Plattsmouth weekly herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1882-1892, April 23, 1891, Image 1

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Pr. A. Sllnliurjr huH the -rlulTe rlirht to u
Or. Stfln iu'h Loral I nic-nt he-lie- for tht. I'ainlfH
KTtrartltnof 'lth In tlilnrity. Office-Kork wood
TTT A iitcii A li :irlivc
relioble III?
salary -57''
W f ii sx'i moiit hiv. w ii li liicnae. to represent
tn lein own i-erti ni
House. ' I'cfei ene'. s.
Uox V,Ki, New York.
;i ri spoiisinie rvew imn
at an l'Kai "i i:iihj:, i.ocl
CASS I.Opf.K, No. t ifi. I. .. K. meets ev
ery Tuesday niutit at their hall in I'itireral.l
block. AU Odd Fellow are cordially invited
to Httetitl wlK'ii visitinK In t:i-rity.
T. K. Wit. i iash, N . (5.
J. W. liumcK, Sec.
l k-o .17. Meet-every W ednecday eveiiini-
.t tlielr li .11 ill Wei kiacll liloflv. All Vl-itlll
kniL'lits are r'(inli:i!lv invteil to attend, V. A
llai.sliall. C. (;. ; Frank Dixon, K. It. S.
Y u":iterii,:iii Pl;iin Street. Kooins
open fr.'iii s a in to H ::.() i in
Uosiel meeting every Sunday
o'eloek .
J For men uni
alternooii at
C. A R.
McConnlliie 1'oKt, No. 45. meets eyery Satur
day evenltiK at 7 :.'!0, in tlietr liall, Koekwootl
Block. All visiting comrades are invited to
uieet with tin.
;. F. Niles, l'ost Ad.
F. A. Hates, l'ot Com,
Our Clubbing List.
Globe-Democrat and IIekald. . . . .$2.25
Harper's ila'uzine " " 4. CO
Harper's Bazar ' " 4.S0
Demorest's ilagazine " 3.10
Omaha Bee " ' 2.40
1 oledo Blado " " 2.45
Lincoln Call " " 2.15
National Tribune " " 2.45
The Forum " 5.55
Inter Ocean " 2.25
Lincoln Journal " " 2 30
The Home llagazino " " 1 S5
Time Table
Nor, 3 :30 a. m
No 2
" 4...
" 8
" 10....
" 12....
' 20...
.. .5 :05 p. m
....5 :45 p. m
9 :25 a. m.
... 7 .-15 a. m,
...6 :25 p.m.
... .5 :25 p. m.
11 :05 a. m.
. .10 :30 a. m
..7 ;44 p, m
. 9 :45 a. m
.10 -.14 a. m
. . .8 :30 a. m.
Dr. K. L. Sierirctis has returned and
may be found hereatter at ins otnee
over Oentts drugstore. ti
Iirown & Barrett have the largest
and finest stock of wall paper and
borders in Plattsmouth. wti
The finest and best line of folding
beds and lounires inst received at
LTnruh's Furniture I'arlors. dtf
For lame back, side or chest, use
Shiloh's Porous Plaster. Price 1T
cents. For sale by F. G. Fricke &
Co. and O. II. Snyder. 3
Mrs. Owens has moved her dress
making esta!jlishment to the third
door west of the Hotel Kiley on
Main street. 3d
The rattan chairs and rockers.
Sixteenth century finish, now on
sale at Unruh's, are the highest
type of artistic work. It will pa'
you to call and see them and note
the elegant line of plush and leather
upholstered rockers. dtf
Rubber and baseballs from 5 to 5(j
cents at "The Fair." tf
Brown & Harrett, successors to
Wildman & Fuller, have an endless
variety of wall paper and borders
all tiew colors and designs. wtf
For Sale.
A good farm one-fourth mile ftomthe
town of Murray, on the M. P. R. 11.
Plenty of timber and water. Good
orchard. 350 bearinsr tree. Plattsmouth,
.Neb Ft-K 'th, is:)l. wtf
Have you been in to see those
bargains on the a. l' and '25 cent
counters at ' The I'air'r" tf
Baby Carria.jes,
I 'a tent sleeping coaches for babies
with removable cushions and finely
tempered springs. They are novel
ties that the public will appreciate.
