Plattsmouth weekly herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1882-1892, October 22, 1891, Image 7

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county lerk "111 be
attended to.
Hattsmouth, Nebraska
Ha Opened up The
Fiiiest tl'an 8t, Cost
here mav be found choice wines
liquors and cigars.
always on hand.
r-'t h tine or
always in Mock
Paid up rap'lal
. Iti.OuO.OH
01o.tLev-rv be-t facilities t.r the pron.p
inuwa.'tlon 'I liEiliUiite
tteuking Business
ntnrku bonds. K"M. government and local e
SSrfuS avKie IuM.TpIS ...
uShS m!Z H...I all the principal o
Wliest market P'lee. Pt '"'toV.rtl" WW"
John ritwraW J-KHwhVir0rtb
Ceonre K. tovey
li, irtturerhM. H. wangii.
I want your Poultry, Eirirs, Hub
ter and your farm produce of all
kinds, I will pay you the highest
cash nrice as 1 inn buying lor a
firn in Lincoln.
: -Me
KI.A1TSM011T Nf.i'-"KA
dayual jk Ptd In
Authorized Capital, SI00.OOO.
I'luttstnouth Nebraska
J. H:A:N:fS:K:N
A Vounu (iirl tH 'he A ll nf Iter faith.
ful I'ouy Sri-ure I'nnr Hodlr.
Once Nebraska ha J been to visit At
tier neighbors ami started Tor Home
when it was nearly dark, but as it was
.1 moonlight nij;ht she did not feel lonely
ind had just thon-lit. "What a lovely
evening for a nile!" when she heard pat
tering step Looking around, fahe saw
two wolves stealthily following. She
urged tier ponv to Ina greatest speed, and
tried to think out what she should do
for she w.'uh hy this tnue only half way
hoiiie, and seven ni ilea from the near. ,
She kept perfectly still because
knew tl'V If she screamed before nIic v
attacked, aliuniigh it would ware t
annuals aw. iv for h time, they wnr.
return and would soon Ret used to t .
noise unil not lie frightened by it. tv
felt certain so few of theiu would if 1
dare attack ner. for wolves are vi r
cowardly, but she also knew that t.
would summon thu rest of the p:..
almoHt iutitantly
The wolvei were now in full puiwr.
and she, chincing buck, saw there w
three. She wan alarmed indeed now
and aa they were gaiuing on her every
wiuuUi she kuew uoinething must !"
done if she waa to reach home alive
She knew tlie wolves would not long
hesitate to attack her, for there waa unite
... .i . II .
a large pack oi ineiu garnering uer
pony. too. snilled danger, and the next
instant, before ohe comprehended what
he was uoimj to do, he had turned and
sprung right into the uiidst of the suarl-
pack, pawlni? and kicking right ana
fie had not forgotten his wild hahita,
nor how he had many times saved him
self from the ferocious animals Ana
now his bravery stood his inwtreM iD
g(Kd titead. for as his feet came down on
the wolves fierce yelps showed that he
was not dealing geutle taps. In a few
seconds there were tour stretched dead
on the ground, and the others had fled.
The young rider had thought, as soon
as she kuew what he was going to do,
that she was sate if she could keep on
hi back, ami this required all her
strength and skill When the pack waa
L'one she looked down at the dead bodies
and shuddered as she thought of her nar
row iwcaiie. With no Injuries and only
a few anxious miuuies sue unu oci uiru
four dead woIvhu, worth more than fifty
She dismounted and slung thera over
Pawnee's back and then galloped iiome.
No need of saying that her father and
mother were surprised to see her come
up to the door and exhibit triumphantly
four slain wolves!
After this nlorlons exploit the pony
was more petted than Iwfore. Did he not
deserve it? Kate M. Putney to at.
Evsry Inch Holdiar.
A srood story is told on. one of the
nr. sang "COMRADES."
VK NK lUnttl TH .M'S. A. l.N"t.
rrmideni. Vite-fv-..-
W. H. ri'SHWU. On-tiW
.. OlllWTllKS
(fran l lrr'. ,1 A.Couuat.K.H.""- -J
w. Johw-ou. Hur Bok.Joon O'Keeie
ft. 0. Mrria.ti. W'. wetencanip. W.
Bwei Ffifeil a Fpecialty
.(. wutiOcle -f Oelt tM-srHiKtmerr.1..
Huvs oell efiianne. county and
m tv
ffiO u
Cor Malu and Klftli street.
