Plattsmouth weekly herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1882-1892, July 09, 1891, Image 8

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Their I'offeRion Will Render Traveling
More Agreeable.
All who have tri! wrapping various
articles in paper arid putting them in a
traveling-b.-ij, am suns to become firm'
believers in tlus doctrine of the "total
depravity" of objects. De
spite all endeavors to the contrary, the
a r r
'- -gny l;'
no. 1 WAP CASK.
paper will come off or tear at the most
critical time.
On any journey which will extend
through an entire day or night, certain
articles are indispensable for comfort,
and they should lm carried in a pood
substantial traveling-bay, which can le
purchased for a small sum and will last
for years. In it should le placed tow
els, Boap, tooth-brush, comb and brush,
and a pair of slippers; if for a nig-ht
journey, a loose wrapper or dressing
Back in addition.
The soap supplied nt hotels and in
the toilet-rooms of sleeping1 cars ia
often not such as a person would wish
to use, and even if it were, the thought
of all who have used it before is very
unpleasant. A simple soap-case (Fig.
1) can be crocheted out of white knitting-cotton;
No. 10 is a g'ood size. It is
worked in single crochet stitch with a
medium-sized steel crochet needle. It is
made in two pieces ease and a cover
to fit over it. They are joined with a
cord made by twisting several strands
of the cotton tightly together. A piece
of narrow linen tape ten inchea long is
fastened to the center of the cover to be
wrapped around the case and tied.
When it is to be placed in the bag a
chain about an inch and a half long is
first made; this is worked round and
round, widening for several rows. The
case is about three inches long, an inch
deep and the same wide. The cover
la made in exactly the same manner,
only the sides are worked a little more
loosely, to admit of its slipping over. A
piece of soap is cut to fit and put in the
case. The material used to make 'this
little case allows of its being washed
when soiled, and the stitch used makes
it bo thick that there is no danger of
the damp 6oap soiling any other of the
contents of the bag.
Figs. 2 and 3 illustrate simple but con
venient pockets for slippers and for
FW. 2.
FIG. 3.
ombs. The material is heavy un
bleached linen twill. The shoe pocket
is ten inches long and six wide. On the
front a design of a pair of shoes is
worked in outline with brown linen
rope floss. The flap is worked round
the edge in button-hole stitch with the
same floss. A brown ivory button on
the pocket and a small cord and tassel
on the flap provide the fastening.
The comb-case is made of the same
material, and when desired can be made
large enough for the brush also. In
tii at case a width of three inches and a
length of eight will be found a good
size. A case six inches long and one
wide will hold a tooth brush nicely.
Margaret Rider, in Country Gentleman.
That buttermilk will take out mil
dew stains.
That bottles are easily cleaned with
hot water and fine coals.
That a pallet knife should be used to
scrape pots and kettles.
That old napkins and old tablecloths
make the very best of glasscloths.
That zinc is best cleaned with hot
soapy water, then polished with kero-
That it is well to keep large pieces
of charcoal in damp corners and in
dark places.
That oilcloth can be kept bright for
years if properly varnished each season
with any good siccative.
That if the hands are rubbed on a
stick of celery after peeling onions the
smell will be entirely removed.
That if soap Is purchased in large
quantities, and kept in a warm dry
place, half the usual amount will be re
quired. That tubs will not warp or crack
open, if the precaution is taken to put
a pail of water into each, directly after
nse. Good Housekeeping.
How to Cook Vegetables.
From a new cook book by Mrs. Rorer,
we take some ideas on the subject. Few
things show the difference between
comfortable and slovenly housekeeping
more quickly than the dressing of vege
tables. Potatoes, one of the most im
portant vegetables . (served ii nearly
every household once, are rarely
cooked in a wholesome or even palata
ble manner; out of every ten plates
that come to the table but one will be
found perfect. All green vegetables
should be freshly gathered, washed in
cold water, and cooked in freshly boiled
water until tender, not a moment
longer. After water has boiled 'for a
time it parte with its gases and be-;
comes hard, and most vegetables' are
fetter cooked in soft water.
now to Trna the, little Total Comfortably
i bcmI at Nnull'EipriiM.
i Every mother tlouldv foci that mot'
' carn, is dim to her own physical
healtil than to the preparation of babyrf
; wardrobe; so, while the litUo elo
n bo dainty and beautiful, -it nMl not
take all the mother's time to prepare it,
either by hand or at the sewing ma-;
A great many are now favoring the
use of knitted eotton bands, as very few
skins can endure llannel next it. Tliee
can I; knitted like a stocking, in ribs,
ami should be a quarter of a yard deep.
However, flannel over the bowels ia
very necessary to a young child, so I
I think they are quite as comfortable
made of soft, Saxony wool and knit on
coarse, steel needles. In the middle of
1 the front and back should be knit a
! firm, short strip to pin the diaper to.
thus keeping loth in place.
