Plattsmouth weekly herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1882-1892, May 26, 1892, Image 4

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IT is reported that the floods the
yast week throughout Iowa have
completely a ub merged the Hoies
boom, and it will probably not be
heard of again.
Thk Chinese are about to emi
grate to Mexico iu a body. We are
glad to see them go, but we feel for
Mexico and wish her better fortune
than to be saddled with such a pop
ulation. WHEN you hear a spontaneous
howl for Cleveland from any par
ticular section of the country, if you
scratch around in the. underbrush
awhile you will find a man who
held some high ofliee under him in
citing Cleveland enthusiasm.
lIoi.MAN's congress has already
appropriated -M.HKl.ltUMO more
than did the "billion dollar con
gress" at its first session. This is
not because Untie Holinan has
been extravagant (except in to Indi
ana appropriations), but because
the constantly expanding nerds of
this great people demand the in
crease. WHAI'S DOINQ IT?
A lot of democrats were quarrel
ing in harmony:
"Shut up," growled an old wheel
horse. "What's the matter with the
party is, there are too many 'ites'
in it."
"Ites?" queried the crowd, "what
are ites?"
"That's it; you don't know what's
the matter with you," he chuckled.
"It's the Clevelandites, and the
Ilillites, and the Gormanites, and
the Pnhnerites, and the Grayites,
and Iloiesites, and the gang of
them that is doing the harm."
"Old Ironsides."
If the portrait of some grandma
who lived in the early days of the
century could "materialise," and
stepping down, take her place be
side the "tailor-made girl" of to
day, the difference would be no
more marked than that between the
good ship Constitution and a mod
ern "ocean greyhound." Ncverthe
theless, in spite of the top-heaviness
of the old ship as compared
with the new, if the two sailed down
our harbor, there would be no
necessity for an order of "hats oil,"
and our heart-beats would tell us
for which rang out the "three times
Well docs this great foremother
of ours command both love and
reyerence. Stanch was she with the
strength of oak from the forest
primeval; unwavering ever ns the
polestar in the path of duty;' and
like a true woman of the olden
time, ere "rights" and "suffrage"
had lifted their heads from the
nether chaos, she obeyed her mas
ter, while he, true and brave man o)
the olden time that he was, loved
and honored her. From "The
Hirthplace of Commodore Isaac
(lull, by Jane de Forest Shelton, iu
Harper's Magazine for June.
During the first 7.") years of our
national existence there were col
lected from internal taxation about
$22,aK),(KK). Of these $3,000.0(10 went
to pay the debts of the revolutionary
war; $1,000,000 to defend ourselves
against France at the close of the
last century, and $ir,UX),(X)i) were re
quired to defray the cost of the war
From 1S20 to 1SI" only about $100,
000 were derived from internal reve
nue, and from 1S47 to I Still nothing
whatever. Since ISM the internal
taxes have produced a revenue of
over $4,000,000,000. This means of
revenue is no longer indispensable.
Our tariff should be so adjusted as
to do away, for the most part, with
.4 . . . . ...
mis lorm ol taxation. We can ar
range our custom duties so as to
make foreigners pay a large share
of our national revenue nnd so
lighten the burden of our own peo
pie. Something was done in this direc
tion by the McKinley tariff.
To further reduce internal taxes
would relieve the industries in
which distilled spirits are used.
It would relieve the tobacco in
dustry. It would remove thousands of tax
gatherers and decrease the national
expenses by several millions.
It would be in accordance with
our constitution nnd our American
It is the policy of the republican
It is advocated by all friends of
the temperance cause.
The republican national platform
of 1SSS said:
We favor the entire repeal of inter
nal taxes rather than the surren
der of any part of our protective
system at the joint behests of the
whisky trusts and the agents of for
eign manufactures.
From resolutions of the Union
League Club of New York:
We advocate at the earliest prac
ticable day the abolition of the In
ternal Kevenue Department as the
aafest and wisest means of reducing
the surplus and preserving unim
paired the great principle of protec-
lion io American imiunuj.
