Plattsmouth weekly herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1882-1892, August 06, 1891, Image 4

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PispatcheH from Kiitfland indicate-that
the iSrili.-h overiuncnt is
somewhat disturbed, in regard to
the reciprocity policy whieh the
United States has inaugurated
The fact that the commercial treaty
between the United States and Bra
zil will admit cotton manufactures
from this country into Brazil, at
rates of duty 25 per cent less than
thoj?e imposed upon similar joods
Merit from Great Britain, seems to
.have Htirred Lancashire profoundly
British dispatches state that Kntf
land sends every ywir to Brazil
about 31,2.7),(K) worth, and that
more than $12,."(),XX) worth of this
ajjfjreate represents the value of
cotton tfoods alone. Urgent eltorts
are beimr made, according to re
cent dispatches, t induce the
British Ministry to take some steps
for the protection of the trade of
that country with Brazil, particu
larly in the" matter of cotton 4xis.
The diftic.tiltv is to see what
lie.s within the power of the British
Government to do. Its policy al
ready admits free of duty a lare
Bilill C 1)1 Life t A JUI UlUlt ,ivjui.v-io
Brazil, and the necessities of the
f revenue affect in a peculiar decree
the possibilities of modifi'm- the
present system, even if it could
be done with advantage as respects
any important Brazilian product
But Brazil has scarcely any impor
tant product to sell upon which
the British irovernmeiit now im
poses any duty whatever. Coffee
and cocoa are the only dutiable
products imported from Brazil by
Great Britain to any extent, and of
these British supplies are mainly
from other countries. Xor is it
practicable for Great Britain, in
harmony with its long established
commercial policy, to threaten the
imposition of any duties upon pro
ducts from Brazil alone, while simi
lar products from other countries
are admitted free of duty. New
York Daily Commercial Bulletin.
The cars are supplied with longi
tudinal seats, lit by electricty, and
luxuriously cushioned, the pas
sengers facing each other. The lo
comotive is an electric motor, pick
ing up its electricity from a central
rail through which the electric cur
rent is conducted by a copper wire;
and inasmuch as, for each track,
there is a separate tunnel only a
trifle larger than the train (which
fills almost the whole of the annual
space, only at stations) each train
acts as a piston, driving out, from
station to station, the air through
which the preceding train passed.
The stations are connected with the
open air and are not more than
three-quarters of a mile apart; any
foul air which gathers in the tunnel
is thus expelled by each passing
train. Indeed, the air in the tunnel
is of a more equable temperature,
and is kept more constantly moved
and freshened, than the air on the
surface; and frequently on dark
and murky days it has been noticed
that air and atmosphere, strange as
it ma3- appear, are far more
pleasant in the tunnel than on the
street surface. Simon Sterene in
the August Forum.
The July report of the statistician
or U. S. department of agriculture,
devoted to areas and conditions of
growing crops, places the United
States acreage of corn, compared
with (100) last year, at 108.3, potatoes
102.3, tobacco 102.6, As to condition
July 1, compwred with the average
crop for ten years. past, corn is esti
mated at 92.8 per cent; wheat 94.1
rye 93.9; oats 87.0; barley 90.9; potatoes-
95.3; tobacco 91.1; clover 89.3;
timothy 87.4; and pasture 92.3. The
average weight of fleece from this
year's wool clip is 4.9 pounds. Gen
eral improvement is reported in the
crop conditions of all Europe coun
tries except Russia. In India both
the area and the yield are slightly
less than was expected two months
Senator Peffek should take a
day off and correct the statistics
that he uses in his calamity
peeches. There are not .),000,(XX)
mortgaged homes in the United
State", as he asserts. The total
number, according tothe census rc
turns. is o.ily 2.2T)O.O00. or less than
one-third of his estimate, and it is
absurd for him to go on inaKing
such a misrepresentation.
The poor old Journal does not
want its motives questioned in its
attack on business of private citiz
ens. It finds fault and trys to throw
cold water on nearly every improve
ment that is started in the city.
Uro. Sherman, drop your old moss
back principles ami your penuri
ous motives will not In questioned.
Miss Aimee Tougee, .laughter of
the famous author of A Fool's Kr
rand, has been awarded the prize
...r..-,i l.v Geo. W. Childs to the
Phidelphia School of Design for
Women, for excellence in illustration.
On Friday the Temescal tin mines
shipped to the American Tin Plate
Company of St. Uoiiis .JS.OOO pounds
of pig tin produced, smelted ami
refined at Temescal. That company
now has orders on hand from newly
formed tin plate companies in the
United States for over tfJOO.OOU worth
of block tin, and is running d.iy
and night with three shifts of men
to meet the demand.
