Plattsmouth weekly herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1882-1892, March 26, 1891, Page 7, Image 7

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VS. Fl'alllv
I learhitr
County Court.
From 1 "hurnh I'ttiln
Win. Deerim; A: Co.
Uusche. Suit on not
March "Jt , Ht ;i. m.
Tin' Stale of Ni l iraska vc. h'obi i t
Schubert. Complaint for burglary.
... . ... I V-I t
1 lie r" I a 1 o I .ci t asha vs. i;;iiin'i
Ll nslti ve Notew.
Tlx- maximum freight bill v;is up
in the seiiale and came near beiti;.;
killed, but was linally allowed to
pass the i -i ; i 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 - - ot tli- whole.
Kiioiil;!i was however, tli;it it
of Um
l- a
A Hi. l y lli r.-i.
recent exhibition of the will
pro, ill- ol ,v t IHi I lis r 1 loll I' I
tl.iiut for larceiiy
( . it 1 1 ;
I i .-in i - 1 for want ol
v.- iil 1 1 u i t i i .-'
I in. 1 1 pa.- sn;;
death wlirii it comes to
1 1 loi 1 1 1 1 i r ir 1 1 I s
I.i w. ri l; i 1 1 ;t i it i
lrrt lor lli;m V
lesson to our I 'la 1 1 s
v, ho h;ivr 1 r:i n I p In 1
j 1 1 - i 1 r r 1 1 1 1 Ir r their
- in 1 ! mi :i ! 1 rr of
J ii' I ;i' ( 'I i.i pm;i .1 will adjourn con rt
to ii;. il .pr'l !:.;h. a-; 1 1 - has
to iijK'U coin. i:i .l i a.- Li (ily
M : i d . i ,
lllfc HIM I
l)V bail
ni.-ci' 1 1 1 io a .
IVtitiou of k'aehel I ; - r 1 1 for ap
poi ii I m. ii I of ! . Allison uaiiliau
of Mary A n-- K'-nd.iii.
A ppl ii'a ! io . i oi I,. C. 1 0 1 v Klio'l. ail
iliiinstralor, tor hual ;s-tt l-ititi it of
estate o! Frederick Lickhoti".
in;;" April V', I a. in.
Application ol L. ( '. Kickhoif, ad
111 i ll ij i'a t or, lor final settlement
estate of John I iihelder, deceased.
I Ira rim;' April 10 a. in.
Final settlement estate S. A. Kip-
A cruiii its of a ! a i i 1 1 i -anl
decree of ilislri-
f --y, deceased,
t' trator allowed
Initio. I entered.
I'etilioa filed for appointment of
Samurl k'yan administrator estate
of Martin ol le, deeeased. Hearing
April II, IO a m.
John It. Hayes vs. McK;iska M'fV
Co. Continued hy eonsent until
March li;t,at vh it'll ti me part ies aree
to vet a day for trial.
Letters of iunriliaush ip issued to
Samuel McClintic, guardian of Mary
Ifolton, insane.
O o j 1 Loj i r .
Never judn'e a man hy his appear
ance. A shahhy coat may contain
aM I'd i lor, while the man wearing- a
liiili toned pluii' hat and sporting
a flude cane may he one of his de
linquent stihscrihers. Milford e
braskan. Tno Col l n JiMte .'special.
A royal train cousistinir of five
Pullman coaches with a bairjav
and tliniiie,' car passed through this
city last eveninr; a few minutes be
hind the llyer, bound for Chicago
and the east. It was the most mag
nificent train ever seen in this citv.
The coaches were all heated by
I steam from the engine and lighted
throughout by electricity. The
j tourists aboard were homeward
bound from a trip to the I acme
coast, where they had ;'one from
Philadelphia by the Southern route.
The train was in charge of Conduc
tor Weeks, while Joe McCoy held
j the levers on the 210, which had
? lirfMi si w i : 1 1 1 v fitted no here in the
, . . . j .
It. . , . 1 . A'. . . -I t...
jBliops sieaiu-iieaiiii; nun tjyu
anio coiviectitms purj.'osely for the
. . . ) t i . r. t .
d-nj. f!t nam irii i;nei on .-i.
