Plattsmouth weekly herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1882-1892, May 14, 1891, Image 3

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County Surveyor
Ail rders left with County Clerk will.
receive prompt attention.
SoeDiiclisei scMrK
The WiiHlilnglton ATenim
Provision .Merchants.
Headquarters for
We pay no rent ami sell for CASH.
You don't. puy any bills for dead beats
when you buy of this firm.
beat SOFT COAL always on
Opposite KicheyBroH Lumber office
..', .rV - - " r- '..-; -J
workmnd tine gold work a
DK. STEINACS-LOCAL as well in otlier :aii
eatheties0'iven lor the i utile's exiraotiou o'
C. A. MARSHALL, - Fitzgerald T'
The Use Of
Harsh, drastic purgatives to relieve costive
ness is a dangerous practice, and more liabla
to fasten the disease on the patient than to
cure it. What is needed is a medicine that.
In effectually opening the liowels, corrects
tiie costive habit and establishes a natural
daily action, Bucli an aperient is found iu
Ayer's Pills,
which, while thorough in action, strengthen
as well as stimulate the bowels and excretory
" For eight years I was afflicted with coiw
stipation, which at hist became so bad that
the doctors could do no more for me. Then
I began to take Ayer's J'ills, ami soon the
bowels became regular and natural in their
movements. I am now in excellent health."
Wm. II. Del-aucett, Dorset, Out.
" When I feel the need of a cathartic, I
take Ayer's Pills, and find them to be more
than any other pill I ever took." Mrs. I?. C,
Gruhb, Burwellville, Va.
" For years I have been subject to consti
pation and nervous headaches, caused by de
rangement of the liver. After taking various
remedies, 1 liave become convinced that
Ayer's Pills are the best. They have never
failed to relieve my bilious attacks in a short
time; ami I am sure my system retains its
tone longer after the use of these Pills, than
has been the case with any other medicine I
have tried." II. S. Sledge, Weimar, Texas.
3 fi O
Llewellyn Moore's the Recognized
Headquarter for trie Artiue
and tiie Bunutiful.
Aquilegia chrysnntha, coreopsis
lanceolata, chrysan t hem urn maxima
antirrhinums, plat ycudciis and cle
matis make up a partial list of yi r.
Moore's grand plants, that an per
fectly hardy and are not injured
by a Nebraska winter. .Mr. Moore
has a line stock of geraniums,
coleus and some of those richly col
ored French cumins, also a line line
of bedding plants. In roses he
makes a specialty of the following
hardy varieties: General Jacijui
mot, Md. I Mantier, I'erlo, Niphilos,
to;;vtlier with the old standard J. a
France and that Oueen of the rose
family, the American 1 Icauty, which
under favorable circumstances has
produced roses H inches across,
bright red arid of a most delicious
fragrance. No collection of Mowers
is complete without some of these
hardy roses. Mr. Moore lias the
reputation of being the best rose
grower west of Chicago; he never
forces his plants, thus making them
tender but gives them every requis
ite to make them hardy and strong.
This spring is an unusually good
one for setting out plants and
should be improved by our people.
Iemcmber the place where plants
and prices will suit the most exact-i;i'-
i.i at J.lewellvn :x !r"'.s on
Locust street, and call at once, tf
Dr. J. C. AYEE & CO., Lowell, Mass.
Sold by all Dealers in Medicine.
The Leading
Iltrnituee dealer
x", -r
Constantly keeps on hand everything
you need to furnish your house.
A strictly first cU-. nvi'-liiiio. fu!!v warrn it-
l. iMade iroin th- very l.est marerial b
Kuieu w..rKiiien, an,; wmutiie Det tools tual
iive ever Keen -levi -ied : o.iro ise. Vv'ar-
amru i m a;i r:at leaso tali v ex-
oeetfd r toe very Uvt tvuewriter extant
piiieot wj'Tiii vviriis fcr minuti o;
K'K'-a(Monting t. the ability of the opi-iat'
Sudden Deaths.
