Plattsmouth weekly herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1882-1892, August 06, 1891, Image 3

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Tlie ;NoM rJftwi" J Mnf-hin Com
pany ri1 f'jr jTO.OOO.
From 7 In. l.ntu
Tin Nolili' Sfwinu M;u liiiK t'oni-
pany located at Weeping Water was
Closed yesterday sum taken pose.-t-Hion
of hy the inoi taivcs, the Ki-y-Htone
Hank of Kile, IVimsyl vania,
and a Mr. Nohle of Ihi- same city.
The Krie p;irtiH look po-ei.-ion
under their chattel mortaes whih
amount (-il to .f.i J,!). Manv people
in Weepine; Water will he heavy j
losers hy the failure which will he
severely felt all over the county. It
in tin larrst andonc of thenmst tin
fort una te fa i I ures t !ia t e'er mi r i i
in the county, Tl.'i: h
some way ui;iy he loitin! to Snie
over the difficulties so thai the hie
tory may he operated as it -.eeiued
to hehina s;'ood husiness.
(,OOD N iiWS
Horly Men A'I'lerl io Sieirnk'-n' D -
The Hurlin'toii manam aient
which has always hei-n ciicrciic
and puhlic spirited he-iiii takini;
hack tin men discharged several
tuoiiths ao Ity iiddiu 1"I to
their pay roll in the height
car department to-day. It i.
rumored that tlje puUiii-.' on of a
niht force in the machine .-hop- is
Hcrioush' considered. Hi-tnrc Ioml
we are convinced there will he ntia .
men t'liijilii) ! than ever hcioiv, ai:i
the city will wear a Sundav smile
for every day in the week. ' Husi
ness will improve r.-ipully and
I'lattsmouth accord i n s, to her
)opttIation will he tlie hest town in
the state.
rvl m rri f 1 .
HlIKKI.S-MlLI.KK. At the ol"l;c- (-1
the County Jude. on July li'.'.h.
aL 7 o'clock p. in., Mr. ( i.- '. M.
Hurris and Miss. Sarah J. Miller
were united in wedlock. J iidv
Kainsey of ticiat in 14-.
The "-room is the son of our fellow
tomnsma n. M r, I )an i '1 1 In iris and is
one anionir our eiierii'et ic and indus
trious youn men, and Til li II K K'A I.I
licartily congratulates Mr. Hurris
over his capture of so heautiiulaud
charming a youiiy; lady as M iss. M i I
ler. May their lives he Inn and
pros pen us.
Ttii Rock lsfnl
Judge Hrewer rt-fused to grant a
supersedeas homl to the Union
Pacific, hence trains will he put 011
the Rock Island today, and the U.
P. will run into Lincoln over the
Rock Island short line through this
county, thus giving our western
neighbors the benefit of two roads.
The Milwaukee now runs into the
Union Depot at Omaha.
County Alliance Meeting.
The regular quarterly meeting of
the Cass county farmers' alliance
was held in (i. A. R. hall. Weeping
Water, July 'Ja, 1891. The represen
tation was fairly good. The re
ports of condition of the various al
liances cheering. The business
was transacted with harmony and
rapidity and throughout the session
a good interest was shown. The
following officers were elected for
the ensuing term: C. LeMasters,
president; J. W. Cox, vice-president ;
H. R Allen, secretary; J. R. Mar
shall, J. Rouse, George Steel, K
Dorr, Samuel Richardson, executive
committee; Fred Mulertx, lecturer;
Joshua Murray, chaplain; J. M.
Kiser, door-keeper; M. K. Harris,
assistant door-keeper; P. Hayes,
sergeant-at-arms. Next session to
be held at Weeping Water.
Weeping Water Kagle.
Seared the Tenant.
The noise of a terrific explosion
startled the people in the vicinity
of Sixteenth and Douglas streets
yesterday afternoon at about 3:30
o'clock. A heavy brass vulcanizer
in the ofiice of Dr. Withers, a dent
ist, in room 4U2 Hrown block, ex
ploded with great force, shaking
the building to the foundations,
shattering the windows and tearing
the plastering from the walls. Dr.
Withers had been seated directly
in front of vulcanizer but a moment
before the explosion occtired.
