Plattsmouth weekly herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1882-1892, February 18, 1892, Image 7

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Who Shall be President? Drs.BETTS&BETTS
Is it Harrison?
Is it Blaine?
Is it Cleveland ?
Is it Hill?
The Farm Journal has, at large expense,
designed and printed a beautiful Counting Hou.-e
Calendar for 1892, containing portraits of the leading
Presidential possibilities : Cleveland, Harrison, llili,
Blaine, McKinley, Gorman, Boies, Rusk, and Crisp, also Postmaster-Gentri
Wanamaker. lhcse
portraits are in
themselves beautiful
works of art, really
splendid pictures,
as fine as any steel
engraving, and in
no way an adver
tisement. They will
be an ornament to
This space ti occupied
with engraved portraits of either
Whichever you may select.
3 4
17 18
24 25
26 27
after the Calendar
is done are suitable
for framing. They
are sold, with or
without the Cal-
endar, for 25 cents
each, to non-subscribers
to Farm
This is a miniature of the Calendar.
The size is 5)4 bj s!4 inches.
25 CENTS i
any parlor, or office,
wall, or desk, and
If you nre a Cleveland man you will want a Cleveland
Calendar; if a Uliine man order a Maine Calendar; if a Hill man order a Hill
Calendar ; if a Mckinley man order a McKinley Calendar, and so on.
T.:c Farm Journal is well known everywhere in the United States
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io. r, ., ,!.,. I,, a round million readers bespeaks its wonderful
v4wlv-iV p.i;ml.iriiy. It ii the one paper that guvantees its advertisers
i jV-t.-;i.X' to lu honest, and protects its readers against fraud.
It cosl you nothing' to vote, The Farm Journnl tor one year conts noth
ing; the presidents' portrait calendar costH you but 10 centn, to merely
cover the expetme of printing, wrapping; mailing1 etc., provided that you
nubBcribe at the game time for Tub Hkkat.R Our clubbing terms with
the farm Journal are such that we can furnish
W.btl. 1 HtKAUn
Farm Journal, :
President's j orlraitca'endcr,
inure man our
usual p
- $2.5
rate: or, if
tnr $1 HI) I, III imi l-l'llt-i
.iyour subscription to The IIkkalu haw been paid up in full, we will nencl
i you the Farm Journal, 1 year, the presidents portrait calendar (your
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1409 Douglas St.,
Scientific American
alons ovor the stones and acnvt t tie nar
row streams with e;no.
At wo ri'.u '.ifd the head of the rnn
yon where t!u ladict finiinii'iicrd inakinit
merry by throwing snowballs at tlu oih
eite walls of the canyon. Hy some unite
cmiutatile Impulse they nimed their mis-
ctilcvous weam.s at our heads as we mm
near to their great uumseiueut audourdis
CumtUiifo. "lie careful," cried Mrs. Lollard," or
you'll fall into that wvll of U-r cold w.Ver,"
as they .ithered fresli handfuls of snow
that lay in a mass by the granite wall.
"Why, you said there were seven falls,
Ixdlard, but 1 can only see three, said
I Melvorno.
j "To see the seven we must climb out of
i the canyon on the left side, then ut a eor
I tain ulai e. we can see them all at one".
U, iook. irieil sirs. ijOlltiM, "tuere
are the stars!"
I Sure enough the afternoon win had
pasted and let the pirire in twilight,
i "I would like to see the falls," nahl Lady
So would I," cried Stella and Mrs. Ixil
lar 1 witlt one vulc!.
"T'ne eve can hardly crasp the Tast
height. The bla.o of liht on the red
sandstones at the top of the mountains
make the dim Huht down here seem dark
er by Hie contrast," said Melvorne, as we
coiiimenced to nscend the wild, rocky
cm v.- to m-t a view of the upper falls.
The ladles w ere very glad now of the aid
of our outstretched hands to help balance
them from one shelving rock, tree or fal
len loi to another. At last we reached the
point we sou-lit and were repaid by seeing
the seven falls of the little, river with ita
foam and roar, as it leaps tn nuick succes
sion Into the depths below.