Heart disease is by far the most
frequent cause of sudden death,
which in three out of four cases is
unsuspected. The symptoms are
not generally understood. These
are: a habit ot 1 vmtr ou the mrm
side, short breath, pain or ditress in
the side, hack or shoulder. irregular
. I it . . . . I 1 . '
jiuise. asiiima, weaiv aim jiuut;ry
-pells, wind in stomach, swellinyfof
ankles or droi)s-, oppression, dry
couh and smothering-. Dr. Mil.'s'
ill ustrab-d book on Heart Disease,
free at F. G. brike Ac Co's, who sell
and iruarantee Dr. Miles' mieuualed
New Heart Cure, and his restora
tive .vervine, winch cures nervous
ness, headache, sleeplessness, drop
sy, etc. It contains no opiates.
'"ST1; 'lis-
PUKE 8100.
'littier.? is jii ag'.-'.n i.i your adrtrei t!if
'i uuiaetun s.
Till-: PAhlSil M'F'G CO.
' ;rents wanteil t'arish IN, V.
P. 1). SICELEMITiH, Agnt.
Lincolu, Neb,
Plattsmout - Neb
217, 219, 221 and 22:5 Main St.,
Mattsmoutft, f.'ebraskn.
H. If, B0::5, Proprietor
Ihe Perkins has bjen tiioniLch-.
renoyated from toi tc .cttOii r-c '.
now one of the best hotels in the stair
Boarders will bo taken by the w ck a:
$4.50 and up.
r.s i2 S I J
t TP-
tf ULl
Shingles, Lth, Sash,
Tit "
9 asu::
Bucklen's Arnica Salve.
The ijfc;T Salve in the world ior Cuts ', Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum. I'v e?
?'res. letter. Chapped lianas. Ciaihiriins.
Corn?, and all Skin Eruption?, an 1
cures I'lies, or ho pay required.
It i.s Guaranteed to ive satisfaction, r
iiio.i' y rel unde I. I'riee 20 cent. per ix,-'.
For sale hv P. G. Fricke & Cu.
Pronounced HoijIc-j1', Yei Savcl .
b'rom a letter w; iite:i by .Mrs. At'.a
iv. llurd or uroton, fc. i)., :e i ucie:
'Was taken with a bad cold, which
setuoti on my if.ntrs, coiiii set m
and finally terminated iu coiisump
tion. rour doctors irtivi.' rne up s.i y
itii I could live but a short lime. I
ffivc myself up to my Saviour, de
termined if I could not sty with
J113' iriends on earth, I would nice
my absent ones above. My bus
oaiiu was auviseu to tret ir. Jm s
New Discovery for consumption,
comrhs and colds. 1 gave it a trial
look in all ei-j-ht bottles; ithasenred
me and thank God I am now a well
and hearty woman." Tri d bottles
Jree at I. Lr. hricne A: Co. s flru:
store, regular size, aOc. and $1.00.
Some year3 ago Chauioerlaia & Co., of
iJ s Moines, Iowa, commenced the mau
ufacturc of a cough syrup, believing it to
be the most prompt and reliable prepara
tion yet produced for coughs, colds and
croup; that the puiiiic appreciate true
merit and iu time it was crtain to be
came popular. Their most sanguine
es have been more than realized.
Oyer three hundred thousand bottles of
Chajnberlain's Cough Remedy ar? now
sold hcIi year, and it 13 recognized as
'the best made, wherever known. It
will cure H severe cold in less time than
Wonderful Traiirrma.t Ion by Itetlsktn
of the Inland of Metlakuhtla.
Ilev. W. Duncan, of Metlakahtla,
Alaska, is a portly, benevolent looking
old gentlemari of j-rlnps sixty-live
years, and the world has been iiia'le
better by the grand work in which tin
declining years of his life are being
spent. When interviewed by a rejxir'.er
he was reticent ut iirst in speaking of
the fruits of his philanthropic labors in
the land by the frozen sea, saying that a
description of the colony h had found. -d
would seem better coming from tho lips
of disinterested parties.
"Metlak-ahtla," said the venerable ?nis
sionary, "i.s situated on an island in ? I . -archipelago
in the southeastern part ol
Alaska. It is a coif 113 founded three
years and a half ago, when I org-'iniy.ed
thirteen bands of British Columbia In
dians, and by showing them the virtues
01 a ciry ami government ot tlieir own
and instilling in their minds the beauties
of ;i civilized existence, induced them to
migrate to the far north, where they
would live in peace and Fecuritj- and
where thej- would not bo disturbed in
their peaceful possessions.
-Toda3" there is a city of 800 souls at
Jletlakahtla, and the .settlement i.s a
flourishing and happy one. I am one of
those who reject the declaration that the
only good Indian i.s the dead one. I ;lin
iiVie to demonstrate that the best Indian
ij a live one.