I'J.'atriCiv's Day in the evening' and ar
. fr!lfi lhirao :i( an earlv hour
this morn i ni;-. We venture the pre
diction to. that in the entire tour
TJhese people have found no railway
veil up in equipments and line
bed as the roval .
The bill m a k i i : a j u d i - i a I d i - -triet
out ol (!;- roi i : 1 1 i .- ol Ca-s and
()!or, has l.eeu faor;:bly aeti d tip
on and will doubtless become a law.
ll al.-o make.: :, i- trie! out of I. an
r : i ! : eo u i : '. a 1 1 I l; i c.s them I h i ee
The Moan two cent railroad fare
bill which passed the house, was
killed without much ceremony in
tile yciiate yesterday.
The Louisville reformatory bill,
we are sorry to note, was defeated
in the house by a vote of '.','.) to aO.
It was a much needed law, but the
farmers did not want it because it
was not located out west.
I'. I-;. White mad.- a hard fiht
against the appropriation of an ad
ditional $100,000 for the western suf
ferers, for which he deserves much
credit. The professional politicians
liowever e-)t in their work and the
lull was onleretl enirrossea tor a
third reatlinr.
The new judicial bill provides for
twenty-four judges tf the district
court and fifteen districts.
The hill to cut down the income
of the clerk of the supreme court
from about la.fXK) a year to $'., XX)
seems to meet with some quiet but
effective opposition in certain quar
ters. No one has yet eiven a jc.od
reason why the reduction should
not be made.
the coi i ii i seal. 1 he re i - a time in
tile . 1 1 1 ; 1 1 1 ii! i ; 1 1 ' 1 1 a:.! c u : : 1 1 1 1 1, i -ties
thai cali.-- lor retribution occa
sional 1 v. 1 he i : i a . ia o I i I i 1 e. i : i s
had carried their t;:ri., ;o iar, re
venue swilt and su.- iia- ocrtal-.en
' 1 1 1 ( m. I Mat i . 1 1 . o ; 1 1 I ! in ! ! : r I i : a '. ! t r
: ol the t'olllit', I i.- ao . -e iel" than
the Italian an--. and dc.-erve juiu
! i .-1 1 1 1 1 'i 1 1 in iviiiil tor wiiai ihe have
! inflicted upon others. Weepii.j
o ; a a
i i
. d a : 1 1 -! announces the a r r i ;:
. po.iiid at his I. use
What is
nrs ti
1 1 s
a I ! ,
; i
I ;i i . 1 1 e a r
r oi i a I ..c
a home o !
Hot!,.- Mil!
i : 1 1 a
il-- ci 3
i. r i a
Tlini .- -
Pubiio Snle.
.. ' .,v,l II W 1?..
a ja.
ver will, on
i'l i day of Ajiril. at the Heavtr
: ;I estead near Culioiii. sell at put -
Ruction, ;i lartfe lot of stock and
jiarmin' implements. V. D. Jones
the auctioneer.
tr . .
Married .
At the home of the bride's parents
iVesterdav, two miles south-west tf
his cit3'. Mr. Thomas K. Williams
o Miss I-ilah Shephertl; Kev. Ituck
I t ofliciatin.
The groom is a well known and
liphly respected resilient of this
ounty, a bright, active, honest
jyoung man whose influence will be
felt. lie owns a good farm six miles
'outh-fast of Louisville where for
he present, the happy couple w ill
The bride is the charming daugb
r of the Widow Shepherd, and has
iosts of friends in this city.
j Many elegant and useful presents
me oriue as a sunsian-
ere "iven me nrnie a.-
al testimonial tif friendsliip ami
tnoti will.
i lie wedding feast, which was m
ed a royal repast well worthy of
lie jmpo: taut occasion, was par'ak-
i oi iy me ioiiowmg guests:
Mr. and Mrs. A. It. Taylor. Mr. and
rs. Thomas Wiles. .Mr. and M-s.
;r. Schihlkuecht. .Mr. and .Mrs. L. A
Misses Addie Spoir;,
I'eter Hates has begun work on the
rooms in the Kiley block, fitting
them uji for the post-ollice.
Troy, sou of Meek Davis, leaves
tomorrow for Shenandoah, Iowa,
where he will attend the Great
Western Normal school and busi
ness institute.
