Plattsmouth weekly herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1882-1892, July 14, 1892, Image 4

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    NINTH tn- l will kooii lie opt 'in-'l
up tlirouii 1" Smith Park.
1'I.Al TSMdiTH will move rilit
alotiy ami keep lior place in the pro
o k-muii. Sixth street i to lie paved.
Till-: Second ward people say
there are no Hie on Councilman
Jones from their wanl," for when he
oe after a tiling that he want he
nenerally ets it.
.Now let every business man
stand hy tin- council and indorse
all city improvements, and every
body talk I'lattsmoiith, for hard
limes are taking wind's and leavinj;
us ami our I. or city i bound to
I or ye riylit ahead, regardless of the
yrilinbliius of the old mo-shacks.
)1 k city dads made a move in the
riylit direct ion. They ordered the
sewer extended out Wa-liinyton
avi-nue towards Hie M. I'. lepot, as
far as the present funds on ha ml for
sewer purposes will pay for, 1 In
city engineer was ordered to make
an immediate estimate of the cost
uid see how far it can be extended.
Xl.WCAsl I.i:, in Filmland, is a
yreat coal town, and free trade has
worked irretrievable injury to the
liritish industries that buy New
castle's coal. That is why New
castle has elected Mr. llamond, a
tory democrat, to parliament. 'r.
Ilaimnul has been advocating pro
teetive duties, and when his elect ion
was announced in the National
Liberal club they said "McKinley
did it." New York Tress.
Tin: K'ichiuotKl (Va.) Times says
'there are but two parties which
Virginia and the south can know,
and whoever is not for the demo
cratic party in this liyht is ayainst
it." This is to be the style of cam
paign in the south and it will lie ef
fective. The republicans of the
north, who are talking about peo
ple's party, need expect no help
Irom the south, The people's party
will have no electoral voters in the
In order to stimulate American
composition, the Ladies' Home
Journal has just made public an at
tractive series of liberal pi i..t lor
the best oiiyinal musical composi
tion by composers resident in the
l'nited Stall's mid Canada. The call for a wait., a piano coin
position, a pli'asiny ballad and a
popular Sony, an anthem and the
four best hymn tunes. 'I la-competition
is open until No, ember I,
next. The opportunitv has an addi
tional attractiveness since the prize
compositions will form part of a
series for v.hii ii Strau.-s is writiu
an oi iinna wa t.. and v. harles
(ioiinod and Sir Arthur Sullivan
each an oriy iual sony.
The action of thedemocraticstab
convention in Kansas indorsing
the presidential electors of the pen
pie's party yoes tt show that it is
anythiny to beat the republican
Hut what are the prospects for
the parties in Kansas? The friends
of the Omaha ticket believe that
they are stronger in that state than
they are anywhere else in the conn
try. They virtually concede that
with the help promised them by
the democracy, it thev can not win
there they can not win anywhere
In the canvass for governor in lN'.Hi
the republican candidate had 11.",(HKI
votes, the alliance nearly 107,000,
and the democracy 71,000. The re
publicans, who elected Jlumphrey
had a plurality of al unit S.000 over
the alliance, but their vote fell
about ;!,( X H t short of the combined
alliance and democratic strength
On this exhibit the people's parly
the successor ol the alliance, Pases
its hope of success this ear. lint
in making this estimate two im considerations are los
sight of, vi.. : Hirst, the 111 it d party
ites. as shown bv the vote for loci
ollicers in lvd, reached their hi
est strength ia Ivhi; and, secondly
1he democratic convention s action
in indorsing the people's party
ticket is being repudiated by rcprc
seiitative democrats in all parts o
the state and will be resented at th
noils. The elements of opposition
to the leiiublica.fs. Ihefefoie, will
not beat all danecrolis. There i
not the slightest probability th
the thir I party can poll as many
vote a it did two years a
Minor organizations never loom ii
very effectively in presidential can
vasses. Their greatest strength is
always shown in the intermediate
years. The democratic protest
against the combination may re
sult in the placing of a straight
democratic set of electors in the
field, or it may manifest itself in a
movement of the bolters over to the
republican camp. In either case it
may be assumed with entire safety
that Kantian will in 1W2 retain lice
old place in the republican column.