Ptd up capital
0. H. I'sruele , 'l1ent
rrwHUinter Vice I M
J M. I'atterson '
T. M. Paltewmi. 8H' ' aonier
0. H. Par i ele. .1. M. Patterson, rod (rdr
A, B. Hinttli, 11. B. WlDilliam. B. 8. Kmey and
T. M.Pfttteinon
AaCOUIitH solifte-V interent allowed on time
deiKWlt" and ntnpl art.t ntioni Ivnn to ll hui
Uiesa entrurted to us cure.
Chamberlain's Eye and SMn
A certain euro for Chronic Soro Eyes,
Tetter, Salt Ehoum, Scald Ilcad, Old
Chronio Soros, Fever Sores, Eczema,
Itch, Prairie Scratches, Soro NIpplea
, and Filea. It is cooling and soothing.
Hundreds of cases have been cored by
it after all other treatment bad f&ilotL
It i3 put up la 23 and CO cent boxoa.
m'FMIM '
officers connected with a local militia
company, for a number of days before
the inspection r the citizen sowiery ioe
xWwr in nnpaMnn won Id each afternoon
QUKENSW AliE retire to tlie privacy o his own bed
chamber, in the second story or UU resi
dence, and after dressing himself in full
regimentals would put an imaginary
company of soldiers through a lively
course of drilling. Be would clasp hi
sword at thu hilt with one band and at
the point with the other, and then walk
backward as if viewing the alignment of
bis troops.
ft so baptiened that while going
through this maneuver one afternoon,
he walked backward into an open stair
way and tumbled into a heap on the
floor of the room below, and presented
anything but a soldierly and dignified
appearance us he lay there rubbing nis
bruises. Hia good wife was tn tne room
attending to some household duty, and
she rushed to the side of the fallen hero.
and iu anxious and tender voice askoJ
him it he were hurt
With a quick bound her husband re
gained his feet, and coming to an "at
tention," in a voice of thunder roared
out "Hurt? No, woman: what do yon
know about war?" and then ran back
np stairs and dismissed his soldiers.
Anaconda (Mon.) Standard.
ton,- ),. A i ,luuUd by an u
illi'iirt- inr(y 1111m Aii
John E V. ade. the well-known
baritoue, was ul the Columbia with UhI-
lenand Hart New Later On " Mr
McWade, it will le remembered, is tile
singer who popularized "Comrades," but
he is a nice fellow in spite of that He
and his little family have a delightful
home at Mount Vernon, near New York
city. During the summer Mr. McWade
sang in li'ht opera iu Milwaukee, and in
every production, whether the scene was
laid iu Venice nr Japan, the audience
howled for "Comrades" until John
sleplied to the footlights, winked at the
leader of the orchestra and proceeded to
ren.U.r t-hat venerable ballad u he ouly
can render it
When here he and his wife stopped at
the Wimlnor hotel. Earlv one uiornitig
Chief Clerk .latter received a message
saying that liuntone McWndo was want
ed at the public telephone station, where
a party in Milwaukee desired to hold
converse witn huu. Mr. Jasper carried
the message to the McWade parlors in
The baritone was Indulging in hi?
morning nap or beauty sleep, when he
learned vvhai was wanted He Inwiily
arose, donbed his clothes and rushed
over to the telephone station, where he
entered the long distance tolephono box
and took np the receiver.
"Ilello!" he shouted, "is that Mil
"Yes," came the answer, faint bi.i
clear. "Is that John McWade?"
"It is." replied the singer. "Who i:
"I'm Billy Crosby, from Chicago,"
"Hello. Billyt what are you dci'ig t,1
"Had to run tip here on business In !
night. Say. John, 1 want you to do me
a favor, if you wilL"
"With pleasure. What is it?"
"Just sing me the first verse and
chorus of 'Comrades,' will you?"
"Well, I'll be ."said McWade half
to himself and the other half to Crosby
in Milwaukee.
"Go ahead, John. I've paid the tolls,
rd rive five dollars to hear Comrades
now. If vou'U sing I'll open a small
bottle when 1 meet you tomorrow."
"All right; here goes," replied Mo
Wade with a laugh, and he started in
on "Comrades." singing it as he never
sang it before. One of the messenger
boys tiptoed over aud quietly opened the
door of the long distance box.