From resolutions of the Union
League Club of I'hiladelphia:
The United States Internal Keve
nue system of taxation should he
repealed by congress, and we call on
that body to take the necessary
steps to bring this about at as early
a day as possible.
The democrats are going to have
hard work to convince the voters
of this country that there
is nothing in the charge that Eng
land will help the democratic party
this year. The return of the demo
cratic party to power would mean
free trade, and free trade, or any
tariff reform approaching free
trade, would mean Lnglish su
premacy. The following extract
published in the iNew York 1'ress,
and copied from the London Kngi
neering News, shows the interest
that the queen's subjects have in
the election on this side of the
"The volume of that export trade
has decreased, it is true; the (Mc
Kinley) bill was intended to foster
native industries, especially the tin
plate industry, and this it is doing,
to a very satisfactory extent from
the American point of view, and
just so much has it stimulated
American industries at theexpense
of our own, by just that extent it is
regarded with favor by a large
majority iu the United States, no
matter what their shades of polit
ical opinion may be. There is a
somewhat general idea iu this
country that the McKinley tariff
will be repealed before long, or at
all events be so much modified that
the sting will be taken out of those
clauses most objectionable to Hrit
ish manufacturers; and it is for
this reason that the hopes of the
democrats for the approaching
presidential election are so largely
shared in this country."
Do the democrats expect even the
Irish-American voters to assist
Many different reasons confront
me as to "why our women fade,"
but I shall touch upon only a few
of the strongest, writes Felecia Holt
in the June Ladies Home Journal. I
look at the many women of my ac
quaintance; I see lines on brows
which can only be brought there by
worry, and "worry" I take to by one
of the greatest foes to a woman's
youth. There are.dolla to be sure,
who never think, work or act; I do
not here discuss such creatures, but
woman in her vocation ns a senti
inentbeing. Iu this country Jus iu no
other, do women have to struggle
in the effort th keep tip an appear-
ance of great wealth they do not
possess. It is an age of monopolies
nnd great fortunes nre being ab
sorbed by the shrewd financiers;
hence, many far more cultivated
and refined people must retire, "for
getting the world, be by the world
forgot," or undertake a struggle
which ends only in the grave. It
would seem at the first an unworthy
strife ,'and so it is, not only unworthy
but horribly degrading if entered
into with the purpose of vying
with the more fortunate for the
mere possession of money; but alas.
it represents to the fastidious and
well-born woman all that to which
by nature she is justly entitled
works of art, music, literature nnd
the outcome of the ages.
The Week Closes With Cood Weather
for Corn Plantlnar.
I Following is the weather rennrt
ior tne week ending hriday, May 'J I
The early Dart of the week cmitiii
ued cold and wet, but high winds
on Wednesday and Thursday dried
i out the ground, so that the weel
closes with corn planting gener
ally resumed on the uplands.
Over the western half of the state
generally the rainfall
the normal, ranging from a quarter
of an inch to nearly an inch; over
the eastern half it was excessive
ranging from an inch to nearly fivt
The temperature has been about
two degrees below the normal in
the southern part of the state and
from three to four degrees in the
Antelope Some corn rotting in
the ground and too wet to plant tin
remainder; weather favorable for
work since Wednesday.
Hurt Kxcessive rain flooded the
lowlands, delaying com planting;
light flurry of snow on the 20th.
Colfax hverything fair at date
of writing; fanners all planting
Cuming Farmers resumed plant
ing and listing on Wednesday and
Dakota Cold, cloudy weather
has been injurious to all small
grain; the lowlands flooded: but
little corn planted.
Dodge Ground, except on hills,
is too wet for plowing; some snow
fell on Friday.
Holt Small grain in good shape;
considerable ccrn planted. '
I'ierce Karly planted sugar '
beets coming up. j
Stanton Small grain and pota
toes looking tine; corn plautiug I
just started.