"If we could imaaine some Ivy covered
towers made Immortal by leiieiidory loro,
this would excel In beauty the fastnesses
of the Alps," said Iiudy Irving.
"When I become an authoress I wIU
make this the place from which to send
forth thrilling tales of wild Indian maidens
stid their brave warrior chiefs," said Stel
la, her cheeks glowing from the vigorous
exercise and her eyes sparkling with Joy-
ous animation.
"This place will sometime echo with the
Imagination of a Homer, a Hyron, or a
Scolt," said Melvorne. "It is the very
home of romance and poetry!"
Our guide followed us with a dainty
lunch, of which every weary traveler
knows the value. Seated on a trunk of
fallen tree beside a cool stream In a shady
nook we soon emptied the basket and were
ready for the descent into the ennyou.
Weary but delighted we readied the
Tiillev and returned to our hotel. Not
withstanding the generous lunch we had
en loved, w e were ready tu devour tlio
wholesome food spread before us. W
were tired enough to rest, but after a little
while we m-t in the parlor whi're tlio
evvni'i'j wan passed with music uud cou
chattered as with an agne tit. or a tim
we sat by a warm lire. Jt was a Injury.
Then we went out to enjoy the sunset
scene from the summit of the peak. Th
sun bxiked like a ball of tire as it sank be
hind the mountains beyond and brighten
ed the ra'-l t;ip with its golden twams.
The plains away to the east were mystified
by the peculiar light until we imagined we
could wo the st eejiles of Chicago or Hus
ton, but we were: In doubt, which. The
mists and shadows were brought out In
Vivid contrail uy nir oriioani siimm'i iiuto.
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rreparations were niado and the follow
Ing morning, we gathered with a party of
ten or lllleen persons, ready to ascend the
world renowned summit of 1'ike'n I'tak. In
the party wus an editor from Vermont,
who was making a tour of the West and
wanted to accompany us up the mountain.
lie carried a huge note book as a reposito
ry from which he honed to drav? his win'
ter editorials. Ilciug a tall slim man an
wearing a hat with a very broad brim.
Stella tsaid, his sharv face looked like
"pick ax under an awning." We were
much amused as he cume from the hotel
with an umbrella under one arm and m
huge note book under the other, wearing a
loose tweed overcoat that scarcely touched
him below the shoulders. Then there was
a young couple who were very uncon
sciously telling us that they were "taking
in" the beauties of the West as an ao
tompaniment to their honeymoon. TVs
gat hered on the steps of the great hotel
and as each one mounted a small pony,
we started on the Cheyenne roud for the
trail to the upper world.
We set out on a rapid swinging gallop,
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a complete rui e In ev;iy Instance. 44 page uouk
FREE. Adiireenin cuufl'lencr,
SriLCeN SPECIFIC CO., 18 Hist SL. Cincinnati.
I lay on the ground a few feet away o6
icrulni; my ttltuitlon.
001 Cor Fifth and Vine St.
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria.
When TsJijr was sick, gate her Castoria.
When she was Child, she cried fur '.v :r
Vhen sheheetwie M, s'i' , i.. r r.,
"Vben'"! It '' . .. .'
roar of laughter that greeted me I must
have performed a most wonderful gym
nastic feat, I had hardly recovered my
perpendicular when Mr: Editor with bis
umbrella and note book made the same
flying leap and came down to the earth
with more haste than elegance.
We remounted and kept our seata after
The trail up the mountains was frequent
ly rough and steep. Sometimes we had to
stop and let our horses breathe lie fore
mounting the steepest places. But we
were In no hurry. The scenery was en
chanting. Constant surprises burst upon
ns as we reached on height after another.
Yet tho longed for peak was always Just a
little beyond lika the famous pot of gold at
the end of the rainbow.
We reached the seven lakes nnd had our
lunch. The lakes arc picturesque, as
such sheets of water are apt to be among
tho mountains. While we were resting a
party of twelve or more passed us coming
down. Some of them wore the most hag
gard expressions. One, lady of the party
said to I July Irving, O madam, take my
advice and go down. It is a deadly place
up there. If 1 ever reach the hotel I will
never tempt Providence again by starting
out on another excursion."
