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A Bloov attlo Between Mill
Hands and Pinkertons.
The Saloons at Homestead are
Closed Tight so as to Keep the
Large Crowd Orderly--Railroaders
are In
V inn T .1 i rili V- 1 :i' : y .
Pittsdury liiid another rn ricuce
Willi labor riots, ami this time, as
duntiy the fearful scenes which
were witnessed (lining the riots of
1ST7, Mood has been shed, life
jeopardized and valuable properly
placed in danger. This time there
was no destruction of property, hut
the moli was thoroughly well orga
nized, well disciplined ai.d had suf
ficient officers at its head to conduct
operations. The lorce embraced all
Hie men employed in the extensive
plants of tin- Carnegie Iron and
iteel company at Homestead, ciyht
miles east of I'itlshii -y.nitd the hat
tle, which for liloodthirstiness an 1
boldness of execut ion has not heen
excelled m actual warfare, rayed
from 1 o'clock in the morning utiiil
a o'clock in the afternoon, and only
ceased when the force ol I 'iiikertons
brniiyht to the place to suppress the
strike uilcniidil:onaUy sui rendered
leaviny their arms in the baryes in
which they had heen transposed lo
their works.
The riot to-day was the culmina
tion of the trundle which has heen
dn winy at I lomslead lor the past
month. The Carnegie coiiiiany
submitted a scale which was lo yov
ern the workmen in the sieel plants
and announced that it was their ul
timatum. The scale made a sweep-
iny reduction in the wayes of skilled
men, and it was ofticially an nun need
that unless its terms were complied
with before J uly I the places of the
workmen would he tilled by others.
This was followed by a peremptory
refusal on the part of the company
to recognize the amalgamated asso
ciation. The men announced their
determination to resist any elforl on
the part nfCarneyietortin the plant
with nonunion men. Troub.c was
precipitated by the workmen at
Homestead hailing 11. C. Frick,
president of the company, in el'liyv.
and in retaliation the company or
dered the immediate shut down of
the biy works.
Both Sides in Fnrnest.
I he cinplov es ;it once proceeded
lo organize for the defence and the
company erected a hiyh board fence
around t'le entire works, yiviny
them the appcarauccof an immense
stockade, the sides beiny pierced
with portholes. Yeslcrday the Cai
neyie company announced its inten
tion to proceed to yet ready to make
repairs, and the official asked the
sheriff to appoint deputies to pro
tect the property. The sheriff sent
a small stpiad of men up to tin
works, but the strikers assembled
in force and notified them to yet
out of town; that no disorder was
intended and no damage would be
done to property. They even offered
to be sworn in as deputies and yive
bonds for the faithful performance
of their duties as conservators of the
peace. When the offer was declined
the advisory committee vvhkdi had
been directing the action of the
workmen ami held the turbulent
spirits aiuony the workmen in
check was immediately dissolved
and all records of the committee
promptly destroyed.
The developments of to-day
Harness - and - Busies.
wr; campy l'HK two li;ahl; cpltiyatops
They also carry a lull Lino of Implements at
their house in Weeping Water.
Fred Corder & Son
showed that the applications made
for the assistance of the sheriif
were merely for the pnrpoM' of
covering what was intended to be a
coup de main on the part of the
Carneyie compi.ny in clandestinely
introducing a body of l'iukerlon
guards into the mill enclosure.
These men had been rendezvoused
some live or six miles below the
city on ti e Ohio river, at which
point two model ha ryes had been
prepared for them. The barges
were tilled up with bunks, cookiny
arrangements and other accommo
dations, and, as an extra precaution,
as if in preparation for the si eye to
which they were subjected to-day,
were lined with heavy sleel plates
on the inside, while the whole back
of the deck was protci ed in a simi
lar manner. It was tin- inlention
thai the liieu should nach the
works at 'A o'clock this nioriiiny, but
the strikers on duty alony the river
yot word of the threatened invasion
of the hated l'inkeiion men : 1 1 1
prepared to receive them. The
baryes were towed up the river by
;i towbo it, but !ony before he Pin
kerlon men reached Homestead
thousands of strikers were yathered
iic the banks of the rier,
ready to yive them a warm
welcome. When the boats attempted
to laud the workmen broke throuyh
the fence surround iny the mill, en
trench iuy themselves behind piles
of steel, and prepared to resist the
. a 1 1 d i n y .