Washington Ground in bad con- j
dition, but farmers are rushing in
their corn.
Ilutler-Fruit trees blooming
about eighteen days later than lait
Cass Heavy rains have rendered
farm work impossible and injured
to some extent all crop, corn plant
ing commenced a little the last day
of the week..
Clay --Larly corn planted not up
yet but coming better than wai-J ex
pected; too wet for wheat and oats.
Y lllmore Cold and wet; very little
corn planted; little work done for
past three weeks: wheat and grass
ook well; oats sickly.
Gage Still too wet forcorn plant
ing; all crops at least four weeks
Hamilton Grass doing well; too
wet for small grain and corn.
Jefferson Some corn coming up
good; only one clear dayjeorn plant
ing progressed some on 10th and 'JO.
Johnson Plowing for corn com
menced on uplands the last of the
week; work fully three weeks late;
wheat on bottom lauds turning yel
low. Lancaster Fruits doing very well,
very little corn planted; just com
mencing on the drier grounds.
Nenialu - All low lands under
water; planting going on rapidly
the last two days on high ground.
Nuckolls No progress made in
plowing; wheat and grass growing
finely, except on occasional low
spots, where wheat was drowned
Otoe Very little headway made,
but week closes with all busy plant
ing corn.
Pawnee No progress made in
farm work; not much complaint of
corn rotting in the ground.
Richardson Not one-fourth of
the corn planted.
Saline Small grain not growing
well; corn planting resumed.
Saunders Three days on which
work could be done; all busy plant
ing corn.
Seward -Small grain injured by
standing water; planting resumed.
Thayer Little corn planted.
York Corn nlready planted do
ing well; farm work progressing
nicely at the end of the week.
Uoone Corn planting being rap
idly done.
Buffalo -One-fourth of the corn
planted; wet and cold weather have
rotted half of what was planted in
Dawson Heavy rains have
slightly injured small grain and
stopped corn planting.
Grtely Very little corn planted.
Hall Not much planting done
yet; corn rotting in the ground.
Loup Little corn planted; wheat
and oats looking well, but growing
Merrick Ground drying out and
corn planting commenced again,
but many farmers have planted no
corn yet.
Sherman Not half done planting
and much corn rotting in the
Valley High winds Wednesday
dried the ground fast; planting re
sumed. Wheeler Small grains not so
much damaged by the rains as was
expected; fields drying; planting
Gering & Co. are headquarters for
everything in the druggist line.
For SALE Two desirable resi
dence lots iu Orchard Hill addition
to riattsniouth. within a block of
the Missouri Pacific depot. For
particulars call on or address The
Herald office.
We wish our patrons to take no
Uce that we will move about the
first of next month to the room for
merly occupied by J. Finley John
son, tf Dennett & Tutt.
T. H. Pollock. Agent.
Go to Gering & Co. for wall paper
X County, Nebraska
Justice (5. Richey anil Francis"!
M. Kicliey, co partners dninir
business under the firm
tiiitne ami style ot Kicliey
Mrs. K.J. brwiM, (first name )
uiiKiiowni anil J. r. Lewis
Itirst name unknown) Vi.
limn S. Wise. J.C. Cummins
.4. .....I r I... ..
flinvi j, i ar-i
inele. i
Win. S. Wise will take notice that on the
.'1st day of May, A. I). lsw, Justice (i. Kicli
ey ami l-rancis M. Kicliey plaintitTs herein
tiled their petition in the district i rt of
I ass county Nebraska, against said deten
la"s. Mrs. h. J. U'vvis, J. Lewis, Wil
tain h. wise, J.C. Cummins & Son, and
l alvin 11. l'armele. the object and prayer
of w Inch are to foreclose a certain median
jes hen claimed and tiled bv plaintiffs upon
lots seventy (7(i) nnd sevent v-one CD iu
Wises Out lot h nddition to the citv of
1 hit tstnoiith Nebraska, te secure t he puv
inent for ti Mil of buildintr material cnii
sistinttof lumber, lath, windows, etc.. in
the sum of fc'i'.'.lfi, and t here is now due and
payable upon said hill ,,,,d mechanic's
hen the sum of Jtl.fij $io,7o hiivinjr been
paiil mid credited upon said bill Plain,
tills pray that said premises may be
ilecri-ed to tie sold to satisfy said bill mid
mechanics lien, or the amount due upon
the same. ou lire re.piire.1 to nnswer
said petition on or before the fth dav of
July, A. D.
