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From Monday Daily
Mrs. ToliiiHun of Valparaiso ia the
j gueHt of her nitcr, Mrs. A. J. Graves,
j The telegraph announces fifteen
indies of miow at Uroken How yea
( terday.
V County ComniiKFioncr.s Trietnch
y and Lodcr came- in this morning on
the Schuyler.
Mr. Will Morloy in enjoying the
company of a lran new girl that ar
rived at bin bonne last night.
Mrs. Catharine Hunt, a Hister of
J. F. Huck, died at her home in
Weeping Water Friday morning.
The Mormon apo.slle lidnot show
up on time at Union for the discus
sionfwith the Baptist divine.
John and I-'erdinand Hemiing,
two of Eight Mile Groves' s prosper
' ouh farmers, are in the city today.
Hon. F. F. While ret urnel to Kin
coin this morning. He hopes to
wind up his legislative career this
Kev. Thickner went to Henderson,
Iowa, this morning on account of
the illness of his sister at that
Joe Uridine says it is not a culvert
.but a little bridge at his house and
that the youngster has a voice on
him like the old man.
Miss Clara Paul went to Florida a
few dayH ago for her health and the
news comes hack that she had the
misfortune to pet robbed of her
pocket-book, containing her money
Mr. Fred Patterson of Rock Bluffs
walked into the city today. He says
he has lived in Nebraska 35 years,
and in all that time he never saw
Buch roads as we have attheprcBent
The last issue of the Irish World
contains a very interesting poem by
Mary Louise Gilmore of New York
City, a niece of Mrs. O'Rourke of
this city and an esteemed acquaint
ance of many of our people.
The cemetery was full of cattle
and the gates were wide open today
Nothing could be more ruinous
than a herd of cattle on a lawn of
any kind at this time. The sexton
should see to it that all the gates
are closed and locked.
The robins may not count for any
thing, but the blue birds are relia
ble harbingers of spring and we
want right here to inform an anxious
public that the blue birds have ar
, rived in this latitude by the
w ousand.
. - fir. Phelps, with Reynolds Bros.,
, the M. P. contractors, went to Union
Saturday to look at the new track
laying machine which had been re
cently shipped in there to be used
on the new Plattsmouth line. The
work will be quickly finished after
the ground settles so as to begin.
A Pennsylvania man advertised
that he was poor, knee-sprung,
homely, cross-eyed and ill-natured,
but wanted a wife, and in response
received fifty-four letters from wo
men who said they'd take him. No
man, no matter what sort of a house
has fallen upon him, need be dis
couraged in facing the matrimonial
Yesterday was Mrs. J. C. Petersen's
birthday anniversary. About a
dozen couples of her neighbors and
ffieds called in unannounced in the
evening and enjoyed themselves
heartily. Refreshments were served
by the happy hostess and an elegant
rocker was presented her by the
guests as a testimonial of friendship
and good will.
Henry "Wolfe Sr., Wm. Chalfant
and Will DarroughwenttoNehawka
Yesterday evening and promised us
they would make an effort to bring
the notorious cannon down to U nion.
Union Ledger. Wrhat do you
want with a cannon? That old how.
itaer at Nehawka was condemned by
the government as being danger
ous to use twenty years ago. It is
liable to blow up, you had better
leave it where it is, under a manure
pile at Sheldon's stable; it is safer
County Clerk Bird Critchfield has
had a portable booth made for elec
tion. It consists of four stalls or
booths; each stall is separated by
heavy canvass, and it can be taken
apart, folded up and put away so
that it will do for a number of years
to come. After Cal Parmele and a
i.umber of others had got through
inspecting it Mr. Parmele offered to
bet a big red apple that this city
would go for the alliance the next
election, but none of the boys were
willing to take him up.
The Princes of the Orient had
KiiahAla rf fun Kridav nifht. C. W.
J l i. - J I 1
Sherman was bantered by an old
member that he would join if Sher
man would. After they got up to
the lodge room, as a wise precautionf
Sherman a hat was taken insiae me
hall, otherwise he would have flown.
when the "music begun," as his
knees smote together and he beg
ged for mercy. But his partner
atiifrf with him and to-day the
Journal man i? a full-fledged Prince
of the Orient. Some of the members
were still laughing about it this
morning, so 'that his honor nm.-t
have been an unusually good vic
DIED Mr. John Farthing, this morn
ing at 3.:), at the residence of his
Hon, J. L. Farthing, in South Park,
of consumption.
