Plattsmouth weekly herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1882-1892, July 14, 1892, Image 6

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t:N.Kw llni. is mad ln-causi'
f.nwi-r (.'levelainl lia not ;ipolo-jvu,-1
(or .luintfiip" liissnap con
vention i' C'liioayo.
Tin: di nKH -rat! s ay in tln-ir plat
form lliat tlu-y art- in favor of pi-n-sioiistolisalil.-l
veterans, ami tlu-y
will prove it ly i-'tint,' n.-velatnl's
numerous ami insulting pension
T)1K iinlepeinlent li.ivi- put up
Hi,- same l.l Weaver, vvliieli it
min. Is iim t 1,I llarkis." whom we
would just as soon .loitl.t as to
,,,,il.t that Cenernl Weaver "is
Willill'." ,
TlIK Louisiana leoiMatnre has re
t, l a hill providing for tin-adop-li,,nofth,-
Australian ballot s stem;
.in I the d. nio.-ratic majority in that
state will arrordin-ly rein a in at tin
present liuii's.
( i.i;v i.i. AM' "
I to notify
1 ih,- 'Juih
His pri-
I iK'i VI K
nip-ste.! th- ronimitti-i- no
him of his nomination till
. o il.U in i 1 1 1 1 . so as to u i v
. . .. . . i . .. a, 1 1. .-. i .i li
vat,' sctTi'tary limr i" moi.
opidia and copy ""l a
lln- fiicyclop
speech for him t'
i ri'ii'
1AVII U. IIH.I. savs "tin- talilf
pi. mk of tin- platform adopt. -d at
fhii-ai) has mad.- every workshop
and factory in tin- I'niteil States a
n puMi. an campaign head. plai t. -is.
That is what consoles th.' senator
lor the loss of that nomination.
At last Adlai Stevenson has
heard from Clover C'l.-relaml at'd's Hay, ami Adlai has noti
fied the committee that he and (Iro
er will he in one of the halls of
Tammany in the city of New York
on July -U, ready to In- surprised at
the iiioi tilicalion of their noininn
I ion at Chicago.
A IIK'M of tin plate importers
which has opposed the McKinley
ilutv on tin nlate now admits that
prices of tin cans and utensils li ivt
not advanced. Well then what art
democrats howliniralioiifr It is cer
tain that the industry is rapidly he
comiii established in this country
and there are many working-men
heinif employed--- Hartford Post.
A Hates countv farmer saw a holt
of I ihtniu strike in the center .
one of his fields, and, lieino curious
to see the effects of the stroke, vis
ited the spot, lie fount: tlie subllr
lluid had left is m ilk in the shap.
ol an enormous " I " ot an a u o rv re.
t olor, and had no douhl it was tin
,-io.n manual nf (lie an il fiend him
.-ell. Kansas City Journal.
,'Hie steamship Joseph Ot.-ri is
named after its owner, who is an
American citizen, resident at New
Orleans, l.etvvo, u which port and
the harbor of the republic of Hon
duras his vi-ss-.-l does a regular
trade, t n In r last outward trip the
Oteri carried, a n' other tfooils,
-..'aO Winchester lilies, and a ii.m
tity of ammunition, consign,' I to
the government of Honduras.
Hut while the Oteri was on her
wav a revolution, headed by
Colonel Nail. i. broke out in Hon
duras. The re ol III ioilisls were ill
neeo ol arms. ,md it happened that
the Oteri touched at the port of
Ceiba, which the revolutionist- had
been stuve.-sflll ill rapt lit i no;. The
captain ol the Oteri had ii-i
knowledge ol the changed condi
tion o! allairs and was a-toin-bed
to find loin-. II ma le a pris rand
his ve.-se) and i car-., coiiliscat.-d
as .-..on as he entered the harbor.
The in-iir-enls were kind enough
to t. il hull tnat II tne re. Minion
v i -1 i j - I in lo a ",ov ei ion, in ii
would pay !ib")U,noil for the ship and
eare.o. and that it the revolution
were suppressed and its leaders
lot, which is the late of uu -ucce-s.
lid rev olntioni-ts in llon.luras, tin-
c . . ... ..II .... . I . .
ovv ii. r ol tne neri . .nun sue me
re; t'overnnteiit lor damages
inllicled bv rebels.
It is a somewhat slow process to
sue anil collect money iiuin ao
eaiv ,-rnincnt bv any civil inelho.l.
