Plattsmouth weekly herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1882-1892, July 23, 1891, Image 8

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Wander in1 in tho Juno time, down around tb
Outcu liciriu' o the world,' tinder
ki vcr
O the alders an' tho willers, all a-driijin' in
the water.
Kinder fieerus to me like livin'; but they tell
me how I'd ouhter
Be in the una a-workiu'. 'bteiul 'o watchin
daisies (frowin'.
Be a-whetin' up a reaper, an' a-Kweatin1, aa' a-
Of 'era down to dry.
Bat I'd somehow rather watch the beauties
bobbin' an' a-tfrowinjj'.
But I cant tell why.
Wanderin' in the flower lime, up 'long the vnl
Watchin' little grasses yrow, an' Nater's sur
geons rally
From the wind H tor ma o' winter: tticlU-r.-
Krowin' yeller.
The brooks a-biniu' happily, the sky rowin"
Catchin' uj reflections o the hues the eartu"
Kinder awkin' at 'em meetin' in the disiaiict
an' a-wooin'.
Or a lovin' here to lie,
Uatenin' to the pigeons a-nestin' an' a-oooin'.
But I can't tell why.
Sneak in' up an' down the creek, a-peakin'at
the fishes,
Rnnnin' over in my head a lazy lot o' wishes
Kothin'much to talk about wish 'twasalways
Er' every skeeter et I'd .catch ed turn a part
ridge drummer
Then jes' a-layin' down atrain, hands fliippin'
in the river.
Outen hearin' o' the world, breathiu' bl.
to the yiver
O' the earth an' meller t-ky.
Contented like nn' happy, jes' to watch I lie
water quiver.
But I can't tell why.
Walter M. Ila.ollino in Good Housekeeping.
The Earliest Child's Kook.
As might be supposed, the earliest book
that i3 assigned to the child is the Latin
grammar. Boys' Latin grammar for
several centuries were mere text books
compiled from the larger works of Duna
tu and Priocian, and they were com
monly known by the name of Donates
or Donets, a term which occurs in Pitrs'
"Plowman." The word grammar, on
the contrary, was used more in conjunc
tion with Latin studies generally, and
science, as well as even magical power,
was sometimes spoken of as grammarye.
A very commonly used school book in
monasteries seems to have been the
"Con ?olation of Philosophy" (in the orig
inal, of course), by Boethins, of which at
least a fragment "would most probably
be found even in the most meager con
vent library."
The earliest book in existence written
expressly for boys is here stated to be
Aldhelm's "De Septenario, de Metris.
iEnigmatibus, ac Pedum Regulis."
which probably appeared about the end
of the Seventh century. A great part
of it consists of dialogues between teach
er and pupil, in the st;. Ie which was Ktill
popular in the first half of the present
century, and may be found in such
works as Mrs. Markham's History. The
Venerable Bede is also claimed as a
writer for the young. London Saturday
Grandraa'H Cure for Dandruff.
"We often scoff at the ancient grand
mother remedies," said an up town phy
sician the other day in conversation with
a patient, "but our forefathers used to
get a power of comfort from them, never
theless, and cheaply too. Science has
progressed wonderfully, of course, and
we are much better off on the whole now
than were our sires, but we forget a
great many of the little things. Now I
notice that you are troubled with dan
druff, and I'll wager that you have spent
many dollars on different alleged cures,
and you are worse off now than when
you commenced. Let me give you a
'grandmother' prescription that never
fails. Go to a drug store and buy five
cents' 'worth of salts of tartar. Dissolve
half of it in warm water and wash the
head thoroughly. Repeat this at inter
vals of three months for a year, and you
won't be annoyed with dandruff auy
more." New York Recorder.
Commissioner Proceeding.
I'lattsmoutii, Neu., July 7, 'M.
Board met an per adjournment,
present A. B. Todd, A. C. Loder
and Jacob Tritsch commissioners
I Jircl Critchlield county clerk, when
tbc following was done to writ:
Affidavit made by C. S. Wortmaii,
of South Bend, asking for reduction
of taxes on lots 2 and 3 South Bend
village refused for want of speciiic
ness. Resignation of L. C. Hansen, over
seer district 21, accepted and A.
JIaller , appointed to fill vacancy.