Kmployers and capitalists can
shift their headquarter to the
L'nited States ami other countries,
and there at once o'ltain the benefits
of the protectionist system. They
can send back their manufactures
to Knyland freeof duty, and compete
on ecpial terms in the l'nited States
with nativecapitalists. Hut work
inymeii cannot trausplate them
selves (uite so eaisly. They must
remain where they are and see the
tiylit out. They know pel teeth well
that if foreign markets are closed to
their productions their industries
iiiuM languish and the means of
existence will gradually be taken
from th in. They see in every shop
foreign yood-i ol -ome ili-seripl mil
or other. I hey know that in the
nitric where the yoods collie
t'om Ivnyli'll yooils ale liable to
lea VV out ics. I ley ea mini see 1 11.11
this is f.iir play, Ihoiiyh it may be
ice trade. Hence they are ready
ir a change in t he I i ue i mlicated by
ord Salisbury. This is the judy-
tueiit of men w ho see much of the
mulish working classes, and if they
ire niMit it will turn out in "oon
that l.oru ."t.ilisiuiry Knew w n
at he win about when he deliv
d his now celebrated speech at
Hastings.-Herald Furopean hdi-
i 1 1 .
While all the democratic and free
trade papers are howliny ayainst
Mr. I'arnceie and Mr. h'rick lor their
reduction of 11! per cent, which may
be unjust and should be resented,
it would be well for them to see
what these men are uettilur and
omparc it with what is paid in
tlicr countries.
The Iron Aye of June lit), ivj'J,
yives the following liyurcs as the
wayc list of "a well equipped mill
in Western I'enn.sylvaiiia, workiny
under the Amaly .minted scale,
which is the scale deterinininy the
rate of wayes at C'arneyie's works."
We place Kiiylish rates for like
work in separate paragraphs:
The American waye list stand
thus for the year ls'.'l:
1 Yr t urn.
Hits in 7 inrli mill. I.':
tnni- ul
limns eiii h
per "ear
in In null mill. I'S
I urn . . .
IV , i H -1 - in uuiile mitt,
t urn-
K'uller" in liar mills,
'.'.1 HP','! 7.7s
it seems that the lowest
price paid lor eight hours worU to
my roller w as 7.7, and the highest
-or labor of eipial duration was
.f 10.70.
We make bold to say that there is
ardly one editorial writer on the
I'eyiilar stall ol auv one ol the tree
trade papers whose e 1 1 tors inch i -1
ive orders for "slashing articles
i' l-'rick and Carnegie's starvation
wayes who is paul at the rati- ol
i.-ls ll for liW "Innis" at his work.
The Ivnglish pay of a roller in iron
mills is S'.."ii).
Knglish pay fl!.a0 per day. Amer
ican "starvation wages Irom ?
to !rl'.i.7ii for eiyht hours' work.
In which country dues the
modern I.egrce live- in protection
America or in free trade Knglnnd'.'
Let us now consider how "heaters"
are paid in American and in Kng
lish iron and steel mills. The
wages in the I en usy I van ia mills
have been as follows for the trade
year just ended:
l'er turn.
Healer in 7 iueli mill, I.!'.'
t urn- ul ' liuu rs eai h j'J.'.'l I. Ill
Healer in In inch mill. I'.-
Pu us ill hum -earli .. .'l.'.'J !i.'"
Heater in mii,!e mill, .Ml
I urn- ul s hears each . :,."ni.UI 7.Ii
Healer in Imi null. .Vi'J
turns ul huiirs emli. . H.-TJ'i.oo a.SI
Knglish pay $1.1 ill for a day's
work, American pay trom a.i to
f'.t.XH for eight hours' work.
The lowest priced labor einploy ed
in mills running on the Amalga
mated scale receives l.a I per day.