Dated Nay 25, A. D. ls.
JrsTICK (i. A F. M. kMCMKY,
Hy their attorney, Hvkiin CI.AKK.
Sherirr Sale
Bv virtue of un exi-ciitinti istiril ty W.
H. I'curini;, clerk of the litriet court in
nnd for Cii-s t oiiut y, .eliriii-ku, ami to tne
directed, I will on the It 1 1 iliiy of June, A.
1. 1VJ, tit 'J oYliK'k p. iu. of mim! (hiy, ttt the
noiith dcifirof the court house in tliecit v of
1'hiHMiiout h in aiil count v. m-11 ut iulilic
unction tlie following renf 4'tiite, to wit:
1 lie north eM uiirttT of the north east
quarter mw ' ol lie1,! ot sect ion tlnrt y
(v" , town eleven il 1 1 . m line eleven i III . east
of tin- sixth principal me riilttin. iu Cass
enmity. .i liruska,tort her with the privi
leges ami appurtenances tiicrcunto he
miiiiiiiir or in unyu ise appertaining.
The same hcini; levieil upon ami taken
as the propertv of Milliurn I,. Itarratt, de
fendant, to satisfy a judgment of said
Court recovered liy Samuel Mit'oiikeV,
Jjlaintill. auiiin-t said ilelemlauts.
I'luttsiiionth, .Neli., ?lav I. I
U .'I. Tll.llK,
Sheriff Cn (.'out v, .Nehrasku.
ItVKO.N C'l.AKK. Att'y for I'luiiititl.
Le?al Notice.
(. ouuty. Nebraska.
In the matter of the estate of Actios Col c"
deceased .
okliKKTo SHOW CAl'sK.
This cause came on for liearin upon the
fiet it ion of Silas l.oni;. ii'ltin ni.-t rator, with
will annexed, ol the eslale ot Aijuess Cole
ileceased, innvinn for a licence to sell real
estate as follows, to-wit.
I-ractional lot No. tnnl'.'i, in the north
west quarter of fhe northeast epiarter;
ami fractional lot number nine I'.n, in tlie
sout Invest ipiarter of the northeast quar
ter all in sect ion t went v liv e i!i"u. township
twelve, (IL'i, north of riniue 1 liirteen, tllti, in
Cass county, Nebraska, iniituiiiitii; three
(.'li acres more or less; for tlie purpose ol
the payments of the debts against said
estate and the costs of said ion
accord oil; lothe provisions of the will of
t he said deceased, I here not lieitii; suffici
ent personul property to pay the debts of
said estate.
It is hereby ordered that all persons In
terested iu suid estate appear before tne
at the olliceof the clerk of the district
court in Cass county, Nebraska, on the
lilth day of June A. I. IMC!, ut lu o'clock a.
tn to show cause why license should not
lie granted to said ad mill ist rat or to sell t he
above described real estate of said de
ceased for the purposes herein mimed.
It is further ordered that this notice lie
published in the i'l.ATTSMol! I II llKK.M.Ii,
ii newspaper in ucneral circulation iu
said Cass county, Nehrasku.
Dated this Sitli davof April A. I). IMC.
SAMl Kf. Cll U'MANN,
Judue of the District court.
Legal Notice.
Fly virtue of an order of snle issued by
the district court in and for Cass county,
Nehrasku, on theZ'ith day of April, A. f).
upon a decri-e ordering sule of real es
tute involved in a partition suit now pend
ing in said district court, wherein Marin L.
