Plattsmouth weekly herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1882-1892, December 17, 1891, Image 5

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Legal Notice
1 brink
dwurd Aium, ana
-liiir Alloa. partner a
a ISru. riuaitiS
mi Petersen and
tiaa H. 1'eteren
.era as Petersen & I5ro
1 .jtmui Petersen, defendant, will take
notice Hi at on the 2ilh day ot November,
Allen Bros , plaintiffs herein, filed their peti
tion In the district court ilia's county. Ne
braska, against said tl feuduut. the object and
prayer of which are to recover of deteudants
the sum of one hundred thirteen and Ave one
hundretlis dollars with Interest thereon from
Aovtiiuuer 20, l)l ; seventy-six un4 liinety
teveu one hundretlis dollars of said amount
being now due mid payable ami thir'y ux and
eight one-hundreths dollars due and payable
ovember 30 for iroods and merchandise sold
and delivered defendant by pi limits and tint
On said day an order of attachment was Issued
lt clerk of the district court of l ass
( nniv. Nebraska, directed to the sheriff of
I adison county, Nebraska and the sheriff of
I tots county. Nebraska, and levied by them
it Annthefol owinif described nrooerlv. to-wlt :
- . i,i j ........ - i j ... .......... ......j
J . i ,.......1.1.. ...,.. ... .I...... rn-.l ....... I. ..
. T-t J v ....... v J ...... i i ..... ... ......
V v. ,ar 141 Madison C"Uiilv. Nebraska, and lot
, lour HI 111 block flftv-elKht fwl and lot ten
(10) In block thirty-three ai In the city of
riattsniouth Nebraska. Notice of jjarniidi
ment was also lerved upon the Klrxt National
Bank of Plattsnioutli tebmska as tnnrtKiinee
Of all uooils merchandise hook arcounts be
, longing to said defendant and in possession
. ami under control of said bank, VlaiulilT uas
for judgment HtaWt dleeixlnnl for the sum
of U3.o.' interests and all of said property or
.) m ieli tbereof as may be iieeesrniry be col l
to tatisfv theamouut found due plaintiff from
You are required to answer said 'petition i u
r before Monday Jaimiarv lltb l"11' linos, iilainl ill.
hy John A, av Iks atly
Dated ld.
Leal Notice
IN DIsritlOT CUl Itl CASS COl'NTV, m:
brakn James Jupsen,
vs .
Kasnui rrlerxi'ii, (
Defendant I
' Itaiim I'eler-ien defendant will take notice
that on ihe ttMli day ol November .lames
Jupsen plaint. If herein liled bis petition in
llie ilMili-t court ol i ns county reir:e-Ka
aiaiinst saul defendant the object and payer
of which is to recover of the defendant the
mini of one hundred and llfty dollars, with
Interest from date for money leaned defendant
at hi special instance and request now due
; and payable to plaintiff fi'"lu (lefendaiit and
thatin'said day an older of atlachtnent
issued by the clerk of the diitilet court of
. Cas county Nebraska directed to the sheriff
' of Madison county Nebraska and the sheriff
01 Cass countv Ne'binska and levied by them
upon the following decsribed property towrit :
The northeast quarter U of section thirty
JOJ township twentv-tliiee L'3j north of range
four 141 west, situated in Madison county Ne-
braska and lot four 4 in block fifty-eight Irk
and lot ten 1101, in block thirty-three a
situated in the uitv of Plattsmnulh Cass coun
ty Nebraska and aiso served notice of garirsh
incut upon the First National Hank of 1'lattt
moutli Nebraska as mortgage of all goods,
wares, merchandise and book accounts belong
ing to saiil defendant Kannu Petersen In the
bands and posessiou of said First National Hank
01 I'lattsuioiiltl jetiraKa, i uai planum piiijs
for judgment against, defendant f r nid sum
of one hundred and fifty dollars with interest
from date and that all of said property or as
much thereof as may be necessary be sold to
satisfy the am-iint found due plalntill from
You are required to answer said petition on
or before the litlday of .lamiraiy
Jam Fin Japsf.n, plaintiff
Ity Matthew (, Atty.
Dated Nov l;d.
Legal Notice
brasku. I
Dudley M. Steele, simtii
John Steele, partners
US D. M. Steele & Co.
Rasmus Petersen and
Christian Petersen part
uers as Petersen & liro.
lUsmus Petersen defendant, will take notice
that on the tilth day of NoveniDer ism, u. ni.
