Plattsmouth weekly herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1882-1892, March 26, 1891, Image 2

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The Plattsmouth Herald
KNO'TS H'lO-i. Pulj : h rs
I'll V : -ii
Yriitiii! n i ji'
Rl-r i : ii
At ! ; ; t . -
Ti-l..-i Ii..;..-
i n "inl ,i . .i
- iimlay.
' I'l.ll IX'lliulll . N ft
i . . ' ;li t, i l .
. M-
nm tilth
ii r..-i . :, w.i. lit a' v. in
0:m ''i'.y. ! y:tr n.. in ;ntv u
One ciY. m.i-iill i t i ' . . ill'i.' -11' Illil. Ill i ' il
THK.MS V It 1 I .
O ' -mii v .i in nil v I.;'." ..
Oue rnj'i j i :.. ! i- r i. ..
OuJ !', 'T mimiiIIi .
TIIl'KSDAY, MAk'l'll -'(., 1V.M.
THli 1'I.A'l ISMOl ,1 II 1 I I:K'..I)('()IIIi';
uul will) ;i new ilrc-s of Imy tyjx
ami is now the neatest paper pnl
lithcl in 1 'lalts mouth. iOIniwooil
ClIAK',i:s V. l''i;i.'in.N w.'is yrstcl'
day tltclfd to tin- I'niU'.l Stairs
Si-natr in C'alilornia to snrrrril tlir
Jatt- Srinitor Ilrarst. This is a jaiii
of one vote for tin- rrptililirans.
thrown olf its old rlotlirs and
donned a new drr.-s; it looks as nrat
M.s our I103' in his first pants. r
art" ;laI to notirr thr prosprcls of
ttir Hi:iv'.r.l. Va!ash News.
Till-; city con vrntions tf both par
tics have hrcn licld and the caiuli
datcs arc brfoiv Use pc)pl-. In the
main yotxl men liave been placed
in nomination and with proper dis
Tet:on on the part of the voters a
-Arlcan city 'overiiiucnt is assured.
TllK grippe is having a LTreatcr
run just now than it had last win
ter. In the cities its victims are
numbered by the thousands, though
fortunately the disease seems to be
ill much milder form than when it
Hi"ourrcd the country before;.
Tm: senatorial fake of the YVorld
Ilerald about Senators I'addock
and Manderson. trying to fix Judic
Colib on Hoyd-Thayer case, has fal
len very lliit and only serms to have
rmphasi.rd the asinine qualities of
the editor of the World! 1 era I' I.
No JI'st Conijiliiint can be made
ao-ainst tlii' present city n'overi!
ment. It is proeressive. capable
anil honest. To elect the republi
can caudidiites of the council is a
guaranty that no set back will be
ffiven to (ho many improvements
3roposed for the comino- year.
PlvOCI-l'DINCS similar to those
broueht against a suar trust cor
poration in New York with success,
have been commenced ao-ainst the
Standard Oil Company. We shall
8:)uu know- whether the" anti-trust
law in New York is sufficiently
'horse hio-h, bull stnin and hoo
tijht" to catch and hold the most
exclusive and wealthy tru.--t in the
country. -State Journal.
IT Is a pity the Second ward dem
ocrats couldn't have nominated a
better man than D. M. Jones for the
council. Journal.
Since the Journal abuses Jones
andjllarr both, you miirht think it
-would take to the woods, but it
-wont. It will be smoothing th intra
over for Jones and repent these
-rash criticisms, cither before or itn
. -mediately after election.
