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Started in Connection With the
State University.
rUnOCCor Caafield of the Uni-
i a fMitliiiji:iatn
t eugar industry, iu an
''f? I are the convention re-
v hhlv (there iu which he ex-
ear a aesires to start a beet
ir school in connection with
university and have with it a
dure beet sugar factory. In
irdauce with the suggestion the
wing resolution was intro-
d by President K. IF. Oakley of
board of trade and adopted:
esolved, That the university
oritieV be requested to make
ami ample rovisions for the
''islt it' a beet sugar school
If V at the earliest date, in
li hauling and instructions
il h offered in all the processes
cted with the best sugar in-
ry; and that the senators and
esentatives of this state now
Vashino'ton lie and are herehv
jested to use all their influence
ciit-'Nn anoronriation from the
oT-a eminent of not less than
X) forthe erection at this point
I under the control of the uni-
ify, a miniature sugar factory,
used na apparatus iu cotuiec
witheuch sugar school."
What Will Plattsmouth Do?
tee it became evident that
I'ident Croau would consider a
osition for the establishment
ie Western Normal College in
tsmouth, Prof. Halsey wrote
a letter laying our advantages
ire him. The following is his
Shenandoah, la., Dec. 21.
N. Halsky, Plattsmouth, Ne
EAR Sir Am in receipt of votir
r and will say in reply that till
the points you mcntiuu
ainly give Plattsmouth i ic-u.l-
e lor the location ot an educa
il institution. The question I
Id ask in reply, is, What would
mouth give to secure the
esnornial school in the world.'
.v the ouestion is. What will
ttsmouth do toward establishing
li a school? I am negotiating'
li Itcoln, Omaha and Council
u.m am,
Very ICespectfullv,
Wji. M. Ckoax.
citizens are all per-
aware that the bcneiits
tain to accrue from such an
litution would be diflicult to
ftnate from a pecuniary stu mi
nt, .not considering the varied
idental benefits certain to be
fived. All admit that something
tst be done to keep our town
reast of the times. Do our real
ite Owners consider this matter
eufecieut importance to cive it
if bVcntiou? If so, let us move.
we remain perfectly inactive, let
ever hereafter keep the peace.
he tuiestion is, What will Platts-
i give to secure the largest
mal school in the world?"
His Services Appreciated.
lTh? teachers of the city schools in
rjuiK'ion with thepopular janitor
K. Ba.-r, presented Superinten
lt McCkVand with a handsome
)ks case tud secretary's desk
mbined, this morning. Prof.
Isey made te presentation
. . i . . ii. .
oecii in which w- assured me
lar superintendttit that this
Ii.-frf esteem was on'v a feeble
nVrtation of the high regard
which he is held. Stti erinten-
inV ' McClelland was taken com.
tely by surprise and he rou
sed that he found it difficulty '.o
id wtyds to express his gratitude.
It im indeed well that perfect
rimfnyand unitj' exists between
superintendent and teachers as
arty co-operation is absolutely iu
gpensible to a thoroughly suic-
ssful school. The splendid con
'ionofjOur city schools is only
le legitiniiteseqtience to this unity
uction and purpose.
erdlcttorthe Plaintiff.
trial of the appeal case from
jo, Otoe count)', in which I,. G.
iild siied the M. P. road for dam
es alleged due from the location
the railroad through his farm,
ut to the jury last night. A tele-
am received in this city to-day
.nveyed tne intelligence that a
ou for $1,800 had been reti
red in favor of plaintiff. The
se was conducted by Heeson and
oley for the plaintiff and Sulli
nd Hayward for the defense.
I rfHe was tried oeiore judge
rll of Lincoln, having originally
cn passed upon by Judge Chap-
la n.
This is the last jury trial that will
e called this term of court.
Received Twenty Days
A warrant was sworn out this
lorning for the arrest of John
f inters, the thief who stole the ov
rcoat at Joe's clothingstore yester-
rday, a full accor.nt of which was
iven in yesterday's Herald, and,
l-cotdmgly, Johnnie Jutzpatrick
TCjl ner the gentleman. lie was
. rivjfediately arranged before Judge
f f tmsey and received a sentence of
f? (jlenty days in the county jail, the
fa Jstteuof which he is to subsist
oi bread and water. Tru!v"the
of the transgressor is hard."
Defendant Deicharued.