What will our democratic a
muirwumo friends say to th
Will they still insist that we cannot
and will not make tin plate 1.1 U
United States, and that we ought
continue, as heretofore, tilling tl
Welshmen's pockets at prices whit
they name'r Will they claim now
that the I-leKinley bill is a mei
empty form of words, or that it wi
not foster and encourag at leai
one domestic industry? It must I
borne in mind that nineteen tons (
block tin mean at least tons
tin plate, the tin being only about
per cent of the so called tin plat
Six hundred tons of tiu plate is m
very much, but it will be enough to
disprove the free trade assertion
that tin plate in marketable quanti
ties is not made in the United
States. This shipment, too, is only
a single one, and will be followed
by others just as fast as the ore can
be mined and milled. The Temes
cal company expects within sixty
davs to be smelting from four to
six tons of block tin per day, and to
increase the output far beyond tliat
within a short time.
We are going through just the
same experience with tin as we had
with steel rails, with wire nails,
with cotton fabrics, and with every
kind of manufacture that a protec
tive tariff has encouraged. We
were met with the same derision,
the same slanders and falsehoods
and the same predictions of failure,
but all these industries have suc
ceeded, and tin plate making will
do the same. San Francisco
IX "The Boston Transcript" some
one tells what the present leading
authors of the country were doing
in lSoo. Mr. Howells was setting
type in his father's printing office,
and he has never been ashamed of
it, either; it is twenty to one that he
was an excellent compositor.
Charles F:gbert Craddock roamed, a
little child, upon the Tennessee
mountains.. and Celia Thaxter
gathered pimpernels upon the
wind-swept Isles of Shoals. All
these young people then and a
little later, must have found very
little inspiration for their baby
geniuses in the current literature
of that da', as this contributor
gives an account of it; the idols of
people were Fanny Fern and Fitz
Greene Halleck and Timothy Tit-
comb. Sentimental maidens pored
over "Bittersweets" and "Godey's
Lady's Book," and the general
literary tone was decidedly weak.
vast deal that was good had al
ready appeared in I8.10, but the peo
ple hardly knew it. As to the only
great piece of fiction of the period,
Uncle Tom's Cabin," people were
divided between declaring that it
was rubbish and asserting that it
was the work of Henry Ward
Beecher and not Mrs. St owe, because
no woman could have had brains
enough to write it!
The Fifty-first Congress did not
ppropriate "over a billion of dol
lar." but iust exactly $988,410,129, or
$170,446,209 more than the Fiftieth
Congress. Of this excess $2.,321,-
907;was . for a pension dehciency
which the Democrats of that lon
trress dishonestly left unpaid; $23,-
007,343.58 was for postoftice bills,
three-fourth of which will be re
turned to the Treasury: $i,.J0i, 140
70;for the purhase of Indian lands
that will sell for three times their
cost; $14,042,344.00 was to meet con
tracts for naval vessels heretofore
authorized, and $72,088,330.99 to pay
new pension under the new act
authorized by the people in 1888.
The balance went in census ex
penses.harbor defenses and improve
ments. and World's Fair appropri
ations. As to tlie revenues. me
were reduced, and unjust taxation
was not continued. As we have al
ready demonstrated in these
columns, the people are enjoying
under the McKinley bill a greater
volume of trade than ever before,
while they are paying less taxes.
Inter Ocean.
THE owners of Kentucky whisky
owe Uncle Sam in round numbers
$18,000,000 for taxes on whisky,
which they will have to pay soon
. . ., i r.: 1 1. ( ; in . if navment is i'X-
i 1 1 i v ' - - . . . - . i
tended. As Democrats have con
tended that the Treasury was "hard
up" they might be taken at their
own word, and be asked to pay
promptly. There is no reason why
the payment of the tax should b
Tncle Sam
hsrve the benefit of the money and
the Democratic party the benefit of
the whisky. Inter Ocean.
Sick or well, Bright' s discose or
no disease, candidate or no candi
date , Secretary or citizen, James G
Blaine holds a bigger place in the
popular heart of this country to
day than any other living man.
Globe Democrat.
A K'EPI CTIOX of $1,500,000 in the
public debt during July is all that
can reasonably be asked, ami a
great deal more than the democrats
care to see.