Road petition of B. Chriswiser
and other for roads through sec.
inRock Blutls. and sec. 5 in Liber
ty precinct?, laid over and time set
for hearing August a, 1S)1 and clerk
ordered to notifiy petitioners, and
Y. II. Malick was appointed
constable of I'lattsmouth city
(.'ha. Conrad painting jail , 14 00
H. 1 odd -;il & expense for Juue M si Trilsch & expense for June.. . 77 '
Win. 1 ilie guarding pri-. court ex 2i T.j
.1 Muck hailifl. 44 00
Ed Fitzjerald " 40 K
Ford M-rMn W 0
John 'I iuhe ' 44 00
P I Rate;- supt, eoutt lioune 7 (m
15 Ci itclifield sal work & expense 21J 'jTt
Stile Journal tioiiary w 00
K Palmer milne t- poor -
Neb. Tel Co rent of Telephone . 30 10
Omaha K i st:itio::ery -4 00
J C Eiken ary keeping po i hou-e 13; 17
S II Sliu aUer pump to poorhouce t no
Jones & Co team for conns 1: 00
Mrs 1 '.ck rent Co Judge's office :i) oo ,
H K J'aimer Kr. onimsltax paid ! 7
A K Knotts ir intiim 1 o no
II A v aterman & .Son lumber 17 62
M H .Murphy A Co mdse to poor 44 00
I Kic- eleaniim well 5 00
II M Hour' boarding jury S 76
(i W oble sal and expence Ill 00
Fred (Joos.boarding juiy K no
Ue--. ilarshman keeping poor 15 00
A C Lodersal and ex for June 73 05
JasIStauder two bills mdse to pool ?A 0
Jo:es &0o team for comrs 'M oo
Cost bill state vs Danliier insane 3fi 00
Matt Ueiing Def'd Shields Wilson dis
trict court 40 00
John Tighe poing after Hert Parker, refused
I) C WM count ftesSState vs. Smith 4'J 00
U Strong 30 70
M Pollard costs 11 30
W (' Showalier ex. districts court 3105
Cost bill State vs. Baily & Morton 34 53
II I) Travis eal 2nd quarter 250 00
Cost bill State vs. Shube t 3 XH
Jurror:? Fees Mav term 191 850 70
ot bill Stare vs. Hoefer lail over till
October :
J i Uuruli ie for Co, attorney 47 09
W Adams nails for road 3 1
J C Cummins lumber 3
U V Mathews nails 3 0
Tho Crwiu hauling lumber . . 3 00
J C Cummins hauling timber c 00
C D Dundas & Son b'liing bridges xoi 10
J C Cummins lumber dist 4 13 0t
Hoarding then adjourned to meet
August 4th. 1S91.
KlKI) Ckitchfield
County Clerk.
Kditor Iowa Ilaln Ieler Cured ttf
liiHufTerltle Itrhinu anil I'aiti Ity the
CutU'ui a ItenienicM,
lifHN Than Five I'hjMvrlnn Vttn
suited. 'I heir 4'ouiliiutl A Isilum
ollowed Without lteueflt.
I am sixty yearn old. In Aunut-t was
troubled wiin a pecular i-kin difetse to which
peopfe i f my ue are subject, ki own among
medicinal men as eczena. i's lirst appearance
wa" near the ankles, itraiuly extended over
li e lower extremetk's until may let: were
nearly mie raw fore; from legs the Tuiibleex
temleii a"mss the hip, shoulders and the en
lire lei.L'h'ti of my arrne th les and arms bad
: nuoiie :i with an itc'.ing burning ua n witli2:it
ces-ation. AUIiottgh i lie heft medical advice
a' Tamable as i mployed no lei's than five phj
sie an of the plfne b-it g eonxiiltetl an1 the
piesoiption- Teiiig the resuot of their combi ed
w'fdoui. the diseasethough apiiaient y checked
would i vcu r in a few dav as liad an ever ;dnr.
ing the my weight fe'.l away about
t seht -gve poun!1. A" an experiment I be
gan to" the us of Ci th; c A followed the sim
pig a"il plain intJiictioris given with the Kkm
Kiii:saiid in four w eki found niVKeif weI.
with skin foil ami iiatural in color the itcniiig
and pain e atiiels gone V It MKAI)
K.itor Iowa I'lain Dealer,, Crefoo, Iowa,
The i.ew blood and skin purifier, agndreateft
"f Itiimor Itemedies. internally (to cleanse the
biood of all inipuritiesaiid p-is 'nous elements.
aul thus remove because), and ( cik lka,
th great skin Cure amll'UTicniA So.ii', an
exquisite kiii I'urilier ami Heautilier. exter
nally 'to clear the skin and scaip ami restore
the ham, speedily cure everv humor and
disease of the t-kin, scalo. and blood, wirh 1 .s?"