Considerable interest was mani
fested in the Weber case which
came up in Judge Archer's court
last evening. The ground was
vigorously contested on both sides.
The testimony of Police McGuire,
corroberated by Deuson appeared
to prove violation of the ordinance
in question, though the defense
introduced testimony flatly deny
ing the accusations. The defend
ant admitted having retained a
crowd in the saloon after 11 o'clock
but alleged that no beer was drank
during that time, notwithstanding
the positive statement of the police
that he saw Weidmann draw four
glasses of beer from the vault.
Judge Archer deemed the testi
mony not sufficiently elusive to
warrant a conviction and the de
fendant waa accordingly discharged.
A Serious Mishnp.
Mrs. J.N. Seagraves met with an
accident yesterday that, to say the
least, will prove very painful and
distressing. She, with her hus
band, came down town in the morn
ing, but he having business iu
town, she returned home alone. As
she was going up Ninth street she
slipped and fell, dislocating her
wrist. Assists ucc was rendered as
"joii as liossiiiie. and she is novv
improving as rapidly as might be
expected. It is doubtful if she will
ever regain free use of the wrist
igain, however, as her extreme
lge 75 years - renders an injury of
this kind decidedly slow to mend.
Artistic Decorations.
Oiir enterprising city butchers
reflect credit upon themselves, in
the tasty manner iu which they
have decorated their places of
bu.-iaess. The decorations areem-
v.i:;;;tic of Christinas scenes,
varied by the copious use of
llowcrs and fruit.
Fine Menu Cards.
Tllli i I L, K A Li ) office has just
printed the finest lot in menu cards
for the Hotel K'iley Christmas din
ner, ever lined in the city. The
genial manager proposes to keep
abreast of the times ill hotel
management. Take dinner at the
Riley to-morrow.
Permitted to wed.
A marriage license was issued by
Judge Ramsey to-day, to John W,
Bender asd Miss Myra Parsell, of
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kikenbary
journeyed to Omaha this morning.
J. C. Searls, wife and little girl left
on Ao, o tor Dorchester to spend
the holidays.
Thk Herald force was agreebly
surprised to-day by a visit from
Mr. Hathaway, formerly format! of
this office. For the past few years
he his been conducting a farm.
Frank Dickson departed this
morning for Iowa where he will
spend Christmas. County Clerk
Critchfield v.-ill eat turkey in Oma
ha to-morrow. The clerk's office
will be closed.
r'rm Saturday's Dfiily
Judge Barr, of Weening Water, is
reported down with the grip.
Mrs. T. R. Heche and son, John, of
Klinwood are visiting friends in the
Mrs. A. Tyson of Kim wood is
spendinir the holidays with rela
tives in tne city.
Nettie Waybriirht and Grace Britt
departed tins morning fur Hastings
lor a short visit with triends.
Kittie Russell of Weeping Water
is visiting at the home of A. B.
Knotts this week.
Attorney A. M. Russell, of Weep
ing Water, is confined to his room
by an attack of rheumatism.
The thermometer registered 9 0
below zero at one time last night
and 12 3 below at 7 o'clock this
A wrestling match for a purse of
fl(X) will take place in the Weeping
Water opera house on the evening
of Jan. 22, 1S02.
The Weeping Water Kagle says
that Kd Dorr has ceased to look
upon the office of sheriff in the
light of a snap, but is casting his
eyes westward to a seat in the next
legislature. This is virtually an
announcement that Mr. Dorr con
templates deserting the alliance, as
all sensible men agree that the
people will not be hoodwinked into
the election of another alliance
The Weeping Water Republican
reproduces the The Hkkalds de
scriptive article of the court house
thiB week; also, it displays a very
creditable representation of the new
court house. Neither THE llEKALD
nor the Republicans office desires
to be selfish with these cuts. In
the event the Kagle desires to give
its readers a representation of the
court house, the republican will
doubtless loan its cut. Likewise
The Herald will open up its heart
to the hvening News if the latter
i will humiliate itself sufficiently to
' ask for it.
Christmns at the Churcha.
There was hardly standing room
at the L K. church Christmas eve.
The program rendered was partici
pated in largely by little folks, all
of whom reflected great credit upon
themselves and the management.
The speaking was intersperced with
music well rendered. Santa Clans
was not present in -person, but
he remembered the.vchildren and
Sunday school pupils to their en
tire satisfaction.