Ilutler and Mary F. flutter are plaintiffs
nnd John (iritues and wife, Maria 1.; James
F. (iritues mid wife, Sarah A.; Niincy J.
liiirbank mid husband, David II.; Klvira
K. Crimes, Clara A. Grimes, Sarah F.
Johnson and husband, Alfred; Helen D.
hit more and husband, (ieorire: Lixzie
A. (iritues, Frank C. Grimes and wife,
Abbie I).; John H. Grimes, Lucitida K.
(iritues, David W. (iritues, IletsyJ. Brown,
John (i. Ilutler and wife, Francena; James
S. Hutler ami wife, F.llen M.s Francis A.
Wnlker and wife, Martha; John G. Walker
mid wife, K'ebeccu C; William H. Allison,
Frances Hit;hec, Georire True Nenlley,
Henrietta Grcuson, Susan Nealley, Ivl
ward' II. Nealley, Addie K. Coolbaui'h,
.Mary I-,, fuller and huslinnil, Melville Vt.;
Jane K. Marsh and husband, lleiijatniu I'.;
Adilie K. Coolbatiirh. tlie vouiiLer: Willi-
iiieiia F. CoolbaiiKh, Illinois C oolbimh,
Grace W. Ilrnwn ami husband, Archibald
L.; Maud Fuller. MuryC. Fuller, Mildred
vtailiice uiul husband, Huh C: l aulmu
C. Aubervand husband, lames M.: Cath
erine M. W. Fuller. June Hrown Fuller,
minor; Melviu W. Fuller, Kuarpian
ot June Hrown ruller, tumor
Helen GnlhiKher, I.vmnn Cook,
George C. Liiuutiui nnd Melville W. Fuller
nre defendants, and which real estate is
hereinafter descrilu'd und which order of
sale wus directed to us, the undersigned
referees in said suit directing us to sell
the following described renl estate, viz: 1
The west half () of the south-west
quarter C14) and south east qunrter C) of
tne south-west nuurter ('4) mid north-east
quarter if the south-east ouurfer (Ho of
section nutnlier thirty-two cm, township
number eleven (111, runs;? number twelve
(12); and west half of north-west quarter
el and north-west quarter of south
west quarter (4I of section tuiinberthirty
three (Kit, township number eleven (11),
raiiue number twelve (Up ; mid north-west
quarter ('4( of north-east quarter (!') of
section number thirtv-three CCD, township
iiuuiner twelve uzi, runire number eleven
(111; anil north-east uuarter t'.l of section
number twenty (JM), township number
eleven un, runtfe number eleven (111, oust
sixth I'. M Cass countv. Nebraska.
We will on Wednesday, the Mh day of
June, IS!!.', at 2 o'clock t. in. of said dav. at
the front door of the court house in I'latts-
moutli, (.ass county, Nebraska, sell said
real estate at public unction to the high
est bidder for cash, as directed bv suid
All H. Tonn,
Iveferecs in Partition.
JOHN A. D.WIKS, Att'y for I'etitioners.
Sheriffs Sale.
Hv virtue of an execution issued bv W
II. Deanm:, clerk of the district court with
in und for Cuss count v, Nebraska, nnd to
me directed, I w ill on "the hit h day of June
A. 1). 1WJ, at 111 o'clock n. 'in., of said dav at
south door of the court house, in tliecit v of
I'luttsiiionth, iu suid county, sell ut public
miction, the following renl estate, to wit:
Hlocks three l.ll mid four 41 iu the village
of Wabusli, Cass county, Nebraska ; also in Mortons adilition to the
vdlatte of abash, C usscounty, Nehrasku
MKCthcr .withthe privileges and nuniii
teuances there unto belotiKinj; or in utiv
wise nptiertaitiiinr.
The same beinir levied upon and taken
lis the property of Oliver lacolm et id. de-
fenduuts, to sntisfy u judgment of said
court recovered by Julius I'eppcrberi;
piiiiuuu, nmiiiist snul (letemlants.
riattsniouth, Neb., Mav 12. 1n.i2.
