Plattsmouth weekly herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1882-1892, July 21, 1892, Image 6

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    Tin-; wliiu- i t .! of tlu- s-oiitli
win) ini.-t minority rule i-
propir wlicri' tin- majority ""
oi'l, i-M' ii si- tln'ins.lvi's on tin
orouml that tliry pay tlu- tax.'s.
Thry talk aliout tlu'ir i-onsilrraliin
for tlu- nrio in trying to I'dnrati
liim. (ii-oi o V. I'al'K- taKos all tin
charity out of tliis talk hy showing
that in many parts- of tin- soul!', tin
negroes arc taxed to cl::cate white
children. In Cieorjiia. Nr. Cahle
claims, the public school money for
the year Inv.Mv.m wassJii.tM). Duly
IV) percent of this, or f'JiS.lim, wan
allowed to the muro m'Jiools, al
though i per cent of the popula
tion is nenro. Thf school fund of
the Htate is from a poll tax, the
rental of the Mate railroad, the tax
on liquor dealers, and the hire of
convicts. The poll tax of the lie
Uroes amounted that year to
$11)1, (.rj(. Add 25 per cent of. the
other fuds raised on state property
and it makes the full amount of the
lU'jjro school fund. The whites,
therefore, had 7." per cent of the
fund from these sources, which le
lonjr to the state at large, when
there is no reason why they should
have more than TkI per cent, which
is the white percentage of the
school population. It may he
humiliating lor the white gentle
men of Ceorgia to have it known
that they are not supporting the
negro schools, and they will have
another round of almse for lr.
Cable, .hut it will be necessary for
them to refute his statement with
figures as convincing as his.
Chicago Inter Ocean.
Trusts are not due to protection.
This is shown by the fact that the
great Mecca of combinations of all
kinds is free trade Cleat Itritain.
They are the product of a human
weakness common to all men, in
every country and under every
political svstein- cupidity.
Combination is the recognized
commercial tendency of the day.
It is natural for men to combine
where they see an opportunity for
their own profit; and they will do
this whether there be a tarilf or not
as all impartial judges, even fret
traders, will admit.
Protection is no friend of trusts;
in fact, it is essentially opposed to
them. It prevents the formation of
international combinations, for
which there could be no destructive
remedy, and guarantees men who
wish to compete with a trust a fair
field. and chance for competition.
Hy protection, also, trusts an
placed within the reach of our own
laws; placed where they can be at
tacked and destroyed by the strong
arm of the government.
l-'ree trade, on the other hand
either leads to the establishment of
imernaiionai couiiunatioiis, or, ny
destroying an industry in this
country and causing us to become
dependent for the product of that
industry on a few foreigners, puts
us at the mercy of a foreign trust
from which there can be no escape.
and which, of course, no legislation
of tuns can reach.
This is entirely in harmony with
the ordinary tree trade program- to
subject us in everything to the
domination of the foreigner.
lhe only effective remedy for
combinations is a radical anti-trust
law, such as that already passed by
a protectionist congress.
lhe question of trusts can lit
formulated in a few words: Fre
trade and foreign trusts, absolutely
our-iuasters. Protection, every dif
ficulty in the way of forming
trusts, new competition to nullify
their inlluence, and prohibitory
legislation to destroy them when
A independent writes to th
Ivlinwood Leader a column article
in which he semes the citizens' pe
tition ami the so-called citizens
convention and citizens' candidate
(W. J. llryan) for congress and asks
his independent friends how they
like to play the roll of tail to a dem
ocratic kite, and then goes on as
follows: "I know you did not
think when you signed that
petition that jim were marshal
ing your forces under the leader
ship of such men as Hroady, Cal
houn, Wallace, Ireland and others
of like ilk. Your independent Irieud
who induced you to sign that peti
tion, did not think to tell you that
W. II. Hearing and other good dem
ocrats, were passingaround another
one of the same make up, with only
one exception, via. none hut demo
crats need apply. Then, after both
petitions were as liberally signed
as they could he under existing
circumstances, all being done in an
underhand way, a little mucilage
done the rest of the work, the pastor
being sure that the democtatic
cud of the concern was put
where it would do the most good
Now, my independent friends, did it
ever occur to you that it was a little
Htrange? We, as independents,
never received any bid to go to the
democratic county convention held
at 1'nioii, where this deal was all
cooked up and served out to the
independents at so much a dish
Wc'will give our ic.i-ous why: In
our opinion the democrats ("It able
for the ta-k; lhe had a couples-,-i.,ii;il
committee to make, and they
wanted to give oii such good in
dependents to lead and care for it
as Judge Uroady, chairman; (he is
a good iiid. pendi nti; he withdrew
last fall in favor of Joe Kdgerton.