The funeral of Willie Ilargraves.
the sixteen year oid son of William
Ilargraves, residing south of town,
took place yesterday at the Horn
ing cemetery.
Mrs. John Clark returned to her
home at Weeping Water, after a
pleasant visit with- the family of
i'imot hy Clark.
Mr. J. K Shafer was delighted to
get a letter this morning from his
partner announcing the fact that a
claim which they owned jointly,
near Custer, had developed a splen
did funl in gold and silver, making
it a valuable niece of dirt.
Down at Nebraska Citj" a man
walking along the public thorough
fare of that burgh reading the signs
on the six-story blocks, fell through
the sidewalk and had to be sawed
out. I'p here when a man falls
through we dig him out.
Omaha Ranlts Twentieth,
Fri'tn Friday Vuiln.
Omaha is included in the number
of large cities in the United States
having a population of 100,000 and
upwards. There are twenty-eight
altogether, and the following is the
list, in regular ortler. commencing
with the largest and running down
to the smallest, according to the
census reports of 1890: New York,
Chicago, Philadelphia, Brooklyn,
St. Louis, Boston, Baltimor, San
Francisco, Cincinnati, Cleveland,
Buffalo, New Orleans, Pittsburg,
Washington, Detroit, Milwaukee,
Newark, Minneapolis, Jersy City,
Louisville, Omaha, Rochester. St.
Paul, Kansas City, Providence, In
dianapolis, Allegheny and Denver
The Weeping Water Lagle comes
oat in iaor ol a clock lor Ihc m w i
court hou.-e. Thanks.
The llKK' failed to chronicle
the arrival of a git 1 at the home of
Sigtlreen at the proper time. But
it's a nice girl jut the same.
The 1 1 1: K'A l.t ) recei cd an invoice
of ten thousand envelopes this
morning which will lie printed at
once for one lirm. How is that for
an order?
County Attorney II. D. Travis had
to give up his court business last
week on account of sickness. He
came home Saturday and has since
that time been conlined to his bed
with la grippe. -Weeping' Water
Kepubl ican.
iMr. John Martuidale, a represen
tative citizen of Miami county.
Ohio, in company with Mr. George
Lloyd, made the 1 IKKATJ) a pleasant
call toda3'. M r. Mart indale hail been
visiting the family of Mrs. Macy. re
siding south of this city, and was
on his way home.
(',. W. Fairfield, of .Scott s Bluffs
cotiti.ty, has recently been in Platts
niouth and has revived the scheme
to build a canal from the Platte to
the city to furnish water for manu
facturing purposes. The plan is
thought to be feasible and if carried
out wtudd be of great benefit to the
city.--Weeping Water Republican.
1 1
i". i i ; j j: : a
pica.-.! : I
l'e ! t .-. i ,
day e a i 1 1 , .
The d. mnters of Rebecca in this
ei:j. a: a ei-y pro-peroiis organisa
tion as is i". ! len.'i'd 1 y the fact that
they ale a I .e u t to order some line
paraphernalia at a cost o f o ver .7' .
George Wainscoit telephoned liis
folks here this inornimj' that he had
lin t with a misfortune at Nebraska
City where he was at work, and he
got his arm broken in a runaway of
his team. I!e will be home some
time this evening.
Profession Noble was presented a
cane by the county off cials to-day.
in order to help him out in another
overland trip afoot to Weeping
Water. The cane was found in the
cellar of the old court house, which
is being torn down.
V n Vr-i
Castoria is Dr. Samuel Pitcher prescription for Infants
and Children. It contains neither Opium, Morphine nor
other Narcotic substance. It is a harmless substitute
for laregor:c, Drops, Soothing Syrups, and Castor Oil.
ic is Pleasant. lis guarantee is thirty years uso by
Millions of 3Iothers. Castoria destroys Worms and nllay.s
feverish ncss. Castoria prevents vomiting Sour Curd,
cures Diarrhoea and Wind Colic. Castoria relieves
teething troubles, cures constipation and flatulency.
Castoria assimilates the food, regulate; the stomach
and bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep. Cas
toria, is tUo Children's Panacea. the Mother's Prientl.
l-ie Ouinn, of Sale
!':nith. of Glemvooi
Table and Messrs
s. Ciiarh-
in. Kan, Laura
1. low;.. k'ose
. W. Laird and
Mart.-n WiM-
HlCK..M takes pleasure
-rig it heartast and
for the future happim
-orthv bride and groom.
f a
A Socinl Eveniriji.