The attendance at the Presbyter
ian church was good. Prior to the
distribution of the gifts to the
pupils of the Sunday school, a
short, interesting program was
rendered. The tree was of ever
green, not veryjlarge and with the
lights shining profusely it pre
sented a lovely appearance. The
pupils of the Sunday school were
made to rejoice by the generous
and appropriate manner in which
Santa Clans remembered them.
The exercises at the Christian
church on Christinas eye were n
decided success. The house was
crowded to its utmost capacity.
The beautiful ca-.itata, entitled
"ilow We Waited, for Santa Clans,"
wis reuderd ir, such a manner as to
cal! forth tfie berft praises from the
ittentive listeneis. Mr. Bird
Critchfield conducted the cxer
. if .. .
eises, and expresses imnseir as
being well pleased witli the interest
the people have taken iu order to
please the young people who attend
the Suudoy school at the Christian
chinch. Many line presents were
listributed, among whieh was a
fine gold watch from the family to
Mr. K. R. Todd. A recitation was
given by MissClara Wilson, entitled
The Little Pilgrim," which caused
tears to tlow in the ej es of nearly
every person present. Santa Clans
ippeared in full costume, and
ictually came in tit the chimnej
which had been prepared, and
upon the mantle of which were ar
ranged the many presents.
One Present,
at st. luke's ewscoi'al.
Christmas eve was duly observed
it St. Luke's Kpiscopnl church.
The exercises, consisting princi
pally of singing, were participated
i mainly by the children. The
decorations were appropriate and
tasty. The window sills were cov
ered with cotton, bordered with ever
greens. A beautiful arch spanned
the pulpit, bearing in gilt letters
the inscription, ."Glory to God in
til"? Highest and on Karth Peace,
Good Will to Men." Beautiful
green vines, with red buds at
tached, covered the organ and
altar, on the whole reflecting rare
credit upon the decorators.
The Christmas exercises were
concluded with services in the
church yesterday.
The German Presesbyteren church
was filed to its utmost capacity
and the large audience was intense
ly interested throughout, The pro
gram was appropriate for the occa
tion bearing upon Christmas topics
Theexercises were interspersed with
music by the church choir assisted
by the Sunday school. There were
two Christmas trees beautifuly dec
orated and heavily laden with pres
ents. Judge Archer's Court.
The case of Nebraska vs. D. M.
Jones was continued to Dec. 21) at 2
p. in.
The case of Snell vs. Petersen the
garnishee, W. L. Browne made a
ngthy answer. Matter taken
under advisement.
The case of Plattsuionth Invest
ment Co. vs. B. A. M hlwain, jude
inent for plaintiff in the sum of if 15.
The case of National Cracker Co.
vs. August iiacn set tor trial tins
A Clone Call.
K. T. Comer sustained a very
painful accident last week under
peculiar circumstances. Comer
loves to shoot, better than he does
to eat, and everywhere he goes his
gun is his companion. On this oc
casion he arriTed at the place ex
pected to bag some game, took his
gun. out of the case, proceeded to
till his coat pockets with loaded
shells from the same. He had
dropped two handfulls into the
right pocket, the 3rd handful went
iu also, but one of them must have
dropped on the percussion of one
of the others and exploded. The
charge split the thumb of Comer
from the end to the first joint,
glanced from the ball of his hand
and up his coat sleeve and out on
tne side, ine wnoie pocKet was
blown out and many of the shells
emptied of the shot. Itwasaclose
call for him, but fortunate that it
was no worse. Kagle.
Do you want to know what would
make your father, mother, brother,
s.ster and sweetheart happy? It is
a1 nice pair of shoes or slippers for
a Christmas present. W. A. Boeck
& Co. have just received an elegant
line that they otler at VERY Low-
prices for thirty days only. tf
The Nebraska City Distillery De
stroyed by Fire.
The main buildiiur of the Mir
distillery at Nebraska City was
wrapped in flames Thursday after
noon and almost totally destroyed.
The origin of the lire is attributed
to spontaneous combustion of dust
and trash that had accumulated in
the department in which the grain
is ground. The Raines sprtad rap
idly and in live minutes after the
alarm was sounded the building
was enveloped in flames.
The Press estimates the loss at
$50,UH), fully insured. The work of
rebuilding will be begun at once
and in the course of two weeks
work will be resumed as usual.
The Press speaks iu high terms of
the valor and heroism exhibited by
the firemen in endeavoring to sub
jugate the flames, asserting that
Nebraska City has the finest volun
teer fire company in the west,
Obituary .
