Plattsmouth weekly herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1882-1892, July 23, 1891, Image 3

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From TkurmUly Daily
woronths Pintle.
At the never;il hcIiooI dintrict
nifi't infs in th' county a few cl;iyn
a, tin amount of wraiij;
linr, anil tj;i I blood wan shown.
Out in the Still! district, near thin
city on the Platte bottom, the bad
blood and bitter feeling between
the two factions culminated jn a
snniiinary eiif;aement. The
school house is generally known an
the Still! school. The" occasion was
the adjourned meeting of the board
of trustees, and th
re-location of the school house was
Hie casus belli. The battle was
commenced whe.i Director McCros
key, with his index finder upon an
outspread map, declared tin- inten
tion was to re-locate the school
upon the s.ot indicated.
At this juncture Charley Vande
venter ins. mated that Mct'roskey
was misleading" them in regard to
tlu- exact spot of the new site. Mc
lioskey indignantly denied Hie
charge, whereupon Vandeventer by
a well directed blow struck him
down. McCroskey was up in a
moment and the larjjrc oil
lamp upon the deck raised it above
his head with the intention ol
luiriiii"- it at his assailant, but
Finally replaced the lamp in its pr
per place. Meanwhile tho friend
ot tlie two principals Had taUen ii
cudgels in behalf of their respective
chiefs anil for a short space the
theatre of learninir was turned into
a pandemonium ot disputant and
the airVas tilled w.tli llyuif mis
Miles and with the yells and
nhrieks of the assaulting and as
saulted. The result was a battered
community and a summons sworn
out ayaoist Vandeventer on thrt
ililfcrciit counts by Director Mc
An Evening Out.
Mr, Will Coolidsfe tfave a party
last evening iu honor of his friend,
France Hallance, who will leave for
i !.: ... i an :,.t, :.-n.m ": 1...1 !
vn iciiu tiiiii - j;m "iji "'"1 1
thirt evening: on the flyer. Those!
present were Misses Kdith Patter-!
bom, Lou Simpson, Tillie Vallery, (
Kose Ifyers, Mollie Hallance, Mattie j
Smith, and Hal Jolmson, "-ranee
Hallance, Wendell Foster, dust.
Hyeis, IJert Jlolmei, and Will
Coolide the host, making a pleas
and party of youti people who
contemplated j enjoyed thenselves at croc-net and
hii;h live until a late hour.
Duluth Is The City So Unfor
tunate as to Catch it.
A Pleasant Evening.
A very pleasant evening was
fpent last niht at the residence
; of J. X. Summers. Yesterday beinyf
I T V A 11 odd km: MlillT
Violent Wind and Rain StO'
Kills and Injures Many Persons
and Does Much Dam
age to Property.
Comity Court
The State of Nebraska vf. C'harK
andc rventer.C oti"lamt forassaut
and batterim-". Pi. a of i-uilty and
lined $3 unci costs.
1 lie rtate 01 eirasKii vs. li. iv
Frans. Complaint for assault and
battery on the person of John
McDonald. Trial to court and evi
deuce held 111 .sufficient to warrant
conviction. Discharge entered.
1 lie isaiiK ivayie vs. iv. i4. j. wis
Suit on draft for $7(.'3. Default of
defendant entered and judgement
for plaintiff for $733.1.0.
The Sandwich MT'jjf Co. vs T. IS
Williams. Suit on note. On trial
to court.
In the matter of the guardianship
of Ada P. Suan, minor heir of Mar
garet A. Suan. deceased. Charles
Suan appointed guardian, with
bnd fixed at $ 1,00().
In the matter of the estate of
George A. Creamer, deceased. Peti
tion of Klizabeth J. Creamer filed
for appointment of Charles I.
Creamer administrator. Hearing,
August 4, 10 a. m.
Married Trueman-Snook. A t
the office of the county iwilere, on
July la, 10:30 a. m., Mr. Charles W
Trueman and Mrs. Louise A. Snook
were united in the holy bonds of
wedlock, Judge Ramsey officiating.
Judge Chapman has caused a
neat verandah to be erected at the
north front of his residence on the
The failure of the Howell I, umber
Co., at Omaha and Chicago, for
nearly $2,000,000 is the largest of the
year in the west, and can becharge
able largely to bail management.
The south front of thecourt house
already presents a pleasing view.
The massive stone entrance since
the arc h has been completed bears
a solid appearance that is quite
Kd Yauatta, the new lessee of the
motor line, is rn 11 11 i 11 -r t lie cars to
day 011 time, to 'die great conve
nience of many of our people. We
irust the cili.ens will give the
motor line a generous patronage
that the enterprising- lessee may be
able to get some remuneration for
Iris work, which is certainly of vast
benefit to the town.
