Plattsmouth weekly herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1882-1892, April 21, 1892, Image 3

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Of C. Lcngenhagen and Wife
Celebrated Last Night.
J. F. Polk Uses $18,e40 Through I
Too Much Confidence In an
Ungrateful Son A Gold
Cryre Reaches Platts
mouth Notes.
Twenty-fifth Annivert-ary.
From JuasduyS Daily.
Last evening whs the twenty-fifth
or silver wedding anniversary of
Mr. and Mrs. (1. Lougcnhagcn, and
although it rained all day yester
day and turned to enow last eve-
j ning, wincn inane it very tusagrce
I able to he out. about one hundred
guests responded to the invitations
J rX and assembled at the home of Mr.
V il an 'rSl Longenhagen ,,n North
Hf Sixth street, where everything had
f been made ready for their entertain-
if tnent. Flowers in bloom were placed
around in the different rooms,
which gave them a very cheerful
appearance anu made one torget
all about the storm outside. The
evening was passed away by social
chat and card playing, while vocal
and instrumental music was in
dulged in by some one nearly all
the evening.
At 10:30 o'clock dinner was an
nounced and the guests went tip
stairs, where the tables were loaded
down with vegetables, meats, cakes
and fruits of all kinds, prepared in
every conceivable style to please
the palate or cravings of the inner
They received a beautiful silver
tea set of the very latest design,
which consisted of a tea pot, sugar
iv bowl, cream pitcher, epoon holder
i ft i
auu uuuer uisu anu mine, which
were donated by the following per
sons: Messrs. and Mesdames Wil
liam Ballance, Wash Smith, D. B.
Kbersole, F. II. Steimker, L. C. Stiles,
ri Golding, A. Adams, Hutch
n, A. II. Dray, I. Pearhnan, J. P.
..ung, J. C. Petersen, William
.Herold, P. J. Hansen, Henry Week-
bach, II. T. Davis, C. Ayre, K. Mole,
K. Green, K. S. Greusel, J. V. Kgen
berger, O. Herold, I. Adams, A.
Adams; Messrs. Henry Herold, Dr.
Dan Golding, P.J.Hansen, Jr., Dr.
Shipman and Mesdames Hlake and
A beautiful water set was given
iUhem by Mr. and Mrs. Keuther, Mr.
'and Mrs. W. D. Messersinith,Mr. and
Mrs. Lindman, Mr. and Mrs. Geiser,
Mr. and Mrs. Howland, Mr. and M. -
Schaldice, Mr. and Mrs. Slicker, Mr.
and Mrs. A. 11. Knotts, Mr. and M:
J. I. Unruh, H. A. McKIwain, ?!
McElwain, ?Ir. and ?lrs. V. V. 1. ii
nard, Mr. and Mrs. F. Latham, ?lr.
and ?Irs. Walter White, Mr.and?lr8.
T. L. Murphy, Mr. and Mrs. A. F.
Grove, Mr. and ?Irs. S. C. Curtise,
Mrs. Kockwood, Mrs. Isham,?lr. and
Mrs. M. D. Polk, Dr. and ?Irs. A.
Salisbury and Sig Polk.
?Ir. and ?Irs. Grassomick.of Enter
prise, Kansas, sent sugar spoon and
J x:ase; Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Finy a set
(Aofteaand table spoons; Mr. and
J Mrs. Kscher, a pickle caster; ?lr. and
Mrs. J. J. Mcvey, a pair ot napkin
rings; Mr. ana Mrs. John w atermon
and Mrs. Ida Wagner, a beautiful
i 8111
Iver card receiver; Mr. and Mrs.
