Plattsmouth weekly herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1882-1892, June 02, 1892, Image 6

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A TMhI Vv That Cnrrlrd Arnnj Kvery.
tiling but k Lljfhtliuui anil tirntroyrd
Over 4(1, (Kid Uvea Tha fetemuvr Intact
but la lu Uio MitUt of a Jungle.
Tourism thut visit Batavia nowadays
are iuite out of the faslnon if they fail
to make the jasmine through Niiiulii
strait mid nee all t liat in left of Krakatuu
and tlie vostip'n of tlio ruin wrought hy
the tt'rrililo crnjition of If they
push uji Die Bay of LainiKitijj, on the
Sumatra nidi of the channel, they ura
likely to land on the low whores occu
pied by the village of Ttlokh-lleton:,',
and hire curt for a short jaunt into tho
hiterior; and when they have K"Ho about
two link's they will au: to take in tho
curious Bceno presented; for hero is seeii
one of the most interesting results of the
great wave of Krakatuu.
There wan just one man nniid all that
mid Hceno of death ami devastation who
was uot overwhelmed in tho common
ruin, lie esciijieil whilo4(),iMiU perished.
Ha was the lighthouse keeper, who lived
alone on an isolated rock in the strait.
It was broad daylight when Krakatuu
burst asunder, but in a few moments
the heavens were so densely shrouded by
dost, mud and smoke that the darkness
of midnight covered all the channel.
The guardian of the lighthouse was in
the lantern I ill) feet above the sea level.
Hero he remained safe and sound in the
midst of the terrible commotion.
lie fult the trembling of the light
house, but it wits so dark that ho could
not see the threatened danger. lie did
uot know that a tremendous wave hud
almost overwhelmed the lighthouse,
and that its crest had nearly touched
the buse of the lantern. Ilo did not hear
It because ho was deafened by the awful
detonation of Krakatuu.
In a few moments the wave, over a
hundred foet in height, had swept along
a coast line of a hundred miles on both
sides of the channel.
Scores of opulous villages were buried
deep beneath the avalunche of water.
Great groves of cocoanut palms were
leveled to the ground. Promontories
were carried away. New bays were dug
out of the yielding littoral Every work
of human hands except that lighthouse
was destroyed, and 40,000 persons per
ished in the deluge that mounted from
the sea or beneath the rain of mud thut
tiilod the heavens.
A little sidewheel steam boat was borne
on the top of thut wave through forest
and jungle, over two miles into the coun
try, and was left as the wave rocoded.
it will be remembered that for weeks
before the tinal cataclysm at Krakatuu,
the volcano was iu a state of eruption.
Pleasure parties were made up at Jitv
tuvia to visit the volcano. Not a few
people landed on the islund, little dream
ing that in the twinkling of an eyo two
thirds of it was to be blown into tho air
as though Bhot from a gun. They wished
to get as near as they thought they might
safely venture to tho growling, steaming
This little steamboat, on the day bo
fore the explosion, curried one of these
parties to the island. There were only
twenty on board besides tho crew. They
(pout n couplo of hours around the is
land and then steamed np tho deep and
narrow Bay of Lampong, and it is sup
posed they anchored for tho night iu
front of tho big town of Telokh-Betong,
which was ono of tho largest settlements
on the south coast of Sumatra.
Tho ill fated pleasure party was never
heard f again. It is supposed that the
boat was turned over and over liko an
eggshell iu tho surf. It had every ap
peal auee of such rough usage when it
Was found some months later. The ma
chinery and furniture were badly broken
and were strewn about in the greatest
conf usiou. But tho vessel held toget her,
and was finally set down iu good shape,
erect on her keel.
Only two bodies were found iu the
vessel They vrro, of course, below
deck. As it was inoruing when she was
picked up by the wavo it is supposed
that nearly everybody was on shore.
Not a vestige remains of tho villages
that lined tho water edge. But the hulk
Of this little boat still stands, battered
and broken, though as erect as when
llie plowed tho channel, and she is tho
moBt curious and interesting relic of the
greatest volcanic eruption of modern
times. New York Sun.
Tha Venom of Snakr.
