Plattsmouth weekly herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1882-1892, November 26, 1891, Image 7

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Tho Full rrorpcctm of Xotab'c Features for lSj2 cad Specimen Copies vi'.l be lent Free.
Brilliant Contributors.
Articles havo been written expressly for U omit rotemo by a ho-'t of cn,;nent men ami women, amenS frhotn art
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. CUws.-Va;;i V,rcst:hn,:n.-W. Clark UsacII. - Tho Carl of - Abb0tt'
Camilla Ursa. -Mrs. Henry f;. StstKcy, unc iwnaw
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a a w w - -
Nine Illustrated crfc! Sicri:3.
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700 Larre rapes. Fivs Double Holiday uzt?.;c:.
ioo Stories of Adventure.
Sketches cf Travel.
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CI:arr.ilK3 Children's Psje
700 Large rages, i ivs n-u;.;.. -
S TTn Tl FRE2 TO JAW. I, i092. Tf,!. ftg!n
C Bfk !! v.J .1 in rm! zi roTir of il ln-autii""! pn'nt.n?. rn'itlrJ ' . 1 At
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:If-Cducation. L'
This Slip
Th3 Dcst riiort Stories.
Hints on Sc
Household Articles.
Natural History Papers.
ITearl? :ceo I'.'.nttrations.
J. H:A:N:S:K
rM cap till
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rithevi-rv tn-t fiiet'ltlw f'r the proinp
trutmin-ttou 1 lifcitmulH
Hanking Business .U.K"V'Tii"ift mid local -i-
i,J inn-rest iill.-wt'd I'.e ivnilw.
Dr(tH itrnwn. KV,nlmlf In imy l;rt
aikUent mket i,ld for roin.ty Wa..
rill,(s, Mate mm rmmty bumu.
JnhnFiUwraW JV'w,l,.Trtb
8. Wauvli.
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Ait IVIilf
Lumber Yam
IL 1 MEM k m
Jl Tor Mutn and Klftti street
Phld up capital
0. 11. F.vrni'Ie
Frwl il.n.icr
J M. l'.H"isin
T. M. ratli rsnn
0 Tl Tar t-V.J.M JAlHTim. Krol (lonlcr
A B' Mitltli li. B. WlaUtiain, U. llai'i'-y
T. M.t'aLW-OQ
1 nr.MP.kM. f!AisiNC ETI31JIS
HAN3ATED' t-iitrmt allowed on 1mt
lepiwit" Buil att"uliouivuu to U bus
aiai etilriHtoJ Vo Its care.
!ironae "J the Puble Solicited.
filiinlcs, Latb, Sash.J
Doors. Blinds
0n dupply eyerw demand of the city.
Call (ind pet terms. Fourth utreot
in rear of opera house.
S. lv. HALL & SON
iCv-na'lldiU'if'ir.UiTl tlirf.f ir' on nanj
una will nui'l'iy i- :ii'a uiri' uj uivsi i
m.ilile U-r.i.
Chanbcrbin'a Eyo and 2da
A rp-taia enro for Chron'o Sew Eye?,
Tetter, Gait Eboum, Scald Head, Old
Chronio Sores. Fever Bores, Eczema,
Itch, Trairio Scratches, Sore lTipples
end Piles. It is coolins and eootliing.
Hundreds cf cases havo boon cured by
it after all other treatment had faucu.
It Is put up in S3 and CO cent boiOJ.
1 2ft
b i'tci'l l:jTit!iil luoniar
fcb3 ilruamj, Wiiulrf IkpiJi ut i)Lb
. "'Aw tn Cure in "
HAIi? PALCAM Faili to Pentoro nrny
Ilftir t-l 18 youiunii cuior.
1 hi rt IViu-'i'''!!
UlNnPteODNS. Th on!rrirraiTf.CVirTi.
Eops C-OGoa
The Lending
V lurcuiotlia ThU.
"If tho tu-w fnine 1 am ailortt to
li;tv onii-'.nu-'.i-il is tint c.ii:ilt.' uf luak
in;4 H'- iiiiics mi hour 111 t'iv ln-r away
to tin- f.M j . T;...;i 1 lil. '. t."
