Plattsmouth weekly herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1882-1892, October 08, 1891, Image 1

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    Uneoli,, Kb
i fj a m ii is &
U l-V IH !fl
$1.50 AY HA R
1 4 1 fivi
Absolutely Pure.
A cream of tartar bakiner powder,
Highest of all in leavening strenth.
Latent U. S. Government Food Re
D-E-N-T-I-S-T :-
J)f. Steluwuys Hiia slht'tle for the pnlnleis ex'
ir;icuor oi teem.
Fine Gold Work a Specialty.
Kuckwood Hloi'k I'liittsinoulli, Neb.
otary Public It A list raoter Sol Icitor
tal Estate, Loan and Insurance Agents
If you have real estate to Hell or
kjchange send us description, price
i.iiiH terms.
Abstracts of title furnished at reas
onable rates.
XK) to loan at 7 percent and
o commissions, on pood
farm security.
Office iimlur Cam Comity Dunk.
I Their KhII strns. (miry rilIniiw, tips ami iul!l
also a lot of new iiihImi'ii cone simp Mat"
in straw and (el. They Imvea full
linn of biihy hool unit in or
der ta dote clii stock out have re.
lUiced tlielr xirHw ;tiinr nt in wniw 10
"5 ch In irtimiieri,
Alice tflll'VI I'O TUIMVL'U
i'liriri .iv. fit i a . i i , i im u i .
We also have a ilrnss making 1epartnif lit. Sat
isfaction Kiiarantwil.
kherwoou Store. Plattkmou th
K :'V;. I : V-WfTj
f '"ft W i iV v." - '
il(tl.l) AM I'OKtJRI.AIN ('! N -
Bridge work anil line irolil work a
IK. HTEINAUS LOCAL an well at other lati
(wtheMnsK'Vfii lor i n pamiessexirariioii o'
MAR.SH ALL, Fitzgerald
KI.LKNHAl'M, Prop.
he best of frenh meat always found
this market. Also freuli
Kgg and Butter.
line of all kinds kept in their
Meat market!
Chamberlain's Eye and Skin
A certain core for Chronic Sore Eyes,
Tetter, Salt Bbeam, Scald Head, Old
Chronic Sores, Fover Sores, Eczema,
Itch, Prairie Scratches, Sore Nipples
and Piles. It is cooling and soothing.
Hundreds of cases have been cared by
it after all other treatment had failed.
L'put up in 25 and CO cent boxes.
C'roui) freuuentlv funis a house
hold unprepared for its visit, while
Hie lepMtily win wnicnu uri-inps
oills for instant treatment. ror
thidangerous disease Ayer Clier-
Vctoral is an admirable remedy.
-taves ninny lives every
p in the house,
Governor Thuya r Finally Given
Decision to that Effect.
Governor Thayer has finally dis
posed of the Neal investigation
matter and announced in the follow-
ins letter that Neal must hang
Friday as decreed by the court:
State ok Nebraska. Executive
Department, Lincoln, Neb.,
Oct. , 1HD1.
J. F. Boyd, Esq., Sheriff Douglas
county, Omaha, Neb.--Dear Sir:
After the most thorough and pains
taking investigation and considera
tion of the case of Ed Neal, now un
der sentence of death in the county
jail of Douglas county, 1 have ar
rived at the conclusion that it is
not my duty to interfere with the
execution of the sentence imposed
by the court.
It will, therefore, become your
painful duty to carry that sentence
into effect on the day heretofore
named. Respectfully yours,
John 1. Thayer,
It had to come, of course. No
sooner had Major McKinley
finished the job of dipping a few
- r -
plates of American steel into a pot
of California tin at Phpia, O., than
a correspondent for a democratic
paper set himself to discredit the
work by the manufacture of a job
lot of falsehoods. His story was
that the tin was not tin at all but
lead, and that there was no tin
plate mill within M miles of the
town of Piqna. That bold lying
has been repeated with many ex
pressions of approval by the demo
cratic press in all parts of the county-
What the democracy expects to
gain by this babyish fighting it is
hard to discover. It is so well
known that tin plate is manufac
tured in this country in commer
cial quantities that the public is
weary of the reiteration that the
industry is a myth. In the case of
the Piqua tin we have the state
ments backed by affidavits of re
putable citizens including wel
known democrats, that the pig tin
was brought from California, that
the pig lead came from Missouri,
that the iron ore came from the
the northwest, that the steel billets
were rolled in Ohio and that all
proces.-es in the manufacture of tin
were honestly carried out. Finally
the tin itself made by Major Kinlcy
is on exhibition and its genuineness
ami its high grade have been at
tested to by a number of experts.