Then the whole fore of the office
knocked off work and drank In the
uperb melody as it rolled from the bari
tone's lungs to Milwaukee by wire, Aa
he wound np the song with a high note
he heard Crosby say. "Walt a minute.
John." Then he plainly beard the Mil
waukee receiver drop aud Crosby clap
his bands vigorously in front of the
transmitter. It was genuine applause
from ninety miles' away, and it sounded
as sweetly to the singer as though it had
been the roar of a vast audience.
"Thanks, John, That was great The
bottle goes. Tell Clayton to put it on
ir now." came the faint voice. "Good
"Goodby ." said John, and he chuckled
all the way baclt to his hotel. Chicago
A European Idea.
A matrimonial clubhouse is among
recent innovations in a European city,
It is a birg". roomy building, divided
into several h: Omenta. In one of which
ilii Puble Solicited
KabblU learning ! Climb.
Theelfects umi animals of a change
tn thecouditionsof their life is a favorite
topic among toologists. who find that
nearly evwy species of animals existed
in some other than Us present form at
some previous ejnieli of the world. The
whale, for instance, was once a land ani
mal Forced to take water for a living,
he became in time much more like a fish
tn shaM than like a laud animal
According to a Tasmanian paxr a
in.HhhYatioii of the form of a familiar
European animal is going on In the
Australian world under the eye of the
people there
The Australian rabbit imported from
England, is acquiring nails on his feel
ami learning to rliuib As is well known
the rabbits ol Australia have increased
to such enormous numbers that they
have become a great pest, swarming
over the laud and devouring the farm
ers crops
In order to protect their fields the
farmers put up wire netting in place of
fences The rabbits could not gt
Ahrough these, but they presently U-gan
to burrow beneath them.
Then the farmers sank the nettings six
or eight Inches into thesoil. Thisstoped
the rabbits from getting in by digging
but they presently began to attempt to
climb over the netting.
As the result of this climbing, it Is
said, the rabbits are developing a nail in
their toes. The nail development has
been noticed in (jueuusland, aud still
later in Tasmania.
According to the theory of natural
selection, it is likely presently to happen
that in certain districts only those rah
bits will survive which can climb at
least a little, aud in this way a race i
climbing rabbits may be developed.-
ChlcHgo Mail
Tli ItuMlan National Hymn,
The great part which the Russian na
tlonal hymn has played in western Eu
rojie since the French fraternization with
Russia has started much inquiry about
its origin According to the Frank
furter Zeitung, the hymn is not yet sixty
years old, and was first used for its pres
ent purpose under Czar Nicholas. When
he made his tour in Prussia and Austria,
in the year 18113, be was accompanied by
AUJUiaui ueuerni aidihj ,. wiuiukiiiku
Luoff, a passionate violinls'j aud a com
poser of some skill. The czar was im
pressed by the fact that every regimental
band in Berlin and Vienna greetea mm
by playing the national hymn of their
own country, and this was apologized for
by the known absence of any recognized
national hymn in the great empire which
be ruled.
Nicholas waa much Impressed by the
deficiency, and during his return jour
ney toward St Petersburg bad much
talk with Luoff upon the subject, and at
last ordered him to compose a hymn for
the Russian military bands. Luoff here
upon aet music to Bchulowsky'a "God
Be the Cear'e Protector." The Bchulow-sky-Luoff
hymn waa first played pub
licly before tha czar ou Nov. 28, 1833.
and so pleased the sovereign that by a
nkase of Deo, 4 of the tame year ha or
dered it to be adopted as the national
hvmn of Russia. Luoff was not only re
warded by the gift of a gold snuff box
set with diamonds, but permission waa
given to him and his heirs to adopt the
first tine of tha bymn at the family
portrait- .
age. I:t ' i.
etc.. :
ureiu. .
tour. There
her life. "
r.f her par
Keen all kinds ol builder lianlnar on hand
and will contract rn ou most lav
omln ter.iis
una nil kinds ol tin work proue'llv
. tir.lers from the cninny Solicited
A Great Event
In one's lift u the discovery of a remedy tor
some lonR-tuuidlng nuOiUj. The pouou ol
hrxof ul is la your blood. You inherited It
from your anreaiors. Will you transmit K
to your odiprliiK T lu Uii K-e majority
ol eases, both Uuusumpuon ami Catarrh orlg
uuito in horofula. U u supposed to be Uia
primary source of nuuiy oUnr Ucranp-menl
ot tlie iMKly. Bi-Kls at once to clemtte your
blood lla Uie standard alterants,
For nereral moiitlis 1 wu troubled wtUt
scrofulous eruptions over thu whole body.
