Plattsmouth weekly herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1882-1892, April 02, 1891, Page 2, Image 2

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The Flattsmouth Herald
KNOTTS BROS, Publishers
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rranlag; except Huuday.
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mt second claw rte.
Office eorner Vina xnd Fifth atrta.
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Use copy per wi-elc. by carrier 15
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Kngland haa one advantage over
-America in a controversy with a
foreign power. No matter how bit--Cer
her political warefore may be,
.mo party ever fights the government
by championing the cause of the
nation with which the government
is in dispute. To-day, though par
tisanship runs high neither Mr.
Gladstone or any liberal editor or
speaker has a word to offer against
Ihe claims of Lord Salisbury in the
Meal fishery negotiations. They are
all actively or passively for their
own government in a case of this
In this country it is quite differ
ent. Almost all the democratic pa
pers have taken up the cudgels in
.favor of Salisbury against IJlaine
because the poor houIs hate lilaine
more than they love their country.
-It does not matter that Nr. Blaine is
merely fighting out the battle com
anenced by the democratic adminis
tration under Cleveland and Iiay
ard, on the lines in which he found
liis predecessor engaged. It is
enough that the small spite against
Blaine can be gratified by fighting
the battle of Kngland against him
to incite all the dogs, Tray, Blanche
and Sweetheart to bay at his heels.
The New York Times, Herald, Post
and World join in the fray, not so
much because of their leanings to
. ward democracy perhaps as because
they as the mouthpieces of the for
eign importers are always against
their own country.
The Knglish politicians take these
utterances as an acknowledgment
that the claims of Salisbury are
just and equitable and are support
toy a very large proportion of the
.American people, and the hands of
the minister are of course much
strengthened by the illusion. It is
in illusion so far as these newspa
pers represent the American people,
Trho will not hesitate a moment
when the exigency comes to stand
toy their own government. They
will pay no more attention to the
carpings of these anti-Blaine sheets
-than they would to the brayings of
n ass, and Secretary Blaine and
the president know enough to know
that fact. Hence they pay no sort
of attention to the yelping in the
rear. Lincoln State Journal.
Mr. Will Clarke, formerly of
.Bolton, Knglaud, but now era-
Tloyed in a cotton mill at Bengalore,
ndia, has written a letter home,
giving some interesting particulars
About labor in the mills at that
place, some of which are reproduc
ed in the Manchester Textile Mer
cury, lie says: "I have not seeu a
white face since October; all here
are black as night and almost naked.
We work from light to dark. Sun
days, too (no factory act here), and
we only stop the engine a half hour
for dinner. Our hands only get on
an average of six annas per day,
which is eqmtl to five pence."' Great
Britain will not permit India to levy
an import dut3' upon cotton goods
manufactured in Britain, and until
recently Britain supjIied about all
the cotton goods consumed in India.
But now India is .manufacturing
her own cotton goods with labor
costing but ten cents per day, and
the British laborers who formerly
found employment at makingcotton
goods for the Indian market are in
idleness, forming a large contingent
of that submerged tenth of Britain's
Mpulation so graphically described
by General Booth in his Darkest
Kngland. Canadian Manufacturer,
'February 'J
And the tisloviS, unpatriotic
democratic party wants American
labor reduced to the raine plane by
competition with these starvelings
of India. Shame on a man who will
talk free-trade if he is a citizen of
tins country and understands the
issue! Ten cents per day witli
bread and water, the living of the
Bengalesr laborer, is just t'n cents
per day more than urh ,ui Ameri
can df serves.
S11NATOK SwiTZLKK, of Douglas
county, speaking beforr the demo
cratic editorial association in Lin
coln the other day. said he was born
n printer and fed on printers' ink.
If that is make. him t;ilk o
much, we shaJ! oppose printers' ink
hereafter, either in a regular diet or
its a dessert. Switzler if too windy
for a businrs meeting of any kind,
aud iu tli e. legislature, he become a
Wil' v.'hs this vVnalor Tj ylor that
absconded? A lifelong democrat,
graduated from the Confederate
army. His accepnioiis to the al
lianc raii'is were too recent; he had
not become familiarwith their prin
ciples and had to fall back on his
southern democratic training, which
led him into 1 rouble.
