Plattsmouth weekly herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1882-1892, June 18, 1891, Image 6

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U.T'I Kit HEADS '3,1
envei.o ri:s,
Paper In Case Oo"CLrn.t37"-
It's facilities- for doing good and satisfactory
work are complete in all departments
"A Peep Into the Past."
The following oration was de
livered ;it till- hih school nmi
lncnccmeiit by Mi.-s Purdy, one of
the j;ilu;t('s.
We ohiic before you to night,
dear friends, not as tin- Seven Won
ders of the world, the Seven Sacs
of Greece, or even the Seven
Sleepers, hut as the Seven Sis'trrs of
modern history.
Vou are all familiar with the
mythological story of the Pleiades,
and we claim a peculiar and fitting
resemhlance to tho.-e Seven Sisters.
Not on account of otir reat bcau'y.
however, nor our determination to
never marry a inoiial. Neither do
we say that our thoughts are so far
a hove your 1 hou -his, nor our ways
a hove V ol I r way s; I Ml t like t lie 1 'le ia
des we are di.-tiumii.-hed for our
mutual uhect ion, and each one lias
a certain hili aim in life - hiirh as
1 1 ! - t .1 1 - of Ilea veil.
C.r.i we claim reseinhlance to a
hetter object in nature than the
constellation of the Pleiades, which
twiuldes constantly in the Tent
dome of the sky Idled, with myriads
of -littcnnr stars?
As we t;az,e on those far off lights
the teudcrest seiitimeuls of the
heart are aroused a feeling of re
spect ;inl admiration, of softened
melancholy, mingled with the
thought of God awakens within us.
In life we will not fear the dark
ness of adversity, but we will re
member that the stars shine bright
est on the darkest niht. Although
clouds hide the stars from our view,
yet they constantly shine as bright
as ever, so we will endeavor to make
life's pathway bright, even if the
clouds of misfortune compel us to
live in obscurity. We remember
"'The womau who .seeks but o'-e tli'nfi in lit
auil lint one.
May hope to achieve it before life is done,
But she who .seeks all things wherever f-he
ehe sows,
.A harvest of barren rertt
Hut, having been chosen as the
class Historian, J wilt now irive you
ome information about the class
which may enlighten you and be
valuableto some stru-iirl inr author
of "The Cominjr Woman."
It is plain to be seen that the
"coming women" will soon take the
lead in cve.ythinr as they are
be4"i lining to do already, for where
are our Orot tiers wno at one time
This youiiLT hidy always won the
love and respect of her companions
by her stately dignity and pleasant
ways, which were noticeable in every
thing she did.'frmu thr sly passing
of notes in school to t he accepta lire
of tin: position of President of the
Just behind her wnsaquite blue
eyed little H'iti, who is jeiierotisly
dividiu an apple anions her school
in ites. 'Tis Alice, who is so well
known for her kindness and i;ene
l o.-ity.
Silting with Alice is the model
;irlofthc class as far as studies
are conceiip -d ; and who, always
rcuiciiibcriiiii" that time is money,
1'. is been making a fortune while
the other members of the class
have I -ceil be wa 1 in t 1 1 e fate of poor t hey aver that
.-chool iiis. -lis .Myrta, our vt iWivwher
Latin orator, who.-e very name tells
us of her lo v i nu' d is osit ion.
Let us next nive our atleiition to
two fair little i;irls with gold
en hair, who, on account of their
model behav ior, have been placed
in a-eat near the teachers desk,
n..;d are now busily cmployd.
one in chewnitr li'um, tin
other, in wri t i in-' poet ry. They an
Mabel and Mae. our orator and
Mrs. I red Murphy funic in from
Cedar Creek, this morning. i
Mrs. Lute Jiodikcr returned home!
this morning alter a visit of several
days with friends at Louisville.
Geo. Shocman, nrosperous farmer
of Louisville precinct and one of
the stalwart (ieiinan republicans
is in the city today .
M iss Jrace Wiles dejiarted th
morning for Cottier I ' i i er si ty to
attend the commencement exercises.
From there she will o lo Beatrice
ti at lend t he Su i ida v school insti
tute as a delegate fioin this city.
The T. K. Ju.ntette ;ne ill the
habit of sinin- f.r couimetice-
n lent exercises all o ver the slate but
t hey ha ve not attend
so siiccesstul and
pleasant a coniiiieiiccineii' as the one
heldat Plattmoulh 1 hursday ni-ht.
A new law lirm has opened an of
fice in the Wet tenkamp block by the
name of Graves A; Wickham. Mr. A
J. (Jraves is well known in the city
and will do well. M r. Wickham is a
you n man, old in the law, and will
do his full shaie of the work.