Some prefer to do without socks. If
they are to Ik: left on after being wet I
should say by all means have none; but
with several pairs on hand there need
be no neglect in this matter. These
are best knit like a short stocking, and
they wear best of all. Some buy the
short, cashmere hose; these are very
nice and wear better than those that
are crocheted. However, if you can do
no better, crochet them or make a little
bootee of chamois skin.
Another very necessary article for a
small baby is a pad made of two layers
of cotton batting between some thin
material old swiss or lawn, if you
have it; cheese cloth if yon must buy
new. This can be fastened to a band
which is pinned around the waist.
This serves to protect the flannels of
the baby, and the dress of the person
who is holding the baby. Of course
this must be changed as frequently as
the diaper.
No careful mother will allow the
mattress of her child's bed to ever get
wet. lrotect it with a piece of rubber
cloth; over this lay a blanket, then a
sheet. To protect these, have several
of these thin pads to lay under the
child. These are more easily laundried'
than all the beddm"- rf crib.
"Never place, a heavy covering over a
little baby. Everything for the bed
should be light and warm. Soft blan
kets, a soft comforter made of cheese
cloth, never a heavy shawL Remem
ber, ycu lay your child down with all
its clothes on to sleep. If you cover it
heavily when you take it up it is in a
profuse perspiration, as you yourself,
would be under like circumstances. At
such a time stop to think whether it is
just the thing to carry the child to an
open door or stand with it in a draft of
air. Many ailmenta can be traced to
just such carelessness.
Dresses of soft wools, like the illus
tration, can be used on cool or rainy;
days, as upon rainy days the starch Is
taken out of white goods and it loses'
its freshness so soon. Long cloaks, If,
of good material, can be utilized as a
short cloak and dress when shorter
clothes are needed. The best economy
is to provide material that will work up'
into other garments when the change is'
necessary. Farm and Fireside.
To Remove Stains from Linen.
Salts of lemon and oxalic- acid are
doubtless excellent for removing stains
from linen, but they are such deadly
poisons that one dislikes to think of
their use even in the most careful of
hands. , A little common salt sprinkled,
on an ink spot, iron rust, or other stain!
and then thoroughly wet with lemon j
juice and exposed to the sun will do as,
effective work as the poisons. Eenewl
the application if required. j
Ur. A. hliur7 has the esrlailT right t
Stole m' Local Anrxthctle for tk I'alnleaa
txtrmetita of Ttetk la tkla elty. OBe Boakwood
"Fronted Cream," th lstet and
gretet ol ta ag, at Gcriag
& Co.'. 101
A number of day boarder can be
accommodated at Thompson's res
taurant, opposite opera house,
where the best of meals are
Hair chains, ring's, crosses an
hair work of all kinds to order.
iMes. A. Knek.
tf 1720 locust St.
The business relations heretofore
existing between P. S. Wickham and
A. J. Graves are this day terminated
by mutual agreement.
I. S. Wickham,
A.J. G waves.
Dated: Plattsmouth, Neb., June
30, 1VJ1.
"Frosted Cream," the latest and
greatest drink of the age, at Gering
& Go's. lOt
Needles, oils and parts for all
kinds of machines can be found at
the Sinjrer ol'lice, corner of Main
and Sixth streets, with II. Beck. tf
"Frosted Cream," the latest and
greatest drink of the age, at Gering
Ac Co.'s. lOt
Potted strawberrv plants of
choice varieties will be on sale at
Lew Moore's by July loth. Plants
put out now will insure a big crop
next year. dtVwtf
Brown & Barrett successors to
Wildman & liuller have the cheap
est and best line of all paper in
Plattsmouth. wtt.
Attention Sportsmen.
On Friday July 11th, there will be
a grand shooting tournament at the
old fair grounds. The prizes will
be ten thoroughbred hunting dogs
Chesapeake and Irish water
spaniels there will be a chance
for all as there will be three
different classes to shoot in.
4t Holmes & Antill.
Bucklen's Arnica Salve.
Thk Best Salve in the world for Cuts
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum. Fever
Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains,
Corns, and all Skin Eruptions, and posi
tively cures Piles, or no pay required.
It is guaranteed to give satisfaction, or
money refunded. Price 23 cents per box.
For sale by F. G. Fricke & Co.
I have been bothered with cat
arrh for twenty years; I had lost
sense of smell entieel3", and I had
almost lost my hearing. My eyes
wero getting so dim I nad to get
some one to thread my needie. Now
I have my hearing so well as I ever
had, add 1 can see tn thread as line
a needle as ever I did' my sense of
smell is partl3r restored, and it
seems to be improving all the time,
I think there is nothing lik lily's
C ream Balm for catarrh. Mrs. h.h.
Grimes, Perry Co., ().