For sale only by J. L l.'nnili. dtf
Call at "The Fair and see the large
aaenrtment of irlassware and
- -
All the latest styles iti spring mil
linery at Tucker Sisters. In
Sherwood's store. ;
Philip Krause
Is recognized as the leading gro
cer of the citj-. He keeps glassware,
) queensware, all kinds of groceries
and table delicacies. dtf
Or. Marshall
Has returned from Dental College
and will be found at his office in the
Fitzgerald block, where he is pre
pared to do all kinds 'of dental work.
Croup, whooping cough and
bronchitis immediately relieved by
Shiloh's Cure. 4
FOR SALE A large heavy work
team for sale. One year's time
.-. . . ii ...
given, i-or particulars can .u unr
oll ice.
For sale or rent: My house is for
sale or rent. Any one wishing a
nice house should call at once.
tf J. A. COXNOK.
Col. Olis Dovcy i seein
llis JH'i
pie in Omaha to-day.
Superintendent Cottrsey and Win.
Webber are in Omaha today.
Frank Stander, the Louisville
banker, is in the city to-day.
Miss Berla Hj-ers will take a vaca
tion in the metropolis to-day.
Dr. Voder and wife will hear the
Marine Hand at Omaha to-day.
Mrs. L. A. Newcomer was anion r
the Omaha throng this mornini;-.
Hon. W. 15. Sliryock and daughter
of Louisville are in the city to-day.
Miss May Perry and sistir
were Omaha passengers this niorii-
- Mrs. M. Ii. Murphy was ticketed
rt this
for the Marine Hand conce
morn intjf.
II. II. Vanaranam will leave to
night for New York to be absent a
month or six weeks.
Will II. Miller arrived home last
niijht after a successful month's
business tour of the state.
Mr. Pinkcrton, the suave night
operator, went to "Waverly on the
early train this morning.
Mr. Stcimker and daughter re
turned last evening from their
pleasant visit at Burlington,- Iowa
Mr. Waugh and Dr. Humphrey
went to Omaha this morning to at
tend the great military band con-
cert at the Coliseum.
Posey Messersmith ia building a
tight fence around his stavvberrj'
patch to keep the berries, he says
from wandering away and getting
James Herald and wife have
moved back to Plattsmouth after a
two years sojourn in Boston. Their
many friends will be glad to learn
that they have come to stay.
Kev. A. B. Buckner will preach at
the M. E. church to-night. This
will be his last evening here, and
those who wish to listen to an able
sermon may govern themselves ac
George Corcoran of York, the
genial editor of the only democratic
paper in that republican bailiwick,
stopped off a few minutes this
morning on his return home from
the cast.
The directors of the Livingston
Loan & Building Association will
hold an adjourned meeting in the
secretar3's office over Carruth's
store Thursday, the 23rd, at 7:30.
Money to loan. 2t
'"Cap" one of the best horses in
the county which was formerly
owned by Jones & Fitzgerald died
yesterday at L'nion. He was the
property at the time of his death
of K. W. Iiarnum & Son.
The big show to-night takes place
it Sam Atwood's barn under the
auspices or the kids. Ihe admis
sion price is one cent, or an equiva
lent in trade. The entertainment
will be of a minstrel nature.
A stray bolt of lighting shattered
l tree near Holmes barn on V me
street night before last, the report
of which was heard all over the city.
yet the boys sleeping in the barn a0
et away were not wakening and
knew nothing of it until the next
The barbers of this city have
tackled the printers for a game of
baseball and you can bet your last
dollar they can be accommodated.
The game will be a dafsy, and the
day will be fixed f;ras early a date
as is convenient for all parties. The
"shavers" aint in it, as we will prove
later .
A prominent grain merchant of
this cit- was introduced by a min
ister yesterday to his friends as a
"Mr. . a Hebrew clothing
merchant." Jixplanations hastily
followed, but there still rankles in
the bosom of the corn .king a lin
gering suspicion that somebody
was xutting up a job on him. as he
couldn't see the resemblance.