The explosion was undoubtedly
caused by some defect in the vulcan
izer. The gunge registered less
than three hundred pounds when
the explosion occurred. The noise
of the exploison was distinctly
heard for several blocks. Omaha
Extension of Time
Has been given to the G. A. R.
visitors at the national reunion at
Detroit to August 18. and a further
extension may be had to Sept. 30
they will deposit their tickets
with the joint agent at Detroit not
later than August 17.
Card of Thanks.
Mrs. Chas Hassemier desires to
publicly thank the A. O. I". W.
lodges of tlu city, the officers of
H. & M. railroad and the many
thoughtful friends who have shown
her so many courtesies and special
acts of kindness during the funeral
of her late husband.
BAM Junior.
Is the name of the latest base ball
club which is made up as follows:
Or. Cooper, c; F. Hons, "Jb; Frank f
Pine, ss; Dem Hyatt, p; Roy Kafon, '
cf; F. Hopkins, lb; S. Ruff tier.
W. Haird, 3b; J. Hercher, If.
One hundred car loads of com
pany coal has been received here
and await an opportunity to be un
loaded at the coal sheds. The com
pany always stocks up 011 fuel
luring the summer for winter use-,
a scheme that might be profitably
followed by individuals.
The Prohibtionlt NominH a
Tin prohibitionists of C;ih coun-uthiii-il
in tin city park at Vo'p
injr U'iitrr, July for comity
convention and picnic, pursuant to
r;)I T)) t j, rt.;l t( n i n weather, frt
ipnnt showers and 1 he husy harvest
season kept many away, and com-
peled tho?e who gathered to seek
.-In Iter for the convention, which
was found in the A. R. Hall.
County chairman, A. ( . Ashley
called the convention
to order,
prayer hy
I h'.-v. J.I). M. H.a kner,
of I'latts-
: i.oiith.
r motion the chair appointed
t '.in- following committee on organj-
.ali.V: j. i. M. Hnckner, P. P. (lass.
I'. W i i ! ia in:-, who reported as fol
lows ch; i rmaii, II. M. (fault, secre
tary, I-;. W. Murlless, treasurer, A. O.
Ashley. These wrre duly elected
and were In serve as county com
mittee. In response to call by the chair,
State Chairman Hently and Rev.
Huckuer made informal but vigor
ous and inspiring speeches.
The convention placed in nomina
tion candidates for county offices
and elected delegates to state and
judicial con vent ion as follows:
County judge. P. P. Gas, Platts-
CI'.TK. eS;
T. H. Hrown, Platts-
i'ss Rockwell, Manley.
Philander Williams. Kim-
i 1 e r i 1 1
Wl )0. I.
Supt. f.'ihu'aiion,
011. Plait-mouth,
f'ounty coiiimi
Miss Alice Wil
ssioner, If. M.
(la'ilt, I'lattsmouth.
Survey or to be selected by county
central committee.
Delegates to the state convention.
II. M. (iault. A. O. Ashley, I.. T.
Guild, Noah Clemens. Kdwin
Davis, C. II. Gihnore, Mrs. Jesse
Rockwel 1, M rs. I). C. Hardy. K. W.
Murlless. who were made delegates
to the judicial convention also
."Irs. James, of Weeping Water, is
in the city the guest of her brother
Roocri Carlyle.
Ir. Woods ami wife of .Louisville,
parent. -; of Mrs. Chas Hasemeir are
in the city to-day.
Mrs. John Ley da returned home
this morning from a visit with her
parents at Weeping Water.
Frank Kllenbaum had a slight
runaway yesterday with his frisky
horse which resulted in nothing
worse than a broken harness.
Thirteen cars of sugar cured hams
were shipped from Nebraska City
yesterday to Chicago where they
will he boxed and reshipped to
Liverpool. The "Ilinglish" like a
good "'am" as well as anybody.
M. S. Cmay and W. II. Dudley have
resigned their places on the national
republican committee which were
duly accepted by the executive
committee in session at Washing
ton D. C. yesterday. J. S. Clarkson
of Iowa was elected chairman by
the executive committee and will
doubtless be elected chairman by
the national committee when it
From Friilini Dnilu.
Mrs. lodge Russell went to Vil-
lisca. Iowa, today for a brief visit.
