Plattsmouth weekly herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1882-1892, October 15, 1891, Image 4

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Office honra from 9 I. m. to 8 p. m. Hunday
from 10 a. m. to 1 p. m.
HpeclalUU in Chronic, Nerrotu, Bkin tod Illood
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treatment nci cure of Norton, Chronic and Hur
Kiral Dieeawiii, entitle tlieae eminent plirniciane
to Hie fall eonfidonce of the alllivted erorj where.
They guarantee:
awful effect of early vice anil the nuimtroui evil,
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either iiei inaitively cured, aa well aa all func
tional dinonli'ra that remilt from youthful follief
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tinar. caiwtle or dilatation. Cnre effected at
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dulgence and aolitary habile, which ruin both
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tndy or marriage.
HARRIED HKN, or thoee entering on that
happy life, awaro of phyeical debility, quickly
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add (olden years to life. tTao litter answered
anleea accompanied by 4 eenU iu aUunpa,
Addreas, cr call on
1409 Douglas St.,
Slightly Hurt.
A Utile mm of Kolicrt Sherwood
fell upon a wheelbarrow yesterday
and cut hit forehead quite neverely.
Dr. Cummin wan tidied and
dreaded the wound.
Laid to Rest.
The funeral of Mrs. Fannie Kt liar
took place at the Kpiflcopal church
at ;t o.clock yesterday, Rev. Hurt-rtH
fliciatiii. U wan evident that the
Hjjed father and mother of the de
parted one had the KVinpathy of all
A Sudden Death.
Pearl, daughter of K. IVternon,
died yesterday at M.'M a. in. Age,
nevcu years, one month. Last
Wednesday the departed was ap
parently enjoying perfect health
and little was it thought that rhe
would he taken away so soon. The
atllicted parents have the sympathy
of all in this hour of sadness.
The funeral will he held at the M.
K. church, Tuesday, Oct. 13, at 2:30
p. in. A cordial invitation is ex
tended the friends to be present.
Came to Blow
John Keed, a well to-do farmer
living across the river, and J F. Fos
ter, a switchman at the yards, after
becoming well filled with liquor
proceeded to engage in a general
row. Keed abused Foster unmerci
fully, continuing to kick and strike
after having been placed under
arrest, though he asserts that the
provocation fully unwarranted it.
It appears evident that each of the
parties were under the influence of
liquor, which, doubtless had a ten
dency to assist in the trouble.
Foster tiled a complaint in the po
lice court to-day charging Keed
with assault with intent to do great
bodily injury. The trial has been
set for next Saturday.
Slightly Injured.
Wes Crassmnu finds it necessary
to walk wiili ihe aid of a cane,
owing to a slight injury received as
he was walking up Main street. It
appears that it nail was protruding
from the walk and as Mr. (irasstnatt
stepped upon it the nail penetrated
his foot causing a painful injury
Too much care cannot well be ex
ercised in keeping the walks iu re
ftuilroad Hsoket.
W. J. Williams, after a week's rest
has returned to his work as switch
W. 1). Itovd of Lincoln has been
transferred to the yards at this
C. S. Johnson has temporarily
been transferred to the night list.
An unur'iial amount of freight is
being handled for this season of the
Prom TVwt tjn Dmly
J. H. Tipton, of Cedar Creek, is in
town to-d.iy.
(). H. I'olk, of flret nwoo l, is in
the city to-day.
Fred ('.order, of Weeping Water,
is in the city to-day.
A. C. Loder came in from (Jrceu
wood thi morning.
lion. II. D. Travis is attending
court in the city to-day.
J. H. Hillings, of Denver, is visit
ing relative in ihe city.
J. II. Haldeinan of Weeping Water
is in the city to day on business.
J.W. Herge, editor of the New
lira at South Head is in town today.
A. H. Todd left this morning for
May wood on a short pleasure trip.
Laura Twiss left this morning
for Maywood for a brief visit to
Henry SlinU and Jacob Tritsch of
Cedar Creek came in on the Schuy
ler this morning.
Mrs. Meek Davis, of Murray, ac
companied by her daughter, Cora,
spent the day in the city.
District court is in session to-day.
The day has been consumed con
sidering a case State vs. Parker, a
case of rape. Adecision in the case
will probably not be given to-day.