It is reported that Paul Yander
voort and Judge Dwyer are having
quite a correspondence just now
what it will result in, is difficult to
prognosticate. We would not be
surprised however if the milly
Yandervoort succeeded in getting
Dwyer into the independent party.
The Judge is painfully disgusted
over the Boyd veto of the peoples
measure, and may attempt to pun
ish the demorcatic party for not
openly disonwing and condeming
the governor. We await the Judges
action in the premises with much tre
pidatioti, and shall endeavor to
keep our readers posted as to his
It is
Fittingly Cele !jr;.t i ly
All the
Schools of the City.
lJie legislature two years ago
made the 22tid of April a legal holi
day and named it Arbor Day. that it
might be utilized by all Nebrnskaus
as a rlay to be especially devoted to
tree planting.
Our public schools have for some
years taken notice of the dar an
added very materially to the beauty
of the school grounds in the city by
the planting of trees; but this year
the exercises were more elaborate.
At the high school the pupils at
Mrs. Halsey's, Miss Wilson's am
Miss Searles' rooms were taken to
the high school room where Pro
fessor Halsey's and Mrs. McCIel-
I l;inl's classes united with them in
rendering a very pleasant program
The first number was a song euti
tied "W elcomeo Arbor Day," by
the entire school; then prayer was
offered by Kev. A. B. Buckner. An
interesting essay was then read on
"Necessity for Tree Planting," by
Myrtle Levings, which was followed
by an exceedingly pretty vocal duet
by Flora and Anna Bibby. The de
bate came next, on the subject:
"Resolved, That lilm Trees are
Preferable to Oak and Maple for
Planting in the School Yard." Rob
ert Ballon championed the aflirina
tive, while Fmiory Buckner took
care of the negative side of the pro
position; several of the scholars ex
pressed their views on the subject,
which made it of much interest
Prof. Halsey favored the schools
with a violin solo. The sophomore
class of the high school enacted
some charades on the subject of
trees, and the entire school sang a
song entitled "The Tree We are
Planting This Spring Daj" The
school then adjourned to the cam
pus, where each room planted its
own tree except the high school;
there each ot the lour grades were
allowed to plant a tree.
Mrs. Halsey's room marched out
to the grounds headed by the girls
carrying the banner with I. G. S,
(Plattsmouth Grasimar School) em
blazoned on its silken folds
llie uoys lollowed, all wearing
wreaths. The class colors, laven
der, were liberally displayed. The
scholars gathered around the fine
Kim tree that had been provided
for planting and after singing ap
proprate songs the girls dug the pit
and all the scholars in the class by
turns took a hand in filling it up.
The wreaths were deposited at the
base of the tree and the class was
dismissed for the day, it being then
about 10 o'clock. The program in
each of the other room in central
building and at the ward schools
was much the same so that a detail
of the proceedings of the other
schools would be largely" as rep
etition of what we have given above.
Many visitors were present and
derived much pleasure from wit
nessing the proceedings which were
novel and entertaining in an emi
nent degree.
To-day being a legal holiday the
banks and most of the public offices
have been closed.
An M. V. pile driver was shipped
in this morning and will be used
down at Theodore Buck's to build
an overhead crossing for him.
Mrs. IC. S. Greusel and daughter
Carrie, and Miss Rose McCaulley,
will see and hear the National Ma
rine Band to-day at the metropolis.
Frank Otto of the firm of Hatt &
Otto is the happy father of a nine
pound boy that arrived at his dom
icile last night. Everything is
probably free at the meat market
" For practical economy we refer
you to a clothing firm in this city
where three agreeable gentlemen
wait upon customers and use but
one hat between them. Two of the
clerks sleep in the store so that
when the manager is out he knows
the boj-s are in. The clerks only
get out on the street when the man
ager is in and gives up the partner
ship hat. It is a great scheme.
A Nice Entertainment
The regular meeting of the Young
Woman's Foreign Missionery Soci
will be held at the home of Miss
Margaret Davis Friday evening,
April 21. at 4;la p. m., Tea served
from 5:30 to 7 o'clock, after which a
literary program on the mission -work
in Mexico and Central Ameri
ca will be given. All are cordially
invited to attend. d2t
Late Arrival.
April 22, 1S91.
Just received a fresh cargo of St.