Its counterpart in Knglnnd is paid
t.) cents.
These tig lire are submit ted to the
consideration of
people, w ithout reference to the pro
posed reduction of per cent at the
1 lomeslead works, though that'pro
posed reduction alfects only ;C"i ol
those who have been earning from
!?.": to Sl'.'.7i for eight hours' work,
and does not touch the wai;e list
that ranges from .rl.aO to .Tl.uOa day
The liyures prove that tinder inn
tection wayi-s in America have
icucneu an emiueiu'e that seem in
credible to the Kuropean workman
The Ibuntead matter is to be de
teriinneii i i o i evidence. II, despite
of a fall of J per cent in selling
price, ,f.'7 being the rate when the
scale of lsv was adopted and .fJH.Ta
the rate when the agreement be
tweent'arnegii'and his men expired,
there still is profit enough to iitford
compensation to capital without re
duction of the income of labor, let
old rates prevail. Hut if reduction
be necessary, theXjumen nfTected by
it still will be in receipt of incomes
far in excess of those of most
preachers, doctors, lawyers, teach
ers, authors, clerks or fanmus.
For Sale.
My house and three lots corner
Sixth and Dey, price $l.'JiKI.
Mk's, J, A. li.ltt'fc'LL, '
Ceutnd City, Neb., ai)C.U,K. 13.
TIip MiiI Imi iniiUhini; IVHpjre uf u I
strf That ll.t n Wnrlilvt.ip I;.-;.".'
llitu An A ii W lu'i-i'iii An Iim'.i.I
lcnile f All Nal itnuill! li-4.
To tl.u.-e stll'lents i if liuiuail li.!li,.e
who ure ijniek to see tiu. weak --lue
every eliaiaeter have tln-ij- ovfn, a
iiji tin; Bi.wvrv and Park row i-, .
fruitful of ijihi'1 reru.l:-, Tlu-re i,e s
many oigli'.s, sutnid iiinl set nes u.,vcl
and lliteie-ting in tin; stinin; eeiie ly
ilraina, "Struggle fur Kread," tiiat tin;
stlhlellt CUllllet help '.eelilU' i 1 1 1 1 " I -1 - ..lid
intere-ted. Then, im, tae fact laat
nearly e i-ry one lie he" j., jn ,rei tlciu j
llilll-elt' illlpal'ts the Zest of Coliiil;o eney '
tu his pilgrimage, and he Me; a!;).
th" ImiiLity aiel wretehed and t lie haji;y
iitid cai'ele--, keens his hand on his pi ek
etliuul; and hi-eytsoa t in shifting iai:o- ;
rainn of hie and makes note-.
The si.'iis are the hr-t things that tal.e ,
tin; v all". ;-i j- m eye,
He m-UfA Kegular Dinner fur thir
teen Ct nis' and "Two (ienuine linport
eil Ilavanas !..r I'ive Cent.-" with inter
est, lie fee! his barber chai'Lies
him too 1 11 ill -It when he sees that he can
receive ton-urial attention here for five
cents, with the added luxury of hay rum
fur ten cents, and that a clean towel is
tiaraut 1 with every shave.
A large and guidy cartoun extolling
the merits ot the "I'lor de Maggie (.'line
Cigar" attracts his a'teiniun. A small
l'uutiiute say that it is changed every
day, and that while the merits of the
cig irwiil he dwelt lovingly upon, y-t
'he cartoons will al-o deal with timely
A clothing store near by has a big
black signboard stating that this is tin?
headipiarters of the "Society f,,r Kn
coiiraging the Wearing of (..'lean Shirts."
whereof the proprietor is president, lb;
cannot but feel that ihe society is at
once beneficial, salutary and situated in
its proper fn ld. Park row.
The notice over a dingy doorway that
"black eyes will he made to look natural
for ten cents causes him some vague
apprehension, as it is a sih-nt witness
that ho i.s in the laud of fisticuff., and as
sault mid battery.
