Plattsmouth weekly herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1882-1892, July 07, 1892, Image 5

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Pataiotic Citizens Properly Ob
serve The Day.
Races, Ball Games, Speech Making
and Amusements of Every De
scription Constituted The
Days Proceedings
The nation's birthday was appro
priately observed by the citizens of
Cass county yesterday. The princi
pal celebration, however, was held
in this city. The town was crowded
with patriotic people, and from ear
, ly morning until late in the evening
throngs of people were coming and
going to the grounds. The day
passed with only two or three slight
accidents and there was nothing
occurred to disturb (he proceedings
of the day. Kvery train brought in
large crowds of people, and with the
large attendance from the country
I'lattsmouth had the largest crowd
of 'the county.
At 10:;) the whole populace went
out to the ground. The forenoon
program was coir, men'ed by singing
the doxology. Rev. II. R Unrgess
offered a fervent prayer which was
followed by "America," being sang
by the choir. J. I.. Root then made
a few remarks appropriate for the
occasion. The choir then sang the
"Star Spangled Manner.''
Hon. K. M. Hart k-tt was then in
troduced and made a short but to
the point talk that was attentively
listened to by a vast concourse of
people. After another selection by
the choir an adjornment was taken
' for dinner and a regular old fash
ioned basket dinner was indulged
After dinner the program was
continued and the following were
the winners:
Putting the shot, Geo. Wainscott
won first prize, $2 and Sam Patter
son the second prize, $1.
Tug of war between the farmers
ond the fire department was won by
the farmers.
In the hurdle race Yes Green won
first prize.-f-'and Kd Todd secured $1.
The sack race was won by J. II.
O'Neal, first prize tine hat and Kd
Grace winning a sack of Hour as
The wheelbarrow race was won by
Wall. ice Thrasher, lirst prize sack of
Hour and a lad by the name of Ohm
winning if 1 as second prize.
Tlie three legged race was won by
Kd Grace and Sylvester Haimnon,
winning a suit of clothes as lirst
prize and Will Ohm and Hoiihuian
winning $' as second prize.
The fast mule race was won by ('
Tidd, lirst prize a set of single bar
ness. The slow mule race was won
by Guy McMaken, first prize $5 worth
of hardware and Will Thrasher
second, winning a lap robe.
The 1100 yard foot race was won by
Ve Green. The prize was a gold
The UK) yard foot race was won by
Ves Green and Sam Patterson. First
prize a suit of clothes, second prize
a sack of flour.
The greased pig was then turned
loose and captured by Sam .ender
sen. Wallace Thrasher won the prize
for climbing the greased pole.
The crowd then adjourned to the
ball park and witnessed the game
between Plattsiiiouth and Council
In the evening the largest and
best display of lire works ever wit
nessed in Cass county wad exhibited
on High school hill, and it lasted
two hours and a half. Hesides this
there were numerous private ex
hibits, while all over the city the
noise made by the cracker was so
great that a person could hardly
hear one speak.
At Weeping Water.
The citizens of Weeping Water al
so held ii rousing celebration. J udge
J. A. Mulcombe of Omaha was the
P rincipaf speaker. The Avoca band
furnished the music. In the after
noon n fine program was carried
out. From reports the crowd at
Weeping Water was the largest seen
there for si long time.
At Rock Bluffs.
Rock Muffs drew a large crowd
yesterday at their barbecue. A
good time was had by all. County
Attorney Travis delivered the ora
tion. At Murray
Kvcrything passed off quietly at
Murra)', and, although the crowd
was not as large as expected, all en
joyed themselves.
Last Saturday evening while K.
W. Hyers was driving about the
city someone threw a large fire
cracker under his horse, causing it
to run away, throwing Mr. Hyers
out and breaking his leg. The
buggy was badly demolished.
Joe's Drawing.
From Tuesday's Duily.
As advertised, the prizes were
awarded yesterday to the persons
having written the largest number
of words on a large-sized postal
Ciird. A large number of cards
were sent in, but only a few came
anywhere near the prize. Kvery
man in Cass county was entitled to
one trial, and postal cards were re
ceived from all parts of the county.