The Swedish congregation at
Omaha that spent Sunday last, with
their countrymen ;n this city ri
port a delightful time. Thej- had
free dinner at Garfield Park with
lemonade and ice cream and were
nicelv entertained. Rev. Falk and
his congregation in this city spared
no pains to make their stage among
us pleasant and protitaoie. 1 lie re
ligious exercises were a part of tlu
program in which the music was a
leadiair feature. The minister from
Omaha sang two or tnree solo's that
were spoken of as beimr the be:t
vocal efforts ever listened to in
ctty. 1 he visitois were so
pleased with their trip that
promised to come again.
Base ball.
The game yesterday after
noon between the Pine
Ridge Indian nine and the home
club was not entirely devoid of inte
rest, although somewhat onesided
He-Dog, She-Hear and Red-man
afraid-of-his-neck are good ball
plaj-ers. Kagle Kye was an excellent
pitcher and put several of our best
men out who could not find the ball
The attendance was very good
The cash receipts reaching $')'.
Aviiicn left vs. 111 the local treasury
after the visitors were paid off.
Onl3r 7 inning were played the score
standing 2'2 to 0 in favor ot the
U. fc The grand stand was
well filled with ladies who seemed
to enj'03- the sport.
The Lincoln Giants a colored nine
will play the home club next Sun
Advertising Exposition.
Mr. Knee, one of the managers of
I the Nebraska City Kxposition,
started out yesterda- morning with
1 m,. llliu l.UCIIJ 1111 IIUI1L H , (HlTTl
kise the exposition. He had a three
Heated rig two stylish horses wear
tug p'l'Te- ;nd labeled fly'nets, and
tourjoung men dressed in fancy
fostunies to make a show. The
Ittle party will go to Weeping
'ater. Plattsmouth. Hamburg
Wd a number of other small towns
pd .advertise iu a new and novel
tanner. Nebraska City trees.
A Los;ng Ticket.
'he democratic state convention
Ohio yesterday after a redhot
le re-nominated Campbell for
.ernor and made upthe balance
Hi.. ,!... .11 fnlltm.j.
lieutenant governor, W. V. Mar-
auditor of state, Hon. T. K.
tinbaugh; attorney general,
P. Haily; state treasurer, C. F.
Irinaii; judge of supreme court,
Vivus II. Walil commission
inmon schools, Charles C.
r; member of board of public
John McN'amara; member of
11 nil dairy commission II. S.
From Friiluu Daily.
Draper it RutTner received last
evening-a new springueid wiresn
ing machine for one of Cass county's
prosperous tanners.
H. J. St "."eight, wife and daughter,
Mrs. Jackson of McCook, together
with lier husband made up a pleas
ant party for the Council Hluffs
Chautauqua this morning.
Three of the Dominican Sisters
started this morning for Sinsinawa
Mound, Wisconsin. They were ac
companied as far as far as Omaha
by Master Thomas Carney.
Kmil Shrider has sold his farm
of 120 acres, three miles east, to a
Mr. Shoemaker, for $3,503. We are
informed that Mr. Shrider will move
to Kansas. Weeping Water Re-
publ ican.
The iniplementdealers of this city
have had all they could do the past
week putting new binders together
which they had sold to the farmers
of the county, which indicates
that this is a prosperous year for
the famer.
The old settli .-s of Cass county
have decided to hold their annual
picnic at Union again this year, on
Saturday, August, 22. They extend
the invitation to everybody to at
tend and enjoy the day among the
pioneers of old Cass.
Little Genie Gates was quite se
verely scalded Saturday. She was
carrying- some hot water up-stairs
and fell in some way, spMling the
. ...
water over lier. e are very orrv
for the liitle lady; it was nothing
very serious out quite painful.
Weeping water Republican.
The democratic state committee
met last evening at the Paxton
Hotel in Omaha and decided to
call the state convention to meet at
Grand Island at 8:00 o'clock on the
evening of September 17. The ratio
of apportionment will be one dele
gate iromeach county and one for
each 150 votes oa major fraction
thereof cast for secretary of state
in 13f ). This will make tl e conven
tion 516 strong.
In the Ball Field.
The "Light Feet" of this city will
tread the diamond at Weeping "Wa
ter to-morrow with the Cresents of
that city.
Nebraska City and Heatrice played
the last of their series of three
ameii j-esterday in which Heatrice
was victorious, lhe score stood
15 to .)-
The Lincoln Giants will cast a
'"dark shadow" at the ball park in
this citj- on Sunday ,,fl Monday.