And so the owner of the Oteri is to
ask the ;oi eminent of the 1'nited
Slates to demand reparation on his
behalf from the overnillent of
Honduras. As the act of seizure
. . . . i . r : . .
is a llayrani violation in unci na
tional law. and constitutes a U'ross
insult to the l'nited States lla', it
is quite probable that President
Harrison will act with his accus
tomed vior in matters of interna
tional policy. Hut il Mr. Oteri of
New Orleans be, as most ol his fel
low citi.ens are, opposed to all nets
and apuropriations that help to
build up a war navy for the. Tinted
States, he may be very thankful
that the piveriniieiit of Honduras
is a weak one, for southern demo
cratic policy wold. 1 not enable this
eovei innent to . nlorce a just de
mand against a strong naval power.
Trillin-- as the value of the ( Meri
may be. this lawless si-i.tire empha
sizes the need of increased facili
ties for the protection of Tinted
Slates persons and property when
alloat in foreign waters.
Minor parties never carry the
presidency themselves, but they
sometimes ive it to one or other of
the ureat organizations which could
not have obtained it without their
aid. Tlu'y do this, too, when they
do not - ain a sinyle vote in the elec
toral college. Indeed, the only de
cisive inlluence which they have
man with no more sensebility than
" a load. His speech aside from the
The Pinkerton Men Have Been negative feature of tin- almost un
natural quiet and hush of the town,
was the event of the dav.
Given Their Liberty.
had in polities was in the years in j w They Are Opposed to the Sher-
Jv'ccipl'oeity has increased our e
p.n t.iti'in ol 11 air to Cuba the last
,-i mouths in an unprecedented de
dr, . I ii is'Jl, bom January to April
inclusive, we eportc !
!0,:t77 barrels.
In IV.1, during the same pel mil, 1 1 n -iniount
exported reached
'i lild'.l barrels.
Wlli:. the alliance fust started we
were told that it was not a political
jiarty; that politics had nothing to
do w ith the organization. That he
inir a fact, then whv is it that the
politicians a-,- now at the head ol
.ind runninn it'- Who have contral,
lhe farmers or a lew of the polili
cinus from the other old oraniza
tions'r Did any firmer come in lor
the nomination'.- Not that von can
see with the naked eye.- David City
The Tnited States lis, al year
losed last week, June :in. Tncle finds himself in eiuul comli
! ion, thank v on.
For the first time in the history ot
Mie nation the export of American
merchandise ami American inn-
'.nets amounted to more than a bil
lion dollar-, or wiitleii this way.
more than S I ,c m.i k i,m m.
The balance of the trade is in
tavor nf this country by one hun
dred and filly millions, ,si;m, ,o,umi.
That is. th;- (ouiitiv .-old toniher
'ount rii.'s f-I V. i,iK ki.i i worth ol miod.
more thin it bought Irom other
, (ilintries. A- Ion;; as a man's in
come exceeds his expend :! ni es he
pros,es. It -,. the. -ame wav will:
The national debt dm am; the ear
was reduced by U.:nV-".s'. oi nearly
a million dollars a mouth.
There is a surplus in the tti a -m v ,
, iii'ludine;- tin- eohl reserve, ol ?'U'I'.,-',.ii-'..i77.
When the republican party
educed the duties on many arli
li s and removed it from others,
.notably suar, entire!, the demo,
rats predicted a bankrupted trea
sury. Hut the republican party
has been able to i;ive a practical
den.onstration of a system id tarill
duties "sufficient for the needs of
the ' ivernment economically administered."
Salute Mckinley protection,
.Maine's reciprocity niul Harrison's
adnwuistration. And vote the re-
jmbJican ticket next November.
The bretclle rullles, coumienciiie
uairovv and seantv near the center
ol lhe wab I line and e-,,vin fuller
and wiiler over the shoulders, where
they cud or cout i u lie do vvn the back
as in the front, w-ere apparently in
vented lor the stout i i 1 . as they
e iv e her a longer a u 1 more slender
waist, as does (he pointed eir.lle
now worn, w rites Kuiina 1. Hooper
in her valuable department "Hints
on I lonie Dressiuakiiin" in he July
l.adi.s 1 1 nine Journal. 1 or the slen
der n ill, the bertha I rim mini; ol lace,
embroidery, silk etc., outlines :i
round yoke, falling fuller over the
slum I del s and i; i v ine; lueadth to (In
form and fullness tothechest. Moth
wear bell and gathered skills and
lull sleeves. One may wear any
matel al, but ihe olncr looks better
in narrow stripes, small figures and
solid colors, (iirls of fourteen to
sixteen years wear the Russian
blouse, and h is been described
many times, lor their street anil
house dresses. Other pretly waists
for them have a round back, where
it buttons, and shot t, s.piare jacket
fronts openim; over a plastron of
China silk or surah. Neat challi.