A committee of four was called in
to award the prizes. The commit
tee made the following report:
We. the iiiittriitncd, dn timl the follow.
iiiK etititlril ti the .. K". Sawyer
of South liend, tirst prize; II. C Schmidt
of this city, second prize; C. A. Kintiiimoii
of this clt v, third prize.
M. X. Ckikh i h.
C M. Kl-TI.KK,
IV C. Minor.
The following is a list of those
having written the most words:
I. . K. Sawyer 7,iisi
II. C Schmidt r!,ie7
A. Kinmiinon f,uii
John T. Coleman j.jv;
Lee Sharp .",,iii
A. Reynolds ;,(ij7
K. K. Hustcr ;i,:w)
Jeff Lewis .. Viti
William i.uchiiiski -.'.T'.'S
J. X. Wise 'J.i(j4
J. (i. Meisiiii;cr '.'.ITS
A.M. Knot ts l.'Xi2
Ves Mcfiiiire. .. l',ir,
The three highest can have their
prizes by calling at the store. The
first prize, awarded to L. R. Sawyer
of South Head, is a new summer
suit of clothes; the second, won by
II. C. Schmidt, a leather satchel;
the third, won by C. A. Kinnanioii,
two fine shirts.
The Turners
Plattsmonth's delegation of Tur
tiers returned from Sioux City yes
terday. I'p there they captured
lirst, second and third prize in
In class turning Plattsmotith se
cured first prize.
Single prize turning Paul Willi,
tirst; Kmil Wuti, second; II.Hillick
er, third; 1 1. I laden, Omaha, third;
Otto Wurl, fourth; C. W. Hritt,
eighth; II. Roat, tenth.
First group consisting of forward
jump, running jump, vaulting and
putting the shot, Paul Wurl, lirst;
Kmil Wurl, second; II. Hillicker,
Second group, high forward
jumping, weight lifting and hop,
step and jump, Paul Wurl, first;
Kmil Wurl, second.
Third group, high jump, rope
climbing ami running, C. W. Hritt
The boys report having hail a
good time and that they had to work
hard for their prizes.
Killed by the Cars.
J. S. Mathews received word Satur
day night that his brother-in-law,
W. R Hawkins, living at Inhester,
South Dakota, had been run over
and killed by the cars last Wednes
day, J line 'J'l.
A man with a steam swing held
forth near the R & M. depot yester
day. Charles Kropiskey was badly hurt
about the face yesterday by the ex
plosion of a gun.
A boy baby made its appearance
at the residence ot Mr. ami Mrs.
O. II. Snyder Sunday.
Judge Ramsey yesterd ly married
Mr. Mike Sampson and .Miss ('Jay A.
Sage, both of this city.
Andy Murphy was fined if? and
costs in police court this morning
for being drunk and disorderly.
Kngineer and Mrs. W. A. Sayles
iire the possessor.) of a line girl
baby that made its appearance Sun
day. Levi Churchill brought to this
office a piece of the ox roasted it t
the Rock HlulTs barbecue yester
day. The Masons, Odd Fellows and
Rebeccas went up to Louisville to
day to attend the funeral of W. H.
A ten pound girl baby made its
appearance at the residence of Mr.
and Mrs. Herman Kleitsch Sunday
Charley Patterson, while shooting
a toy cannon yesterday, had his
face and eyes badly burned with
Joy Lodge I), of II. will hold a
meeting Thursday evening in the
K. of P. hall instead of the G. A. R.
hall as previously announced.
Norman Rickerson, the son of Hu
man that runs the popcorn stand,
picked up a large lirecrai ker yester
day. It exploded in his hand ami
badly lacerated it.
$100 Reward Si 00
The readers of this paper will
be pleased to learn rhiit there is at
one dreaded disease that science
has been able to cure in all its stages
and that iscatarrh. Halls catarrh
is the only positive cure known to
medical fraternity. Catarrh being
a constitutional dis.iase, requires a
constitutional treatment. Hall's
Catarrh Cure is taken internally
acting directly upon the blood and
mucous surface of the system there
by destroying the foundation of
the deseaseand giving (the patient
strength by building up the consti
tution ami assisting nature in its
wark. The proprietors have so
much faith in its curative powers
that they offer one hundred dollars
for any case that it fails to cure.