Thej- meet the H. & M's in a two
game contest,
The Burlington's went to Glen
.wood to-day to do up the team of
that cit
The Indians lst another game
this time to Red OaK The score
stood 22 to 1 in favor of Red Oak.
Fremont beat the Lincoln Giants I
yesterday 1)3" a r core 10 to 3. '
F'ftin Fell in Torrents
Di'ti'TH Minn.. July 10. A violent
t-torni of wind and rain burst over
this city this afternoon about 2:30,
doing considerable damage, such
as flooding cellar.-;, blowing down
outbuildings, tearing down wires
of all kinds, besides tearing out
several blocks of new pavement
just being laid on Fourth street.
The rain fell in torrents and the
precipitation was three-fourths of
an inch to the hour. At one time
it rained 1.03 inches in five minutes,
the water flowing like a stream over
the streets.
II. W. Scoi 1KLI, single, leg and
inn broken; body crushed; will
probabl3' die.
MlKi-: KlilTll, ver3' bad 13- injured
about the head and chest; some ribs
broken ; may die.
Four others were injured, but not
There were twent3-six men at
work on the building, and their es
cape from death is a marvel. Five
buildings were blown down at the
steel plant in the south part of the
cit3', and a section of one of the
barge works building was carried
away. Cliimne3's were blown clown
and considerable minor damage
was done. There is no means of ac
curately giving the amount of dam
age, except in the demolished
building', which had had about
rfii.OiiO worth of work put 011 it.
At a late hour to-night the
were reported as follows:
JOHN T. LAUKR, married,
fort3 -six.
LUCIUS, single,
J Miss Klsie Moore's birthd.13 Mrs.
Summers gave a party in honor of
the event, and carl- iu the eveiiin-r
the company assembled and high
j live was indulged in during the
1 evening, after which refreshments
j were served, and at a late hour the
compaii3' departed. Following are
those whi) were present: Mr. and
Mrs. Benj. Klson, Mr. and Mrs. Fred
Howland, Mr. and Mrs. C. A.
Marshall, Mr. and Mrs. M. N.
Griffith, Mr. Frank Dickson and
Miss Fannie Riche', Miss Klsie
Moore. Miss Minnie Heins and Mr. '
and Mrs. K. L. Siggins.
Mr. Knee with four 3'oung men
are in the city 1o-da3 billing the
town and advertising the Nebraska
City- Kxposition. which is the oniy
exposition in Nebraska, so the bills
say. Mr. Knee asks our citizens to
send aii3' curiosities they may have
and thi'3' will be returned in good
care and all the expenses paid. All
the other towns of the county have
sent or will send articles for exhi
bition, and our city should not In
left behind.
Frvm Saturday' I'nilu
Mrs. Kd Sever came in from Ceda
Creek this morning to spend tin
day with friends.
Dr. Shipmaii is confined to hi
bed to-day, we trust he will be able
to gvt out again soon.
1.,. line sent two cars 01 corn
and one of wheat east last night
from his elevator here.
County Surveyor .Mayvs went
to Leonard Horns this mor;: ::
rr On IUon Ht-
M "-inly irojosetl thnf
7"Kt)ii huit
ml -47 M-'-t fviry "A cm; will
al llirlr h ll In rarinrV Cni k Im-.i -v
lnn knltr!iM arc coutl.-i ly luv'tMil l .,
C. .'. Ma:liall. V. V. ; tl I'ov.-y, K. If.
uiien fivm K a 111 to P I- I'
t;os.H iiK-el'iiu -rry i.iuiy
oVHl'k .
i-l'ClAI IOX
Mi ! f. Kooina
fir nirti only
iilti-rii. tin at 4
11 a nl-il -An i,!l-, ri'Ii'l'lc in
to 4- iin-iil Ii 1 v. II li iiHTt-a"'
EVE?.VTH;N3 - hm - AND - IN - EAiSUN
n W'- own i-oc-niin
House. lir-fcrini'f i.
Box l'ir). New York.
11 - Mnlury 7
10 icii'i-m-nt
H r Kinsii' i"W Tr
MAM K e I I II KK, l.M-fc
Time Table
IIV1M1 Wr.MT I!'
No 1
M 8
' T
" 9. ..
" 11, ..
" l-l
..3 :.m a. rn :4" . II.
.y ."i . hi.
in a. in.
6 :'ir i, 111 .
.5 :2f p, 111.
11 r . in.
No v.. .
" ..
' 8....
" 11..
' m..
. .... 1 :0!i p. m.