The funeral, of Pearl Peterson,
was held at the M. li. church at 2:A)
this afternoon, Kev. Alexander, of
University Place, officiating. A
large concourse of friends gathered
to participate in the sad rite and
manifestations of sympathy for the
bereaved parents were shown ou
everv hand.
Pail rtoad Racket.
John Monroe begins work as
switchman to-day.
Owing to an increase in business
on the H. Jt M. line it has been found
necessary to add two extra engines.
They arrived this morning from the
Q. line and extra trains were made
Carpenters are at work repairing
the telegraph office and rendering
it in better condition for the winter.
Laid to Rett,
The funeral of John Pflughaupt
took place this afternoon, under the
auspices of the A.O. U. V. lodge of
which the departed was an honored
member. A large delegation of the
immediate friends of the deceased
followed the remains to Oak Hill
cemetery, where the interment took
County Court.
In the matter of the last will and
testament of Sarah Maston deceased.
Proof of execution of same taken
and same admitted to probate.
In the matter of the guardianship
of Martin Mahoney and Ann Maho
ney, feeble-minded. Hearing on
petition for appointment of Aaron
C. Loder guardian. Prayer of peti
tion grunted and bond fixed atfclMO.
In the matter of the estate of
Simpson C. Hethel deceased. Peti
tion of N. II. Meeker, executor for
order to sell personal property.
Prayer of petition gr.tnted and
order accordingly issued.
Paulina Luschinski vs. Carl An
ton, defendant, and C. H. A (J. R. R.,
garnishee. Answer of garnishee
taken showing no money due de
fendant from said garnishee.
. In the matter of the guardainship
of Arnold S. Keller miner child of
Fannie deceased. Frances M.
McCrea appointed guardain over
person and estate.
In the matter of the estate of
Simpssn C. Hethel, deceased. Hear
ing on application for iinal settle
ment continued generally.
Louis C. KickhotT, u veritable far
mer by vocation, and a success at
financiering, has been nominated
by the republicans for county
treasurer, and the only objection
offered by his adveraries is that he
is a farmer, and we are pleased
that this objection has been sprung
for it (shows the people how ardent
these brass collared city cusses
labor to retain the government of
all affairs within their grasp. The
Plattsmouth Journal has accused
Mr. Kichoff of this "awful crime of
being a farmer," and thinks forthat
reason he had no business aspiring
for the office. We thank fortune
that Mr. KickholT is a farmer, and a
progressive One. The very fact
that he will receive the al
most unanimous support and vote
of his home precinct which is de
mocratic -if evidence alone of
his good standing mid reposed
ability. One needs hut look back
oyer the records of the ex-treasurers
of Cass county to see how import
ant it is to choose an honest man
and a good calculator. In Mr.
KickhotT we find these qualities,
Vote for him, friends, and rest as
sured jour vote will be honorably
and unregretfully cast, lilmwood
When the hair kIiows signs of fall
ing begin at mice to use Ayers Hair
Vigor. This preparation strength
ens the scalp, promotes the growth
of new hair, restores the natural
color to gray and failed hair, anil
renders it soft, pliant and glossy.
She Transferred Nearly All Her I'mprrti
to ail Incorporated Organisation ChIIi iI
"Tlia Tyler t.lite" Katate In
Several Cltina.
Among the property items which In-
city ia tryinu to ueiiuiie tul to fur I; , i
proposed Ninth niuient armory t i
Fourteenth street is a lot belong uj t
the Tylisr eHt.ile. The Tyler estate is t
novelty auioni; the corporations of thr
country It is nut the entute of a de
ceased ersou. as one would naturally
infer from the title, but la the estate u'l
it wealthy wehieru widow, wtio has had
her real estate holdings capitalized and
a stoek company fonned to take and lioM
the titles to it. Her object is said to he
to so arrange the titles to her property
that when she comes to dispose of it by
her will there will lie the leabt possible
opportunity loft to disappointed relative
to coutest her will and drag her name
and private history iuto the courts uuJ
before the public.
The certificate of incorporation of tlie
estate recites that it was organized un
der the laws of Missouri as a corporation
for manufacturing and business pur
poses, and is called "The Tyler Estatt?.'