My aiMH'Ute wit bad, and my system so
prostraUMl that I wax unable to work. Allot
IryliiK several rcine.lios in vain, I resolved
Ui kike Ayur's hunapsrllla, and did so wiut
such good effect that leu Uuui oue botlls
Restored My Health
and slroiiRUu The rapidity of the eure as
tonished inc. m I exH(cted the process to be
lciiR and tedious." Frederlco Marls Ff
naiules, Villa Nova de (lays, I'ortuiuL
'For many years I was a sufferer from
scrofula, until almut throe years airo, when I
began the use at Aycr's 8arnparlH. 8lnw
which the disease has entlndy dlssppearw
A lIUlu child of mine, who was troubled wltll
the same complaint, has also been cured by
this medicine."- II. Iirandt Avoca, Nelir.
Ayer's Sarsaparilla
rasrABsn sv
DR. J. 0. AYEB & CO., Low Mass.
Sold by DmjJKlst. Wurl V a bottle.
It sihould be In Every House.
J. H. WilHon,371 Clay St., Sharp
biirjr, Pn., fays he will not be with
out Dr. Kin'H Now Diwovcry for
CoiiHiunption, Cough nnd Coldn,
that it cured hi wife who was
threatened with Pneumonia after
an nttack of "La Ormpe," when
various other rcmedicH nnd hcvciiiI
nhyHiciitna had done her no
Robert Harber, of Cocksnort, Ph.,
cluiniH Dr. King New DiHCovery
Iiiih done him more (food than any
thing be ever uned for I.titur
t rouble. lNninm; use u. iry u-
Frre trial bottleM at b. (. hncke A
to's drug-store. Large bottle, Wk.:.
nnd $1.00.
6lti r a.l ft.
PbArrsMoiiru. nkh.
f roMfitw ft itiiunftiit frowlh.
fijvpr Fails to Kr Oray
JHsur xo nt ioiuiivi Loior.
CfM il'Mtavs A liiir UltWiJ,
(r l'urkar'iOiPL'erToui.-. li ''"' t" "
Wuk ) nti. IKH'il'iv, lud tior, I'.io, liikeaitiait.uii'U.
KSNQEff CORNS, ,;:I",.;c"7-f", 0
CmcHirrn-n Fnoueh. Red Cross
PiAunun Z?;:.Wii
D,ji,ii tun umuiHC. In. nitlv fcttfr. Sun-. '
. JSjiii. W n..... 1 t. -r "I""- J"u! .7." '
J.t r. arrt.t t,.t nnicnUr. t.n;tmoai, 4ti1 "KtiHC
t-.iU lf uU Lm mI lrjcla4
v t P S
Catalogue Bhowing pictures of
our Jrianos and tolling about tnom
STOP eaves wear, making tlio Piano
more durable, and stopping the an
noying noise of practising.
We take OLD TIANOS in EX
MENTS, and send Pianos ON AP
PROVAL to be returned at our ex-
na tnr roi1n.-nv fr-ifrhfaif nnf. nor.
i ., , ' , 1 il 1. I OAArt - ll r l -l t A l.fl r
fectiy Bftuuiaciory, tveu myugu you live oouu wuvo onoj. .u. uo.
Ivers & Pond Piano Co., TKiiSfi
Her Pint News.
Among the uninjured passengers in
the Raveuna disaster was a young man,
a New Yorker, who had been ou a visit
to a maiden aunt living in a western
city. She waa a devout Christian, and
liad been much coucerned over certain
worldly tendencies in this her favorite
nephew. On the day of hisdoparture
she had esiiecially pleaded with him to
renounce the mammon of unrighteous
ness, alternating her prayors with ner
vous fears over his coming journey.
When the young man got out of his
; i
;ar after the collision, consiuerauiy
bruned and shaken up, he realized his
aunt s ansiety if she should read of the
accident, and rushing to the telegraph
oflice wired her the emotional message.
Thank God, I'm saved."
The dispatch was received before any
tidings came of the casualty, aud the
gentlo soul supposed that her nephew
had suddenly came to a realizing sense
of his spiritual condition, and much re-
Ioieed thereat she wrote a long letter or
grateful congratulation to him, and told
the happy news to nor nuie coiene or
intimaies before she discovered her seri
ous mistake. Uer Point of View tn
New York Times.