10 :M) a. m
7 V. la.
.... !. !. a. m.
10 : 1 1 H. m
and locate a new
:::-g to
PALTSSKV, single
MAX, about
th irty-five.
John Schofield died from injuries
received in the back jmd broken
Among the more serious are
John Browne, broken legs; John
Long, internally injured, will likely
die: William Semnle, Dick Clark
ind a number of others.
The storm lasted about thirty
minutes and distro3'ed property
worth many thousands of dollars.
When the s; 01111 came up Boss
Carpenter Gross called to his men,
who were workiuir 011 the three-
stor3' building at Third street and
Lamborn avenue, to get out of the
building, and twelve jumped from
windows. At the same moment a
number of passersby ran into the
structure to escape the storm. As
they entered, the building, without
an instant's tremor or warning,
collapsed, burying seventeen men.
The structure did not move a foot
from its foundation. It simply flat
tened out, as though struck a terri
ble blow from above. Three tin
ners on the roof renained where
the3rwere and escaped serious in
jur3", though the fall was thirty
eight feet.
and the work of rescue began at
once. Tile ruins stood not six feet
above the ground and the roof
seemed to cover the whole, greatly
retarding the work of rescue. It
was an hour before the first bod3
mat or Herman Kousst'3-, was re
covered, lie was found in a sitting
position, bent nearty double, with
splinters driven into his hand and
almost ever3 bone in his bod3' was
broken. John Lauer was found on
his back with four timbers l3ring
across him, cutting his bod3 into
as many pieces. v
and the other workmen sickened in
removing the bod3', Schofield was
found in what evidently had been
a room on the third floor and he
was still alive, though he died as
soon as the weight was removed
from him, his back being broken.
It was over an hour before another
bod3' was found. The two injured
men were then goiten out. Seniple
was wedged between two upright
timbers and that saved his life.
The Catholic social at the church
lawn last evening was ipiile'a liiian
cial success. There was plenty to
eat and a real pleasant social time
was had.
Va3 tie Golden, a young farmer
residing near L'nion fell on a scythe
a few days ago, cuttintr his right
leg so that the phy sician thinks he
will becrippled for life. K.x:
A handsome train of 4 palace
stock cars passed through last eve
ning for the west where they will
be loaded with cattle for the South
Omaha and Chicago markets.
.Mrs. Ol Butts, of Nebraska City,
has been visiting relatives here.
She left this morning with her un
cle Chas Williams of Ashland to re
main a few days in that village.
George Standers of Louisville has
bought the John Burns farm near
Plattsmouth for ijvi.aOO and W. A.
Cleghorn has purchased the Win.
Sri3'der farm on Turkey Creek for
$),U0u cash.
Xew York is aghast with fright at
the finding of a Chinese laundry
man who has been plying his vo
cation for eight months in that city
afflicted with that incurable malady
known as leprosy.
Aettie J'eck entertained a com
pany of her little friends 3'esterda3'
afternoon. Among those present
were Lisbet Gretel and Helen
Waugh, Louise Drummond, Sadie
Black, Maud Dorit3 and Jennie
! nWe want your Poultry , Kggs. But-
ter and your farm produc?of all
j kinds, we will pay you the highest
I cash price as we are buy jug f,,r
lirn in Lincoln.
Plattsmouth - Nebraska
Tiie pioneer tfieicliantu of
(."-ticeesMH-s tn)
Hit- ton Avtinn-
A N I)
Provision Merchants.
He;uliUiii tt'i s for
Carrj h full utock of eneiHi
inercliondiso v.liicli tlicystll very
clone. Hiyhcht priii: puid for
all kiuds of farm produce. (Jen
erous treat men tand fair dealing
is the secret of our success.
Murray Ncl.
Notary Public
He pay no rent and hi-11 for CASH.
You clon't;puj' any hill for dead bents
when you buy of tins firm.
The btf-t SOFT COAL always
AT rilK
V;iKTi and lllacksiiiith hIiop
V'aon, IJu'ey, Mnrliine and
plow Kepairiai; dona
lie uses tile
Which is the hiht horHeHlioe for the
fanner, or for bint driving, or for city
purines ever invented. It is ho made
that anyone cf.n put op sharp or flat
corks, as needed for wet and nlipprry
daya, or unooth, drv roads. Cull Ht
liia shop and examine the nkvkiirmp
ud you will uhc no other.
12 North Fifth St. Plattsmouth
F. II. F;LLKXtHAU3I, Prop.
The firm of Flower & Antjiony has
passea away. Last week lr. An-
thoii3' retired from the business, his
partner being the purchaser. Af
fairs seemed to run along smoothly
until Monday forenoon, when P. F.