M'Kerman.of McCook, Neb., a sil-
1. ver eooon: Mr. and Mrs. Fred Herr-
'T j'jiann, a Bet of knives; Mr. and Mrs
' L";-rtf'eir,0flf!a celluloid slipper case with
y mic wurun, uuiucii oujjpcis, uu ii,
Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Jones, a salid
dish. A beautiful silver carbon
( tamp wag given Mr. Logenhagen by
' tits old comrades, Geo Niles, A. C.
s Fry, II. J. Streight, T. Leech, M. A.
iTixon, J. W. Johnson and R. V.
fylyers and- their wives. There
ere two or three other
presents but we failed to get
the names of the donors. There
were a large nurabor of regrets re
ceived from those who were unable
to attend. Mr. ond Mrs. O. C. Fry,
of Omaha, were there from abroad.
An Important Case.
The case of M. O'Donohoe vs. ?I.
D. Polk, et al., tried in the district
urt yesterday furnishes a remark-
auie instance oi mispiaceu eonn-
) deuce and wholesale robbery of a
father by a trusted son.
The case occupied a great portion
of the day and consisted mainly in
the evidence of ?Ir. John F.Polk
1 relative to his dealiugs with his son
Milton D., editor of the Evening
News, showing that he had let Mil
ton D. have $1 8,040. It appears that
?1. 0'Donhoe brings the case to set
i aside certain deed executed by
I Mi'ton D. Polk to Jiis father, John
r anu oy jonn r. to one i,eusou, a
rother-in-law in Indiana. The
Itction is in the nature of a creditor's
ill O'Donohoe having a judgment
against M. D. Polk for some ?."0(),
and claiming thut the transfers of
J'certain real estate from son to lath.
law, was made for the purpose of
preventing the creditors of ?I. D.
Polk from realizing on their claims
against the aid ?I. D. Polk. The
evidence of John F. Polk was re
markable i:i that it went Ui show
that he had trusted his son with
various sums of money since the
year lt, always to realize that he
had been victimized and deceived;
that money he had intrusted him
with had been misapplied and lost;
that ho bad paid notes which had
appeared against him that he had j
never executed and that every trust I
reposed in his soti had been abused
and betrayed, so that finally he had
taken a conveyance of the property
in controversy which was heavily
incumbered, as the only resort he
had to recover any of his lost funds
and it is this property the creditors
now seek to uncover and appropri
ate to their own use.
As a sensational and remarkable
suit the records of our Cass county
court fails to show its equal. The
universal expression of spectators
and lawyers was that ot sympathy
for the old father and condemnation
for the unworthy son.
Cold Found In Livingston Heights.
For the past week a number of
miners have been around town.
They have kept very quiet; nothing
could be gotten out of them, but a
rumor was put alloat the other day
that they were prospecting for coal
in Livingston Heights, but as
signs of digging for coal could not
be seen anywhere and the miners
kept so close-mouthed, it raised a
suspicion in the minds of some of
our visionary citizens, who got up
early this morning and watched the
supposed coal diggers. They were
seen making their way up the rail
road track till they came to Living
ingston Heights, where they began
to examine the numerous springs
along the foot of the bluffs. The
citizens came up and asked what
they had found and were told
"Gold." The miners said that there
was gold in the hills and that the
water washed it out at the springs
and that 500 miners from California
would be here soon to dig into the
hills, beginning at one of the
springs, and that they expected to
find gold in large quantities. This
was given to a reporter of The
IlKflALD iis a fact, but it is a fake.
So pay your money and take your
Base Eall Notes.
Kennedy, Plattsmouth's third
baseman, arrived in the city last
Manager Patterson has made ar
rangements for an exhibition game
V"' t!.e Hayden Hros.' team next
os-.t of the playerR are expected
i- yort lor duty to-morrow, ex-
: M.i.ipin and Johnson, who will
be on ha ad Monday.
Manager Gatewood of the Heat-
rice team gets his men up at 7
o'clock and they walk from five to
eight miles and then take a half
hour's practice with the Indian
Lincoln will be represented in the
league this summer. During yester
day afternoon a meeting was held
between ?Ianager Houseworth of
the Lincoln team and President
Hickey of the state league which re
sulted later in the afternoon by Mr.