As to tho venom of serpents, no dis
tinct chemical principle has as yet been
detected in it, though such there must
be, seeing that tho effect of tho saliva of
different poisonous snakes is different
the blood coagulating after a fatal cobra
bite, though not after that of a rattle
snake or a viper. It bus also been ascer
tained that if tho blood of a poisoned
animal be injected into a healthy one
the latter will be poisoned in tho sanio
way as If it had itself been bitten, al
though its flesh may be eaten with im
punity. It is a mistake, however, to suppose
that a snake's poison can havo no effect
unless actually mixed with tho blwxl.
It will act after being absorbed through
such delicate skin na that which lins
our lips, though its action when thus
received is less powerful Quarterly
An Iinporlnnt Atiifiirimnnt.
A bill waa introduced into one of our
state legislatures granting permission
that the bighop of the diocese might be
buried in the crypt of his cathedral.
One of tho members who did not admire
the bishop greatly, moved an amend
ment to tho bill that it take effect im
mediately on its passage. San Francisco
TliouKiimli In It.
How is that little mining scheme of
yours getting along? Any money in it?"
"Any money in it? Well, I should say
sol All of mine, all of my wife's and
about $3,000 that I got from my friend."
8avl by II U Hoot.
Oenerul Msrliot tells, in his ".Mem
oirs." hows his light Uiots once saved
him from being killed by Austrian
lancers. At the battle of Eckmuhl he
was or!( r .1 by Marshal Lamies to con
duct a regiment of cuirassiers to a point
where il was to charge a regiment of
The French charged and annihilated
the Croat.), but currying their charge
too far, wen1 in their turn repulsed by a
regiment of Austrian lancers. As the
French retreated at a gallop tliey came
to where .Murhut was standing, his
horse having been killed. Only a few
hundred feet intervened between the
lancers and the cuirassiers, and if Alar
1m it hud been left behind he would have
been killed.
Two ununited soldiers gave him their
hands, mid iluis. half lifted from the
ground, he hounded along, while they
galloped ut a rapid puce into their own
"It was time for my gymnastic course
to end," he writes, "for 1 was complete
ly out of breath uud could not havo con
tinued. 1 learned then how inconven
ient are the heavy long lioots of tho
cuirassiers in time of war, for a young
officer in the regiment who, like me,
had his horse killed under him, and was
snpKirted by two of bis comrades on the
return gallop in the same manner 1 was,
found himself unable to keep pace with
tho horses ou account of his heavy boots.
Ho was left behind, uud wus killed by
an Austrian lancer, while 1 tsseupod by
reason of my light boots."
Took tha Lemon to Heart.
"Going hornet" he exclaimed. "Well.
I should say 1 was going home."
"Oh, well, there's no hurry. Wait a
few minutes."
"Not a minute. FI1 never be late to
any kind of a meal acuin. My wife has
taught me better."
"Curtain lecturer
"Never a lecture, but well, vou've
eaten steak?"
"Real nice, tender, juicy steak?"
"Of course."
"With the potatoes just right?"
"There's nothing In the same class
with it when a man is real hungry, is
"No; I can't say that there is."
"Tomales. croouettes. torranin and all
such things have to take a back seat
don't they?"
"Well, did you ever eat a real irood
steak cold?"
"Urn, yes; I believe I have."
"Ah! Now von'rn in mvrliui I mm
half an hour late yesterday and she just
let one of the finest steaks 1 ever saw
stand on the table till 1 cunm. Did vim
ever try to measure the amount of regret
in every niouuirui or coia steak that you
could have had hot?"
"Go home, old man. Your wife him
all the best of it." Chicago Tribune.
How the Map of Peking Wa Made.
IIow a military map of Peking was se
cretly made is told by General Sir Robert
Biddulpn. During the China war of
1800, in which Sir Robert was engaged,
our army was greatly embarrassed by
the absenco of any map of the city. But
it happened that the Russian legation
had. only a few months before, con
trived to make a map in spito of tho
jealous watchfulness of the Chinese
They had sent an officer, in a small
covered cart, such as they use to carry
their women about, completely covered
in. An indicator was attached to the
wheel. Ilo drove for a certain distance
to a certain crossroad, for example, and
"took a shot" with his instrument; then
down tho next rond, and in that wa.,
made a complete plan of Peking, with all
its streets and roads, both in the Tartar
city and in the Chinese city. General
Ignatielf , who produced the map, offered
its uso to tho English. Thero wero no
photographers then attached to the
army; but an Italian photographer, who
had followed tho army for his own pri
vate purposes, being set to work, pro
duced a number of copies, which provod
extremely serviceable. London News.