The Rebeccas and Odd Fellows
heartily enjoyed themselves last
evening at their hall.
The speciol occasion being a part
ing send-off with testimonials of es
teem for ?Ir. and Mrs. L. H. Kami s.
It seems Mr. and -Mrs. Karnes were
at the hall to do some work in re-
j hear.-al. and unbeknown to them a
j crowd was gat bed up and one of
I the most pleasant surprise
, j parties ol the season was the
- - i
! re.-nil. i r.-. Karnes was prest
', w i t ban - ia i or a iel hnisiu-il i ia u "'i n "
; iniap and .'I r. Kar.ies a iiaia!-ome J
I I I "I . . .- I
r 1 niu.-:i aim 11 1 1 1 iv set. i 111. an:i;ia
1 1
' mad
An Kiuineers Pluck.
From Saturilmjt lnii'u
We clip the folkoving article from
the State Journal. Mr. Dan L 11111
mings, spoken of. used to reside
here and also at Louisville. He
was generally known by the B.tV: M.
bovs who sympathise with him in
his afiliction:
Dan lv. Cummings, an oltl time
engineer ot tins cii . nan uie mis
fortune to break his lclt leg ahout
two incnes anove me auitie nisi
Friday night at Pringle station.
Custer county. Mrs. Cummings, m
writing to a friend in this city, says
that the train was stopping at the
water tank and he went out on top
to lighten the gland on the air
pump. l iu wrencn snppeusuu
tienly and he fell off the engine to
the ground. There was no surgeon
at Pringle and Cummings was car
ried to his engine ami ran tlie train
himself into Custer City, a distance
of twenty miles. The B. A: M. relief
physician says . he will be laid up
lor eiu ht or ten weeus. -Mr.-, c um
mings was telegraphed for at Alli
ance and is now with him.
Mr. Cummings is one of the best
engineers tin the road, a man noted
for his sterling qualities and social
disposition, lie has many friends
in Lincoln who will be grieved to
learn of his misfortune.
A Long Walk.
Last fall when David Foltz moved
from Cheyenne county to this place
he was the proprietor of a "Sooner''
dog; that is the dog would sooner
live in Cheyenne than .in Cass
county. David missed his dog,
mourned his loss, and accused all
the boys in town of killing him.
Therefore, when David received a
letter from his former home notify
ing him that his clog', weary and
foot sore, had arrived there over
land and alone, he apologized to
his friends for the accusation of
murder, ceased to mourn and
donned his usual smile. The fact is
Ji-' d-g walked over .;i" niK ?, afoot
and alone, and reached his former
rendezvous in Cheyenne county,
wlii re sand fleas and dog' ticks add
The Keystone National Bank of
I 'h i ladel ph ia. with a capital of
.fl.aOO.IXiO, lias closed its doors. The
city of Philadelphia w as a deposi 1 or
to the amount of Jrlon.uoo. As to
whether matters can be adjusted so
as to pay out is not y e! known.
Asher Clark's delivery team got
lose from Ihe wagon yesterday and
had quite a run up Chicago avenue
In crossing the bridge near Judge
Chapman's residence one of the
horses was crowded off into the
ditch below, yet strange as it may
seem was not hurt and the harness
was but slightly damaged,
Mr. L. K. Karnes owns a nice home
in Frazeysburg. Oh io, where his fain
ily will remove soon. M r. Karnes
will remain here for a time and then
join them. He says he can make
monev on less wages bv living in
his own property. Plattsmouth will
loose most excellent citizens in the
removal of Mr. and Mrs. Karnes.
The building' committee of the
Baptist church obtained figures of
all the lumber yards in Platl
iii uth and two in Omaha and 011
purely business principles gave the
bill for the new South Park church
to J. D. Graves A; Co of tins city.
