Plattsmouth weekly herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1882-1892, July 21, 1892, Image 4

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    Kostt r:i.l. (.. llm.k- will j-tiirt tl.-'j
ir!iti,-;il lull a-io!!in.f to ni.uli ' i
Let t vcr luiily turn mil ami lii'.ir
J'lll KK is in. Iiv.llx ill till' soli. I t''-pul'lu-.iii
r;mk-. Tin' lines wire
urni'-il iit M i itn-;ii"'!i - ami the
mitt il party Ii.'-1 approved.
Tin; I'ominitl..' sent from con
;ivss to investigate III.' strike at
Ui -mestr;id, found t!i:it ski
Ill-kill.'. I l.lllof averaged
l.-d ami
.'l.."a per
Mulilit .m national commit- i
-ce uii't :u New York la-t Satin
iv '
ind .'In ted Thomas II. I'arter. of
Montana, in plan- of Cainphell, who
I. isw I '.I. i Ih-KK will address
'lie i'it ieii.-j ol I 'la 1 1 - in nit 1 1 tonight
it the Waterman opera lioice. lie
will speak on the taritf. Ladies are
rcipiesied to coin.' out and liearliini
is well a- tile men.
. I . days ao the i leiuoerat ie
,ness was howling hecallse Carne
;iewas,i repl 1 I ! ica 1 1, hut they do
lot howl at the proprietors ol the
mines i:i Idaho where the strike is
'ecausc ihey are democrats.
t'-li.I.s providing f . . r free tin plate
liter Oclolier I. Is'.d. and for free
lead ill ores containing greater
value of silver than of lead, were
'.a--ed mi the x!h ins. h III.
ocr.itic house. u the live
war on American industry
merrily on.
Irade L'lll'S
' IWi:i I IMV is made hy the demo,
lat- to the passage throu.-li the
house of th,' free luinher hill "until
ille- election," as it miht end an
:V'V N it Ii Carolina to the parly.
''Ill elf-'l't ,,f pas-Hie- 1(. I,-,.,. j,-,M,
n. hill is dreaded in Alahailia
mil Tennis, ,-. . . advocates
delay any lon-cr 1 1 .i 1 1 after dec-
i lit: democrat and free trade
papers will he filled with joy hy the
iiinoiiiiccineht of the failure of the
h'ad ol tin at the mini's in
Californi.i and the early closine
lown of (he works. This same
'rick has heen resorted to hefore,
Hii'ii it was ahout the
"ni"'s tin' lilack II, lis, hut
'hey have jn.-t yone on minine,
:'icie tin than h. lore. It is only a
-clieine id hu up the .stock and
nine more tin 111 ;u Klore.
i l lence around Cat nee ie .--teel
plant washuilt t h ree yea rs ao
and the "iron clad -cows" lor Hi,
i ini . lions were only lined with
i i ; i ..
... . i .i mi, me ,-auie as ail scows
are. The cone lc.-ional iuvestie.i
'ion has ahout destroyed all that ro
mance ahout the Scotchman's ereat
oreparations for hattle at Kurt I-'rick.
I he e'real iiestion as to win; lired
the li-st shot remains unsettled.
I Ii;. t fsthi' most important ipiestiou
it 1 loinestead.
My dod!" e.xi laimi'il Henri Wat-
f. w ith i npasioiied fervor as,
with tears in his reat round eyef,
J 'diitemplate l the awful step his
heloved patty was ahout to take in
he matter of ch'jsiny a standard
liearer, "to e(, ., ,t.w York lor a
audidate is to walk throunh a
-lane hter house into an open ijravc.
ll'.e slaughter house promises to
lie a Moody one and the Liravc an
ample parallelogram t lit its ol.ese
.ecu pant I'lemoiit Trihune.