Send for list of testimonials.
Address, F.J.Cheney & Co. Tole
do Ohio. Sold by druggists, 7ae.
Itch on human and horses animals
cured in oil minutes by Woolford's
sanitary lotion. This never fails.
Sold V. G. Fricke & Co. druggist,
The Sudden Death of a Prom,
inent Cass County Man.
Hon W. B. Shryock Died Saturday
at the Murray Hotel, Omaha
Died In the
Prime of
The startling intelligence was
brought to this city Saturday that
Hon. W. H. Shryock was dead. He
went to Omaha Friday to look "on
at the convention and when he went
to bed Friday night at the Murray,
he complained of not feeling well
and sent the bell boy out after "qui
nine. Saturday morning the chamber
maid went to his room to make the
bed but found the door locked and
went away, thinking very little
about the occurrence. She went to
the room again about live o'clock
ami it was still locked, then she
gave the alarm at the office. A boy
was put over the transom and the
door unlocked. Laying in the bed
with one arm under the cover and
the other under his head was the
dead body or W. H. Shyroek.
The comer was immediately noti
fied and took charge of the body.
Sunday a post uiorteiii examination
was held and the doctors say that
he came to his death from the ef
fects of heart failure.
W. H. Shryock was born in Win
chester, Virginia, September 7, 1."1,
and spent his boyhood days in Hal
timore. He came to Plattsiiiouth in
lSiif with his parents, where they re
sided for twenty years ami then
moved to Louisville in HS5, He
completed his education in the
I'lattsmouth schools. He served
an apprenticeship of seven years on
the Plattsmouth IIkkai.D, after
which he went to Leadville, Colora
do, and held several responsible po
sitions in the Union there. After
wards he came back to Plattsmouth
and was deputy county treasurer
under J. M. Patterson from lSTii to
1S7S and again from 1SSH to W2. In
ISSJ he was married to Miss Irwin.
The deceased was elected to the
legislature two years ago. A wife
and two children are left behind to
mourn his loss. The funeral oc
curred ;it 11 o'clock this morning at
Louisville under the allspices of
the Masonic order of which he was
an honored member.
Will Carrcaine down from Omaha
to celebrate.
Mr. John Mack spent the Fourth
in Omaha,
Perry Lnthrop has returned home
from Illinois.
Robt Geinger of Omaha spent the
Fourth in this city.
J. L. Kennedy of Weeping Wider
was in the city to-day.
O. M. Peterson of the Journal
went iqi to Omaha to-day.
Newt I lowland visited with rela
tives in the city yesterday.
Will Ackcrman spent the Fourth
visiting friends and relatives in the
Gordon H. Knotts visited Omaha,
Council Muffs and his girl yester
day. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hawksworth
came in from Havelock to spend
the Fourth.
Miss Nellie Simpson, fornurly of
this city, spent the Fourth visiting
friends here.
( has. I). Kads arrived Sunday
from Alliance to spend the Fourth
with relatives.
Miss Mary McClelland and Mrs.
S. ILAtwood were Omaha passen
gers this morning.
Miss Grace Russell of Villisea,
Iowa, is in tne city, vifiting A. H.
Knotts and family.
Miss Sarah Haker departed this
morning for Fremont to attend the
Chautauqua Assembly.
John Morgan left this morning for
Akron, Colorado, to look after some
land he has at that point.
Mrs. Lizzie ILiyden of Omaha
spent the Fourth with her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. F. II. Stempker.
Charles I). Grimes and T. S. Clif
ford went up to Omaha last night
and attended the alliance conven
tion. Mr. ami Mrs. Arthur Jackson
came in from McCook to spend the
Fourth with the family of II. J.
Will. Oscar and 'iss Kva Heath
of Lincoln were in the city Sunday
ami Monday, the guests of their
cousins, Mrs. II. X. Dovey and Mrs.
W. K. Fox.
Charles and Philip Langston at
tended the celebration of the
seventy fifth birthday anniversary
of their grandfather, Col. K. X.
Greusel, at Mount Pleasant, Iowa,
Ititf-rnitt lnual float flaring.