The 5th St. Merchant Tailor
Keeps a Full Linn of
i G))h.
OoiiHilIt Your lofere' t v Jilvilnf Mli:i '1J
I v -1
netess, whose leadmi; charac
teristic is cheerfulness, and who
have been the deliirhi of our class
idl through school life.
With the exception of the histo
rian, of whom I will leave vou to
indite for yourselves, I have spoken
of all but Manota Kikenbnrv, who
came to us last year and won the
love ot all hv herouiet demeanor
and lovinir svmpnthv. If anv man
is ever fortunate enough to win her,
he can truthlull v say, "I can miry
all trouble now, as my nota will
never be due."
With no intentional boasting the
history has been written of the
'Seven Sisters," whose success in
school life is not owinjf entirely to
their own industry and persever
ance, but to their patient, helpful
teachers. It was their kind and en-
coura-iii words that made many a
difficult task seem easy, ahd from
their lrood advice, kindly rtven, we
have learned to make the best of
The past and the present of the
''Seven Sisters" is now known, who
can tell what the future will her
We behold the foot-prints of Time
I .. . . . . . 1 . .-l- r .J .
reap from the hope which around her d,m:"lllu u meperidines oi de
cay, in me scenes or me past we oe-
notd a type ot the luture, so let us
remember that
V e live in deeds, not years ; in thoughts, not
In fe- liii'ts. not in liirures on a dial,
w should count time by heart-throbs.
HeJu ost live.-.
Who thinks iiiit, feele the noolest, aefw the
The Juvenile Operetta.
An ovation was tendered the
superintendent and his little folks
at the opera house last nijht in
their juvenile opera and other per-J Crawford's
1'rof. Chatburn reports a bi
fruit crop in Southern Nebraska.
He says a man by the name of. Rus
sell, living near Wy more, claims he
will have r,(."j!) bushels of peaches,
and a man of his acquaintance near
Humholt has over MK) bushels of
5 .Several window frames are set and
one corner of the first story of
brown stone on the court house
will be finished today. The stone
looks very pretty and will make
tine appearing building. The bricl
will probably be Kansas City pres
sed brick tor the outside course.
The town of Hetinett has been af
dieted for several days with two or
three well defined cases of
small pox. The dread disease has
now broken out at Nebraska City
and unless extra pracaution is tak
en it may reach this corlnty. J'eo
pie can't be too careful about expos
ing themselves to this dreadful di
Miss Myrta Porter received ;
life membership in the Fremont
business colleye and Miss Myrtle
Purdy received a life membership
in labor colletre lor their irood
work durinof the past school year
Miss I'urdy also received a hand
some "Told watch at the hands of
her father and brother.
AebrasKa city s hase hall pros
pects have arain one rliniuieriie.
Their man by the name of Craw
ford has sloped and the Cityites are
disconsolate. The Press says the
local ball players are innocent of
"sculdorniry what
Flo1"' Hi M a Specialty
tMiiii.Ti tin I'ublu Solicited.
Having added considerable new type
office is a guaradtee for good clean
job wcrk
ch'ss is as
. two Hawk
and, we are
) I 1
It prints all trie
to subscribe for.
let us place you
of subscribers.
13 ws and is the paner
Send' us your name and
on our already large list
Prompt attention given
to all orders
outnumbered us? They have all
disappeared, but we do not i-ieve
over theh" absence, as we have "a
Mann in the class who is more
i!reealIe tlian all tne hoys.
The members of the class not
only represent several religious
eiiominalions, but also two polit
ical parties; the class beini com
posed of six republicans and one
eurocrat. We have heard it whis
pereu that it the proper induce
ments were offered, one of tne class
miint ue persuaded lo join the
farmers' alliance.
The nativity of the
follows: one IJuekeye
eves, four J uie iters,
happy to say , no I. one Stars.
The ae of the class is one hund
red and twenty-four years, nearly
one and one-fourth centuries, or
older than our reat republic it
self, and strange to say, none of us
are afraid to own it.
The average ac of the class is
seventeen and live-sevenths years,
thai of the youngest, seventeen
y ears. Not so very old in years, but
almost iray-headed in experience.
The combined weight of the class
is e i ""1 1 1 hundred and - eighty-seven
pounds, thus making the class
worth ."221 .7.7J.07. for, of course, we
are worth our weight in -o!d.
Aside from our resemblance to
the Pleiades, we c'Aim another re
markable singularity. The niaL;'ic
letter which has so many charms
for us is the common "M." We as
sure you that it is a very appropri
ate M-bleni. and to us
means much more than may,"
nihceiit mansions, mischievous
maidens, or men and matrimony.