Minnie, llaspoll,
Died Mrs.
typhoid r.neumouia. at her home
" orth Kleventh street.
Mrs. Haspall had been confined to
her room for the past t"() 1;",V"'
ami during this t,Ve ,u,r 8lfr".V r
had been inUii(.,
This family has been exceedingly
unfortunate the past year. The
husband was killed at Kansas City
last Match, and only four months
siuce a little baby was suddenly
tali -n away. The deceased died a;
the home of Charles Kennedy.
The remains will be taken to
Pontiuc, Mich., to-morrow and in
terred in the cemetery near the old
Heal EntHta 'lrinf)i
( ompili'd from Polk Urns. Daily lieport.
Neb. Farm Mtye. Sec. Co. to
Tyson and wife, release,
ne'.j, 10-10-10.
W. T. Kalon et al to Thos. Recce,
(J. C. 1)..$S.(K), se'i of neit, 27-12-U.
Lombard Inv. Co. to Harriet Reece
and husband, release, wl of u jv1.i,
20, ande'oof ne',,27 12-2."
Annie P. Kllison to Imputable Trust
Co., mtge, fl,200, ni., of nwij, 13-
Same to same, $90, same desc.
August Bach and wile to Nicholas
Holmes, mtge, ty'M, pt lots 8, U and
10, b 'M, Plattsmoiiih.
Win. Deles Dernier and wife to
Henry A. Pearsons, trustee, mtge,
!f2,t'(K), frt'i ,,27-10-10.
Sani'l B. Hall to S. L. Scars, iissgt of
mtge, ifi't), w'.. of n wi .. U-l 1-1(1.
James A. Stinsou and wife to Klna
Lite Ins. Co., mtge, if(KX), sw'f of
H.J. Walker to W. C. Stump, O. C.
D..S20, lot 11. b 3, Miinlev.
John T. Richey and wife to Ktpiit-
aoie trust Co., mtge, It-l.aoo, e.i ol
Hw'i and vK of swU. 211-11-10. "
J. Chase, trustee, to K. S. Barrett, w
1, !f'.K0, lots 1010, b 14, Noble
Heights Add to Weeninir Water.
Root & Fauirht vs. David Allen,
inch lien, if 10.40, lot 2, b 3. Murray.
Geo. S. Billings to Addie Billings,
y. c. v., :tnn, pt 8w4 of ew., ltt-12-14.
Geo. S. Billings and wife to J. N.
Kooerts and V. V. rartnele, w a,
$200, nt seU of hwU. 18 12-14.
David C. Stuart and wife to Win. II.
Mark, w d, fl.HOO, c'V2 of bw!4,2!1-10-14.
A Runaway,
Robert Hull, an employee, of
Henry Kikenbary, experienced a
hazardous ride Thursday. After he
had driven a short distance from
town upon returning home, the
four horse team became frightened
and became unmanagable. After
running a short distance the
wagon was overturned, throwing
the driver out, though he escaped
without injury. The front team be
came detached after running about
a half mile, which only had a ten
dency to increase the speed of the
rear team. J he latter was linally
brought to ti halt before they were
injured. The harness was almost
completely destroyed. The dam-
ige to the wagon was slight.
List of Letters
Remaining unclaimed in the post-
oflicc at Plattsmouth December 23
for the week ending December Hi:
liiix George
liutler, Jiinics
Bi'urs. (i E
llrmlit, Jiitiiua
Cooley, Mm EM J
KiUiiun, Miss K.lllli
(iiirtliKT, Kri'il(2)
J;iniee, Mm M;iKKl
Conklln, fntiik
KMier, Mies Olive
Criilibn, H
JoLusun, Link
Ktilm y, V II
LhiiJm. I).
Newcomer. A
l'olln, Ed L
Lots, Jnlm
Mathews, J w
IVrdew, J A
I'lilincr, Henry
(,ylniiitli, S
KUiuton, Misn Alliilf2
Shi'iij), Charley
Wiird.Mis K. M
Taylor, Win
Waybriglit V 8
West. Mm W H
Younn,lito W
WhltcliiT, ti 8
Persons calling for tiny of the
above will please ask for "adver
tised" letters.
H. J. Strkight, P. M.
Judge Archer is another victim of
la grippe.