The deceased was born (13 years
ago at Lynchburgh, Virginia, and
for the last 21 years has been a resi
dent of this county. The children
left to mourn the loss of a kind
father are J. L. and George and Mrs.
Anna Ludwig, their mother having
preceded their father to the un
known world several years ago.
The interment will take place at
Rock Bluffs tomorrow, and owing
to the condition of the roads the
funeral cortege will start from the
house of J. L. Farthing at S o'clock
in the morning.
The School Board,
The outlook for the election of the
republican school board ticket is
c rtainly very good. A.J.Graves
is the first nominee from the Fiftli
ward, which needs and deserves
representation. Mr. Graves is an
old school teacher and owns one
among the neatest residences in the
Fifth ward. Mr. Graves has chil
dren of his own to send to school
and takes an active interest in
school affairs. L. D. Bennett, the
nominee from the Second ward is
an exemplary business man and
has always taken a live interest in
our public schools. He has proven
his value as a working member be
fore and it goes without saying that
he will be elected again. The best
interest of the schools demand the
election of these gentlemen; see that
you vote for them one week from to
morrow. The Grand Army Hall.
The proposition of J. W. Johnson
i r a
to sell the Grand Army post iony
six feet and ten inches off of the
the north side of his Sixth street
business lot, together with half of
his wall, for $1,000 has been formally
accepted and an elegant, commo
dious hall will be the result. ine
HERALD congratulates the Grand
Army boys on their excellent loca
tion and their good business juag-
ment. This will also mean two
more new store rooms to be built
this spring, from which they will
receive a handsome and steady in
Charley McEntire was again out
of luck Saturday. He went over to
Sarov county to obtain a wedding
permit, and again did Tom Urwin,
the to-be-bride's father, stop the pro
ceedings by telegraphing the county
judge that his daughter was under
aee and that the parental consent
made necessary in such cases would
not be given. If McEntire is made
out of good metal and the girl is in
earnest about the matter it win
take more than a telegram to keep
this proposed marriage staved off
Love laughs at locksmiths, and us
ually has its own sweet way.
A Paralytic Strok.
Grandpa Bignall received a severe
paralytic stroke Friday night, and
at one time was thought to be in a
critical condition, but he is much
better now and strong hopes are
had for his entire and early recovery.
His son George, from Cheyenne, nas
been here nursing and caring for
him since Saturday evening. The
HERALD hopes the old gentleman
mav fullv recover his lost faculties
and live to enjoy life for many years
yet to come.
A Real Surprise.
Saturday evening about fifty of
our most prominent citizens con
ceived the idea of giving Mr. and
Mrs. B. Spurlock a sort of farewell
call as a testimonial of the high es
teem in which they were held in this
citv. It will be remembered that
Mr. and Mrs. Spurlock are going to
move to York in a few days, where
Mr. S. takes charge of the Mothers's
Jewels Home. The party was all
made upSaturdayeveningandfinal
ly they all swooped down on their
unsuspecting guests, only to find
that the Spurlocks were not in the
city. After waiting an hour and no
tidings of the host and hostess who
were to be surprised, the really sur
prised people the guests repaired
to their homes. Tonight, however,
they will call again, but with no in
tention of surprising anyone; and
as Mr. S- and wife came home yes
terday the greeting will not be a
Last Thursday Mr. Jo3. E. Upton
and Miss Lora Bridenstine were
united in marriage by Rev. Green
at Nebraska City. Both parties are
well known in this county, as it has
been their homes from childhood.
After the ceremony they returned to
this city, where they were met by a
number of relatives and friends who
were waiting to congratulate them.
Union Ledger.
The State vs Wm. Kniss was billed
for Saturday in the county court.
The plaintiffs were paid what was
their due and the case was dis
missed. Since the commissioners have pur
cliaseci tne uiree iois on me neci
4i it ii
back of the courthouse, the alley
, . ii
will be vacated and the building
will set in the center of the block.
MiM Hadjrn, of Botton, the Architect.
From Tucidayn Daily
Chicago, March as.
The women's building at the
World's Fair will be built , from de
signs prepared by Miss Sophia G.
Hayden of Boston. A prize compe
tition for designs whs invited, and
Miss Hayden carried off the first
prize of $1,000, over twelve others
who entered the contest. Miss Ix)is
L. Howe of Boston was awarded the
Becond prize of $500, and Miss Laura
Haves of Chicago the third of $J50.