I'arilf is a tax in the seusethat the
.'nee that tin- fanner Iniilds around
his earilen or his corn field is a tax
paid !y the farmer. It is a tax that
consists of the cost of the construc
tion anil maintenance of the fence
And, yet, the fence must he con
simeteil and maintained, oi the
trespassing animals of the neit h,,r.
hood would destroy the entire pro
ceeds of the lahor and the fruits of
the land, of the farmer. The tariff
is also a tax, in that the cost of its
onstriiction and maintenance in iv
I.e said to he paid ,s tu. people;
?mt the loss due to a sol, mission to
the commercial trespass th it is
thus repelled would he greater than
the I. s due to the maintenance o
the tariiT.
la discussing the taritf it should
lie reiiienihered that we have to
oiit-ider only duties upon imports.
Vo levy no duty on exports. What
ver our people produce to sell
jhroail yoes out to our foreign cms-
.uners free of any export tax. Hut
vhy should we levy import duties':
V1I, it cost during the last lisral
ye ir :Iim,(Iik),i)( ii to carry on ourov
I'liinu'tit. U'e raised ,f 1 l.l.t N x i,)i m ,y
our internal reveime taxes upon al
.:oholic liiiuors and tuhacco, ,f ,m.
KI hy the Hale of puhlio lands and
"f'.'O ),!. H) from misci'IhineoiiM
sources. Those hiuu left sfl'.W.OiiO,.
.!" to be raised in home other way.
l, ,w :-li'uM this l-i- ilmn-': Hy
,i : , rt io:i n pi opn !) ': H.tvt
,,ur l.intn-i . who air en-i-- heavily
t.iM-I than iiuv otlur cl.i- of tin
I " ' . .
j loiiiimmitv, considered what would
I'f tin- luir.l.'ii upon tiu-ui: u n.-i
i . . i i. .. i iii'liiir which produce- tin1
prim.' i n-'" it ie- of lil''. and i
nioiv tli. in any otlu r tin' source ol
our comfort and wealth, if oldiio'd
to ;ty in addition to it- pre-ent
I l ir.' -hate in sustain-mr state.
' I'oiintv. and inuiii. ipal i;o eminent.
its portion ol sl'.i;i,uoo.noo f . i r
1 1 : i
1 1 ; 1 1 ept n-i
til.' valu.
What. tln-n, would
of farm land-, and
u would the
IIUl.'ll talked
farm iiiortaye",
al.out mid lied
I ill. cut I'V our political opponent-
e p., id': C'oiil: l'e--iuan .Millikell.
Illulttoii. Mo., Jmi" 1'. :.
IMilor Auieiuan laonoini-t; A
win'. ! ahout the price ol tin.
We are producers ol comh and
extracted honey, and put up all of
our extracted honey lor shipment
in tm cans mo-iK in liee.'alloii
s.piare cans, two cans in a case t
l.ox and have I icon purcliasin
these cases at St. Louis, Mo., to
some three or four years.
Two j ears aiio they cost us sixt
cents per case of two fie-eallon
cans. I.ast summer we tioueht
Letter (iiality of another linn for
liflx-eieht cents, and now thev
plote them to us at fifty-six cent
per c.ise.
I o. s this I., ok as if the McKinley
act had raised the juice of tin to
the consume! - K'espectfull) ,
Mii.i.i:k' llkns
I lie exports ol tin plate Irom
ileal I'li itain to the ('nih il States
lor the mouth ol June Y'' wen
much less than they were in Juiit
ls'.l. To he exact the) were ':(Tn
Ions tor June ssj and i'."i:i,.t for
June si. K'eally the imports for
June ol this y ear were very littli
more than a third of what the
were in June of last ear. This is ;
nrit is 1 1 estimate, and our free tradi
1 1 lends cannot dispute its accuracy
' et some ol them persist in saying
that the American tin plate manu
l.iclure is no) ereat enouth to affect
the oliime of I iritish exports.
l lie amount ol tin plates sent
from (heat Ihitaiu to the Tinted
Stales hetween the mouths of July
liil t t ...
i-'i au.i June ivij ol
hoth nionlhs - was 'u:t,.l tons, f,,r
the correspondiiiy; twelve nionlhs
of lv-0 and yil il was ll',::ii ton
Dunne-the hrst year of protection
to tin date our imports o that ai ti
I.. I l i. i ...