"f hair, whether itching. bnrnTg, -ealy.
piu.piy, and blotchy, whether siuiple. scrofu
l"us, lierenitary, or con anions, when physi
cians and a 1 oliier rented es fa'l.
S. black-heads, chapped and oily
cured by Cl'TICtka .Mf.uicatfu
Pie? sis if?
I A 11 L 3 II irl VI IH 5 J 11 M
cia Vii
When you lake Quality and JIaKe in
Uuy Cheaper any Place
ML in iliii Ij MI M iCi
Can not
Consideration you
the World than of
3 S
The Only One Price Giolhier in
Cass Oo.
PJM 'kiii
So P
Sold ev rywhere. I'nce UTiet'K 4. 5oe, op
25e ; 1;ksol vent . 1.00. Prepared by the Pot
ter Drug and Chem cal Corporation. Hostyu.
JjVend for how to cu e ?kin Ceseaes."
Iu one minute t he Cuticuni anti-
pam planter ich'ves rheumatic.
me. hm. kidney, client, and
scnlar DafiiH anc weaknesses.
fhe nr-,t and ordy nain killing
You inu-t call and Examine his Superior
3Iake and (Juality of
Hats, Etc.,
A detdreable house, "with fruit'
fjur rent or sale inquire of V. A
Uoeck & Co. Gt
Hair chains, rintrs, crosses
hair work of all kinds to order.
jIks. A. Knee.
tf 1726 Locust St
License Notice.
Xotice is hereby triven that I will
apply to the county commissioners
at their next regular meetinr for a
license to sell malt, spirituous and
vinous liquors in the villatre of
Union, Cass county. Nebraska.
d&wtf. John Mohlek.
Take your prescriptions to Brown
Sc Uarrett's.they dispense pure med
icines, tf
Notice to Water Consumers.
Water rents are already past due
and must be paid before August 1st.
Needles, oils and parts for all
kinds of machines can be found at
the Singer office, corner of Main
and Sixth streets, with II. Boeck. tf
Joe buys Only From the Best Houses in America, if
-:- JOE -:-
Quotes no Prices But he Will Sell You The Best Goods
Goads FJ und: not
or asj
tenant for
corner of
Wanted A desirable
the Dovey homestead,
Seventh and Oak streets.
tf K. G. DOVEY & Sox.
Humanity Rung In Streaks.
Peculiar humanity runs in streaks. On
certain days you will notice a surprising
number of tall people. Sometimes it's
cross eyed people. On other occasions
the noticeably short persons have their
innings. Then one day somebody equally
observant will say, "What a remarkable
array of the crippled, the lame, the
maimed, the dwarfed, the generally de
formed there are out today?" And while
you are commenting on it another comes
along and then another and another until
the idea makes you thirsty. New York
Dislikes Klevators.
It is a peculiarity of Mr. Clarence A.
Seward, president of the Union club,
that he will never ride on the elevated
road. He prefers the conservative street
car, and when the street cars are not
running he walks. Mr. Seward also has
an aversion to passenger elevators in tall
buildings. It is said by eoiae of his
closest friends that the only elevator that
he will trust himself in is the one in the
Union club. His office in Nassau street
.is on the third floor, and there he walks
up and down stairs. New York Times.
A new method of annealing small
pieces of steel is to heat them as slowty
as possible, and when at a red heat put
them between two pieces of dry board
and screw them up in a vise. The steel
bums into the boards, which, corning to
gether, form an air tight charcoal bed.
When cool the steel is found to be thor
oughly annealed.
Cantioas, but Reasonable.
Mrs. Primus I saw you riding in the
park with Willie Ross and Jack Bolton,
i didn't know your papa would let you
ride alone with gentlemen.
Miss Secunda He doesn't object if
the gentlemen are rival lovers. Mun
eey's Weekly.
The cost of war ships is a3 follows per
ton: England, $150; France, $230; Rus
sia, $135. The price per indicated horse
power is: England, $150; France, $280,
nd tho United States, $335.