It in variously estimated that the
bounty to be paid by the govern
ment to the home raisers of sugar
of Iv.o cents per pound will amount
to from nix to nine millions annually.
That will protect our own producers
and leave a balance in the hands of
the people of fully ?rf),(AJ,(KX). The
IMcKinley bill iH operating, watch
the machine move. When the su
gar wheel comes around next month
it will drop lo to 2 cents into the
pockets of the people for every
pound of sugar they buy. Yes, that
was the best bill ever pawned by the
American congress. Indianola
(Iowa) Herald.
The World-IIerald, which is the
Official organ of Mayor Gushing of
Omaha, needs a little discipline just
now. On the editorial page it calls
attention to the fact that Mayor
Cushiug signed a petition asking
Boyd to veto the rate bill, while in
another article on the same page it
says, '"Scratch an opponent of the
Newberry rate bill and you will
tickle a railroad dependent." Thus
the mouth piece of Mayor Gushing
s tys he is a railroad dependent.
Still we do not believe it; we have
known Mr. Gushing too long to be
lieve that he is a dependent on any
corporation, but acts as his judg
ment dictates.
Tilt; paving of Washington avenue
and Kim street to the M. P. depot is
one of the innrovemenls that we
must have this summer. The ques
tion as to the proper material ought
to be arrived at without any diffi
culty. At Louisville in this county,
which is practically at our doors, is
manufactured one of the best pav
ing brick to be found in the coun
try. It can be furnished cheaply
and the experience of Galesburg
and Peoria goes to show conclus
ively that a street paved with good
vitrified brick is not 011I3- a smooth,
neat appearing thoroughfare, but it
is the most economical pavement
known in this latitude. It lasts as
well as stone and only costs half as
Col. Hitchcock of the World
Herald has been very positive all
along that Boj-d would sign the
maximum rate bill. From the tenor
of yesterday's paper, however, we
would suppose the Omaha straddler
had got a tip to the effect that the
governor would veto the measure
unless his spinal column was stif
fened up a little on behalf of the al
liance. Here is what Hitchcock
"Time is too short to pass a peti
tion around. Act quickly. Fill out
blank with your name and address
and mail it or bring it to the World
Herald office. Remember that
much depends on what the people
do in this matter. We want names,
names, names. Hurry, hurry,
The W.-H. has evidently got
frightened at the attitude of its own
governor and seeks to dislodge him
from his present attitude.
The democrats are still howling
about the disappearance of the sur
plus. Yea, verily, it is gone. With
in the first half of Mr. Harrison's ad
ministration the government pur
chased within a few dollars as many
bonds with the surplus as were
bought in during the entire four
years of Cleveland, and the national
debt has been decreased two-thirds
as much as it was under Cleveland.
It is a groat showing to make with
the money, that it was the habit of
Mr. Cleveland to loan out to his
favored national banks, without in
terest, while the country was paying
interest on a couple of hundred
millions of bonds that might have
been purchased and retired with
the said "surplus." This admini
stration, does not nurse the "surr
plus" so as to make a bugbear of it
like its predecessor. Having money
at command it uses it to pa3' the
country's debts and pension off the
helpless old soldiers. The national
banks that used to have the free use
of the money are the only losers so
far as any business man can see.
Instead of paying 4 per cent, inte
rest on millions of indebtedness
with millions 13'ing idle in the na
tional treasury, the government has
allowed a premium and taken up
its unmatured obligations, thus
saving immense sums of money to
the people of this country. Kx.
During the last three days one of j
the heaviest snow storms in years j
ban fallen over Nebraska and Iowa j
and a heavy rain in Kansas. The ;
a' v 1 . 1 1 . ; 1 1 I
no.ti ueing out 01 me gTunnu a win
fill the ground with moisture, so
that in every section they have the
brightest prospects for years for a
jrood crop.
