Plattsmouth weekly herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1882-1892, July 21, 1892, Image 5

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lil and Dyingr. He Is Born Home on a
l-miti Mnnlav's lail .
A wan faced, hollow ev ed youth
reclininy on .1 stretcher at tlu" M. tV
M. depot yesterday afternoon, ten
derly cared lor by his father ami
broth, -r-in law, formed a pathetic
picture that enticed sympathy
from all beholders. The i It-ii 1 i ti tr
eyes (if tin- sutu ring- hoy served as j
mute conveyance of misery, fur his ,
tonkin- was stilled by desa.isc that
may end in eternal silence. t
The name of the unf .trttmate was Micheal Cochran, and he !
was Winy taken tu Smith )maha by
his lather ami brother-in law, Dail
itf Spatildiuy of Omaha, h, may
bed! released from the penitentiary
hy a pardon issued hy Governor
Moyd. The youuy man was serving
a twelve years sentence and has
Wen in the prison ahont four
months. He was emi ieted of as
snult'ny a Swede at South Omaha
with almost fatal results, and of
rohbiny him. Other ymiuy men
were known to ha e heen implicated
and it is claimed 1hat Cochran was
intiocout of the crime. b'or several
weeks he has heen in the hospital
unalue to speak or take nourish
ment on account of an ailment re
semhliny paralysis. He is only
eighteen years old and yoes home
to ii-lit the hattle of life of death.
Lincoln journal.
Don't no Now
Sa turd a V evening a st I'a n yer wen I
into the fruit store at the corner id'
Third ami Main streets, and boiiyht
tf-n cents worth of fruit, handing tin'
proprietor a Confederate hill.
The Italian took the hill and yave
him ten dollars in change and said
he would yo nut and yet the rest tor
him. The stranyer said that wasn't
necessary as he woldd he in Sunday
inorniny to huy a bill of yoods of
him, and he would pay him shl in
advance, and then left the More.
The Italian in a short time ran short
of chanye and started out with his
n Confederate hill to ycl it
chanyeil and soon found he had
Wen swindled. Then there was
weepiny ami wailiny and ynashiuy
of teeth at MikeConaly's fruit stand,
indulyed in hy the whole family.
In the meantime the fellow had
skipped mill has not heen heard id
J. Fin ley Johnson was a westward
passenyer litis morning
Auyust Wint id MiMiley was in
the county seat to day on business.
J. Kkinvs. K. Mullica in Judye
Archer's court was continued to
K'eports from Lincoln are to the
effect that l'rofessor Drummoml is
Mr. anil Mrs. 1. X. liowen returned
this inoriiiny to Alliance, after a
brief visit in the city.
Mrs. T. T. Yoiiny of Ashland and
Mrs. J. li. Keed of Falls City, Xeb.,
are visitiny with the famdy of L. C.
Mrs. H. Spurluck, of York, was in
the cUy yesterday, the yuest of her
son (ieorye. She returned home
this niorniny.
ludye Archer performed the
ceremony last niyht that made
Marion l Waters and Lena Turner
man and wile.
j send in a
sent to his
Eil i h Tilt lllillii!
s Send In Your Name lo-- --
An lord Xitka and Albert h'cin
hackei returned In. in a trip to Den-
ver, Garden ot the Gods. Pike's j
l'eak, ct-. y eshrday.
Judye Archer this mu niny ten- '
dered a judyment by default in the
Home Fire 1 iisiirance Company vs ;
1 1 enry Meisi nyer case. J
Drury I irave- vv as arretted yester-
day on the charge id beiuy drunk;
and carry iny concealed weapons. '
This inoriiiny lie paid .ll into the'
school html ami Judo Archer hi j
hi :n y on his way. I
Mr. W. A. Derrick, lor the last
year coiuH'Cted with the choir ol '
the West in i'lsicr Presbyterian
church, le,i c 1 1 1 -1 1 1 i! low to accept
a possum in C u u'.iyo. l huaha I
World llelald.
Mrs. R. W. livers dep uted Satur
day eveniny for Deucr, where she
will hi' joined by her daughter, Mis
Alberta, and Miss Alice Wibou.
1'roiu there they will yo to Manilmi
and other plea-nre resorts.