rocks have the trout slurred on
cords from one arm hole to the other
forming' a yoke, w ith Ihe lulluess
nniiiiiii; into a pointed yirdle made
of six-inch ribbon, which is then
folded narrowly arotiu 1 the xvai-t
. 1 1 1 1 1 talis in ivvo miie ,n nie
back. A e- ,,f toiuteeii wears a
u lthci'ed skirl ol , repon. three x ai ds
and a hall wide, with a round waist
eathcred at the neck in shirred
tucks to lortn a yoke. The -leeves
are shirred at the w ri.-ls, and a col se-h-t
Irom tlie side -cams is lac, d p,-r-m.
in, nt l in the trout, as the frock
I. i-tens in Ihe back, l he cors. I, t is
wi II loii.-d. stinuht on the upper
eil . ;e, deep, a n 1 - 1 1 lit I V pomteit or
I on ud mi Co- iow el cde.
which they did not carry smyle
slate. The earliest of the so-called
third parties which was formed w as
the Anti-Masonic parly, which fig
ured in the president iai canvas of
1 .and whose standard-bearer,
William Wilt, secured the seven
electoral votes of Vermont, bill, it
.lid not have a feather's weight in
the canvass so far as regards i(j ,.f.
feet on either id the pteal organiza
tions. Jack-on beat Clay yjir,
as he would have done if W irt aiid
hi- party had not been in tin- held.
The k now not h i Ui; - of lv"ii, h-d by e
President l-'illmore, carried. Mary
laud, but ihey neither materially
hurt nor helped I'reinout or lln
chanan, the republiciin and demo,
criitic standard bearer respectively.
Nor did the constitutional union
parly of 11.11" and Kverelt, which
carried Virginia, Kentucky anil
Tennessee in In in. change the re
-nil in that year. The liberty party
in Ml, however, the tree soil party
in lh and the prohibition party in
lsM, although neither secured an
electoral vote, turned the scale, and
all did this in .New York. The liher
I vitcs drew enough whiv.' votes a iv ay
from Clay in that state to yive that
state and the nation lo Polk audthe
.leiuoct iicv ; an nuren, as neau oi
Ihe free soilers, attracted enough
deinociiils in the state away from
Cass, the regular democratic nomi
nee, to put the w 1 1 i o- candidate, Tay
lor, in power, and St John, in the
same stnt,'. earned a sufficient num
ber nf prohibition republicans away
from Maine- eiuht e;irs ayo to semi
Cleveland to the white house.
This is the record of third parties .
. . ... i .-. i
in preside! tial canvasses, ami u
lends some popular interest to Ihe
organization which has just put l
ticket in the field at ( luiaha. The
.puslion as to which of the two
ereat parlies will be injured the
more by this tickets depends
chictly on the section in which it
displays its greatest sirens-til. If it
polls more votes in the ex-slave
states than in the others, then the
democrats will be the principal
. , - ii. . .1. .i
losers, ami vice versa, uir iiiiru
party leaders boast that they will
carry two or three stales in the
south and about the same number
in the north. In such a case there
would hardly be any election by Un
people, ill which event the hollse of
l epr. -eutat i cs w ould be called on
to make the choice, and the demo
cratic candidate would oe vi, loti
ons, liul no I'-vci-iieancd person m
cither ol the ureal parlies looks for
any result of this sort. There is no
ennil reason to assume that Un
peoples party vote anywhere in the
south will be n'reat enough even to
throw nnv slate of that region into
the republican column, nor that it
will be heavy enough in the west to
take any state away from the repub
licans. -St. Louis Cilobe Dcni'n rat.