l'.v I o'clock in the mommy an ef
fort was made to hind the detect
ives, but the strikers met them and
n fierce battle was precipitated, both
sides c chauyiny heavy volleys of
shot. The rinkertons were all
armed with Winchester rilles, but
at the point where the attempt to
bind was made there was a sleep
embankment mid they were com
pelled to yo in sinyle tile and were
.soon driven back to the boats by
the steady tire from the shore. The
noise ol the battle spread about the
borough like wildfire and thous
ands of men, w i nil' mill children
thronyeil the river bank to witness
the liyht in proyress. The Pinker
ton men were deter cined to land
and they poured volley after volley
into the ranks of the strikers, many
of whom were stricken down by
bullets Mime fatally iijui'ed and
others killed oiitriyht. As the hat
tie progressed th trikeis took up
a position behind a breastwork
hastily constructed of steel rails
and billets, mid from this place of
s.ile rcfuye were able to pick oil the
yuards as soon as the appeared on
the decks of the boats.
Creutod Torriblo Excitement.
In the meantime Captain Hind
and Lieutenant l li lie of the Pinker
tons, wi re disabled iiud the lire he
Came so fierce that the crew of the
towboat hastily cut loose lroui the
haryes and steamed up the river,
enrryiuy as many wounded as they
could reach to Praddock. from
which point they were sent to hos
pitals at Pittshury. The strikers'
wounded were carried to their
homes iit Homestead, the dead he
iny carried to undertakiny estab
lishments in the town.
The news of the riot reached I 'itts
bury as early as (1 o'clock in the
mnruiiiy, and thousands of mill
workers now idle conyreyated in
the streets, while I mud reds of others
armed with yarns and revolvers and
well supplied with amunition, took
up the march to reinforce the strik
ers. As soon as day broke the strikers
secured a small brass ten-pound
cannon and planted it within the
steel billet ciiibrazurc, so as to com
mand the baryes. At the same
time mere than a thousand men
took up ii position on the opposite
side of the river and also planted a
camion, which they protected with
a breastwork ol railroad ties.
Shortly before t o'clock the camions
were turned (ii the boats and tor
several hours an awful bombard
ment was kept up. The boat was
splintered, but the heavy steel
plates on the insi le prevented the
balls fiom penetratiny the interior.
.M.inv ot the strikers, however are
expert marksmen and they sent
shot after shot into the porthole-' of
the boat, and inflicted terrible in
jury to the imprisoned men.
A complete list of the killed and
wounded Could not be obtained at
midiiiyht 1 ist niyht. .s far as as
certained, eleven workmen and nine
detectives were killed and ciyhteeii
workmen and t went) -one detectives
wouinh d.
1 h iM!- i i: ah, P... Jul V Fvety
thiuy remains ipiiet here, but the
citizens arc becominy anxious to
have the rcyularly constituted au
thorities in chnrye once more in
stead of the present choatic condi
tion in whice ever" man assumes to
be an ol'licer, and labor leaders yive
orders as if the were the properly
constituted authorities.
A mass meetiiiy has been called
for this eveiiiny at which an effort
will be made to induce .the men to
ayree to permit the deputies to take
chiirye of the works, but were un
successful. Leual Points.
It is understood the men propose,
if possible, to have the ipiestiun le
yaliy decided whether the Pinker
tons have a riyht to briny armed
duputies here. Another attempt by
the Pinkertons is apprehended and
there is a nervous dread of what is
to come. Ayainst such an attempt
the strikers will array all the power
the- ha e.
The railroad men are in hearty
sympathy with the men and for this
reason it will be hard to surprise
the strikers with an adequate force.
The have plenty of money and the
best of ieynl counsel. Guards are
on duly ayainst surprise at ever
point and dynamite is stored all
alony the trestle tocut oil commun
ication between the two shores of
the riv er if necessary.
Another speaker said the sheriff
and the men he would briny here
would be in sympathy with the peo
ple of Homestead, lie would not
be foolhardy cnoiiyh to briny a lot
of men lu re to shoot us down. We
have their sympathy and will have
it when they come. The sheriif
must do his duty, and will do it, not
in a spirit of animosity.
