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A Pretty Weddlnu at the Horns f
Chria Pete men Last Evening.
Frew Thtirikl.lii Daily
One of Uie prettiest weddings
ever solemnized in Plattmuouth
occurred last evening ut Hie lionie
of Chris Petersen on South Tenth
street. The contracting parties
were Christian Chiistensen, a
trustworthy employee of the
R & M., and Mrs. Mamie Honk, one
of our most charming and prom
ising young ladies.
At 8 p. in. Waldeninr Heck began
to piny the wedding inarch and in a
few moments the bridal party up
peared. The groom, attended by
J . J. C.trlson, and the bride by
Mamie Petersen, immediately took
places prepared for them, and Kev.
Falk, pastor of the Swedish church,
performed the ceremony in a
solemn, yet impressive and fitting
Afler the ceremony luid been per
formed the happy pair were the
recipien Is of hearty congrat illations
nnd wishes for a long and pros
perous life together, at the con
elusion ol which the company
Tcpnired to the dining room, where
a delicious and sumptuous repast
was served. After supper the
hours were whiled away indulging
in music, games nnd a general con
versnlion upon topics in keeping
with the occasion. The newly mar.
rietl couple received a surprisingly
numerous and costly collection of
presents, which indicated the high
esteem in which they are held by
the community. At 3 n. m. each
member of the merry company re
paired to his home feeling that he
liad spent the evening pleasantly
and participated in nn important
The following were among those
present: Mr. and Mrs. W. I
Urowne, Mrs. Mcllride, Nehawka;
Andrew Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Aug,
Angard, Mr. and Mrs. Gust Amberg,
Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Hang, Mrs. A.
Pearson, p. J. Carlson, Otto Oleson,
C. II. Moonie, Chas. Ilolnistrom,
Jvrnst Hang, Albert Pearson, Win.
Petersen, John Anderson, Walde
mar Heck and the Misses Anderson
THE IlEKAM) joins with the com
pany in extending congratulations
to the newly wedded pair.
Police Court
Police Fry filed information
against Ilerrman Klebch, charg
ing h.'ni wi.h failure to close his
tiioMiing. Suspicion rested upon , place oi.Dusiness at 11 p. in. as re
two tramps that had been seen ii i J"ifU Ly the city ordinance. He
that section and accordingly j Vh'iul S'Hy to the charge and de
posited ana costs in the till.
Burg lary at Louisville
The cigar nnd confectionery ptore
of Miles M. Drul e, of Louisville,
wan bursrlurized at 1 o'clock this
Marshal Spencer placed Hum
under arrest. A portion of the
siolen pioperty was found upon
their persons, whereupon the
younger of the bandits confessed
their giilt. The amount siolen
win eMiuiated at $-G 4.", most of
which had been concealed near
the M. P. railroad cossingat Louis
ville and was found by the author
ities. The preliminaiy hear
ing of one of the younger
of the parties was con
ducted at Louisville, resultintr.
in binding him over to the district
court. J he outer one waived exam
ination. 1 hey have Ik en .com-,
ini'led to the county jail, awaiting
the next session of 'die district
Judge Archer's Court.
In the case of Win. Wagner vs
Iloucka, which has been under nd-
visement for a few days, judgment
was rendered in favor of defendant.
Ju the nl'achmcnt case of Joe
M c Ve y v s. 1 1. C u n n i n gh a in n ve rd i c t
was rendered in favor of plaintiff
lor 5-13. fn (his case McVey garui
Bheed the P. & M. K. R. with n view
of obtniirng payment from defend
ant for goods purchased of
Fiom Friday Dally.
Last Thursday there was a double
accident at the quarries of Van.
court A Leniist east of town. A
Swede named J. Swansou was en-
trusied with the task of putting in
and firing a blast. He accom
plished both, but the wind did not
blow through his whiskers when
he jrot It huimciied
ibout this way: After the blast was
made ready and the powder can
carefully laid away (about two feel,)
applied the match to the fuse and
dropped it a moment laier. The
wind carried it into the powder cau
and away went his whiskers. One
of his companions seeingthe plight
he was in, rushed to his aid, arriv
ing just in time for the explosion
from the blast to get in its work on
hiuij foriun.iU-ly no serious results
followed, beyond the tilling of his
eyes with dust nnd small stone
niakingsoine slight wounds on his
face. Poor Swanson was badly
burned, his face and hands and one
leg being blackened and cooked Dr.