Mrs. Potter 1 "aimer, president of the
Board of Lady Managers, made the
awards, after the dilferent designs
had been carefully examined and
discussed by Chief of Construction
Bnrnham, and other members of the
Board of Architects.
Miss Hay den's designs provide
for a building 2X) by 400 feet in di
mensions, of Italian rennaisance
style, with colouades broken by cen
ter and end pavillions. It will be
constructed of iron and glass, and
shows but little ornamentation ex
cept at the main entrance. It will
stand on one of the most conspicu
ous sites in Jackson Park, being op
posite the eastern end of Midway
Plaisance, and close to the main
lagoon. The building will cost
$200,000. By reason of the use to
which it will be put, the women's
building will be one of the moat
notable structures at the exposition.
As soon as Miss Hayden's design
was selected, Chief of Construction
Burnham telegraphed to her to
come to Chicago at once, and elab
orate it so that specifications can be
prepared for the erection of the
building. She will receive her ex
penses and be paid for her work
while in Chicago. Miss Hayden
graduated with honors from a four
years' course at the Massachusetts
Institute of Technology, and has
since done some excellent work in
the employ of Boston architects.
Better Take SiWer.
A Washington telegram says:
Secret service officers declare that
the $2 silver certificate counterfeit
is a most dangerous one. The vig
nette of Hancock is as fane as tne
original and the lettering and lathe
work is an exact copy of the treasu
ry note. In fact the only difference
is too minute to be visible to the
naked eye. In the upper leu nana
and lower right hand corners of the
genuine note is the figure "2," and
on its face is engraved in characters
so minute that they are not intelli
gible except under a magnifying
glass the word "two," repeated twice.
In the counterfeit the word "two" is
similarly engraved the same num
ber of times, but in the two cases
the counterfeiter has made the let
ters read "out."
The discovery of the counterfeit
is not a new thing. Attention was
called to it some time ago, but the
unknown counterfeiters watch the
secret service bulletins closely.
When the discrepancy was discov
ered in the note bearing the check
letter "A" and the signature of "C
N. Tordan." the counterfeiters
changed the check-letter to "B" and
the name to that of Treasurer Hy
The entire circulation of the gen
uine note may have to be called in.
"There is a strong rumor afloat
va tVi Cam rnnntv seat removal
fio-ht will noon be racing'. Let'er
roll. Louisville Courier Journal
Don't do it, George, you might be
overwhelmed. The Weeping Water
Wprttbliran savs vou have 730
names now more than necessary, so
you will not need any fight at ail-
simply file the petition.
County Court.
Citizens Bank of Plattsmouth vs.
Amos Worl et al. Suit on note
Hearing April 10, 10 a. m.
Letters of special administration
issued to Frank Carruth, aamini
strator of John G.Roberts .deceased.
Byron Clark is the attorney that
makes the application on behalf of
Mr. Tavlor of Albia.
Petition of Amanda A. Reynolds,
widow of V. B. Reynolds, deceased,
for allowance pending settlement oi
estate. Five hundred dollars al
lowed. Petition of Mary Kerns for allow
ance of support of Joseph S. Kerns,
minor, filed.
Th. unnwKtnrm which broke over
the western part of the state yester
dav caused some embarrassment to
i-uilrnad traffic. About a foot of
snow fell in the west and northwest
and tied up the Klkhorn and B. &M.
lines in the Black Hills. On the
Union Pacific between Grand Island
and Cheyenne there was some de
lav on account of the storm, but all
the roads were open this morning
and no further trouble anticipated;
especially under the effect of the
warm June sun which shines so fer
vently to-day
Ro.b Brown's Sunday hat blew off
this morning and rolled and tum
bled through the soft mud on Main
street until it looked like a last sum
mcr's overshoe. Robert Uidn t saj
' anvthiiv about flowers and sun-
an tiling auoui
'shine in fact he duln t look like that
j 81 "-, m i 1
I was what he was thinking of.
Crof Kikenbary is moving out to J
the poor farm to-day.
II. N. Dovey, we are glad to note,
is able to be out again.
Sol Osborn is said to be quite sick
with the preva.'nt malady.
R. B. Windham was out today for
the first time in two wtrkrf.
H. I). Travis came up last evening
and is attending tojlegal matters
here to-day.