A 1 web e-v ear-old son id' William
Hawks, li iuy at Xell.iwka. fell
li'om the top id a box car Sunday
w hile play iuy around the depot.
His skull was fractured and he was
otherwise bruised, but the attend
iny physicians thinks he will re
cover. The D.-s Moines Artisan, pub
lished every Saturday al Des
Moines, and the oilici d oi yan of the
Trades' ,iseinhly ol that city, ar
rived at our exchanye table to day.
The paper is owned by a stock i oin
pany , and Charles W . I uyi I Is. a for
mer employe of Till-. lll.K'AUj, is
its business manayer.
My propi rt v w,,s m-uivd in Ihe
1 loine hire ill Omaha, Neb. and on
J line ''7lh I ha I my hor-es, imple
ments and harness bunieil up. and
said coin pa ny has this day settled
and paid the loss to my entire sat
isfaction, audi recommend them
lor their prompt and courteous
manner in deali y with me.
Amount of loss paid me ?C71.7.".
Jnll l'l-.l li,' Ki ll.,
Codar Creek, J uly IVL'.
$IOO Rowarfl S I 00
The readers of this paper will
be pleased to learn t hat there is at
one ilrcaileii disease inai science
has been abletocme in all its Mayes
and that iscatarrh. Halls calanh
is Hi,1 niily positive cure known to
medical Irateinity. Catarrh hemy
a constitutional disanse, requires a
constitutional treatment. Hall's
Catarrh Cure is taken internally
act iny directly upon the blood and
mucous surlace ol the system there
by destroy iny the foundation ol
the deseaseand yiviny the patient
strcnyth by buildiny up the cunsti
tuti m and as-istiny nature in its
walk. The proprietors have so
much faith in its curative powers
that they oiler one bundled dol I a t s
torauyca-e that it fails to cure.
Send forlist ol testimonials.
Address. F.J. Cheney A-Co. Tole
do Ohio. Sold by driiyyi.sts, 7.V.
Kor Sale.
My house and three lots corner
Siu'h and Dey, price -T t .J K t.
Mk's. J. A. (i. lh i i.r.,
Central City, Xeb., ape. Iv K. H
MONEY to loan on farms
from 6 1-2 per cent up, on 1 to
10 years time to suit the bor
rower. Also loans on second
mortgages. J. Nl. LEYDA
Plattsmouth, Neb.
Itch on human and horses animals
cured in !) minutes by Wool ford's
sanitary lotion. This never fails.
Sold F. (1. Fricke Co. druyyisl,
THE Managers of THE HERALD
having made extensive prepartions for
the present campaign have decided to
send this paper to any address in Cass
County from now until after election
for 25 cents cash in advance.
This is the host offer ever made by
any paper in this county and every one
should take advantage of the oppor
tunity. Show this to your neighbor or
quarter and have the paper
Hon. Roswell G. Horr Told How
the Tariff Was a Benefit.
W.U.I' 111 I II LUIS. Ntll I lll.lMlll.S
Ex-CoiKri-siii,iii Hon- Gives t ie
Diiinocr.cts anl "Calanuty
Howlers" a Black Evo-A
Ff.v F.icts Co'icoi H
the Taritt.
-'t t 'I II 1 .1 '-.Ml s j 1;, I .
Despue the nie-lis- heat l.i-l
niht a I.ii'l;-- audience was present
at the Waterman opeia house te
listen to Hon. Ko-wel! ( i. 1 be r ex
pound yood republican doctrine.
Judye Chapman was selected and
presided over the uiectiny, and, in
introiliiciny the speaker, said that
we were on t he e e of a not her presi
dential el.'Ction. and that as there
were several questions ol vital im
portance at issue which could be
better explained by t he ex-cmiyress.
man than anyone he knew id, he
would not detain them any lonyer.
KvCoiiyressiMat'l I loir spoke
about two hours, lie did not deal
in theories, but in facts, and tin
way he handled his subject was a
caution. He isa well-read niaiiaiid
has the tariff question down to a
line point. Those who failed to
hear him missed a rare treat. As
hot as it was in the opera hoii-e
hist niyht he held the ail diem e
spellbound for two hours. Following-
is a part of what he said.