"Three years ago the forest primeval
stood on the site where now many happy
Indians live, in many pha.-aut cottages.
There are sixty-one capacious houses in
the eit3 For three years I was the only
white man in the settlement. I have re
cently been joined by an assistant, how
ever, in the person of Dr. Dlewett. You
might sa3' that the Indians have an e3e
to real estate values, for the' all wanted
corner lot?, so that I was compelled to
divide the blocks each into four lots.
Eveiybod' is satisfied, for an inside lot
is not to be found there.
IVliy I.ove'n Vomit; lr-:m Often Sudly
I iNK-lleJ s.'inillv After tlm llunrymuun
I Over VI liy M:m's T:tnt I (;-iirnlly
ItilVerent from W iii:tii'H.
cussed question, "Isinar
' came up at a small s-
The much di
riage a failure:
L-i.-il gat iiering a few evenings since. In
the company were an old bachelor, a
widow, several man ied people and a
conpl of .i:-,ng jx rsous wlio were al
fo;'.,ed in U -ucee.s.sf nl attempts to per
Ku;tile the company that they never
beard of such a thing as hive's j-oung
Various opinions were advanced and
soiii'j little v.-,-ir:ath was becoming evi
dent in t;'o rermirks of some of the ia:ir
ritd p-uc: la. rj bfi bachelor was cj-uioal,
U10 yor ' 7 ' :o ncwliat shficked and
wnv-i fid . 1 Iho entire company nn
comforta Lie.
At length a lady who had hitherto re
tnainod Kilent was u pealed to for her
opinion. j
,-If wo judge' bj' the amount of Lappi- I
nrvj wo li'j 1 in famili'-.s," kIio said. "I
think wo may c::ll it a failure, for a per- 1
ft'C?!) har.'iionions houseljol I n very hard
to find. Tiiere isr.o much selfi.dinef-.s and '
f-o i.:nc!i indifreivrico disj-Iayed, so much i
1 nnd ro lr.f le yon, that tho instinct of
s?If ion springs up and takes!
tdann, cod the i;idividu;d is at ouce put
njnn the defensive as to his or Lor
"Young TK-opTo marry and begin their
bomelife on a wrong basis. Courtship
and marriage, while oft-.-n merely an in
cident to the man, is all absorbing to tho
woman. Hhe dreams aliout it, lives in
it, worries and cries over it, and throws
her v.Iioh; life info Ihe ideal as she has
read it in books', ller ideal husband is
In lit-nrtleM 1'arln, which to forrltro eya
Sec urn muile of inlrrorN, trns! lrli t ni diMptar.
A HIilelilii liuililiiii'ii wall iM k'iin to rlne.
AHeemliiii; hlono by Hteno from dity to day.
IIi;,'li uuil more lilk'l' tliu pllo will huilcletl will,
Ami heoros of liilitirer.t were luny llit ro.
When siel'lcnly 11 frailit ntut;iiii fell.
Ami twit hlron w irkineii hwuiik' iilofl lit lr.
Suspemteil hy tln .r hitmlH to one nlilit hold.
Thut Ih-IiL unci 1 re.. kid heneath their niidilen
One worn wit it toil, an I row hit: k'ruy nml old.
One a meru hoy. ju-l re.ti him; hihii'h ent:ile.
Vet with 11 hero'H houl. Alii!) !;red yoimn,
Were it not well t.) yield his n. ler'e life.
On wlii. li no :irent leaneil, no eh: lr.11 1 hint;.
And have the ot tier to lii-i hitheit itnd v ife
He naw that ere deliverencff rotil I he hi wirht
The f rail siiiiiMii t t hey e,ne,iied iiiiimI mkc!
And in that hhndderin; moment' ll.i-li ot
lie to for his eoinrade's -:ike.
Wit Ii lif:-. very Mleli as heroeM m IiIoiii I. nov, ,
" 'l'ia riiilil." he said, and loosiin; his l ron
Propped like a stone upon the htoneH hehiw.
And lay there dead, t he niiile st ill on his lip.
What thoiirh no I; "i rel.s urmv h!s rave uhove.
And o'er his na.iie no M iilpl nred hal'l may
To the swef t spirit of lei-elli h hive,
a. i not his I i le 11 -1 n 1 .'. rri :',ee?