Steele & Co., plalntilis bereln liled their peti
tion In the district court of Cass county. Ne
braska against said defendants the object and
firayeyotwlilchareto recover of defendant
he sum of One Hundred and Twenty-four dol
lar and sixty two cents with Inters-1 thereon
froni November 18, Ism now due and payable
tolalntltI from delendants for goods and mer
CliaUUIe SOIU nilU UUUVCIU uy itniuhiii n tii-
fendant at their request and that on said day
an order of attachment was issued by the clerk
f the distnet court of l ass County. Nebraska
directed to the sheriff of Cass county. Nebras
ka and bv him levied upoa the following de
scribed property, to-wlt.
hot four 4, block fifty-eight 581 and lot ten
fin, block thirty-three 33 In the City of
I'lattsmouth. Nebraska. Notice of garnish
ment was also served on the First National
Kankof PKttsBoutli, Nebraska as mortgagee
of all goods, merchandise and book accounts
belonging to said defendant and now In pos
session and unber control of the said First Na
tional Bank wherefore plaintiff prays for Judg
ment against defendant for the sum of $14.62
with Interest and that all of said property or
so'much thereof a may be nece-sary be sold
to "sat iffy the amount due plaintiff from deten
defendant. You are required to answer said petition on
or before Monday, January 11. isl.
D. M. Stkklr & Co. rialntiff.
liy John A. Davies, Atty.
Dated November an. isil,
Legal Notice.
J. brsska.
shland Mill and Klectrlo 1
Light Company (incorpor
ated). Plaintiff I
v i"
J'asnuis Petersen,
Christian II, Petersen, i
Defendant J
Itasmns Petersen defendent will take notice
that ou the Hi th day iof November lsal Ihe
Ashland Mills and Klecirlc Light Co, plaintiff
herein Bled its petition In the district court of
Cass county Nebraska against said defendant
the object and prayer of which are to recover
of defendants the sum of one hundred twenty
dollars and fifteen cents with interest thereon
from Nov, 20th lS'.il now dne and payable to
plaintiff from defendant for goods and merch
andise sold and delivered to defendant at
their request by tilalntlff and that on said dsy
an order of attachment was issued by theclerk
of the district court of Cass county Nebraska
directed to the sheriff of Madison county Ne
braska and sheriff of Cass county Nebraska
and levied by them upon the following dej
tfibed property towrit :
The northeast quarter fHl stetlos thirty
Jfll towuship twenty three 2S north of rang
four 141. west, situated in Madison count v, Ne
braska and lot four 4. block fifty-eight is,
and lot ten fill, block thirty-three x), Flails
mouth, Nebraska. Notice of garnishment was
also served on the First National nank of
Plattsiiiouth, Nebraska as mortgagee of all
goods, merchandise and book accounts belong
ing to said defendant and now In possession
and under control of said Hank. Plalntill
pravs for a judgment agalfist sid defendant
fertile said sum of $120 15 with Interest aud
that all of said property or so much thereof as
may be necessary be sold to satisfy the amount
found due plaintiff from defendant,
You are required to answer said petition on
or before Murrtay January ll.lsw
Ash land Mill and ELurTtitf!
LiohtCompanv, Plaintiff.
By John A, Davies, Atty
Dated November 30, 1891.
Legal Notice
braska. Rasmus Hansen,
1 laiunu
Ruitim Petersen.
ueienuaui j
Kasmus Petersen, defendant, will take
notioe that on the twentieth day of N"v., ls'jl.
Kasmus Hansen, plaintiff herein, filed his
petition in the district court of Cas county,
Nebraska, agaiiist said defendant, the object
and pniyerot which Is to recover of the de
fendant the sum of one hundred dollars, with
interest from September i, 18:0 at 10 per cent
per annum for money loaned defendant at his
special instances and request now due and
payable to plaintiff from defendant and that
en said day also tiled the necessary affidavit to
obtain orlersof attachment to be Issued by the
clsrk of Ihe district court of Cass couutv, fe-
r . J J . 1
braska directed to the sberlff of Madison eoui
tv. Nebraska and t the MicritT of Cxss
county. Nebraska and leviei hy them t.ponthe
following described property, to-wlt ;
Then r beast quarter '). of section thirty
30, township twenty three I .::?. north of mime
four 41, west, sltuat'din lidison county Ne
braska and lots four 4!, ill blin k fifty-eight
:.s, diul io ten iio in biock thirty-three a.nj.