Tin; Indians at Pine Rido;e find
agency life too monotonous, and
ore again engaged in the exhilarat
ing sport of ghost dancing. The
lvopie up thr.t wry arctiSbicted with
a sort of Itidinnphohia and are al
ready clamoring lor soldiers to pre
vent an outbreak in tin spring. Tf
the government would disarm its
l-;mpcred pensioners and siop the
sale of arms and amuuitlou to ihem
it would be ;i meritorious act for all
CAX.:. ha jits', mad -oi-ie vcry
flaltering crtttrc ; for reciprocity
with Iiritish Guiana. She oi.'ers to
admit Guiana's sugar free if Guiana
will extend the same courtesy toC'a
nadian manufactures; but asks thai
this arrangement be made with Can
ada exc: usively, to which a reply,
indicating that IJlaine has in en
tlier'e, is sent by diaries Hruce, the
government secretary of Uriiisli
Guiana, to Mr. I;oster, in which he
says: "While the government is
anxious in every way to facilitate
and promote the extension of com--awercial
relations between this colo-
jjy and the Dominion
his ex cell en
the govcrn-
cy cannot encouragi
f r.-innd.t to believe that the i
I11CI1' "
consent of this government will be
rjiven to any differential treatment
-which would exclude the sugars
and fruits of the coiony from ad-
.;,;,, of the marketsof the United
States upon the
most favorable
t. Wl-BER
V i , uNi
i ' A ! ' 11.
iiiil i n -iva-i'S the
,. o.i 1. 1.1 n u fact in -s
I I - A li ,
T's--: I
The itc.v
I 11 1)- t '."
ii -1' ( :!
1 1 ri 1
ill. .Hi
;!i. .:. .
A i ; I
t iic r price
i i a ' ' a 1 . . i . :
kll )i- ,s thro.'
1.1 I III l I I I , i
i I II ir : iliii.-;
i i i rr, I i y ! .
ii . a- I . .i r! ! ; i
V.l I ICl 1 to 111..
of rubber ..;ii'i
i.- K led 1 r I H Ir a
lv Iv.-.ii . I In;, . ;
I : i
! s p o : i . -
. I I I I I . M I
j I 1 H I l
1 . , i : I . i i w 1 1 i . 1 1
: . ; I m i 1 ' l
oi.el .:iii .: i -
' i-l prices.
.-Mov.II II !-
decline. 1.
. i i
i i i .i
. n
WW '
i i
i I il I ' II , K
;!'.'..-: i .-' i
mii-1 ii -a ii r
t i in- ki'i s
ol . r vv oik i
a si 1 1 1 1 1 i- i ; 1 1
.vi c i'. ; 1 1 1 y
rrnl ru!brr.
strrrt's ol I't I.
in:;: ' A " ' acc n n t i
I , i i 1 we a 1 1 .-ill '
lor I' ci-i 1 1 I h ;t I-
: 1 1 i i '1 1 , 1 1 ; i i 1 1 x I i s -
c.l.-sed the luiilr rlioi I.- of thr luan
II iait ill ris to maintain a coiuliina
linii, iimi the rise in price of crude
i u bl er. con i i n lit s:
(In jaaiiai'j 1 t::e ma narrs i. r.
of thr rubber factories announced
to jol bei s 1 1 la I pi irt's would br ii
duccd on and alt-r l-"cb. 1. .Vctin;
o.i this advice the jobbers unloado!
. ii 1 1 i ii J a n il. i ly a. .il prices lrll ;ic
cordiiif'ly, ami. lliir lo their an
i mil i ;cr i nr n t . the lacloi'ies have is
sued circulars ollerini;- t;ool.s at a
reduction of from S to lo per cent,
below the quotations of last year.
A fall in the price of protected ar
ticles on which the duty has been
increased is a marked feature in the
p. act kal working" of the new tarilf.
A feli-iioods manufacturer, wiio is
also a lart'e importer, told a repre- j
seutative of the American ICcono- !
mist iccemiy ui.u me pi ices oi
A it it 1.1
prices of
clienille table- covers
md curtains
were lower than before' the new bill
went into i iii c';, although Ihr duly
on this class oi" floods has brrn atl-v;mc.-d
from to (V) jer cent ad va
lorem. Formerly his house had im
ported these e-ooils, and sold them
to o-ood ad vaiilao'c. In-canse the do
mestic production was inadequate
to supply the demand. With the
increase in the duty, however, so
many mills bewail to make the
o-oods that loiiH-stic competition
not only forced the price down, but
improved ihe quality of the 'product.
All this notwithstanding that the
duty was practically prohibitive.