It U possible tlmt there will be an in
ternational rowing match arranged be
fore the close of the rowing season ot
18U3. Fui'ttotiiu time past mi informal
correspondence lins lieeti curried on be
tweeu the president of the Oxford Uui
veraity Boutelub ami the rowing men
of botb lUrvnrd and Yale colleges in
the United States. Tim medium ot
communication was Mr. Cluise Mellin,
an oh) Uras"iiose oar, who is at present
residing in the states. The idea was to
hring Oxford ngnitist the winners of the
Harvard-Yule mutch. Harvard has al
ways expressed a willingness to ratify
an international match if such a thing
was possible, and the only hitches likely
to occur were the locale and the time,
hi an interview with It. C. Lehmann, the
couch of the Oxford crew, that gentle
man says :
"The Oxford University Boatc.hib is
very anxious to arrange a mutch with
the winner of the Y'ule-Harvurd mutch
this year. Informal communications
have, 1 believe, come from the other
side of the Atlantic, and have been an
swered by Mr. Fletcher, who is now
president of the 0. U. B. C."
Mr. Lel inann thought that a race
might be arranged on the river Thames,
between Putney and Mortlake, in the
uionth of September, and that Mr.
Fletcher and his companions expect to
get a favorable reply is an open secret.
It is a well known fact that a joint com
mittee of Harvard and Yale has favored
this project for some years, and it was
the intention of the Americans to invite
a representative crew of F.nglish college
rowers to Chicago next season to take
part in the national regatta there. It is
more than probable that the winners of
the Harvard-Yale race will meet the
English rowers on the river Thames this
year, and (hen ask for a return contest
next year at Chicago. London Sporting
Worth Twenty Thoitiiiml llnllurfj to Mini.
I. X. Locke, of Wayno county, hid.,
was formerly an active trader. In May,
lVi. he was in Chicago ainl bought a
lot for a small sum. He put the d 1 in
an envelope and placed it in his pocket
with other papers. A few days after
ward he lost, tlio envelope and nil its
contents. He advertised for it, but real
ly cured only for the notes, thinking the
lot of little value. John llitchey, a vic
tim of softening of the brain, whs wan
dering aimlessly on the street the day
Locke lost his papers. Ho found them
and laid them away, and even after his
death no uotieo was taken of the sup
posed worthless papers. A short time
ago John Litchey found the package
and gave it to Mr. Locke, and through
his attorney his claim lias been est a 1 1
lished. Had the deed remained con
cealed a few days longer the twenty
years would have expired ami no claim
allowable. It is a lot in the boulevard
addition, and tho parties occupying it
have given Mr. Locke iO.OOU for a quit
claim. Chicago Letter.
Money In Tried for Cut.
Ill Paris there is a cat whose future
welfare has become quite a question of
public interest. The animal belonged
ton Mine. Ibibrai, and his mistress was
si) fond of him that she left a sinn of
money in trust to the mayor of the
third arroiiiliseineiit, in which she re
sided, for the use of the scholastic fund
(C'aisso des Keolcsl on condition thr.t a
certain iiinouiit shall go toward pussy's
maintenance. A trusty person is to be
nominated by the mayor, who will under
take to house the lucky cat ninl give
him three meals a day, consisting of
such delicacies as lights, liver mid
hjurl. L is estimated that after this
charge has been ia. t there will only m
about am) francs a year left for the fund,
and the question now agitating public
functionaries is whether that sum is
worth the responsibility to be incurred.
-Paris Letter.
Oiecr Antira of lninln.
Tuesday afternoon, during tho rain
and hailstorm, a cloud was observed a
few miles south of this place that acted
very strangely, to say the least. It was
quite near the ground nnd seemed to be
violently agitated. Suddenly the cloud
seemed to burst asunder, one part going
to tho northwest and only forty or fifty
feet from the earth. One of the sections
passed over or through tho tops of some
tall poplar trees and shaved them olf as
if a gigantic mowing machine had
passed that way. A heavy hailstorm
also passed over u narrow strip of coun
try near there, and at Sand Slough there
were piles of them still remaining in
spots late Wednesday morning. Very
little hail fell here, and it was so small
us to bo scarcely noticeable. Lemoore
(Cal.) Leader.
A (liurih Stif il for lilevOrn.