Hungate was sent for, who fixed
him up ns comfortable as possible,
later in the clay he was sent '.o the
hospital in Omaha where he is at
present. It is very evident that all
the tools are not yet dead, or this
accident would not have happened
after the repealed warnings nnd ac
cidents that the employee of these
quarries have had. Those people
who handle powder should certain
ly Know that a lighted ruaich and
that substance cannot
Jas Patrick was find $." and cost
on a charge of drunkeness in de
fault of the payment of which lie
was committed to jail.
1 his young man came to Platts
mouth the fore part of this week
from Germantown for the purpose
of securing work in the shops. He
had previously contracted tin-
habit of over indulgence in dis
tilled rye and having in his pos
session a lew dollars, went on a
protracted drunk from which he
lias just rallied.
A New Mail Car.
A new mail Car finished in the
latest style was sent upon the
road for active service this morn
ing. In the construction of these
cars it is necessary to employ
skilled mechanics, and if the H.&M.
i.i i... .1 i . .... .
lumu ue luuueeti io siiii lurther
equip the car manufacturing tie
partmeut thus bringing still a great
er number of skilled and better paid
mechanics into our midst the busi
ness interests and the general wel
fare of our city would be material
ly helped.
Delegates to Beet Sujinr Convention.
The following delegates have
been appointed by M. H. Murphy,
president of the city council, to
represent the city at the beet sugar
convention to be held at Lincoln
Decern ljcr 17. The list was handed
in too late for publication in j ester
terday's issue: K. S. Greusel, John
Davies, Timothy Clark, Clans
Hrekenfeld, F. S. White and A. H.
Will Enforce the Luw.
Acting Chief of Police Fry,
authorizes us to state that the city
ordinance forbidding the runninir
of saloons on Sunday shall be rig- more than exceed his assests.
An Old Resident of PJafsmouth Meets
a Tragic Death
rrm faturilau' f. Uu
Our usually quiet little city was
startled this morning by the an
nouncement that J.M.Schnellbacher
had committed suicide. A IlEHALO
reporter at once hastened to the
scene, and the horrible spectacle
that met our eyes proved the report
only too true. The unfortunate
man lay face downward in a pool
ot blood, all traces of life bcinj
extinct. A HS-calibrc bull dog re
oiver, with but one empty cham
ber, was lyiu r by his side. Investi
gation developed the fact that the
ball entered immediately above the
right eye and came out at the back
of the head.
Tl. . ... .
me iragic enu which lie has met
is a surprise to everybody. The
deceased was in Omaha yesterday
aim returned home on the flyer in
company with II. C. McMaken and
R. W. Hyers, nnd these gentlemen
state that his actions would not
indicate, in the least, that he antic
ipated such a rash act. He
went to the house in the eveniinr
and retired as usual. It was ob
served by his wife that he did not
appear to be resting well, and at 12
o'clock he arose nnd remarked that
he could not sleep and must eo
out. She urired h
- - " LSI t '
it availed nothing. It is supposed
that he immediately repaired to the
shop and committed the deed.
Plint-.. ... A'.til.. .1 I . . .
"iiiioiiuii; iiouui mat lie was
driven to the act because of finan
cial troubles. His creditors were
urging payment of longstanding
debts. He was involved as follows:
Cass County Hank, $700; Lieder
kranz, ifSOO; Philip I lorn, $1,01)0; John
Coffenberger, tfTOU; Fred Krug.fl,.
500; Geo. P. Horn, 100. It is also
rumored that he is in debt to the
I. O. O. F. lodge for the sum of $J7.").
His liabilities will
Slept in Jail.
TV'rr. Lcngsia-vle, a farmer resid
Ing in (his v'cViy, was found by
Ilcory Mt Cu' e upon the si veis at
1 o'clock Ui' moriPng in a
e.'a:e of i i o. Vt.'on. He spent the'uder ofi'ie n'ght in jail, nnd
was (hs mo 'a'.ig arraigned be "ore
Judj,e Avuc-, who (dmm'siered
the regular dose of ?." nmi u
Th Oi'li (he iuflue 'ce of Ceo.
