Plattsmouth weekly herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1882-1892, December 24, 1891, Image 8

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    K Narrow Eacapa.
The many friends of Wm, Brant
tier will regret to learn that while
working in the wcMtvrn part of the
etate with the Hilly Neville bridge
gan he BtiHtaiiu-d an injury that
came near coBtiug him hi life. He
was assisting in the manipulation
of the pile driver when a portion of
that apparatus struck hini in the
face, breaking bis malar or cheek
bone urul bruising his face fright
fully. When picked up by his fel
low laborers he was thought to be
dead, but after being carried to his
room restoratives were adminis
tered, which in the course of u day
or so restored him to consciousness.
As soon as he was able to travel he
was brought home, arriving last
evening. A IlEKALltrcportcr called
. at his home on North Ninth street
to-day and lound him as comfort
ably as might be expected. There
is little doubt that be will survive
his injuries, though he will prob
abiy be confined to his room for
several weeks.
IntnreHt Ineren1y.
Father Hayes called at TliE office to-day and says that
he will render all the aid in his
power to secure the location of the
Western Normal college in this
city. He has twelve acres between
Granite street and "Fitzgerald's
Forty," which he considers would
make as flue a site for the building
as could be found. In the event
the business men feel disposed to
take the aggressive steps necessary,
he will make a proposition that
would be extremely reasonable.
Let a meeting be called at once,
each one do his duty and we shall
Pony Theivinu.
A crook named Winter was
sentenced ito sixty days confine
ment in the county jail some time
since, as a punishment for stealing
goods of a Weeping W. merchant.
Having served out his sentence, he
was released last evening, but no
sooner was he at liberty than he
began to practice the nefarious
work upon Jour merchants. He or
his accomplice first a pair of shoes
nnd slippers from the establisment
of W. A. Hock, which he disposed of
to a boy for a trifling sum. The
police were notified nnd according
ly the lellow was run in, but as he
declared he was innocent of the
charge and positive proof of his
guilt could not be obtained he was
uot brought into the police court.
To-day at about 10 a. m. the same
party walked up to "Joe's" Jclothing
store nnd boldy took an $18 over
coat from the rack and after put
ting it on proceeded to quietly walk
away. The proprietor soon dis
covered his loss and Johny Fitzpat
rick upon being notified took after
the transgressor who was making
for the Junction. Johny ran as far
as the bridge whereupan the oblig
ing conductor on the K. C. train
assisted him on his way. After
crossing the bridge, immediately
on the Iowa side the fellow, and his
negro accomplice attempted to run
across the country in the hope of
eluding thier pursuers. The con
ductor stopped the train, and the
plucky Johnnie uoon brought the
hardened criminal to a halt. See
ing hsi predicament he asked
"Well. Johny, are you a policeman
in Iowa too" whereupon the police
assured him that he was a privileged
character. The police ordered the
negro, who was then wearing the
coat, to deliver it over. To this
the mau Winter objected. A few
strokes from the billy of the police
man rendered him in a less choicy
mood and the colored gentleman
turned over the property without
further protest.
It was thought advisable to let them
goon as to detain them would only
incur an unnecessary expeuse.
Judge Archer's Court.
Information was filed last eve
ning against D. M. Jones, charging
him with disturbing the peace and
carrying concealed weapons. The
case has been set far Saturday at 2
p. m. Mat Gering will appear for
the defense.
The case of City of Plattsmouth
vs. Wi. 'Weber, wherein the defend
ant is accused ot keeping his saloon
open later than 11 o'clock, the hour
at which the city ordinance pro
vides that they shall be closed, is
pending as we go to press.
Dukixg the past eight mouths
the mortgage indebtedness has
diminished 2o per cent, in Kamsas,
ltus indicates that the large crops
have found a ready and crinunera
tive market andwith the proceeds
the farmers are paying for
the land and farm improvements
for which they went indebt when
they were purchased.
Dooutless the alliance leaders
read with regret the lists of farm
mortgages that are being cancled
in Nebraska and .Kansas. True
when the people prosper it is a dull
time !for the disapointed and dis
irruntled politician, that has been
kicked out of some other party, who
expeets to be hoisted into office by
the calamity wail.