Fnlth of Italian Fialiertnnn.
Tho blind faith of tho Italian fisher
men in tho eflicacv of holv relics is iia-
thetic. Many of them keep themselves
lu a state of utter impoverishment in
providing necessary amulets and charms.
Not only i:i tho fisherman's person cov
ered with these, but his boat must also
possess all possible saving power through
these religious aimliances. Should some
great storm ariso and genuine danger
come, ono by ono these objects aro cast
upon tho waves with a faith that is posi
tively sublime. Meanwhilo his wife
ashore, possessed of tho same implicit
and pious confidence, gives her most
precious relics to tho sea that her hus
band may come safe to land. And I have
no doubt that when fatal disaster conies,
as it always does, this man sinks into
tho silence beneath tho tempest with his
lust spark of vital consciousness an un
diinined flame of trust und faith. Ex
change. Urewtnme Kuprr.tltlou In Hungary.
A strange story of supersitition is re
ported Hungary. Sev
eral bodies of men had been found thero
with their heads cut off. An investiga
tion was made by tho police, and it
turned out that those mutilations had in
every instance been committed by young
men who were betrothed to tho widows
of the decapitated persons. Tho hus
bands had died a natural death, and
their widows believed that in case they
married a second time their first hus
bands would reappear and destroy their
wedded liappiuess. Hence they had per
suaded their new bridegrooms to decap
itate their deceased partners. Pall Mall
Gazette. '
A Judge Ciimi)lmeiiU a Lawyer.
It is related that Judge Jero Black said
of Thud Stevens: "That ho was ono of
the brighest men ever born, and could
say tho smartest things, but that, so far
as being under any sense of obligatiou
to his creator for superior mental en
dowments, his mind was a howling wilderness."
En tor Liquor Car.
To tliose seeking a rescue from
liquor curse or other evil lialiits
brought about by morphine, tobac
co etc. The Kntor institute at South
Omaha oltcrnotie of the mot relia
ble and bent places to tfo with the
nl Holute certainty of a permanent
cure. Write or visit the institute.
I feel it my iluty to Kiy a few
word in reejard to KIj'h ("team
Halm, and I do ho entirely without
Solicitation. I have ti-fl it more
or less half a year, and have found
it to be most iidiuii aide. I have
HiilTered from catan h of the wo;t
kind ever incr 1 was a little boy
and I never hoped tor tf,1 but
t 'renin Halm pct-iiit lo do even that.
Many of my acquaintance have
lined it witti exeellnnt result.. -().-car
Ostiim, 4."i Warren Ave., ( bi
CiltfO III.
Wanted: An energetic man to
manage branch office. Only n few
doliarH needed.. Salary to ftart S?7."
per mouth and interest in business
The WcHtern Co., Kani-.i City, Mo.
The windou! of him who journey
eib is known by the line he nelccts;
the judgment of the man who take
Hie "Huriinnton K'oute" to the
eiticH of lhe eact, the south, and the
west, iH never impeached. The in
fei ence is plain. Magnificent Pull
man tdccpei'8, elcuant reclining
chair c rs and world-famous dining'
cars on all through trains, For
informaii'iii address the agrent of
the company at this place, or write
to J. Francis, General Passenger
and Ticket Ag;ent, Omaha.
It Should be In Ev ry House.
J. H. Wilson, Ml Clay St., Sharp.
burg', Pa., says he will not be with
out Dr. Kind's New Discovery for
Consumption, Coughs and Colds
that it cured his wife who wai
threatened with Pneumonia after
an attack of "La Grippe," wheti
various other remedies and several
physicians , had done her no good
Kobert Harber, of Cocks(ort, Pa.
claims Dr. King's New Discoverj
has done him more good than nny
thing he ever used for J.unp
Trouble. Nothing like it. Try it
Free trial bottles at F. G. Fricke A
Co's drugstore. Large bottle, SOc
and $1.00.
The population of PlHtinmouth
Is about 10,01)0, add we would say
at least jieo-lialf are troubled with
Borne efTection on the throat and
lungs, ns those complaints are, ac
cording to staaistics, more numer
ous than others. We would advise
all our readers not to neglect the
opportunity to call on their drug
gist and get a bottle ol Kemp s Hnl
sam for the throat and lungs. Trial
size free. I.argeHottle ,r)0c- and $1.