WVdinaii Cie $." tine was rein'i.ed
and 1 lie tanner pe-ni i led
his way rtyi'c 'i.
io go on
Howlo Pr-epa ra and Address Pack
Sent by Mail,
Theseeson is approaching when
the ni.ris will be filled with holiday
. piese.iis, aiui;a great many are tin
tmonuO'i..:!.. .i.i... i
..v.., y mm, uetnyeu or
cainnged each year because of (he
indifferent manner i i which they
ore pre pa ed jor mailing.
Newspaper or other thin paper
. enouid never be used for wrappin
nnd packages as ordinarily wrno
ieu wuerc pu cnased are not
uufbcietiilv seen c for forwarding
in ine mans,
Use strong paper; make a solid
, vackage that will not crush easilv
tf ewell wiih good twine; address
7,' ibly and correctly with ink on
iower Inght-hand corner and very
' w pnekages will fail to reach
destination in good condition.
It is always advisable to place the
name and address of the sender on
the upper left hand corner of all
packages, etc., eent in the mails, eo
they may be returned in case the
addressed cavnot be found. Pos
tal statistics show that more delays
result trom incorrect addresses
than from errors in distribution by
postal employes.
In case of loss or delay report the
same to your postmaster with
an me inionnadon that can be
The postmaster would suggest
ihat valuable package be registered
then in case a package is lost or de
layed it can be found more readily.
Any lack ( courtesy or attention
on part of employees in the post--ofllce,
should be reported to the
Henry Hemple, who has been so
journing in Texas, for several weeks
Jiae returned to I'lattsmouth. ,
"Authors' Cnrnival."
ladies of the Presbyterian
church having in chanre the
"Authors' Carnival" entertainment
nt Rockwood hall last evening
nimevcu a measure of umwuu
hardly anticipated by the most
sanguine of its supporters.
1 he booths, representing respect
ively Lalla Rookh, Snow Cave,
Hanging Garden, Dickens' Partv.
Mend Muller and Old Pllriituitir
Shop, were tastily and skilfullv
ilecoraied, reflecting great credit
upon those in c ha. -ire. Care had
been exercised to represent a vari
ety of characters, and with the
oiumies ior winch Dickens' works
n -e noted, ably represented by Prof.
McCK-HiMid. as Mr. Cuttle, and Miss
Hyers, as Miss Peggody, and the
meekness and innocence of girlish
life fully typified by KdMi Gering,
as Maud Muller, it was plainly evi
dent tnat toe two exi'onies wore
ably represented.
An excellent program, consisting
of music vocal and instrumental
tableau::, etc., was rendered, reflect
ing credit upon the paviicipan.s.
The tableau representing pyfc-.
malian's statue, Galatea, by
Minn ll... i . .'
K'ecep ion. by about a doten young
ladies, nre deserving special men
lion. The cornet solo of Mr. Kigeu
broadt was fully appreciated, as
the spontaneous encore tendered
him fully indicated.
After the rendition of the pro
gram, it was announced that r.
freshmeuts would be served, to
wniLii a great manv resnnml,.i
The table decorations exhibited a
taste and genius rarely excelled.
everything: passed off wleasantlv.
there beine: nothimr to v, r..
ri.Hin,rQ . 41... i "...7 ."
tt" mc ivuei. ine enter
tainment will be conchulfd thi
eretnng, when an entirely new nro-
Elected Officers.
At a regular meeting of Trio
Lodge No. 81, A. O. 17. r., held in
the I. 0. O. F. hall last evening, the
following officers were elected for
the ensuing year; Master Work
man, M. Vorndran; Foreman, Dick
J lines; Overseer, A. F. , Groom;
Recorder, T. H. Drown: Financier. '
C. Morn-an: Receiver. r.,.n i?
numbers, and to (he end that these business, havin.n.nd in 1,7. i .7 " alU1' L JraiIk Jl'tte; Out-
. .. . ... ..... ? l,"i"uJ sme Watch. C.
i hi.-, uiiii 1 1 ii i n rr nni ....
idly enlorced hereafter. lie has was not thought generally that his
reasons to believe that men nre ad
mitted upon Sundays, in large
Sad New.
A message was received by Mr.