Another speaker said "one lawyer
had told us what the militia can
do. If we can't believe him, who
arc we to believe'.- We all know
this yrciit struyyle, if the associ i
t ion di ies not wi n, will not amount
to a row of p'ns. In future the
ipieslion is, will we permit the
sheriif to keep possession of the
mill as our n it-iid'."' Time will show
the best thiny for us. the
sheriif take possession. We know
the law is uyainst us." The ineet
i ny is still in session.
I' loin Tlun-dav's I laily.
J.C. Fisher, formerly of this city,
wiis in the city hist eveiiiny.
Will Saye and Clarence K'obine
left this nioriiiny for Ashland to
take treatment for the liquor habit
Mrs. S.J. Chilbery and dauyhter
of Cambridye, HI., are in the city,
the yuests of .V Ci. Chilbery and
Miss Laura Russell departed for
her home in Weepiny Water this
nioriiiny, accompanied by Miss
Grace Russell of Yillisca.
The replevin suit of Vamleventer
vs. Stull is beiny tried this after
noon before Judye Ramsey in
county court.
James Winn was taken before
J l id ye Archer hist even iny and lined
ifhl lor the part he played in a
scrapiny affair Saturday niylil.
Mike O'Pr'en wi.s arrested last
niyht on 1 he chnrye of drunkenness
and this uinuiiiy Judye An 1 1 -r
sentenced him to work out his line
oil the street -
The social yiven at the hiyh
school last eveiiiny by the Altiumi
association was the event of the
season. A la rye omvd were pus
nt and enjoved themselves by
danciny, sinyiny etc. Ice cream
a ud cake wei e serv ed.
I h.' eyy race lor yirls was partic
ipated in by almost a dozen of sweet
ones. Miss Humphrey of Nchnvvka
ycttiny to youl fust with her eyy in
yood order, thiee others followed
close alter her, the'e dropped
their fruit on the way. Weepiny
Wider Kiiyle.
The Chic.'iyo, Jiiirliuyloii and
tjuincy Railroad company yester
day secured a temporary injunction
from Judye Chapman restraininy
Nebraska City and the board of ed
ucation from levyiiiy taxes on their
b dye at that city. The company
claims that inasmuch as the prop
erty is in the channel of the Mis
souri it is not taxable for city and
school purposes, not beiny prop
erty in the city limits. The case will
be argued iu this city before Judye
Chapman on J uly 2tli.
Bravery Rewarded
The fo,,w in- dispatch, djted
Wasiuyton. from the I tost, m Herald,
conceruiny a Nebraska uirl. is re
printed for what it is worth:
"A decided stimulus is likely to
be yiven to the cultivation ol ath
letics at yit Is' colleges by an award
decided upon at the treasury de
pill tment.
Representative Georye bred Wit
liiini ' ot appeared
before the bond which awauls
medals f,,r heroism in s.iviny hie.
and lilted that a tiled il be yiven to
Miss lierticO. liutrut Nebraska for
rescuiny two youny ladies nom
drowiiiny in the Pine river ne; r
I lete. Ned.. I . t t summer.
A number of v ouey ladies were
hathiuy in the i iv er. w hen one ol
them thtevv up her hands and dis.
appeared, siukiuy twice in twenty
led ol water before Mi-s Pnrr
could yo to her rescue.
Miss Purr Wiis the only -wimmer
in the pjrty of live or six. and
pliiuyed boldly into the sw it t cur
rent, driuyiny the drowniuy ouiie
woniaii sa'el v to shore.
Another v ouny woiiiiin waded so
far out in the stream under the ex
citement of the moment that she
was carried o,l her feet by the cur
rent, and Miss linrr swain out ayaiu
and broiiyhl her salely to shore.
The strikiny fact about this
double rescue was not only
Miss Purr was the only swimmer in
the partv , but that she had learned
to swim at I.asell L'emale Seminary
at A iiburud.i le, Mass. The princi
pal ol the scminarx , Prof. liraydou,
wrote a stiony letter on the subject
to Representative Williams, and
Mr. Williams went to the treasury
department and represented the
case so stronyly to the cxamiuine
hoard that it was voted unanimous
ly to yrant ;i medal. The
courayeous v ouny woman, if Secre
tary Luster approves the report of
the exainininy board, will enjoy a
further distinction in the fact that
her medal will be of y'ohl instead of
Silver medals are yrauted for dis
plays of heroism, and yold medals
are yrauted rarely for cases of cx
traordiiiiii dariny and endurance.