Hickey presenting Manager House-
worth a slip of paper upon which
were inscribed the names of the
Lincoln Street Railway Co. And the
Lincoln Park Co. for $100 each, and
Mr. Hickey for $55. Mr. Hickey has
consented to assist in soliciting
subscriptions. Once more the base
ball cranks are jubliant.
A replevin suit is being tried be
fore Judge Archer to-day. ?1. W.
Avery gave two chattel mortgages
on some property, one to A. C.
Loder and the other to S.C.Polk.
It is claimed by plaintiff that Avery,
through his attorney, tendered
Loder's agent the amount of the
mortgage, but for some reason did
not pay the money to the agent.
S. C. Polk, who holds the second
mortgage, has replevined the pro
perty from Loder. The trial has
been continued until to-morrow.
C. A. R. Appointments.
Commander Dilworth of the
Nebraska G. A. R. has made the fol
lowing appointments:
Asssistant Quartermaster Gen
eralA. C. Moore, of Hastings.
Inspector Gemnal ?1. K. Getter,
of Ord.
Judge Advocate General -G. H.
Caldwell, of Grand Island.
Chief Mustering Officer T. F.
Dowers, of Chadron.
Mr. ?loore will relieve Mr. Streight
of the duties of assistant quarter
master general on the Kith inst.
Mr. Streight has filled the oflice
with satisfaction during all his
Messrs. Lee Applegate, 1). C. West,
H. G. Strong and Andrew Sturm, of
Nehawka, are in the city attending
district court. While here they took
a look through our new court house
and all expressed themselves as
greatly pleased with its construc
tion, beauty and arrangement.
The Bond-holders Hav Taken
Charge of the Plattsmouth
Water Works.
The hoiid-holdors of the Platts
motit Water company have taken
possession of the plant in this city.
Theold management had not been
running things to suit the bond
holders and they patiently waited
until the law would allow them to
taKe possession, whicn they done
The plant will he run in the old
name the only change is the old
stockholccrs drop out and the bond
holders will now be the stock
holders. In conversation with Mr. Cobb,
that gentleman stated that the stand
pipe would be painted and that the
concrete around the bottom of the
stand pipe would be repaired also.
Mr. Cobb also stated that Superin
tendent Coursey would be retained
to look after the interests ot the
company; he also complimented
?Ir. Coursey on the management of
the plant.
Taxes had not been paid on the
plant for the last three years,
amounting in all to $2,500 which
were paid yesterday.
An oflice room was seemed in the
Martin block and all patrons of the
Water company are expected to go
to the oflice to pay for water, if they
do not the water will be turned off.
The Case ot the Whiskey Trust vs.
The Nebraska City Distillery
Decided In Favor of the
John C. Watson wired the Nebras
ka City people from St. Louis yester
day that the case ot the Whisky
Trust vs. the Nebraska City Distil
lery, had been decided by Circuit
Judge Caldwell in favor of the Ne
braska City distillery. This is a
very important decision in favor of
a Nebraska City plant and ?Iajor
Watson deserves great credit forthe
victory he has won on behalf of the
people and against the Whiskey
In this connection it is but proper
to add that Mr. Watson is the author
of the Nebraska law against trusts.
From Fridsiy's Ilnily.
J. F. Kaufman, of Avoca, is in the
city to-day.
?Irs. Wm. Tighe departed for Om
aha this morning.
O'Hryau, O'Ganiion, O'Martin,
O'Sherman, Oh! ?Iy.
Fred Clinton came in from Weep
ing Water this morning.
Attorney Eugene Montgomery, of
Omaha, is in the city to-day.
Charles Jordan tin J J. V. Pnrcell,
of Greenwood, are in the city to-day.
Superintendent G. W. Noble and
wife will become residents of our
city next week.
J. E. Douglas and L. F. Gibberson,
two legal lights of Weeping Water,
are in the city to day.