Hl-Anv Attempt to Install'
Deputies In the Works
Wi I Start the
Hipi:sn:n. Pa., July 7. II Sher
iif McCleary attempt- b enter the
caclosuresiirroun.lin- the Carney ie
steel works w ith a posse oi'depntu s
in the moruiii". a more .-eriou.- and
bloody battle than that of yesterday
mornim; "i;, Im' ''M"h'u'1'-
I'his inform, itiou w;i- not ob
tained 1 1 the hilders of the
strike, nor from the committee ap
pointed by them to -ive out in for
million to the press but from the
in. -iii-elves. Nearlv 1"
of them were seen at their homes by
a reporter this afternoon, and they
vver- of one mind. The works must
stand idle until the strike is de
clared off. The his'h sheriff, the
I'hikei lon men. ur lhe state militia
will not be allowed to take pos.-i
NrviT I'onll i - lln- I'.yi'.
It is the i-eviiilin custom uiiihiil; i;
lKinuit lie.u.le to put a i(iulliee on uu ill
tlanie.l eye, a tiling which should nevt i
till. ler liny circuilistillices he ilnlie. It i
sad to see the vast number of men, wom
en and children mn.le blind for life hy
this one thiny. Jenness Miller Ilia
Tin- 1 1 1 u s nf ii llmif Minion.
She Look liciv! This is the third
handkerchief I lcive wet 1 lie. m-h wid
bitter tears!
1 let, very coolly) Nutliim: hut n- 1
expense! That's hew the w.-i-hiii;: I
runs up. l'opolo lenii.ui...
WW i 1 K' ! Tain man v pa per o1 -lei
sail! I lor a denioerat i,- cii ni ),; je n
sonu ." ' It must be ideal ami rv Ik
niicid in ,-t le." That is, it must
handle in pod measure the names
of Adlai Cle' . hind and drover
Stevenson, and make them sound
musical and sweet. It wants also
the soniT "" have catchy expres-
Pos-iidy the most "catchy
ions" of Tammany have
Cleveland can't carry Xew
"With Cleveland defeat, is
The Pussy Prophet," "The
Perpetual Candidate." Western
poets who compete for the prize
will do well to note these points.
Poets are requested to communi
cate with the New York World for
further particulars. Kx.
llo not draw h cheek unless you have
tin- money in bank or in our pas-. .--i- u
to ilep.'S-.l. Don't lest lie ,'nuia.a'ir
p-neruMty of your hunk by presentis:-.-or
allowing to he iv-eiited v mil . -in-cl
for a luruer sum than ymir bitlan. e.
Mr. Stiilifurd hns en. lowed the I.i I.e. :
Sliinl'oril .Iniiiur uiiieisi!y. u!n h r
v. ally ;i soi t of hmiie :e).e 'l for jh..-i
children, viiti prop-rty end in- i" 1
.uiumntinj; lo abniit sinimiHU'ii.
A certiiii. dm ,iti hi of :i hueiiior.s i:,i
pres-ieu is ii.-i e.- siii v to produce an eio-ci
on t he vet in; i ; lieu, u is l ve do n. i
see.-i very Viipi.'ily un v in ol -ju t , mii Ii i,.
a bullet lired Inm it ,u"aii.
WitlioUt its jitlil.'Sphev
is a coverlet to protect
f pilee
felll'fnl Cold
earth would h
nirless in, mi.
. Which Serves
it l.-ilillsl U .
tin- siuliiee o! the
en hiio that e: the
ex pres
A device that works well in keepin,
loose waste paper out of the pilllcs of
(Jhicai,''' is the pliiciiu,' of hie; trash bas
kets about on the lawns and paths.
I'rclt Tour riikiiiK.
Findings are pepuhuiy sujiposed to be
long to the HWeejH-r, hut one of the
street sweepers of Portland observes that
hid is ,i very disappointinc job. He has
found only a one cent piece and a short
loud jiencil during his term of office mid
is disgusted with politics. Lewiston
I Journal.
Well Armed and Desperate.
Since the awful encounter with
the Piiikertons the toilers of thi.
lown have become more despcrah
o,,t deieiinined than ever. 1 hev
have secured from some source
ho e,, ouantit v of arms and aniuiii-
- i -j ,
nition. Those known to be eo,
marksmen have been selected to act
as a band of sharpshooters. They
w ill be concealed ami pick oil the
deputy sheriffs, Piiikertons or mili
tiii, as the case may be, as soon as ;
landing- is attempted.
The strikers are not boisterous
inn- do Ihev show sic-- s of excite
incut. Hut there is a more ominous
I., .. if (here i s a 11 1 ll i 11 il' ilf 1 1111 1 1 ill
the saviim- a calm precedes a storm
l.-.o-ioieitelv I he strikers are not all
llunearians mid Slavs, l-'ortunat
Iv the men in the lead are men vvn
. . I 1 . . 1 ........ 1 V
; oi ie I lie I r Success UC I ll I n IS 1.1 1 iv , ,
on their bravery.
