Plattsmouth weekly herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1882-1892, March 19, 1891, Image 8

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ery fii-nl.iy iiiulu
block. AH i hi K-
tl HI t.lld W lu ll VI-
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wring I if in- i: ' vi. VWiii
s, Miir-rinsr cm fully
ur U by ( nth lira.
F. i.w-.-t -v-
II) I IIZir laid
ordial y invited
''' .. ..
I I I M. . i.
Ill IHiK, ".
r.t il hi-4 ::Mi!iKj. For t-VUrtTilo.! .f .1 littl -. ...i r i.. ; f..f !
ecn ei a coirwaanic m-m a j.rui ivan-ii '
m a ;l deal f hiii-teil that lln-ro
wiM something wrong with ihe? laot run- I ..
t-ignillelit of steel s-f nt. in.ismuch afl the f yy ,'is,,.,.(. r lir-l ,r4 e mil n i,iy
lliOll .illeg'd it Was Soft. ' Thin frnr- ' left ---k. it. adii jr ;ir...- my m h. ;tn I i.l-pris.-d
the manufacturer, as I.tV,"-? nnan- ' ni""!,"!"!' iv i.n- . ii i'.im i.t i, y ,..
, r , . . .,, ' :Ci'l ' I' i i - i i -i ;i- O.U.I I ti'il I -.- In
ii'.wi of thesame !, !.! J t 1 I pvca witis- j y.v;r. -.ii.-f.-Ui.-i. n a'i .,.i
faction ol.-rfrwiiore, ;ui 1 In; iiiiu.-iel Went i ST l.e: 1 i.n.l m li i. ; II I II i.
4 . . .. I fr'.i'A, II I I a- III .i-h dlie;n
to investigate the matter. . . f i - I jA L . . : i i..- i. '..,.r .... i.
JI ;w Mill more surprised when he i iy.iit' "'m M.oul.'cn-, until my
found 1hut lln-; -.feel was holt after heat
in ;:iel Mii:jii..i :i tj tin? usual lath.
K.N (ill's I'V : IAS, ;-:m t I "f't'H
N.. i7 Al.i l v. .-.I y .-v. liinK
HI tilt- I ll 111 Ilk Ii A ,l Vi-:t.l-!
k i. 1 1 1 - "if i-'.hII i i v 1 1 ii-il in :i'if il, (. . A.
M.t hlKill. '. .; Ki.". U 1'iM n. Iv ; S.
Y' U ; MI'.N'S' III 11 I' N Si'CIATIOV
. :ii, r i ' . ii M.i k n Mi'i 1. I n. .ins
.f. fr in i :; ii in ! 0 r f. I r men n'y
iHi e I 1 1 1 1 - L un ewi y Mi.ini;iy iillei Ii u ifl 4
Tin; Maeksi;iit!i In.-fore whom hj'i
tli li-.-t a: '! tL' t in-r workmen Ktainl
in'j .a iu:i'l 1 ol; iii!. ji-iins to linle their uiciit of 1 lii' e.!"". t'ri (liseojufiture.
j "Yi n '(, it is M!'t," ;,'iiil the Llack
fiuitli, willi ;i ;-rin, ami for ;i monieut
i thu m.imifari us er was at a loss what
iV ; jjtJJ-' -sy. itrtiiH nun l.iiuli'ei, initil my
T, , j-J'"11"' i1'-1 ''"e "'lf It
'" Velf'l HIV fl'Ulf llOllv. my
.'"j, J ' I - I lare. I e:in ,ii.' sltouli'elH In-ji
Illi T'1 to i!..
u a:: i loa siruek liim.
"La this hath all ri;;iit?" he aske.l, junl
I without waili-.i for an ai:sver h
j iiluui il hii h::u;l into the trough ami
! hh'-il a ioil sizej lurui of sijap. So
G. A R.
Mct'oi.i.ll.l 1-m. ... v,. i... fts eicry SKtur- j l h mlea in a .soapy hath, ami ! ami I f.-. 1 it mv .liiiy i
aay evenu a' , :.. in ii.Miiii.ii. ".e-K. oo. . ...... ..f .... ,... nr,...r. , i"i if
Hlock All ".1-ilint: cilnui.tH alt- Invtred to
.jeel witti t .
ll. K. Ni, !".sl A.tJ.