Pettee this morning announcing
that Mr. John Murfin, whom many
will remember as an old resident of
this city, will be hurried at
Xehawka at 3 p. m. to-day. This
win be sad news to hia
friends in Cass county.
IToHayea Public Instalation.
The several orders of the A. O. U.
. composing the Trio lodge, Xo,
84; German ia Xo. 81; Piatt lodge, Xo.
i; and Degree of Honor, are makiii
extensive preparations for a pub
nc installation of officers nnd
grand social on the evening of Ian
1u a ,,, I .
feiuuii nine may be ex
pected by the members of the
orders and friends.
Epworthians Meet.
The regular monthly meeting of
it... r. . w
me j-.pwortn League was held last
evening at the home of Miss Mary
Davis. After the usual business
had been transacted a literary pro
gram was given. A quartette com
posed of Robt. Hrown, C. S. Polk
rirs. Lhnrley Johnson and Miss
HIanch Kennedy rendered several
songs with pleasing effect.
Morton's Resignation Accepted.
Governor Thayer accepted the
resignation of J. Sterling Morton
as a member of the Xebraska
world's fair commission. He nt
once appointed Ex-mayor Sawver
of Lincoln, to fill the vacancy, and
Hon. F. E. White, of this city ns
alternate. If Mr. .Sawyer, should find
it impracticable to serve the duty
will devolve upon Mr. White, in the I
event of which the matter will be
attended to faithfully and well-
Auction of Hardware
at J. Finley Johnson's commencing
Thursday, December 10 and con
tinuing day and night, until closed
out. F.S.White,
w3t Auctioneer.
I have been a great sufferer from
catarrh for over ten years; had it"
very bad, could hardly breathe.
had to walk the floor. I purchased.
Ely's Cream Halm and am using it
freely, it ia working a cure surely.
I have advised several friends to
use it, and with happy results in
every case. It is the medicine
above all other for catarrh, and it
is worth its weight in gold. I thank
God I have found a remedy I can
use with safety and that does all
that is claimed for it. It is curing
my deafness. H. W. Sperry, Hart
ford, Conn.
girenwood, mm.
Oflice in the Bass Xoel building
Residence, the Ed Rich Property.
Butter, Eggs, Cheese, ild Game.
Poultry, Meat, Apples! Potatoes
Green and Dried Fruite, Vegetables
1,(11 Deans, ool, Hides. Tallow
Sheep Pelts, Furs, Skins, Tobacco.
Grain, Flour; Hay, Beeswax, feath
ers, Ginsing, Broomcorn, and Hops.
E. Jj A L L A R D
ton. Com, Merchant and Shipper,
217 Market Street
St. Louis, Me.
r and Shipper. " w
"ul"i"ii" may ne tieiecieu lie pro
poses to have the window blinds
raised upon those days. The po
lice spoke with an air of determina
tion and judging from the manner
in which he has performed his
duty in the past there is no room to
doubt that he speaks in earnest.
He will receive the encouragement
of nil good citizens in his endeavors
to enforce our laws.
property was encumbered, as he j
has apparently been doing a good Iiwlde
Ryd berry; Trustee,
, not
Theatre-goers will have an oppor
tunity Monday evening, December
14, of witnessing one of the neatest
and best things in the way of legit
imate spectacular drama that has
as yet been presented in Platts
mouth. Mr. John Palmer's "Last
Day of Pompeii." which will hn
presented nt thtTaterman opera
house on above rfate, must not be
confounded with Mr. Pains spec
tacle of the same name, ns (hey nre
entirely ditTe ent. Mr. Palmer's
play is a si.ige dramatisation of Sir
Biilwer Lytion's delightful
romance, "Lest Days of Pompeii,"
and is to be prescnled byastron"
company ofdramaiic ag ists, wi;h
all (he scenery, mechanical effects,
stage ejects, etc., that are needed to
picture (lie s.irring scenes of the
famous story.
tll'lLlllr. 1 . dl.
pni)j!i uiiee men ior se--
eral years. He has until recently
cairieu insurance of several thous
and dollars, but the policy expired
a lew months since nnd has
been renewed.
He was born in Hesse Darmstadt.