"There was a si ran ye thiny hap
pened in the outset of the caui
Oaiyu this year, and that is the (act
thai our democratic Iriends, when
they formulated their platform at
Chicayo. the committee made a re
port. The majority of that commit
tee were in favor of a (arilf, a pi. mk
which hail been prepared by the
men who won their purpose Innom
inate a candidate, who was nomi
nated, and that plank in the plat
form states I hat they were in favor
of levy iuy d uties so as to protect
the workiny people of this country,
and thai they were in favor of
ilestroyiny the tariff only so fast as
the best interests of these I'nited
States would warrant; but the dem
ocratic party , i u convention, struck
that proposition out, eliminated it
from the platform, and by a larye
majority voted in a square free
trade proposition that the protect
ive tarilf is robbery, and they even
went so far as to state it was uncon
stitutional. Now it is quite a mys
tery to a yood many people why
that convention should declare the
piotective tarilf unconstitutional.
It bothered me at fust to fun' out
how such a thiny happened, but I
think I struck Ihe feason for it.
The constitution, the one adopted
by the rebels, which went into force
at Richmond, had a clause in it
prohihitiny the levy iny of protect
ive duties, and the deleyates in that
convention, so many of them had
served under the Con federate con
stitution, that they yot their consti
tutions kind of tanyled up and then
passed their resolution. They
passed the one which would have
been true under the Confederate
constitution, but which is not true
as applied to our constitution, be
cause in fact there is not a syllable
of the kit d in the work. Why, don't
you know that Washington, who
presided over the convention that
adopted our constitution, that he
siyued the first protective bill that
ever was siyned in the I'nited
States, and it was the second hill
siyned alter he became president,
and nearly every man who sat in
thai convention that framed the
constitution was in that very con-
yress and voted for that very Dill.
.Now, don't you think that men who
helped frame the constitution
should know as much about what
is constitutional as those fellows
at Chicayo': It seems to me they
did. Then there is another trouble.
They had a leaky roof in their wiy
wam at Chicayo, and just as they
were puttiny thai plank in the
platform the roof came down and
llooded the w hole house with water,
ami too much water will cause
democratic contusion any time."
Alter statiny the relative posi
tions of the two yreat parties In
stated that if there was any one
thiny he was posted on it was salt,
for over one million barrels of that
article were made last y ear in sii;ht
of his door
"In I sill salt was worth if.'.ah per
barrel in Michi-an and conyress
levied a duty of til cents per barrel,
ami salt had been y,,i,iy yt(.;l(hy
down instead of up; in His it sold
at ?1.IH per barrel and in 1 S72 ;it ifl.M
per barrel, when the republican
party revised the tarilf and reduced
1 J
it to Hi cents per barrel, where it
has remained for twenty-four years
and is to-day, and to-day salt sells
for ail cents, barrel and all. At the
la dory the barrel costs 2D cents, so
that salt really sells for 'M cents per
barrel, two cents less than the
tari;:. o the c nso'eer ntiot p.!
tie tali!! ill A !e v e,,i s
ayo w ire nails were ".cllbi y at , a
k'-,. and none were in a u u laet u red
in this eouutry. The repuldieans
le ied a la ol fl per key. and, it
what the i:,v traders say I- s,,, aails
shoiiM hive .-.ihaiiced to .1 per
key. hit! la-t a I they Iroppe 1 f.
per M-ji .n one y eat' and h,: e I -en
yoiny ilow n e er -inc. ."
He w v-al on an-1 took up ere
sides, steel, woolen join s a'ld
and showed that all had
cheapened on accoii n t ol t lu
c M-ry ,
1 1 1 1 1 1
I to n
tai ill.
ll.' een tackled the till
w hich I he democrats said -not
make in this coiiiitrv .
pies; ion,
ve colli I
He said
there were tv. ,-i!y one establishment.-
in th - .- l leled Mates
makitiy tin to-ilay and in-ide ol
lour months they would be in
crease, 1 to forty si, and all makiny
tin plate ri-lit here in America
The yreat vent inn hall at Min
neapolis, when" the m t pre-ider.t
and vice presi lent ol the I'nited
Stales were nominated, u,i- car
peted with A iiicrica a -made l inen.
News; From A'o-oad Concerning
Differor t Things.