City of Plattsiiiouth. l ass county, Nelrak i.
ami also served nonce of garnishment unootlie
First National Hank of Plattsiiiouth, Nebraska
as mortgagee of all go' ds, wares.mercliandise
and boon aceou ts belongli g te said defen
dant Kasmus t lie hand and roses,
slonnf Said First .National Hank of Plattsnioiitli
Nebraska, that plalntill prays for a judg
ment against refendaut Tor said sum of -fKKi.isi
with interest from Sept 5, ls:U and that all of
said property or so much thereof as may be
necessary be sidd o satisfy the amount touud
due plaiatiff from defendant.
You are required t answer said petition on
or before the nth day of January, is i
Kasmi s Hanskn, Plaintiff,
Hv Mathew Ueriug, Ally.
Dated November:, 1SJ1.
Legal Notice
braska. Christluu II. Petersen "I
Plaintiff I
vs. V
Hasmue Peteisen, I
Defendant, j
Kasmus Petersen defendant will take notice
that en the pith day of November l.s Chris
tian II. Peters' ti plaintiff herein tiled his puti
tionintlie district court -f Cass ctunly Ne
biaska iigainst said (lelendatit the object and
prayer of w hich Is to recover of the defendant
the sum of two thousand and llfty-six dollars
Uiou a promissory note and other jtideliieil
ness as shown by said petition all of which
sum Is now due and payhle. to plaintiff from
defendant utol Unit in .said dav nil or.ler of
attachment was issued b the clerk of the d's
tiict cointof ( as County Nebraska directed
to the sin rill of iladison county Nebraska and
ll,e shei ;I of ( ii'.s i" nut. V Neli aka mid levied
bv them upon the tclloumg desciilied proper
I) belonging to tile ilelcnilaiit tow it :
'I lie iuit lo-:i-i quarter i'i1 of section thirty
ip town-hip w. nty-three i'.'.ii norin of lange
tour 1 4) wet, situat.'d In Madison e. iinly ,e.
luiLskii an l lot i ' . ti r t) Pi block lifiyeicii :,)
an ' lot ti n ! ii block I mi iv -I lneei:i;u iina
teil in the ci j l l';attni'iii;ii Nebiasi. a that
plainiill prav t i jiiiiueincnt against defelidaiil
forsaid sum "I i h 'lucres' lh in date
and thai all of said property ! so much Iheie
of as iiia be ncis-aiyhe sold to sutily the
aiii"iiiit loiai'l iluc pl.iiiililf fr nn defendant
You are rquiivd 'o.invwor ald petithi'i on
or liefore tin! nth eav oi janury is:i.'.
ClIUlsT'AN II. !'!' I KIISI-.N. pIllinMlf
)l, I., lilt W N K, AtiJ .
Dated Nov. 27 Iwl.
L.ei;tl Noiico.
Theodore Tvehson and 1
Julius Keiich, pai (nets i
l laiulitls. i
Kasmus Petersen and I
( liristiau II l'eteiveti, part 1
Iters. Defeni:alits. J
Kasmus Petersen, defendant will take no
tice tnat on the jnth dav of November Ikl'I
Tycbson & Itencli plainlilis, herein liled their
pelillou in the district coiir. of t ass comity Ne
braska against said defendant, the object
and prayer of which are to recover
from ilcfciidatits the sum of w th
interest thereon from November '-', lsyi,
for goods and merchandise now due and
payable. That an order of attachment was
issued by the clerk of I lie district court of Cass
coiuiiy Nobia-kaulrei'teil to (he sheriff of said
count v and by him levied upon the following
deser bed property : tew it, lot four (4) 111 block
(I and lot Jo, In block J','.) in I he citv oi
i'lallsiiiouth .Nebraska also that a notice ol
giirnlsliinei I was srved upon the First Na
tional liank as mortgagee of the goods, and
merchandise i f debts and b ok accounts.
'lbat the same may bo mho to sat My amount
due Plaintiff Irnindefeiidiiiits hereon.