This astuiiiuliii:,' siau iiii'iit was :iiih
bv Mr. .ink. on UiL'h.inls, tin inaxtt-r
1 iri.;niv- rf tln Fhilaili'lpuiM an.l lu'.nl
inj; i7ilioul. Mr. UifharU lias Ihtii
working his lau-tt inwiithm fur tlit
past t-ii yt-rir". tmd a fow days ii:;o the
(!:-awiii;-i wi n- (."ltipli'U'l uud tlio pit-t-iit
was upplit-d for.
1; otitwiird m t I' lriint-e tho new l.wiv
m.nivo will tint iliffer mat. -rially from
the tsptftly .in,'iiu's now itM-d. Tiio pe
culiarity of ivm ruction lii-s in tin- fai t
that ins'lcad of the twoeyliudcrs as nv.I
at. pivst-nt lli.-n will bt four. One cyliu
tliTwill lio locati'd on 'adi sido of the
locoiuotiv frame as at pim-nt, mnl tin'
ollu r two wi.l Im cast in what is known
ns thi cylinder muhllt'. The iuM.le pair
of cyliti iors are to be in one pure ami
will lie on an ani;l.. Tho outside cyliu
tiers are to be horizontal as at present.
The four cylinders will entirely over
come what is known to eniiu'ers as tin
dead center, and theonu'iiM will be per
f.x-tlv hahim-ed without any counter-
balaneo in Urn wheels.
This latter iiiiprovetuont will, to a
bir'o deari e, .lo away witii t:io vicn-.u
pKun.litisj which has proved ko destruc
tive to modevn roadbeds. Tho peif-rt
balanciti of the ctiKino will bo largely
duo to tho woikin;; cf tho two cylin
ders so m ar her center, and theso same
cylinders, working as they do from Midi
a central point of vantage, will help out
in the nutter .f speed to a yreat dejree.
Phil. Cor. JJoston Post.
fioriniin by T.-lrjitmrm In IliiRlund.
Tlio traiismissioii of sermons by tele
phone, to tliosowho from various cimscl
are utiablo to attend church Berviees
which was experimented with in Kng
land last year, lias turned out sosnccess
fill that tleps are lii-in;; taken to extend
its tisi! on a lar;;e scale. Provided with
tho receiver tpecially used, it is said that
invalids can hear perfectly whilo in bed.
Inatpiiet room tho tollingof tho bell
before service is distinctly audible, the
prayers can bo followed, the responses
empha.--.ized and every word of tho R-r-liion
distinguished, while nolos in the
auihem aro heard as di:linctly aa in tho
Twenty-four calls wero recently re
ceived at the telephone oflieo fur coimeo
tion with a local church in an English
town, and as tho number of subscribers
there probably numbered not more than is evident that tho privilege- of
hearin;: the sermon without going to me
church for it was appreciated. In many
of tho large towns in England, especially
in Manchester, Nottingham, btaffonl,
Wolverhampton, the church telephone
6enico has come to bo (piito an institu
tion. Hew Voile Recorder.
d me,
. ..ii tftw.a i.i tin wnrlc nrnmMW
orddm from tua couutry Solicited.
217. 219, 221 and 223 Main Bt,
Portsmouth Nebraska
II. II BOSS, Proprietor,
lho Tcrkins lias bwin thoroughly
...,Tfit.,l (mm trm to ,ot?Ciui oii5 1
LLUU mvu I
iow oaa of thn best hoteis ia tho Btate
loardors will bo takon by the week at
11.50 and up.
Constantly keep on hand irerythin
yon need to furnish your housa.
fOR!isK strrn an Mint stbrt
ir,-im4 j. ,1 m a
rartiilns I'uy S.nin-tlniP.