W. L. Knotts of Murray, Iowa,
came in last night and will be
added to Tllli HliiiALl) force.
Miss Susie Keefer came in from
Wahoo this morningaiid is visiting
her friend, Miss Herta Hennett.
Judge Archer was called to Cul-
lom last night owing to the severe
illness of his son at that point. He
returned home this morning and
reports the young man much
Four new moguls for the R. G. W.
passed through here last night
from the east.
Dave Stutzman is laying off today
on account of a bouncing boy baby
at his home. We never smoke.
The city schools will open up for
a ten months term on the seventh
dayr of September. Don't forget the
Two car loads of car wheels were
brought in last night from Lincoln
to be turned down and made over
in the shops here.
The Grand Army rate to Detroit
and return is$18.o0 with choice of
three routes beyond Chicago. We
learn arrangements have been
made for the official train over the
Hurliiigton to pass through here
Saturday night about ten o'clock.
The HCimett camp meeting be
gins Aug 13th, and continues to
Aug 21st. The 13-cc M. has made a
rate of a fare and a third for round
trip. This is the greatest camp
meeting in tiie west and always
draws an immense crowd.
Little Arthur Malick, aged six
years, met with a most painful acci
dent Wednesday evening, getting a
fall that seems to have dislocated
his knee-cap. The little fellow suf
fers intense pain, having scarcely
eaten a mouthful on that account
since he was hurt.
The prohibitionists are not all
satisfied with their ticket named in
convention here last Wednesday.
and some say they will not vote the
ticket nor have anything to do with
11. hhi many 1 lattsmoutli men
hold down the heavy end of the tee
ter. -W. W. Rep.
A footing up by the county clerk
shows that X has already been
expended on the new court liui.-e.
The bonds which were sold to the
state treasurer at par will draw no
interest until the money is actually
drawn from the treasury. The first
payment is likely to be made soon.
Uncle Hen McNurlin is in town
to-day from Joe Connor's big I'latte
county ranch.
Tidhall & Fuller, of Weeping'
Water sued tin Nohle JVwing
Machine company to-day in the
district court for if 11.M Mm They also
impleaded tlie stocKHoiders as
The fair management has suc
ceeded in raising the required
amount, and in addition to other at
tractions will ha c two balloon as
censions hy the successful a ionaiit
who was here a f.'w days ago.
The county clerk was notified to
day that the state levy in Cass conn
ty for the enstiingy t ar wasti' 4 mills
instead of ,") 1 -7 mills 011 last year.
This will make the total levy for all
purposes in this county lia 1-1 ti mills
Mr. George Ho-ck shipped a car
load of household goods to their
new home at Iowa Park, Texas, last
night. Mr. Ho-ck ami family will
leave to-day for that point. Tilt-;
llKK'ALK trusts they will find in
their new home all that they ex
pect, thouu'h we can t see how
Fastern Nebraska can bt
1 m provci
draiiuma oik, Jolin Jienmngs
Jr. and Marten Frederick and family
leave on tin: flyer this afternoon for
Pekin, Ills., where Mrs. Frederick
who has been in verv poor health
for the past vear, expects to take
treatment. Till-; IlKK'ALI) hopes
Mrs. Fredericks eilorts to regain
her health may prwve entirely sue
Henry McMaken is Grandpa again
and he says the boy which was
horn at his house yesterday is al
ready named Benjamin Harrison
Recce. As the father, Harry Recce,
is a devout follower of Grover
Cleveland we fear there will be a
slight tumult in the family circle
when Harry, who is now at North
Platte, learn the name of his young
A. P. Horn, the old gentleman
who dieel at the poorhott e the
other day. had quite a history. He
was a sailor during his younger
davs and was employed on the
Niagara, the boat that laid the first
A t la nt ic cable. A fter the cable broke
the (ireat Kastern completed the
work and the Niagara was used as
a coaling vessel. Mr. Horn was
present with Cyrus Field wl en tlie
first message was sent across water.
After a long term of service on tlie
water Mr. Horn drifted west and for
several years made his home with
Clarence May field. His eyesight
finally failed entirely and he was
taken care of by the county and
died in the poorhouse, having no
relatives that hi knew of. It was
rather an unevedtful ending of an
eventful life.
Married .
