Plattsmouth weekly herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1882-1892, July 28, 1892, Image 1

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    ' " Tl mtori-Ml S''i
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l7 f 1 r.i
. j u t.i 1 1 :
.n W.
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-llll U.I- -HI
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alh i.m. .,:
. .1 ivvl the C.t-
P ll'IVC il I-',"
:u m tiii.iu im r.s I .
if . . 4 N ;1
Absolutely Pure.
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4." '
H a
i iS' P T'.) I N!
mi dii.i r
I.. Ill II II i
el i.l A i
-, ti tlir
r i ; .ll s.ix s:
m miner- now fin
al S t V!l- m'- Con!
i:n:'.- r i i :.'. c.iU. d
u - -
l;-.i x.
i1 P
Mi-s I. Iit!l .-:!u j '..
. t ' ill President ! I M Ti- , ,,, i,.;,,, v , ,;.,- ..Mil t 1 1 I I I - !
t ii to the teacher- ;i- -of i- ! t,j,M their illations upon hi.-
. I . t i l ' ' ,,,,, t.i ti'.- iff pp'-i.l. lll'X .
i:h".iii'i ,- y,.u"i..ri I".:;-1 ' .1 -'ven
II.; l!n 'll for thco- ill. Ml.
,:i !i i- ma lor -.if- pes
It i ' , i
-oil's spe
,tt it'ti at S.ii .i : m: i tlic it luT
' coin in .;' '.i mpa i n will 1
: e. '.neat na! on.-.
ll, .nil
f . ..1 .r ',-.!: II HoXvdiT
Ili-hc-V of all in i, avrn.n'tr.-ntli tin- coii.tiy
t 'uivci'ii incut lood re-
. n -1 ri u
1 on. S
-io.-al .!.-:.
. to tl:.'
U -1 ail
M'i'urc t iH' non; 1 1
I'll. i pina n ov c: ,
1 1 urn
n i-nl ion
. in .ra Mi'
ati.m ol I
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ll:.' J
a r. n ion in i n -r P i u oi .
u-. ri! - .t t ' .. '..-in i.t.: t '
- ':l ill. il. in-; llnir li"i
t liitrlav. KV.'I. mi t's
a : n -
UI.IS'. i .r . - - ' '
. 'I'l .fi, ! A ' r.
Of P'AII.V P..-H.oi lv
I I "
S... J , . I' M N.'l...
... i I.l :. I .1 "
N.i. fe. 7 ; il l. in
Nu 1.1 !':' :i. "I
"in, li I- ' .1. i'
.i. I.i
. I'i
.7 a. in.
i'i:: I'nialal I'iil-i:.'. ll..
o1'l;';iii ol ll:.' I.'.I'iiht-' allian..'.
I ll ,i ii i : I a !:; for ll...- I lohi-inian J -inn
ot.'. a- alan. a -I hy t!,c arti( V i unl
tin-,' ini I 1 i - l-.c I Mo!!-:a I'm a', r: : i n -.; I vicli
,. 1. 1 a - Pi pr.a
Ia in a io mi',
j.riix.'ii on in in
l!.at h ' i- a.
i :.,l.or. '..a- li. I
pr. a a i - hv.i- M ; i: i'1 1.
w liola eoniro .-!- l:a- ! ,. -,,
tla- (art Unit Pa' l:a- I N !;;, h w
r i . n . 1 - in la.- i
( i . i :' -.unl.iy -. ' ! i . i . 1 1 i -i
t. i n : 1'iT a :n 1 i ut i . -1
( ir'.A ( .il i ol! i - . a
r.'ir r,;v.
I I a ; i -I I a- 1 -. 1 1 a : i
in .- ..iv I n- in t';.- .'''
.vl 1 1 ''ray a in I i. ! i '. i
i;m"! ;ania of !.., .'1..,.
, Ih' ! i r n n i - I i ... i
i . ; v ' . 'l it .ma a i . - 1 1 ! ! ,
j Ni-. It a i i . Win',- i
1 1 1 'a I 1 'li-ca-''. I nit I -
i '.an I It v i 1 : a 1 1 i -
I'l.n ! i'..ri a i . 1 i
Mm mm??
- w y i- l
Id a
i :i.
Is the cause of our blis
ja. For ail sorts of cleaning
"x It ncer cot.93 arTjiss.