"Well. I fudiioso you bavo heard a
great many big stories of our wonderful
crop," remarked Hon. Thomas Kinipson,
if Winona, "but I have Hist hearil ono
which 1 know is true and which well
indicates the greatness of this year's crop
iu the grains besides wheat." Mr. Simp
son then related to tho reporter the his
tory of two Winona boys in South Da
kota thisMtm-ncr, withholding tho names
of tho young men. Last spring they
rented 8.200 acres in South Dakota at
fifty cents an aero and put in a crop of
flax. From this farm they obtained
00.000 bushels of flax, un average of a
little over iifteen bushels to tho acre.
Selling this at ninety-live cents per
bushel the young farmers realized f 17,
500. Their estimated expenso was five
dollars per acre, or iitO.OOO, and this, de
ducted from tho gross receipts, leaves a
iirolitor fell ,.100 for one summer s worlc
for two young men. I lie grain is now
iu tho elevators. St. Paul I'lonour 1'ress.
An O.lrntu! rllini- Tlmt R Ak-I.-ikIi'.I
with ir.t Hhiicit.
Kite P.ying, which is nniverd in this
cmntry, ceases suddenly on tho Mtin-f
tho lirst Corean montU, and lho next day
jtone lights Like its place as the chief
public nmuseiLent. In tho eastern part
f Seoul, tho capital, there are largo
pell space'- fnat have Hot been built
open, and here occur the mot t serioua
and luteivaliiig fights. One section of
the city is pitted against another, but
ntiv ono can take a baud on either side
.... i
t pleasure, there are no recognize!
leaders, but tho mass of lighters readily
follows tho lead of any one who shows j
himself to bo a little more reckless than j
the rest
Two mobs, consisting of fifty, seventy !
or a hundred men each, are drawn np
against each other, with nn interval of
perhaps iifty yards between them. There
is an inces-iant shower of stones, and
each man's business is to bit as many
men as he can, and especially to avoid
nil lho stones directed at him. From
ten to twenty men on each side are
mined with stout clubs and wear thick
wadded helmets. Theso form tho skir
mishing line. They sally out from their
respective sides and, meeting in mid
career, strike out vii iously at each
other's heads, each man holding up Ins
cloak with his left hand as a shield to
ward off the blows of bis adversary.
After the club light has lasted about
thirty seconds one or the other begins
to give way, which is the signal for a
rush of tho others. Almost invariably
the other k-idu breaks and runs, and
sometimes are chased into their houses,
but generally some of tho pursuing
n.iriv me.-s tooclot-elv on tho fugitives.
Then the latter suddenly till n and deal
a few ttaggcring blows, which check
tho pursuers, ami in a few seconds tho
tables aro turned, and tho:;e who a mo
ment ago aro Hushed with victory are
now in ' full flight with their enemies.
Thus the battle goes back and forth
across the fields, whilo the neighboring
embaukmcntsare crowded with tpeeta
tors. Tho effect of the thundering
cheers of the spectators upon lho com
batants is marvelous.
They charge upon each other as if In
actual battle, and show what would be
bravery if exerted in soino useful cause.
Near tiio river are numerous villages
numbering from 100 to .100 houses eac h.
They aro situated along tho batiks at in
tervals of about half a mile. These keep
up a continual series of fights among
them.-elvcB dnritig tho season, one vil
lage beitr' arrayed against the other.
Tho defeated party ily across tho marshy
field to llieir own village, followed by
their rnemiep, who enter after them,
si izing anything on which they can lay
their h inds iron files, doors to mark
their victory. Then tho whole village
rises .v'.-iinst the. invaders, and they lly,
glad if they can get back without broken
The first stono fight of tho season was
rather more disastrous than usual. It is
renoi ted that six men wero killed; but
this is probably an exaggeration. A
company of soldiers wero ordered out to
stop it, which they tounu some aimeuiry
in doing with lixed liayonets. Jaraneso
A Fatal MlstaKO.
Pliysichinsi make no more fatal
mistake than when tlu-y inform pa
tient tlcil iici voii heart trotililcs
come from the Momach sunl are of
litlli- conselleiu-e. Dr. l'Va uk 1 in
Miles, the tiiilcil Indiana specialist,
has. proven the contrary iu Ilia new
Look on "Heal t Disease" w liii'h m:iy
lie Iimi free of F. G. Fricke & Co.,
who utiarulilee ami recommend Dr.