It was organized under the legal advice
and direction of Ilonry Hitchcock, of the
St. Louis bar, a lawyer of that western
city, who is mid to have assured his cli
ent that the laws of Missouri authorized
the organization and formal incorpora
tion of real estate corporations.
The founder and principal proprietor
of the Tyler estate is Mrs. Mary Law
rence Tyler, widow of Robert Tyler, of
Louisville. She is raid to be worth sev
eral millions, principally in lands and
property iu this city, Pniladelphia, Lou
isville, St. Louis and other places, all of
which, however, she has conveyed to th
Tyler estate, taking the stock of the pe
culiar corporation iu payment The es
tate is capitalized at i00.000, hut that
does not begin to represent the actual
value of the projwrty it owus.
The real estate records of this connty
show the transfer of two pieces of prop
erty to the estate by Mrs. Tyler in Feb
ruary, 1888, the time when the corpora
tion was fonued. One of the items is
the lot in Fourteenth street, which is
wanted by the city for armory purposes,
and the other is a business building and
lot in Crosby street, between Broome and
Spring Btreeta. The city authorities and
the representatives of the estate could
not agree upon the price to be paid by
the city for the Fourteenth street lot and
condemnation proceedings have there
fore been begun, wherein the price will
be fixed by a commission.
But the principal interest in the affair
attaches to the corporation itself. Many
devices have been resorted to in times
past by wealthy people who had large
estates to dispose of bv will to nrevfmt
, -
the quarreling of heirs over the manner
id wnicn me property nas oeen distrib
uted by the owner in his or her will, hut
this is the first instance ever hoard of in
which a private person, having no desire
or Intention of coins into husimw) whom
lome occasion for forming a limited lia-
Dinty corporation mignt exist, has vol
untarily had her uronertv canitalized
and represented in stocks and bonds.
in some ol the states contoniuons for
the purpose of holding titles to real es
tate are prohibited by law New York
is said to be one of these states and Illi
nois another But they are apparently
auctioned by the laws of Missouri, and
the laws of this state permit the holding
of title to real estate by any corporation
organized under the laws of any other
state, the laws of which antuorize the
existence of a corporation for the pur
pose stated.
Who the present officers of the Trier
estate are could not be ascertained, nor
any statement regarding the dutails of
tne organization whether the corpora
tion has more than ono executive officer.
how the property is managed by the
omcers, or in what manuer transfers of
real estate beloncrinir to
tion could be made so as not to affect the
value or its shares or to impair the secur
ity or tne Donas, uow long a life such
a corporation could hava is a question,
lunnerniore, wnicn no lawyer could an
swer offhand.
But it is claimed for it thut th nrnn.
. i'""F
trty can in this manner be held together
for loliz periods of years, whenum. mi.
der ordinary conditions, no soouer is a
weauuy persons will tiled for prjbate
than a long coutest begins iu the courts
between the various heirs over the man
ner of its distribution among thorn.
uy incorporating, as airs, Tyler hits
done, it is declared that all trouble of
this character is done away with. The
testatrix wills not her property, hut a
certain number of bhares of her estate
to each heir, who is limited by hia op
portunities to either accept or reject
them This, however, still leaves the
contesting heirs opportunities to fight
over the distribution of the slutres.
But Mrs. Tyler expects to get the bet
ter of this class of heirs by giving away
ths shares to the person she desires to
have them before her demise. The cor
poration, as said, is a novel one, but,
like the trust, may prove to be only the
forerunner of manv wuich will be nr.
ganized as soon as the Jcgal status of the
lyier estate snail have been passed upon
tiy some competent lugal tribunal. New
York Times.
Mtinle From Inter In.
The uotes of the katydid are perhaps
as tamuiar as any aud have a certain
fascination, the sounds taking ou various
inflections and meanings. They are pro
duced by rubbiug the inner surface of
the hind legs against the outer surface
of the front wings fiddling, iu fact
Vi'h tine uji)e eni-ket in the
hearth it raises its fere wltiga and scrapes
them against its hind ones. Even the
buttertty makes a sound audible ul ynua
distance, certain species having been
heard to utter a clicking sound. St
Paul Dispatch.
Fnn Sloiulav't Ikiily.
Eagle Itema.
Irnni the Kaclet.