...Hi- ii.iiii oi.- inn more than out
I hit the ree traders sa that the
imports ol tin plate were unusually
la rue diirme the Used year that
lay hetween June lv.KI, and June lvi
and that they were made so hy the
anxiety of dealers to lay up laree
stocks hefore the increased rate of
duty went into operation.
They are entitled to the hem-tit of
this olijection, hut we In'g to inform
them that there is a diminution of
more than one-third of our imports
of this material when the statixtirs
of I VI'J are compared with those of
lVl, in w hich there are no appre
hension of a t-iuldeii increase of
dut. The import of tin-plate for
the year ending J line lsv. wore '.HI-
loa, tons, and for the year endhie;
June ls.i, ):.'.! I tons. It js ouite
evident that protection does prelect
in the matter of tin-plate.
Hy percentages the exports of tin
plate from (heat Ilritain to America
for the fiscal year just ended were
111 per e-nt ol those of the jear di
rectly pteceedine; it, i',s p,.r cent of
these for the the year endiiie- June
andfd percent of those of the
year enihne June, ivs'.i.
The American tin plate industry
is uetliny alone; very nicely, all re
ports to the contrary not withsaud
inc. SuMKiidiiY having yiven it out
that the Washington monument has
deviated from the perpendicular
and In come one of the leanine- tow
ers of the world, the chief i neineer
at the capital acknowledges the
charee. The monument now in
clines a trille to the southwest. Hut
he allay s our (ears of its fall hy stat-ine-
(hat the inclination has existed
from the 1-e-inniue, ;,,,,( tllt ,),,.
inonuuiinl. -.iinetimes leans one way
and soinetimes another, neeordiii"
to the season of the year. Its apex
moves around a small annual circle.
The inclination is caused hy the
healine- (1p u( t)u. f4t,u. uu. j
l-y the rajs of the sun. A hiyh
wind also temporarily affects the
direction of the inclination. So the
monument is prohahly safeenoueh.
Another interesting fact is that
the toundatioii of n. monunu-nt,
iusteadof sinking, has sliy -htly risen
sim e it was eompleted. The rise is
stated in tenthousandths of an inch,
hut it is comforting to Americans t(i
relied that their highest column
Krows instead of dwindling j
lieiKht.-I.incoIn Journal.
A - a -rl l-tnmli- mill t l.fiv
thr- ..ii K',.-Ui!l ( i. II. ,n .
I I .. I
If. . V I
-u I.I.I. C. 1 1 ik k'- fp ii
i ilt tn
n r.i Iioii-i- is .1
, j, iril )lir ,,,.
a u -v. r.
II. .. K'i s i.u. ( i. in.: not
have in silvery a t. n- a - ina- dem
ocrat ie speaker-, I a; t lie a ve then;
some awful hard fact-. 1 i-t nilit
tint thev cannot aii-w. r.
Ii is -iven out that .Monti Carlo
net'ed its pr.ipi iet.i! s ."i.iii moi hi-t
year. It is now in order t r the
waiters, faro hanker- and roulette
keeper- to Mlike and eject the Car-
lieu a s irom tile sin ip.
Tin-; rank and fih- of the demo,
cratic party in Kau-a- are kickine-aeaiu.-t
the tie-up of the
leaders of the alliance aiu! dem
ocratic parties and there is likely to
h- a .-plit in the democratic party i:i
that state.
It can do no harm to recall th
tact that the only attempt ever
made in this country to crush
Honest lahor with trail -rn o convict
workmen was hy that well-known
democratic leader and late chair
man ol the democratic national
committee, Hon. Cal in S. Hi ice.
I Mi; democratic crv of "retrench
ment and reform" is disclosed to
the people as a hiimhlie;. ft was
known to he a huiiihue when tin
i . . . . . .
ueniocratic loaders took it up.
lTiey knew that the only place
where retrenchment was possihle
was in the pension appropriation
and lin y also knew that no reduc
tion t here was possi 1 de while there
was a repuhlican president and sen
ate. The measure for re.luciue
pensions has not I. ecu trained and
will not he until all departments ol
the jo eminent. Then it will come
alone- with free silvel coinage and
free trade.
for the s
while providim: rccnuo
ipport of the e. neral eo -hy
duties upon imports,
sound policy requires such an ad
justment of these imports as to en-
eoliraee th,. iloveloiimeiit of the m-
usirial intele-ls of the whole ccun
try ; and we commend that policy of
national exchaneos which secure
to the workiiie iii.-.i: lilieral waees, to
lyricult lire reinuneratine- prices, to
uechaii ics and manufacturers an
idoipi, ite reward tor their skill, la
hor and enterprise, and to the nation
coinnii trial prosperity and inde
pendence." - l-roiii the repuhlican
platform, 1 M io, on which Aluahi in
Lincoln ran lor president.