WM. TliillK,
Sheriff Ciish County, Nel).
W. L. Kkow.NK, Atty. for I'taintiiT.
Attachment Notice.
J. A. Phelps w ill take notice that on the
first dav ot May l-'fi. M. Archer, a justice
of the peace of I'lattsmout h City, Cuss
county Nebraska, issued an order of at
tachment lor the sum of in an nction
tHMldillkl before him wherein Heiirilslev
Clurk & ( 'o. nre lMiiiutitls and J. A. IMielos
is defendant, that property belonging to
saui (leieuuant uas been attached consis
ting of money under said order. Said
cause was continued to tlie 30th iluv of
June lm. ut Kio clock n. in.
Correspondence Solicited.
Ofliee in Union Ulook
Plattsmouth, - - Neuraska
Ofliee in the Hass Noel building
Residence, the Kd Rich Property
v TLosotlny'Cnpsulca aresupexfori
to ' Jialsam i of i Copaiba, TV
Cubeba i anil Injections. (ff
Tk-y cure In 448 hours tho
soma diseases without anylnconv
DDnPIIDCn"1"1 f' I'mpalllut Httnmort,
rnU0UntU$r.ri4, H,tltiiA Bro.'ii4"H
4 AmvriMm A t ortixn Iw nti aat .4.t4.imi- in pMrnt etut
IAmimim 11 Wuliiinvm, I.c,) Springfield, MiraourW
Afilliqotfy l)cptitiiert:
K CALL your attention to the fact that our millinery Uepart
'V nient is complete ami that we can show you more pattern
hats , more flowers antl more
ties in the line of millinery goods than all of ths millinery stores put
ogether. We buy all of our millinery
can them at about half prices. Hefore.
amine our prices. 1 his is a new department witn us ana everything
new style.
100 pieces good heavey sheeting worth
Yard-wide bleached muslin, worth He
Lonsdale muslin, the best, worth 10c
"Fruit of the Loom" muslin, worth 10
Indigo blue prints, the best maile, worth He for nc per yard
S-4 sheeting, worth 123c for
0-4 sheeting, worth 'J7c for
-l sheeting, worth 'A)c for
42-inch pillow case muslin, worth 15c
Our Stock of.
Spring and
Dress goods and all the latest things in wash dress goods, and all tho
latest thing in ladies and gentlenians furniehinir c od is comnlets in
every respeet.
TL1IS 6eason lias b en so dull
the liberty and mark our goodsaway down that you can not duplicate
them any where in tee state. Our stock is so heavy thot we must
Watch this 'ad' for prices during the month of May.
Tlc - Bostoi - Soie,
THaat Old. Carpet
of yours ha9 been turned for the last time, it will hardly
stand another such beating as you gave it last spring besides
we know you are too tender hearted to givo it 6ucli another
asliing. It will be ii useless task as you cannot lash back
its respectability, ttetter discard it altogether and let us
sell you one of these elegant new patterns that we have
just received.
Spi'iqs l-onse Gleqriiris. i
Will soon be upon us and you will want new carpets, cur
tains, linens, etc. We are head quarters tor anything in
this line, we can Fell you hemp carpets as low as ten cents
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stock we have discarded the former method and are now
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Chenille Portieres. Also a fine line of window shades at
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We have the finest line of linens ever brought to this city
Table cloths with napkins to match, Tabl" scarfs. Burlan
drapes, bleached table damask with drawn work and hem
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scrim, stamped linens, an elegant assortment of towels with
fancy and drawn work borders, plain and fancy Iluck and
Turkish Towels, linen sheeting and pillow casing etc.
ornaments in an Kinua ot novel
goods m large quantities ana we
you buy a hat call on us and ex
8c for Tic per yard
for Tic per yard
for O'oc per yard 9
fcor (i'oc per yard i ,
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, 20c per yard
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for 10c per yard
on account of rains that we taka
I -