Germany, in 1S42, and emigrated to
this country in lS)fi, arriving first
at Illinois, where he resided three
years. He came to Platfsmouth in
1S(KI and has resided here continu
ously since. He has been known
t ...
oy ins neighbors ns a quiet, in-
offensive citizen. He was married
to Amelia Lau in this citv in 1SS:
wno, with hve children, the oldest
ot whom is eight years of age, is
left to mourn his departure. This
is a severe blow to his family, who
have the sympathy, of our citizens
in the hour of their affliction
ine interment will take place
1 uesday at p. m. from the German
Presbyterian church, Rev. Witte
A. C. Murray.
A Few Facts.
Read this and govern yourself
u t in inngiy:
We have lis pure a stock of drugs
as any in Cass county. Our wall
paper ami paint stock is the lai est
in the city. We buy wall piTper
mi- t'.icm-in iai-iories in ear
load lots and feel safe in saying we
sell more than nnyother linn in the
county. You wonder why? We
can answer that by saying that we
buy in large quantities and sell for
a very low price.
tall and see our line of drugs,
, oils and wall paper.
Yours Respect lull v.
Brown a Ba'krett.
The "Carnival" Cloes.
llie attendance at the "Author's
Carnival" entertainment last eve
ning was nuiy as large, and the
....v . i c-i iii.uiiienit-u was equally ns
intense, as upon the previous eve
ning. A new program was ren
net ed, aside from n repition, by
request, ot the tableaux "The Wise
and Foolish Virgins" and "Jack
M-osts Keception." By urgent re
quest Miss May Skyles, represent
ing the much abused "Topsy,"
mounted the platform and de-
ugmeu me audience with a "skirt
dance," and the spontaneous encore
which followed wns evidence that it
was appreciated. After the rendi
tion of the program, amusements
were indulged in to a late hour.
the net proceeds will amount to
$100, which will be judiciously ex
pended lor church purposes. The
ladies having the matter in charge
arc to be congratulated upon the
"A Yard of Roses "
One of the popular paintings at
the Xew York Academy of Design
was a yard-long panel of Roses. A
crowd was always before it. One
nrt critic exclaimed, "Such a bit of
nature should belong to all thepeo
pie, it is too beautiful for one man
to hide away."
The Youth's Companion, of
Boston, seized the idle, and spent
twenty thousand dollars to re
produce the painting. The result
has been a trumph of artistic de.
Iicncy and color.
The Companion makes an
utunin gift of this copy of the
painting to all those who subscribe
now for the first time, and request
the "Yard of Roses."
Besides all ew subscribers will
receive The Companion free from
the time the subscription is re
ceived till January First, including
the Christmas and X CW Yon rj
Double X umber, nnd for a year full
from that date. The price of The
Companion is $1.73 a year.
Auction nf HnriMon.
at J. Finley Johnson's commencing
Thursday December 10, and con
tinuing day and night, until elosed
out. K. S. Thitv
w3t Auctioneer.
Miss Julia Vinyard, of Hastings,
came in last evening the guest of
MissIIattie Latham.
t iv. nr,i,ou,
Registered riiy.iclun ami rhurinaclst
fpecial attention given to Oflice
Kock Bluffs . . Neb;
tary Tublle & Abstracter Solicitor
eal Estate, Loan and Insnrance Agents
If you have real estate to sell or
exchange send us description, price
and terms.
Abstracts of title furnished at Teas
onable rates.
$100,000 t loan at 7a per cent ane!
commissions, on good
farm security.
Ofllee under Cass County Bank,
lo repp-sent our wrll known
limise. You need no cuplM to repre
sent n 11 rut that warrants stuck flrttt-i-luM
and ti no to name. WORK ALL THE YPn R
.HK'per month io r.glii i i.ntii. Apply 'nick!
statliiKRi!.. LU WAY A CO
Nursery, Kl.irNt and l'auliMlnn.
Obis house Is respoxiblu.)
pure uure ior Weak Men, as
I'li.vuu aj rvporuui loadlnK phf
8lclin. State nre In orderln.
l2icJtl- 'laloBiia Free.
J O A sala and ieelf
lift II rure Cleat,
Mtrlrtnrrnnd nil
unnatural dlnclwyes. PrlceHll.
nnd Hhln Tll..n..
loa More nndSyphlllile AITectlon. wita-
ontmemiry. Prlro, 3. Onter from
I8 Wiscocaa Staeat, MILWAUKBB, WH,
fn- tfiD Lluuor Habit, Positively Curetf
or AD::iii!.YEni,)Q dr. haire? ooiden sptcint.