Hut contemplation of the chalk writ
ten words that "a Iv'inonieo lunch goes
with every glass of bet r" gives ri.-e t
more kindly feelings, and he sonii fur
gets his fears.
A red nu-ed man rapping with a rat
tan at a large and startling representa
tion of "The Wonderful Mniistro-hy,
.Imiiheto. the LI. pliant Hoy, Half P.l'e
pliant, Half Human, Now to I'm; Seen
Alive Inside" holds him awhile, p it
hi' b els sure it isatalceatid drifts cti
to the "Auction Sale."
A sharp eyed person in his shirt
sleeves is extolling the merits of a s hd
gold, full jeweled, stem winding, Amer
ican movement watch, easel, eh.' ed,
turned and beveled, going at the ridi 'U
lonsly 'low price of four dollars. Cap
per are urging v ii t iniH to buy, pullers
in are bawling the auction to all who
pass and the hardy gurdy behind the
dime muse iiiii MTeen triis vainly t-
drown tlnir cries bv its ieikv render
ing of "Comrades, comrades, ever since
we were boys," while the man at Iht
door still raps the counterfeit visage of
the elephant boy and cries that the ad
mission is but a dime.
The crowd thicken; evening comes on.
The "oysters and clams one cent" man
lights his torch. Chinamen, Moused and
pigtailed, heading for Chinatown; Ital
ians with pushcarts, turning toward the
head, (ireeks hound for James street,
negroes for South Fifth avenue, Her
mans for Avenuo A, Ilel.-ews for I'.l
dridge street, all homeward bound, work
worn and weary, hurry past. ''Hecf
steak .lohn's" is crowded. The fifteen
cent lodging house have each their
senronf loungers at their dingy portals.
It is night. Now the shooting gal
leries light up and tho "ping!" "ping!"
of tho .''.'-caliber bullets ring' down
against the sheet iron targets. Men hirk
in alleyway and slink out fo demand
alms. A crowd of roisterers como down
arm in arm. They are college lioys,
down on the P.owery for fun.
A one eyed man has song sheets for
sale. Ho cries his wares and sells
several copies to the youths,
The variety theaters open their doors
and tho Uowcry amusement seeker
surges in to see the Irish-American Four
and McCiifliu and McUullin, tho king
pins of song and dance.
Tho German mid Hebrew theaters are
open, too, and have their crowds also.
The Elite Laity orchestra has tuned up
in tho concert halls, and the llovvery is
at its best.
Tho bell at the family resort i clang
ing for the f'u'.-t performance, .'1111! th '
ticket seller opens his little window and
gets his chungo ready.
Tho clothing store "barkers" redouble
their ell'orts to catch trade ly manual
force, and the bowery roar- with soiunb
of life and trade. Saloons are dein, a
rushing bie-na-.s iinw, Sail 1-. '1m. ;
shoremen, inu h.mii s, all out for dro.k
and recreation, make up the crowd.
Anew venture, t!e two-aud a-hait-cent-a-ene"
poolroom, has done such
good business that rivals have sprung
up on every side, these place- are all
crowded. The treipiehtei s are f.T the
most part evil looking, low browed
youths of eighteen or twenty years of
age. They crowd the tabhs and Unv
ery argot makes their conversation al
most unintelligible to the uninitiated.
Tho notice that "no profane or vulgar
language is allowed" seems sarcastic.
It is ns funny in such a place as "bow
ery prices for broad way goods" is in
the Cheap John clothing store. And
the student of human nature notes it in
hia memory along with the sign
if 1 hist I bust. :
: ir 1 TruM l iiust. :
; Nn KeM No Itu-I. :
; No Trust No lUi-t. '.
I All brinks 5 'Villi. :
New York World.