I uh ion ha- been tiled
ayainst seell (I the Homestead
strikers a u 1 1 I ro i u all report tlu ie
will be about 'Ja i strikeis arre-ted
lor murder.
1 lie arrest ol the h-mler ol -.rh-ers
at lloim stead has cau-ed yreat
exeiieaieni aiiiouy the men i nd a
con l! icl w i i h the militia is leafed.
I rviny 1 1 art wa s ihowu--d yester
day at Norfolk, while in bathiny.
A lot of Italians at Woodbridye
N. J., w ho are on a strike, attempted
to wreck a train at that place yes
terday, but the sherill yatheicd i
posse a ml a II esli d Ihe I em lei - and
the rest removed the obsiructioiis
they had placed on the track and
sa ii I I hey did not w i ,-h Inviolate I In
law. A Ml k'lU-.k'i 'I s Mil. I II M
A dispatch Irom Diltsbury this
inoriiiny says. Das id Lester ol
company ., l-oiil leent Ii Ii leyuneut
National yuard of I Vuusy l auin,
stabbed Frank Calhoun with a bay
ouet on (iraut street, near I'd I h ave
nue, Diltsbiiry, al '.:;. il o'clock this
morniny. Thealfray is the outcome
of a niyht's carousal that Lesterand
I Inward I look indulged in last niyht
1 hey w ere uriuKi uy y el tins morn
iiiy. They went alony (Ira ut street,
in siil tiny e cry person they met and
brandi.shiny their bayonets in the
faces of passeis-hy. When thev
reached 1 )e vole's tin del lak iny estab
lishment, where Calhoun is em
ployed, the latter advised Lester to
he more carclul with the bay one! he
was thrtistiuy about. Lester, with
a vile exclamation, plunyed the
weapon Into Calhoun's stomach.
Calhoun fell without a slruyyle.
Lester rushed upon him ayaiu, hut
wascauyht hy bystanders. Altera
hardfiyht Lester and 1 look were ar
rested. Dr. Mclilvery, who attended Cal
houn, says the wound is very seri
ous; the stomach was torn, and Ihe
liver was penetrated hy the bayonet,
and he has no hope of recovery .
Calhoun is 51 years of aye, a mem
ber of the Grand Army of the K'e
public, and has a family. Lester
lives in the Thirty-second ward of
1'hiladelphia, and is -ii years old.
Lesterand Hook were deserters from
t he cam p at I lomestead.
l'he Homestead mills are heiny
li 1 led w 1 1 h nou n n ion men and the
mills are expected to be in full
blast by Saturday.
i A dispatch in this nioi niuy's Liu-
J'irii;il sitntc-s that II. M. K'ice
wl"- disappeared from Lincoln
ast winter has heen discovered in
San Francisco.
Dr. C. C. Terry, a well known phy
sician of Fall h'ivers, Mass, was
killed last eveniny in a peculiar
manner. lie was takiuy lessons in
feiiciny from Professor Caslalda of
Newport, when Ihe button on the
hit ler's foil broke and, the weapon
pa-siny throiiyh ferry's riyht eye
into his lira in. He re in, lined uncoil
scions until his death.
1 hree boy s al Atlantic City. Iowa,
wet e terribly mutilated yesterday.
Tin y were playiny under a car on a
sid track when it was struck by
another car iloiuy a llyiuy switch.
! ( ,1r '"0' 'iik killed outriyht by the
! i'1" ' Htliny his body in two. another
', ""' '""l '"'W l'"' oil' and the third
j wa-cut and bruised all ovit.
I "
! ''"'"l property was insured in
the I Ionic fare nl Omaha, Jand on
. i4'- " " .
I was I li 'st ro in 1 lie iti tiiul iitl III V
l.O..-1-.l 1 I
7 my loss was adjusted and paid to
my entire satisfaction and I recom
mend siiid company for their
prompt and courteous manner in
deaiiiiy with the assured. Amount
of loss paid me, !r 1, 4i K i.l HI.
' .' - - " ' - . -. - j j
t H AS A.N I ill V l-.N TI K.
riattstnotith I uly 7,
Judy Ivo-seM. oi Weepia- l.'el.
is ill tin city to day 1 1 an -aVt iuy
btlsiiies, ,;t i-aitr! hmi-e.