oil Hie icqinieil lo anHer said petition on
or ti id ore Monday jamiaiv inn, ivi;
l vi tisov ,t Ks tii it
IljtJ ilt.N A, DAViKS.Atty
Legal Notice
J. Nebraska
(iurtrude 8. Pete rseti
Kasmus Petersen. 1
Defoudaiit. J
l!a"niuH Petersen, defendant, will -jke no
tice that on the i.'1'th day of November
Uerlrude 8. Petersen, plaintiff herein liled her
Roll Ion In the district court 01 tass county
ebriska against said defendant, the object
and prayer of which is to recover of the de
fendant the sum of two hundred dollars with
Interest from May 11. 1891 for money loaned rie
fendant at Ills special instance and request,
now due and Ipayahle to plaintiff from the de
fendant and that on said day an aflldavii nec
essary to procure an order of a'tsclimeut was
liled In said court and orders of attachment
w ere issued by the clerk of the district court of
Cass county Neb directed t) the sheriff of Mad
ison county. Neb and the sheriff of Cass coun
ty Nebraska and levied by them upon the fol
lowing described property, to-wlt :
'1 he northeast quarter K)nf se tlon thirty
(.t), township twenty-three cS) north of range
four (4) west, situated in Madison county, Ne
braska and lot four (4) in block fifty eight(M)
and lot tin (10 In block thirty-three (31) situat
ed In the eitv of Plattsiiiouth. Cant county,
Nebraska and also served notice of garnishment
upon the First National Hank of Piattsmoutli,
Nebraska, a inortgHcee of all goods, wares,
merchandise aud book accounts belonging to
said defendant, Kasmus Petersen in the hands
and possossiou ofsaidFlist National Hank of
Plattsiiiouth, Nebraska, That plaintiff prays
for a judgment against said defendant for
said sum of two hundred dollars with Interest
from May 11, IsJl and that all of said property
or so much tncreof a may be accessary be sold
to satisfy the amount found due plalntill from
You are required to answer said petition 011
or before the llth day of January isw.
UeuthuukS. Pktkkskn. Plalniiff,
Hy Mathew tiering, Atty,
Dated November 27, IStfl,
Leal Notice
fleo A. Kennard (Impleaded with others) will
take notice that on tin 17th day uf May K)
the plaintiff herein, William Saunders, filed
his petition In the district court ot Cass county
Nebraska, the object and prayer of which are
to foreclose a certain mortgage executed by
the defendants Paulina A. Morton and Willi's
J llotton to the plaintiff upon the northwest
quarter of section number twenty-seven, town
ship number ten, north range ten, east of the
6th P. M , In s.ud Cass county to secure the
payment of a ceitaln promisory note lated
August M. lssi) for the sum of $w no due and
payable one day after dav at 10 per cent Inter
est. IheiH is now due upon said note and
mortgage the sum of $-".13.00 and lo per cent 111
teiest from the AMU day of August, I811I for
which sum, with interest, plaintiff praysde
ereethat defenlanis be required to pay the
same or that said premises may be sold to sat
isfy the amount found due, aid to execute you
from all interest thcrin.
You are required to answer said petition and
all cross petitions therein liled on or before IU9
Ihth day of Juliuaiy IS'.U.
Hy Gibson Wooley, lus Atlys.
December 4 iHd. 4t
J. I. KobitiHOii, fortnorly county
clerk of Cuss county, now a r Hident
of Chadron, was married last
wei'k to a Miss Wright, at the home
of her parent.- at Chadron. The
inatiy friends ol Mr. Robinson will
join with THE IlEKALD in extending
Here ia a Chance
Tor some one with a few hundred
dollars to get into a good business.
Kstablished ISSfj. For further par
ticulars address Box 98, I'latta
mouth, Nebraska. wd-8
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria.
When P.aby was lick, w gave her Castoria.
When the was ChiM, she cried for Castoria,
When she beoame Miss, i'j clung to CaorV.,
When sli bad Children, shs .vo tliem Contort,
Raffled Best Medical Skill for
Eight Months. Cured In Two
Monihs by Cutieura
This is to seHlfv that a child of mine bad
eczema in its woist form, and hch baffled
the best ineo.n-.ti skin mat could tie employe!
here The little sufferer was ripped 111
tgouy for at least eight months, six months
01 mat nine us suner
lug was slmplv untold,
then 1 t'gnn the use of
the CmrPKA Kkmk
piks ; in two months
the awful disease had
ceased Its vengeatise,
aud my darling boy had
rest, and to all appear
ance the disease had
yielded, hut loom Inn d
the medlclt.e for several
months after uo trace
ceuld be seen of it on
any nart of his boilv
The doctors here watched the disease with
much luterest. and could onlv sav "Well
done I" The case was known far and wide,
and everybody was much sutprised Hut
thanks to CimtTHA Kkmrdiks. Could then
be anything mi earth that would cause a
father to rejoice It surely would be whin the
nine innocent one could nave such a remedy
at hand. ISee portrait herewith. I J. A.
NICIHU.KS, Hunker Mill. Ind.
A child was brought to me with chronic
ecema that had defied splendid treatment
from many good doctor. As a regular M, D .
should have con'iiiued similar treatment, but
thought 11 ueie-s. Sn put It 011 c titer it as.
The child Is well
C. I,, til ItNKY, M. 1)., noon, la.
Cutieura Resolvent.