Miss Purr did not intend to o into
the water at all mi the day of the
rescue because she was not feeliny
in the best of spirits; but when she
saw the danyer of her companions
she took no account of her own
leelin;,s, bill tec,- I b uy her t rai n i ny
at I.asell, pliiiiyed bravely into the
'I he f easor officials reyard it as
one of i 1 1 1 most sirikiny cases ol
(oiiraye and self-possession which
has been broitynt lo their attention,
and as, perhaps, more remarkable,
lliouyh not more crcd'table, iu be
iny displayed dy a carefully . Mili
tated society yirl tuthcr than by a
fisherman's dauyhter or some one
accustomed to such risks."
! re n l-'rVi.vs I laily.
The Nebraska association of
trottiny horse breeders will hold
their seventh annual ineetiu'y at
Linden Tree park, Heatrice, Auyust
It-12, inclusive.
Klmer Rouse of Khnwood, who
has b"cn visit iny with J. S. Mat hews
and family, will return home this
Mr. and Mrs. J. Howard of Weep
iny Water returned home this morn
iuy, after a short visit with Timothy
( lark and family.
Mrs. Jennie Moore and children,
who have been visitiny at the resi
deuce of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas
Dabb, departed this mommy for
Reynolds, Neb., for a short visit be
fore yoiny to her home at Kansas
Pursuing i Truant Son.
The Nebraska City correspondent
of the Lincoln Journal says: "Three
weeks ;iyo Henry, the fourteen-year-old
sou of Thomas Miller ol Platl.s.
mouth, ran away lroui home. Ycs
lerday Mr Mi'ler located him in
this city and came lu re to claim
I i .
I le arrived just one day late,
boy haviny I -1 1 for Clarinda.
Tuesday. Mr. Mill-r followed
is pa il icu hit 1 v anxious to fuel
hoy, as his mother is seriously
I r-. i Satin. lav la.
J. .dye An her rendered his deed
si. ei to-day iu the case of McMaken
ik s hi vs. Mor her. lie yave McMitken
iV S ui a pidyement for jfl.
J idye Dundy, of the federal
coi rt, has appointed Iliad Slaught
er i eceiver of the I lotel Riley. L.ind
loi l Opelt will co it i it ii- rtinniny
the hotel
f his nioriiiny Judye An her ren
derel ;i decision in the case of
Planch Traver vs. School Ihstiict
No. Ii. He yave Miss Traver a judy
ineiil for $lha.
Three new cases were filed in dis
trict court to-day. The C. II. O. vs.
Cass county and the city of
Pliittsmouth, Clark county, Iowa,
vs. the First National Itank of
Pliittsmontli and O.J. Kiny, and the
state of Nebraska vs. l-'red lk-llowa
of Weeping Water.
The Loans Annihilated tho Fats
Yesterday Afternoon.
ANO I 111 K Will. ill. II.VM I)
Deaihof Mrs. Wm. Titfany-Dolnns
of Di'terent People The
Hotel Klley in the
Hands of a He.
ceiv er.
To tlio-e vv ho failed to see the
ball yaiie- vesterd.' between the
hits and leans, I'm; 1 1 1 K'. '.i i w i -lies
to s.i they missed a yreat treat,
from the start the leans took the
lead, and kept it. u hiie the lats w. re
ictired m one. two, three order
iidout eyerv other iiiuiuy. It was ,
coined ol errors ticui start to
finish. Povev, ticlvs,,ii and Noble
were in the box lor the leans, and
lor the fats Oliver. McKutee,
OR. nuke and Johnson did the
Iwirliuy. Stieiyht caliyht lor the
leans in line loiui. Iloth teams
pf iv ed ten men, and at one lime
the lals had fifteen men in the
field. A lalye si.ed audience was
present and enjoved themselves
huyelv. The leatutes of the yanie
were the base steal iny of the fats
and Milt Geriny's throw iny to hi st.
The scorer started out to keep the
score, but the leans kept ruuniuy
up tlnir scores s,, ,,, that he
couldn't keep up. At the end of the
y.iiue the score stood thus: Leans,
HI; fits, la. The lats have chal
lenyed the leans to phiy another
y.ime, the loo,-ers to pav lor:i supper
at the Hotel Rilev. The challenye
will be aceep ted.
)if (I.
Mrs. Liunia Tiifauy, wife of Wm.