J. M. Kay took possession of the
liaglet post office on the first of
October. He appointed Joe Hoiser
his deputy who will have main
charge of the office. ,
Mr. anil Mrs. J. O.Adams left last
Friday- morning for a pleasure tour
which includes a visit with two or
three da lighters, and the corn palace
at Sioux City.
Oncol our readers informs us that
the soil in and around Kagle is well
adapted for raising the beet sugar.
He says he speaks from experience,
as he "lives iu the sugar beet district
in Germany, and that those raised
hereareawav ahead of those pro
duced in the old county. This
being so there is a chance for a new
diversity in crop raising in store
tor this section. Lincoln is alter u
sugar refinery and if she succeeds
may not hagle become one of the
main points to supply the raw ma
terial. The liaglet is in receipts of nine
ears of corn raised by Uncle John
Summer on sod on McChutic's
farm. The corn was planted the 1st
of J line and shows a remarkable
growth. The nine ears weighed
ten and half pounds, the longest
measuring thirteen inches, the
shortest ten inches. They will lie
sent to Huston on the advertising
Uiron Items.
From the ledger.
The amount of passengers and
baggage transferred at this place is
increasing every day.
The band received a tine new in
struinent last Tuesday a tuba,
which adds greatly to the force of
the band.
A. N. Sullivan, J. A. Davies, Frank
Dickson and Jesse Knot were Union
visitors Tudsday and Wednesday
while going to and returning from
the judicial convention at Nebraska
Oeorge Ferguson has secured a
position iu the packing house at
Nebraska City and expected to re
move his family and household
goods down there yesterday. The
Ledger wishes George success in
his new business and will follow
him to keep him posted on Union
A. C. Loder came in from Green
wood this morning.
Tllli democratic papers, evidently,
would be pleased to substitute the
discussion of the Cleveland baby
for that of the tariff aud silver
quest ions.
This well-satisfied and thriving
country the Corsicana Cobden and
the Claimani have undertaken to
persuade that it has been ruined
and still is being ruined by thepro
tective tariff. These two singular
compounds of mountebank and
crank want the democratic party to
shut its eyes, stand on its head, and
say to the farmers, whose barns are
bulging with grain. "Your grana
ries are empty on account of the
tariff;" to the jobliers and the
country storekeepers, whose stocks
are being sold as fast as they are
ordered, "You are prevented from
doing business by the tariff;" to the
laborers, whose services are iu
greater demand than ever, "You
can find no work, on account of the
tariff;" to the well dressed, "You
are naked on account of the tariff;"
to the well-to-do, ' You are paupers
on account of the tariff;" to a nation
digesting its dinner with enjoyment
and peace of mind, "You nre
starving on account of the tariff."
If the democratic party were suf
ficiently far gone with paresis to be
scared by the croaking of these
ridiculous crows, it would be
laughed out of sight in 1W2. Hired
weepers are not in demand at a
wedding feast, and crows are
hunted with shotguns. -American
IK we mistake not the independ
ents will become disgusted with the
calamity shrieking and dema
goguery that is being indulged in
by their candidate for supreme
judge. The Kearney Hub, in com
menting upon a harangme recently
delivered iu that city by the dis
tinguished jurist, has the following:
The man Kilgerton who seeks to
befoul the supreme bench makes up
in vituperation what he lacks iu
common sense. In his Kearney
speech the other day he said: "It
we are to cling to the old parties
we might as well tear down our
school houses, burn our churches
and write on the vault of heaven:
'Satan has triumphed over God.'
and turn all the imps of hell loose
on our country." This sentiment is
endorsed by the Fremont Herald
and given prominence in the
Omaha orld Herald, both of
which ought to have better sense.
1 lie foul mouthed raviuir of such a
demagogue can not certainly have
weignt witit tne people ol the state,
further than to cause them to spew
him out.
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria.
When Hal))- wan niik, we fra her Ceatoria.
When he aa ft Child, he crie-l for (.'a .ioria
Wlieuahe hecaine Xit; ". ,iiin p i .-or.r.,
Wlienahehntniil li-ii. .. av : . . k. ..i-V
Mr. C. H. Jones, of Spring Hill
Iowa, says: "I have used Chamber,
Iain's Pain Halm for severe and
painful burns with better effect than
anything I have ever tried. It re
lieves the pain instantly and cures
without leaving a scar." Pain Halm
is one of the most useful medicines
that any families can be provided
with, cspccialy for i hetimalism,
lame back, sprains, bruises, tooth
ache, ear ache and like ailmeuts.