II E K KXDEEX-Coi'll K AX - At the of
fice of the county judge, at I'latts
mouth Nebraska, July 31st 1S31, at
11 o, clock a. m. Mr. Albert L.Heren
deen and Miss Mary C. Cochran
were united in the holy bonds of
matrimony Judge Ramsey officiat
ing. Acquitted of Murdr.
Dr. Julius A. Schuelke, a promi
nent citizen of Lander, Wyo., who
shot and killed J. W. Sullivan, a
druggist, April 17, 1SW, and has
been on trial for murder, was ac
quitted, the jury being out eleven
hours. The defense set up the
c aim of self-defense and temporary
insanity, lhe men had a fight in a
barber shop and Schuelke claimed
that he was afraid Sullivan was
romg to cut nun with a razor.
Schuelke also claimed that he had
been injured about the head some
years ago in a railway accident, avid
medical testimony was introduced
to show that his injuries under ex
citing circumstances would pro
duce temporary insanity. A num
ber of lawyers from Cheyenne and
Laramie took part in the trial.
Schuelke practiced medicine at
Louisville, this county, for over a
year, and those who knew him best
never saw any indications of tem
porary insanity. The jurors must
have had a touch of the malady
1 he Journal Methods.
The Journal has contracted a
pernicious habit of libeling busi
ness men by m isrepresenting them
and their affairs in such a way as
to hold them up to public criticism
when a slight examination would
show them the utter lack of truth
fulness in their published reports.
Their remarks about W. L. Hrowne
and Mayor Richey in reference
to the lumber contract were so far
from the truth that two days after
ward they were compelled to retract
One of the latest abuses of their
privilege as a newspaper, was the
uncalled for attack upon the Klect
ric Light company whom it seeks
to injure by saying the candle arc
power is less than 11?X; It being a
fact, that while the contract calls
for 120 candle power lamps, the
company has always furnished
without extra expense the much
nu)re costly .-," candle power:
lamp. Hut instead ot being com
mended for liberality the company j
is actully .abused and a suspicion !
.. ,1 ,1,.,. ,1, , 1, . .
IHU rv 4 ,11.11 t,iy ill., jwt jiiiii
to their contract with the city, and 1
a fel ling of resentment against the J
company is thus unfairly generated.
The story about a "rat" electrician i
is also untrue, the fact being that i
the chief electrician resigned, and :
his assistant was promoied v.-p.o '
was equally as good a man, and
gives his employers perfect satis- !
faction. We don't care to interfere'
or criticise our neighbors business
methods but when they become so
notoriously had a.- to injure our
best citizens it is t . - public opin- !
ion was aroused io . iH- enormity of j
the offense. '
It Should be In Every House.
J. H. Wilson. 371 Clay St.. Sharps,
burg. Pa., says he will not be with
out Dr. King's New Discovery for
Consumption, Coughs and Colds,
that it cured his wife who was
threatened with Pneumonia after
an attack of "La Grippe." when
various other remedies and several
j phy sicians had done her 110 good.
Robert Harber, of Cocksport', Pa.,
claims ir. lmgs .New JMscovcry
has clone him more good than any
thing he ever used for Lung
Trouble. Nothing like it. Trv it.
Free trial bottles at F. G. Fricke V
Co's drugstore. Large bottle, ade.
and !f
I am an old man ami have been a
constant sufferer with catarrh for
the last tin years. I am entirely
cured by the use of Fly's Cream
Halm. It is strange that's!) simple
a remedy will cur!- such a stubborn
disease. Henry Hillings, U. S. Pen
sion Attorney, Washington, D. C.
For eight years I have suffered
from catarrh, which affected my
ey es ami hearing-; I have employed
many physicians w ithout relief. I
am now on my second bottle of
Fly's Cream Halm, ami feel confi
dent of a complete cure. Mary C.
Thompson. Cerro Gordo, 111.
N-IIss' Nerveand Liver Pille-
Act 011 tt new principle rt liintinjj
the liver ,.-toiii!icli mul lnnveN tluouej
the nerves.. A new diseevi iv. Dr. M il-s"
Pills speedily cure liiioiMi s, m. lst .
torpid liver, pili-a, cont-t pntion. Une
quled for men, woiih n, children.