WllK Stevenson, the democratic
nomim-e lor vice president, arrived
in New York City last Monday he
took a suite of rooms in the Hoff
man House and prepared himself
to receive Tammany with open
irms. He remained in the hotel all
lay and kept his room -i open until
midme ht, hut not one id the mag
nates appeared to );reet him.
T. II. Pollock. A"ei-t.
Boarding School For
Ytirxc. ,.DM-:s.
VORK, - 1ST E 13
)lfers superior attractions to pa
rents and guardians desirous of
uivine- their children a solid, useful
ind ii liiteil education.
I he new school vear hoe-ins the
first Monday in Sepleinher.
the si"ht is most tiicturesMoe
md solulirious. l-'or delicate chil-
lren and jrrown persons as well.
the pure air of Nehraska cannot he
Little "iris are received at the am-
of two years and little hoys from
Miree to live.
The course of studv e-jihraces all
hr auches of a thoroiiLrh ami accom-
ilished education. Tjo- utmost cart-
is taken of health and comfort of
the pupils and their inor dand re-
liiious principals are carelull v cul
tivated. Special attention eivi n to voiui''-
ladies laf ine- the "teachers " train
ing and review course."
Noil Catholic children clioerfullv
received if willina to conform with
the e-oneral reirulations.
Hoys under twelve y ears admi'.t
d for general and hnsiness educa
Hoard, tuition and washui"- lor
ten months 1 lu.
Piano, violin, vocal culture, oil-paintine-,
drawini;, line needlework,
typewritine, .shorthand (
keepiny; without extra charge.
(ieruiaii housekeep
ing ratliilously tau-ht those who
want it.
The sisters have set apart furnish
ed rooms for a hilts of delicate and
weakened health wishing to heue
fit from the wholesome audinvior
atini; climate. Host medical help
always obtained in town. Terms
if.-i.Ui per week, includino- hoard and
attendance. Arrangements have
be en made for the reception of pa
tients under medical attendance
who are unable to secure the neces
sary care at home.
For particulars please address
t sulinc Convent, York Neb.
Tne Most 1 nteresti njs Contest Ever'
Otlered hy The Canadian
ue thousand dollars in cash, a
pair of hands. mi..' Shell. m 1 ponies,
carraiye and harness, and over two
thousand oilier valuable pri.'.es tor
: the Ariculturist's hi iehiest readers
Who will have them: Aci'ordini;
to the general cii-t m for -ome y ear
pa-t the puhli-h.-rs ol the Aericul-turi.-t
now oiler their sixth half
early literal-, competition. This
1 eland ( oinpititioii. w ill no doubt.
be the nio-t e io.iiitu.' and siicccs-lnl
' one eer pre-elited to the people of
. tin- I " j i i t 1 Slates an I Canada
One thoii-and dollar- m ca-h will
' be paid to the person .-en. ine- in
t!ie largest li-t of lai-li.-h word-
i on-l rii. ted from letters in the
j v.-otds ITie Caiia.liaa A.yricttltur
! i-t."
i Five Hundred dollar- w ill he e-iv-
en to the -ecoiid largest li-t.
i A handsome pair ol Shetland
ponies, oarria-e and harne--. will
i be eiven to the third largest li.-t.
j Over one thousand additional
pri.e- awarded in order of merit:
I i ..: - ,,.
.'in iiiiiii piano, -.ii"i oie.ui, -t'"'
piano, dinner sols, ladies' jeoid
watches, Silk dress patterns, por
tiere curtains, silver tea services,
Teniieson's poems bound in cloth,
I lieken-' in 1 1 volunines lioiiud in
cloth etc.