Kli.aheth Akers in Ihirper's Vomii-.; 1'eojile.
In .1 th
are lieoii
How t'. iriaHsel It.
ris ing village of Oxford county
y relatinga little
"The inhabitants live by hunting and ! mvrn K tfr'TI1"'. fn-ier ami con.siaeraie;
fishing, but the latter occupation has j aUva3s Il"i!,f! with n smile on Ins
branched a ' into a large indn-trv row. ! tRCfi ::n'1' '-tuougli tmrlene, with
inii t inn iw.vo rA.t-..; , , . . .. ! and i "r: .! ' x c 1 with bu-
nil lii-i oLtuii liu. ri.iii ilia.
i salmon cau
chiuer' and an outfit for
nery tliere.
"I --ould rather have a tourist speak
of our colony than to dwell upon its
merits lnyself. ijhould 3'ou visit our ;
island j'ou would be surprised to find a i
city of Indians and natives with onh- j
two exceptions. We have a government j
which is an Indian council presided over j
by an Indian chief. The young ones are j
taught in commodious schools, and hi !
lierpJ ': 1 Willi husmess, is never
other than a hero. She i.s quite 1 i lirely
to forget the ideal man can be very dis
agree;:!.!'.? when he i.s hungry, and finds
little to comfort him in kisses and blisses
if the laundress has failed to bring home
his linen, or ho hasn't a quiet corner
where he may sit down and rest.
"For man is a more solitruy creature
than woman. There i.s an old legend to
the effect that God's original plan was to
create woman the mother of the race
e who si ill en
incident illustrative of th" confusion
likely to fall upon the stranger to our
language who uses synonyms indiscrimi
nate. The pastor of t In; leading chureli
had made arrangements to exchange
with a good German brother of the same
denomination. Having himself In-en a
witness to some ludicrous mistakes of
that worth, tho minister was not with
out a feeling of uneasiness.
The German having arrived in the vil
lage Saturday was courteously invited
to a pleasant gathering near tin' pars-mage.
The elite of the town were pres
ent,. All went well with our German
friend until he was introduce 1 to the
beautiful Jliss Howard, whose match
less complexion was the pride of tho vil
lage. Feeling that such lu auly deserved
some recognition, and wishing to com
pliment the beautiful stranger, the Ger
man exclaimed with his beaming ad
miration, "Why, frauh-in, what a beau
tiful hide-ou have!" Lewhitoii Journal.
nny other treatment.
Fricke & Co.
For sale by F. G
,'-tn supply everw demand of the city.
Call and get terms. Fourth street
iu rear of opera bouse.
n t. " :
r.-x a cu;e is ic rc.-.!
. -I I. i'll C'-liYir-t.Ci thi K
- .-mi-j ; i . r ' f irt; "i rn or Sr ir.:'
i i;t:.n. t.oza'i fm.i-
!? t. by l-.-ks Invisible Tslular Ear Ca.b
Luis. hi?--per3 hiard. Coinf'-rtnble.
:rt'l. Sr; iivP. l!i(raz,Only , ri
'-.. in:i; Icr uoc-k cf prouis fl SZIC
' X..-'..Si;:iIi:rj4.L..-J-.', ff.;.-' 7-- t1
vj -f?i-3:ii
' cS-?.--r,b-L0J3JB "-'I-
rf lis e-asisssinj L r r 5 w
g sr lief n?? GRATEFUL-COMrORTING.
ts s ais&-iu w w
This is what you ought to have, in
fact, von must have it, to fully en
joy life. Thousands are searching-
tor it flatly, and mourning because
they tiud it not. Thousands upon
thousands of dollars are spent an-nunlK-
b3 our people in the hone
that they may attain this boon.