The Center church commit teo is going
to set aside one of the horse sheds as a
bicycle shed. Not a few persons who
attend the Sunday and week night meet
ings ride to and from the church on
bicycles. Now they have to leave their
bicycles outside, where the small Ix.ys
tamper with them and where, in case of
a sudden shower, the machines would
bo injured. The shed will he inclosed
and conveniently arranged for the stor
age of bicycles. So far as we can learn
tho Center church is the first in the
country to provide a bicycle shed.
Manchester (Conn.) Herald.
Trou lii Hie SI. Clair Tunnel.
Great trouble is being experienced ia
ventilating tho St. Clair tunnel, wlii. b
was opened last year. Owing to tne
steep grades very heavy engines aiv
used for working the tunnel section
and such quantities of smoke come i . i.i .
these engines that it is diliicnh In
men who are willing to run them. i
now proposed fitting smoke rn-,oi,,.r
to the engines with a view of miiigatin;.
the tiuisauce. New York Times.
Mummy I'lilnt.
Mummies taken from the K.'
tombs, Is'iiten into a line powder m .'.
mixed with oil for paint is one t tv.
latest industries of Cairo. The color of
this human dust paint is a rich brown
of lively tone. St; Louis Leuublie.
Sunatrok Stop tho Wadillnf af 73 and V.t.
A marriage was interrupted Thursday
night by the groom becoming suddenly
overcome with the heat and he hud to
lie taken to his hotel, where he lias been
confined to his lied ever since.
The groom in question is Mr. Y. S.
Fowler who Inmrds at the F.nterprise
hotel. L'n'il a short while ago he con
ducted a livery stable on F.ast Market
street, but retired about a year ago with
m comfortable fortune. Mr. Fowler Is
a widower, seventy-five years old, and
has several grown children. A short
while ago he met Miss Lillie Townsend,
a young woman twenty-live years of
age, who is employed by J. Hucou & Sous
at the glove counter.
The courtship did not last long till the
engagement was announced. Mr. Fowl
er's children, it seems, objected strongly
to the marriage and did everything in
their power to break oft' the match. They
were unsuccessful, however, mid June
la, the day set for the marriage, arrived.
The wedding was to take place where
Aliss Townsend has Isiarded for several
years. Everything was in readiness at
the time iipjHiinted the guests, tho min
ister nnd the happy couple.
Just liefore the time for the ceremony
Mr. Fowler became very faint and
would have fallen but for the support of
one of the guests. He soon lost con
sciousness and was taken to the Enter
prise hotel in a carriage, where ho was
put to bed and the doctor summoned.
Ilis condition was found not to be seri
ous, but he was suffering from a slight
ea-so of sunstroke. Louisville Courier
Journal. An lin prUoni'il Oenlim.
Alberto Lopaz, who was taken to
Yiiina r nfly to serve a two years'
term for burglary gave his personal, ef
fects to his friends about the jail.
Hepuly Harry was presented wilh a fac
simile of the Episcopal church made
out of pasteboard. Lopaz could see the
church from one of the jail windows,
and ho reproduced it almost perfectly.
He borrowed a knife from Deputy Sheri
dan with which he cut. up the paste
board, and then made paste from flour
with which to stick the pieces together.
Il is a piece of workmanship to be proud
of. The greatest production of Lopaz
while confined in jail here is a reproduc
tion of the magnificent Merchants' ex
change building in Guadalajara. The
entire, affair is constructed of paper.
On the inside of the building are the
stairways, etc., each perfect in its con
struction. Tho prisoner must be pos
sessed of a memory much stronger than
most men are, to remeinlier every detail
of that large structure for a number of
years. However much genius tho man
possessed, he has made had use of it.
Phu'iiix Herald.
TrniiMi-snnm Si uN.
The salmon fishermen down the river
nnd bay are having trouble this spring
from the seals, as usual. These pests
are multiplying rather than decreasing
and arecaiising great losses to the weirs.
While tho seals of the arctic regions
have the reputation of being slow,
stupid animals, hunters killing them
with clubs, those on tho Maine coast
are the sharpest game to bo found.