Louis Bock Beer, which will be un
loading at McVey's all day (Thurs
day) to-morrow.
May 3 to be Celebrted by the Fire Boys
in This City.
The Fire Department met in the
council chamber last night with
President Skinner in the chair and
Secretary C. A. Miller at the desk.
A good large crowd was present
and much interest was manifested
in making the forth coming anni
versary of the completion of the
water works a success.
It was May a, 1SS7, that the city
held its first Celebration in honor
of the new water plant that had
been completed a few days before.
It was a great clay for Plattsmouth,
and from that date can be chroni
cled a new era in the progressive
history of this busy city.
It was the first great work in the
line of public" improvements to In
completed, and nt) one regrets to
day that our plant (which is the
best in the state outside of Omaha)
was finished and the aqua ptira
turned into the ten miles of maines
that honeycomb the city in all di
rections. '
The fire companies at their meet
ing last night after a full discus
sion of the matter agreed upon the
following program:
Firemens' parade headed by the
B. & M. band at 1 p. m. and march
to grounds (Fitzgerald's Forty hav
ing been selected). After that there
will be a bag- ball gaie of five in
nings. .Also .ai egg race; wiieei
barrow race, foot race and sack
race lor casii prizes. commute
on general arrangements was ap
pointed by the president, consist
ing of Messrs. Walter Thomas, D. M.
Jones, Geo. Poisall, C. A. Miller,
I'rank Morgan, Wm. Smitmau,
Grassman, Buttery, Newell and
The committee on general ar
rangements will meet Ihursday
evening at the council chamber to
appoint sub-committees and make
further arrangements in detail for
the celebration.
In the evening a grand ball will
be given at Rockwood Hall, where
sociability will reign supreme and
a genuine good time will be had.
We were not able to make our
appearance last week on account of
family matters but once more we
are pleased to be with you again; as
man is only sureof being married but
oncem his lite, we therefore tooK
vacation but we oromise more
news in the tuture.
Our little city is booming new
sidewalks are an improvement to
our town, extending from north
Main street to the railroad. It we
had made this improvement a
month ago we would have been bet
ter off; but we are thankful for that
Our new editor has made his ap
pearance among us and will soon
e ready start our new paper, "The
Murray Enterprise." We are glad
to welcome him as one of our
number and may this movement be
for the upbuilding of our vicinity.
Wm Ldughridge is building an
mprovement in the form of a front
portico to his resilience.
Mr. and Mrs. Robt Rot returned
from their Iowa trip last Thursday
They will commene housekepping
at once.
Our new paper has taken up its
abode in the school house for the
present but a new "sanctum" will
be in progress in the near future.
Jas Walker is contemplating re
modeling oter his house and make
some improvement this spring.
Mrs. Martha Faught, from Phillip
Nebraska is visiting her parents,
Mr. James Root's family the'past
A good many of our people have
made garden and begun spring
work in earnest.
Rev. E. Ii. Graham of Omaha, will
preach here the coming Sabbath.
II. G. Todd has been making some
improvements on his yard. He
planted over one thousaand ever
green trees and they look beautiful
In a few years they will make quite
a grove.
Elmer McConahey has left for the
Western Normal College at Shenan
doah, Iowa, to attend school this
coming 3-ear.
Mr. B. Berger has moved his fam
ily into his new house.
WAXTEl Three or four girls to
learn the dressmaking trade at Mrs.
Owens, third doors west of the Ho
tel Riley. 3t
We are showing a beautiful line
and the latesfi io el t ics in rogue at
prices from 2.50 to 10.00.
Full Line of
32 inch Zephcr Gighams.
Breton Zj'pher Gighams
A F" C Gigham.
Domestic Giulianis.
Henrietta Sateens.
Egyptian Printed Cotton
Silk Striped Madras Cheviots
Fancy printed Chambrays.
Beautiful line of Solid
Striped, Brocaded and Polka
rapid sellers.