Hut the talk of ' e men thcin
Ivcs will show which way the
wind is blowing. Jhey "iive their
honest opinions, unbiased by ain
crowd or nuitaior, uir inn
iw;iy from their companions iiud at
"We will see that the works are not
harmed, and that nothuiV;- i i the
way of properly beloninu: lo Mr.
Carm-a-ie is de.-lroved, unless 11 oe
he boats used in attempt in a' to land
dlicers," was the reply made by D.
Corker, a steel worker, yesterday.
The liiaiiiiu'ers of the works know
this iis well as we do. What tlley
want is to put lhe sheriff in posses
sion of the works and then the coun
ty will be resposible lor any dam
age that may result from any dis
tiirbiiuce that may follow. It will
insure him against loss and we
property owners will have it to pay.
You see, as soon as the manaiicr
install ;i sheriff at the works, the)
will then brine-in the 'black sheep."
They know this may incite the
strikers to riot and that serious
damage to the woiks may follow.
They know that many of us own
our homes, and that we do not care
lo incur heavy fixes to pay for dam
ayes dime to the works while the
sheriff is in possession. We do not
fear that the Piiikertons or any oth
er body of officers will yam posses
sion ollhe works, but we do fear
another hattlc.
Heady to Uio It Need Ui
"Not that we iiie cowards, f.n
ev ery man of us is prepared to sac
rifice his l.fe if ucccs-ary in ll.i
struyyle f-r what we believe to be
pisl and riaht. Hut we are h-arbd
ol ll e soi row d is 1 ii oi i id to I . r : 1 1 j 1 1 1
nianv of our homes.. We are not
thir.- line f, ,r Llood, but vv will not
stand idly by ami see the breai
wrest, d Irom th - month- ol our
wave- ; 1 1 a I c I i 1 1 d I e 1 1 V, 1 1 ! I u! ilia h '. no
il vigorous ,-iioil to pr, vent it "
Tin- story in sub.-t.n.ce w,i- re
peated scores ol t-.iues ly nun in
all ii.iit-id the Iowa and men bom
even branch el work at t'e- mill
Main added that .ii'in- been
supplied and that they had secured
pi en I v id i o i to iic in
case an attempt IS made to put the
works in the hand.- of the hiyh
sher;i! ol Alleghany ciuiutv.
I'll, expression ol the men lonud
biickiny Iron) the need pa.-tor of
one of lhe Methodist churches here,
w ho in a very remarkable sermon
preached over the body, 'of John
Morris, the best known and most
popular of the killed workmen, said
in unmistakable words that in his
opinions the Piiikertons had been
sent here for blood if that were ne
cessary for the nou-iiiiioiii.ation of
the mills. He yave commendation
to the workmen and evidently is linn
in his belief that to Mr I-'rick is to
he attributed nil the trouble between
There were three funerals diiriny
the afternoon and it was not un
naturally expected that they iniyht
ulmiuate in some sort of disturb-
in ce, out the passed oil with an
the decorum that should attend
sucha solemn celebration.
Tp to a late hour there are no
leiiths in addition to those named.
riirei men are in a vcrv danyerous
-din 1 it ii in and it is doubtful w hc-
ther or not thev will recover.
what iiii: i Aiv-i:,.n; si'kikk is
a i it n r.
As we understand the situation at
Houi 's-ead three ipte.-t h ms are in
1. A reduction in the scale from
T-Ti to ..; for 1x 4 Hcssenier billits.
2. A chanye in the ihite of the ex
piration of the .-scale from tine lid to
December HI.
i. A reduction in tonnaye rales
at those lurnnces and mills where
important impi oveiiienls have been
made and new machinery has been
added that has really increased
their output ami coiiseipienlly the
ciirninas d the workmen. Where
no such improvements nr additions
have been made no reduction is
asked. American M a n ll I neturer.