Little Tom. ny Allen, secretary, an
other goo 1 independent. W. II.
i .... ;, i r .,.iiMiiittieeman froi n C'a-s
ounty; he's all right, too, and the
thirteen delegates elected out of
that democratic mob go down to
Nebraska City and re nominate a
, ...... t.
citi.em congressman, nut uiarit
you, never failing to siuch up and
erfect genuine old moss-back
democratic organization, and poor
old Charlie Sherman, in trying to
Hecond the nomination of the young
citizens' "candid ite, slopped over
and choked down words failing to
give vent to his pent tip feelings.
Now, we account for that mishap
in this way: If he took Hryan
straight -Iree silver, free twine and
free cotton ties, (is thers anything
lse'r we guess not), and then had
to load up with the stuffed prophet,
which he had to do, it would make
i devil of a bad mix of medicine,
i ltd one that would be liable to get
him into trouble. Hi it it is all right
now--tlie Journal is for Cleveland
mil it's for llryan. "Oh, consisten
cy thou art a jewel.
Pki;si)i:.NT IIak'K'IsoN has signed
the pension bill. Which is good
news to the pensioners of the coun
try whose July payments were in
suspense, owing to the slowness of
the democratic congress in passing
the bill. It was like pulling teeth
to gel a body in which the demo
crats have a majority of laO to make
the usual annual appropriation for
the pensions earned in dejense of
the I'liioii, but Cieneral Harrison
did not hesitate a moment in affix
ing his sign manual to the bill, lie
, i i - i i i. . . i : :
lias nnne oi .mi.v ieriiiini n oiiosi- j
tion to make the vctomgof pensions
his official recreation.
The river and harbor appropria
tion bill was also signed Wednes
day and is now available. As the
appropriation of last year iu that
line had not been exhausted, and by
joint resolution had been extended
to July la, there was no embarrass
ment whatever in the delay in the
passage of that bill. The pension
fund was not exhausted by the
close of the fiscal year (June HO),
but it was exhausted several days
ago, and that in the midst of the
July payments. It is a low estimate
to say that 100,0(10 pensioners were
put to unnecessary embarrass
inent by the delay iu the
passage of the appropriation out of
which they are to receive their
quarterly payments for the current
fiscal year.
Kx-Ciovi-k'Niik W'AkMoi it, of Lou
isiana, says that manufacturing in
terests in the south have grown 2.1
per cent under the present republi
can administration, and the young
men of the south appreciate the fact
that the south is more dependent on
protection than any other section of
the country. They are not to be
frightened into the democratic
ranks by the old cry of negro domi
nation when they know that free
trade would ruin their business.
(iovernor War mouth was some years
ago called a carpet-bagger, but to
day he is one of the most successful
business men in the south, and he
talks business as the best politics.
Thousands of young and ambitious
southerners are begining to under
stand business principles, and it
will not be surprising to see many
oi iiieui tiemonsiraie it iv votiugas
their business dictates.
Till-: postofliec department has re
cenily issued an order creating ;
very larg,? number of money order
offices in the smaller towns. This
w ill be highly appreciated, as most
of these will be in villages white
there are no banks, and will be of
great convenience to people d
siring to make remittances. The
republican party has perfected tin
greatest postal system in the world
and can be relied upon to afford Un
people every possible convenience
based upon sound business princi
pies. Heat rice Times.
rilli wild cat currency plank of
the people's party is bothering the
democratic statesmen of Kansas, in
considering the scheme of fusion.