Made Only l:-v
N.K.Fairbank3cCo4 Chicagq
w i : i
I. a .- it
i ,
i a' 1 i a
11 . 'n
.Y.."iN 11
a 1-
- t,.-1 1, ii.,
.. in . . i
.a ;
KM ink" l'M.ii i I tin' N.'.v
W.-rpi n li' V 1 1 . r .'.-t.'r.'.i
1 1 i - i 1 1 1 i i a ::.'' . '-1 to ,-. n I
am i n ty i a la.;' T n .ii t N .1 a',
i.i-tian ti-.! I..r I- i. l 1. I !
tu ever'. ,n-t 'I.-inainl ina
j i, ,...n liini in tin- r.ani'' ot lal.or, ami j
Ilia- in.lrr.l as-it.'.l tin' lal-orrr- of
! il'a- i a 1 1 i 1 1 1 i v on many io'.i-i' m -. I
I I 'oil now it r.Mli.'S to lilit. a- ill
, ! ..o;i ! al.ovi-, that AiII.m i
In- Ca-- i'i-' ::!'. :i'l
-U.I C'it ! Mo I'll -mi, tl
a n I :
I a!
; t A
I PM.l A!
UT 1 -..'
!-.-ofiatr ol tllr
'-t l ! ' i , piopll. t." Ill- ll.'M'IX i.'l.l.'i
i want io Ini... r. Ill T li" I'H n . - r
-, .,'.,,'. -i.. a union lal-or, r . n
li!- . ';,..' . a-n! tl'.iit in- i- oppo-.- 1
l iin.api''. M - an in-i
t,,,,,,1,' who in
-lionl I in .t tl row
i- i.
V. ,M. h.a I. i- ;
I 'a ii hi-i i.'i i oi u a i
1 ': at i - in in t h.
i'hr Murray han-l
h i . .I I an, I i . -.
.loiiiir lir-t ra'.'.
, II I i II ;; .1
- h.-.v .
I ail 1
i -1 (lit
a I tho
i :
t i-
i l :
AS - '
r i
:i :.l
u :
up i : -
tin' i.n
i ia '. -.
ai. ui '.
'U :' i '. 1 1
i-: to !.
i liha.;
ll I -III. 1 1
, a 1 i , :
M v 1 1
' V
1 1
1 1 .I'll
V, I
v.s ii j'X re ::.
Iiitttcy ''a! y n t in:,' ami
i r. .- in titi'iii
UT 1
1:1'' in:
a vr-
A . I...'" ' '' '
in Hi n !...: .'.
i-'i llu .'..I iv 1
vm:!i '. !. I
Kiw .nil. t -I v c.i
I. i.! I
!:i-!: in- i i;k v
i-vi :-v Mi iiiiv i-M'
li.ill. A. I''. 1 1 I''1
.::l.l. v..-t-
ll, .ll III" i. iv.
A pi
in n
Wii 1."
'i. '(. K' I 1 1 iii':;.iii piou ly I a
" r-.'iu;:!- anil all will he
I'll, it i- tin' ;v:imiii win ilriil
; 1, ot In -I am I t liir.l I'i i
iiiivl.M M ; J !'. i.aiua i-
. . . , - ' . .
A ,i.,v' ill nu ll in null at I " 1 1 '
hall, I' i a nk i
i. lpMi'diiiilili' l'i'-t So. V
t' NICII I '
1 No- 17
K ami
oi'i a ,'y has lioiii'-o I it! Ir ri'in i nu' lo:
tin1 past thirty-two cirs. Tin- mis
sion of tin- I'uitcil Stati s lias not
vt t I'tuli'il, as ili iiiorrats liavo loud-
' I 1 v liopial. Iin.l tried to enforce, by
I . w- : a t.i I . 1 -. ' i l.-
l.l iia' .'. ".t: I ry .t-j. iin-t .mi. iv .a.
A - ii -ua! : iii-re w a- no t m l!i in t he
a. a u.-ali"!!. yet it l a- I il( ai '.: h t out
ill, it Sieven-ou is il rani eni'liiy o!
union lahor. ami lliat KV i'l i.J its
frieml. The result has been t;ooil
inileeil. lVuioiTMey lias luen ceii
siire l out " its own nmntli.
i ai : ,. -
i .a,! i . . . t ' . I
I a ; 1 1 i 1 1 1 . . hi I ; i
ll, ,1 I .'....I i " 1,
e-;.:U:-huvi P
I 1 1
1 1
call i.m
!a u.-e I'oiuph't,
I n - pei t III- 1 u i il
' a-, el I'a r lor set ", I lir. ii: room -etJ,
'.;;! i ,en. llinp.; lap! in a tir-tel.i-s
1 1 .' sti if ! a :
all the engines of war within reafli
years ao. The
nl.-i t- i vi r ! I'vuiiinil at 7 : Mi Ticir Hall in
IUH'kwDod'i'U. AH visituit! iv iiiiinus thirtv ;iinl more
.. .... i ...I ... .. ..... ll III. 1.4 l-IHll hlltl'S.