Ilandjr to Have Around.
Among the conveniences, almost ne
cessities, kept in the pantry by every
housewife, are pieces of blotting paper,
a bottle of iodide of potash and a solu
tion of starch. This is most fortunate,
because 1 read iu the paper today that
after the passage of an electric storm a
good doal of ozone Is left sneaking around
behind the stove, in the cellarway, up in
the garret and so ua With the articles
mentioned lyiug handy on the pantry
shelf, all ono has to do to detect this
ozone is to make a compound of the
iodide of potash and the starch solution,
and then dip the blotting paper in the
compound. If it turns blue it Is ozone.
If it doesn't it's just as well. Detroit
Free Press.
h womau subscriber are
nil descriptions of her
me, color of hair, eyes.
"A feet, and tneaa-
and general con
aio J brief account of
t'uT widow or spinster, and
n i!ar penchant in alliance
with bachelor or widower, mercnani,
lawytr or jurist, etc., all ulcely tabu
lated and set forth. In another room
are the portraits of men caudidatea for
connubial bliss, but the descriptions are
less elaborate, and confine themselves to
an enumeration of the social status of
the candidate and bis financial condi
tion. A general reading rooin provides a
medium for mutual meeting, and ia pre
sided over by an ancient dame who knit
interminable stockings. There are also
private rooms for more confidential tete-a-tete.
One of the cuiious rnles ot the
place is that only ladies may enter the
room where the men's portrait are, and
men only are admitted to the women's
gallery. They must meet in the com
mon room. The establishment ia con
ducted on moral principles, and the num
ler of matches on its books approximates
1,000. New York Sun,
A Collection of Crown.
A whole collection of crowns is kent
at the royal palace (the Kremlin) at Mos
cow, Russia. These relics of denarted
irreatness they nearly all come from
countries which have been subjugated by
the Russians are kept In what is known
as the "Throue Room" of the Kremlin.
Here are shown the crowns of Poland,
Kazan. Georgia, Astrakhan and Persia,
besides the throues and other royal in
iirnia too numerous to mention. Be
sides the crowns of conquered nations,
those of almost all tho czars may lie
seen in that vast treasure house.
The most curious one of the lot la the
double crown made for Peter the Great
and his half witted brother; the most
costly that of the Empress Catherine,
which contains 2.536 diamonds of the
first water. St Louis Republic.
Tn True Way of Looklof at Fall ant.
"I have made a practice all my life,"
aid a very successful man, "of looking
upon failures aa stepping stones, rungs
on tbe ladder of life, anything but dia
couragemeuU. When 1 waa young and
struggling and 1 met with some unex
pected check or disappointment I would
say stoically to myself, 'Another diffi
culty is behind me,' and would really
feel that the future held jnst one obsta
cle the less in my road to success." What
a brave spirit Is shown in such a view of
life the splendid Anglo-Saxon quality
of "not knowing when one is beaten,"
which makes heroes out of common clay
and enables a man to conquer fate.
'Such a delightful view to take of my
noiled canvases!" sighed a young artist
who was an in teres tea listener to uis
comforting theories. "It ia the only
true way to look at things, believe me,
mv dear young lady," he answered.
"We are all so miserably unite tnat u
becomes, after all. simply a question of
degree; aud if we struggle bravely and
patiently toward any goal tnat we pnwe
before, so we are boumi to advance.
New York Tribune.
Told the Truth.
Young Lady I paid you a high price
for these kid gloves, and a friend of
i:iiue, who is an eipert, says they are
uot kid at at all. He says they are made
of catskin.
Dealer Shnst vat I said, mine tear
voting ladv. 1 tolo you zay was kit
. -gloves.
(iood News.
Doctor I believe you have some sort
of poison in your system.
Patient Shouldn't wonder. What was
that last stuff you gave me? New York
Some of the nioHt Martling;, tn
terHtinjr dlnroverica of the life and
cuHtouiH of buried Kgypt are now
being; mude through exteiiHiveexcn
vattionH. Thcae discoveries are
exciting n great intereat. Many
diru-overicH arc, however, being
mnde in our country that are re
markable, iinioiier which we may
mention that of llaller'e Pain Para
lyzcr which effect entire relief, and
in ninny caaea a complete cure of
that terrible diaeuae rheumatism,
und which ulm relieves puin of alt
kind. For sale by all druggist,
RliuYtU n C iral In a Day.