I le, beine;- a free-trader, argued from
these facts that the increased rates
of duties had injured rather than
benefitted manufacturers in thus
forcing- prices down. lie wasaji
)areutl" totallv oblivious of the
fact that his line of arj
redly opposed to oi
s di-frer-
trade doctrine, and that it complete
ly demolishes ihe McKinley prices
A manufacturer of tissue paper
made exactly the same complaint
against the new tariff. The confi
dence given to capital by restrict
ing foreign competition had multi
plied the number of manufacturers
and created such keen competition
that the price was forced lowerthan
it was before' the increased rates of
duty went into effect. The advo
cates of free-trade are careful not
to call attention to these interesting
phenomena. Theoretical 'tariff
taxes" have greater charms for
them.- American Kconomist.
Thk national organ of the farm
ers' alliance, published at Washing
ton, does not talk much like endors"
ing Mr. Cleveland. This fact is sig
nificant for the reason that the dem
ocratic majority in congress is
chargeable principally to the efforts
of the alliance with a third ticket in
the field throughout the country.
They were, in fact, assistant demo
crats, but it seems they do not pro
pose to swallow or amalgamate
themselves with that organization.
Speaking of Cleveland, their nation
al organ says:
'Mr. Cleveland can only become a
presidential possibility in the west
and south by stepping on the "lead
carcass of the farmers' alliance.
This is what the rule or ruin faction
of the democratic party have he'd
all the" time. Tin's rule or ruin
faction is represented by such men
as Mills. Carlisle. Oates. Herbert,
Culberson. McMillen. Blount. Jones,
Vest and iCeagau. Their policy is
to fight the alliance and crush it,
make no compromise whatever,
force Cle
I through, and there
street sufficiently to
campaign funds in
the boodle secure a
by serve Wall
get immense
12, and w ith
democrat ic" triu:uh in 1'
V.MJl 11I.K I'VIUCIICC oi iiie v in- I
. . .1
I... . . . . 4i : ...
policy wlucti dominates tiie nation:)!
government under the
able cbargi
o. i 'resident. Harrison aim i remier i
ddent I larrison
and Premier
Ulaine, has been shown in the rais- j
ing of the embargo on American ;
meats by Germany. Four years of j
the C'levehmd administration failed
to get even courteous treatment
from Berlin. Put under President
j ILirrison and the provisions of the
-M m n lc v bi 1 1 . re t a 1 in t ion wa s t hreat-
ened, which brought the German
Kmpire to its senses. The raising
of this embargo is worth millions
to Americaii'Tiirmers, and to the re-
publican iparty solely belongs the
credit for the change of front on the
i part of the German government.
C. Hr.M.Ni: mill 1 1 1 ri t Knr
s piastcrcM over with
which til iiiiijwiuiipiaii
o! t rcc-1 r;i!c hastened lo
viololl:-!y deny. The .llie'-i
flrr! i:ii .-r (hill ;;i'S all the trilb
t : i i .- .-. .:t:' : v Up 1 1 the jii'imr
1 a i i r i oi n pel role 1 1 1 1 i i
i ii
it n . l! I
o i i o
iie ( which pay no tariii,
ii to ihe smallest articles ol
e'.e.', ii,i Inc.
i.i 1. ..;.;!. ill. I. tin
,,; tie- !
p.; i!
Speaking' ol
I ,l ! h lo 1 1 cone
i : : i ! r. i i : r .N ew
t rust s
poi id -Vu.
u i : i to -:c:, v.
Iiretly :;' -c l u:i 1 ly
i ; : . i i 1 1 1 ; as t tln-i
srt t Irs
1 1 ; i i j l i i
tr.i t ill. lea.-::
l ie- :;reat salt trust is now in a
position believed to be i u i p i ejj. 1 1 a 1 1 ! e
to attack, and although it has just
dec land in 1 1 t he mo; lest d i v id end o f
S per cent., the business ol the
coining;- year is rxprrlcd lo 'irld a
p! of i ! j us t i I i ii ;i 'J;) per cent, divi
dend. The past year the trust sold
1 ,i -U. ,i K.1 ) tons of sail, or Nu.uiM tons
more than the previous cnr, and
liie price increased by about seven
pence and a halfpenny per ton.