Miles' unequalled new Heart Cure,
which has the largest sale of any
heart rcmei'y in tho world. It cures)
nervous and orgnnic heart disease,
nhort lireatli. fluttering;, pain or ten
derness in the tdtlc,uriiiorhouhlcr,
irregular pulse, fiiintiiiir, sniother
inir, dropsy, etc. His Restorative
Nervine euros headache, fits, etc.
K. W. Sawyer, of Rochester, Wi
n prominent dealer in general
merchandise, and w ho rutin several
iieiblliiil; wagons, hud one of Ilia Imdly cut and luirned with ft
lariat, The wound refused to heaL
Tho horse Income lame and stiff
tiowwitlistandinj careful addition
mid the application of remedies. A
friend handed Sawyer some of
HallerV Hath Wire Lincniont, the
most wonderful tiling ever saw to
Ileal such wounds, lie applied it
only tin eo times and the sore win
coinpleted healed. Equally j;oJ
for all sots, cuts, hrnses, and
wounds. Forsifle by all drink's
a i ni
A Cure for Paralvals.'
Frank Cornelius, of Purcell, Ind.
Ter., snys: "i induced Mr. Pinson,
whose w ife had paralysis in the face
to Imv n bottle of C'baniherlain'l
Pain ilalm. To their jrroat suiu ise
before the bottle had nil been used
she was a nn-nt ll'a' hotter. Her
lace hiid been drawn to one side:
but the Pain Halm relieved all
pain mnl soreness, and the mouth
assumed its natural shape." Hie
al.-o a certain cure for rheumatism
Initio back, sprains swcllinus and
lameness. .'( cent botties for sale
by F. G. Fricke A Co., Drufty ista.
Harper's is n journal for
tho homo, It nives tlio latest in-
formation with regard to tlio 1-asli-ions,
and its numerous illustra
tions, Paris designs, and pnticrn-
sheet HtipploinentH are indispens
able alike to the home dress-maker
and the professional modiste.
expense is spared to make it artis
tic attractiveness of the highest
order. Its brighost Ktories, amua
ine; comedies, and thoughtful ce
siiys satisfy all tastes, and its hiHt
paj'e is famous us a btulpet of wit
and liuinor. In its weekly issuee
everything- is included which Is of
inlcrept'J to women. The Serials
for will ho w ritten by Walter
pesant and William Illack. Mrs.
Olit)hant will become n contributor.
Marion Ilai land's limclv lalkH,
Iiv In anil Day Out," aro intended
for 'Maironfl, and Helen Marshall
North will especially addresH RirlHb
T. W, Hicirinson, in "Women and
Men," will please n cultivated audience.
ni-: cn izkns hank.
1..UI .f..V i nlil in
'Of.bO. o ." .
Authorized Capital, $100,000.
"Fa toronl!h knowlcrtr or m ' ivtoi
laws which govern llie opmstirrt s of dlitr wj
iVd m.trlt "on. and by cai etui ap tioMl.m ol
thf ni i vrni eMlMof well Mocte.l 'or-oa Mr.
Vpi" "ai provided oiirlirfAVUst trblfl tt
5'.aWiiv il-vcrcJbsf'oiria ln''h r:i; ,'
n mu n".fv d.,H.r'0liiS. lte.l.y the iu.U-
1 Hal I IA l" '.'TdUHllJ tUlilt- .,P ll-tll -ifH.K
enoUKli t fslni 'very t-m!rin 7 to . l-.'Wie.
llnndrrrtJ of htl aro ll-atin
iV" u Aw rl Vt, attack wh.-itw liarew a
wk ivilet. Ve PiRT etle manr a HM
jr-rfttivKVe-.trgc.mfl'Tr.. well lorlfled wl;Vl
iiut bW.n i ')rt prnpurly mmrts.u' I in ' -
h..iiimrrii..roriniil'. Hold oniy lu Uatl-pouna
tl k. bv nrc t-rles. '.ibrMed thii.-:
.lAn Tit .ri a loidofl. IlfMll
Pty t; ACT.VT?, WAVTIP for
a i ut!' in : l?" r r v. .i u,.jr.
iw.:....t. vici:-P:e!it!i-
w. n. crsptri. r.-.iir.