W. H. Lain j and Mr. Eddy, the
water works men, departed for Ra
cine and Hoston thi. morning.
Orlando TefTt, chairman of the
republican county central commit
tee, arrived in the city last night.
One of the neatest windows in the
city is the one in the Sherwood
block, fitted up by the Tucker Sis
ters. C. W. Sherman returned from
Omaha a sadder and wiser man.
The tears he shed for O'Hryan are
said to have overllowed the Omaha
The fiend incarnate that carried
away the steps in front of the oflice
door had better return them at once
before he hears something fall.
judge Kamsey to-uay issued a
marriage license to W. G. Clements,
of South Omaha, and Miss Ada
Swanback, of Greenwood.
County Clerk Dickson has a bran
new type-writer on trial at his oflice,
and he is busy this afternoon figur
ing out the combination of the ma
chine. R. C. Hines, a painter in the 11. &
M. shops, has severed connections
with tl e H. & M. and will move with
hisiamily to Decatur, Illinois, where
he has secured a position with the
Wabash railroad.
Word was received in this city
this morning announcing the death
of ?lrs. J.S. Hums at North Platte.
Mrs. Hums was the wife of "Doc"
Hums, the well known H. & M. fire
man before the strike.
The Hi:kai.I is in receipt of a cir
cular containing twenty-six pages
devoted to the statement of Francis
G. Newlauds, of Nevada, made be
fore the committee on coinages,
weights and measures.
Kicked In the Face.
Frank Coursey met with a painful
accident. Last night while, feeding
his horse he was kicked in the face,
cutting his toji eyelid so that sev
eral stitches had to be taken to
bring the gash together, but luck
ily, however, his eye was not in
jured, although ?lr. Coursey has a
bad looking eye.
Mrs. F. S. White went up to Oma
ha this morning.
Tho State Convention Had No
Use For Matrin or Bryan.,
as. I. Hubble, Tobo Castor, Milton
Doolltt'e, W. H Thompson and E. Eoyd Elected as
The committee on credentials
were engaged all Wednesday night
to figure out who was entitled to a
seat in the convention, and finally
seated the Hoyd delegates and fired
the Martin delegates.
The convention waited impatient
ly until 11:110 o'clock, couriers being
sent at frequent intervals to hurry
up the committee which was still
wrestling with the Douglas county
contest. Just as the clock reached
the half hour the committee ap
peared and was greeted with pro
longed applause Chairman li eland
of the commiltc appeared and apol
ogized for the delay, which he said
was made necessary by the impor
tance of the matter discussed, which
could not be disposed of without
the most careful deliberation. A
resolution was introduced before he
proceeded with the report allow
ing each side thirty minutes
for the discussion of the Douglas
county contest and ordering the
previous question on the matter im
mediately thereafter. The conven
tion was tired of delay andaccepted
the resolution with a rather weak,
but unanimous voice. The report
was then read in full. It recom
mended seating the Hoyd delega
tions from Cheyenne and Cuming
counties and seating both contest
ants from llickcock county. The
committee found that the Oil ut or
Hoyd delegation from Douglas
county was the only regular one in
the convention, and unanimously
recommended that it be seated. The
report was hissed heartily.
Mattes of Otoe moved that the
report concerning Douglas county
be adopted. Mr. Gannon moved an
amendment that it not be con
curred in, and that the contesting
df legation headed by T. J. Mahoney
be seated. That was, the ques im
for debate, Mr. ?lahoney leading
with a speech of twenty minutes
and el sing in ten after Mr. OlTut
had been given thirty minutes in
which to present his fcidY of the
After both sides had related their
troubles to the convention a vote
was taken on ?Ir. Gannon's amend
ment, all delegations voting except
Douglas. Lancaster cast nineteen
votes, and seventeen of these were
against the amendment. The re
suit was that the Hoyd faction car
ried it by a vote of 8Jo ayes to 31'J'a
The report of the committee was
adopted as a whole, and at last, al
most eighteen hours after the con
vention was called to order, an or
ganization was reached by making
the temporary organization per
?lr. Watkins introduced a resolu
tion indorsing Cleveland and in
structing the delegation to vote for
him in the national convention
The last clause brought out such a
chorus of protests that Mr. Watkins
was glad to Hgree to strike it out
The indorsement was accepted with
a whoop.