Hut then a possible opportunity to
realize the object of their existence
namely, to beat the republican
party overshadows all else. Hea
trice Times.
TlIK democratic press should
touch up Pinkerton lightly, as Pin
kerton has always been a red-hot
democrat, and three-fourths of his
men are also bourbons of the
straightest stock.
Hot 1 1 Kansas and Iowa have good
crops as well as Nebraska, which is
a sure sign that the democrats will
not be "iu it" next November.
vu r I : ti n n ) i. r m n . :
CuMil ci i n in mi: w.t .1. r.
The world has never witnessed a
phenomenon so full of hope as that
gathering up of twenty-live thou
sand youth and maidens in Matli.-iin
Square Ciarden, .New York, last
week. They rallied to the tune of
"I iiiwiird, L liri-, i;in -ulilii-r,
M;iri liin 'ti to uiii."
Hut theirs, like ours, is a "peace
ful war"; its weapons "not carnal,
but spiritual, and mighty for the
pulling down of strongholds." 1 lie
world never had a more significant
contrast between the kingdom of
Christ and the kingdom ot money
than when its keen, observant eyes
Hashed from the slaughter at the
Carnegie works iu Pennsylvania to
the great rose garden of young
faces iu New York, bright with
their holy purpose of good will.
Theorists may set forth their argu
ments against Christianity, but
audi practice as thatof these sunny
hearted young disciples refutes
them every time. The gospel that
can call together six thousand
young delegates for a prayer-meeting
at (i o'clock has not lost its grip
on the rising generation. "Peace
on earth, good will to men," is as
much their watchword as it was
that of the angels that sang two
thousand years ago in Hethleheni.
Kvery reform movement in this land
feels the touch of enthusiasm of
those who rally round good "Father
Kudeavor Clark," anil the undenom
inational character of their creed
and work predicts that church of
the future where
" .N 1 1 1 1 1
Til. ill
iiiul ereeds mid nltiirs hill,
li Christ, ml nil in nil."
Here young men and women par
ticipate equally in all that pertains
to the society, and Christian denioc
racy comes to full flower within
ihe house of (iod. Long live th
Christian Kndcavorci
That was an unprecedented sight
the Tinted Stales Heuale last
week when Senator uav sent a
copy oi tne iniiie to the clerk and
said he wished a certain passage
read as his speech on a motion he
had just made conditioning the
world's fair appropriation on Sun
day closing: "h'emeinber the Sab
bath day to keep it holy. Six days
snait limit laimr anil Uo all thv
work, but the seventh day is the
Sabbath of the Lord thy Cod. In it
thou shalt not do any work, thou,
nor thy son, nor thy daughter, nor
thy manservant, nor thy maid
servant, nor thy cattle, nor thy
stranger that is wifh'.n thy gates,
For in six days the Lord made
heaven and earth, the sea, and all
that iu them is, and rested the
seventh day, wherefore the Lord
blessed the Sabbath day and hal
lowed it,"
They press report says:
"During the reading of this great
commandment in the presence of
the modern lawgivers, there was
profound stillness throughout the
chamber. They were familiar
words and were reverer.tly heard
but no sooner had the clerk stopped
reading than Senators Morgan and
Harris, the democratic side, asked
why the whole decalogue should
not oe reau. senator tjuay was
satisfied with his presentation of
the case. The octavo copy of his
family bible was atonce returned to
him, and locked up in his desk
The tjuay amendment was passed."
iwo nunureu women are em
l 1 . i
ployed by Ivlison iu working on
Hie delicate detail of his inven
The coat ot arms of Kentucky is
two men standing with clasped
hands under the motto, "Tinted we
stand, divided we fall." One of
those men on the coat of arm
should be given his walkiag papers
and a, woman put !n his place. Th
worm is growing older ami wiser
and the decree has gone forth that
women are one-half of the people
iiieuecree lias not reached len
lucky yet, but itisonthe way, and
when it arrives the Kentucky legis
lature will order a new coat of arms
for the state, a man and a woman
clasping hands under the motto
"United we stand, divided we fall,
People grow in the world whethe
they want to or not, and the day i
coming when Kentucky men will
stand shoulder to shoulder with the
men of Woining on the question of
equal rights. It is only a matter of
edu:ation. Mrs. Josephine K. Hen
ry, in the Southern Journal.