Ax exchange remarks that if we
m 1st pay Italy damages for the
lynching of the Mafia assassins, then
lei her pay us for the killing of
Chief of Police Ilennessy, whose life
was worth many times more than
the lives of his murderers.
The anxiety of the democrats to
see the new tarilT law knocked out
by the supreme court is suspicious.
If it is a measure that is bound to be
obnoxious to the people, the bour
bons ought to wish that it may re
main iu force longenough to enable
them to win another congressional
election and the presidetC3- on the
issue of its repeal. But they want
to be rid of it right away. There is
danger that it will become popular
when the people learn the full
meaning of its many provisions. Kx
The Chiltern Hundreds constitute
a tract of crown land in Bucking
hamshire and Oxfordshire, to which
is attached the nominal office of
steward. As members of parlia
ment can not resign, when they
wish to go out of office, they accept
this stewardship, which legally
renders their seat vacant. That is
what is meant by the telegrams
which speak of Parnell and Healy
accepting this stewardship and then
going before the people again as a
test of their followings.
With four j-cars of democratic
rule under Grover Cleveland, with a
democratic majoritj- of nearly KX) in
congress, a measure taking the
tariff off of sugar was instantly
killed. The famous Mills bill, which
struck at every northern iiitlustrj-,
allowed the tariif to remain on
sugar another proof that the dem
ocratic party is sectional and unpa
triotic. We have been buying" the
bulk of our sugar abroad, even un
der a high tariff; hence the placing
of it on the free list will save $50,000,
Ov)J to the people of this country.
Among the records found in the
tower of London not long ago was
that of the man who was hanged
under Kdward I, for being caught
burning coal. Coal was considered
a noxious poisonous mineral in
those early times and laws were en
acted making it a penal offense to
burn it within the corporate limits
of a city to the great injury of the
public health. Hanging was about
the 011I3- penalty that our frugal an
cestors could afford. It only cost a
rope and the services of a sheriff,
and sheriff's worked cheap in the
good old times. Lincoln Call.
The republican treachery in Oma
ha, headed and managed by Kdward
Rosewater, which defeated L. D.
Richards for governor, will soon be
rewarded by the passage of a bill
making presidential electors, elect
ed by congressional districts instead
of by the state at large as has been
the custom ever since Nebraska was
made a state. This new method
will insure two democratic votes
for president even if the state should
go republican by 50,000 majority.
In this way is the pretended repub
licans of Omaha paid back for their
Boyd zeal last fall. The bill has al
ready passed the house and will
surely pass the senate if they do
not adjourn too soon. A nice con
dition of things, indeed, whereby
the republican state of Nebraska
will help to elect a democratic
If a citizen of Great Britain or
Germany should happen to be
stopping in one of our territories
when it was admitted as a state, he
would lose his cherished citizen
ship and at once become a citizen
of the American republic. There
would be no forswearing of allegi
ance to the British or German crown,
no oath to support the constitution
of the United States. ' The above is
a sample of the rot which Boyd's
attorneys have been inflicting on
the supreme court of this great
commonwealth. Rot is too mild a
name for such trash. It must be a
fat fee that will make an able law-.3-er
forget the honors and emolu
ments of American citizenship so
far that he would make such silly
representations as the above to the
highest court of the state. Cowan
thinks citizenship is a mere bauble,
a plaything to be taken up or cast
away according to the whim or
caprice of the individual. Away
with such ideas; no man with a
spark of patriotism or love for our
institutions but spurns such doc
trines. And we predict that Mr.
Boyd will either prove that bis
father took out his second papers
more than two years ago or else he j
will step out from the high oftic- !
which he has no right to hold. '
THE most sensible and compre
hensive article on bacteria appeared
a few days ago in Harper's Maga-
zine by T. Mitchell Prudden. M. I . ;
from which we extract the following:
'"Our s3-stematic knowledge of the '
bacteria is still so meager, so many ;
species and doubtless so manyfani -
iliee of them have never yet come
into the rangetjf the human vision
and our glimpses of their life pow
ers have been so fragmentary that
as 3ret we can only try to bring a
little teitiporary order out of the
to their shapes.