Flower closed the doors b3' virtue
01 a cnattei mortgage ne nem on
the stock. The fact of the closing
l lie nioter motes tiiese days 111
good shape, and we are glad to state
is more than paying expenses. We
trust our people will continue their
liberal patronage, it helps the town
and makes the the new M. I', depot
Xext Thursda3' the Xebraska City
Sabbath Schools will picnic at our
park there will no doubt be a large
number of people u'oin that place,
and we presume our folks will take
advantage of the occassion to re
new old acquaintances. Wabash
Old Cass stands fourth in the
number of children of school age
in the list of Nebraska comities
with 7,937 charged to her account.
Douglas count3r is first, Lancaster
county second,and Gage third with
onl3r two hundred more than Cass
Capt Chas Rhode left last evening
with nine other stalwarts to do tip
the Weeping Water Cresents. The
Captain is getting to be a good all
around ball pla3'er and The Her
ald predicts he will be playing
with the H. &. M's before lony;'
A little strip of territor3r in cfn
tral Sarpy count3' was devastated
b3r a hail storm 3'esterda3- morning
at at early hour, which destro3'ed
all small grain in its path and seri
ously damaged the corn. The
weather of toda3' is a veritable hail
breeder and betokens danger ahead
Rock Hluffs put on her Sunda3'
clothe last evening and turned out
enmasse to the ball given b3 Will
Shera. Several Plattsmouth people
were in attendance and report a waj
up time. Rock Klutfs used to be
famous for Halls and parties in the
the best of fresh meat always found
m tins market. Also lresh
Fggs and Hutter.
Wild game of all kinds kept in their
jijlius PEP?aaeaG.
T.ioicest Brawls of Oigars,
always in stock. Nov. 2. 1K8S.
What is
f&fi5sM ;
up has been speculated on b3' many
people, but the facts as near as we J good old da3's and it seems the peo
can learn, are. that the boys were in pie down there have forgotten none
bail shape and that P. F. had at
different times pulled them out of
the hole, the-protecting him finally
with a hiortgage on the stock.
Weeping Water Kagle.
of their sociabilit-.
For lame back, side or chest, use
Shiloh's Porous Plaster. Price 25
cents. For sale b3 F. G. Fricke &
Co. and O. H. Snyder. 3
Castoria Li Ir. Smael Pitcher's prescription tor Infants
and Children. It contains neither Opiam. Morphine nor
othci-Xaxootic substance. It is a harmless snbtittito
for Paregoric, Drops, Soothing Syrup, and Castor OIL,
It is Pleasant. Its guarantee is thirty years' use Xry
Millions of Mothers. Cwstoria destroys Worms and allays
fererishness. CastorL prevents vomiting Sow Curd
c tires Iiarrh?a, and "Wind Colie. Castoria relieves
teething troubles, cures constipation and flatulency
Castoria assimilates the food, regulate?, the stosoacii
and bowels, giving- healthy and natural sleep. Cas
toria is the Children's .Panacea the Mother's Friend.
M O&fltoria aa eaoelteat vnatOainm tor
diai. Mtthw bve ropaatodty ttAA dm at it
Dm a. a 0aooo,
LoweU, Va.
" CaMorte is the beat mmdr (or tflrro of
which I mb Mqunbrtwd. I hey Uui dagr lvot
far distant vHu uULnn will nww Tar tfae real
intcrwt of taiv oWVtrea, aad ao Castoria in
etad f taATariouacyiaekDoatxiHiMvhuihara
defltreyiBK tbttir iovd ooaa, by Iim rmrm; opaiun.
morphine, sooilna Byxup and other laortrnl
ageoU dowB ttx-ir threats, thereby suodifig
them to prematnre graves."
Da. 3. T. Knunnra,
Conway, Ark.
' Caatarta ! ao wail ariayHl fcaehikWan that
1 S mm to m rairtullug
H. A. Abosm, 5L
111 Eo. Oxtm Ot , BnukArn, K T.
Or pfcyliiiH in It as tUMnraia drpart
moa kava minimum hifrhlgr mt ttMrir erperi
noa la thear mttuUm 11 iiiKii wtttc Cafltoria.
ao4 althcwgfc va mr k mmi oar
laSical mmikm 1 I al la kum aa rDlar
proctoeto, ym wm are fma ta enrf aa ttiat ta
vtrim of Cafia has won aa to look with
faror tapnn it."
Cimo Eowtml in DiiaaiiaaT.
Boston, ,
4u C. Emitb, 7V
The Centaur Company, T7 Murray Street, New York CHy.