And 3-et it may bt? had by all. We
gTiarantee that Electric "Bitters, if
used according- to directions- and
tae use persistea in, will iiring- you
uooa digestion ana oust the demon
tlispepsia and install instead eupep-
s. v c recommend r.Iectric iiitters
for dyspepsia and all diseases of
liver, stomach and kidneys. Soldat
ode. and ?1.(X) per bottle "by F. G
Fricke ACo.'s drug store.
mv absence a native te-ieher is insfrnr-f- u oi ail, out, in nts lar seeing wisdom,
in" tht-m. 'K! decided that a woman shordd never
"Iu olden dav3 tho Indian tribes wen? t"-' doTio in tho world; so man was cre
envious of each other, and feuds were I at;'d f'rst' lhat she r:11orht find a compan
inces,ant and wat wa.? a business. In ; ,on evon 111 her whest hours of exis
our colony the hatchet is buried out of ! tonc('' anJ fl'ua bcr "'fancy he craves
fight, the tribal jealousies are fon-otten I sor-(--t, :iU through her girlhood has
in the educated life and the weapons of ! l-r little girl friends, and their associa
war have? been molded into implements i a,,on 18 mnch lnore lntlnate than that
of peace. i tiIe """ith his mates. And rdl
"Wo have a native corns of constable? ! through her yonng days how she con
ned oiucers to attend to thj city's health I ,er,,r,1 "ates and tells them
andwi.rnr-i.tirm. U'.-lnvntArfnir,,,,), i an or ner nine secrets, reaus ner nrst
too, and splendid music- is furnished b'
em- liarid rf twenf-.- in-if-rTiim.-ntc
We have a large sawmill conducted bv cljth,l Wlth nices as w-,h il :ir'
Indians, and never was a happier colony j ment' How natural that she should
than that of the British Columbia Indians can7 il -,rcat (lQ:i of thls 1,1,?al lnto her
on the island of Metlakahtla." Seattle -:lrrlI anu expect ioye auu devo
tion an or tne nine, ana mar ine nus-
love letter to them, and tells them all
about tho ideal which she has fashioned
His Critics!
"What it takes to make a pnradise,"
some one has said, "depends upon the
band will be as devoted and as self sacri
ficing as the lover.
"But all the same he isn't, and she
feels chilled and unhapp3 when, after
person who is going there." There was j one greeting kiss, he looks bevond to see
once an artist who painted a picture of j if there are signs of dinner, or frowns if
C'jiuse of Corpulftiey.
It is verj evident that corpulency ii
due to some pecnliarit' within the sys
tem which favors the incr-a e and sfar
age of fat, but the actual c.ti: -; is 3et to
be determined. Physicians who have
oeen corpulent, and therefore have had
the most favorable opportunities for
stud and experiment, have all reached
the same conclusions -namely, cor
pulency indicates a degree of ill health
not of excellent health, as m my peo
ple supxo.-e. They also hold that one
and veiy potential cause of the abnor
mal storage of fat i.s the lack of func
tional act iv it 3' in certain important or
gans of the bod, and particularly those
concerned in freeing tho system of waste
products. In other words, when the
system i.s choked up wit h waste less fat
is consumed therein, and its accumula
tion id favored. Boston IIeral-1.
e o d tc w
; S- 3 5 s-asf sis
m V
m m
5 Bf m J nets?
al!S s 1 1 sl
9. .2 Sata.OJ3fco3
m b w
r --2.'" A?.-' C1itwc and beantiries the hair.
S.S, - " a P-tjrii,l fi lnvririntit err. .at U
liever Fmits to Restore Gray
Hair to its Youthful Color.
Cures nrAlp (i9eaa ft hair failuiz.
Ji'r.and jll.fv 1ni'rriiu
Parker's Ciiruer I'oiuo. It rurf-i tiie wur.t d.uh,
Wek Lunsi, IVbilirv, Idejiion, Paiu, Take in tiine.oUctj.
HIWPERCORNS. The cnlv rere cure for Coma,
Stops tu iju. 1a at Xiruotista, or lilSCOX CO., N. Y.
The Henries Method for piano and
organ, the favorite and most suc
cessful in France and Germany,
also liarmony tauglit. dtt
Mrs. Merges.
Dr. Grosvenor's
Git quirk rrlUf PLASTiiK.
RhAmnttiltni. nnnrAr.ft nlfanrinvanrl InmhuFi!
mirwi at once. Genuine for by all DrnEBihti. f'
i h 1-m Lb. o fWj
ri'i r. "tW. f 11.1 ?rr tn'c.
ii ill ' i? .'o ' i m-j.;r v'
THE DPISIKtLtNDCCnUmC. Th' ivulTSifr. H-
TiMrA. auk Ilru-.t far Wiie: -r J I'x xin.'nti Jirtmi
nn mta tnu ii'i-aon. 1 auc too oiur k'nil. -.ru9 Cifii(it-j::ii- mil ii.i.-.;:,wrj,.