They will go in and out of tho salmon
weirs, either by force or strategy, and
eat all tho li.-h they want. They are
very hard to get n shot at, and when hit
sink to tlio bottom, tho carcass thus
being lost to the gunner. One fisher
man remarked on a recent Saturday
that there was a small fortune in store
for the man who would invent a trap
that would catch seals and hold thorn.
Tho bounty upon them doesn't seem to
do a bit of good. Iiangor (Me.) Com
mercial. No Itlljer for KhIcIkIi' YoiikIiiiII lloiiae.
Sir Walter Raleigh's Irish home in
Youghall, County Cork, which belonged
to tho late Sir John Pope Heimessy, M.
P., was put up for sale by Messrs. E. &
II. Lumley, in the Auction mart, To
kenhouso yard. Tho house is a fine
specimen of Elizabethan architecture.
It was there that Sir Walter smoked
tho lirst pipe of tobacco in Ireland and
received an unexpected bath from a
faithful servant maid, who, on seeing
tho blue smoke emerging from her mas
ter's mouth and curling around his head,
thought Sir Walter was falling a victim
to spontaneous combustion and threw a
pail of cold Witter over him toexliiigueh
tho conflagration. hily i'l .'.'.Ml was bid
for the property, which was according
ly bought in by tho auctioneer, who
said ho could not think of selling a his
torical mansion like it for such a figure.
London Telegraph.
T li .lioini from 1'itrlx lo linlileioiv.
At y o'clock yesterday afternoon th"
new telephone line between Paris and
Hordeatix was opened. Complimentary
messages were exchanged between tho
presidents of the chambers of commerce
of both cities, and the minister of com
merce, and the mayor of liordeaux. The
telephone works exceedingly well, every
word being dearly heard. Ucfore con
cluding the Elysee telephone was hitched
on and a complimentary message sent
through from Hordeanx to President
Cariiot, to which he replied in suitably
terms. Galiguaui Messenger.
Snow In .lime, Imt None In Winter.
Persons returning from the hills re
port that a foot of snow fell Wednesday.
It extended down within ii.doo feet of
tho plains. A shower of "round" simw
fell in the vineyards between Fresno
and the base of the Sierra Nevada moun
tains, where no snow fell at any tine
last winter. Fresno Cor. San Francisco
W. C. Crawford is now, at the age of
eighty-six, living in destitution at Alva
rado, Tex. He is the sole survivor of
the band of patriots who signed the dec
laration of Texas independence at Wash
ington. on the Urazos river, March 2,
During a masked ball at Covent Gar
deu theater thieves made off with valu
able diamonds and jewelry which they
are suid to have cut from the ladies'
Afflicted 3 Years by Dreadful Skin and
Illood Dlnrswe, with lu tense
Tain and Loss of ilalr.
All Other Remedies Fall. Itelleved In
Unity and Cured lu Four Weeks
by the Cutlcura Keiiiedlt-s.
I hv a tew wonti to aajr rrifirdin th Citi.
CliK Kimiiim. Thry havr rurisl mr in tmir
wis'ki' Uint from a Hklu anil HIimmI lllnrmw ln, h
I tiav had tur ovrr Ihrea yeara. At crruiu tlni,-,
my ikiu wuulii tx very aurr, anil alwayt ko I
crackuin and peolliiK off In whltn calra. In ruM
eathor my fie waa on Diaaa of iralva. lien
In th cold air llim pain waa tntrnar; It oull
aliuuat brtuK Wara to my eyra, anil my blond alio
Wing In a poor condition, wilh a leu of b ilr. 1
kitvn Irlvd avery known remedy that waa recoin.
iiirndi'd lo me, W It waa of no tine, and iravr m
very lltlia benefit. Ho, bearing of your t'CTIi I na
Kamuiaa, I ronduded to give them a trlnl. Tho
II rut aiilliallon cava almoit Imunt relief. In a
few weeka' lime 1 found myaelf cured, and I am
thankful for what tliry have dona for me, Your
t't'Tict'HA Hamuli area Meaning to thone hj
may hava the oortiiiilty to uao them. I can
recouiuitiud luem lo any our.
17(14 J taiuu Ave., Chicago, III.