Th'' new Hlood and skin Purifier. Inlernallv.
slid 1 l' I li t ha, the great uln I'uie, and
Cr i n I It So i', Ihe eqiil-ile Skin Heautl
I'o r, cMeriia'lv, 1 1 1 -1 a 1 1 1 1 ' rein ve and -.pee lily
cine rvcry i-ease ;" d biitnar of the skin'.
il" and bomil, null loss ol hair, from 111I.111-
cy lo a.,;e, I10111 pimples I 1 scrofula.
Sold even -here. Prii-e. t'ln'triiiA Me.:
Sua p. J.'.e. ; III sm.vKN '', ji. Prepared by I he
PoT I III 1UU ii AMI Cll f.MH AI.LiHU'OllAI loN,
1 ii'si
, '.Jin, lira nun Nil- l I II I '-l.l ,1,
(14 pages. ,10 illustrations, ami loo tesiimouiaU.
W.H..1 r.... ell.,,.. ,. I. 1. :.. 1,4. ....
"R A PV'vJ Ski" ri,,'l pnrllled and
DtD L O bcaulilicd by t urici A Soac.
Absolutely pure.
Wi;AJi, fAlNI U.
fflSlA Kidney and I'terim
hull Weaknesses relieved i
LljiiJ bv the cutieura
ne Pains ami
in one mliinte
A ntf-Pnln
i. H PlAQtnr. tilt- till I V I114I :ml illieiltw
pain killing plaster.
Aiie'lo" of Hsrdwars
at J. Kieley Johnson's CDnniipncing
Thursday Ueeember Kl, and con
tiutiitig !ay and ttL-lit, im1il closed
out. R S. White,
w.'tt. Aiiitioneer.
CtaHM Monday' 1 IktQu.
li.-s Bird Ward, of Louisville, is
visiting' wilh her cotisiti, MissSusie
Judge C'li.ipm;iii flcnnrffd hist
evening fur .Nebraska City 1" re
sume hi- duties tipo:i Hie l i'tuli.
C. L. ('oleinal!, of Oiiiiilta, spent
Sunday in the city.
Tout Ililier and II. it ry (ii i-en com
nienied work in the sliops this
Mh. Vass iind daughter, Carrie
left tli is morning for Uenver, Colo.,
for it few woekn' visit.
TomNiller has resigned his po
sition ns postoflice cleric nnd has
beeti succeeded by VA. Styles.
John Vullery nnd Mrs. lligginson
came in from Chicago this morning,
called hither by the severe illnes of
Marguerite Vnllery.
MrB. W. A. Lockart and Mrs. Geo.
Mantling, who have been visiting at
the home of II. C. McMaken for sev
eral days, departed thia morning
for Sierra Madra, Cal. The former
is a sister of Mrs. McMaken.
MissJ Maggie Vallcry who for
some time past has been nfllicted
with ulceration of the Stomach grew
rapidly worse Sunday and is no bet
ter to-day. There is very little
hope entertained for her recovery
The new depot at South riatts
niouth is rapidly Hearing comple
tion and the construction of the
side tracks is reported to have been
commenced. We cannot say, how
ever, that this intelligence is spec
ially interesting to I'lattsmouth.
Almoat a Rnnoway.
About 1 p. 111. jesterday Lon
Marshall untied his team which
was tied in front of Lebnuotf Bros'
place of business, but as he at
tempted to get into the vehicle, 0111
of the horses quickly switched its
tail over the line and at once sprang
forwaad and began to kick violent
ly. The plucky driver tightened
his grip on the lines and braced
himself firmly as possible and
although standing upon the
ground succeeded in stopping the
team, after it had encircled u
portion of the street a few times
The buggy was damaged consider'
ably and the milk can were scat
tered promiscuously about the
Linooln After It,
There is a strong probability that
the Shenandoah Normal College
will be removed to Lincoln. In the
event of which Nebraska education
al facilities will be greatly en
larged and bettered. The following
front the Lincoln Journal is of inte
rest: The proposition to mere the
Shenandoah normal school with
Professor Roosc's Lincoln normal
universily is likely be successful, if
indications arc not decidedly mis-,
leading. Saturday evening a meet
ing was held in the school house
near the campus of Profess Roose's
location. It was largely attended
by property owners of the vicinity
and by prominent member of the
board of trade and real estate ex-
chnnge. The proposition was ex
plained by Professor Koose and
others, who stated that plans of the
buildingnlrvady in course of con
slrueliiui Heiv In be couipli'lcd and
a boardtng house built with a
capacity of am) boarders. In itd-
ditinn a power house must be
erected lor power, light and heat.