AH itlU 1q paslA(nxJ U'SSS, wrapper, are inr?''rl)k:ii iilini.'r;(ifc. At Vr ri'r:i: jr bp! tjJ
4.1 Himiri f-ir narticvtiri. TlucotaiJ( and '"I'.'itl' ! l.TMUt-'. wi l-f;cr, l. ri-;unl &ipii
l,0l Tiutl-wniui.. aw rar. CritCMlaTCrt CmiKICIL C )., .mi...b lun.-.n.
A Mystery Explained.
The papers contain frequent no
tices of rich, pretty and educated
gfirls eloping- with negroes, tramps
and coachmen. The well-known
t-pecialist, Dr. Franklin Miles?, says
all such girls are more or less hys
terical, nervous, very impulsive, un
balanced; usually subject to Head
ache, neuralg-ia, sleeplessness, im
moderate crying rlauo-hing-. These
show a weak, nervous system for
which there is no remedy equal to
Kestorative Nervine. Trial bottles
and a fine book, containing many
marvelous evires. free at F. G. Fricke
& Co's., who also sell and guarantee
Dr. Miles' celebrated New Heart
Cure, the finest of heart tonics.Cures
11 uttering, short breath, etc.
'Miss Nerve and Liver Pllle-
Act on a new principle regulating
the liver, stomach and bowele through
the uerves. A new discovery. Dr. Miles'
Fills speedily cure biliousness, bad taste,
torpid liver, piles, constipation. Une
qunled for men, women, children.
.Smnllest. mildest, surest! 50 doses, 2.c.
Simnhi free at F. G. Fricke & Co's.
:dam and Eve in the Garden of Eden,
It was exhibited publicly. One day the
painter, entering the hall, saw two men
who appeared to be farmers, standing
before the picture.
"Now," said the artist to himself, "I
can hear an unprejudiced orinioii of my
Ue drew near and listened to what the
farmers were saying.
"Well, John," said one, "what do you
think of itV"
"It's pretty good," said the other, "but
there's one thing about it that strikes
rne as a little mite queer."
"What's that?''
"Why, he's got Eve with a Rhode Isl
and greening in her hand."
"Well, what of it?"
"Hum! Seeing that the first Rhode
Island greening was raised in this cen-
tur3T, I don't quite see how they could
have had them m paradise!"
"No greenings!"' exclaimed the other,
contemptuousl'; "how do 3011 suppose
they could have got along iu the Garden
of Eden without Rhode Island green
ings?" Youth's Companion.
Safe Sheep Stealing.
Among the guests at the Palace ia
Joseph Cohen, of Red Bluff, who is
credited with owning nearly or quite
half of that portion of the state l'ing
north of Ynba county. Sheep and cattle
form the greater portion of Mr. Cohen's
wealth aside from his landed interests,
and it is said that in order to acquit a
man who has been arrested for sheep or
cattle stealing it is only necessary to
prove that they were stolen from Joseph
"At one time," said United States At
torney Garter, "I was emplo3ed by Mr.
Cohen to transact a portion of his legal
business, and among other things I had
to assist in the prosecution of men for
stealing sheep. I can truthfully say that
I do not know of a single case where a
man was convicted by a jnry when it
was proved bj- the defense that the prop
erty had originally belonged to Cohen."
San Francisco Call.
II i h Kxcnae.
Clara (at the wane of the honeymoon)
Dearest, don't you love me as much as
ever? Am I not as sweet as I was?
Charles Yes; I suppose you are. But,
then, sweetness is not what it was. You
can get twenty pounds of sugar now for
one dollar. Pittsburg Bulletin.
Gt to Phillip Krause for your
lr3 goods and groceries, where you
will find the best of everything, he
also keeps fruits and vegetables in
their season. tf.
Sometimes there is spasm of the mus
cles of accommodation. In this case the
person may seem to be near sighted
while really far sighted, or greatl- near
sighted while onl- slightly so. The ocu
list alne c;"-" t.rwit such eves.
there are a number of girl friends scat
tered all about the house, putting an end
to the quiet, restful hours he feel 3 he
needs so much after the day's business.
He is certain that she cares less for his
society than that of the girls, and nat
urall3' resents it. ne thinks he married
and had his home as a place in which to
be quiet and comfortable, and makes up
his mind that he will put a stop to all
this compan3. Then he reflects that he
is selfish and a brute, and will do noth
ing of the sort.