One application will relieve the pain
and a fair trial insure a cure. 50
cent bottles for sale by F. G. Fricka
& Co. Druggists.
Office iu the Hass Noel building
Residence, the Ed Rich Property.
Nearly every pattern of & Horse
Blanket is imitated in color ant!
style. In most cases the imitation
looks just as good as the genuine,
but it hasn't the warp threads, and
so lacks strength, and while it sells
for only a little less than the genu
ine it isn't w orth one-half as much.
The fact that A Horse Blankets
are copied is strong evidence
that they are THE STANDARD,
and every buyer should see thai
the & trade mark is sewed on
the inside of the Blanket.
Five Mils
m E,ectr!? .
Lxtra Ten
korse ummt
100 5. A STYLES
at prices to suit everybody. If you can't
them from your dealer, write . Ask fV'.'
the5s Hook. You can get it without chargr '
WM. AYRES & SONS. Philadelphia
Cincinnati i making wonderful
strides toward the republican con
vention. IT ia n,.;i l that the adminis
tration wui soon j'ive Home welcome
information regarding a new reci
procal treaty.
After having seen the practical
operation of the reciprocity feature
of the McKinley law no honest per
son will assert that the bill has not
secured a market "for a single bar
rel of pork or bushel of wheat."
AkKANUEMENTS are being made
by which Gen. Van Wyck and K.
kosewater, of the Hee, may be per
mitted to hold a joint discussion at
Nebraska City iu the near-future.
In the event that satisfactory ar
rangements are made the editor of
our metropolitan paper will make
matters interesting for the wily
How's This!
We olfer One Htmilreil Dull:
ward for anv nine of CoturrH tl,..i
can not be cured by taking Hall's
iiui i u . lire.
V. J. CHKN KY & CO.Joledo, ().
We, the undersigned, have known
K. 1. Chenev for th luat IS i-uc-u
J - - -" ' J . 1 c. ,
and believe him perfectly honorable
in all business transactions, and fi
nancially able to carry out any obli
gations made by their firm.
West & Truax, Wholesale Drug
gists, Toledo, Ohio., Walding, Kin-
1 IV. ..... . .
nan iinu Alarum wnoiesale Dniir-
Hiaia, iuicuu, UlllO.
Hall's Catarrh Cure ia taken inter
nally, ucting directly upon the
blood and mucous mirfo,-.. rf !
system. Price, 73c. per bottie. Sold
by all Druggists.
I't) tO HOW Wlinu. itntor.xl lull.
fight with death, fought a losing
fight-now science has discovered a
way to circumvent even death
llaller's Sarsaparilla Burdock
grapples with !l llisnnleri'd
and carefully builds and reorgan-
i.ik. iiyu. ror sale iy all Druer
gists. H
rf OOK
(Twirl Ei
1 will ollVr at rublic Sale at my Fred Yards on
Wednesday, October 21st.
Eighty Head of Cows, Heilers and Calves. Sale to at ten o'clock promptly.
On sum. of $10 r ovor. one y.-ar'H
nppnvi-.J nrfurity, without interest
lifiir ID per rent interest from l;ite.
If you wish to secure a certain
and speedy result, when using
Aycr's Sarsaparrilla. be careful in
observing the rules of health, or the
benefit inav be retarded. A fair
and persistent trial of thie. medicine
never fails, when the directions arcl".
Ti W lULitn .1. "O'-or " p"lhvit hMt'ii(la!it
Vim me lv I". i,oi T,.il l!i;ii r t li - nth day
4riir-ler l sill il .iii'iiii t uiM-t It't-il a M'lillnu
immi si vim I i:nct o.'iin ol t'.iss ciuiii
ty, fl'i:H"k;t, tiie n'-J 't mt H;iy' of wlilch
arc tuoliuiii iliv ire li nn )in mi tlie irruunil
th:tt y-'ti Willi. IU I lir riuiM'iit iir eoliiiivaiH'e of
lilalulitT. miii lued ailnliry wiili woman or
wi'iui-ii unknown to nUliiiill.iii u nine or timet
unlaiow' to p aiiitltT.