The severe w inter increased thecost
of fuel by about i!4i . XX), a nd toavoid
conflicts with their workmen the
trust increased waives by over
DJUf.X). An immense expansion in
the colonial trade is expected, and a
friendly arrangement has been
made with the .North American
Salt I'nion by which the llritish
trust will pay a certain percentage
on all salt above la(),(XX) tons export
ed to places between Maine and
North Carolina. Then- is reason to
believe the trust will soon buy up
u f ,-e.uaini. iiri.riv ate salt linns.
t. .... . i...a s. .a (.. :..
C.f MlilL I I II I'll i i.iwn VlIVIIIIl iii-
deed, except to tin users of salt."
another good feature of the
Mckinley bill.
There are now ber;mnino- to ap
pear in the cutlery stores many
knives and other articles on each of
which is stamped the word "(ler
many." The; McKinley bill requires
this. In the custom house and at
sea on their way back to Germany
are hundreds of thousands of dol
lars' worth of such ei mils which are
not stamped 'Germany." A larje
dealer in cutlery, in diseussino- the
effect of the bill, said yesterday that
the market had been flooded with
knives and cutlery of all sorts
stamped "Providence Cutlery Co.."
or ".New Hedford Cutlery Co.," but
nevertheless of German make and
of such inferior material that men
who bought them vow ed they would
never aaiu buy another American
knife or tool. )ur American cut-tin--
tools are the- best in the world,
and hereafter they will not suffer
from unfair competition. ---American
'i'lin California legisiature inves
tigated Use charge of bribery pre
ferred against the friends of b'elton,
found them without any tangible
basis and then turned in and elected
b'elton to the senate. That was po
etic justice if the opposition manu
factured those proofs, which is quite
probable as the story was extremely
fishy. The charge that somebody
would put down in black and white
the; amount of money paid to each
man and then throw the paper into
a waste basket, is a little too thin.
People of a rascally turn of mind do
not write down their crimes in that
On the other hand the businessof
manufacturing evidence of bribery
against the other candidates has al
ways nourished since the celebrated
contest in which Pomeroy was
downed by Ingalls eighteen years
ago when a member rose in his
seat with a roll of bills in his hand
which he said he had received from
Pomeroy on a promise to vote for
him. Such A dramatic display may
win once, but this oue never worked
again though it lias been tried on
at various times and places.- Kx.
Mr. Dkm: jiricr, the editor of the
press committee of the Xew York
Id-form Club, (free-trade) writes a
letter in which he says that he is
preparing in connection with his
woik for the reform club, articles
on the tarit'f which regularly appear
in otic thousand country newspa
pers, reaching, he claims, fully two
million renders. Tints we learn
that the British annex of the Lon
don Cohden Club is not only orga-
ni:cd but is .-it
c!a i i i ted h v tiie fi
'..-ork. Since it is
c-f raders that the
j tariff is till in ia or
rg-.i::ized .'
r I
I C ITMl lI t-. -IT".. I...1
!;!':: re, trortt ;
whence comes tle-
asl sum of I
j money necessary to ma
e this fight j
I in favor of free-trade"' Are the
r.. , . ... ,
l.H III. 1 .11111 I1UUI1L1,I plilllllg llj
hv nloru.v. If HO p.t us $he
n.nm. (,f oJu. in 1Ju, ,;inJ th.jt h.,s
.illM:,te,l -l,,lhr r
i ' " " J " ' "s.
i else, save his time and mouth! The
j fact is. clear to any man that cares
to examine the circumstances!, that j
Iiritish gold furnishes the moving.
spirit for tfie patriotic Cn democrats ;
in their light against home factories
and in favor of the free importation i
of Kuropean coods. ft is the
foreign money king that uses the '
democratic party as a paid agent. to j
demoralize business and destrov '
manufacturing institutions of;
. ; a vi
lli i i I w
An l.lrvatea RllroaI Fplole.
Slio wasa Xirin;l colleo girt, awl bIio
deci.leil totake the Sixth avenue rleviitnl
nulroail up town. Deiti in luiste, hhu
carrieil her coin in her lu.vith, that sho
mi',rht lusi' no time at the ticket window.