The London mother places a book un
der the head of the new born infant that
it may be quick at reading, and puts
money into its first bath to guarantee its
.oture wealth,
II. C. Russell, of Schuyler, has
been appointed receiver of the
Central National Bank of Broken
Ivong- Pine is the latest addition
to the Chautauciuan ranKs ana re
ports the betrinninsr of what
promises to be a successful session.
Mayor Weir, of Lincoln, is bring
ing down the wrath of the ungodly
on his head at Lincoln because he
is a smasher of rinsrs and a friend
of law and order.
Threejcases were filed in the di;
court yesterday. Two appeal cases
Oswald Bair vs. Andrew Dill and
Barr vs. Smuel Fleming also K. G.
Ballon vs. O. II. Ballon and Silas
The case of the State vs. II. S
Kmery and L. A. Lempke, charged
with beating a board bill, is on trud
to Judge Archer this afternoon.
County Attorney Travis appeared
for the state and Lawyer Burnham
of Brownville for the defendants,
who show symptoms ot being lirst
class specimens of the genus dead
Philip Krause will sell his goods
cheap till the loth, of August, in
order to make room for his fall
goods. tf
Bucklen's Arnica Salve.
Tuk Best Salve in the world for Cuts
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum. Fever
Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains,
Corns, and all Skin Eruptions, and posi
tively cures Piles, or no pay required,
it is guaranteed to give eatisiacuon, or
money refunded. Price 25 cents per box.
For sale by F. G. Fricke & Co.
Startling Facts.
The American people are rapidly
becoming a rase of nervous wrecks
and the following suggests, the
best remedy: alphouso Iluinpfliug,
ol Butler, Penn, swears that when
his son was spechless from st. Vitus
Dance Dr Miles great Restorative
Nerving cured him. Mrs. J. L
Miller of Valprai and. J.D. Taolnr,
of Logansport, Ind each gained 20
pounds if an taking it. Mrs. H. A.
CTardner, of V astulr Ind, was cured
of 40 to 50 convulsions easy and
much aeadach, dizzness, bockach
and nervous prostiation by one
bottle. Trial bottle and fine boek of
Nervous cures free at F. G. Fricke, &
Co., who recomends this unequalled
remedy. 4
Wood For Sale.
Over a thousand cords of dry
wood lor sale by Charley Ilemple.
Leave orders at Henry Weckback
& Cos. dtf
Potted strawberry plants of
choice varieties will be on sale at
Lew Moore's b- July loth. Plants
put out now will insure a big crop
next year. dAzwtf
lirown v Jiarrett dispensed a
greater variety of Summer drinks
than any house in the city. tf
Pronounced Hopeless, YeiSaved.
From a letter written by Mrs. Ada
K. Hurd of Groton. S. D., we quote:
"Was taken with a bad cold, which
settled on ni' lungs, cough set in
and finally terminated in consump
tion. Four doctors gave me up say-
iiitr I could live but a short time. I
gave my self up to mv Saviour, de
termined if I could not staj' with
my friends on earth, I would meet
my absent ones above. M3- hus
band was advised to get Ur. King s
New Discovery for consumption,
coughs and colds. I gave it a trial.
took in all eight bottles; it has cured
me and thank God I am now a well
and heart 3' woman." Trial bottles
free at F. G. Fricke !t Co.'s drug
store, regular size, 50c. and f 1.00.
New Barn New fatoek.
Klam Parmele has pushed his
way to the front as a livery man by
keeping nothing but the finest car
riages and buggies and best horses
to be found in the state. Those
wanting a satisfactory livery can't
do better than to call on Mr. Par
mele. dtf
1 am an old man and nave been a
constant sufferer with catarrh for
the last ten years. I am entirelv
cured bv the use of Kly's Cream
Balm. It is strange that so simple
a remedy will cure such a stubborn
disease. Jienry rowings, L . t. i eli
sion Attorney, Washington, D. C.
For eight years I have suffered
lrom catarrn, wnicn auected my
eyes and hearing; I have employed
many physicians without relief. I
am now on my second bottle of
Fly's Cream Balm, and feel confi
dent of a complete cure. Mary C.
Thompson, Cerro Gordo, 111.
Sudden Deaths.
Heart disease is by far the mot
frequent cause of sudden death,
which in three out of four cases is
unsuspected. The symptoms are
not generally understood. These
are: a habit of lying on the right
side, short breath, pain or ditressin
the side, back or shoulder, irregular
pulse, asthma, weak and hungry
spells, wind in stomach, swelling of
ankles or dropsy, oppression, dry
cough and smothering. Dr. Miles'
illustrated book on Heart Disease,
free at F G. Frike & Co's, who sell
and guarantee Dr. Miles unequaled
New Heart Cure, and his restora
tive Nervine, which cures nervous
ness, headache, sleeplessness, drop
sy, etc. It contains no opiates.