It is to be understood that the
World's W. C. T. U, day, Septembe
22, is for the purpose of making
that society better known through
out he vorld and taking up a col
lection to help defray its expense
lbe president is always unsal
nried, but the secretary and offn
secretary have alwaya been salarie
officers, and there are large bills for
postage and stationery beside
the money needed to send out work
Kegulary meeting of the W. C. T.
U. Wednesday, July 20. Don't for
get the date.
I The Prohibitionists Nominate a j
Ticket at Weeping Water.
I Prof. Drummond 19 Near Death's
Door--Can Only Live a Short
j Tlme--A New Church
Bui ding for South
County Convention.
The prohibitionists of Cass coun
ty assembled in county conve tion
at Weeping Water for the purpose
of nominating candidates for the
il'ferent offices and selecting dele
gates to the state convention to lie
held at Hastings. A HliRALD rep
resentative saw two or three of the
delegates and they said they nomi-
ated a full ticket with the excep
tion of county attorney and county
commissioner troni the third dis
trict, and that the only one they re
membered who were nominated
ere II. M. Oault and W. O. Tucker
for representatives. THE IlEKALH
as unable to leuru who was unun
ited for senator.
The delegates the the state con
dition are 1. H. Hrown, hdwin
Davis, Coltmaii, P. P. (lass, W.
O. Tucker and K. W. Mttrless.
A Political Lecture,
lv'ev. Diffenbacher gave another
ntertainnient at the Presbyterian
church last night. The attendance
was about the same as the night
K'ev. Dilfenbacher slowed life-
ize p'ctnies of Kem. McKeighau
ind Hryan, and launched otf into a
litical discourse Instead ol
giving an entertainment as adver
tised. He showed Hryan iu two
lictures and lauded him to the
skies, while colli water was thrown
upon such national characters as
Irant and Sheridan. He evidently
forgot that Nebraska was repre
sented in the senate by two aide
men, who tower away above either
of the three congressmen, but not a
word did he say regarding llieni.
Tin; 1 1 ICKALD has noth-'ng to say
regarding his pictures, as they
were as line as will he seen any
where, but it does object to him
turning an entertainment into a
political lecture when he is adver
tised for something else.
Near Death's Door.
Capt. W. W. Hull was in Lincoln
yesterday and while there went to
the asylum to see I'rof. Drummond.
Mr. Hull says the doctors told him
that Mr. Drummond was very low
mil that the end was near. It is
thought Mr. Drummond cannot live
longer than a month. He said that
he was lying in bed, helpless.
A New Church Edifice at South Bend
William Kirk of South Hend was
in the city to-day soliciting aid by
subscription to build a church at
that place. The foundation is al
ready laid and was donated by
South Hend parties. The other
material and work will cost about.
$alK). Mr. Kirk said he had nearly
enough money subscribed to finish
and that the lumber would be or
dered Monday and the work pushed
to completion. The churt h will be
of the Christian denomination.
In Justice Court.
An interesting case occupied the
attention of Judge Smith's court
Saturday, wherein J. T. K'ichey was
plaintiff and Peter Lvcland and
William I'ool, Sr., were defendants.
Kvidcnce showed that Mr. K'ichey,
who was a member of the building
committee, had donated 1.) to help
build the M. Iv. church at Wabash;
ilso volunteered tosolieit subscrip
tions for the building and did other
odd jobs for the welfare of the
Christian cause. When the time of
building came the edifice was not
constructed to suit Mr. Ridley's
taste and he registered a kick and
said he would give .fliKI if it was
built to suit him. The cost of his
ideal church was too much for the
people and was not built, but a less
expensive one was erected. This
was over four years ago, and now,
within nine days of the time when
the case would be out lowed, Mr.