Mr. George Sheafor returned'f rom
Topeka last night leaving his father
much better.
W. W. Scott has removed to Lin
coln, where he will take a position
with the B. A. M. folks.
Mrs. Plumbdeparted this morning
for Omaha on her way to St. Paul,
where she expects to hereafter re
side. During the troublous times when
all else is down it is refreshing to
see the Faster hat on top with Hying
Louisville is determined to have a
creamery and cheese factory. We
hope they will succeed in the un
dertaking. Lawrence Stull has purchased 80
acres of land from Charles Vande
venter, near Oreapolis, payingthere
for the neat sum of $3,200.
Mr. Frank Boyd and John Corey
were up at Louisville last night
helping the boys to conduct a no
vice through the mysteries of odd
The man who yelled fire this
morning over in the third ward was
mistakened; it was the sun coming
up over tne mn, anu ne nau nm
. -m t 1 . t A
seen it for so lonir he forgot how
the majestic orb of day looked.
Thomas E. Williams has rented
his farm at Glendale, and will farm
the Grassman place near this city
for the coming season. Tom used
to be a first class farmer but he
don't look as though he could stand
up to as much hard work as for
Fred Patterson brought in the
mail from Rock Bluffs yesterday
afnnt Tt in the first exchange of
mails the Rock Bluffs office has
had since last Thursday. If the
contractor or mail carrier had not
been born tired he could have taken
the mail every day by going on
A Chicago telegram says there
were 150 funerals to sadden the joy
of beautiful Easter day in that city
Sunday. So numerous were the fu
nerals that a person standing on a
street corner in down-town localities
could count three or four passing
in various directions at the same
E. A. Kirkpatrick, of Avoca, while
out hunting last Friday acciaen
tally dischargad his shot gun, the
load taking effect in the wrist of his
left hand, which it was thought
wmilrl make amoutation of the
forearm necessary. A very unfor
t indeed, but we
trust not as bad as reported.
Local politics in the numerous
villages of the county is decidedly
warm this week. At Weeping Water
they have four complete tickets in
the field from mayor down. Elm
wood has a prohibition fight on
while Louisville claims that the
kickers up there failed to nominate
a ticket in time under the new law,
so that kicking and lots of it is the
rule up there.
Sam Ballance received the con
tract yesterday for doing the plas
tering on the new court house. A
bond was given and the contract
signed up in due form. Mr. Ballance
is one of our best workmen and we
are glad to learn of his success.
Other contracts for different parts
of the building, we learn, will be
awarded to some of our artisans in
a few days.
The stock-holders of the Platts
mouth Canning Company met last
evening at the office of the county
judge to reorganise and arrange
their affairs so that the factory
could be operated this year. A
good feeling was manifested and on
motion a committee was appointed
to look after matters and report at a
meeting of the stock-holders Thurs
day evening of this week at the
county judges office.
Quite a crowd of the friends and
neighbors of Mr. and Mrs. Spurlock
made them a pleasant visit last
night at their home on Pearl street
They were at home and entertained
their guests in a most acceptable
manner. Mr. and Mrs. Spurlock
will leave for York this week and
The Hetrald voices the sentiment
of the entire commuuity in saying
that their presence here will be
greatly missed and their departure
deeply regretted.
G. X. R. Anniversary.
There will be a meeting of Mc
Conihie Post on Mondaj- evening,
April 6th, at Rockwood Hall, to cel
ebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary
of the organization of the Grand
Army of the Republic. The clergy
the press, the schools and the gen
eral public are cordially invited.
Remember no charge for admission.
Cametinor and Curtains
!Have open for the in
spection of the public
he newest patterns in
Bodyi Brussels, Velvets
Tapistries, all wool anc
Union three-plys, Two
ply all wool and a good
line of the cheaper
Also a nice selection of the lat
est things in Lace
Matting, Stair Carpetings. curtain
poles, stair buttons, oil-e!oths, Lin
olemns, etc.
Storm of Reduction-
& C. Mayer Continue to Wear the
gARGAINS in Mens,
clothing, are melting
the Summers sun. Our great Reduction pric
es are catching the eye
At such
prices as have
fore in the city
Before looking us over,
your pocket.
S. & C.
the mssiaii
Curtains, China
Storm of Patronage,
Boys and Childrens'
away like ice Before
of the careful buyer
never been offered
of Plattsmouth,
It means money in
bill I mtfth.