Plattsmouth weekly herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1882-1892, February 25, 1892, Image 2

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: D-K N T-I-S-T :
Dr. SielriwaysnmvstliHIc for the iatiil' ax
trncllitr n( ti'flli.
Fine Gold Work a Specialty.
Bockwood Block ilmtHOiuiitli, jjeb
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rgg and Hotter.
Wild game of nil kinds kept in their
Bridge work and lino gold work a
OK. HTKINAtlS LOCAL its well as other hi.
eatlitUKlven for Hie iiiiluliwKtxtriu'tliMi o
0. A. MARSHALL, Fitzgerald "o"
All persons i nclol l ! to the old
firm of Weidniann Sc llrekenfeld are
requested to call and settle immedi
ately nnd avoid trotilde.
The Y. L. R. R. A. have arranged
with F. H. Thompson, of the Kxcel
ainr Library Kurean of Chicago, to
dl at least 3(H) volumes to their
library each year for a term of live
years, charging $l'.2."i for the whole
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three years, $2.50 for two yearn, ll.W)
for one year membership.
We bespeak a cordial reception
for Mr. Thomas or his representa
tive from every progressive or
public spirited citizen nnd nny
person who is interested in educa
tion and mental culture. To start
with our library will contain over
fl()0 vol uniet of standard literature,
wtnprising works of history,
biography, science, religion educa
tion, poetry, fiction, references nnd
Miscellaneous. We will endeavor
4o satisfy your literary wants nnd
trust an in the past you will favor
mm with your liberal patronage, tf
Y. L K. R. A.
Uy. order coin.
The "Temple of Fame," to be given
t the opera house next Friday
u uaid to be, by those who have
een it is nt other places, the best
thing for home talent ever written.
Seats on sale at J. I Young; popular
prictu, fit), 35 and 25 cent. tf
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li cents a week or 50 cents a month.
Notice to Debtor.
Any person owing tne on account
is requested to call and settle either
by cash or note by March 1st.
tf J. F inlet Johnson.
Dissolution Notice.
The firm of Weidmau A Hrcken
feld is this day dissolved by
mutual consent, Mr. Weidman re
tiring and Mr. llrekenfeld continu
ing the business nnd assumes all
indebtedness contracted by said
firm. All persons knowing them
selves indebted to the tirni will
call and settle at theold stand.
Geo. I'. Wkiumann,
February 4, IWI'J.
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solicitation. I have used it more
or less half a year, and have found
it to be most admirable. I have
suffered from catarrh of the worst
kind ever since I was a little boy
and I never hoped for cure, but
Cream Halm seems to do even that
Many of my acquaintances have
used it witu excellunt results.
Oscar Ostuiii, 45 Warren Ave , Chi
cago, III.
A Great Surprise
Is iii store for all who use Kenip'f
Jfalsan tor tne nnd lungs the
gTeat guaranteed remedy. Would
ou believe that it is sold on its
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sample bottle free? It never fails
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All drugpists sell Kemp's Italsam.
Jargc Hottles 50c and $1.
is once more
time lie find
father fails to
Hoiks of Iowa says the democrat
ic candidate for president must be :
t ... . ......I.iuitr !
a western man; uui iiom unnr..j
he will not name hini.
Governor Hoiks, of Iowa, wants
to be vice-president of these United
States, that he will stand upon ny
kind of a platform they may adopt.
The democrats are in a position
where thev have trot to take some
action in the tariff question, and
yet they cannot do ho without
doing their party more harm than
ALL of the leading men who have
been announced as candidates for
the republican nomination for
president have come out and an
nounced themselves in favor of
President Harrison, except one or
two, and it is thought that they will
do bo before the convention meets.
THE senate has knocked out the
income tax bill introduced by Gib
son, of Louisiana, but one or two
measures of this sort have been in
troduced in the house, and, as the
democratic majority in that body
will undoubtedly pass one of them,
the republic ins are certain to make
considerable party c ipital from that
Tllli assessors of Montana have
completed their tax lint and show
the real and personal property of
the state, as valued on the tax du
plicate, at !fH2,20."),12S. This means
that the real value is about three
times as much. Assessors found
8,;Ut,Wvl sheep, and the state will be
interested in Hrer William Spring
er's little bill on the sheep.