It can do given In o cup of coffee or lea, or in ar
tides o.l ooil. without the knowledRO ol the per
on takln It; It U absolutely harmless and will
effort a permanent and upeedy cure, whother
ttiepiitlentina moilerato drinker ot-an alnohollo
gram will be rendered.
To ba Married.
We have received the intellic-enre
that Alex Schlegel, of South Om.i-
ha, is to be married to Niss Mamie
Bafford, ef Ainsworh, Nebraska,
the ceremony to be performed at
the residents of the brides parents
at Ainsworth, Nebraska, Wednes
day, December 10. Nr. Schlegel
was formerly a compositor in The
Herald oflice and during his resi-
dence here he acquired many
friends each of whom will gladly
join with Tub IIfnald in extending
congratulations. He is now hold
ing the responsible position of city
editor of the South Omaha Dailv
Tribune. His parent9 still reside iu
this city.
We learn from the Xebraska
rress that Judge Chapman is clear,
ing the docket at a rapid rate and
indications are that he will spend measure of success that has at
rhri.tnmfl nt ti.,,., TKA 1
- ".. nc uu jiayers i teiiueu ineir eitorts. In the event
o! me county doubtless are content they desire to give a similar enter
with such information, as a pro- tainment in the future, there is
iongeu term ot court always entails little doubt that they will be well
To KxTirnit Voorlclnoi.
Anthropologists all over the, wnrM nra
said to 1 aroused by the proposition of
Professor rutuiun, of Harvard, to mir.iw.r
at tho Worlds fair in Chicago livinirren. ?'ltll,'T..NEVE.R FA,L8, wc GUARANTEE
resentatives of evPrv r rnff T
lut-o uj vo ionnn on tho a Tmn.n i
tinent, in their own houses and costumes.
Should the proposal be carried out, stu
dents of man from all over the world
will flock to America for
and seize eagerly this only opportunity
ever offered. The cave dwellers, whose
mode of life WaltMcDoutrall treats nri th
much historical correctness in fiction,
will then be either demonstrated as ac
tually existing or proved to have died
out. new xork World.
SPECIFIC C0. IM Haix St. CtnokaaUO.
a big expense.
Mrs. C. W. Belleville, of Knox-
ville, la., is the guest of the family
of C. W. Sherman.
Sloan Eaeapea.
Arthur Sloan, who a few months
since murdered the Baldwin family
in Washington county broke jail at
xiiaii ui v.m last evening, lie was
accompanied and assisted by Frank
Morrison an all around crook who
was being held for burglary. They
The Best Remedy m
i?,1 Vld" ,ayl Honr. of ByraovML
N.T.. ii Paator KmIi-. n. V"
In Jail for One Hour. I &y on. who waa tinrti.ii. .w
The shortest term of lmnrisnnmnt "81'ltteke by haiaot had an
ZIlT in ?tta was im- SSK&T I, So.t
List of Letter
Remainingunclaimedin the post
office at Plattsmouth December 9,
for the week ending December 2:
Davli.Orln Stiidler,
Bmbree, C E Freltas, Paul
Marler, Frank Threlkeld, Mrs Llizle the bluffs, south of the town by the
SS 'L cour V10U8e.janitor; The nla
Vonng, ii m was at once given and within thirty
Persons calling for any of the mimites 8Corea of excited citizens
above will please ask for "adver- hnd fi'athere(1 at lle jail and hun-
tised" letters. dreds of mounted men were scour-
H. J. Stkeigiit, P. M. ing the country. Sheriff Harriinan
... , tI at once offered $200 for the capture
Walt Holmes has added au ele of Sloan, dead or alive nml tlif
Rant new hack to his already well search will be rmsWH v!.r.,,i.,
equipped livery establishment. In tlie event h. U r,-.i,.rH tul :1
IlKRAtnis glad to note thin tifi( lnuiw ii.. ii ;n i... i i..i
evidence of prosperity on the part at once as the sentiment of the
of this establishment
were discovered runninir townnl nif t,. ... . TU"
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