Judging from the expression of her
countenance It must have, been a trying
ordeal for her.
We were not going back. We were
bound for the summit and if sea sickness
or rather sky sickness came with the view
we were prepared for that also. V had
not gone far before we felt the need of our
fur wrajts and warm gloves. When we
reached the little stone house where the
odicer of the siiruul service lived our teeth
b Ih" west lay the dark lines of mouu-
i:..o a '.ist.i:i: s with madly rolling
We conl ! : t stay long after the sun had
dropped o o. i.ubt. e returneii to tne
litl.H lion ifl wliere we eijjoyeil our iunca
brouciiit from the wmld below. 1 be oineer
kindly prepared fur us a cup of hot coffee
which was highly acceptable. The one
sleepiat, room was civ: a to the ladius
while with buffalo mlies and vinier coats
we iMtased the night dreaming of "Green
land's Icy mountains," and sundry expe
ditions to the north pole.
When morning came the Yankee editor
Ith chattering teeth called us to "see tho
From the experience of the previous eve-
ting, we wrapiied up as though going for
sleigh ride with the thermometer twenty
rlow eero. We reached the regulation
stat ion just before the sun appeared. A
bite cloud lay on all the world below us
iilil the sun that looked like a ball of lire
eomlng from the uttermost rim of the uni
verse burst forth lu all Its beauty, dis
persing the misty cloud and rolling it
away like tne angry wnite caps on
stormy white sea. For a few moments we
all stood In silence. Then exclamations or
vipriae, admiration and reverence gave
Vf tit to the Intensity of our feeling.
How irrand! how glorious'." cried Stel
la, a-s we stood together in the frosty air,
forgetful of the bodily pain at fiie grand
eur of the sight.
TLs worth all the trouble and all the
blwr to stand here atiove the earth, alsive
all Bounds of si u or sorrow, free from the
etty cares of life and for one moment en
joy the grandeur of the new born day I
How can anyone stand Here in tne pre
tence of the king of day and not believe iu
Cod, who has created and sustained all
these wonderful things!" I said, as we
stood on tho snow-chid summit of the
mountain and viewed the great world that
Iny beneath us, gladdening Into life under
the rays of the rising sun.
"It seems almost a vision of Unulah
land," said IMy Irving. "The sky is so
fcrlL'ht above with its tints of red and gold
leuded with the heavenly blue; the earth
ao gruen below mingled with the tinU cf
sed and brown of the rocks and cliffs 'ti
Sie mountains!"
"Here we all see the colors that St. John
aaw in his vision of the New Jerusalem
from the red Jmsper, typifying human pas
sion, through all the colors to the sapphire
purity of heaven!" said Stella, reverently.
"Where does tho real cease and the Ideal
begin? What can be more real than this
vaat rocky fragment that crowns the sum
mit of the peak?" said Melvirne. "i'et
who ever thinks of broken rock or chilling
air when enjoying a scene like thlsf"
"The imagination Is the reader here.
Sold fwst the granite rock aud nil becomes
sute and near sighted," I said, picking
ap a pieco that lay at my feet. "Hut let it
and all the rest of this grand sight bo lit
with Imagination and we feel that It Is but
a symbol of something grander and nobler
bun the mind can conceive."
"You little fuiry star of mountain wild,"
aid Stella, as she gathered Borne of the
delicate white flowers that grow where
rer the granite rock has crumbled enough
tr cover their tiny rootleU. "Tell me the
aecretof yourlifel"
"I will tell you IU secret," I said. "It U
doing what it can; It brings one link of
Hving nature to this bare, bleak and deso
late mountain top, as you, my fairy star,
rought a link of life and love to the bleak
Id bouse at Waverland. And as that
Mny ftower can charm us with lis beauty
and hold us prisoners by iu fragrance, so
you charmed me Into an active thinking
van and held my heart a prisoner by the
purity and purpose of your life. Hut come,
my darling, I see you shiver. You must
not stay longer lu this keen winter air."