Wii :i .'.!ie re.irhe l the ticket window s!m
SV.'.I I
II. i
it ir
ta - .
I 111
an. I
sev. ;ilu
v.-ral trains while she n mheil .
in. When her ticket was ile-
iie discovered her.-. lf tii 1 ii
i t own side. She was in a hurry,
eiitted her teeth and ran down
Th'-a she k'ot r.-ittle., i-nivid
--:!::.-! street inteud nf crus-in
I. liloa ! it i !i r, I'niliid herself
sh had h'-ell before. i
s'e, '!: lnT t;.!l,'ll.' nil! at the ate- I
nd started ai'aia. .Vs she cr. -e.l
iivi nue llie eateinan mi the down j
i..t ii
!'. a side call 1 lo the e;a ; .-man on tin- ;
i o town si.'e tli.:t a crazy g:v was coin-
I'.";..- S':e w;;., a : ... 1 J
out of lr, .'.a.l she stu'I'.-d a :Vi lull
:!:.'-. iir.; !i tii" win i .w. As a train drew
i . '. . .vi j.; t i ; -i h.-r he i- c!i;ia;C' , in.ily
. r. sa- it :::! tin- ticket box, ;ind,
a. eiiy ura-nin. lu r ti -'cet, (k'.slied lor a
.i ii-e. Tii : iatenii.a dra ;.ed her back,
hut . he il id not believe hi in. Then, v.-hi lo
1 !: slaV.oa ( :!.' 1 t ) tile e. -lit rill nf-
!..-e for ies.tructioiis. she sat and lnado
.ees at tii-. :,'.i'."i.ri'i 'vr the w.iv. And
1 he ;;a ten ia;i on t h'- down town side calk d
to th-' .iteuiaa on the up town side:
Are yua oine; to tin; ball this even-
Anil tin atei;i.i:i on the iij town side
c'l'ih- 1 to the ;'.:tcnia:i on the down town
s'. ! : I.t thi:s evening." .-iv York
1 'an.
Curtil f :i Su ;iT-.t i i
;i:u:.' of .s;;p.T-.i it ioas anion-' siek
le..iHea hospital physician said: "Upon
one occasion one of the convalescent
: . iiii'ii near iiie win. low v. ne'i lie
o!.-erved a iin ili do hariiini; furiously
.i.i" rimiime; aie.ii me irruiiaii uaece-
ly underneath. .Suddenly the animal
s!oti; d, and looking upward bejjan ti
sa ii i:;. air and 1h -n eoi.nin riee 1 (ii -
',i'iur in the earth at a furious rate and
. i: 7 u: an incessant The
I 'a; lent railed an attendant am! told her
that ee wished to be put back to bed, aa
tia;e was fast approaching for his
d -nase. The nurse leiaonstiited and
tried to laui-h the man out of the .absurd
notion, i..:t it was without avail, and
llu- patient had his wish f-r;ii:ti :d and fur
wveral days jrew rapidly wui se.
"1 inquired into the cause, and upon
hein,' toid tried to make the man se-'
how foolish it was to relinquish all hold
he had upon life, fiat the idea had such
a firiii hold upon him that I ' finally
oblij-ei! to ic.-iort to extreme measures,
and threatened to smal him into the
streets to die if he was not better in
three days. An I anticipated, the dread
of dyin;; upon a public highway coun
teracted thecfTert of the presentiment,
mm! within the r ; c 1 time the pati.-nf
improved wonderfully, and was a!: ;
''ard discharged a cured ina:i-eu:v I,
:. i"' ;.:"'i rv.-.-.rd i.:,l 1 me,
jreMt and las sujersiii
f both i.:s ail
'i Caicairo
l!:e l-i n ti'Cii t Ii ami i ill lovrami.