"But such reflections never make the
average man happier. He doesn't like
to admit, even to himself, that he is
wrong, and the necessit for doing so
nettles him. And the' 'both get irritated
and petty jealousies spring up, and the'-e
are sharp words and bitter feelings, and
everj'thing goes wrong. Perhaps good
sense comes to the rescue, and they come
to a perfect understanding, but much
oftener they grow worse, until he rushes
away to the club, and she sits down to
mope and worr', perchance to c"3; or,
following his example, seeks congenial
societ', and their lives end in dissipa
tion or an open rupture.
"And all because each expects too
much of the other. Indeed, thi3 is the
keynote of almost all unhappinefia in life.
We expect too much. Our ideal is too
high, and not finding plain, practical
facts to meet it, we are disappointed
and discouraged, and become soured and
A Untter.'ly Soc-ial.
A "butterfly social" is one' of the novel
entertainments for rai-ing funds in char
itable work. The room is decorated with
butterflies of tissue paper, and in tho
center of tho ceiling a huge butterfly of
wire and thin silk or paper is sup'-nded,
some three feet from one wing tip to the
other. The legs of the insect are of
wire, painted black. Those who preside
over the affair are dressed to resemble
different varieties of butterflies, in bluo
and silver chiilon, black, brown and 3rd
low velvet, with gauzy wings and a but
terfly for a headdress. Exchange.
Steel Kails as I'it I'rojis.
In consideration of the serious inroads
which are being made on the timber of
this country by the use of wooden props
in mines, it is satisfactory b note that a
patent has been tak-'U out for a method
of making steel rails into pit props and
supports' for eollierie, mine.-, tunij'
bridges, etc. The rails are cut at their
ends and suitably fraimyl together. In
point of cost it is said that this mode of
propping compares favorablj with brick
ing and other systems. New York Com-mt--rcia
The Moiilcey am the Hon ndi-r.
A man walks round a pole, on the top
of which is a monkey. A.--.the man move
the monkey turns round on the top of the
pole so as still to keep face to face with
the man. When the man has gone round
the pole, has he. or has he not, gone
round the inonke-?
As either au-wer to this question may
be upheld with strong and logical argu
ments, the reader is left to decide the
question for himself. New York Tribune.
"It sometimes happens that two peo- 1 . r, , T ., . , , ,
pie who have passed through some of f " English North country church ux
the severest trials of existence, and have
learned wisdom from the things the'
have suffered, two such congenial spir
its may meet, and with the experiences
of years stamped on their lives and char
acters may establish a home on a basis
of mutual concession and unselfish love,
and each may spend his or her remain
ing years in the acknowledged effort to
make up to the other what life lacked
aforetime. Such homes are rare in
deed, but when they are found I am cer
tain that neither the members of the
household nor the few friends who are
permitted to share the beauties of their
inner lives will go away declaring mar
riage a failure.
"Such a home is a stronger plea for
the marriage relation than any series of
arguments that the most learned and
published a scale for contributions ex
pected for the collection plate. The
church will be content if it receives two
pence for ever five shillings of income,
or 3 per cent. A man in receipt of tliirt y
pounds sterling a week is expected to
give a sovereign.
Many people wondered win Mr. and
Mrs. Kendal are never to be seen acting
unless in each other's company. The
reason is that when the3 married the
made a vow never to be parted when
plaing a vow they have kept to this
day, with what happ3' results ever3-body
A want of quickness in the sense ex
skillful theorist can bring forward. But i s11 must be caused by anything which
such relations are rare, indeed, in early
life. It is only when the spirit has been
trained to quiet toleration of the irritat
ing trifles of life that such mutual con
cession seems possible. One sided gen
tleness is dangerous to family peace of
mind, as it is almost certain to develop
a t3Tannical aad overlfe;tring disposition
in the party. Comradship and genuine
respect are the best and safest spirit and
outlasts the fever heat of passion and the
storms and sunshine of adversity and
prosperity." New York Ledger.
shuts off the air from the olfactorv
nerves a pol3pus, for example, or facial
paralysis, which interferes with nanal
dilation and the necessary muscular ef
fort in smelling.
In Genoa the wives and daughters of
the fishermen g--t from the factor pat
terns and thread, hand spun flax or silk,
and return the same weight in lace, re
ceiving therefor such a price as pays
them wage five to ten cents a day.