Good Evening! Have you used
Ah! there is no need of my saying
any thing further, 1 am sure you
will hereafter use nothing but the
Famous Blush of Roses for your
complexion. Yours with best
Flora A. Jones,
South Bend, Ind
P. S. Call this eve please at O. II
Snyder and learn the particulars.
Muloh s catarrh remedy a posi
itive cure Catarrh, Diphtheria and
Canker mouth. For stile by F. G
Frickeit Co.
Henry Stla Disaovereti Lying Upon
the M. P. TraoW South of theJ-Sta-tion
at Nebrattka City Thurs
day, With Hoin hnci
Cut Kmirely
It appears that the unfortunate
young man had purchased a ticket
at Auburn for Nebraska City. The
conductor of the train, in speaking
of the alfair, said that after Mr.
Steele got on the train at Auburn
he noticed that lie had been
drinking. He says, further, that he
was not asleep when he got to
Nebraska City, but that he got otf
the train with a turkey iu his arms,
and after standing on the platform
for a short time, he went around
and got on the blind end of the
baggage car. This was the hist
seen of him until he was picked up
in the condition in which he was
found. He was taken Mo the city
hospital, and Doctors Ross and
Daily waited upon him and did all
in their power to relieve his suffer
ings, which were terrible iu the ex
treme. The injury will surely prove
l.ital, as uolli legs are iiadly mat,,
It is very plain that the majority
of the democratic members of the
house tire determined to place Mr.
Mills in a position where he will
have little inlluence on the t.tritf
question and exercise none of the
functions of leadership. But this
state of affairs has not always been
so. For several years Mr. Mills has
been the foremost democratic
spokesman on this question and it
wan generally understood that bis
words would be indorsed by his
irty. The party went so far as to
incorporate his bill into its plat
form and accept it as democratic
loctrine. But the party has com
pletely relegated him to the rear
is far as practical usefulness is
concerned, lie hud devoted his
fe to a study of tariff reform from
i revenue standpoint only, and he
expected that his labors would be
ippreciat"d by his friends.
The question naturally arises,
What is the cause of this sudden
change of base on the part of this
great "tariff reform partyr" Is it
true that the practical application
of the McKinley law, which they
villified and misrepresented shame
fully, has come out victorious? Is
it true that they are afraid to carry
out their declared intentions to
repeal the law? It indeed looks
that way.
But it is not for the republicans
to dictate the policy the democrats
shall pursue. If they prefer not to
repeal the McKinley law, well and
good, but if they refuse to place
themselves on record, let them
hereafter hold their tongues.
As well as the handsomest and
others arc invited to call on uny
druggist und get free a trial bottle
of Kemp's liasaui for the Throat
and'Lungs, a remedy that is selling
entirely upon its merits and is
guaranteed to relieve anil cure all
chronic and acute coughs, asthma
bronchitis and consumption. Large
bottles 50c and $1.
Soma Foolish People
allow a cough to run until it gets
beyond the reach of medicine.
They say, "Oh, it will wear away,"
but in most' cases it wears them
away. Could they tie induced ta
try the huccchIuI Kemp h Ualsam,
which is sold on a positive guar
antee to cure, they would see the
excellent effect, after taking the first
tloes. Price at I c and fl. Trail size
free. At all druggists.
A son of Nr. M. I). Pusser, a
merchant ot iihraitar, a. C, was so
badly alllicted with rheumatism for
a year or more, as to be unable to
work or go to school. Ilis hither
concluded to try Chamberlain's
Pain Palm on the boy. It soon
cured him and he bus since walked
one and a half miles to school iwd
back every school day. HI) cent hot
tie for stile by F. G. Fricke & Co.,
The Missouri Pacific will sell tick
ets on December 24, 25 31 and Janu
ary 1, good to return January 4 at
one and one-third fare for round
trip within two hundred miles of
Bucklen's Arnica Salve.
Tim liKHT Salve in tliu world for Cute
Bruges, Horus, Ulcers, Prtltllhcum, Fever
Sores, Tetter, Clmnped Hands, Chilblains,
Corns, and all Bkiu Eruptions, aud posi
tively curcB Piles, cr no pay required.
It is Kuarnuteiid to give auti&fucliun, or
money refunded. Price 2.1 cents pur box.
For sale j F. O. Fricko
Mr. Otto Herold left this morning
for St. Joe, Mo., where, Dame
Rumor has it, Otto will be Hut
we wouldn't give him away for the
Hera ia a Chance '
For some one with a few hundred
dollars to get into a good business.