The duties of my position kept me in
A:r:.; and inado it impossible fur me to
o and m et Louis XVI11. I saw hi:.i
I- '- the (ir.-t time 'it Commer-ae. lb-.v.i.-,
his study M. de Duras hfi;u.:,'..l
nv toit. The Ian."; on seeing m held
out his hand and sa:d to me in tho mo. t
amiable nay, the most affectionate
i.nimiL.r: "I am very fdad to .ee yun;
tiuih our houses date from the samo
; "eh. My ancestors were more el.-ver
than yours; had it been the revi iwe, yea
would say to mo today, 'Take a chair,
come Lei near me, let us speak of ov.r
affairs'; wherea.s today it is I who hay to
you, 'Sit down and let U3 talk.' "
I very soon did my uncle, tho arch
bishop of Rheims. the pleas-nre of re
peating to him thi compliments paid by
the king to our family. I repeated them
the same evening to the emperor oi
Russia, who was at, and who
with much kindness asked me if I wa
satisfied with the king. These w re his
own wiirdj. I hive not been weal:
enough to relate the opening of this in
terview to any other person. Talley
rand's Llemoirs in Century.
A Now Ki-adlns; Syst-in lor thv Itliixl
A new method of teaching The blind tc
wiite has been invented by a French
iady residing in Angers. fYr gotur
years Tdlie. Malot has been doim; all in
hi-i power t aiii-viate the Miffering.-; el
' iios. vhu "nave K ;n deprived ,f ey. si;ht.
?.11k-. ?.lu!-t has been tlin e h:
bi inking h. r new method to p r;. ction.
i i;e iLi is a very simple on--. Asma!:
i-l-.'-.'tu of n by 4 ia.-hr havi--j ; 1 '.'1)1::"--:..;;ti.-
- at the corners, con .In-i a!! ti:-.
. Tnents
i-c a hi
inn ;;i.. wntiii.a
pun .-t.fl pap r.
i.'i.ii:ii !. ".iet- r
.jare ut outitu".
vparate. wtiick
N'." York
:- r ;u -..tare lion
v angular or
-e each letter i--. s-
ivi a'.
1 4.
Verv CSV la .. ;
i i
finger 'ail .Jeuelr.v.
v r:-.:H-,.:.i in' :v ;
. of shirt ;na cr..i' .
:".:. ; i- n..i! .-ji la e .
s m
v.. .
i .if.- at j.;.; exclusive p . .
re i.f a Chin.-.Tnaa'
. h wt:s four iuciies h r.g " ;
in the pr--s- r.t.s a s:
:-rA is e sc-.-ptinle t :
ii'.i -:r owner c;a:i,is tin.t
c-siully u.v.-il 'ov him as
v w re
..her bar. meter when he first got
til, out their usetuhnes in this uiree
n had fieen lost through age. S:r
!;i-: -: Lotter.
11 I. tl : i;f.-r-:i--.
Vli.':i i sunject the king of Da
iue ;s uiLng iw is blvd fro-i tiie arm.
iillng h". is bh-d fro-
if ti'u.-i do'sn't euro him he is iai
f:icu and zv.i men walk uu an
on h: i
)irf. If this fails, hi.-, cas:. is called
;.L'i. ht is left to shift f-vr him !
elf as a verv obtitmat feiiow. Detreit
T.O.; l-i.-t- I ' l-fKi-ii c
Mara; an- V i:y, Heaste! li t down
frcm the 'navk oi your chair. What are
yon doing?
liessi'j Mamma, you told me li trio
girl thould be seen, not heard. Detua-
Itl D W ii.2S
(S icci-hsc)r to
Having f(uni)!cti l v rcclcaii
iave as neat a liaru u a n- stucl
County. AVc ri-s)t-c-i I'ulU
earn our nutlioil of tloin:
Hardware can be sold cheaper for cash than
on time and we are the people that proposo
co do it
Everything to .Furnish Your ILouso.
Under HatiTinan's Opera House
ou run buy of Iilm cheap for ppot r isli or can rrnrt liat yon nei) to furulnh a cottatrt orf
!ii;iiidn:i on tlio I.NSl'AM.llEM i'L.VN.
A'ent tor tin? Celei, rated White Sewing Machine.
'lie !ar."; and m.i-.! ivnuyli-tn Hrn;k to select fruin in (.'us, C.iiifity. Call a-nl sco ta
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