The Most Interesting Contest Ever
Ottered by The Canadian
One thousand dollars in cash, a
pair ol handsome Shetlan 1 ponies,
carraiye and harness, ami over two
thousand other valuable for
tin Ariculturist's briylnost readers
Who will have them'r According
to the general enst jm for some year
past the publisher of the Agricul
turist now otter their sixth half
yearly literal competition. This
grand couipit it ion. will no doubt,
be the most yiantic ami successful
one ever presented to the people of
the l'nited Slates an 1 Canada
One thousand dollars in ci-di will
be paid to the person seining in
the l.iryest list of Kuyli.-h words
constructed irom letters in the
woi.l-' I'he Canadian Ayrieiiltur
is." hive Hundred dollars will be yiv
cil to the -econd largest list.
A handsome pair ol Shetland
ponie... arriaye and harness, will
la- given to tin (bird luryst list.
liver one thousand additional awarded in order ol merit:
tine gram! piano, "KiiHi organ, "rl'KI
piano, dinner sets, ladies' gold
watches, Silk dress patterns, por
tiere curtains silver tea services,
Teiiueson's poems bound in cloth,
I lickens' in 1 J volumnes bound in
cloth etc.
As'lhere arc more than l.ooi) pri.
es anyone who takes the trouble to
prepare an ordinary good list will
not fail to receive a valuale pri.e.
This is the biggest thing in the
competition line that we have ever
placed before the public, and all
who do not take part will miss an
opportunity of a life time,
Iv'l' 1. A letter cannot
oftener than it a ppoars in the words
l'he Canadian Agriculturist" For
instance t lie word egg can not I tensed
as there is but one 'g' in the three
words, L'. Words having more than
one meaning but spelled the same
can be used but once. a". Names of
places and persons barred. I. Kr
rors will not invalidate a list the
wrong words will simply not be
Kaeh list must contain one dollar
to pay tor six months subscription
to the Agriculturist. If two or more
tie, the largest list which bears the
earliest postmark will take the first
pri.e and so on in order of merit,
l'nited States money and stamps
taken at par.
The object in offering; these mag
nilicent is to introdue our
popular magazine into row homes
in every part of the American con
t incut.
Kvery competitor enclosing oOcts
in stamp extra will re ei e tree, by
mail, postpaid one of the Agricul
turists elegant souvenir spoons of
Frizes awarded to persons in the
l'nited States will be shipped from
our Now Vol k office tree of dutv.
All money b iters should
Our former competition
given away over ."1,000
during the last two years.
he regis-
- We have
in prizes
0111I have
thousands ot letteis Irom prize win
tiers in every state in the imii a and
every ,tart of Canada and New
fiMindland, I.oi'tl Kilcolirsie, A. I).
C. to the liovcrnor general ul Cana
da writes; "I shall receuiiiniend my
friends to enter your c impel it int.
M M I b aud ui, Vancouver, H C. "re
ceiveu .T 1 ,0 m in gold am! we hobl
his receipt for the same. A lew of
the prize winners: Miss K'obiuson
Toronto, ifl.iOO; Hrandoii heuelon
Fa Is Out., rtl.iOO; David Harrison
Syracuse X 1. "ruli.t; II Heavi-. St
Louis, .flOO; as Haptie, West Diiluth
M inn. ."faotl M iss ( icorgiuu Robertson
Oak St, Hrookh n, irlono; bred li Hill
Hall State st Hridgeport, Conn, and
thousands of others.
Adt'ross all communication to
The Agriculturist, I'etersboroiiyh,
( Intario.
Tlte Grout Weekly Competition oTTlic
Ltuliesi Hume Jonriuil
Which word in this advertise
ment spells the same backward as
forward: This ir a r ire opportuui
ty for every Madam, Miss, every
father and son, to secure a splendid
Wi;i-KI.Y l'Kl.KS-Kvery week
throughout this great competition will be distributed as follows
The first correct answer received
(the postmark date on eaidi letter to
be taken as the date received. (at the
office of the Ladies Home Magazine
( each and every week during
l'.- wil gi -tir-'oo; tin second correct
answer. ?loo; the third "faU; fourth
a beautiliil silver serv ice; lifth, live
o'clock silver serv ice; ami the next
,"il correct answers gi t prizes rally
ing from S J.l nvii to Kvcrv
filth correct answer, irrespective of
whether a pri.e winner or not w ill
get a special pri.e. Com
petitors residing in the southern
states as well as other distant
points, have an eipial chance with
those m arer home as the postmark
wil I be authority in evi ry ca.-e.