SillHllept., inihlei-.t, .-urest! .rii do- s, 'J"c
Sumplii free h' F. G. Fricke i (W
The Createst Strike
Among the great strikes that of
Dr. Mill's in discovering- his New
Heart Cure has proven itself to be
one of the most important. The ile
maud for it has become astonish
ing. Already the treatment of heart
disease is being revolutionized, an
many unexpected cures effected. It
soon relieves short breath, flutter
ing, pains 111 side, arm, shoulder
weak and hungry spells, oppres
sion, swelling of ankles, smothering
and heart dropsy. Dr. Miles' boo
011 Heart and Nervine Disease:
free. lhe tmequaled New lb-art
Cure is sold and guaranteed by F
G. Fricke A Co, also his Restorati v
Nervine for headache, fits, spree
1101 uasues, nervous emus, opium
Jiatnt, etc. 4
Sudden Deaths.
Heart disease is by fa- the most
frequent cause of sudden death,
which in three out of four cases is
unsuspected. The symptoms are
not generally understood. 1 liese
are: a habit of lying-on the right
side, short breath, pain or duress in
the side, back or shoulder, irregular
pulse, asthma, weak and hungry
spells, wind in stomach, swelling of
ankles or dropsy, oppression, dry
cough and smothering. Dr. Miles
illustrated book 011 Heart Disease,
free at F. G. Frike & Co's, who sell
and guarantee Dr. Miles' unequaled
New Heart Cure, and his restora
tive Nervine, which cures nervous
ness, headache, sleeplessness, drop
sy, etc. it contains no opiates.
Electric Bitters.
This remedy is becoming so well
and so popular as to need 110 special
mention. All who have used Klecl
trie Hitters sing the same song- of
praise. A purer medicine does not
exist and it is guaranteed to do al
that is claimed. F)lectric Hitters
will cure all diseases of the liver
and kidneys, will remove pimples,
boils, salt rheum and other affec
tions caused by impure blood.
Will drive malaria from the system
and prevent as well as cure all ma
larial fevers. For cure of headache,
constipation and indigestion try
Fllectric Hitters. Fntire satisfaction
guaranteed, or money refunded.
Price 50c and $1 per bottle at F. G.
Fricke .: Co's drugstore. 5
Hrown & Harrett dispense a
greater variety of Summer drinks
than any house in the city. tf
A Fatal Mistake.
Physicians make no more fatal
mistake than when theyr inform pa
tients that nervous heart troubles
come from the stomach and are of
little consequence. Dr. Franklin
Miles, the noted Indiana specialist,
has proven the contrary in his new
book on "Heart Disease" which may
be had free of F. G. Fricke & Co.,
who guarantee and recommend Dr.
Miles' unequalled new Heart Cure,
which has the largest sale of any
heart remedy in the world. It cures
nervous and organic heart disease,
short breath, fluttering, pain or ten
derness in tlie side, arm or shoulder,
irregular pulse, fainting, smother
ing, dropsy, etc. His Restorative
Nervine cures headache, fits, etc.
Bucklen's Arnica Salve.
The Bust Salvk in the world for Cuts
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum. Fever
Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains,
Corns, and all Skin Eruptions-, and posi
tively cures Piics, or no pay required.
It is guaranteed to ttive satisfaction, or
money refunded. Price 25 cents per box.
For sale by F. G. Fricke & Co.
Philip Krause will sell his goods
cheap till the lath, of August, in
order to make room for his fall
goods. tf
Wood For Sale.
Over a thousand cords of dry
wood for sale by Charley HempJe.
Leave orders at Henry- Weckback
J iV to S. UtI
New Barn.
... T ,
Llam Parmele
New btoek.
has pushed his
is a livery man by
keeping nothing but the finest car
riagvs and buggies and best horses
to be found in the state. Those
wanting a satisfactory livery can't
do better than to call on Mr. Par
mele. dtf
Licence Notice.
Notice is hereby given that I will
apply to the county commissioners
at their next regular meet i ng for a
license to sell malt, spirituous and
vinous liquors in the village of
Union. Cass count)". Nebraska.
dcVwtf. John Mohlek.
L"''L ,,TLM,i r nr- im
C .Lul Ih.iuj - hL!l
A I T i: . T ION KA K" M K K"S
We want your Poultry, Fggs, Hut
ler ami your farm produce of all
kinds, we will pay you the highest
cash price as we are buy ing for a
firn in Lincoln.