Just as soon as the weather wi.M
permit, the lu;n!er will be placed
011 the ground, and the work v. illgo
forward with a large force of work
men. The I II-: KA 1. 1), a few days ago.
made mention of the fall from grace
of 31 r. II. V. Zink and of his being
charged with embezzlement. His
preliminary examination took place
in Lincoln Thursday, when he was
bound over to appear at the next
term of the district court. The bond
was fixed at $1,000; being unable to
find bondsmen, he now meditates
over his evil-doings in the county
jail. A sad, sad ending of what
once promised to be a bright career.
His poor wife whom he married
when the horizon was brighter, is
bowed down with grief, almost to
distraction. Her condition has ex
cited the sympathy of the neighbors
and she is made to feel as comfort
able as nosstble.
OMtnHa Is an excrlirnt mi'illelnn for chil
dren. Mothers h.-ivo re;H'ateiI!y tulil 1110 of itu
good effect U)ku vlieir cLililreu."
(j. C. Onoon,
Lowell, Mass.
Castoria is tlio be-t for children of
which I um ae(riauiLt?d. I hop-? t!:o (tiy i.1i:ot
fur distant when mothers will consider tin: re-r.l
intT-Kt of th.-ir children, nu l uso Castoria in
stead of tiw variousiinaek no --.trams which cro
ilt-stmying their loved ones, by forcing opium,
morphine, aoothinu nynip and other hurtful
omenta down their throats, thereby teudiu
them to prematuro graves."
Vit. J. F. KivrnerE,
Conway, ArU.
" Castoria N no well adapted to children thiu
I recommend il u;uKirior tunny prtvicriptio
kuuH a to mo."
IT. A. Aitt-iiKR, M. !.,
Ill Bo. Oxford i'.t , llrooUyn, N. Y.
"Our physician. in thu children's deport,
ment Iiavfi highly of tln-.r exjieri
eiico in their out.siUis pntc'ico with i'unUtrls,
und although wo only j..vo amonj; our
medical Kiipj)lie3 wliat in tuo'n as regular
proJaots, yet wo aro froo to cnufeKH that Ui
merits of Castoria has won us to look with
favor Uiii it."
Uobton, Aloaa
Allkx C. Smith, iVc.,
Tho Contanr Company, TT Murray Streot, Koiv York City.
J. 1. 0 HAVES & CO.
v-ia w.' 5t
UnuIiS, CLINUS.iintl ull huddint: niateii!
Call aisid sec us at the
II th a.ul Eim street,
north of fi-lerscl's mill.
corner of
one block
Plattsmouth, Hsbrasisa
Teachers' Examination.
I'rof. Noble is holding nti exami
nation at the clerk's oflice to-daj-with
a bevy of pretty school ma "ins
from the following places:
Ilattie Parker and Nettie Ridley,
Greenwood; ?Iinuie larker, Ash
land; Carl a Livingston, Nellie Herd
er and Kdna Ueryer, Iouisville;
laific Sailord, riattsniouth; James
Holmes. K'ock Bluffs.
comfort to the canine life.
lied ! -'" 11
Leo' ;la'.ive Note.
Tlx' commitle-: on miscellaneous
ubjects yesterday morning cousid-
:o;:.-e rod ..:.', Mernsdorh s
t)ri;;'i:i;:!l v the bill lived ?!..";!)
per I.'""! cub:-." fv-i-i. ;is the iriait:m
r::lelo ie rliari d lor u'as.
aiy ymae trees of tlae Ilonie
BTairsery where yow eass select
yoair own trees tlist wIEl Iss ?R
grestt privilege sssial toeaceSzt ti
you. SL hsivc u39 the lesidin;; vsu
alettes uessl Icno w Isetter whstt
varieties wilA lo here (han
sigesats and ycia
cheap agaiiii.
A)ple trees. .'5 years old -
Apple trees, '2 years old -
Cherry, early Richmond, late Richmond, wra;
rinm, i'ottawattamie. Wild Goose
th'.- presein.itio.-i speech and j ' Iwr ' i1! H'; :'r( ' before 1 1 le comm it tee
CouiVy Court.