For fear you miht mweoust rue the
meaning in our uiwiiorani, we will
say that it merely stands for Mabel.
Mae. Myrta, Manota, Mathews'
Myrtle and Mann. This "M". is si"-,
rounded by a chain of seven links,
which represent tI.e"SeVen sisters
united by bonds oi love and loya I ty
Li l s " ill vvo cherish the memory of our
i.. i in y s i.o i ii.i v-. so
Let fate do her worst tnen- are moments of joy.
JJriht dreams ol the past whiei:siie cannot de-
They me in the niglit time of sorrow piu!
Ami :-i mir DacK Uie teat lire t hat jov iied to
(Hi our hearts wirh such n:eii:iiries
I'll';- .,
lake :i vase in which ihm s have once been dis-
k, you may shatter, that vj.-e
Vou may hie
if you v:l
Uut the -ceut of those roses
it s;''
Let us now take a "peep
past"' and see . what tlu
Cor'Fiftii asd Vine Sts
1 1 1 1 the
Sisters were doinir a tenth of a
century ao.
Let us enter the primary room
where we re welcomed hv the
smiling- faces of the piod "little
ii'irls and the bad little boys who
are just IbeLiiuniim- school lite.
Aiuonn" these many happy and
beautiful faces, and as changeable
as haj))y, with eyes brimful of joy,
and hearts play inn; upon them lik"e
sunshine upon clear waters we be
hold the future men and women of
the world, the shifted and the power
ful, the wise anil the eloquent, the
ambitious and the renowned; and
anions these we behold a fair litile
lady, witlulare-e blue ey es pud dark
curls, who is busily working prob
lems. All will recognize the fair
Lttella, our salutitorian, who has
so kindly greeted you to-niirht
formances. Scarcely an emjity seat
could have been found in the entire
house from pit to dome.
The first number on the program,
i rainy day son, was suntj by a
dozen of the cutest, sweetest little
tots to be found in the town. They
all came onto the stae, twelve little
iris with ossamcs on and carry
ing raised umurerias; tneir sniiiiiiir
was in accord with their dress and
was more than ood.
The wand drill, by- pupils from
Miss Searle's room, was very tine
and showed much patient trainim
"A Play of the Seasons," by pupils
from First and Second wards, was a
rollicking dancing party with
sprightly music. Much training
had been lavished upon them,
winch the actions ot the little mites
showed had not been in vain.
A dumb-bell drill by a lare class
of iirls from Miss Wilson's and
Mrs. Halsey's rooms was the next
production and showed a wonderful
proficiency in the drill. Tin-;
flKRALI) is a firm believer in calis
thenics, and notes with much plea
sure the interest taken in the sub
ject by Superintendent McCle'lan
and his corps of teachers.
The last number on the program
was "Cobwebs." the juvenile ope
retta in which more than seventy
children took part. The Kini and
Jueen Hlueboitle were well repre
sented liy (leore Tiuild and Claire
Drum moiul. who sani- their solos
sweetly and in the proper spirit.
Little Kdna Petersen as Princess
Firefly was very cute and sanjr
better than many of the older ones.
Prince Grasshopper, a lover of
Princess J'irefly, was represented by
Leon Pepperberi; a diminutive
little man dressed in a suutr fitting
suit of bright ireen of the most
fashionable cut. Leon carried him
self like an old hand at the busi
ness and brought down the house
with his method of love-making.
Spidero, the enchanter, was enacted
very creditably by Georyre Sher
wood, while Anna IJibby, as the
first lady in waiting, suiiif a very
pretty solo. Lloyd Wilson made a
capital paLje, and carried out the
wishes of the kiiii- to the best of his
ability. The play was full of pretty
ever that is and will continue to try
and organize a nine. They will
probably ;'et one in time to play
next year.
Mr. Messersmith picked lt.'iquarts
of strawberries Wednesday, making
i(. tins season, off ol his patch con
sisting of about one-sixth of an
acre and he thinks he will he able
to pick about 2X quarts more. At
that rate he would iet o,4J0 quarts
to the acre, which, at the price
netted him this season, cents
per quart, would make for a full
acre the neat income of j7.. Who
can beat it?
The Leading
ConstHntly keeps on harnt everything
you fjcii ?o lurnish your iiouse.