You ie reuiiin il to m.vwt-r said Delttlon on
or before Moodiiy Hie KH'd day of November
1 K II HANNAH I 01l.-fclt, 1 l.llUllll.
Itv J. S. M:.tlirws, lier utloii.ey.
Sheriff's Sale.
J'v viiMieNif mi order of sal Iwsie d ly W. ('.
Slinwiiliei i t ik ol tin- ilLitrlrt c tirt within
and foi (' county .' it Mid lo me
directed. 1 w ill on the tilth day of October A l.
mill, at 2 o'clock p. in., ol said day nt tlm foot
of the Htairway leailing up to Hock wood Hall
In the ciiy of I IntlBnmulh Cao county Ne
braska that bi'tni; the plaro where tlm laet
term of the tlt.sMct court was hold In said
(Jooiily.sell at i.iiblic auction. ti,e following
ruil est ule 'o-wit :
Lot tw.(2), hi bliK'k one (1). hi " Hlimt Hill
adiiilinii to the city of Weepluir vter. Cw,
Ceiinly. Nebraska, tiicctlier wl'li tbn prlve-J
legeKiti.ri ttppiu ti'imnc-es tlieieurilu belonKlnK
or In any wiwe. appertaining.
The name beini; levied upon and taken as
the property ol Clara Hambleton. William
Hamli eton and Henry H Carter, defendants ;
to satUfv a J l'iiiiiienl of naiil court recovered
by li iijaiiiin A.'llib-on auhnimteri for Ida
IimeiNoll. plaiutilT. ai;aint,t eaid defendants
riaUH.uoutu. Neb , Sept. 17. A, I). IMUl.
Wm. TiuiiK. .
sheriff Cass County, Neb.
TFD- IrfifRl
and I rav-lnn:
W w lo repii lent our well known
house. You need no capital lo repre
sent a firm th:t wan-arts tik first -chips
and Hue t ' name WORK BLL THE YEAR
SUM per month to tiht man. Apply tjinck,
statini: nir . LL rY AY & CO
Nursery, riniit and Keviieineii.M. l'aiil, Minn.
(This bouse in icsjilble )
That IlackingCouKli can Hoquick
ly cured by Sliiloh's cure. We
truaniiitee it, For Sale by K. G.
Fricke and t) II Snyder 1
Butter, Kggs, Cheese, Wild Game,
Poultry, Meat, Apples, Potatoes
Green and Dried Fruite, Vegetables
Cider, Beans, Wool, Hides, Tallow
Sheep Pelts, Furs, Skins, Tobacco,
Grain, Flour; Hay, Beeswax, Feath
ers, Ginsing, Broomcoru, and Hops.
(ien. Com, Merchant ai d Shipper,
217 Market Street - 8t. Louis, Mo.
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Button, Li. Co., Wit., Dm,, "ft
B. J. C. Bergen voochei for tb fooowii;:
Jamea Kooney, who was tufferliig rtrom Vkoa
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teeatad by aereral phraletaua wllhoot effect.
Two botttoa ol l'aator &ueni'a Merv Tvaio
ored fan.
A Reverend Hero in mends It.
P(c Cm, Utah, Jaa. IBS).
1 bad been HI for eighteen montha with weak
neat and terrible Dsrvonaneai when I eom
meneed taking yonr medicine, Pagtor KoeniK'i
Nerve Tonic ; and I cttm pray for I'aator Koe
nlg, aa 1 think I eoald not hava lived without
thia medicine. The people here have aeen the
good which 1 derived from it, and Rev. Gal
Ugan reoommenda it to highly that it li now
getting very pop alar.
-A Tatnable Book en Nerroot
i'iwiwi eent iree to any auureea
and poor pttlenta can aleo obtain
This rnmedy has been prepared bi the Remmnd
Pantor Koenm. of Fort Vnvne, Ind, sine Wit. and
Uoow prepared undor his direction or tba
KOENIC MED. CO., Chicago, Hf.
gold by DrniorlKts at 1 per Bottle. 60x93
targe Size, Sl.75. Otkiaiojfor 9.
rureiinreinr weak
proved bjr reportaol leading phr-
Price. VI.
Price, CI. t'ataloctae Free.
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. 18iiootia Street, lllLWADtEZ, WIS,
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