I 'kg c:a call teonoinyt
I Tht 8ureit reftdl JC9 vwrnltK
A Witk Win 6kuiDoor ternary
Stems to8 tk P Cl 't'w
fcr as with tKm tK Juic
Remain witktn tk meat,
Hort food end mutft?t tatter,
b (Jt far a to r
Heats toteizi in thdr oivn juices bj
using tlie
Tliprp Is rntco'ktuiu.'m'ii tiii1iiflnf the
Bollil ovi-n 1'oor l unlut lhe Id 1" weight l meat
le from iv to 4 t ,--m. ot tin- lumt nmsicl. In, h ril of t wrltliliiii ti n nunU, II
ruaif d incilliim lo wU duLe will lode tnree puuudi.
Tli-nmi' roristiMllp tlo CI'AKTIIS OAK
RANCK "ill-- tto WliiB UXtZSH 0LH
Uuj;;, lotii.5 kbuut ouo iuiuii.
To ir'. w n.i it to ulirlnk l to l"e l.irjre portion
l .,, j.e ..-.( iot. 'I hi- tiiTr ,l, not iifinidi
uij a bum:' :i tuujii, taaleiwa ud uuiaiUtlti.
TlIK liyht is on, and there is no
1 1 1 1 1 -1 i 1 0 1 i 1 1 the issues. It i- pro
tectum to American i ndii.-i ries.
American homes and A uicricn n
people iis iiyiii list tree tfiide, il de
struction . d' ol I r industries, and a
paupari.iuy ol' our people, Ameri
cans should n i h, --it. i le as to how
they will vote upon uch :ui issue,
l he republ ica n party t hu t has sa ed
this union Ironi deslrucl ioii :it tin
hands of democrats, must still pre
serve it. The i , i ,'U who fa i led in war
are now attcmptiny by dillcr. nt
metho Is to accomplish what they
fouyht for the n, iv'epiil d leans inusl
be loval to tl e:r couniry. I'entriee
t ) ri'Mir:.-ti It-ailmt: .l.y
. ::U.f Ml nl-li l'l..
I . .U;iNv.ilr 1 i t'i-
.,,.,,,(1 ,' (, illv'.I. I .Uibllllf J iff.
ry st? -..I,. ,,i ,,,.!
I ; .''(.',' IVyV Mrii'lipre 'itmI nil
! Vi ; ' -n-liir:.i!iM I. e.:. -. I no sJ.
v-sia-' ;i i'f Sl.ln Il.n,.,Strrnl-
r,loii Kurri nni'ei-i.iiUior A (fortuui, voiu
1M V.:wxt..)i'.:-. t,'ft:LWACEEE, WJ4,
Q rs. B ETTS & Betts
juvcoiinilciMIt l ;is lie llesl. il
I,ii M.vus, I'lymoutu Co., Iu., May, 19.
I BUlIi-red from t.nuponiry hl.'i''liaui'9 from
Overwork lor two vims, tor wliich I used Pastor
Keoiiiii's Nerve Tunic, uu. 1 cull ii'ciminn'ud euiiio
as tho K'ot liiclii iiie lor similar innil.teH.
1' . HDJlXHOltST.
Mu.Foue, Oil., May, ls3.
.Mvfiulial a F'lnu niul uorvo ilisiase ; was
uiiifli h.-iH-litril ly tin- iis uf l'11-.tor Kociiig'
Ni-i-vo Tonic:. 'J im iliuitilitei- of a friend ol Uliue
had lits aud vvaseuri'd Ly lli.i Tonii:.
.1. S. M. 1 'KKMOTT.
.Mr. Thod. j, 1'iirccll, of simkunel nils, Wanli.,
wrilcii fr.mi the tion-iilii t'ollei;,', Juuo, lv.w :
I Iiud -)iilopH- Vi yt'iirb, hub ticiitcil by mauy
iliHicii,)iH and tun!, iiimiy HO'Cullt'd i.atont
iiicdii'ini",, but uf no (jiHid until I took 1'a-itor
Konni'n Ncrvo Tonic. Now, tlinnks to tlod
Utta not Und uu uiidcli eiuco Novuuibor, ibodb
-A Viitiiiililo Hook on Norvnni
l)isees ei-nt lre lo any uuimisg
ami iiMr imiIbuw ran l-o olrtsit
tins medicine tree uf cliiirKO.
Hub n nii'ilyhan been inciniri'd by the lU-wixne
p-ior hiH ini!. of Fori 'V.imi. iua muce isiftaui
Linow I'n iKiri d under iuvotlou by Uia
" Chicago, ".