F. A. I ales. ('um,
Our Clubbing List.
Ol-1 ! emoei ii' kikI 1 1 KHAI.I. . . ,
Harper1 Mnynzine " " ...
IlHrp-rV V, ..:ir
Deiiiorn t'.s MuKsine ....
Omiilir. Il. e " '
I oh-.! ) Hi i.l ) " "
Lincoln C..11 " "
NKtion .l Tiihur.e '
TliuF.ii um ' "
Int.-r t ). . -n '
Linotn .I.':r:r.'l '
Tht: lloi.-ie
the hlaclririth, who hal iI.i3'el tlm
tritif, was li.-cuar;je.l, ami lie confessed
a rival manufacturer of ttecl ha.1 iven
him :"i) to put thu so.ij iu the hath.
ll"ei-t. '111.- wlillf soiil'S
f. ll rui tianlh licin mv lieail
!imrr. Mini aimv! the ki
win! il till. k n iiii.i lie icil ;
fi 1 1 . 1 1 v . a' it i lil.l l-liii'k
ami l.If.-.l if sei au-l.fil Att.r
n'lii.u' in;i Ii 1 1 it .1 r.-rl s if
'it: suf ito'liir, I War. ll Dlllllllll'f (I ill
.in al.'f i 1 au, : i li. i i i i . ii i mimmi.
ii I a. t.-r living I o l It i-t- n 'l i: i: - I." i.v -KM".
1 .ni l a i-h ii". ii" i :i r I )i.l
I .-ii . ii i h iIf -. I : Ini( t .ill. il. .mil
wl ea I ii--( m lull', s .. l'r i Ii ( ha l;i:
h .. v k.n t. line I., x nl ( i i n i i: , an .i.
.f i i t;, i n A S.i v. I w, IS ell . (I Ll I In- ln-:.ll 111
!.-. -ac ll. lil uhi.'li I li;:l uli.-r. .! live jears,
I ;ninl e .i'i'-s i' li a .e: wl.a' I s'lll. r.-il I f
ri. -,inif lie- KhAiKIIKS I In-v s:if .1 inyli'f
ci. hum il I lie in Mv
s Is. 's my
ejfMlit. MKS. KOSA K KLI.Y
Ukw cllt ity Iowa.
( P ( p ii 1 i v 0 1 1 o P vca)
( lo(lipiM
. 4.(iO
. 4. sO
. :i i o ;
. 2 4-"i j
. i'.ir
No I..
" 3..
' 7...
" III..
Tim3 Taba
oi .v.; :i:-'i'
;.'!' a. el No 2..
5 :l". p. m - 4..
:V. a. m " ?...
i I', a. in. " 1M .
.. , :- ., III. " 1-'
5 :-'5 ). in. " 2).
11 :05 a. in.
5 :' p. m
.... It. -:a a. in
7 ;1 I', in.
!) :4.r it. 111.
lr :14 a. Ill
..8 -;m a. in.
Sir. riroiiiiin Tivo 1 iii-. r Short.
A on tin; 1H :.'. o'clock ex
jiress for D. .- on, which lnul just arrived,
was si.i.rhu. in Hie doorway of one of
tin- ;:'. -'i .v. ot:c of h han is relin iu
tin' irooV." wl;. v;r th'j door closes. A
ust of v.-i'.rl or t'je y.v.-i?iifin of the car
I caiiM-:! t:;.- i! :: y dnor to close with con
; sideral !e f. .ree. c-it.-'iiu two of the
I ma:s'.-. 'i'.:- rh-rp cilir.- of tho
jI' r!i : .,' of th:- in -l;il lock ain-
...j j iu!.iteil ;Lo li :c.: r.i aha.wi j:s si.ioothly
j as v.-.i-.i..i a :-:r;: -.-n . i::j:ie. in., mv
, ami .1 i!:! were tukou (.11 at the
i li:-.-: ioi.ii.