Sudden Deaths.
Heart disease is by far the most
frequent cause of sudden death,
which in three out of four cases is
unsuspected. The sj'tnptoms are
not generally understood. These
are: a habit of lying on the right
side, short breath, pain or ditressin
the side, back or shoulder. irregular
pulse, asthma, weak and hungry
spells, wind in stomach, swelling of
ankles or dropsy, oppression, dry
cough and smothering. Dr. Miles'
illustrated book on Ileart Disease,
free at F. G. Frike & Co's, who sell
and guarantee Dr. Miles' unequaled
New Ileart Cure, and his restora
tive Nervine, which cures nervous
ness, headache, sleeplessness, drop
s', etc. It contains no opiates.
Henry Cooper was taken in by a
birthday surprise last night when
a large company of friends took
possession of his home. Mrs. Cooper
furnished a bounteous repast and
a general good time was had.
Henry got his wits together after
the surprise and made a most ex
cellent host. The Herald hopes he
may see as many more anniversa
ries as he has already enjoyed.
Editor Iowa I'lain Dealer Cured ef
InsufTerble Itching and I'ain by tlie
Cutleura Kemenies,
o Than Five I'hynyrian Con
suited. Their Cotnbiued Wisdom
ollowed "Without Itenefit.
I am slxtv vears old. In Auiruet 1889 was
troubled with a pecular ekiu to which
o.'ODle of mv ane are subject. Known among
medicinal men as eczema. Its first appearance
was imar the ankles. It rapidly extended over
tue lower extremeties until may leps were
nearly one raw pore : liom lestlie trouble ex
tended acioss the hipe, shoulders' and the en
tire IeiiKhth of my arm, th lets and arms bad
ly fwolleu with an itching burning pain without
cessation. Although the beet tnt-dical advice
attainable was employed no les than five phv-
sic:anf of the place belHK consulted and the
presciptiens Teing the resuot of their combined
wisdom, tne uiseasetnougn apparent y cnecKea
would rvcur in a few days as bad a? ever ;dur.
ing the progress my weight fell away about
twehtv-cve pounds. As an experiment I be
gan to the us of CcticubA followed the sim-
pi ana pi;uu iumucuods givru wuu uie rem
edies and in four Wc'eks found myself well.
witli skin soft and natural in color the itching
and pain eotirels gone W It MEAD
Eiitor Iowa 1'lain Dealer,, Creseo, Iowa,
The new Mood and skin purifier and greatest
of Humor itemeaies, luternairy (to cleanse the
blood of all impurities ana p-jisonous elements.
:ina thus remove the cause), and Cutiiura.
the great Skin Cure, aoil Citicuka Soat, an
exquisite Skin Purifier and Beautifier, exter
nally (to clear the skin and scalp and restore
the nan), speeauy cure every humor and
disease of the skin, scalp, and blood, with loss
of hair, whether irching, burning, scaly,
pimply, and blotchy, whetner simple, scrofu
lous, hereditary, or con agious. when physi
cians and all other remedies fail.
y) p p (g p
tLj S-J QJ) vjfc Oo
n or
oi inn c inn n oi
When you take Quality and Make in Consideration you Can not
Buy Cheaper any Place in t lie World than ol'
he Only
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So P.
FLES, black-heads, chapped and oily
skin cured by Cuticuka Medicated
i Jrf- pain plater relist
""J JL sciatic, hip, ktdne
1 fz muscular pain an
I The fir-t and orl
in one minute the ttutiuura anti-
pain plater relieves rheumatic,
ley, chest, and
anc weaknesses.
'ly pain killing
Clothing. Furnishing Goods, Hats, Etc
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President Caf
Remarkable Rescue.
Mr?. Michael Curtain, Plainfield, 111., makes
the statement that she caught cold, which set
tied on her lungs ; she was treated for a month
by her family physician, but grew worse. He
old her one was a hopeless victim of consump
tion and that no medicine could cure her
Her Druggist suggested Dr. King's new discov
ery for consumption ; she bouuht a bottle and
to her delight found herself benefited from the
dose. - She continued its u u and after tak
ing ten bottles, found herself sound and well
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rgebottleso Oc, and$l.
Remarkable Facts.
Ileart disease is usually supposed
to be incurable, but when properly-
treated a larcfe portion of cases can
be cured. Thus Mrs. Klniira Hatch,
of Klkhart, Ind., and .Mrs. ?Iary I,.
Baker, of Ovid, .Mich., were cured
after suffering 20 years. S. C. Lin
burger, druggist at San Jose, 111.,
says that Ur. Allies Aew ileart cure
which cured the former, "worked
wonders for his wife. Levi Log-an
of Buchanan, Mich., who had heart
disease for 30 years, says two bottles
made him "feel like a new man.
Dr. Miles' New Ileart Cure is sold
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