Hon. k'o-vell C. Horr left tin-'
ittor:uuy ..a No. . lor H.iMitly
w h.-re !; v. .11 speak to-uiyht.
M'-s Lnistead. w ho has
been tie- y est ol Mrs. C. S. Johnson.
Icl! this morniny i,.r Tecuui s.-h.
N. ii. Chilbi ry. II. D. Ap.-n-.C. C.
I 'at in.-le am! I". 1 1. I dlock, w cut to i
the I'iatle 1 ttoiii I'll- laoribn- oil j
a ishmy tour. I
I 'eel my
tith- ot a
I o - ( al I
was it,,
A rcl ici 'i
a -i
i u
emu I. w herein ,i i ud u ue nt wa
rem !
d.-i by del mp forrl IT. to to-day
The I i ns- brothei s ,, Vict.,; i,,
l'a-s County, ha e the li nest held ol
w unci w iieat in tin country .
-ay il n ill y i, Id lilty bus!',,
acie. m," llera',,1. "
idyes J
s per j
Murray .
M s. ayyiier ha- opened a m w
d res-Hi,, L i 1 1 y shop.
Doth ol our blai k-ni.ths -eem to
have pie 1 1 1 of Work.
I lines I.auliridue w as a I'latls
ni' ait h ; s iior last Sa 1 ui da .
Mis. o-eph fiibb- and l.iiuily are
visitiny old Iriends in Murray .
Mr. Theodore Ihick ,-teps rather
lliijll these days. C.tu-e: A ten
pi oi ml bo .
Mrs. Iloinies and Mr-. Charles
Cmdey -are doiny a l;ihh business
in ihes-makiny.
Miss .Mary Holmes has been on
the ,-icli list, I. ut, we are bisay,
is i nvvi riuy.
Mrs. William Holme- ami Mr-.
William Morrow wete visitors to
Mrs. I lodycus of Co! ley e Sprinys.
I. .wa, is v is it hi; with her daily liter,
Ml s. h',,1 , l t Wool.
Jack Shaw has added a new ex
press Waymi to hi- ahead)' Well
j 1 1 i ; I t 1 1 livery stable.
M r. lici t I .atta. a y ouuy med ical
student of Lincoln, was v i-itin:v his
many- Iriends in M u rrav .
M r. Dav id I 'it tin an and daughters,
Misses Adda and Kittie, were
1 'latlsiiiouth visitors hist Saturday.
Da v id I 'it ttua u is puttiny new
screens on his house that wt re
man u laet u I ed by William Holmes.
M r Sa in r,el 1 la I lance, a prom i m at
pla-terer, ol l'lattsmouth was a
pleasant caller last week. he is I'm i.-h
in:; Mr. Won -terhi dl.'s hoii.-e vvst
of lurray,
Ivhuunds ,V Woot are doiny a
yooit ,ir. ivoot is a very
popular y oiiny man in Ihe commu
nity and has made many fiiends
here since he went into business.
Mr. Win. Dull has been on tin
sick list for sometime hut lie is now-
able to alleud to business. Mr. Dull
lias as yooil crops o l wheat ami corn
as any in the neighborhood.
Mr. I" red Crosser is farinniL; .dl
acres of his father's valuable farm
south ol Murray. Fred is workiny
hard and has his corn in yood shapi
I le will make one of the solid men
of Nebraska.
M r. Lue Cole has cleared hi acres
of timber land and has hid cords of
wood ready for market. Delias Kill
acres of corn and -10 acres of small
yrain ami 2'J head ol horses second
to none in Cass county.
M r. Win. Morrow has shipped to
( )m ah a seven car loads of cord w I.
fourteen cords to the car. He lias
I ."V acres of corn and ."in ai res of
small yrain, all in yood condition,
besides feed iny ."0 head of ( attic and
PKI head of hoys.