Ik Uncle Sam were to get into
any trouble an army could be
organized inj ten days from the
ranks of the G. A. R. which, without
a drill, could lick an- arni3' organ
ized 011 this green earth. They art
old and gra3'-headed, but they
would be there all the same. Inter
KASTEWX democratic organs can
continue to sneer about "the mort
gaged west." "the corn burners."
"grasshopper eaten," "cyclone
swept," and all that, but don't for
get to send along the thousand
dollar bills to pay for the crops, and
plenty of them. The grasshopper
terms this year are C. O. D. F. O. B
Til!-; appearance of Senator Boyn
ter in Lincoln yesterday caused the
World-Herald and a few others to
thinks he was going to seize the
governors chair and call a special
session of the legislature, as Gov
ernor Thayer was out of the state;
but all of their scare and hurrah
is blown to the wind as Lieutenant
GovernorjTom Majors is at his home
near Peru attending to his own
business and as long as lie is in the
state I'oynter or no one else can
step over him ami call a special
se. siou while the governor is Jaway
from the state. Tom Majors is ex
pected to be in Lincoln tomorrow
to attend to some matters from the
state and Senator Uoynter's guber
national aspration will end.
Fix-Congress Perkins, of Kansas,
states these clear and forcible rea
sons for the faith that is in him:
"I am a protectionist because I
am an American. We should have
free trade among ourselves because
we honor one Hag and we are citi
zens of a coinmon country. But the
man who builds no houses here,
who pavs no taxes here, who em
ploys no laborers here, who does
nothing to contribute' to our growth
and to prosperity, who lives abroad
bevond the the oceans, whence he
desires to bring his products, either
farm or manufactured, into this
reat American market in competi
tion with ours, he should pay for
the privilege; and when he has paid
for the privilege we will cover the
money into the treasury of the
United States, and with it we will
cancel our obligations and carry
on the concerns of government.
And I would do this in the name of
patriotism and my country because
I believe it right."
THERE is a parrot in St. Louis
which exclaims, whenever a man
enters the room: "You're drunk,
sir, and had better go away. I
don't want to see you till you're
over it." People wonder how the
bird catches on, but the explanation
is simple: it doesn't know how to
av anything else, and of course in
making the remark to every man it
frequently gets near home. One
gentleman who. called thought it
was the lady of the house speaking.
uid rushed out of the parlor. She
sat down to write a note of explana
tion to him. when to her amazement
servant brought her a note from
the gentleman she was writing to,
in which he stated that he
acknowledged with humility that
he had perhaps taken too much
. . . . , 1 ... 1 1, ,1
wine witn ins uinner. om
hoped on calling on her that she
would not have detected it. As she
had done so. however, he offered
his most abject apologies and a
prayer for forgiveness.
THE sotck of grain in regular
warehouses iu Chicago last Satur
day evening were 3.058.341 bushels
of wheat, 1,300.071 bushels of corn.
7H,79'.l bushels of oats, 257,815
bushels of rye, and 832 bushels of
barley. In private store there were
about 94,700 bushels of wheat, 49,000
miMUlMiUDi". .,iiKx
of oats. Total of .),44.,0'-J buslnM.s
of all kind of iraitis, aaint l-.KJ.i-Y2.2
bus-hols a year ajjfo. The Secre
tary of the Chicago Hoard of Trade
reports the visible supply of uraiu
in the Tinted Stales and Canada
for the same date as J(,7)7,!:j7
bushels of wheat. :J.K7"2,7t0 bushels
of corn. '2,072,71 S bushels of oats, .14.
01. bushels of rye, and 71,l)'.:J bushel
of barley, against lS.-kkJ.04S bushels
wheat 11.01),O70 bushels of corn, 2,."v,
2S bushels of oats. 44.0i:t bushels of
t--' 'Mi.-iiv - -
-,,il MkS7 bushel of barley for
r)f,.limo.-i,n i
the tune last Tear.
i !, .....l.- (i.i-i'
Compared With a week a-JO tilt It
were increase of 1..M17.60.-) bushels of
wheat. S:J7.9S1 bushels of corn, 3fW.-
81S bushels of oats, and 302.77.'i
bushel of rye, and a decrease of ;i,-
00Sbuhels of barley.
RhiiiiTH twin Curil in Uy.
"Mystic Cure" for rheumatism and
neuralgia radically cured in 1 to 3
days. Its action upon the system is
remarkable and my sterious. It re
moves at once the cause and the di
sease immediately dissappcars.