ANTED Sail smaii.
T-oral And Travel Ins.
A trood chance ! Dout miss it !
You need no capital to represent a reliable
lirm that warrant uursery ftook first class and
true to name. Work ll the Year and
good pay weekly to eiienretic men. Apply
quick, Matir.j: ae. L MAY A, CO.
.Nurserymen Klorift and Seeumen, m Fanl Min
inis House is responsible.
f A 0 f J-ir-wiir X'rt , T t f T." ....
vv .i.i i. vi'viji. . 1-yv. v'. '. a . mens T-
ery Tuesday nipnt at their hall in Fitzgerald
block. All Odd Fellow are cordially invited
to attend whea visiting in the city.
J. W, Bkiduk, Sec.
Opera House Corner
Plattsmouth, Neb.
B. & M. club will play the Lincoln
Giants at Lincoln next Sunday.
W ill you suffer with Dyspepsia
and .Liver Complaintr bhiloh s V it
alizer is guaranteed to cure you. 2
ror lame back, side or cnest, use
Shiloh's Porous Plaster. Price 25
cents. For sale by F. G. Fricke &
Co. and O. H. Snyder. 3
Sam Shuinaker started last eve
ning- ior lonette, Missouri, on
learning that his only sister was
dangerously ill at that city.
Shilok's Velizer is woat you need
for consumption of appetite, dizzi
ness, and all syuptons of dyspapsie
Price 10 and 75 cents per bottle. F
G. Frick & Co. w-4tf
C. A- R.
McConaihle Poet, No. 45, meets eyery Satur
day evening at 7 :30, in thetr hall, Kockwood
Block. All visiting comrades are invited to
jeet with as.
. F. Niles, Post Adj.
F. A. Bates. Poet Com.
Carry a Full Line of
Cor Main and Filth street.
Paid up capital 350 ooe
Surplus 25 000
0. H. Pamela President
Fred Gorder Vice President
J. M. Patterson Casheir
T. M. Patterson, Asst Ca-hier
0. n. Parmele. J. M. Patterson, Fred Gorder,
A.. T. Smith, K. B. Windham. B. S. Ramsey and
T. M . Patterson
Accounts solicited. Interest allowed on time
deposits and prompt attentiougiven to all bus
iness entrusted to its care.
$2.50 clothes wringer now.
.in grass scytlie now
1.00 grain scoop now.
1.15 grain scoop'now.
1.25 grain scoop now.
1.15 spade now
1.00 spade now
.75 shovels now
.75 manure fork
.50 hay fork
.45 hay fork
l.OOliand saw
1 tv butcher saw now.
1.75 butcher saw now.
1.05 carpenter saw now
. . $2.00
. .50
. .05
. .SO
. .85
. .95
. .05
. ,(V)
. .50
. .40
. ,:i5
. .50
. 1.40
. i.:r
. 1.25
25'gg beaters now.
.35jwash board now.
,00 lard can now. . . .
1.50 wash boiler now.
.20 stove nine now
I ' 1 - .
in 1 b
K pinuer l)V Keg,
stove ooards at cost
1.25 screen doors now
window screens out of sight,
Household sewing machine '
tinware at bottom prices.
Table cutlery less than cost.
Shears A: razors never so low us
2d cut spikes 2.50 r.-r iu,r
3d fine cut nails &100 per k'er.
. . .20
. .15
. ,05
. ,iX)
.. 5.25
. 26.00
For Cash Only At The Above Prices
The Citizens
Oayttal stck paid In $50 0 l
Authorized Capital, $100,000.
President. Vlce-PresMM
W. H. UUSHENO. Cashier.
frank Carruth J. A. Connor, V. K. Guthmaiii
J. W. Johaton, Henry Boeck. John O'Keefe
W. D. NeiriMS, Win. Wetencamp, W.
H. Gushing.
-if so-
Remember that K. O. Castle & Co havt
an immense stock of
ssues cejtiflcates of dpofits beariiiK lntere!
Buys and selle exepanfe. county and
city 3,iin
And Guarantee Satisfaction in all
! 1 1
i i
M l.'i
; ) j
1 1 .
M il