The b.tililings alone are to cost
of least $i:.i,Uii) and it is to be made
the' largest normal college in
America. Property Mibscripiou
amounting to ."0,itii() only were
needed, ,
After a free discussion eight live
acres of land were subscribed by
those present. Others have sigui
fied a willingness to subscribe and
no great dillieulty is apprehend in
raising the desired amount. The
matter must he settled this week,
as another site near the cily is in
view. In addition ts the oilier site
which seems available, there have
been liberal otTets front Sioux City
and IVnvcr. The board of trade
and red estate exchange are de
termined, however, to never let the
present opportunity pass if it can
be avoided.
Stivi-r-oly lo.iureil
The many friends of lion. W. It.
Sliyroe!., of Louisville, will be
pa i ne ! hi Lea r 1 hat lie nu t with an
unfortunate accident last Saturday,
lie was in (lie act af mini ut itig a
saddled pony, and juM as Mr.
Sh rock had planted his loot (irm
ly in the si ii rup, t lie pony ln'caiue
frightened aa I sprang rapidly
forward not Mopping until the un
fortunate man was ili'a 'ued liA)
yards. 1 ie was discovered sdiorlly
afterward and taken to his home in
in insensible condition. Upon
examination he was found to be
badly bruised on different parts of
the body but it was thought that
he 11 cei veil no serious injury ex
cept the fracture of a leg. It is
almost miraculous that he should
escape more serious injuries, and
he surely has some cause for re
joicing, lie will he conlineil to
his room for several weeks.
S. V. Duttou departed for Kan
sas City this morning.
A Iteliuious Dehoifs.
A religious debate is in progress
it Kltnwood between Ivlder Allen,
pastor of the Baptist church at
I'i. ion, aud Rev. Potter, of Saline
county, of the Mormon persuasion.
The discussion began Tuesday
night, and, unless the time 11s
originally set has been extended,
the debate closed last evening. In
his report of the discussion to the
Union Ledger, an Klinwood corres-
pondent has the following to say of
the debate:
"The speakers have so far been
kind and patient toward each other
and have deinonmrated the fact
that debates can'Jfe held without
personal spite. As to their ubil
ities, Klder Porter co.nes as a repre
sentative of his faith, is Knglish by
birth, and is a fine speaker, and
while he seems to understand his
business from his standpoint, he is
not a sparkling orator, but a genial
and companionable man. As to
Ivlder Allen, he needs no commen
dation from me. lie is a nun
whose reputation as a skilled, fair
and scholarly debater stands in the
front ranks, and in this debate he
has more than met the expectations
of his friends, and last night his
onslaughts were so fearful and
unanswerable that his opponent
seemed to sit and gaze with amaze
ment, and yet while Allen shredded
the Mormon claims as by
whirlwind, his bearing toward his
opponent was that of a friend and
brother, and he plainly stated to
the congregation that if they came
to hear the Mormon prophet villi'
fied they might as well go home
He has now in this debate the
admiration of even his opponents
as a man who stands above per
sonal prowess or vindictive slang."
To look at as fine a line of Holiday
Goods as there is in Plattsiiiouth
call at Snyders drugstore when in
town. I Ie does not have the largest
stock in the couuty, but what he
has is well selected, tasty, neat
just what you want, and will be
sold for prices so low that you can
afford to buy a nice present for your
wile, sweetheart or menu. A cor
dial invitation is extended to each
and every reader of this paper to
visit his store and see for your
selves. wt
IT lias lieen authoritatively an
nounced that the shipments of
American grain to Kwrope thus far
this year have been 100,000,10
bushels greater than ever before
The prospects of the alliance con
tinue to look gloomy. The repub
lican party should not be blamed
as when it opened up' additional
markets for our farmers it was only
doing its duty.
The Globe-Democrat aaya the an
nottnccinent that Senator Culloin
considers himself a presidential
possibility is worthy little attention
as this spell will soon wear off and
leave him as sane as ever.
John Monro InxiHinly Kille t WhiU
Milking h Cmiptiii.f ut the
B. A M. Ynt.
Our citizens were horrified last
e ening by the announcement that
John Monroe, a switchman at the
B. A: M. yards, had been instantly
killed. The corpse was at once
taken in charge by Coroner Uiiruh
and conveyed to apart meats over
his place of business. As it lay up.
ou a stretcher it indeed presented
an thing but a pleasing scene.