The silver question was then
brotitrht up, It was then moved
that a committee be appointed on
resolutions, and an amendment of-
fered that Bryan be made chairman
but the smendmeut received no
second. After the aupointment of
the committee the convention ad
jotirned until 2:30.
The afternoon session was called
to order at 3 o'clock. The selection
of the congressional convention of
delegates to the national convention
was endorsed. A motion was then
carried that the convention proceed
to the election of four delegates at
large to the national convention.
The following nominations were
made: James D. Hubble of Jeifer
son, Tobe Castor of Saline, ?Iitton
Doc. little of Holt, William II
Thompson ol Hall, James h. Hoyd
of Douglas.
After the nomination and before
the election of alternates, on motion
of Hryan the committee on rssolti
tions was called upon to report.
The resolutions were read by the
chairman of the committee, A. J.
Sawyer, as follows:
The democracy of Nebraska, in
convention assembled, do reaffirm
our faith in the principles and doc
trines of democracy as first promul
gated by Thomas Jefferson and ex
pounded by Jackson aud Samuel J,
( We declare our steadfast adher
ence to the declarations and prinei
9 tvv
Gpralns, Onuses, Burns, Swoliings,
KrorT MAN 1iiiwiiM
Old Hixti'I- nml t' i Ntw ItlMovanxa of Mrdlrnl Siionra w applied t
Marrli-il l.ifo, 1)mii . wi.ui (or our woiulrrful llltl hook, all
"A TKKATISK, nU V KN ON1.T." To hut enrtml man w will mall on
OupiT Jtullrvly i ' in lniii acniod oovi-r. "A n-fuui' t nun Uia quaciaV
lip wj! o
TR ilT
and mnke ih-w
Blid wptviil imikii vnii a i'rnviin
IViT tl ky1 fir On
rJ.T.-' ft
exhibit It to your trli'n1a a aaiiiplpnf our work, and mko your Intlupnc-n In ao
rurlnu na fniiirM ot'iinr. l-liim. imniii mid ail,lntMoii hm-k of plotun and It will bn Ml-
t in i ll in iM-rfvi tonli r. We maki kiiv chimin
Ikr i, m. Hrfi-rloanrlmiik In Clilnnio. A.Mrvt -
IOB mid IIO tustRanclolDh St.. CHICACO.ILL. P -We will forfi-it $100 to any on
n-n-ir t!. i S-to v-H net r-r-ivni rmvm mrhir Fft
Harness - and - Buggies.
and jiAixiKu Hiding cultivators
They also carry a lull
their house In Weejiin:; Water
Fred Cordr Son.
riutf Niiioiitli, - -
pie laid down in the national dem
ocratic platform of INK I, and in that
uterliiitf nieHHMne ! conyren.s ly
that fearlesH democrat, (irover
Cleveland, in which thin nation waa
arouHcd a a never before to n at-use
of the great injustice to the Amer
ican people by the high protection
war tariff laid upon them.
We denounce that niCHt infainoua
law known hh the McKinley lull,
partded by a republican congreas
for the purpoHe of perpetuating a
system of taxation whose direct and
immediate' object is to rob the
many for the benefit of the few.