Iv'l I. I s. - Kaeh 1 i -1 o I answers must
he accompanied ly ?l to pay for
six months subscription to one ol
the best home magazines in
h' 1.1 i: !' I'NC I.s "'l b,' Ladies Home
I a g . 1 z 1 1 1 e 1 - well able to earrv out
its promises"- I Vtcrhi irony C,i 1
1l.11 Times. "A splendid paper, and
I mane i.illy stiong Hastings (Can
ad. 1) Mar "Kvcrv prize w inner will
be .-ure (o receiv e just what he
entitled to," .Norwood, (Canada)
K'egister. Money should be sent by
post office order 01 registered letter.
Acdress the Ladies Home Magazine
Fett rborough, Canada.
Why will you cough when Shi
lob's cure will give immediate re
lief. I'rice 10 cts., ."U ets. and 3d
For sale by F. (. Fricke iV Ct
When Pfttif wan sick, we pav her Canturiii.
When the wm Child, Hiir criod for Castor:
Then she became Minn, he clung to Cast it,
When tht bad Children, ih gare them Coatori.
children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria.
Still continue to be
In the Clothing Business.
This is, fully tk'monst rated by the fact that they
have sold ir "nl this spring tu
Tliey own their goods as low as mortal mn
can buy them for spot cash.
They sell them to their customers at as low
prices as mortal man can sell them and make
a living.
They are Square and Honest in their Dealings.
Those Three Reasons
JSow to snow their appreciation ol their
increase of business they propose to
yive away to their
IJoofc, entitled "The Columbian World's Fair
Atlas (d'the "World,'' to every person buying J
goods to the amount of S-O-either at one
purchase or in a running account. They will
give them a copy of this valuale book free of
Mayer &
Tho Clothing Kir.K.
itt' yours bus lifi'ii tui'iH'il I'ltr the last, time, it will hardly
stand annllu'i' such Kcatii'-i as you gave it lar-t spring ItesMes
we know y 1 n are too tei.iler In iuU'd to jrivi; it such another
jacliiiif;. It will lie a usele.-s task as you cannot lash hack
its respeetaltility. better diseaiil it altoct her and let us
sell you one. (if these elegant new patterns that we have
just received.
SpiniiH 1-oiisg Gleqijiii-E
Will soon he upon us and you will want new carpets, cur
tains, linens, etc. We are bead quarters tor anything in
this line, we can .-ell you hemp carpets as low as ten cents
a yard, Ingrains as low as twenty-iive cents and brussells
mm tilty cents upward. This is a
with us. We have handled them with tain pics hut lindinir
that we could sell them much cheaper hy having them in
stock we have discarded the. former method and are now
alt'e to sell them at. a very low price, will duplicate Omaha
price- every time kin.l and quality taken into consideration
lieinL' all new oods we hae no old designs in the line, Ye
have just received an excellent assortment of
We can sell lace curtail., .,r oil cents a pair upward, Irish
I'oint curtain.--. Tamhour muslin curtains. Swiss curtains,
curtain screen in plain and fancy, tahle silks tor draperies!
Chen-He Portieres. Also a line line of window shades at
the lowest price;-.
We have the line.-t line ol lmens ever brought to this city
Table cloths with napkins to match. Table" scarfs, llurlan
drapes, bleached table damask with drawn work and hem
stitched by the yard, plain damask tor drawn work, linen
scrim, stamped linens, an ele-ant assortment of towels with
tancy and drawn work borders, itlain and fancy Iluck and
Turkish Towels, linen sheeting mid pillow cashier ct,-.
are the Keystones of Their
customers a
andsonie J
Plattsmouth, Ne"b-
Ib.Gut Old Gar-cot