Umclb Sam should be truly
happy. His graneries are full to
overflowing and all Europe is beg
ging at his feet.
Tub big crops together with the
extended markets the republican
party has opened for the people is
a Christmas present for which they
will feel thankful.
You can get the best of hand
made boots and shoes at Joseph
Fetzer's. tf
Mesdames Ella Royaf nnd Arnold
departed for Omaha this morning.
For gents Christmas slippers go
ot Joseph Fctzer. tf
Why will you cough when Shi
hill's cure wi'l gi.e immediate re
lief. 1'rice 10 i ts., 50 cts. and $1
For sale by F. G. Friciie 8c Cc
For a nice X-mas present go to
JDK, the popular clothier and look
at his fine line of Mu filers nnd Hats.
Ilroken How is considering a pro
position to establish a paving brick
manufacture. Progress is the
watch word of Nebraska towns this
year. What about riattsmouth?
Geo. Vass and the court house
clock. tf
The conuty commissioners', Geo.
Vass and the court house cluck.
Call on the Tucker Sisters in the
Sherwood b'ock for bargains in
Winter Hats. tf
Heiinctt & Tutt have sweet cider, tf
Gering & Co for Christmas pres
ents, tf
No. 5 was ov r and hour late this
morning, detering several from
making a trip to the metroplis.
A nice line of holiday goods at
Hennett A Tutt's. tf
Gering A Co. have the largest and
best stock of goods in the city,
making no exceptions whatever. If
If you want a beautiful lamp for
a present to a friend, and want it
cheap, go to llennett & Tutfs. tf
Gering tc Co. are headquarters for
plush goods of every description, tf
There was a slight wreck at
Grand Island Monday caused by a
fanety switch. No one was injured
Go to the Fair for your Christ
mas presents. You can buy toy;?
of all kinds cheaper there than
anywhere else in the city. tf
You will miss the opportunity of
lifetime if you fail to call and
examine Gering A Co.'s mammoth
Holiday stock. tf
Anybody that wants to can pot
presents on the mantle at the
Christian c'.uirch to-morrow night.
Everybody is welcome.
Gering & Co have the finest and
largest line of plush goods in the
city. tf
Sleepness night made miserable
by that terrible caugh Shilohs rem
edy is the cure for you, by F. G
men. auu j n onyuer. z
Important Notice).
The full official board of the M. E.
church is called to meet at the
church at the close of prayer meet
ing on Wednesday night of this
week. It is very necessary for nil
to be present. 2t
L. F. Hkitt, Pastor.
You will make a mistake if yon
fail to call on Hennett & Tutt be ore
purchasing your holiday goods
Vi i i i.. f
iiiey nave u mrue ciiiMiiy in cuoice
candies, nuts, fruits, etc., which
they will sell cheap. tf
If you want to see a sicht that
will make your eyes water you
want to call and look over the hand
some assortment of plush goods at
Gering A Co's.
Height of Cruelty
Aefvous women seldom recive
the sympathy they deserve
While often the pictures ot health,
they are constantly allmir. To
with hold sympathy from these un-
fortuntea is the height of cruelly.
ineynavea week, hearth, causing
siiorineess ot breath, lluttering
pam in side, week nnd hungry
swells, nnd finally swelling of
ankles, sppression, choking, smoth
ering and dropsy. l)r. Miles New
Heart Cure is just the thing for
them. For their nervousness, head
ache, weekness, etc., his Restorative
Nervine is unequaled. Fine treatise
on" Heart and Nervous Diseases"
and marvelous testimonials free,
Sold and fuaranteed by. F. G. Fricke
A (JO.
We offer One Hundred Dollars Re
ward for any case of Catarrh that
can not be cured by Hall's Catarrh
F. J. CHENEY & CO. Props,
Toledo, O.