Tilfaii, died tliis moi'iiiiy : 1 1 It
o'clock from the effects of a cancer,
The deceased was about II years
old and leaves a husband and live
children to mourn her loss. Mrs.
Tiffany hi id been troubled for about
lifleeii years with what the family
supposed to be dspepsia but it
instead turned out to be a cancer.
The W. U'. ('., of which the deceased
Wiis ii member, will have chnrye of
(he funeral which will occur Mon
day ii I tt rnoon at o'clock.
"Six Mouths' Siyhtseeipy in
Washinyton," by Rev. 1 1. Pilleli
bacher, late chaplain ol the
Nebraska house ol representatives
at Pre.-b tei iau church Thursday
and brid.i eveiiiuys, J ulv I I and la.
first lecture, "Wnshinylon: Man
and Ci!y." Second lecture, "Joseph
Francis, Father til the Life Sav iny
Service." About seventy-live pic
tures, each lilleen lect ill diameter,
will be thrown upon a screen by
Peri- A. I. yon with his first-class
stereopt icon. The v iew s present! (1
were selected by the chaplain in
person ami many of them made es
pecially for him. Pis personal in
spection and sillily of the objects
enables him to impart interest iny
ami useful information. The enter
tainment will beyiv ed for the bene
fit of the Presbyterian church oryan
fund. The church should be
packed, as a line entertainment is
promised. Admission, 2a cents:
children, Id cents.
W. H. Sh.nck, whose death
shocked thousands of Nebraska
people, was in the last session of the
legislature, a worthy colleaytie ol
Frank White. To say this of a man
ouyllt to be sul'licient. He had not
the dash iind vim ol the yreat PI a Ms.
mouth democrat, but those who
knew Shi ock well adnr'ed linn for
many estimable trait of character.
Shryork was too yood a man lor
fulsome praise to be yiven at his
tomb. He had all the strenyth ol a
man air! all tie- tenderness (,i a
woman. In his sympathies he was
a child, in bis ' -n-ud -hips I r iv.i
lirill. lie was (,, ;,-,.,
wa- ipiick to tears. ! Utl hav e
had in my I i'i't for he was en
tirely human, but the hundreds ol
men in Nelu. id,, i who knew U J!
Shryoek intimaielv will ren e ui I i
him for in, my years as on,- (,f those
yi-ntle, maul men who-e memory
isuorthcheri.-hmy - Woild Herald.
hi July 'J. the les.di in e i, ('has.
Yandeveiit. r burned to the yrouml
On the ivih the loss was adjusted
and on the eiy lit h the h,ss was paid
') full. P. J. Hansen, ayent ,,( tu
II me Iiisuraiii'e ('oiiipauv ot ( )m:i
ha, showed a Ill.KAl.ii representa
tive a ilralt for 1.iki made out in
favor of Yandeventer h r the full
amount of insurance. If th,. pn,.
perty been insured in a foreiyn
i" piiny it would probably have
been two months before the loss
would have been adjusted. The
above is a strony aryument in favor
of pn'roniany home industry.
A new suit was filed to-day with
the clerk of the district court,
wherein K. G. Dovey A: Son have
commenced action ayainst the city
for damages to the amount of $1,100.
I. Moedek.-r ,,f I.ouisv die is iu tht.
cit today.
L. F. Giber-on, the Weepiny Wider
Utoi lie , was ,,l the ,11 to day.
Pert Shrjock and Clark Met, of
I.ouisv ill,- were in the city to day.
Mt. and Mrs. W. G. Noble went up
to Council Pluiis to spend Suiidii.
P. McCann of Omal a c line down
to-dav to look alter property inter,
Proless,,,- ,('eland arrived
home last niyht from a v isit w ith
friends at Seward.
Jlldye Newell went to Weepiny
U .iter today to attend the ineeliny
ol the county central committee.
Mr. and Mr-. Ceo. R. Chathuin
came in last eveiiiny bum Ilarlai
Iowa, lo v isit ov er Sui. day with M.
It. Murphy an I lamilv .
J. I.. Root and John A. Pav ies went
to weepiny Water to attend the
meetiiiy ol the c iiiutv tcpiibliciin
central committee, which meets to
il, i,
L.R.Sawyer of South P.end won
the pri.e ollered by Klein, the
elothier of PlattsmoKth, for the
laryest number ol words wrttlcn on
ii postal card. Lew was Hie winner
with T.l.'tt'i winds. It was a wonder.