Pl&tismcut - Neb
Wedding Ann i versa ry ,
Charles Harris and his estimable
spouse were taken by surprise yes
terday afternoon when several of
their friends unannounced came in
upon them to celebrate their 2hth,
anniversary. Charley had forgot
ten he hail been married that lontr,
but concluded he was taken' in, and
made every body as comfortable as
possible. Plenty of provender was
taken alonf yet Mrs. Harr is pantry
wa'V invaded and by dint of a little
work a rejal banquet was furn
ished that all parties did ample
justice to. Amon these present
were (). II. Hallou. A. 1 5. Taylor. J.C.
Ki ken berry. S. A. Davis, A. X. Sulli
van. J. 11. Meisinifer. and their re
spective wives and F. M. Kichey, A.
II. Todd, and Kd. h. Todd.
m :. i-
solos and Charming- choruses that
were delightfully rendered.
Miss Lou Simpson skilfully prr
sided at the piano, which added
much to the merit of the entertainment.
Court adjourned tonight
after the Nebraska City term is
closed which begins Monday. The
jury was d i-eha rt'd last iiiht.
The case of Annie I'. White vs the
H. A- M. was a suit for ?l.i; ') insur
ance which the relief cleiiartment i
refused to pay. The case was f uiirht
by- J. H. Strode and Myron Clark tor
defendant, while Matthew tiering
represented the plaintilf. After an
all days trial a verdict was rendered
for the full amount in favor of the
The MeXamara vs. Ilaubens A:
Shelton apjieal was dissmissed.
Albert IJauer was discharged by
J i id. y:e Chajunan lor the reason that
the indictment was bad and would
not stand the test.
Kllen Greeson vs. Clark Greeson,
divorce jranted as prayed for.
CAN the character be read from
the- handwriting-? Most assuredly
it can. Charactcr-readinn' from
handwriting is a fascinating study;
and if you wish to learn all about it
you must read the excellent and
profusely illustrated article, "How
to Read Character by Handwriting."
by Prof. Nelson Thorpe, published
in the July number of Demorest's
Family Magazine, and you will be
still more interested in the subject.
In the same number is a splendid
article on "Chili," which is particu
larly apropos at present; "Foes
Afield: Plants Poisonous to the
Stomach" is quite asseasonable,
and everyone can recognize the
j plants from the accurate illustra-
tions; in "Summer Outdoor Games:
Lawn Tennis, Badminton, Colors,"
they are clearly described; and the
amateur china-painter may rival
the professional by following the!
until j directions riven in "The Use of'
! Matt Colors." Besides, there are ,
stories am; poems, and over two
hundred illustrations, including a
superb water-color, a French cos
tume study under the empire, and
the numerous departments are full
to overflowing with valuable matter.
Briefly, this number fully main
tains the justly earned prestige of
beiiiijf the model family magazine,
Bum, .prompt,, Foeuiv
Cure for Impotence, Lot
of Manhood, Seminal
BmlAtioiia, Spermntorrheat
Aicfjouzness, Self Distrutt.
AVal i w ' 4 Hetooueneaa, Self Distrutt,
J ki I M i ft If 4 i M Losr' f Me'iory, &n. W,H
- - i V V- T J neM tjou a STRONG, Vigor-
Lu&rd Jlov Llilniit Co.,
20! 9 Liioas Ave.
. r -. . -- ( i
0 stim t o
-nr to i r-
s, jm
i-iivt;rOI ,
' Sunburn
Htnl Icli. A )' v ;: ...Ji.-jiiiorj.s v. ill ren-U-r
the inost rUi,,t.n.'y n i f-kiri fvji't,
k-ii.X)tJi i.-.i wf.ire. Viol.1, Crctiiu is
not a n.-iint or . , .i.r - covf-r deff.-cts,
I ut a re!i-7y t-f-vr. It, t-nj-rior t'l
all other r y.i r.ui j.L. , ;; i i-; uanuiteed
'o fci ve fsatlhf.ii. fun. A I lr:-lrit3 or nuU
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i " , i s "r i ' . ; J t ' : -J
,A pamphlet of tnfonnatioa Rndab-
etrartct me laws, siiowinK IIow to',
rff- Obturti lJn!ct. Caventu, Tnvl.- "S.
Y rf Harks, OipyTii7hL3, tent frtt.X , ' 7
V'V 'XAil KUKM & CO.iV
? -1.
.'.l A1 !,. ;
it.-i i. cure la t.;t r.
lar.?. BR. R. SCHI5 TTZJi. r ' f H
and it is published for $2 per
by W. Jennings Deniorest,
11th St., Xew York.
year ;
Last 1
Dawson A: I'earce wish to inforui
the public that they have on liand
a lare strck of summer oods
which sold at very- reason
able prices. dlw-wlm 1