One Door East of the
The Insurance Agency conducted by myself, for the last 20 years
The last live years under the firm name of H. E. Palmer A; Son. has been
sold to Mr. Thos. Pollock, whose character and reputation in this com
mtuiitvarea sufficient guarantee that your interests will continue to be
honestly and faithfully cared for. Mr. Pollock will devote his time and at
tention to the business and with such stalwart companies as the Home- of
New York, Insurance Company of North America, Springfie ld K Jt M. of
Massachusetts, Fire Association of Philadelphia, Liverpool, London and
Globe, North Brittish, Mercantile and others in the agency, will be able
to attend to all business entrusted to him to your entire saticfactioti.
I shall continue to watch with interest the destinies of the agency and
will take pleasure in doing what I can to promote its growth and pros
perity. TO -"2- OLD CTJSTOMEnS
Those with whom I have done business for so many years. I wish to re
turn my sincere thanks. We have paid back to you more; than irO,0f0 in
demnity for losses incurred with 110 contests, no higgiing, no law suits
in twenty years business. 1 uespeaiv
rouage. Very truly yours,
Office next door north of County Treasure rs office.
PLATTSMOUTH - 1ST L 13 IR. A 3 231 A.
Bavin"" purchased Capt Palmers Insurance Agency and opened a Rc-al
Estate'aiid Insurance Office as above I am prepared to give prompt, and
careful attention to all business in either department entrusted to tne;.
Sneeial attention will be given Uj abstract ancj .oiaty woik. t
First iTatiena.1
Paid up capital
, $.Vi.o'n,rri
U3ers the very hes-t facilities for the pro.rnp
transaction of Ultimate
Uaiiking' Business
Stocks, bonds, gold, government and local ee
juritie;1 houtrht mid sold. Deposits received
nd interest allowed on the certificate?
Drafts drawn, available in any part of the
United States and all the priueipal towns of
TED. Highest marker price paid for County War
rants, State ana County bonds.
John Fitzsrrald D. IIawkwortb.
Sam Waugh. K.E.White
Ueorge E. Dovey
John Fitzgerald. S. Waugh.
Preeident Cattiter,
I am now prepared to deliver ice
to 3113- part of the citv. Telephone 72.
tf II.'C. McMakex.
Ayents Wanted.
Apply at the Singer agency at
Henry Bci eck's. dtf
Will' you suffer with Dyspepsia
and Liver Complaint'' Shiloh's Yit-
alizer is guaranteed to cure 3-011. 2.
For RKXT: House with six rooms.
Good location. Enquife at HERALD
office. 3t
local on fourth
We carry a e. n 1 1 .1.1 . lim-
don's I 'a st I )y .
i.-i.-ry for ladic
ar ( ilia ran teed
and childrc-'ns v.
absolutelv s ( ; 1 i 1 1 1 1
A good ladies ribbed ve.-t at 10c;
Fast black ribbed vests at 3."ie
Black lisle- Thread vests at 15c;
Silk Mixed vests at 7.5c
Full Line of Childreus
Our line of black a 11c I white Flo 11 11
cings exceed anything- ever before?
shown by us at prices as low as last
Black Ilenrietti Sateens in
Dott ellecte, entirely new and
First National Bank
101 my siun-.-nwi wm . wnimm j.n-
. 1 ; t x a . -.c 1 r t r s f 4 r
Bank of C a s s Co tin t v
Cor Main and Fifth strt-f-t.
f :iii u cai.ital.
3 irlur
-rJ f SI
o. II. P.i.nie!e President
Kreti ;rder Vice l'r Ml-)r.t
J. AI. Patterson a-heir
C M. Patterson, A-st Car bier
(J. II. Parrr.ele, J. M. Patterson, Fred Corder,
A, B. smith, K. li. Windham, li. S. Uai:e-ey aiid
I'. M. Patterson
Accounts solicited. Interest allowed on time
leposit" and prompt attentiongiven to all bus
iness entrusted to its care.
Drives the the Ilea fee is not in it
And for that matter, neither is the
Singer Sewing Machine Company.
Over 9,0'lO,OiX Singers have been
sold in the United States which
means that we have over O.OOO.Ono wit
nesses to the fact that - the SINGER
is the best machine made. All the
newest improvements have been
added which truly make the Singer
The (Jueen of all her Realm.
Machines sold on the most favora
ble terms by the department mana
ger. MR. D. P. CROXIX,
at his headquarter,. in Henry licecks
Furniture store or by Mr. Atherton,
local agent.