The democracy sprung this lie
altogether too early in the cam
paign. They should have waited
until a couple of days before elec
tion. Stale Journal.
THE withdrawal of Judge Hroady
aud the declination of the state
central committee to nominate
another candidate practically as
sures the election of Post. Besides
the great number of democrats that
will openly support Post, a greater
number.rather than support lidger
ton, will not vote for a supreme
judge at all, thus leaving the out
look bright for therepbulican candi
To Coal Cohnumer.
All those that do not settle
their last seasoifs coal bills with
me by the 10th of Oct. next will not
expect to have any accomidations
from me this season of course.
Office and yards 404 South Third
street. Telephone, 13.
I always try to have a full line of
all grades of coal on hand.
tf Timothy Clark.
Plattsmeuth. Sept. '1, ISM.
Do not confuse the famous Blush
of Roses with the many worthless
paints, powders. creams and
bleaches which are flooding the
market. Get the genuine oi your
druggist, O. H. Snyder, 73 cents per
bottle, and I guarantee it will re
move your pimples, freckles, black
heads, moth, tan and sunburn, and
give you a lovely complexion. 1
Has just opened up a full line
of ladies, Gents and Childrens
all wool underwear and be
lore you buy your Fall or
Winter goods. Don't fail to
call and see our prices. We
beat 'em all.
Have you seen those nob
by Misses Caps, all pretty
shades, 55, (J5 and 75 cents
i 11 FHIEo
Register! kec.istek! KKGISTKK!
Get ready for that hunting expedition.
Hot soda
water at
Brown A
WANTED- - Some good cotton raffs
at "'' tf
District court convened at Ae-
J" ruHV-
Ladies are expected at the night
school as well as gentlemen.
The river is rising gradually,
owing to the recent rains.
Since the rain has been declared
off, genuine fall weather has pre
vailed. The county commissioners will
remain in session the remainder of
the week.
The management of the night
school is well pleased with the
start made lust evening.
The sharp frosts throughout this
Bcction have laid the gardens low.
The corn crop is not damaged.
If you wish to vote, you must
register. Tell every republican
about it, but keep mum in the pres
ence of democrats.
Rev. Dr. Britt of Hastings was
presented with a gold headed cane
by the Improved Order of Red
Men. Fremont Tribune.
Those who wish to learn to read
and write English will have splendid
opportunities at the night school
Come to-night at 7::).
Agent Apgar, of the M. P. station
at this place, informs us that the
business outlook is very encour
aging for the M. P. road.
Harry Cole and family, living
south of the city, are receiving a
visit from their relatives, Mr. and
Mrs. Richardson of Illinois.
Billy Weber and Byron Clark
were passengers for Omaha this
morning. They will join a hunting
party there for a trip through the
Dr. Brendle of Murray, candidate
for county coroner on the demo
cratic ticket, was a pleasant caller
at The 1IERALI sanctum last eve
ning. The doctor is a genial fellow,
and doubtless if he were a repub
lican he would make a very good
officer. v
A petition was presented to the
board of county commissioners to
day with the required number of
signatures, praying for permission
to vote upon a township organiza
tion as provided for by a law passed
bythe last legislature. The prayer of
the petitioners will be granted.
The Deaf wil! be Glad he is Cominy.
It cannot fail to be of interest to
many of our readers to know that
Mr. II. A. Wales, of Bridgeport.