Mr. Robert Adams, who has taken
to himself one ol the handsomest
yoiiny ladies of Murray for a part
ner throiiyh life, is atteiuliny In
acres of yood corn. Mr. Adams is a
yood carpenter and is a valuable
addition to the community.
lion. Anderson Wool has ret u rued
from an extensive trip throiiyh
Ari.ona and California. Wimior
says he has some not ion of local iny
in one of the above mentioned
places, but we hope that it is not so.
as we cannot allord to lose so y I
a cit
Dr, Morrow has located at Cn-r-man
town, his many Iriends were
anxious to have him remain here
where he would have been liberally
pat ion i.ed. he may return in the
near future, he is a yoiiny man that
thoroughly understands his proles-
sioii and is a valuable addition to
any community lb it lie m:l locate
.Mr. llaxb r, ol the linn ol liaxtcr
Dawson, has bmiyht twenty live
acres of land one m ile east of Mur-
, . , , ,. 1 .. 1
ray ami is mummy min-en a
tilul residence, which will soon be
finished. Mr. Baxter has purchased
his partner's interest in tin- store
and is yoiny to put in a lir-t-class
Stock of yoods, when he will be
able to supply his many customers
at the lowest prices.
Mr. Walter Mates of Nevv liaka sup
plies us with fresh meat twice a
wiek, he kills one beat a day and
then cannot supply his many cos
tamers. .
U'"l'"l llit M.-ill.-iil Skill fur I li-tit
Muiitlis. o red hi Tun Mouths
ley Cutfciiru lh-!iifdle.
T!i; N to crtify tint i r1:' I n!i.. tr I K-'.-n
I'i a- v t- f ,s in, "mi. I In I. : .:''. I l it 1. -t i.. ..
l- .1 -I... I III il ,-.Ml, '.t- l I'll I" T'l l !.'. I II,. I.'t ..
n iilin r w.i w r.i i' i ill .u- 'a t'-r .it ! i-t ..
11. Ii I S . 1 'Ut .
II. .1 tm... it, ,,... j
M . Ill I ' ,,,. i. 1
k-i'. -. ( i -
i 'i Th l In la. 1 . Clr i-l
!... i a. tin- in, -i.l
I lll-l I- : l' . M
, ..I . r, III. i i, .1 ir.
AC 'r ii !-, Ii.i ! i. -t. .ii, I 1 1
i ! :. n i. ii:..-.-. ii... .io.
f i-.i.- 1. -I .:..!, I. it I
I tl ,
f-.r ,
ii i t
iT.ll I'I.
M'l" :Cvr
. , . ...,.., ..I
in v i rt of b 4
I Iv. 'I I.l' .i., f. I!;. '.'
-.( v ''1: ti n. Ii ilili i. ,, lent fit
!'!.' ' " 1 in- r.l-i' W :i, l,M.vtl l:ir
. I ...!v u :i- It'll I. ,'trt 11-, ,!. lii.t
I IM 1 II V III Ml I'll ,. .!i, lli, te 1"'
i-.irlh i'i il . ,1.1 -j 1 1 1 m- ii I iiln r I', r-.
!) w.i.i'. i ! n h. li Il'lli' Itm !.t "'
-.,'h it r-'ti .' 1 1 :il Ii m l. s. ,. i,Tt
.1. A. Nil o.:s, liuukrr lliii, l:i,l.
. i ' 1 ' r.uii'l.t Ii- iiu' Ith t'lir.'nl.' i'7i""i
it I-. I .!. :;-l "1 h.l Ce.'tl.i-'il ft .'ill tli.V'V
i 'i "'. A" ii riv :Lir M. . , t-1 1 I n,.
i ui -.ii'ii! ir l:.':it:i , t.t. '.i,i it.,ni;lit il tin I' .
I'I. I il l'l. CCI II I It i hi- rli.i.l , -,..t.
C. 1.. i,l l;S. , M. le, 1iUOii, In.
Cuticura Resolvent
Tii.' n.' w IIIimuI tui'l SUti I'ntiili r. liil'T'iiilly, ne t
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o'i;d de rates.
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hirm security .
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li. S. IV A '1 s I ; V ,1 utility J tl.l.t .
Ni-w School House
Work commenced to-day on the
new tfa.KKI school house at Xchawka
and the buildiny will be ready by
the time the fall term opens. The
htiildiny will be 4,1 by IV) leet, two
stories hiyh, and will he built of
pressed brick.
, ... ,
e ' ,! t'.- ti-.-,
,. iv v .
. : .- I,
Co ; -1 .
;. I ' ,.'
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