When we reached the house we found
the rest of the party there thawing their
benumbed fingers, and drinking a cup of
fragrant coffee, made, by the signal ofllrer
who seasoned his hospitality with thrilling
tales of former visitors, which mitdo the
party roar with laughter till the rafters re
echoed our glee
"(), you should stay till noon nnd see the
frail, tender daughters of tlio earth, w ho
like the lilies of tho Held that "toil not
neither do they spin," but think thu earth
and all that dwell I herein were mudu foi
Miem and U) ilo their will. Why, some
Mmes I am ordered to build fires, to make
codec and to llx comfortable lounging
places for them as though they were
queens nnd I their slave," he said iu a
muck tone of outraged dignity.
"Well colfee is a luxury," said lollard,
taking his second or third cup. "And the
Mrgeunt knows just how to make It."
After breakfast we all went out for one
nsont look from tho lofty place, before we
loft. The sun had been traveling nt a rapid
rale. The rosy hue of the morning light
hnd disappeared, but tho clear bright sun
l4ht bad revelei every visible object,
rrnn our neia Rinsscs we coma msun
fOilsh Denver and Manltou; and the I'latte
and Arkansas riven with their lines of
green trees, and many beautiful parks
among the mountains. The brilliant col
ors of the images In tho garden of the gods
were distinctly marked. To the west we
Imagined we could see ICiulville tike a
block speck among tho bristling peaks.
"Colorado, rare aud beautiful Colorado)"
exclaimed Ijllard. "Yonder she resta her
head of silver and gold pillowed on the
Kocky Mountains; her feet nestling In the
ioft brown grasses of the boundless plains.
She Is set on a hill before the world, and
tho air of heaven is so clear that all mny
nee her well! That expresses my Idea of
Colorado, standing here on this dizzy
height viewing her from all points of cotn
pikss:" "Did you find thot In your guide book'"
asked Melvorne.
"Don't iihk me that, aa though I never
had any idea of my own," he said turning
away In seeming disgust.
With a htst lingering look we left tho
peak and started m our downwird jour
ney. The twenty-four mile to and from
the summit of tho peak is a rido that will
never be forgotten. The grandeur of the
acene and the Impression left in the mind
t hat the world is great, and man is but a
tiny object, Is worth all the trouble and
fatigue that it costs.
We reached the hotel just nt sunset, La
good condition for supper and rest.
out we were au present, wneu wro muu.
hour arrived.
"Where is tho next point of interest? I
Inquired of Mr. Itrilard.
"Manltou," said he. "That Is the Sara
togaof the mountains, and one of the finest
phirea In the world for a summer resort."
"So your guide bnik says," said Mrs.
Uilhinl with a mischievous glance at her
Kor a moment Mr. Lollard was tempted
to be vexed, but changing his mind be re
plied: "I have studied this guide book so faith
fully to find tlio most Interestiic: and picV
nrcsqun places for our excursions that I
have uearlv learned it bv heart. Iv the
time I rcacu lonuon I snail excel mo lia
inortal Ferguson who showed Mark Twatn
the wonders of tlio Orient, when he was
"That M irk Is a cnto one, I .wish we
might meet him." Kitld Melvorne.
'Where are wu going to Hton?" asked
Melvorne, as we came in slgbt ol .Manltou.
"It seeas built In circles ease along thu
hidden and bushy valleys among the
"Yes, it has a changing nir of Individual
ity ttlMIIlt It," said Ullmd. "Wo will go
to the lteebee."
Very soon we were domiciled in the spne
lotts rooms of that elev'ant and coiuf.'ru
bio hotel. It is really wonderful to see
such wealth of tasto and comfort na W
found nestled down In the valley lit the
foot of tho everlasting hills, surrounded by
tho most beautiful scenery in America;
n m Id t!iegrandeutif the mountains uud
mi near tlio gently rolling plains.
After n most delicious supper which was
supplemented with "strawberries Htnoth
ered in cream," we started out from the
nir of tho hotel on what Is called th
"I .over's I, imp." It Is u most romantic
rtmble. Very naturally we separated into
For once, since our twrty hail gathered
from the opisislto sides of the world, there
were vumnt places at the breakfast table.