As there are more than Lorn) priz
es any line who talu;sthe trouble to
prepare ait ordinary e'ood list w ill
not fail fo receive a pri.e.
This is the lni'st thine- j,, iK.
competition line that we have ever
placed h. lore the puhlio, and all
who do not take part will miss an
opportunity of a life time,
U'l l.l.s 1. A letter cannot bo used
oftenor than it a ppears in the words
i no an, Mian .e-riculturist l-.u
instance the word e'-can not ben soil
as there is but one --' in 1lie tln-ei
words, 'J. W ords having more than
one I ili-;i 1 1 i ii y but spelled the same
can bo used but once. .i. Names of
places and persons barred. I. Li
nus will not invalidate a li-l-the
vvrone- words will simply not be
Ci hi n led.
Lach list must contain one dollar
to pay for si x mouth- ,-n b.-cript ion
lo the Ae-rii'iilturi.-l.l I' two or more
tie, the largest list v. hich bears the
earliest postmark w ill take the tiist
pri.e and so on In order ol merit.
I'nited States money and stamps
taken at par.
flu- object in oll'erine- these may
nilicent is lo introdu. a- our
j M a,u la r inae a.ino into i.ew homes
lu: paitct the A iii.rican con
Ivvery i ompi-1 itor e'U'losin lioets
in stamp extra will re rive free, bv
mail, postpaid one o! ihe Aricul"
tlirisls eleeaut Souvenir si.oims ol
Canada. awarded to persons in the
I'nited Slates will be shipped Irom
our .New bn i olhce Iree of ilniv
-Ml moiiev Ion. rs sLiouM bo roe-i-.
t ur former com pet it ion - We ha ve
iven away over 'J"i,noo in
urine; the last (wo v ear-, ami have
thousands o letters Irom pri.e w in
n. i s in every state oi the union and
every ,iart of Canada and Now
lonndlaiid. Lord Ixilooursio. A. I)
C. to the (inventor eeneral of Cana
la writes; "I shall i vo; -omutend in
Irionds to enter vour eonmot it ioi
M Mllran.h m, V ancouver. I C . -re
i i-rn-.i Ti,vio in ioiii .in.: we hold
his receipt for the same. A few of
Ihe pri.e winners; MissJ Robinson
Toronto, .t'l.tu i; P.randon l-'enelon
Kails Out., s."kki; David Harrison
Syracuse N Y. rf'X; II (tea vis. St
Louis. lUl; fas Haptie, West Diihith
Miiin,$aah Miss Ceoixina Kobertson
ak St, Hrookly u, iflmm; l'red II Hill
lla'.t Stale st Hridm-port, Conn, and
thousands ot others.
Address all communication to
The Agriculturist. Petersboroiih,
Tilt- Creal Weekly Competition ofTr.o
Larli;s Hume Join o..l
Wb.vch word in this advertise
ment spells ihe same backward a
forward: This ir a r ire opportuni
tv lor every Madam. Miss, evoty
lather and son. to secure a splendid
Wi;i:ki.v I'mzks lvv.rv- week
through. nil this reat Couipet it ion w ill he di.-lribliled as follows
Ihe Iirt corr -et answ. r leoeii,..!
(the poPtinalk date on each letter to
ie talo n as the dale received. I.o the
onieo of the I.adi, s Home Maya.ine
I each and everv weel.- ,h, ,-;,,,,
lV.Cl wil eet.f JOO; the second correct
answer, !.IHI; the third ifah; fourth
a beautltlll silver serviee- Ii ft I , C...
o'cloi k silver serv ice, and' the next
noi root answers e-,,t pn.e.s rati"--
mi;' irinn down to "' Kv, r,
littli correct answer, irrespective o'f
whether a pri winner or not will
sV''t, a special prize. Com
petitors resiiliuyr iM ti. southern
states as well as oth. r ,lii ..o
points, have an eoual ebanoi. n iili
those ut arer homo as the postmark
will Vie authoritv in everv e-w.