l'l'ift Ailjiiiiiiit ; u. Ml'". ''" .'eiiiiiiiulil.'r. j nlea that sue h ;i party t'ue nation's
1 j destroyers -- are now its exclusive
"V.-.'Z'V.lV.rv Welm'-uav fOe- patriots and most l.o,.efl defend-
;'at tlieir liiill oxer Ci-inul X; I all's, nil i orf4 js a peix is inn t)f illl liistorv 11 lid
ii- kninlit :ue i-i.uivii i. o "'...'; I ... ,, .
I M . I iril'litli. c I : Mi- liuvex- J of ill) insult lu the ll:i t ion s 1 1 vi ii i;' and
V .1 r W a M M-'ft s.f'i'l :i";l f''""1
1-iiilav eveiiiiius in tin-II1..1U a at l
(1 K Hall. M Veiulnin, M W, 1-. 1' l.n.xxn,
n xi i.HTKHS 1)1'" IfKIT.n'A ut l'limi-
It turns out tnat l'rix ate lams (.f
the 1'eunsx hiini.i e;ti,irds, w ho was
half shaved, liiliii;- upl'V flic thumbs
until he fainted, and then drummed
i .. i .i.,.. v.i in ii t I ir -i Tniiil ami
fniinli Tlnii-.iliiy i vi-iai rs et i;:i.ii iiii.iiui ai , ot the reiinetit, was not court
ii... i (i h r. inn. .ii. ir.. ... ...... -
(. ; Nile. .Inlin toly, Seeretary.
iu:irti;ile(! at nil for his offense o
hurrahiii'.' for the would-be a-sas
i-vKCKKI-: t'K 110X0 Meet- tlic lir-t ; s ;11lt A Kriek. 1 .11 1 the pun-
' iiiiiilliiiil riunr-ij.o ixrieaiu- "I each I . , ,
iN.iiiili in I " " '' 1 1 it 1 1 . l- iia;ei.ilil 14. .i k. l-hiueiit xvas mtl ic ted by the colonel
.Mr-. A .1. 1 i.-;' M . it l . .v 1 ' :;..V;rx""""r ! -f his re-iment, Strealor.on hisown
M rs. Nainiie liui Ke,, si-H T sn ri i.n . . s
: responsiliilp.y. I lie pnhlie senti-
CASS l.liiM'.K, No. tli'..l K0. h, iiiei ts ey-I u.n js Vl.,... .tfono- imjiinst the
t , I.t ,,t 1 Dull UI IL' T l tl
xrv i nt'Mi.i in ui m "' - ...
hkVk. AUtiilil 1 T'lii" aif tvniially u.xli.'H tlmmli Hangup
to Httelitl xx lien viMiiiit: in i i" in j- '""-' cl
ersi'ii.N. i ; S. Uslmui, Smetary.
business, iitid the
C ilotiel will doubtless be court mar
tialed himself forhis sav iL'erx'. I'ut-
iiOYAb A Kt." A N A M ('.i'i ('i)iiiu'll No W . ; . .pK- tu the torture is a relic
! Mi'.-t at Hit' K, nl I'. Iiail In 111" l'ariiirli' I , . ' '
Crk' liliii-k nxi'i' I'.i'niii'it lut i , xailniii! id barbarisiu that will not statu! tor
hri-tliii'ii iiixili'il. lii'iuy xii'rain, iii'n'iii
Tlios XVallinn, Si'i ri'tiirv.
di.-cip.line these
enouli of this
... :i 1,. n.-i
M.iin Street, lamlns I "
open tr'i in ::: h in t" s :W l' ' I'or men imly fur the entire centurv.- Lincoln
liospel meetiiiK every Si.uilay atteiin.mi Ht i i i
iiVlock. joiiuiai.
J. XX llterillall I'll" K
! proper military
(lax s. T'nere was
i .
rittid it v ilui a ne; I
('. nu plaint xvas to-day made to the
Huifd of Health as to the condition
of the alley back of the liiion block.
J ude K'iimsey to-day granted a
permit lo wed to Charles K. Ward
iiiu 1 M iss Carrie JenUs. Hoth par
lies live near Ashland.
The ladies of the Kpiscopal
church have an Kdison phonograph
on exhibition at Voiinij's old stand,
and they are al-o serving; ice cream
Mrs. r.evdewauder of K't. Scott.