We the undersigned, have known
F. 1. Cheney for the last 15 years,
and believe him perfetly honorable
in all business transactions and fin
ancially able to carry out any obli
gations made by their firm.
went & Traux. Wholesale druc
gists, Toledo, O., Walding, Kinnan
A Marvin, Wholesale druggists
Aoieoo, yi.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken in
temally, acting directly upon the
blood and mucous surfaces of the
system. Trices, 75c. per bottle,
Sold by all druggists. Testimoni
als free.
Good Evening! Have you used
Ah! there is no ueed of my saying
any ining lunner, i am sure you
will hereafter use nothing but the
ramoua iuusn ot Koses tor your
complexion. Yours with best
Flora A. Jones,
South Bend, Ind
P.S. Call this eve -tlease at O. H
Snyder and learn ibe particulars.
For the handsomest plush drees
Home Magazine and Hibalo 1 N
Toledo Bind and limLD J n
llanfr'i MukmZ'DA Kiid Ukralu 4 &
llnrpcr's HHZxrand Hrmald in
Harper' Weekly and nr.KAi.ii -- 4 a
Iowa Hint Kejrlsler and IIkhald ft
WcNtrrii Km mI and Hkhalu i w
The Korum and IIkhald a to
Globe-Democrat and II KK u 2 10
luterOceauaud Hkhalb 2 a
Guaranteed Cure,
Wt authorize our advertised drug
gist to sell Dr. King's New Dis
covery for Consumption. Coughs
and Colds, upon this condition.
If you are articled with a cough,
Cold or any Lung, Throat, or Chest,
trouble, and will use this remedy as
directed, giving it a lair trial, and
experience benefit, you may return
the bottle and have your money
refunded. We could not make this
offer did we not know that Dr.
King's New Discovery could relied
on. it never disappoints. Trial
bottles free at F. G. Fricke A Co
Drug Store. Large size 50c, and
Holiday Ra'ea,
The H.AM, will sell round trip
tickets on Dec. '24,25 nnd HI to sta
tions rot over 200 miles distant at
rates as follows:
In Nebraska South Dakota and
Wyoming one and one-third fare.
In Colorado and Kansas one fare.
In selling from a point in Kan
sas or Colorado to a point in Ne-
traska or vice versa, iments will use
rate of fare and a third for the en-
ire distance regardless of rate ap
dying in the ilillerent states tt
A Million Friends
A friend in need is a fried indeed,
mil not less lhan one million peo-
le have found just such a friend in
Dr. King's New Discovery for con
sumption, coughs, and colds. If
you never have used ibis great
ough medicine, one trial will con
vince you that it has wonderful cur
ative powers in all diseases o.'lhe
throat chest and lungs. Each bot
tle is guaranteed to do all thai is
laimcd or money will be refunded
Trial boitle free at F. G. Fricke A
Co's drugstore. Large botlles 50c
and $1.00.
We have sold Ely's Cream Halm
aboul three year., and have re
commended its use in more than n
hundred special cases of catarrh.
I'he unanimous answer to our in-
quir'cs '.V'li's I ne ijesl remedy that
I havecver used." Our experience
is, tliat where parlies continued its
use, it never fails to cure. J. II.
Montgomery, i. Co.. Druggists, De
cor;, n, lowa.
Wiien I began usini Y.' Cream
I i I in my calm rh was so bad I had
heiidaeiie the wiiole t;ire at'd dis
charged n large r. mount oC filihy
matter, liii.t has almost entirely
disappeared am1 have not had head-
iche science.-J. sonimers.Sleplinev.
Will you suffer with Dvsneosia
and Liver Complaint? Shiloh's Vit
alizer Is guaranteed to cure you. 2
Happy Hoosiers.