The first dose greatly benelits. 7e
Sold by F, G. Fricke. Drutrgist. wt
Leial Notice,
li-nry .li-sfjih Marcel, lffciil;int will t it I e
not :ee i li ;: t oil tin Mil "lay it Aiij-uM
rii.'!ii;i t'ant'k m l Lous .1. I'i;it !i. jil.iin I
li.'ifin liiril tin i:- it iuii .mil ;il.iil:iv it for lit -f.
-It.-iM'iit i i tin' hliii-i coiiit 'it ':,h e ; i ly,
ska tiiift s;ti'! m-fciitiant 1li 1 J e -t
uiiil tir.iyiT of wl ic . ;ui' I" I' C vcr thr -.ii.,. .I
in Ihiiiii i cil l"llais;i' ! iiii'ivst f "in M;iy -J.'.
or iicIvsi).i ;il m i vict r-!,M l e(l iii,f'"
ft.M t Hi I i retit-s: l pi .1111 'its ;in-l I I ;i I- e by
pr : :Ma-!ui: 111 tin f . 1 1 : v 1 1 1 ir iliscriln .1
i-s!n!i' ti'..i tr'ii t ii.ll- hi y .1 s till M:i eel
si.u;il'' in lli i'imihc, of c.-ti-f ami m um f
cl, ; to wit : i. -I . 0 . C (- : 1 ok N- 15
(tifdfiil in CMbiy I'liuf. ;e ii'.iii mi the
'.tv'i I'L.tlsiiion ii as mm vryt-if, platt-d and
rfii ic(l
V- u are r iiiiioi1 to imishitsihI ':i ion on
or l- fnre 'lie lit I 1 -y '-iileiiiln-r
Ilatfil at riattsniDiith. Cass ciu Iv Ni-ln nskn
Auu-'t Mh lsyl.
Thomas Cai-a k.
Lol ls .1.11 11!.
aint l:e.
Ca ek I'i ittl Attorney'' in person,
10 t'i'f iliton Block, Om tin. Nel.
Lecjul Nolife.
Notiee is herebv iven Unit. l;y viim- ef a
lien toi t e -et nftli property tiereinalter ilr-(i-rib-il
s;;;il lien iiein da-fd dm tli -''' lh day
t .Ju!v is il siwl filed 111 the office of the clerk
if Oiii-s founty, 'ebrsk:. on the lilst da o
Jl.IvIKKI ni! evi-ciited ill lavor of .Joli ii-hh
KniV'I't ami :in;iiii -T A. .1. Abbott to secure tin
payment id i'0 CO ai-d 11 mi uliieli here i
imW due lite sum of M). Pefanlt having
been tva-'e in 'he payment of said mum and nu
suit or ;t her dint's at 1 tw ha inj; ben in
stiiuttd t-1 recove said debt or anv p u t tllete
of. ! i will cell the pi''prty therein
dt-serilied, v iz : One dark nearly black, horse
Cult auollt t a. -e lii'-.'it ';s i.l 1. :it public auction
at the house i f Si.iti t -i.m alt Creek pre
cinct in Sane'lfi's e.unnv N 'i-iska on the JKth
day 01 Aii'U-- 1-'.l at te i.'e;--ek a. 111. of said
day. .1 111 nmin ! n ; fit
I.ien Holder.
Dated Annus: .ah lssl jit
Sheriffs Sile.
I;v virtue of an order of sale Issued by W. C.
ShowaMei fl rkoi the district cciiit within
and I'm Cass county. Nclirast-a, tnl 'o me
directed. I will ell tin- ol t day of A u 11st -t 1.
lyl. at 2 o' ; . 111.. ot said day at tin f'-ot
of 1 1 e st ail wav ! a:! li's 11 1 to liockw.f ii Ha l
ill -he citv of I l.t! 1-..outh Ca-s eaunty Ne-bra.-ka
that beinjt I he place: where ti.- last
lerni ol t l.e lisficl fie.ri was bed i: Si-ld
( :-.;nty, sell at iHl!:ic auction, toe foil iwiim
! ill est tte o- wit :
'1 lie s .ihe-:s iniaitei-is (. of s,.- ti i cv 11
("i t w n't en i 10 iaif,enii:e mi in I'as- couniy
eiiiuska to'-'eiher t- 1 he pri i.-i; 1 1 1 i no
j' e 'hi-reuMo b.-liiiieiiiK or in anywise
ii- same beinn l-vit 0 upon ai d taken as
the nroptrtv i t k I.. I t wis. first name un
known nd In:, Lewis, defendants : to sat
isfv a jmtfiniei.i i f sa.d courr recove. en by
M-i;y K. Her. a 111 1': si . at rix t t he estate of
1". ! '. Mailer, deceived. 1 t -in. iff; aifaiu.-.t said
1I1 f ndaiiis.