Established 1HK6. For further par
ticulars address Hox 928. Platts
mouth, Nebraska. wA-d-s
Pnbjarta n4 fear tn lower fmia thai line of
'J'arnim, tut lir a sioat woad-rfal dinxnwr In
Uifitlcliic, rtnoer on auy part cf the bodjr on bo
rraionraily eared wllhoat tke ot
tkn knlle.
Miui. 11. 1). Cot.iiY, POt Indiana Ave., Chliauio,
S117N: ' Wnacarad of oanovr of the brnwt tu an
weli by your inrthod of tatnn,nt.', snt for
trvatl. Dr. IL. V. Dale, HUi tiW, Ciuuuo.
j-i......,' ... I,,-
OlHro tumtn from fl a. m. h I p. m. Bandar
from 1U. in. to I i. in.
HvmlUt in Cbruuio, Nrrou,Ukin aud BlooA
yConnnltfltlon lit office or ly nmll fraj.
Vtiiciii Kottt liy tnnil or in, mvuiwQi
litrkixi, fro (mm olwrratioti. OtiaraiiUiva W
corn quirkly, wifely and pormiuiontly.
Tim inoKt wiilnty and favornlily known iial
iot in t ho Uniltxl Htiitm, Their loi)Kioritn,
rrnimrknlil nkill and nmvcrwil iiimw in lha
trwitiiiimt and cnr of Numma, Clirouic and Hi
Kirnl Divan. "',iitl tliivH) rinlnont hjieiai
Jo tlm full fiaonre of tU lllU-Ul VWjrwhara.
11 nranui
awful Hffwtaof wrl); viae and Um liauwruus evil
thai follow in it train,
(lnwlily, ciiinpli'Utljr and iiurinauuntl; viirmi.
jv '-'il ruaJiJu to jJinij akiUTa! Vrmb-
0&DEK8 ' -.
n.i.U WT i
miarinitiiHd curtxl witlxiut wia or utX
from biiHinnm.
umitly iiinl mii'onmruliy cured in evury cui.
HYI'il 1IIH, (iONOH)lll(RA, (ilKKT, H'"f -
torrliirn, Kcmiiud Wnnknnui, lt ilmduxA,
Niiiht I'jnmsioiiH, )irnyml KacnltiiM, ti'iuiinJa
NVrakncwH mi. I all ilnlicato iliHonli rn cnliiir hi
fitlmrwx ioi!ivily rnril, an wkII a all fnna.
tioniil diiKirditra that ri'Milt from J.HiUn'ul follltw
or thu I'xrcwt of inatiirn 'imr.
Ctfirtlirp ("imnmtwMl H'rninnn!t.T etimt,
Oil IUIUI C romovnl roiinilctn, wiiliont atft.
tinif, rmihtio or dilnuiljon. I'urH ilin. teil at
honiii lijr .n(Jviit wiUiout a moii i'iiIh ihmu ut
AChPO CtlPO T" ITwta of frif
OUI o UUI C vii-o winch linncK ori;imm
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AildnH, cr cull on
1409 Douglas St.,
The Ilcst Kuneily III
in thtl world,, laya J. noffberr, of Ryranaaa,
N. T., Is Paator Kooilg's Nerve Tonlo, becanM
tny ion, who wai pnrtially paralyxed three
years ao aiid attacked by flti, haa not had anf
symptoms ol Uiem linos he took one bottle of
the remedy. 1 niodt hoarUly thank for it.
rcvBLo, Col., May, ima
Onr dnnghter eontraotod F.piliUu Fits from
fright three years ago ; we trhxl nioat every
thing we board of, but ot no avail Am thank
f ul to state now that slnoe she took Paator Koe
nig's Nerve Tonlo the has not bad the slightest
attack within four months.
1311 Evarta Ave. HUB. 0. 8CHULZ.
Thos. MoCnrdy, of 212 81th Are., Denver.
Colo., says : 1'astor Knenlg's Nerve Tonlo is ot
great bonnt to mo; it haa hod the desired effect
by stoppmg the fits.
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all hand made.
Repairing Promptly Eone.
Kemeniber the Place.
Phil's New Harness Shop.
Opposite P. O. Plattsmouth
Messrs. Frank, James and Ciwrdon
Knotts came down from Council
HlutTs yesterday and ale turkey
wilh their brother, A. U returning;
in the evening.
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