Letters of tuardianship issued to
Lee AllisoTi, Lvuardian of Mary -'-;k-s
Kendall, minor child of Rachel
! Vi i i ii :i ii I .-f i o f heirs of Hei i ;:i n i i n
Ma. -y, deceased, for distribution of; Raspberries, Gre TyltT
residue of e.-taie. Sfvn wherries, Sharnles.-. Crt
IVtilioii of fleor-re I Lloyd. admin-; Qolleonj vines, 'J Veai'S old
i rato, Restate of H.njainin M,cy ; ? E;irIv raj, '2 Veai'S old
I-'ce;?sed, br final settlement and , 1 f ,
a!io,va:K'e..! his accounts. jCiirrants, Cherry Currants -
i Snvder hlaekberries -
- !
.j.- cr. i-
w.j yt n v o
2d 2 (10:1500
io:j Hi) 2'0(j
1 00 150
:tur of
f S. A. la is. admini-
spok- feelingly of the hij-h estima- j ana 'uea
Mr. and
::e orcier anil people
... - . .(1! 1 ir i'r 1
'rr,. I. n'.iri ti.'.. ..I ..- I i.--.. ..(..v..
bill. J II.'L . 11 i 1 . .iiii ' ii ti iWi HI j
" this ear. Wm. I). : were held by
'ies is a man of th" people, bright, j
'ty, emcrprisinir and full of pub- j
spirit and can be depended d:i ;
!o jvliat he lion"-tIy believe- in. j
0ur11.1l. '
ov, Jones, mi;
ljlosopher, a -tali
1 ;v a humorist Hut as a wit, we
V'.v the line. hat. do we want
I 1 wit in the council, anyway?
is too much of it there now-.
'1 rs. iianii-s
hat after careful inves
u:id the ;;a- I'ompan-
fht pa-s for a
sman, and pos-
'. ' a t horotii; h -roi 11 business ' respecte
of tin's eil. Mr. Karnes was taken j
"all of a heap" and could not do I
himself justice in replying to the i
kind w ords he had just heard. Mrs. (
Karnes was visibly affected, e.-neei- i
alls at the thought of movim- ' n
a wa
made an appropriate reply, heartily j -:u l1 county of opposite political
thanking them for their kindly me- 1 f:lith, was recommended by thecom
meiitos which w-ouhl be especially ! mitl'e to pass. This is a meritor-
comirur from tiiose she I ,ou" ,",'as,ln" :,U(J should tiecome a
iiohnes, deccasi.'d. iilet! for final set
tlement, and allowance of his ac
counts. Theo. Schaeffcr vs. Joseph F. Per
kins. Suit for balaticedue for labor.
j Answer by April 0th.
; Oswald ( vs. George Jut;.
ath's bill brovid.'n that ad J Suit on account. Default of defend
laws passed bv the k-Liislature i i,u entered. Ju.luiiKMit for plain-
estate of Charles m. ; Industry Crooseberry
t li'.Uioii 1:
ies could stand even a lower rate.
Then the rate was cul down to $1. ''."
per Loud, and the bill was recom
mended to p;iss.
from her friends, but she ' Kll-,,i hv printetl in two pajiers in
; tiff for Sla.TL'.
1 law.
filet the witty man exercise i respected so hiidily. Choice
"aliiiu,'- proclivities 011 the i freshments were served and a -en-j The ICock Hluff mail carrier failed
it has nothing to do hut- end social tood time hail tint il a ' to show up 3 esterday. As there is
late hour, when all repaired to their no snow on the ground he cant be
Homes feeling lad that they had 1 rabbit hunlinir. conseiiuentl v the
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria.
When Baby was sick, we jjbvo her Castoria.
When sh a wns Chi'd, she cried for Castoria
mtPVervhoilv in tin- ciiiintr 1,1-ni ui.u im-y 11.111 ; raUDlt nuntlllir. COIISCII lieiltl V the " nen mo Decamo -l.ds. bo" cii:rS w uai.:,
ur stock of wall paper before been in attendance- at so pleasant a ! postmaster is ata loss to know what '. 'rhaa Chikimi, sh irt them Caii.
iniZ. (xtTin & Co. j party. 1 has become of him,
Downing Gooseberries, 2 years old
Ibnihton ( J-oos.'berrie, 2 years old
Rosses, red moss and whiH' mo-
Shrubs, Hydrangea
Honey Suckle
nov I5alU -
Evergreen. Norway spruce ti. Fir
Mssr4esy one-Eii&2f mile ssortfa ol
town, en3 of SStlt Street.
Address all Orders to
Ji. IS. JLIB ,