We believe that all Hpecial legis
lation, whereby one claaa it to be
built up by the oppression of an
other, m pernicious, unjust and uu
Amerittan. Kecognuing the lofty patriotism
of the aoldiers aud aailora who per
iled their lives in defense of the
union, the democratic party of Ne
braska is in favor of liberal pension
to disabled veteran) and their de
pendent and needy widows and
We favor the regulation of rail
roads and railroad rates by the
state, and Invite all who are in sym
pathy with the forgoing platform
to join us in electing a democratic
After the reading of the platform
Hryan took his place upon the stand
and read the following resolution,
which he moved be added to and
made a part of the platform:
We declare ourselves in favor of
the free coinage of silver.
A motion was made that Hryan be
given thirty minutes to speak on the
subject, and hia opponents a like
time. The war then opened in earn
est. Hryan made a speech in favor
ot discussing the resolution, declar
ing that it was cowardly to dodge
the question.
Thompson of Hall moved :i" a
substitute that ltrfan resolution
be adopted and the vote be taken by
a call of counties.
Hryan then undertook to Induce
Thompson to withnnv his motion,
but without avail, and made a short
speech in which he talked about
"Ka law," an expression which was
repeated with vigor in several por
tions of the big room.
A vote was taken on Hrj au'. res
olution, whit h resulted -74 ayv and
247 noes.
kni'WtlinflUANDTUlTllfl. th I'liln r.rt. I
xWlnhlna tn Intrndnfflnnf CKAYOV FOR-
ami at thxaamo limn itnd ourhiialneM
-iislomer.w hare iloeldrd tn mako thmHpi-elul
OflViv mmiiI HlNililiiotriPluro, l'hoto(iraih.Tiiilyiffl.AmliroiyHi
tunomtTiHMif vonrw-lf or an lupmitrrof four family, llrlniiorrtad
l'urlrnll Fr orchards linivlilnd TOU
- In iilrlnr Ton wlnh.tmt Inlorfrlnu with the
n all mall In M'l.lPNK I'OMTItAlTIO.,
V.K an pr thia ott-r. Thiaotf-ria hnna rul-
Line of Implements ut
- - Avbrnska.
Assist:iut Secretary Hildebrand,
mounting ii chair, shouted that be
had kept the tally and knew ami
would swear that he was right, that
there were 1557 voted yea and 'J47 no.
Then excitement reached its cli
max. A rush was made for the
stage and many climbed upon the
platform, Governor Hoyd, Hryan
and Thompson among the number.
Men shook their lists toward the
chairman and some angrily de
manded him to vacate the chair.
Gov. Hoyd, after nome minutes
partly succeeded getting the atten
tion of the house and stated that tw
honorable, honest men, sitting on
the platform, had kept tally of Un
vote and declared the vote an an
nounced by the chairman correct
and the motion lost.
Pandemonium again broke looae
and for ten minutes it waa impossi
ble to restore order. A a a solution
it waa finally agreed to call the roll
again, which was done, resulting in
22W ayes and 247 naya, it being nearly
half an hour between the time the
voting ceased and the declaring of
the result. The great unwashed of
Nebraska, with its usual consis
tency, passed a resolution indorsiug
Hryan a course in Congress,
At 10 o'clock the convention ad
journed sine die.
Two Big Boiler for the Havelock
Shops on the Ground.
Two mammoth boilers for the car
shops of the H. & M. arrived yester- '
day and are now being unloaded
from the cars at Havelock.
The boilers are of special make
and were manufactured at Krie,
Pennsylvania, where Foreman Pat
McCallen of Plattsmouth, who wilt
be transferred to Havelock, in- '
spected and accepted them three !
weeks ago.
However slowly the machinery ;
appears to arrive, it is coming as
speedily as possible, as consider
able time is required to make if. -
every piece being of special pattern
for these works. The bulk of it i
yet to come, it may be said, though
neveral car are now rnrtuite. Liftr - '
coin Call.
IT IS A FACT thnt Snyder lia
more Wallpaper than any house in
town. Latest and handsomest pat- .
lerim and sold at lowest prices. Calf t
on him and be convinced of the trutlt.-
of this.