Conn., has agreed to visit Omaha
Oct. Mil, and will be at the Millard
Hotel. Mr. Wales is the inventor of
the Sound Disc, which has at
tracted such widespread attention
throughout the civilized world, and
to the use of which is largely cred
ited the decrease in deafness shown
in the late census.
ir You wnt
a cheap home, or a good invest
ment, on good terms, attend the
auction sale of all the real estate of
the late J. V. Weckbach on Wednes
day, Oct. 14, 1HMI, in front of the
county judge's office.
P. R. GUTHMAN, Adm'r.
The Night School Open.
The first session of the night school
held at the high school building last
evening furnished ample evidence
that a good school will be main
tained. There was mm enrollment
of nearly thirty and there is little that the number will be in
creased to fifty before the close of
the week.
Supt. McClelland remarked that
this was strikingly unlike the
majority of schools owing to the
fact that the young ladies were not
represented. An invitation is ex
tended to them to attend the
school. A splendid opportunity, is
here otfered for taking a course in
book-keeping for those who cannot
do so during the day session. All
who come will be accommodated,
as other teachers will be added to
the list as necessity requires.
A Grand Ofi.n'ng.
Mrs. J. N. Wise, of the firm of
WiseiV Root has recently returned
from the east where she purchased
one of the most jc.ompU'te lines of
millinery good ever brought to
Plattsniouth. Yesterday their par
lors were beautifully decorated aud
the public given an opportimty to
inspect the stock. A great many
Msitors called during the day and
continued to come and go until 0,
p. in. Great care has been exer
cerised in selecting the stock to
meet the wants of all classes of
customers. The stock includes
nearly every grade from plain
goods to fine novelties imported
directly from Paris.
Tne Only Candulute Before the Con
vention ami hia Election iaCertnm.
The republican judicial conven
tion was held at the parlors of the
Watson Hotel at Nebraska City last
evening. Orlando Tefft was chosen
permanent chairman and William
Pflaging secretary.
The report of the committee on
credentials demonstrated that full
delegations were present from Cass
and Otoe counties.
Judge S. M. Chapman was dej
clared the nominee of the conven
tion by acclamation.
The district central committee
was appointed as follows: Cass
county: A. N. Sullivan aud Dr. N. R.
Hobba; Otoe county: C. W. Sey
mour and Fred New. John C. Wat
son was made chairman of the com
Later in the evening n reception
was given the nominee, duri.ig
which speeches were delivered by
prominent republicans.
It was expected that Judge Chap
man would succeed himself as
there is practically no opposition
to him in the republican party.
W. D. Jones is in Omaha to-day.
J. A. Basom of the Murray Banner
was in the city last evening.
Lew Moore is transacting busi
ness at the metropolis to-day.
Mrs. Geo. Dovey left for Omaha
this morning for ajfew day's visit
to friends. "
Oh'lunry ,
DIED At his home, in Elmwood, Ne
braska, on Sabbath, Oct. 4, 1H01
Dr. A. L. Root after a lingering
illness of about three mouth.
The funeral services took place at
his home in Elmwood on Monday
at 2 p. m.
It is with sadness we chronicle
this, but we know "He doeth all
things well" I le was born in Ohio,
moved from there to Michigan;
thence to Cass county, of which
place he has been a resident for
aootii eighteen years, inns has
another pioneer passed away to
join the innumerable throng from
which no traveler ever returns.
"Uncle Doc" as he was familiarly
called throughout the whole coun
try, was one of the best pliysicaus
this section of the country has ever
It is with sorrow the many
homes of Cass county receive the
intelligence that he has pass away.
We question why such lives must
vanish and leave us only a memory.
No answer springs to meet the un
spoken thought, but this we surlt
know, that all things are ordered,
only for the best, and of every
things, that forms the great design
for good this seeming wrong will
be no humble part.
The closing of this life is but the
opening of another door, we may
prate as learnedly as we will in
denial of the grand old dream of
immortality yet from his life we
may learn a lesson.
The deceased leaves a wife and
several children to mourn his loss.
To the grief stricken family we ex
tend our sympathy in their hour of
List of Letters
Remaining unclaimed
postoffiee at Plattsniouth, Oct.
fori he week ending Sept. Iff), MM.