Kansas, is the n'ticst of Mrs. C. 11.
I'iirmele. Mrs. 1!. lived here txveutx
seven yriirs ;ii;o and this is the lir-t
time she has been here since niov
in;;- away.
The ladies of the M. K. church
will i;ivc a lawn social at the home
of Mrs. Allen lieeson, corner of ak
;i ti 1 North Seventh street in the
lovey property to-morroxv eveninu
( I liursday.) hvcrybody invited.
A warrant for 1,7a 1.! '7 w.-is to-day
",-iven to Henry lln'fk as a jiart of
the verdict for damages sustained
by the sewer which damaged bis
biiildine;-. The court allowed him a
judgment for J'.VJut.
r 1 i.i'i a v' '! ! a .
i .ui'! !'..i- i pi; i : :
it. all in i.' ( ii . 1 runtime; ot ' i .
(m'iii'P1 S i ; i i 1 1 1 . in i!'e eiuplo;.
U illiam M irks, m,P1 hi- ,.ny
now wauls to sell his -a.! lie.
Mr. S. Olin Cole and familv
iiiirpnny with Mrs. ( noli, went lo
Iteatrice last I riday to visit friends.
They will remain oxer Sunday.
Klmer Cole, one of the !!. iV M.
firemen, was out Sunday evening',
tin' 17th. to vi.-it his brot her. ( tl i n,
in company with Miss Maeie
W. N. I lalsev, the principal of the
llih school at I'lalt.-inoiph, was
out seeine.- the dilf rent school
boards and n'ave Mx nard a fall. I !e
xvas showing school charts.
L Unruh,
I'l.A 1 ISMt '!' Ill,
Mil'.KASK A.
According to the census of lv.Ki,
Chican-o lakes rank, by virtue of her
"Since the McKinley bill went in
to lint-ration. savs the nati ana
populationofl, people, as the )lMlf()i.m (if t,u. (K.ln,,crat k. )ia.tVi
ei-hth lareest city on the -lobe. h.v ,.,. mi,u.tiiis .f
Alosl of us desire, ;it one time or I., , , , ,
. iosi oi un "i'"i. the xviies of lahonne;- mini to one
another, to visit a city in which so i im.r(..S(1
many persons lind homes, and.l Wo" frrin that eminently
when we Ho, we ciin nnu no oeu. i
line than the "Hurliiieton Route."
Three fast and comfortable trains
daily. Kor further information ad-
democratic journal, the New York
"l-'AI.I. IvlVhk. Mass., July lit. The
Cotton Manufacturers' iissociiitioti
iresd the ;ment of the company at voted to pay all day help employed
his place, or write to J. Fnincis, in the mills for fifty-eiuht hours'
i ii . , i it. L..t work the same wanes heretofore
General Passenger and 1 a ket j A (h(.
Airent, Ouiiiha, Nebraska. i u operators employ ed on piece
. ', -. vork were advanced W., percent.
" ITie new list will i;o into clfeet from
Mr. Van I'elt. editor of the Craiir, July lb
Mo.. Meteor, went to a drny store at
Hillsdale, loxvii, and asked the phy
sician in attendance to i;ive him a
dose of somethiiie;- for choleni mor
bus and looseness of the bowels,
lie says: "I felt so much better the
next niorninir that 1 concluded to
cull on the physician and j;et him
to fix me up ii .supply of the medi- I xvas surprised when he
handed me a hot tie of Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrlura Reme
dy. I le said he prescribed it re- u-
larly m lus priictiee ami louml M
the best he couiii jret or prejare
From the same issue of the World
we also quote:
"Otis lirothers, elevator maun
facturers, signed ;in iiereeinent yes
terdav with the Klcvator C'on
structors' union urantinir the
shorter work-ihiy from August 1.
I he men will receive the same pay
for eieht hours that has been i;iven
for nine, and double pa)- for over
Here are two verv recent cases of
j j increased waircs "since the passage
can testify to its elliciency in my of ,1,e McKinley bill." Will some
case at nil events. ior sale by h. member ol the democratic commit
Oi Fricke A : Co. tee on resolutions, ttr some news
Al vo.
Weather hot and dry. People
feeliny very much discouraa,ed xvilh
the coming prospects.
Mr. A. I..
linger, iissistant
cashier of the State bank ol Alxo,
will soon have his line residence
ready lor occupancy.
II. W. Maitland has rented the
Roclofe. store building lor the
purpose of putting in ii confection
ary store and ice cream parlor.