(lmitii J. A. f'onuur, V. K. Cntbxa'a
. W. Jobnuon, Bfliiry Bo'ta, Joho O'Ktxila
W. U. Mwriam, Wis. Watencwap, w.
II. Cukalup.
mmwx csserm, Bira Bro
aiUDKMrtlfioM.'Sof depo-lts hearin? ln'ere!
Havii nud sella (.xca.iai.e. c,i:.t;
For Atchinnon, St. Joseph, Leavea
worth, Kansas City, St. Louis,
and all pointsnorth, cast
Houth or west. Tick
ets sol 1 find ba
Cage checked
to any
States or
Canada. ' For
Call at Depot or addrews
II, C. Tow:.r;xi,
O. P. A. St. Louis, Mo.
J. C. Pil'LWPi'I,
A. Cr. V. A. Omaha.
H. D. A' A;:t., PlattBniouth
Telephone, 77.
.!.!. 'i .. Ji.s. uJmr lluim ;! t! i"t .l.'; -
MT J'v, . V nrtvl. n fn4D flull-'il.-l. , U
. . .. n,-nii .--i I'"-! ' 'i. ""' ' ' "
S , u"' (M ol ul . Wi'-h ., I. ; cf I
t, L?. i, I ' ' i'I'-i"'' tnXi'.o It.
5Ti,V.' r-iii'i-;r ;ii.u'r..o....'.. u.iuir
aWu uls W u.rt. Vena,
11 ordars left w'.tli lliec nnty clrk tia
vroini-tly atte.iui'd to.
ti..iia,r,n,::!i. - Ncbraikn
HIV.l .'.v.. T
K'l rr.r -'rr u
Koliln Deed of Trionp.
K.irely indeed is nnytliing seen In tho
uaiiers to tlie credit ol ine genus inimii,
but it is likely that many or liiem are aa
brave ns Thomas liurns, whoso prompt
and daring deed recently saved the life
of a little Italian irirl. and shamed hun
dreds who inactively witnessed tho inci
dent. Suo had fail, a into the fountain
of the City Hall park, New York city.
Crowds of well drcseu peoiilo saw lit r
peril, but not one of them made un effort
to save her. They stared in speechlesi
dismay, aonio of them probably thinking
that water might injure their garments,
when Thomas Burns, whose attire de
noted bim to be of the tramp order, hur
riedly made his way to the front, plung
ed in and saved the imperiled child,
whose unconscious body already lay at
thu bottom of the fountain. Yunkwe
FrlM Fit Men of th Northwait.
Tub competition for the prizes for the
greatest amount of adipose tissue finally
narrowed down to three candidates. The
prize for the fattest man was curried off
by P. S. Hammond, of Alpina, who tii-
pal the beuui at uZJ pxmuus. Jitnu
niotid h but twenty-three years old and
six fett hL'k. The imsse consmtea or a
Ci.e overcoat Tho second prize, a r.and
soa.0 cam;, was wou by Joseph McKeo,
proprietor of the Cactus Cad lloiuw, who
weighed 2lJ3 pf'uals, and isC ftftt4iucLtJi
ia Oregoniau.
rtefor Learning m LanEnag.
Somo students begin a langnagofoi'
the mere love of knowing foreign
tongues; others acquire them either for
professional pnrposes or witn the aim or
gaining access to foreign literatures.
But whatever be tho motive it is well to
set out with somo knowledge of the
science of langungi some insight into
tho relations of languages to each other
some grasp of tho theories of modern
scholars about tho origin and develop
ment of spwh. To leara language
without knowing anything of the science
of language is like acquiring the art of
putting up electric fixtures without any
knowledge of the principles of electrical
To approach It, on tho other band,
from the standpoint of universal prin
ciples is to make tho study of it easier
and progress m any particular ronguo
much moro rapid. Ey knowing, for ex
ample, tho laws of consotiantal inter
change, we may often discover tho
meaning of words without being obliged
to refer for them to the dictionary. In
this way every new language learned
makes more easy the acquirement of
other tongues of tho same or of allied
stocks. Boston Herald.