K I. l.l.s - Kach I ist of .in rtvM niii .i
be accompanied by ,fl to pay for
six mouths subscription to one of
the host home i io .ni .... ;.,
. in
Iv'l.l I Kl.NC l-;s-"The Ladies Home
Mae'a.ille is well able to i-arrv mil
ils promisi.s" Peterl oroULr tCiina
dal Times. "A splendid paper, and
naaueiaiiy strone - n istme.s (Can
adal Star. "Kvery pri.e winner will
be sure to receive just what he is
entitled to," Norwood. (Canada)
K'eisler. Money should bo sent by
post office order orreistered letter.
Acdress the Ladies Home Mayaziue
Peterborouiih, Canada.
I-"k' Sai.k - Lots . .) and (i, block ti,
and lots 11 and I J. block h A bar-.ii-'iii.
Apply to K. H. Windham.
dhv wit.
ChilJren Cry for Pitcher's Castoria.
Whi-n Itbj- vu sirk, we gve hrr CsstnriA.
When she wai a child, she cried fur l-itori,
Vhen she tweame Miss, the clung to CastocU,
Wlnn ib had Chilitirp, nln thnrn CaitnrU,
Still continue to be
In th e Clothing Business.
This i i'tilly dcinoii-tratcd by the iact that tluy
have sold if -"(1 this Spring tn
They own their goods as low as mortal mn
can buy them for spot cash.
They sell them to
prices as mortal man
a living.
They are Square and Honest in their Dealings.
Those Three Reasons are the Keystones of Their
JTw to -ii. iw tln-if appreciation o( their
increase of business ilK.v pi-nj)n;.(. u
ic away lo their cutoiners a Handsome
Hook, entitled "The Colninl.iaii World's Fair
j Atlas .,1'ihe World," to every person luiyin (1
-nods to the amount of 25.011, either at one
X purchase or in a runnini; account. Thev will K
ie them a copy of ihis valnale book free of
( dial -e
Mayer &
The Nothing Kir.?s.
V ' 9 1 V
t-'i t i 9 ! ' a 1 VIII '11111! I
a n j a. jl jl. j in i ii i
Tliat Old. Ca,rpot
of yours has Im-l-11 turned lor the last time, it will hardly
st.'iwl another hii'Il htatii-.o; as you gave it, last sprinir licsiilcs
we know you are too tei.dcr hi.'arfed to jjfivo it such ittiother
la.-liiiiLf. It will liea useless task an you cannot lash hack
its respectability. Iietter discard it altogether and let us
sell you one of these elegant new pattern that we have
just received.
SpiitpH ljotiso GlBqqinH.
Will soon he up, ,ii us and you will want new carpets, curtain.-,
linens, etc. We are head quarters lor anything in
this line, we can sell you hemp carpets as low as ten cents
! var l, Ingrains as low as twenty-live cents and lirussells
nun littv cents upward. This is a
with ii.-. We have handled them with samples hut finding
that we could sell them much cheaper hy having them in
stock we have discarded the I'ornier method and are now
alile to sell them at a very low price, will duplicate Omaha
prices every time, kin 1 ami quality taken into consideration
Jieiiiir all new ootids we have no old designs in the line, We
have just received an excellent assortment of
e can soil l.-ii-i. ril i-f 1 1 i 1 1 t,.r
l onit curtains. Tanihotir muslin curtains. Swiss curt-iin-.
'"'tain scree,, in plain ami fancy, tahle silks tm- dratie'ric
Vhenille I orticres. Also a line line ..f window shades at
the lowest prices. "
We have the tinest line ethnens ever 1,,-ouoht to ,his dtv
lal.le cloths with napkins to ,,iaU-,, Tahl." s(...f '
MT hleadied tahle damask with' .lrw irk h.hI
stnehed hy the yard, plain da.nask .,- drawn w,
K-nm, stamped linens an elent assortment of tow s w
fancy and drawn work hor. ers. nl-iin -.,,,1 i n , .
their customers at as lov
can sell them and make
Plattsmouth, Net.
r FT ril TT I TT7" I
B 1 1 I I I I I I I IV IV 1
".ii .. . ....