'i'h fnjrired n;:m was lartin Freo
a I.'c.v York Lusjin-ss man. lie
w:.- lak.'ii up lowri hy ILickrii.ari Dn.n
Liy, v. lio was; mmer-ted to drive to some
i!i.'s't i.iu":; ...'lice as soon as n s;l il,-. The
olihvs of D;s. i'dailhouse, Distil. Uussell
ami D.nv.a were visile. 1. but .ill were out.
Finali- Dr. IawI;es was found at his of-
Tlif rrw li)(il nmififr, internal y ti. rlcHM'
ttif blmxl of iill iiiiii' ritif s .ami i-niniiin fie
ri, "ii s . ami ( ii ice ha I lie v iv ;il .-k i'i enif ami
i c i in ISA -a p. :-n exiiilsii.' sk to tieaiit'fl .1
rx e nally 1 1 el. ;ir I lif .-k mi ami m a p a' d r'
M f 'lieli.ur thoiiKamU of eiies
'.vl'ere I ne slif lliit; .f sealer incasiir il a (glial I
llaily, f lie's k 1 1 1 ei iick i .l, 1. 1. 'fill. ii;. t (i " i Lf ami
itching Linnet Levi nil ei.iiiii:iiici-, L; ir iiit l. s
an.l a i .". iii!'ei ii ;r i. n 1) V hat .;iln r
remedies liai e imnle Mich fines?
'old evei l-eic. 1 i i e ll 'l i i; . TOc So a i
'2!it'. IIsi I vk.m . 'I I'lenaieil ly the IViti i'k
lllllili A 1 1 I III .MII'AI.I (Hi l'( ISA HON, I'
i r"S-ml 'or Mow to I'ure Skin ;is"s
(' 1 1 a'..-i rn ill -I ai 101..-, an. I 1 no text inn. n tal-
as vmm
w-n r
tl vl
N ) A .
V j i
TOFc is solo ovior of- loptjlqir Fis(qIY
A Notional Event,
The in-liliny of tLc World's Fair
3 ri
L,iiiii e. 1...X i. .ic.mI- . ! il. K 11-I1 dial .( d all
t r i 1 v s i n ci r a .c 1 1 r s r a " . r.
ii si . ir it-. !; r. 1 n
!Viek ;i..,'i.', kidney nain. M-ikness
I lien li-111 . aiid 1,111 -cii'..:r 1 ;t 1
1 n 11 -o i'V
pain plas
;"i cjllf-vtJ in o n m 1
Curicura Acti-p
ami lie
woumhi. New Haven I1;.Lrister.
An Ol.l IJireel.iry
John jrcPherson's directory of Phila-
!elj)hia, ijiihiir.he l in 17S., has b.' uti-
in a cite scarcely 11113 jeais niu j .-.u me 1. .im'.u, lucjiuiiuineui names
ill lies a rciiiarkalile event, lut it cont.sir.s are thesi: "Franklin Benia-
-whetlirr it will really bciieht tins
nation as imii'li as the discovery of
the Restorative Nervine by Dr.
Franklin Miles is doubtful. This is
just what the American people need
to cure their excessive nervousness,
dyspepsia, -headache, dizziness,
ssleeplessnes, neuralgia, nervous de
bilitv. dullness, confusion of mind,
eic. Jt acts like u charm. Trial
bottle and fine bock on "Nervous
anil Heart Disease-.-;," vith une
qualed testiinonialsr free at V. G
Frickc .i: Co. It is v arranted to con
tain no opium, morphine or danger
ous drug's. 1
Remarkable Rescue.
