nor doth tho dat so Loautifully die,
Binee I can call thee to my side no more,
'J'o upon the sky. "
1'or thy dear bund, ith eaih reiuiu of spring,
1 t-ought in sunny r.o-As th'j flower hhe
I siiek them nVill, and sorrowfully bring
Tho choictHt to thy g'ave.
Ht re, where I sit alone, is iiometiines heard,
From 0ij great world, a whisper of my us mo,
Joiii'J, haply, to sunn kind, commending
By those whose praise is fame.
And then, as if I thougV.t thou still wort nigh,
I turn me, half for;ettiiig thou art dead,
To rffd the gentle gladness iu thine eyo
That once 1 might have read
I turn, hut see tbee not; before my eyes
The image of a hill-side mound appears
Whoro all of thoo that passed not to tho skies
Was laid with bitter tears.
And I,"whp thoughts go back to happier
That tioil with thee, would gladly now re
sign All that tho world can give of fame and praise
. For one sweet look of thine.
Thus, ever, .when I read of generous deeds,
Such words as thou didst once delight
heart is wrung with anguish as it bleeds
To think thou art not near.
And now that I can talk ho more with thee
Of ancient friends and diys too fair to last,
A bitterness blends with the memory
Of all that happy past
Oh, when I -
TIi Barber ou Various Matter.
I snbboso nodings could more Burfcrising
peen to a Uniclcd Sdadea bo'tdician as dor fact
vot Cainpftiti tied a boor man. Dcm dink he
could not pecn a drnly orate batriot By Cliim
iny Hnolcy ! dink of it if he was in America
und had goniirol of der guudry, und der beo
b!o should dink ho vos a leedle-Cborge-Yash-iugilon-on-vtels,
like dem did iu Franw)! Ho
vod haf pcen rich like a eon of a gun mit
railroad Rharcs und boodiful houses und, in
Mexico mines, und mjyne ho voo:l tome coI
gif avay py dor boor. You sbeak of der acau
dal ap'ivvd" him? Dot voj n'xbiings. Such a
dings is in France der -svlillcate of a man's
'Veil, jrr. E lf-rs, shall 1 sliafe vour neck,
or vill j-ou chooHt a, haic cuthaf ? . If you vant
dot. gollar shafe-.l, moro VecU;'T j'ou led a
Chines parbcr do i.i init ;v vsjjhpoard und
soap. If you yuvieck vaiir shifed, blease go
owid iu der tidreot vei-s de; o is blpndy room,
und dook dot gollar oO You can f5ng it pack
aronnt your vaist like v Savend Retchimond A'parbcr 'oml vaut to glirab ofer
such a dings, like a dir mit a garden fence., to
get at a chendleman's iVk. . - Yy do beople such
a gollar veur, alretty? Der man vich has got
in der vorld der pigger" goilar bas got only a
in bosition in der ass ably." "
"Have I read dat ard'jkle in dor Dablet you
gafe me aboud infidelity r Oh, yah! Vot I
dink of 'em? Yell, dot voo a grade biddy. I
read him shiow und garoful, nnd I vas feeling
gwide elewated und reutchons, ran right avay
py der pottom of der ardickbf vos a leedle
dings rich sayt how eomo batont moticine
vould make soft und cTossyiair owid of a paid
head crow4n dwo veeks. Such ft fearful lie
like dot should not bean brintad ota dop of der
pottom of a r elite bona ardickla. - Id shooils der
previous arkument" . . . ' . .
. FItx e the TJalon.
At the banqset given, by the Brooklyn regi
ment to Gen. Fitz Hugh Lee, in return for
his courtesies at Yorktown, he. replied to the
toast of "Our Guests." Ho told some good
stories one on himself. - When some of the
boys went home on parolo at tho close of the
war, one sturdy old v confederate farmer re
fused to believe that -. Gen. Lea i had sur
rendered, and got over it by saying: "Oh,
it's that Fitz Hugh Lee who surrendered;
old Gen. Leo never surrenders." Ho said
the days of abuse bad passed, , and hence
forth they could declare that tbe United
Slates are bounded on tho north by ice and on.
the south by bananas, and anybody or na
tion that attempts to force an entrance-? ill
surely slip up. When two New York; senators
left the United States senate sot long ago, Yir,
giuia felt thai perhaps another case of so ces
sion was about to take place, ' and they exam
ined their swords and read up tactics for tbe
Virginia mrhtis felt that rt Is their dotyV
watea. and taiea cre tn n.
Tliose aivl ot -v , r -'f
reeeivedSori 4&
woullhV! '-
eve- TV
leatha' tv -.! -ri.
TL9 tcrcr to tt vp si l m v-i t often a v
ablp ouo iu cri'i. al i;u);o'-i.ta. . i'l.o Udy t
led all
'us Vn.-k ho quietly nd safely
pupil out of a burniii rlnx!
house, toforj tlicy Vuc.r that llvas on firo,
might have put thorn Into a pstilo and im
pcnlcl iiiany livos if sha had not kjb. ne,l
the jvower t-j control hetlf. The fnilowii:g
little incident on board an KiiK'-"" usu ot wir
flag-ship U no lesj creditahli) t) tho girl (M is i
Busie Prior), aln app'-jis proinin itiy in it,
bocauso bite tells th story herself in a private
"After tea I wout i.ii deck fur the nlr with
Mr. L'iily, the commodore's h.jiu As wo leaned
over the raili, admiring tho orange sunset, sud
denly I had a notion that I emelt a !ngcd,
smoky odor. I turnod to Mr. Billy, without
thinking anything serious had occurred. "If I
were or. shore I should say that some careless
persou had allowed a cbiianey to get on fire,"
and at tho same time I pointod to a particular
spot in tho ship. Ho cried, "uoiiseiifc;" but
i-topped short, and raised - his ' head a-t he ti
linelt the faint odorof something burning. In
an instant his face becsmo ' stern, and a hard,
dojred light came into hisyos.