T II I-; L i; A D I N ( ; G R( c k rs
I'lattsmouth - - Nebraska
(siieet-SMirs to)
'Hi!- Wai-lniiKttiMi Avenue
-A.N li
Provision Merchants.
1 1 i-ai i !j 11 ai tti- for
FLOUR A N 1 r'Elil),
We pay no rent and 811 for CASH.
You don'tfpay any billn for dead beau
when you buy of this firm.
The beet SOFT COAL always
AT run
The best of fresh meat always found
in this market. Also fresh
Kggsand Hutter.
Wild game of all kinds kept in their
What is
Castoria is Dr. Samuel Pither's prescription for Infiutts
and Children. It contains neither Opinm, Morphine nor
other Karootie 8ubtance. It is a harmless irabfltitute
for Paregoric, Drops, Soothing Syrup, and Castor Oil,
It La Pleasant. Its guarantee Lb thirty yenru use ly
Millions of Mothers. Castoria destroys Wonns and allays
fererishneas. Casteria prevents -romitingr Sour CrdL,
cures Diarrhoea and "Wind Colie. Castoria relieves
teething1 troubles, eures constipation and flatulency.
Castoria assimilates the food, regulate tlie stouiach
and bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep. Cos
toria is the Children's .Panacea the Mother's Friend,
"Castoria Ss an excellent mlicn for chil
dren. Mnf'few have repeatedly told me Off its
good effect tcpoa their children."
Ihc Q. C Oeaooa,
LowaU, fttans.
CaKtoria i the tnat remedy Tor e)riJirfi at
wLich I am aorjunintwd. I ba tv day lmjt
far dUuurt K-tien wAheTt wtll conrklr the real
interest of t)Wr vfaliarea, and uso Catoria tn
Etead of toe various qfiack DOfrurua which ara
destroying ir loved oos, by f ororut? ofpiiun,
morphine, sootfain syrup and oher burtfui
amenta down thfir tbrotua, thereby sending
them to premature graves."
Da. J. P. KivcHELroa,
Conway, Ark.
The Centaur Company, T7 Murray Street, New York City.
Tin- pioni ! r liit-K-liHtitf of
('firry n full Mock of .'em-mi
lin n IioikIihij vhi , tinym II v, ry
clone. IIijliiht price puid fur
all kinds of furin produce. (Jen
croun tri-iitui.-iiUnd fair ileal my
in the wrerct of our stucci n.i.
Aol.iry Public
Murray Neb.
JUKE SUN 11 L L I A (' K KH.
Ukkoh ami MaekMiiith Hhop
Wagon, Buggy, Machine and
plow lit jiiriim done
lit' IISOS tllH
Which is the bent hornchhoe for th
tanner, or for fut driving, or for citj
purpoHc.8 ever invented. It 18 bo made
that anyone es.n put on shurp or fUt
corks, hs needed for wet and slippery
iays, or Kiuooth, dry roiidn. ('all at
hi a shop and examine the nkvkhbi.ip
md you will use no other.
12 North Fifth St. PlattHinouth
I'hoiresf Brands f Oigars,
fiiwavR in stock.
Nov. 2't. lHWi.
WATNyEtJ shi.
.. A irocxl (-lianw ! Ij,,i,t 1111 hm 11 t
you iifi-d in, c:tpu;t to ivpieMt-nt a reliable
linn that warrant h nursery i-toek first class am!
tniHto name. Work rll the Year an.l
Kooil pay weekly to .u-u'eii- men. Apply
im.-k, Htatiiiff aK,.. U L MAY & CO
iserynieii Mount and .Seenim-n, m 1'aul Min
Him house is responsible.
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria.
Whm Baby -w as lick, we pave h.-r tusloria.
Wb?n sh wag & Chi)-i, slie cried for r.vroria
wnen sne rx?carno Miss, ytm '.m r t ,
W7ie.nsh? ha-I Oil .r-y.
- Caari li no ffll dail to clildrfn th
I rBoouTBtaul it nyierijr mmv priaatpiiaB
kuows to Hie.
H. X. AfffHTCR, M.
HI So. Oxford Ht, BrijwfUyn, K. T.
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