LlsTKX to thii moan from the Iron
ami Steel Trades Journal of Lon
don: 'Through the course of Ilrit-
ish tratle in the coming year is
still shrouded in uncertainty, we
can without fear of fallacy, predict
a period of great prosperity in the
great trans-Atlantic republic. The
good things in store for the
Americans in 1W2 we do not be
grudge them, although we cannot
expect to participate to the full as
we il ill in by-gone days in the pros
perity of the states."
Come right up to THE HERALD
office and square up for a year.
Those who do so without delay will
get a prize, i. e., the Farm Journal
for one yenr, just, for prompt pay
ment. Don't you take the Farm
Journal? Well, here is a chance to
get one of the best farm papers in
the land. The Farm Journal
prints a beautiful calendar of the
presidential favorites. This can be
had for 10 cents with your choice
for president. See great combina
tion in another column.
THE Atlanta Constitution is after
the Cleveland contingent in New
York with a sharp stick. The Con
stitution says:
From beginning to end the move
ment which will culminate in the
cooper union meeting to night and
then collapse, has been anti-demo
cratic. The very men who are en
gaged in it have tor years been try
ingto knife the democratic party
I hey held a meeting to protest
against the nomination of Hill for
governor, and the result was Hill's
nomination and election by -10,000
majority. In the whole swarm of
mugwumps, republicans nnd assis
taut republicans, not one demo
crat who would hesitate to sellout
his party for an office or sacrifice
it to a personal whim.
Republicans can alTord to stand
back and say: "Go it woman, go it
The farmers that are dependent
uponthe Fremont hemp aud twine
factory are anxious to know when
Congressman Hryan proposes
introduce his bill placing binding
twine on the free list. It would
doubtless be a great consolation to
ine young man to see tne pauper
manufactured article of the old
country displacing our own pro
duct, the wheels of this growing in
dustry stopped, our laborers
thrown out of employment and Jot.
armers rendered dependent upon
foreign trust as we were a few years
since. Kvery farmer in this state is
perfectly aware that since the
manufacturing of binding twine
hns been stimulated by the tariff
that the price of the article has
bee a preciptibly reduced. No, no
gentle Annie, consult your farmers
constituents before introducing the
free twine measure. Heatrice Re
The notions held by n few timid
republican papers that Hlaine
withdrawal from the canvass will
work harm to the reciprocity cause
heard from. This
himself, hut his
recognize him.
does not seem to us to have any
valid reason for being. It is true
the secretary "popularized" the re
ciprocity idea and put it into
pracitical shape. On his sugges
tion it was incorporated in the Mc
Kinley bill, and it formed one of
the most prominent and most
widely discussed features of that
measure, as it has proven to be one
of the most fortunate ind benefi
cent. Hut the fact that nearly
every republican member of con
gress favored the scheme, even on
its first presentation, and that it
became satisfactory later to the few
who opposed it originally, is of
some significance in tins discus
sion. This shows that the principle
is not at all in danger, no matter
how many of its earlier champions
leave the scene. It was said in the
beginning that Mr. McKinley was
unfavorable to the idea, but if this
tory were true his prejudice were
conquered long ago. During his
invass fot the governorship in
1801 McKinley often referred to the
reciprocity policy in the strongest
term of approbation, and with a
sincerity and an enthusiasm which
are not open to question. He i9
acute and sagacious enough to be
fully conscious of the fact that this
policy added thousands of votes to
the republican total in that cam-
aigti, and he is honest enough to
('knowledge this and public
piritedand patriot'C enough to de-
nd this policy at all time and
under all circumstances.
Reciprocity, that is to say, is
lbiimlantly able to take care of
itself hereafter, whatever may be
the fate that is in store for its
originators or sponsors. Its main
tenance nnd development are not
the slighest decree dependent
on the lite or political fortune ol
my man. It has passed beyond
the swaddling clothes phase of ex
istence and is able to stand alone
and to assert itself in a direct and
ffective way. The period of its
peratioiis has not been great,
nor has the field of its activity bet n
extensive as yet, but within the
limit of its time and scope of work
it has commended itself to the re
publican party arm amply justified
the faith of its founders. For this
reason the party has enthusiastic-1
lly enlisted in the reciprocity
ause. Kvery republican is not
only determined to maintain this
principle, but lie is resolved to ex-
fnd it and to spread it over the
whole continent. We grant en
larged trade not only to the
south of us, but also with' the Brit
ish provinces of North 'America.