I'liullwj one of those iltln'it rvxtlo leak
I (.Vl'IC ,Sfi((l (o HI! nl.!-;
tnuples, and finding one of those dainty
rustic seats mudu ju-it for two, I drew Stel
la to my side, saying:
'Now for the story you promised me
when I first found you, darling. You can
not tell how huppy I h ive been since then.
The world seems full of new beauty. Even
rocks and glens have a laimnage of love.
It seems oh though some fairy hud wroaght
a magic spell over my life, until I almost
fear that I shall wake and llnd It all u pass
ing dream, scut to client tne with IU mock
ery." "Yes, lioyd," sho said, "I can realize
your happiness by my own. I have been
so free, so happyl no longing for the for
bidden love. All my wishes have been
nioro than realized. Where shall I begia
my story?"
"Wheu you were a child; rcmemlsr I
know nothing of your llfu except Wio few
months at Waverland."
"Well, then, we will begin In the usual
style. Once upon a time there was a Utile
girl," she begun in a theatrical tone. Then
sober thought came, and sho continued,
"I was the only child of an English clergy
man. We had a beautiful home while my
dear mother lived. Hut when I was about
ten years old she died. From that time my
father seemed to think he must be every
thing to me. He devoted what time he
could spare to my studies. When he waa
preparing his sermons he would assign ma
to some task, and as soon as the lesson
was learned would hear me recite. Then
be would talk with me about It until It be
came a part of myself. He was passion
ately fond of music. Under his patient In
struction I learned to play oil the piano,
and on tlio organ in church for him. With
pencil and brush ho was good, but never
could satisfy himself. He always Insisted
that my fingers were more deft than his,
aud encouraged me to copy sotno object
and pictures as I fancied. Wo had but one
servant and I always helped her with the
housework. My father said that he wanted
me to bo a woman and not a toy with
merely a few act ipllshments. One morn
ing when I was helping tliiihousol;i-cvrn
usual, sho Kild; 'Your father bin s'. range
notions for an I'Mglish nobleman. I waa
surprised, cud said: 'My father Is only a
clergyman. ' Hut she declared t',.at ho waa
tho son of an F.nglish earl, and that c
cause he married my dear mother his
father had disowned him. I wanted to ask
tny father about It but sho forbade me.
"Years passed by full of lifo and study.
When my father niado his visit through
the parish, I was ulways by his side
When any one was sick ho was often tMr
physician as well ns their spiritual comfor
ter. With his litllo c:vseof horneopathlo
remedies he gave easo t ) bodily pain, white
with his gonial manner and warm, kindly
heart he cheered them with hi words of '
couusel, or read to them from the holy
Hible. One day I went Into his room and
found him asleep, as I thought. Ho hfti; ,
not boon well for some time, so I moved
about very quietly, fearing to disturb hi -slumbers.
As I came near his choir some
thing uliout his position attracted my at
tention. I placed my hand upon bis ho4'
and everything grew dark. I fell anif
when I opened my eyes, I was In my owu
room. The old nurse and a doctor were
standing over me. I asked for my father.
The nurse tried to calm me. Hut I kept
asking for him until tho doctor fuld that
he was dead. Again there was a blank.
For weeks I Iny in a semi-conscious stato.
Tho nurse, (who was our old housekeeper
and my only friend,) watched and tended
mo faithfully. At last I took up the bur
den; all tho joy had Hod. I found fifty
pounds safely stored away for me, aud a
few books, and tho old piano. We sold
them for what they would bring and paid
our little debta.".
Here Stella paused as though dreading
to continue her sod story.
"My precious darling, how long was that
before you came to Waverland.'" I asked,
bringing ber nearer to mo and pressing a
loving kiss on her tunocetit lips.
"Futher diod about three months before
I came to Waverland," she said. "Hut It
was only a few days lieforo Hint we sold
our little furniture. I suw Annie Wren
whom I had often met wnen I had beea
around with my father, mid she toU trie of