Alvo will have a nice two-story
schoolhoiise erected in the near
future. The bids lor building- it
are beine,- examined now. It will
be built cast of the M. K. church.
W M X I M . ... : 1 1
I ll . . . .1. V i . .1 HI .11 . illHI
vx r.l rcaencu city inai v , f ... . , , , -
M. Meat-h, city editor of the Wa),uv ,.,:.... ..... uhi , visit wi.
Cot.nly Democrat, published f,.:,.,ls and relat ix es. Mr. Ch.v has
been a faithful servant since the
i toxvii tirst started.
Prouty mills have closed lor a
week or two duriiiL;' the hot weather,
but will take any and sill wheat in
exchange for Hour. Mr. Winsor.
the engineer, has oue home to
Lincoln lo rest during the vacat ion.
(Ireenwood Precinct alliance had
F ( j K'ii'ijiT qo
A Kill! 'IV.1 C'tl. pi' te lint: nf
Drugs, Medicine:, Paints, and Oils,
I'rcscriptioiis Ciirofnily OnniMMiiidcd at all Umc.
- TO'r
Oregon had dieil from injuries sus
tained by a lire. Mr. Peach's father
and mother, Mr. and Mrs. A. C.
I teach reside at Wabash.
August 11. at Id ;i. in., is the time
set by Jiiil'e Ramsey for Ava I'orn
holT to iippear before him and shoxv
cause xvnv Joliu is. ."leisinyer
should not be appointed her
uardiii:i. It is claimed by her
friends that she i entirely incom
petent to transact her business.
House Furnishing Emporium.
For Sale.
M v house ami three lot
Sixth and Dev. price $l,am.
Mws. . A. G. Hi i-i.t..
Central City, Neb., ape. I'i. R. I?
it picnic here hist week, with a hire
attendance of Salvationists. A
i-ood time w;is reported. Another
1 nieetiiiir will be held soon. Alvo is
truer j the centre of uravity for independ
ent men.
The following item, clipped Iron
the Ft. Madison (Iowa) Democrat
contains information well worth Foster were chosen delegates to th
The republican caucus of (Ireen
wood precinct was held in Alxo
last Saturday evening. Dr. Slurdi
vant Cieoroi' Hanson and I. S
' s - --- j
remembering: "Mr. John Roth ol
this citv, who nu t with an accident
a few days iio, fprainine- and
bruisinn- his leu' and arm quite
severely, was cured by one aU-eenl
bottle of Chamberlain's Pain Malm."
This remedy is without an equal
for sprains and bruises and should
have a tdace in every household.
For sale by F. (I. Fricke Co.
. 1 .. . c : 1....I
WHEKI-: you fan -vt your n.m.-e
kitclieii to i.arlor :iinl :it cn-y tear), is I
I ! ,le the world" renown Haywood Lal-y e:tni' '-S
i .i ,. t ;,,,i.e,o , ,1 LVHaUe Process li:in!
1 1 If iaie-i i in j" "
Call uml l'C eonvinee.l. N troiil-le to h-y
I. Pearleman,
HOUSE ) 1 1 J
convention al Weepin;
A C C I D K NT I N S L' R A , C K ,
T. II. Pollock, Aeut.
Attention I
A meeting- of the Voting Mrn's.
Republican club is hereby called
iit the (I. A. R. hall Friday evening,
July '!', at S o'clock p. in.
Ji-ssk I.. Root,
M. N.GK'iFHTii, President.
Allow me to ad. I my tribute to the
el'licacy of Kly's Cream Halm. I was
sutVerinii- from a severe attack of in
tUien.a and catarrh and xvas induced
to try your remedy. The result xvas
marvelous. I could hardly articu
late, and in less than txventy-four
hours the catarrhal symptoms and
my hoarseness disappeared and I
was able to siny; a heavy role in
Grand Opera with voice unimp.ired.
I strongly recommend it to all sine;.
t.r,Win. IL Hamilton, leading
basso of the CD. Hess Grand Opera
Fun Sai.K ok Tkaih: A desirable
lot in Plattsmouth. Will sell for
cash or will take a yood bunny
horse and horses in exi'lnnine.
For particulars call on or address
this office.
Mi'e Nerve mid Liver Fills.
Act on o new priciple retil.itmo
the liver, htoniiich and bowels
through the nerves. A new discov
ery Dr. Miles pills speedily cure
biliousness, bad taste, torpid liver.
piles, constipation Unequaled 'or
men, women ana cnnoren. .-muii.
est, mildest, surest. TH) doses!!.') cts
Samples free at F. G. FJricke& Co'