.""PoMlc C tor S3
Fut.'iv'tTtpi'd fo'irno lnm:or fn-m thlH Klni of
'1. :i. r., l-.r rv a iii,t ..iuli rlul ,!r.ivry In
Ii ,1-. ail'. :uirl n :un- run ol I In" limly ,'iill bo
l i neeii inly turnl wIUiiimI Ilic lio of
' !v;i::'"lV. U. Coi iiv. t' ln.llHn:, Avo., ( hlnuo,
- '-i.'':ai 1 1 1 r.ii!i,iT"i I til' er.-iev in m
' a y . . u- . lii-.'l "I trci'-vi-i.t." seml l.T
j)i-. 1.. s. loiltt iai.i ?u. chiciii;'!.
Hns become a houselwlJ wnnl becaase of
its absolute purity, nutritive value, smooth
taste an J delicious boiuiuet. It isunod lor
weak bines an.l a stimulant lor impiiirtii
constitutions. Unlike inferior whiskies it
does not rasp or scald tl.i: throat and
stomach, nor cause nausea, dizziness ant'
headache. You may know il by the ahov ,
qualities and the proprietary bottles in
wliich it is served. Call for "(V. nm Pure
A'vt" and take no othr. I nr sale at all
first-ckiss drinking places and drug stores
li DALLF.M AND CO.. rhicacc
For Side by JOS. J. McVKY.
(Mlioii lioiim front U a.m. to p. lu. Suiiditj
irom to a. in. to I I', in
Hviiilisti iu t'lironic, Norvous.ljkin nnd IU.khI
k VToacnltfltion nt nfhYn or liv iimil fn
Molirinim Rout by miiil or oxprosM, Horuri-ly
lutrki'il, froe fi-oni nliHTviilion. (iiuirautiH.H to
uuri' nmrkly, wifely and iiormniiuiitl).
Tho mot widolv niul fiivoriiblv known fmirinl
ift in llio L'nilH.I tttiitra. Tlieir Ihiik ixiriiiic'.
romnrkiililo hkill nt d univiTHiil HiireesH in t bo
ri'iitnii'iit and euro of Nitvoiim, t brunii' nnd Sur
tfirid I lieiio'S. out it lo llipo idiyt-ieitins
to tin' full roiifidonce of tin atliictiil rvorywIiiTO
Xli'-y Kietrjiiiti'.':
n, fnl I'lti'i-iH -f .-iirly vice iiud tin1 iniiiiiTons rviltt
Hint follow in ll" triiin.
t'. itily, coiwi'l- ti'ly it: o H.riiiHiieiit ly ruri'.l.
OUhL'Ki) Ji.ld r.-a.Kly to tlieir nkillliil aviil-
Illl III.
i.-'iiioint.'. ,1 i-iniil without oiun or il.-n nii..n
from Iiumii.s.
ln'lill i,:rl iuee-s f ii i ly rur.-d iu i-OTy r.i-.
SY I'll I LIS liONOt:l!INK , tihlMT. Spennn
t,. ril , a s,.iaii:d V,.;ikho-H, l,.t M:uhhhI,
Nttl.t Kiniinii-.. I'miod Ktu'tillii'-., I -m it !
W .' .kn, ;,i:d nil . lei if:itt" duordi-ri. K'i-nli;,r to
oil Lit n.'X j.o-a lively riir.'.l, :u well i,n ii!I fimc do-. ir...r 11, ht '.Mill from yonUiful folli.w
or :Ih- rxi-i-f. -f nmiuri' yinr.
Qrir,Jtn liuiinmliii'd .crniin'ntly curi'd,
vJlllolUIL, r )v.j ,.,., ,,,t(, witliont cut.
" or ililntntion l lirp ofloilpd lit
iiM.t will, out a iiioiii.'iitH p;, in ol
'9 rT a new iorirn.-n
iTii-nnnc niL'iiioa oi'n.
Ciii nut full mili'SK thu
cm Aj In lievnnil liuniiia
'V-? 3 rid. Yoii ti',1 ImproTi-il
t SK . l, ,,- rnl n lm,
y f V. lit I'vcrr ilii'y: Komi know
L -V 0, 1111-11 II KIIJH IIIU.'I'W
' r-r v t : u.... .i...i i
V i- Ijivvf-ir li.'irt. llriiiiiRanit liw
,,n'aV.Vfl. 17 oh'""'1
to happy nmiTiPd litf n
v . iiMri5T. Drain tm.wit
w mm hilling lust, m u
rii'trcti iy huh trcai
iniT'it. AM MimHnn1 wv-i'd.