Mm 0 Bennett,
Win ,1 Carey.
Min C Jones.
Mr Keniiley,
Jeanere. Neeps,
Rltta Pi lee.
Era Stephens,
Jainen W Sweeney,
MBfcomery Writs
Mr Wm Duliliois,
Mrs M K.Toit.
Mrs KO Mull i.
Mick I'lillliy,
K It Patrick.
Mm H K Stewart.
Clara C Wheeler.
Persons calling for the
will please say "advertised,"
P. M.
County Court.
In the matter of the guardianship
of Florence Anna Philbert and
Agnes iiertruoe I'hiiiiert, minor
heirs of Dorothy Philbert, deceased.
Emilia ('. Shrocder appointed
guardian, with bond fixed at $.1,1100.
Calvin II. Parinele vs. Thomas W.
Crabtree. Suit on note for $)0 and
interest. Leave given plaintilf to
file petition instauter.
Jacob Vallery, Jr., vs.Jesse Living
ston. Judgment of reviver in the
stun of fl(i(..i0 and interest thereon
from July 0. 1S7S, at the rate of 10
per cent per annum.
Chicago Nickel Works vs. The
Noble Sewing Machine Co. Suit
on note. Default defendant entered.
Judgment for plaintiff for SfH8.5L
Chicago Nickel Works vs. The
Noble Sewing Machine Co. Suit
on promissory nole. Default of
defendant entered. Judgment for
plaintiff for JTKI.iW.
In order to reduce stock to
WO must close out the buliinee of
I . i , -
sible. Ummcncuir to day we will
goods, embroideries ilouncings and
Ai su rcr tvnt lMx'onnt
Jadies summer vests at
Jjidies summer vests at 10c
Jjidies black and fancy ribbed vests 25o worth 35c.
awes DiacK usie ana ancy
ji i
60 wonnflso
II r . .1 M m
Ladies silk mixed
a '.75c,
Jadias silk vests at
20 per cent.
on all
per cent dicsount
Challies reduced to 5 cents per yard, regulars 8t',c quallity
Mousseline de India reduced tnOc per yard.
We make this offer in order to reduce stock Now is theMime to
purchase if in want of any of the above goods. REMEMBER all of our
goods marked in plain figures and we do as we advertise. Don't -miss,
this sa.e as they are the lowest prices quoted this season,
It At) IKS
Than ever Mors offered to the people of Piatt smouth and
Constantly arriving and will soon be complete. It will comprise a full
range of ull the newest as well as Hie more staple styles, and will be com
posed of Hie newest and choicest productions o domestic and foreign
manufacture . For a fit and excellent: of workmanship our garments can
not be excelled. Ami the prices that we offer them at are unprecedented
in the amountsof the cloak trade.
a silk seal
ed satin linin
ling and seal ornaments that we can sell for $12.50. This gar
erfect reflection of the plush sacque that is universally sold
inent is a tier
at $15 and $20.
WE HAVE a silk seal plunk jacket inches long that we can
sell at $0.50 that would be cheap at $12.50. although some merchants ask
$15 for the same garment. In the finer grades we have something very
elegant and stylish in the trimmed jacket and reefer in both cloth and
THE PROPER tiling for Misses this fall and winter will be
jackets and reefers, the newiuarkets being almost entirely discarded.
We have both the Jackets and Reefers for Misse's wear in endless varity,
We bought our cloaks early of
to offer them at very low figures.
We Solicit your favors and an early inspec
tion of our stock.
507 JInlifFtrwr riattsmoutlu Nol
make room for our MM n.,r,.l.aaf.a Nimmmr , ..U.. L
- -- - 'i -a i y o into
oir.-r our eririro lin - ot white
li oven
i1 YW
So result. 10c quality.
regular. 15 quality.
Egyptian cotton vests at
vests at 6oc. was a bar
$1, reduced from $1.2B.
ladies shirt waists and
on all our silk umbrellas
uliish acaue.3H inches lomr with oniit.
hands and are thereby enabled