F. H. liLLKNHAUM, Prop.
The best of fresh meat .I'vr-iys hvtnd
in thin market Alio frcdh
KfiJX" bll' H'.Uter.
Wild fims of all kinds kept ia their
seas n.
V At
Irl-h I.Uriatiir.i.
It is stated that Sir Charles (iavan
Dufiy is engaged on a leng cherished
pi,jct the prepa.'alion of a series of i
r Irish piadicatioiifi iiomewhat i
afitr tho siylrt of
I i'. -! irv" V'.huiis. Tho vek-i
m'.u, tiijuli ia rather v.enk
still great an enthusi.irt in tho
Tl.o.naa Da-is and dohu Blake Dillou,
bo sUrtcd the Dublin Nation. London
A Curluu ilunier.
Dunbar Jak, w bo is oas of the best
liunLr ic a' Ov dnr eut egiou, ia
d -af and din.b. Ho' hns a nnmp near
BedJiugtcu. lie trapped four bears and
a large uuiulx.-r of otu.-rs, mnskrats and
minl j ljt ecaaou. Trapping and hunt
i;:, ii tho in i .iter p;'rt cf Win ladnt'd.
L.j.5'jr Cuuimerciul.
Cotaf Honey to Carry.
My father was once with Lin ship at
Rangoon. One day during a heavy
thunderstorm he wua driving iu a cab to
his agents, when he saw a "coolie"
(porter) drop down in the street He got
out of the cab at once and went to the
man, but be waa dead. There was a
burned patch in bis waistcloth, on tho
right side, und some blackened copper
"pico" lay on the ground. The man laid
just received them for carrying a load,
and, as tho clothes of the poorer nativts
of India and Burmah have no pockets,
he bad twisted tbem into bis waistcloth,
! and this money must havo attracted tho
I lightning. But the most curious part of
it was that the queen s iu an on oneoi
the coins was cl.:arly Impressed tin hi
side, and even the words "Queen Vic-toi-ia"'
were dourly defined. Loudon Tit-Bits.
1! A K PEN'S WEEKLY 4 00
Postage free to all subscribers ia
the United States, Canada and Mci.
The volumes of the Bazar begin
with the lirst number of January of
each year. When no time is men
tioned, subscription will begin with
the number current at the time of
receipt of order.
Hound Volume, of Ilarper'a for three years hack, iu nent
cloth binding, will bo w-nt bv mail,
postage paid, or by express, free of
expense (provided the freight doee
exceed ono dollar per volume), for
$7.00 per volume.
Clothcasos for each volume, suit
nbh for binding, will be sent by
mail, post paid, on receipt of $1.00
Remittance ehouM he made by
Post Office Money Order or Draix,
to avoid chance of Iosh.
Newspapers are not to copy thla
advertisement without the expreaw
order of Harper & lirofhera.
New York.
The volumes of tho Magazine b
ifiu with tno Number lr June .t4
December of each year. When n
time is specified. ul sctiptiona will
begin with the Number curreut at
the time of receipt of order. Hound
Vnimiion of Hainer'a Magaiine for
three years, back, iu neat cloth bind
inr will be sent bv mail, po. t-pai.l,
on receipt cf br volume.
Cloth cases tor binding, swemw
each by mail post paid.
Ladies who m'e cosmetics or pow
ders to cover up or hide a bad com
plexion, tlo not Know mat, u. ii.
iStit tier rau furnish tbem iih B!u.h
of koses, which i cii r-n v a'er, rn'n
fies the shin, and poiitvcly remove
black he. 1. 1 and a'd skin disease
takes the ninny look liom the lace
and whiten? it soon jib applitd
A Unotiy I'rlt.
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