I". i t ii'in of t he ImmIv en
Iui'o.l junl ntronntlitjR'il,
Vlctlrus of ithnst'H nti'l
pc-,'i". rt'cluim your
ri:iiitifii 1 SiiIWit fr.iin
lo'h ovorworlt.ill health,
IT VlU'-f Dull t
-"d iV!':tr.)'Vt'n it' in 1 ho la."t
i. ! i ,1 votl. .'lllSfl.lV r .r
th .1 :in t'.iral i t'h'iicn aibl
! M-mip-w hiiir t-till ni'-t; lir-o c h:ml tn ha"t.
1 . l.lftl "iifit iVi'n, 4vt'i xi OHO iTlrrrntt,
xr:n risncAL co., v-uffaio. it. y.
... :i .
flQiil' l,iifn.lp beib-.y-N,
u rcioi'.liiM t!i:it i!o i tee' V U I i
jnro tin- li.
. w;l I
r liiti il
l i, .i tn- It i':iii!;i u,i :i
li. iill'ie ! .'in.,;,.-. '.,li :hI I,. .
w.i'M-.i .r ive In :io.-; : ' i-
l.m !. r-' d le. .,:.., l.i.-o. i. ..
IfcllCMTS T-.F.ATuD fcY f Ml.
It ,rnl. V . ..-,lt,j. S t I fi . ,
lillr-CI.-w-i or
t :.i . tr, :,n, ,,l
'' lii.ll - si
ereli .11 tl
tin.-, .-mi.!
bohio I ,
illiilo) m.ce.
ACJi'm Pure Tl"! w'iii en.-i-tH of early
OUI C UUI C vi.'i" vvbieli In im.'M orumiic
w.', iitroiiiif both muni nnd bmly. vvirh
nil il- dn'.id'il illn, iifriieini'i.tly nirwl.
PpQ Rr4tl Addn'NH tJioso who liuvo iniiar
VI Oi DtUil f.a iiii.niwlvini by improper in
iliili'i'iirn nnd Militnry Imbit.H. wliir-li ruin IkiIIi
in iml and Imdy, iinntlin; On.iii for buxinttuti,
-.tiidy or iiuiiriiu.'o.
MAIIItlKI) MRS, or thc ciib'rinK on Hint
b.'ipl y lit", nware of i liyiic:il .lebilily, u i e k I y
;yS.-nd 1 n"itn poKtiwi- for ri'li bnitiil works
on Cbronic, Nitvuiiii iind Ili'liciito llituHo..
Tliouwui'ls ifA frii'ii.lly l. ttur or otill
niity hnvo Jim fnturi' mifrerintf and sliunii', nmj
add ifuldi'ii yinm to liff. " No lotUT hhbwi p',1
unli.n i.i'coriit.nnii'd by 4 (vnt in PtruniH.
Addnsw, er mil oo
I 10 Sotuh 14th St
N. K. Cor 14th and Douglas Sts
U. 0. W. f. 5:iaCR. t'VICKiii i'.lt.iUii, CiHWCU, IX
r S e . i
"f'f to l"tro.nn ,mr CltAYIIX POK
I K 1 1 I M nnd ihiiltn new riiMoiiiiirn. wo liuvu
il. i iil.'.l lo in ike lies .,., l .,.,. send IK ft
t nluma I'll lnr...-li, .toKni.i.'lli,l vf. Alii,p,tvi
or liiiiii'r..tv4i.'o y..iirM.for miy i'iinil-ruf yl.ur
fmiill y, llvinu or iloiul. nml wi' will liiiiko y,.n n
iHHin I'm li nil f,,r ol luiriii-, proviilod
you ,'ilnliit it I,, your tni-ntl u n huniptc of our
work, tirnl use v.uir tntliii'iii'i. In (.fcuriiiu us f tit urn
onlern. i'liiciinnini' nml tii1ilri.ion hnckuf picture
nnd it will Ik' ritiuriu-il Iu iiitP'oI ordi'r. VVcnnike
HiiyrhniiKB In plrturp yon irWh, not InliTfcrlinf
withliki'iii'sa. Il,-li-r Iniinv llanu In IiIi iiku
Artdrnwnii mini to ECLIPSE PORTRAIT CO..
? 5 R,ant,0IPh CHICACO,'. III.
MiP- .wli fnrfidi flld to anr rni-x.
XytitU la blUICTLV 110.NA. ll)J