Sold by all druggist.
Itch on human and horses animals
cured iu M minutes by Woolford's
sanitary lotion. This never fails.
Sold F. G. Fricke & Co. druggist,
A Million Friends
A friend in need is a fried indeed,
and not less than one million peo
ple have found just such a friend iu
I)r. King's New Discoverj' for con
sumption, coughs, and colds. If
you never have used this great
C nigh medicine, one trial will con
vince you that it has wonderful cur
ative powers in all diseases of the
throat chest and lungs. Kach bot
tle is guaranteed to do all that is
claimed or money will be refunded
Trial bottle free nt F. G. Fricke &
Co's drugstore. Large bottles r()c
and I1.1K.I.
For years the editor of the Burl
ington Junction, (Mo,) Post, has
been subject to crntnpcolic litsof in
digestion, which prostrated him for
several hours and unfitted him for
business for two or three days. For
the past year lie has been using
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Duirrliiru Remedy whenever occa
sion required, audit has invariably
given him prompt relief. IT) and ''()
cent bottles for sale by F. G.
Fricke &. Co., druggists.
How's This!
We offer Km dollars reward for
nny case of catarrh thatcau not be
cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
K J. Cheney & Co. Props, Toledo,
We the undersigned, have known
F. J. Cheney for the last 15 years,
and belive him pcfcctly honorable
in all buisness transnclionsund fin
ancially able to carry out an oblig
ations made by their firm.
West iv Trunx, Wholesale Drug
gist, Toledo Ohio., Wnlding Kinnan
A Tarvin, Wholesale druggist Tole
do Ohio.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken inter
nally, action directly upon the blood
und mucous surfaces of the system.
Price, 7.")c. per bottle. Sold by all
lrn gg;iHt; Testimonials free.
The Missori Pacific will sell round
trip tickets May I) to 14 inclusive, to
Portland, Oregan, the Presbyterian
general aisetnbly being held their
May l'.l to June 'J. Tickets good un
til May 11) and returning inside !K)
days at !ft?), going via one route and
returning via another. Apply nt
ticket office for particulars.
Specimen Caos.
S. II. Clilford, New Castle, Wis
was troubled with neuralgia and
rheumatism, his stomach was dis
ordered, his liver was affected to an
alarming degree, appetite fell awaj
and he was terribly reduced in flesh
and strength. Three bottles of
h'lcctric Hitters cured him.
Kdward Shepherd, llarrisburg,
111., had a running sore on his leg
of eight years' standing. Used
three bottles of Klectric Hitters and
seven bottles Hucklen's Arnica
Salve, and his leg is sound and well
John Speaker, Catawba. ()., had five
large fever pores on his leg, doctors
said he whs incurable. One bottle
Klectric. Hitters and one box Huck
len's Arnica Salve cured him entire,
ly. Sold by F. G. Fricke & Co.
Shilohs catarrh Remedy a posi
tive cure for catarrh, diptheria and
canker mouth. For sale by O II
Snyder and K G Fricke.
Catholic-M. i'aul's Church. Vk' between
Fifth and sixth. Father L'aiury, Pastor
Hervleci: M'iss at 8 and 1(1 :30 A. M. Sunday
School nt 2 :;i, with benedict Ion.
Ohhistian. Corner Locust and Eighth Ms
services niuriiliiK mid evening. hitler A
Ualiowiiy pastor. Sunday School 10 a. m.
Ki iH"oi-AL.-St. Luke's Church, corner Third
mm me. t;cv. n li. Iturucxe. i.H.-Mor. .ser
vices : 1 1 A. M . at d 7 :3o P M. Sunday School
ni :jo r. m.
liFKMAN MFTiioiiiMT.t -irncr Sixth St and
ramie. Kev. lint. I'lirtor. Services : II A. M.
anil ? :;,o I1. i. Sunday School lo :30 A.M.
I'KrHHVTKHi an. M'tvlces In new church, cor
Her Sixth ami dninite st. Kev. .1. T. Ilaird.