The scheme to bring' all the
countries of. the Wester hemi
sphere into an immense trade
league is favored by the repub
lican party, and this is no idle
dream or a momentary fancy of
political enthusiasts. It is one of
the carcinal tenets of the repub
lican creed. Henceforth devotion
to the reciprocity cause will be a
test of party loyalty. Reciprocity
will be oue of the lighting planks
in the republican platform this
year, every newspaper and stump
speaker of the party will advocate
it, and every one of the party's
voters will cast his ballot to extend'
nd perpetuate it. Globe-Democrat.
The purpose of the democrats to
make foreign wool free, on the
ground tiiat it is "raw material, is
squarely opposed to the interest of j
the agriculturist. To carry it out
would be to reduce the income of
every farmer whose sheep contri
buted to last year's American wool
product f 3.50,000,000 pounds. So
far as the fanners is concerned, the
wool he sends to market is not raw
material. It is a finished product
which represents his own labor, the
cost of his farm, the interest on that
and all of the expenses of running
his farm and making it pay a profit.
The farmer is entitled to full pro
tection as much as the the wage
worker who manufactures woolens.
The democracy would protect
neither. The republican party
would protect both.
No possible justification exista
for the Springer measure. It aims
to undo all that the McKinley law
has already accomplished for the
woolen industry. In 1S0O the
Atneriean people paid foreigners
$53,808,811 for woolen fabrics. In
1891 they paid only $34,010,543.
This represents an immense gain o
American industry, which the free
trader would wipe out at a single
stroke. American woolen goods
not only command a better home
market than they did a year and
a half ago, but they are cheaper
to-day than when the McKinley
bill is in the interest of foreigners
and against the interest of Ameri
cans. It ehonld not become a law,
and it will not while a republican
senate is in the capitol and a repub
lican president is in the white
Ai.r.:vi iv.v nnergetic men
wanted. Free prepaid outfit. One
of our agents has earned over J'JO,
UUV 111 live years.
1. O. Uox K171, New York.
Taken Up.
Taken up at my farm 2'2 miles
south of l'lattsmouth, Wednesday
Februry 3rd, one yearling heifer calf
and one yearling steer calf, both red
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may have same by paying for ad
vertisement and proving owner
ship. Hen F. Horning.
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January is gone, yet some papers
are still publishing those lists of
marriageable young men.
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Caints, powders, creams and
leaches which are Hooding the
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druggist, O. II. Snyder, 75 cents per
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move your pimples, freckles, black
heads, moth, tan and sunburn, and
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Electric Bitters.
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A Fatal Mistake.
I'hysicians make no more fatal
mistake than when they inform pa
tients that nervous heart troubles
come from the stomach and are of
little consequence. Or. Franklin
Miles, the noted Indiana specialist,
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ini-, dropsy, etc. His Kestorative
Nervine cures headache, lila, etc.
It Should be In Every House.
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burg, 1'a., says he will not be with
out Dr. Kinirs New Discovery for
Consumption, Coughs and Colda,
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threatened with Pneumonia after
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thing he ever used for Lung
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The girl's industrial school build
inir at Geneva is Well along toward
completion, and is said to be admir
ably arrangek tor its purpose.
A Mystery Explained.
1 The papers contain frequent no
tices of rich, pretty and educated
girls eloping with negroes, tramps
and coachmen. The well-known
specialist, Dr. Franklin Miles, says
all such girls are more or loss hys
terical, nervous, very impulsive, un
balanced; usually subiect to Head
ache, neuralgia, sleeplessness, im
moderate crying orlaughing. These
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Restorative Nervine. Trial bottles
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Cure, the finest of heart tonics.Cures
fluttering.'short breath, etc.
Cough Following the Crip
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The principal of the Ulysses
scliools has been arrested on tne
charge of unmetcifully beating his
Startling Facts.
The American people are rapidly
becoming a rase of nervous wrecks
and tlie tollowtng suggests, the
best remedy: alphoitso llunipfling,
ot Hutler, renn, swears that when
his son was spechless from st. Vitus
Dance I)r Miles great Restorative
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Millions Do You,?
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II. D. A im: A K. Agt., Plattsinouth.
Telephone, 77.
nl nnd Offle 44 8011th Third Struct.
Telephone 13.
&ll before it
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u term pim, ij (.biu.
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