1 1 1 1 leal and t lie su i of clot lies was
well earned. - Wee,uny Water Kay le.
A little son ol Georye Woods was
severe!- bitten by a doy last Sun
day while on his way to church.
I he brute aiis owned by parties,
liv iny on the south sii le a ml slum Id
be made to bite the dust for his
I'a. I In' doctors think no serious
( ainaye will result from the bite.
Weepiny Water Kayle.
Heal Estate Trantitcrs.
Follovviny are II e real estate
transfers for the past week as com
piled by Polk Pros., abstracter
and publishers of the ltaily Record:
Iv' II Windham an. I w lie to (i A
Mavis. I I, h :i. I I. I. I, I 7 s, h I II-I'-'.
1.7. I : Hi. I. II, I 7 h IJ, Tow ii-e-nil's
a.M to riall-nioiil Ii ... . st,.'). II i
I- in ti k Mol.iirv i t nl to J h' Ihielle,
I I. h II, I in lei's n.lil to Avocii.... Ii I
II M Sorniiieliseti an. I Mile to 1
Seliii Ii, I I I, I',', I'lallsii t, Mum I
A I, Minmer iiinl v He to A IVoi luts.,
I 151, l I, Alvo Nil I
T I Ii kes anil wile to II T K'ii,
s' j ol lie1, nl ne'4 ill II In iLVim
FoK' SAI.i; At a baryain two
acres of land within the corpora
tion. Apply to
R. P. WiMHi
Self-help is the best help for any
people and all elforts to teach the
neyroes ol the south to help them
selves free from the crop nioit
y.iye is worthy ol n eoynitioil. Gen
eral Samuel C. Armslrony opened
the way for this leaehiiiy the neyro
to help himself at Hampton, Ya.
His success wiis ho tlaltcriuy and
promised such development of the
race that others have followed.
The yreat need lor such schools as
Hampton where the heart, the
head, and the hand are trained to
yetherin the Plack Pelt, where the
neyroes are in the majority. The
work of Hooker T, Washinyton at
Tuskeyce, A la., is one of the imisl
hopeful efforts at liltiny the race
because it is purely ji neyro work.
I tut Tuskeyce can not ciiliyhtcn the
whole Plack Pelt Lowndes county,
Alabama, south of Montyoniery,
has a proportion of colored popula
tion to white of seven to one. These
colored people are desperately poor
and unexperienced, rentiny laud,
raisiny cotton and yiviny crop
mortyayes at the beyininy of the
year thiil take the vv hole crop, all the
farm implements and the mule at
the harvest time.
Two Yankee yiils with experi
ence in General Arms' -ony's meth
ods at Hampton, where they spent
several veal- as teachers, visited
Alabama last winter. hunted
throuyh the Plack Pelt and tlloiiyht
the loiind at Calhoun, Lowndes
count, the most needy location for
an industrial school that would
le.n hcllil lleuol 'he neyroes how to
help themselves b becominy me
chanics and prai tied farmers,
while y iv iny them the rudiments of
an education.
In Calhoun there are 2."n 1 colored
people and only h. I whites. These
Yankee y il Is propose to establish ,,
si boo! in that place. The neyroes
pLOIMsed to r :i i -i- S."il -n 1 ,t the sh.,,,1,
and tin- o:iny ladies i,,is,-, the
"th. r lunds in t d, , i.niiaiy their
Ii lend- ill New -.iiyl.,ud ie have
a si hoi. I house, several a
f at ui of t went v at I rs to la y oi with.
They will open Un it school iu ( )c to-b-t,
and beyin tiled model farm
next veal. I h. y have l.eeu tillered
eiyhty additional noes ;,t ;i price of
f-'h .in iicre. mill a northern ycnlle
ni iu has olfeied it .'no toward this
purchiise provided the remaininy
1 e;in he raised. 1 he two Yan
kee yirls who luive uutleitakeii this
work of establishing- :i school in the
heart of the Jllack Pelt an- Mal-d
W Pilliiiyliam, of Nashua. N. IL,
and Charllotte R. Thorn, of Walliny
fortl, Conn. The Yankee yirl still
has the same pluck that Hie dis
played before the war, when t-he
went south to teach the slaves to
read and write. Inter Ocean.