Cuticura Remedies
Kffeet dally more groat curea of humora and dla
eaneaof Uie akin, aealp, and blood than all other
remedlea combined. I'lTli tata, the grent skin
Cure, and ( i tiu ka Soap, an eiqulaite Skin i'url
flerand lleautlller, ritornally, and ft ticcka Ks
k. H. vint, tho new Illood I'lirlller and grenleat of
Humor Kerni-dles, Interuiilly, cure every pei len of
Itihlug, burning, arnly, pimply, and blolehy dla
vwea of the akin, aealp, and blood, from lufnury to
Kite, from plmplea to arrofula, when Uie beat pbyal
rlaua and all other rcmediea fall.
Hold every where. I'rlee, CtiTirttlu, Me.; Poap,
2io.; Hlt-ol.viST, f 1. Prepared hy tho I'oTTSrt
L'HI'll ANII rtllHICAl. roHI'OHATION, lloaton.
-Send for " How to (.'urn Skin I MiKuwea," 01
fuge, 60 llluatriitlona, 100 teaUmonlula.
PIUJI'I-KH, hliirk-heade, red, rough, rhiwd and
I HI oily aklu cured by I'lticciia Soap.
Full of rnmfort for alll'iilim, Inftum
mallnn, ami Wenkm-n of the Aged la
the Ciillrunt Antl-I'idii I'luM. r.
the flrat and only pnln -killing atreiiih.
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Ketil Est.i'e, t,dnii nt d Insurance Ac;ent
1 f ) oil have real estate to Hell or
exchange m io! usiiecriition, price
and terniM.
Alistrncts of title furnished at reas
onable lilies.
$100,(100 to loan at 7'.. percent and
no commissions, on noml
farm security.
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Legal Notice.
Jnlm W. ( lark, Mnrv M. Heche mill tho
unknown heir nr ilevi-eex nf Thiiiini It.
in rih in, 'leceaseil, will take tint ice t hut nil
tlie nth ihiv nl May, !"'. Ileinricli leiitc li
pit II, herein ti Iff 1 his pel il inn in I lie ilist rirt
court nf Cuss i tmnty, Nehrnkii, nain-t
sniil ileleinlaiils. tlie uhject nnil praver
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iniirl;;au'e-. nl 1 "ia - runnlv nil mue tiHi
llieie il. In annul and ile hire vnid a slier
ill's rert iiicnte mi said premises, issued mi
II ijlle nil eM'i'litinii iticiiseuf InlelllallV
'et vs J. I . Miuehell ami lavid lleelie,
district rmirt nl ( a-s rnunty, .Nelirnska
and t lie "liri ill's deed issued on said rert i
licnle In Marin M. Heche, date .,f cert ilicate 1-th. '-' date nl deed nv lilh,
lv;.'J; also to e;iiire nnd aiiui.l a iuit claim
deed for ; i i 1 pieuiises executed nveili
her "it li. l,v :iiuestl. eill to Thnmiis
II. (ioiileu. anil In ''liet the title In miiI in lllesiiid lleilllich Kelllsch.
You arc reiniired In nu-vversiiid 'pelitimi
nn nr he lore 'lonilav t he M h da v id Ail it list
l'C. Il KINK'K II llian ,
li' his ;itlnruiys llei'sull ,V K'unt,
The republicans, according; to
Miss Willard, have nominated for
president an honest man anil a
Christian u-nllc man. "It was a
tribute," said Miss Willard, coni
mentin!; on the Minneapolis con
vention, "to the clear record, Ihe
manliness, the rcniarka! de ahility
an 1 the pure home life ol our chief
magistrate." .Now she wants to
blow up the party which made each
a nomination and the nominee with
it. The trouble with the talented
editor of the I'nion Signal is the
disease which afllicts all her sisters
and brethren; she is covetous. If
she can't jjet fruit cake she wiint.s to
starve. If she can't wear angels'
robes she insists on the rjarb of a
Fiji Islander. In other words, if she
can't r;ct a prohibitionist for presi
dent she is jjoiny; to do her best to
defeat the man whose nomination
is "a tribute to the clear record, the
manliness, the remarkable ability
and the pure home life of our chief
maoa'strate." For that is all the
vote for the prohibition candidate
can accomplish. Kvery vote in
favor of that candidate is a vote in
favor of throwing the election for
president into the house, where the
result can be anticipated. Minne
apolis Tribune.