The head was crushed into an un
recognizable mass. The skull was
crushed as it were a piece of
chinaware, while the brain, the
little that remained, was dangling
from the skull. The face was badly
bruised aud coveted with blood
rendering the scene sickening in
the extreme, lvvidenees tnat the
car-wheel had passed partly over
the abdomen were diseet liable. As
soon as practicable, Coroner Unrtih
cared for the corpse and rendered
11 111 as preseutauie condition as
I'lte accident happened a few
minutes before 7 last evening. The
1111I01 lunate in in was attempting
lo couple a Hat to a box car. The
Hal ear was loaded with heavy
timbers, which projected over the
ml of the car and the presumption
it first was, (lioitLiIi that view has
ici'it disproved by (lie coroner's
jury, that as lie stepped between
thecals his head was caught by
one of the timbers nnd ianimed
igainst the car with great force.
Htakeniati Wilson stated thai he
stood within eight or nine feet of
the man at Ihe time of the acc dent
and he kiiw the timber jam his
head against the ear and us the
train slacked he immediately drop
ped to the ground. Others testified
before the coroner's jury that Ihe
injury was more probably caused
by the car wheel.
The coroner empaneled the fol
lowing jury: Win. Weber, W. W.
Hull, I'M Fitzgerald, A. I). Despain,
B. Nobles, O. C. Dovey. About a
lo.en witnesses were examined aud
the following verdict was rendered:
At an iiiiiuisition hidden at
Piattsmoutli, in Cass county, ou the
lath day of December, A. I. lYll,
lelore nn', J. I. Uiiruh, coroner of
said couuty, upon Ihe body of John
Monroe, lying dead, by the jurors
whose names are hereunto sub
scribed, the said jurors upon their
n, lib say: That the said John Mon
roe came to his death while at
lemotinir to make n couplitiL'' in the
I'lattsmouth yard of the B. .V M.
Ii. Ii. Co. from accidentally falling
under the car wheel and the wheel
of the car running onto him; and
that, in our opinion, from the evi
dence and to the best of our belief,
no blame could be attached to the
company or its employees.
Wm. Wkhek,
V. W. Hull,
C. U. Noiilks,
(. C. I)OVKY,
The deceased is a young man,
unmarried, and has been living
with his parents in Plattstnoulh
the greater portion of the past five
years. Until recently he has been
employed upon the street works of
the city. About four months since
he went to Lincoln, where he coin
menced switching, but as there was
an opening for him in that work
here, he began work in the Plaits
mouth yards Oct. 13. lie has al
ways been considered a quiet,
honest, upright young nnu,
and his untimely end will
be deplored by his large
circle of friends, Ihe shock is
specially hard for his aged mother,
at thiH time is lvinif at the the
point of death.
The funeral will take place at the
residence of Mr. Monroe's, patent in
Shalfervile. at 11 a. in. to-morrow.
Miss Maggie Vallcry is reported
a tritle betterjto-day.
Mr. Harry Dixon, of Denver, is
visiting the family ot engineer
Mrs. Dixon, of lidgar, formerly a
resident of thisjcity.jis the guest of
Mrs. Cochran thisjweek.
Judge Ramsey left for Kansas
City this morning to attend the
Missouri Improvement C onvention
Jas. Stradley. of Smith county
Kansas, and Isaac Stradley, of
Greenwood, are in the city, the
rruests of their sister, Mrs. D. K
A crowd of young people, repre
sentatives of the Epworth League
met at the residence of Mrs. Kenne
dy last evening, and completed two
comforters, to be donated to a fatu
ily who are in destitute circum
stances. We are are glad to note
this evidence of generosity and
charity on the part oi" this organza
tion of young people, and it is
certainly to be commended. And
as winter approaches and the poor
of our city become more in need of
material comforts, the members of
the League will doubtless be glad
to co-operate with any in aleviating
A pair of very chubby leas,
Kncascd in ru-urlet none;
A p'lir of link, xtiibhy Inxits, '
With ratio r do'i'itful toes:
A III lie kilt, a litilo out,
Tilt an a mother 11111 -And
lol before nt stands In state
'lhu future's "l ouiiii iimn."
Ills ecN,V'ri'liimrc, will read tho stars
And search their unknown ways;
I'eri liaiio the Ii noun heart and soul
Will o'll to tlo ir irn.e;
lVrrbnnce their ki t 11 and flushing glaual
Will be a nation's liclit
Thusn eyes that now are wistful bent
On soliiu "biu fellow's" kite.
Tliii'c bands- those little busy hands
So si Icky, small and brown;
Those hands w hose only mission seems
To Hlll all order down
ho knows what latent strength may be
Hidden within their chisi,
Tlioniih now 'tis but a taffy stick
lu sturdy hold they Kriuip.
Ah, blessing on tlumo little hands.
Whose work Is yet undone!