K'ichey sues the men above named,
who were only a part of the com
mittee, to recover his 1.") with
interest, and SfT.l for labor and time.
Attorney Wooley appeared for
plaintiff and ex-County Attorney
Heesou for defendants. Judge
Smith rendered a decision in favor
of defendants, dismissing the cast
as uo cause for action. Costs, $20.15.
Richey will appeal. Klmwood
Kcho "
Thf liook.x of thf Livit'jjfitiiii Loan
anil Huililiiitf association art- now
open for Hiibsrciption of stock, fur
thf eiijtli serif s Vinum; Anir.
lSt'J. kYnii'inlic r this i one of the
let paying instittitions in the
county. For full information and
stock apply to
dwit 1IKNKY K, (iKKINti, St'C.
Real Estate Transfers.
I -ollowiii!' ioe w e real estate i
transfers for the past week as coin-1
P'h-d by Polk Urns., abstracters
ind publishers of ilu- Haily Ke -ord:
" J White ; i tii! uife tn I. Sinnpsnii.
pt (', ot nr'.,. mi it smii in
J T A I louver ami wife to Ju-i-pli lVt-
iiii. on uuui-vuir ii'i no
H K I'll rt i ii i:i n. I.y ntturiif
, In S 1 i ll.
lut I, i-t l.reiMiwuu.l
lui mi
1. I ro-t ;mil i If Iu t
W Chirk. l,,t H,
est tirii'iiwiHiil .
j oft
1 on
(i V Clark tu 1 K Chirk, -nine ilesc
LC'k'ellisun mill Iiii-ImiiiiI tusiime.
lull, West (ireeiiudoil iliw ml
L, Tlmrluw iiiul wit,- tu A Allen, lut
ii. Vfi st (ireetiu uud Tn (Ml
C W Ail.inis a l ii I wife tu trn-dres
C Imrili uf Christ, luts lit nil, A.Iuiii-'
Add tu Wi-i'iiiiii' Wmi.t I mi
J C lliirll.nt unit wife tu h' I. arson.
tiwi4 '.'.t U-'J ."am mi
K l.arsuii mid wife tu TP Skinner,
I"-., hi nw'4, ZIU '.i.. ;''j:l(0
Francis N. Gibson vs. Win. Ham
ilton was filed in the district clerk's
office to-day.
Hannah Corwin has commenced
suit against John F. Corwin in dis
trict court for a divorce.
The Kmpkie Hardware Co. vs.
R. D. McNurlin is on trial before
Judge Ramsey this afternoon.
In Idaho the soldiers are arrest
ing all the strikers they can get
hold of and disarming them and
locking them up.
The case of Hlanch Traver vs.
School district No. (i. appealed from
Judge Archer's court, was filed to
day in district court.
C- inPv hulirnti- n di-nrdi r of tno Kidneys,
in id I - 1 1 1 1 -t iiH'ii-iui-- Miiiiild he taken to
i.v; i ill ,-iTHiu.-. iri.uiili'.
can lie ctiml
lr MM'iiili.nrv.
', nu ll n li vleca u, may liccnnie ilaiiLVioiis.
l .'l :' ii'-il. It will cur.' T.iverW-or-
'" W'n';!ie--, I'.riK'it's IM-i-ikc
; " I'ri' " id i' i' 'm'UI". .N ml
"' ;nr ' ! if Iiiul-. hmv (o live
' ' 1 '' '-' iri: i'la).lattit4.
'". LO..i5, (VI O.
jr'tA PnreCtirnfnr IVrnU
C proven ny rejMiruni fe&otnftpnv
& HieliuiH. Slate ako In orileriiiff.
Ci jU'rlee. 5f 1. t'ulaliiniu- Krre.
VTk T A A A y.f.i ,.,, ..u!tf
!,..:vP-V l M II rum Mr let.
Mtrletnrp nnri nit
i ... i :i
lUinntiirnltlrlinw. l'riv.