Wm. TimtMO' . I'o u.if -to.' iirvillc. mil..
wrilei; "lr i, r. ; .! done imm for
me. Una e'l ui er,i';'i'!i p nmiliiveil, fur ih:.
bd "ee tvr .,oin Kidney a:H l.iver
trollill.l." JO 111 i e'.e. C. ne-nlil kM.inun
e'tiiire', r,.. c' r I 'tv. c lutein to
db I nub i S" iliie'HVd I, tree meu.c u, made
niefee ea irn nan J. W. danlne
li.r J.,'.e ini'ieh: ut.k, ,ne .oKu.r.vs: "Elec
fie I'.i f! j. .e ,ii ,i I, , n who r.
in: di.' a i od On i i . e t l.e lues or
diiile'd -it .( .0. tfi. I ui'iiBill.
am' i j i
Oil 60c, a b;
. ' r i a i p iv ie. ie on life
b. K. C. rrcke & Co s Drun
Gentlemen would not use "Blush
of Roses" if it was a paint or pow
der, of course not. It is clear as
water, no sediment to ful the tiores
of the skin. Its mission is to heal.
cleanse and purify the complexion
of every imperfection, and insures
every lady and gentleman a clean,
smooth complexion. Sold by O. II.
Snyder. Price 75 cents.
A Cure for Paralysis.
Frank Co. nclii s, of rmcel, Ind
Ter., says: "I induced Mr. Pinson
whose w'.fe lu.d paralysis ' 1 the face
to buy a untile of Ch: u lei lain'c
lin liiilin. To their great sunrise
before ilie bn.ile nil been used
she was a great deal better. Ilei
lace had been drawn io one side;
but the Pain li.ilm rdieved all
(lain and soreness, :i inl Hie nioiii'i
iiriMuuicii us naiuri i shape. It 's
also a cert. lin cure for rheumatism
lame ..ack, sprains swellings and
lameness. 50 cck brtties 'or sale
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I used Ely's Cream Halm for drv
caiarin. ii proved a cure. IS. J. PL
Weeks, Denver.
Ely's Cream Halm is especially
adapted as a remebv for catarrh
which is aggravated bv alkaline
dust and dry winds. W. A. Hover,
uruggisi, Denver,
lean recommend Ely's Cream Hal
to all sufferers from dry catarrh
from personal experience. Michael
nerr, t'liarmacist, Denver.
illy s Cream Halm has cured
many cases of catarrh. It is in con
stant demand. Geo. W. Hoot
rhai macist, Cheyenne, Wy.
The laws of health are taucrht in
the schools; but not in a way to be
of much practical benefit and are
never illustrated by living examples
wiiit.ii in many cases might easily
ne done, if some scholars, who
had just contracted a cold, was
brought oefore the school, so that
all could hear the dry, loud cough
and know its significance; see the
thin white coating on the tongue
anu laiier, as me com developed
see the profuse watery exoectora'
tion and thin watiry discharge
from the nose, not one of them
would ever forget what the first
symptoms of a cold were. The
scholar should then be irlven
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy free
iy, inai an mtgm see that even
t i m . .
severe com couiu oe cured in one
or two days, or at least greatly miti
gaieu, wnen properly treated as
soon as the lirst symptoms appear,
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cures of cough, colds nnd croup,
it is made especcially for these
disease and is the most prompt and
most reliable medicine known for
the purpose. 50 cent bottle for sale
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buy west ot Chicago.
TOE Has Cnl3r One IFrice,
Fqi'ii - Ijqi'iiess,
all hand made.
Repairing Promptly lone.
Remember the Place.
Phil's Hew Harness Shop.
Opposite P. O. Plattsmouth
Their Fall straws, lanoy rllitii'iin, tips and quills
uiso d itn in new laKlilon cone sunpe nau
111 straw nnd In I. They hxva a lull
line ui Imliy h'iml- and In or
der t.i close old slock out have re
dnced tuelr urn w rallor hat to 40 and to
75 cents li'lniiiied,
Plattsmouth, Nebraska.
There are thousands ot young ladies, fewinR
furls, nchnollleucliers. cleiKs, no who tre ekiiiK
out rn existence on a salary barely sufficient
io suppiy meir every aay warns.
Ilv cniniiletiiiE a course In short hand and
by finishing Ui, y can earn from $10 lo $150 per
Situations gunradteed to competent students
inaiuivuai luniiuctlon, new typewriters.
Rooms over Mayers Biore.
Children Cry for Pitcher's Cutoria.
Wim Babf m tick, we gave bar Cutoria.
When ab in a Child, aba oried for Caatorift,
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Plattsmouth, . . Nebraska.
ug case can oi uenng & Co. tf
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