Don't stir. Miss Prior, till I como La-k," ho
sui t "If I can I'll bo hero again in a moment,"
and he hurried away in the direction I had
Then it flashed upon mo that youdT,
whenco tho smell of the burning came, luy the
powder-magazine. 1 did not stir from the npot
w here Mr. Billy had ' bidden mo stiy. It was
not many seconds, though it seemed an hour,
but the iiight-wind was kind . and like a cool
hand, lifting tho damp hair from my temples
and keeping me from falling down in a swoon.
Mr. Billy came hack very quietly and spoke
compouedl1-, but his voice was low and his lips
quivered -It id all right now, and eafo," h
assured me.
"What was wrong?" I asked '--,
"Only a stupid fellow, who was assisting in '
moving the stores (the powder) and who had
no business to have a light thero dropped a
r; ark among some bagging and it was getting
into a blaze. But I got thero in time to stamp
it out; and the saptsin of tiu gunners tluixhod
the business with a wet blanket" "But how
well you behaved, Miss Prior," ho said, for
getting his own conduct ;uid appreciation of
the danger. ""If you had mado a row and de
tained me, nothing short of a miraclo could
have saved all on board tho Conqueror from
being whirled into eternity." "Even if. the ao
cideut hid got wind, and thrown us into con
fusion, there is no saying how tho matter
might. have endod I, who am in tho secret,
shall always thank you for all our li'es, and
for that of my dear' old mother's twice over.
Had a whisper of the terrifio danger reached
her, with my father absent. I ain certain il
would have cost hor her on life the spot" ,
. . .
Teaching; Boys and ;irlfi to Use Their
Hands. '
Decorator and Furnisher. , .
The Public Industrial Art school in tho Hol
lingsworth building, pa Locust . streot (Oharlee
G. Leland, director), bi developing" certain. fea
tures which distinguish it from those of its
kind in other citios. . The object of this latter
school is to teach purely decorative design,
and to apply it to the minor arts, such as em
broidery, wood-carving, modeling L, in clay,,
with coloring and glase, embossing sheet brass
or l eponssd work, decorative painting in oil and
working iu sheet leatlier.'tnosau: seltifig, inby;
ug and other Lranehaj.. The numljor of pu
pils in attendanco- is ono - hundred aud fifty.
Tho worlt of fho icaclicrs is to train boys to bo
come practical ' mechanics and to riaks both,
girla and boys familiar with.' work, to ueo their
bands to give tha eomo rosoarca by wliitjh
they cau make money. It gives, exactly the
only kind of manual labor euitod to girla as
well as boys, and it opens a department
of teaching especially to women, for which
there is, at present a very great demand," anJt
comparatively, no supply whatever. The time
is at band when every school will embrace
these minor arts among their studies, nnd rho-a
who understand them can easily nv.a
mentnow. The city of Philadcl. '.
sole proprietor of the school, and i
has originated a reform in education
' i it
:ii has
never before been fully practiced 4.i.jtr in
Kurope or America. This experimental school
baa been frequently visited by foreigners, as
well as by maDy Americans, who have coma
to tho city for the express purpose of examin
ing it The visitor will seo about forty pupils
ongaged in studying designs, about as many
more modeling vases, etc., iu clay, with color
and glase, carving in panels, embroidering,
and painting in oil, ete. What these children
are doing is to qualify them for tho workshop
or to teach. That the project .is a success will
ftppear from a few facts. A 'practical manu
facturer has taken many of the pupils nnd
pays them well. a he regards them sufficiently
well trained to bo of use as designers. A situ
ation with good pay has been o'fered to a girl
Of fourteen, and ono of the boy studonts dur
ing his vacation of two mouth, earned $-18..
The I'atlent Aujvler a::d 1213 "Bait.
Xonth's Companion. . t.
Tho late Chancellor Bibb, a former secretary
of the" treasury -and a United St3tes senator,
was noted for - Irfa courteous manners and h:
old-fashioned dress. As late as 1S59, he were,
in tho streets of Washington, a broad-brLnniOi.1.,
hat, a ruffled shirt, 'a long waistxroaV. ssalT
clothes, black eilk. "atockinga, kneo 'and shoo
buckles, and hie fcair tied up ill a cuo. '
The chancellor was a devoted "Lrutiieirtl
the auglo." bdieving, with ,(?' tat Iza&k Wal
ton, that "God never did i. e e t-io calm,
quiet innocent recreatida thar
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Immense Practice in PlattsmoutL
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: Her & Byo, Tiiroat k Lus, Catarrli, Kiflnojr
Biaclaer and Female Diseases as Well "as ;
. Chronic .and Nervous Diseases.
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