We find, when we muster all the
forms which have as yet been seen,
that they all fall into one ot three
classes: spheroidal, rodlike, or
Further subdivisions of these
classes have been made, and generic
and specific names attached to mari3'
hundreds of forms; but over these
details we need not linger now.
How the - look and what they do is
here of more importance than what
we call them.
Although with the ordinary mi
croscopic powers the bacteria look
like little balls or straight spiral
rods, we find, when we use the nio.d
powerfnl and perfect lenses, that
they consist of a minute mass of
gran ular protoplasm surrounded by
a thin structureless membrane.
When we put them under favora
ble conditions for growth, and give
them food enough, they may be seen
to divide across the middle, each
portion soon becoming larger and
again dividing, so that it has been
calculated that a single germ, if
kept under favorable conditions,
might at the end of two days have
added to the number of the world's
livings 2Sl,ai)0,000,000 new individual
bacteria. In fact, if this sort of
thing went on for a few weeks un
hindered there would be ver3' little
room left on the earth's surface for
liny other forms of life, anil pretty
much all the carbon, hydrogen, ox
ygen, and nitrogen which is availa
able for life purposes in the world
would be used up. There would be
a corner iu life stuff, and even the
master, man, would be forced to the
wall, and become the victim of his
insatiable fellow-worlder, the bac
terium. But, as it happens, this
sort of thing does not go on; the
food grows scanty; or the tempera
ture becomes unfavorable; or the
sun shines hot and the sun is a
sure enemy of your growing bacte
rium; or, as it grows and feeds, the
germ gives off various chemical
substances which soon poisons it
self, or its fellows, or both together.
So the proportion is preserved by
such a tine balance 01 the natural
forces that, prolific as they are, the
bacteria iu the long run are held
closely within bounds the world
Tne pioneer meichants of
Carry & full stock of gerterai
merchondiso which theysell very
close. Highest price paid for
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erouB treatmentand fair dealing
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Notary Public
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'tb Ifott 9 la mtr date vrU mak a .oaf vtajl
fo na or woman now living will oyer dato 1
loovrnant without using the figur 0. It taoda
D tbo third pUoe In 1800, wber it will retMia tea
jrra and tbea more np to kaoond placa in 1S3A
whore it will rot for om hcndml years.
There is another "9" which has also com to it
It U unlike the figure 9 in our date in the re pc 1
that It has already mored up to Crt place, wbre
it will permanently remain. It is ealled the "X
r' High ana WheeSsr & WiUon Sewiag MacMae.
The !fo. 9" was eudorfed for flnt piaoe br th
ai perts ol Europe at the PazU Kx position of
vhere, after a svrereeootevt with tho loading nia
jhines of the world, it was awarded the cuiy
Grand Prize given Ui family sawing machine, ail
others on exhibit ttiivisi,T rewived lower awurdi
of gold medals, etc. Tio French CJoreramec
ilso recojjnised its superiority by thd".-coratioa of
Mr. Nathitolel Wae.-.-lcr. i'ridL'ntof the eonip.-uiy,
vi'U the Cros of :hz I. n of Honor.
Tbo "No. 9" is not an old machine irrr7rvd
Tipon. t'Ct w an entirviy nisckine, &ru rV'
MiDl rr;z5 Vir'. v. a-, r. .. ..r.- -X '. s:s the rrea-.J
ist advance iu .- '-js? nicS:in csticnaei&ui of the
trio. Those who i - it ocn rc-.t ussurtwl, liter,
t re, of hiiTitii.' th-- v?: y !'::"... auj b-&t.
TrIS&LfcR WiL.SAV V'Til CO.,
ia od lb' Ytiish J ve.. Chicatga.
Or too Liiraor Habit. Puftively Care
y AaarsT?nr;ifl in. ?: -iclsis
It can be tjttlw in a ci! of cs. cr :s, w it t
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effect a permotietTt aed upewly cure, wletjr
tut (XiUeotiaa mo-terate ininror or an aii.'onoii'
wrck. it NEVtR fails, vve GUARANTEE
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La ovary Imuvuca.
eta eoffcpiMm
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