Vi.-'itliZ Ji-F flnrrv pncmriPCiirennll
nnri Skin llMnava,rrr-
alnna Noma snnNynhllltle A tlrrOon, wiU
liiitmerfMiry. 1'rlro, cat. order f rum
18 Wiwouin Btnet, MUWAPKSB, WIS,
OIRw honra frora 8 a. m. to 8 p. Uk baud a)
from 10 a. m. to 1 p. m.
fliwiftliste in Chronic, NervoM.Bk in and Mood
(VConainlUtinti at office or hy mail freo.
Metticinea aent hy mail or aitimm, encnrelf
packed, free from olwervntion. (inaranlvos to
rtiro qtuckly, safoly and permanently.
The mnet widel? and favorably known flinx'inl.
iste in the United Htnlea. Their long eiieneuce,
remarkable skill and nniversal euccees in the
treatment and cure c if Nervous, t 'lininic and Sur.
Kical Diseases, entitlo theeti eminent pliysiriane
to the full conhdouceof the atllirUxl everywhere
They KUnmntee:
nw fill etfwle of early vice ninl the uumerolui oiU
Unit follow in ite tniin.
aiieliiy, completely ami perniHut'iuiy curtni.
0RDEES yiulfi reoilily Ui ihoir ekillful treat-
guaranteed cunxl without imin or detention
from huMiueNH.
ui 'titly and eocresefully cured in every cose,
SYPHILIS, (iONOKKHlF.A, (il.KICT, His.nnn.
torrhirn. Seminal Weakness, lost ManhiKid,
Niuht lmiMiims, l)ecayel Kacultiee, Kemale
Weaknexe and all delicate diaorderH eculiarto
either sex positively cianvl, as well Be all func
tional disorders tint renult from youUiful fiiUien
or the exceee of mature years,
CfpipfiiHA (inarmited iennanently enred,
Oil IblUI C removal complete, without cnt
tins', caustic or dilatation, lure effected at
home hy patient without a moniouta )ain of
A Cnra Pura The awful effecle of early
rs vui l vui b vice which hrimta organic
weakncsR, deetroyinit both mind and hody, with
all iu dreailed ilia, permanently cured.
Rr R otf ft Addrasw those who have impnr.
UI O. DC119 P, themselves hy impmtwr in-
dnlsence and solitary Imhite, which ruin both
mind and body, luinttiiiK them for hueineee,
study or marriae.
MAKItlEU MRS, or those enterinn on that
happy life, aware uf physical debility, qnickly
f tT'Send 6 cent poettwe for celebrated work
on (lironic. Nervous and Delicate Piseimes.
Thousamle cured. ttTk friendly letter or call
tuny save you future anfferinu and shame, and
add ifolden years to fife, if So letter answered
unless accompanied by 4 cent in staniw.
AdriTiwe, cr call on
I 19 Sotuh 14th St
N. K. cor 14th nntl Douglas Sts
A V,?
I-I1a Aftaff A rll itanomvl
ITh etiTMt read Jto wraitk
WitK Wlf GuiDoor teomrry
Seems too tkl pitK ef KtajtK.
Fcr as with tKem tKt Julcts
Remain wltkln tk meat,
Hart food end macK tKt batter.
b foi u (
Meats roasted to their own Juices by
using the
romro EXCLUSIVELY oh ml
Ttiere la not a cooklnt apparatus mart nslng th
Bolld Oren Door but tint tbe Iota In weight ot meat
la from 'li to 40 per cent, ol tbe mrat masted. In
other words, a rib ot hurt welKhlnn ten pounds, U
roaated medium to wU dona will lose Uirea pounds,
Th sm roaurtad In the CHARTER OAR
DOUUi loses about one pound.
To allow meat to eturlnk Is to lose a large portion
Df Its Juices and flavor. The fibre do nut lepMlf,
and It becomes tough, tameless aud unpalatable
-'iiiniciidel a the Heat. IX
Lb Mahs, Plymouth Co., Ia., May. 1889.
I Bufforod from temporary sK'eplunBueBg from
OTOTwork tor two yours, for which 1 used Pastor
Knuiifi'i NVrvuTouio, ami con recomuioud same
as the bout uicdiuiue for similar troubles.