And lilesslut.'s 011 those lutle feet,
WhoHU rare Is yet iiurutil '
And IiIchhIidisiiu thu little brain
That has not learned to ihuil
Wlnite'cr the future holds In store,
liod blcsa tho "coiuiiiK limn!"
(sonic rvtllo Journal.
At MarrliiRn Mi m Window.
A marriage license) window is a queer
place, mill one ut which human nature
Is bared to ollieinl inspection ns it sel
dom is in any oilier government office.
Hither enmo the gossips to atk whether
certain couples whoso name were pub
lished the other day have yet got mar
ried; to 11 -k what sort of it looking man
it was who took out a to wud
with Susie Todd was he tall and li'ht
or stout nnd dark? And hither cotini uti
lity mothers to fy that no permit
Hliortld liiivu been given for their
daughters, who are not bo old as win
said. They ask how thu law can lis in
voked to punish the nfl'eiiditig bride
proems. But there lire ether brides who
tippear to be forty or thirty, yet de
clare themselves thirty or twenty.
Hack comes 11 imiu to usl if his permit
number cannot be changed, because h
wants to buy a lottery ticket of thowinni
number its his wedding license, and can
not tin ho unless a diango is mado. Old
111011 npijuk for girlish brides, and ancient
wrinkled women lead up very young-
men, holding their arms us if tlioy might
escape Once a girl eiuno weeping, and
aid the man alio meant to marry lay dy
ing, ami there was not a moment to lose.
Indeed, it is a queer place, and the whole
illimitable gamut that liovelistB have
spanned in many centuries is there at
hand still Hounding fresh notes and of-
ring new chords. Julian Ualph In
Harper's Weekly.
How M us k rain Are Trapped,
Trapping is one of tho modes hy which
nitihkrats are secured. The traps are
made of boards about C inches wide and
.! feet long. These lire nailed together
like nn ordinary box trap, tho open ends
being secured by swinging doors of wire
network, fastened tu the upper part of
both entrances. These dixirs allow easy
ingress to the trap, but once in the rut
cannot get out without opening the door
by pulling it to him, which weret they
Boem very slow to discover. These traps
are put in the leads running from tho
houses to the water when the tide is at
low ebb and the rats are out fuelling.
On the return they crawl up the leads.
push against one of tho wire doors of
tho trap, which immediately opens into
the trap, but they cannot go further, as
the next door oikhih toward them. Be
fore they can gnaw ont the tide makes ,
up anil they are drowned in tho trap.
By having a number of traps aud watch
ing the tides closely a trapper can cap
ture a large number in this wav. Balti
more Bun.
Judged by Ills Appearance.
An amusing incident occurred som
time ago which illustrates the scanty
ceremony with which shabbily dressed
people are often treated. A country
magnate in the north of England was
called upon with reference to a scheme
for the furtherance of some local charity
by a person whom the servant, judging
by his timoworn uabihments, described
to his master as "either a beggar or a
tout for orders," adding that he had left
him in the hall, not thinking it safe to
bIiow him into one of tho rooms. Tho
"beggar or tout" turned out to be no
less a personage than tho member for
tho distnet, and one of tho richest men
in the county. London Tit-liits.
1 '
He Couldn't He Frightened.
A small boy on Sixth street hates tho
washing process worse than snakes. Ilia
mother was scrubbing him aud he waa
"Why don't you be a good boy, sho
begged. "Don't you know that youll
go to the bad place if you are not?"
"There am t any water there, is therer
he asked.
"Not a drop," she answered solemnly.
"Then I guess I'll keep on being bad."
And he kept on. Detroit Freo Press.
Fully 85 per cent, of artificial lim1
made are legs, 15 per cent. arms. Of
legs, 4'J per cent, are right, 40 per cent,
loft, S per cent, both right and left.
Seventy-eight per cent, of legs auaputut
ed are of males, 22 per cent, are females.
One of the tricks of the coffee trade ia
to sift the beans so as to get the small
beans out of inferior Java coffee and
mix them with Mocha, bo as to sell at a,
higher price. Sometimes even experts
will be deceived by this trick.
Beet sugar may be bought in certain
tores in our eastern cities. To the taste)
it cannot be distinguished from the beat
eane sugar except by experts, who say
it is richer in sweets than most cans
sugar. '
Steam pipes are now being made from
the ramie fiber. The material is so close
ly pressed together by hydraulic ma
chinery that it has a tensile strengtu.
two aud a half times that of BteeL
A second hand clothes dealer found an
I O U for f),000 in a gentleman's jacket
which the until had overlooked on wil
ing and had despaired of ever finding!
gain. 4