"Myatic Cure" for rheumatism and
neuralgia radically cured in 1 to 3
daya. It action upon the ayetem ia
remarkable nnd myeterioua. It rr
movea at once the cause and the di
aeane immediately diaaappeara.
The firat dose greatly beuehta. 75c
Sold by F, O. Fricke, Druggist wt
Startling facta.
The American people are rapidly
becoming a rase ot nervoua wreck
and the followtng auggeata, the
beat remedy: alphotiso Hunipfling,
of Hutler, Penn, aweara that when
his son waa Hpeclileea from at. V una
Dance Dr Miles great Restorative
Nerving cured him. Mra. J. L.
Miller of Valprai and. T.D. Taolnr,
of Loganaport, Ind each gained SU
pounds if an taking it. Mra. II. A.
Gnrdner, of Vaatulr Ind, waa cured
of 40 to SO convulsions easy ana
much aendach, dizznesa, bockneb
and nervoua proatiation by one
bottle. Trial bottle and fine boek of
Nervoua cures free at F. G. Fricke, V
Co., who recoraeuds thia unequaileA
Bucklan'a Arnica Salve.
Tub Best Sai.vk in the world for Cute
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Halt Rheum. Fever
Son, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains,
Corns, and all Skin Eruptions, and posi
tively cures Piles, or no pay required.
It is guaranteed to give satisfaction, or
money refunded. Price 2f cents per box.
For sale by F. G. Fricke & Co.
Mr. Vauilarbllt Hi Kieheat Mau.
One of the best of all authorities on
wealth, a gentleman who has undoubt
edly rubbed shoulders familiarly with a
greater number or millionaires tnan any
other person living or dead, remarked to
me that he was sure tiiatuornenus van
derbilt bad a larger fortune than any
other tenant of this plauet. He was
entirely familiar with the riches of the
Rothschilda, aud knew some or tnom
personally. None of theiu could match
Mr. Vanderbilt in plethora of millions.
The scores of millions of Jay Gould
and John D. Rockefeller did not equal
Cornelius Vaudorbllt's possessions. This
gentleman, however, did not credit the
estimate of John D. Rockefeller's wealth
at $128,000,000. lie thought it would
hardly exceed half that amount.
Blakely Hall iu New York Truth.
Ullnd Nw Vork l-gar.
A rather clever trick which is success
fully done by a number of beggars in
this citv is to turn their eyeballs up until
they appear to be blind. With their eyes
in this condition tney gnnu eium
wheezy band organ, or stand on somo
promiuont comer and hold a tin cup in
their hands, thus mutely appealing for
rharitv. A few of them attempt to sing.
but they soon realize that it is too much
n ask of mankind to listen to their sing
ing and then give them money. To do
this socceiwruUy for any kth of time
la tv sHliriLi on the eyes, and may
ranlr in ireuuine blindness. But some
of them have practiced it until it is im
possible to discover by looking at them
that thev are not really blind. New
York Cor. Chicago Herald.
For many years Mr. H. F. Thomp1
Bon, ot I'ea noinee, lowa, whb m
verely afflicted with chronic diaiT
hoea. He aaya: "At timca it waa
very aevere; ao much ho, that r
feaeru it woum end my nie. auoui
aeven yearn ago i cnanceu to pro
cure a bottle of Chamberlain'
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy. It gave me prompt relief
and I believe cured me permanent
ly, as I now eat or drink without
harm anything I please. I have
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Among the popular and auceeeeful
remedies Ihey prepare ih Haller
Sarsaparilla fc Hurdnck which is
the most wonderful blood purifier
known. No druggist hesitates to
recommend this remedy.
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Sudden Deatna.
Heart disease is by far the most
frequent cause of sudden death,
which- iu three out of four cases is
unsuspected. The symptoms are
not generally understood. These
are: n habit of lying on the right
side, short breath, pain or ditressin
the aide, back or shoulder, irregular
pulse, asthma, weak uud hungry
spells, wind in stomach, swelling ot
ankles or dropsy, oppression, dry
cough nnd smothering. Dr. Miles'
illustrated book ou Heart Disease,
free at F. G. FrKVe A Co's, who sell
and guarantee Dr. Miles' itnequaled
New Heart Cure, and his restora
tive Nervine, which cures nervous
ness, headache, sleeplessness, drop.
hv, etc. 1 1 contains no opiate.
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