MlM'oim, Cut., May, lSHD.
My Bon bad a Bp! no ami uorvo diBeane ; wm
much bom'tltod hy the uo of l'astor Koenig"!
Nerve Tonic. The Uniijjhtcr of a friend of uilae
had fits aud was cured by tho Tonic.
Air. Thos. J. I'tirci 11, of Spokane Falls, Wash.,
writes from tho liotizulu College, Juno, ls'.sj:
1 lied epilepsy ia years, wad treated by tmiuy
physicians and took many Ho-calloil patent
medicines, but of no Hood until 1 took Pastor
hoetii's Nervo Tonic. Now, thanks to (!od
have not had an attack siuco Koveuibur, lbixi
Tntnnlile Ttook on Nprmm
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PasUir Kih iiik. of Kurt W.ivue, lud. Pinoe 1 aU(
Iti now prop an d uuuur bis iiirootlon by tbe
KOENIC MED. 00., Chicago,
Sold hy ntni'jrUU
' tor HotUa C for 83
PnT)tvtinptl farno lonirr from tlita ng of
OVrmrH, ftr by a mtl wond rful ditoovary In
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LrutuuK). lr. U. C Jl aLU SU, Umtfo.
Mas become a household word because of
its absolute purity, nutritive value, smooth
taste and delicious bouquet. It is good for
weak lungs and a stimulant for impaired
constitutions. Unlike inferior whiskies, it
does not rasp or scald the throat and
stomach, nor cause nausea, dizziness am
headache. You may know it by the ahov,.
qualities and the proprietary bottles in
which it is served. Call for "Cream fare
Kyt" and lake no other. For sale at all
first-class drinking places and drug stores.
13 DALLEMAND k CO., Chicago
For Sale by JOS. J. McVKY.
DT a new peneciea
scientific met lied th:
cannot fall unless tha
cnb la beyond human
aid. Yon die I Improved
the first dsy, feel a bene
fit every day : soon know
yourself a klua sinimi
nion la body, mind am
heart, iKnlns and losses
united. Kvery obsiaelo
Pi happy married life re
moved. Nerve force,
will. energy, brain power,
wliuu failing or lost aro
rssl.ireil by thla treat
mailt. All smallnnd weak
istrtlonsof thebi.dv en
larged aiid streiiKlliencil.
Victims of ahnnea nmt
excesses, rivlaim your
nisiihiNMl ' HiilTerorsf nun
lolly.overwork.lll lienlth,
ri's'uln yuurvitfiir! llnn't
(hannJr.even If In tho last
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ened if (jtiai-bs have ruts
tu'd vim. Is'tusshow V'lti
that uuvlli'al seieuco and
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AVrlte liiriuir IIimiU with ixi'anailonsa tinsifi,
iiisiliilseuletirreo. Over H ,IHKI rvlcirnces.
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obftitr. WUi attwtr il (nqulnvi If itaunp li inctmd fur rrply."
Htrml"M, met with iki ttflpilnt. tnrnrpnct, or bd cflerti.
For I'.rncuitfi iHren, with 6 cftitt in itacipt,
r r?.rTJ ,",,ro'"(, or OR A TON POR.
ifJ!.i.,t Vk-.T""!; n,'w '"""niers.we have
le, !,., tni:,ke this Nr,.nl Offer sienil lis a
s i "J'!J 1 ";"",'.,;l"""vrii.h.Tlnty,,e. Anibmtvpe
. . ii" o V1 f"iir' irornny iiienilierot your
I'lti.ily.llviiikTorilesrt.anrt we will make y,,u a
v, ,M?x!l,. !;r.,r,,U F,;,", 'hre. provide"
yen i It to your friends as n sample of ol,r
J'i ' ",lr hitiK'tii-eln securinn us future
enters. I lace name and a.Wressi.n bin-kiif picture
nnil It will uc returned In laTfeet order. We make
IL,!'"" I'X'ture you wish, not Interfering
lih likeness. M.Vrl01lvnuin hli.Bo.
(10 Eaat Randolph St., CHICACO,' III