!'! ttt-111 11U1, Ne!. loly o. 1 IMf
-M T I : I K .
Sherill Cass ' on ;y eb
In the District Court. Cass 'oindy, Neb.
I the matter ft the :i:.)d!eati-n 1
ft A. '. Adams adniin'strator :
In- limiiit AnI of the e.-tate ot ,i J--i-h.
Keet- !'. (!e.eaed f-r.i-i
cense to seii real es aie. I
( ii l 1: r Of HT.
" t sa isf;n-;oril ." :iti -eariinr fn:n 'be peti
ii lift aid atimini "!i.iur lliat he personal
!!! erty is insu - c-nt to p.ty the :ebis out--tai.-litii;
a vaitl es-al" and the rusts of
uinnmistr atioti aim haf it is 11 c s -try to a 11
s ine p... tion of the r - :l -i.-t i n- that i'urioie
It .?. h- rebv ide1- d II'.-.' - I V r - " interested
in said est at' appear b f re me at the office of
lie Clerk i f the is rie. Court of Cass County
5-In as a at . iafsm utii on Ih-'-'-ltli day of
Auirusf -'trite Kurof 10a m o-bow cause
if am Mi i'i- h ;ve ivliy sai adniiiustrator
shonii! n. t Veeeive li. et.-c to s 11 the ten- es
tate b,-.iii;:i. t.) Hie said esrare or; m pmicIi
tlU'Jtnt as ms l.e necessarv to payine nrini
oiitstaitdiiiK aaamsl said 1 sr t. It is furiber
old. red that ..''is r- - r be published four
smcessie weeks in ' 11 K I'l.ATTSMOfi h
Am KI.V Hk.kai I) pr or t said dale.
fiAJUKI. M- C'H X y M A .
'-V tii'ih 1111 & Davis. Attorneys.
f - tfa.
Fit, .-VA
Officfl honra from 9 a. m. to S p. m. Sunday I
from 10 a. m. to 1 p. m.
RrwiRlistB in Chronic. Nervous, 8km and Blood
tSf Consultation at office or by mail free.
. . .J : - I. motl fit. nrnniH RArnrAlV
jxifliciuti- oem. li -
packed, free from observation. Guarantees to
cure quickly, safely and permanently.
The most -widely and favorably known special-
- . - - 1 IT : . 1 L!((n. Tli.IT. InnDATmniiiirji
1BLS in III UU1L1 ti ' -- -''ri - -
remarkable skill and universal success in the
treatment and cure of Mervous, t.nronic ana our,
ideal Diseases, entitle these eminent physicians
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They guarantee:
awful effects of early vice and the numerous evils
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speedily, completely and permanently cured.
ORDERS yield readily to their skillful treat
puaranteed cured without pain or detention
from business.
nonfit. in.1 sn rr-oKof n 1 1 v cnred in every case.
torrhoea. Seminal weakness, j-k-si maiii-w--",
Nijrht Emissions, Decayed Faculties, temale
Weakness and all aencaie aieorucre p:un j
either sex positively cured, as well as all fane ,
tional disorders that result from youthful folliea
or the excess 01 mature yearn.
0i-;r.iif o Guaranteed permanently cured. I
OiriCIUrB removal complete, withont cut- i
a: n .lil.i.itiiTT Cnra fTert4rd at
L 1 II K , rnuniii; ' ' uiaiu'i "- - .
home by patient without a moments pain or
AC,... Pt--rt The awfnl effects of early
OUT U UUI C vice which brings organic
weakness, destroying hoth mind and body, with
all its dreaded ills, permanently cured.
II to4-fo Address those who have impar-
a.I tlmmcalvan VlV 1 TT1 TirrtT OT in.
dultrence and solitery habits, which ruin both
mind and rxidy, unhtting mem ror ousinebe,
study or marriage.
MARRIED MEN, or those entering on that
happy life, aware of physical debility, quickly
C3?Seiul 8 cents postage for celebrated works
t nronic, nervous nun ii-ntmo tran.
Thousands cured. SA friendly letter or call
mHy pave you future suffering and shame, an.J
Boldi u years to life. fTNo letter answered
on1""1 acciimpanieil by cuntii in Btamps.
Address, cr call on
i DRS. BtTTb & bLI lb,
- niia!ac fit..
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