(iHsior. Siinday-sri mil at I) ;;k ; I'reuchtiiK
at n it. in. icn h in,
lli1 V . li. s. ('. k of ihlr rhurcli nitetit pvciv
Sabbath evenlne at 7 :1S in lhe basement of
the rlnierli. All are Invited to attiud theee
Kikkt MfTiioiiisr. Sixth St., lietwen Main
and IVtirl. Hev I.. K. Kiilt. I). 1). iiiistor.
Service : 11 . M.. S -.oo p. m SimiU) School
:iA M. I'raycrineetlig Wednesday even-
ilKKMAN I'liNsitYTKiii A.N . Corner .Main and
Ninlli. Kcv Willi1, pastor. Services usual
hours. Sunday school u :30 A. M.
Svt'KKiUMt oni;i:miationau (iranite, be
tween Fifth and sixth.
I'oi.iiiiKi) llArrisr. Mt. Olive, onk, between
'J t-iil li hihI KIcM-nth liev. A. Itorell, pas
toi. Services II a. in. iinil 7 :W p. III. I'rayer
ihcetiiu: V e dnesday evening
Vot'Mi Mkn'h Chhi-tiaw Association
lioonis in V merman block, Main street, l.os
liel meet inc. for inei, only, everv Sunday af
lei iioiin at 4 o'clock. Kooiiik open week days
ft inn H:;m a. m., in 9 : 3 p. in.
Soitii I'akk Tahkhnaclk. Kev. .1. M.
V jihI, I lusior. Services: Sunday School,
:u. in. : I rcHcliini;. 11a in. and 8 p. ai. ;
prayer meeting Tuesday nliiht ; choir prac
tice Friday iiilit All are welcome.
J( 1. D tf jr T
Always lias on hand a full stock of
Corn, Hran, Shorts Oats and Haled
Hay for sale as low as the lowest
and delivered to any part of the
W. II. Cushing, J. W. Johnson,
rrfidtnt, Kioc-i'r(ddnt.
-ooOT H EOoo-
Capital Paid in
F K Outlimitn J W Johrinn. E 8 Gretuel,
Henry Kikeiihary. M W Morgan, J
A Connor. W Wcttenkamp, W
11 CushliiK
A general banNing business trans
acted. Interest allowed on de
Paid up capital $.V),(i0,0P
Hrplu 10.wo.00
r the ery bet fiicllltle for the pronip
transaction of laminate
.tanking Business
stock, bonds, gold, uovernment and local e
urillCK bmitflit and sold. Uepoalts received
uid interest allowed mi the certificate
Urafu drawn, available lu any part of the
t'lilted M.uen and all the principal tewnt of
TKl. Hliihesi nttket price paid for County War
rants, Slate ana County bondi.
John Fltzcurald I). Hawkfwurtb
Sam WaiiKh, F. K. White
tieorge E. Dovey
lohn Fitzgerald, s. WaiiKh.
President :.rte
The Leading
Constantly keeps on band everythin
you need to furuitth your houtte.
Plattsmouth - Neb
Lumber Yard
Shingles, Lath, Bash,
Doors, Blinds
Cn supply emw demand of the city.
Call and get terms. Fourth street
in rear of opera house.
i l wmm k m
in urn. 7&--mKtta V
u SAY?7n '''
Q M MM 'J'tsmarfar the yir; folks X t
L SKfTlOUrM, Wont pr sfer rpc about ci fitio a Vi tft
G-O - TO-r 1
House Furnishing Emporium.
"T "X 7"HEUE yoti can pet your house furnished from
V V kitchen to pnrlor
die the world renown Haywood baby carriages, also
the latest improved Reliable Process Gasoline 6tore
Call and be convinced. No trouble to show goods.
I. Pearleman
F Q mw Sa QOW
A Full and
Drugs, Medicines,
Prescriptions Carefully
AdverliIn - mul - - Work
IF'-clII Information -iLnd.
KatesOn Application-
uusim:ss ma.a(ji:w.
- B01 Cor Fifth and Vine St.
A Cure for the Ailments of Man and Beast
A long-tested pain reliever.
Its use is almost universal by the Housewife, the Farmer, the
Stock Raiser, and by every one requiring an effective
No other application compares with it in efficacy.
This well-known remedy has stood the test of years, almost
No medicine chest is complete without a bottle of Mustang
Occasions arise for its use almost every day.
All druggists and dealers have it
iu. n in i mi n ni m s
and at easy tearms. I lian
Complete line of
Paints, and Oils. 1
Coinpoiimled at all Hours