Mrs. Mieli.-'iM 1 urt lie. ri.-iiiiiieK. III.. . in;kis
tliestittf mem 1 1 1:1.1. nIi i-.iuf it - oil. HI1---I s-t
tied on I'.er I lirs ; "In w f iiear.-.i I t a in- ni 1
by Ucr i.citiiv lif- iin-vv wnisf. lie
old lier st s a 1'. ! 1' -- v:ct e--nti mi 1
ti.'ii and li.;:; 1.1" ! .- ;.. '.: - is..:. Id n;.- !.rr
Her Lni;rj,:-t siu--t:et"! br. KiseV 1 cw !;srnv
orv lor e l-s-:si:;i: 1011 ; '!.' ! "'.i'.it l-e'.l!
to.lier ,:iv;';.'i! fotunl.. ;:-;:-'iis"i '101:1 tie-,
.first I,- .--. ;-sie .-.!!.? i. ;-il ' u e :!. -IVr ta'-;-in
lea b .it: J--.-. t". I )e..;. ".' Millllu liliil Wt !1
now liiii-. in J" i.v. :i ii:).;-evoi.v ii:.d is as a
si;:' (V ! v. i::ce tiiii.; l-orile.-- of, tliU rciit
lirti.'ovei y ;-.t h'. ii. i ii.;.vC -i. o t , l-'iu Mile
rKi-l.ultics .'.'j':, ai.ifrl.
Soni'.' years at'o C!ia nheilaiu Sz Co., of
Desj .Moiuc'S Iowa, C' niMieiiCcii : Iu: lirn:
uf.ictui c ol a eolith Fyi 'r, In li. vin it to
he tlic nu st rjr.iiiipt ar.d rt-li-ihie ja'. -iiara-tiou
ytt pio'.iuc.-;i for coughs, ctld-i and
croup; that the pullic appneiuto true
tiaCt'it, 111 nl ia time it was certain to be
come popular. Their most sunuine
hopes have hren more thun realized.
Over three hundred thorsaad lu t;lti of
Ciininberhiin's Coasli Kemedy are now
Fold nc!i yca; rmd it is rccopnizi-fl as
'tiio hfst inaft?," wherever known. It
will cure a severe cold in 1cp3 time than
any other treatment. For sp.Ie by F. (.
Fricke & Co.'
lain, his excellency, 1 Franklin court:
.Morris Robert, merchant, J01 Market
street: Pi; teahouse David, 109 Arch
.street; Hamilton Alexander, fCi't Second
.street." Altliinrj;h on the title page
M :ci!i;Trioa sriells his uameia that man
ner, m thi.' body of the work his name
app-'t;rs as John M.c. Pherson, broker, 7
L'h: si nut street. That all the? people of
the t'iv.'ii vvert not iu F.ymjvrthy with his
work is i:if..ri'.-. I from these ciifri.-s: "1
sh::ll not s-civemy muue, "'!'; ii tampers
;:Ii- y. "I v.-o:'t have it ruimh. rc i," -178
(.iv.-. n :!. "I won't tr II yon my
i:-r: .." Wh-it yo.i )h-is:.." .j; and 5J
r-Iarks-tclret. X.v.' Vurk IVcrld.
Ajm-.! to f!o 1;
j Jr. j i . ;l. , ;:
::.r :i f:o:.i
11'.: 1 Jo.
!i r .jv;
1 !.. ;
M r iv.-. 1
1 ..'.. i-. -ii.ia,
e m: - :--r of
-. I' ' .1
:-!" a ":;vi.l r:r,
t".,-' r- ,-, a c.:.-:i:
.-.i. l lire -.i-.rou i i rcluru. The
vaL'.al.Ie oil-.-, is of lambskin.
s..,i' .1. r. .1 wLli 1 l.uic v.'rt I i'. iue:
riiii ::i;.r. TI:e ;o:. compasses
.U;d the all sec-iiisT eye are staiiijied in
s;. -M. Dr. Wharton is a TJasori, and ex
pects to iimv ;i i-leasant time with the
members ia Jerusalem. He sailed with
his pav.y for Palestine Wednesday.
Baltimore San.
Hrwto Succeed.
. This is the o-reai problem of lib
which few satisfactorily solve
Some fail because of ill health, oth
ers want of lin k, but the majority
from insufficient f'rit --want ofnerve.
Theyare nervous, irresolute, chaiioe-
ablc, easily iret the blues and "take
the sj)irits down to kei' the spirits
up, tlius wastintj-money, tune, op
portunity and nerve force. 'There is
nothing like the Restorative Ner
vine, iliscovcred by the threat spe
cialist, nr. -Uiles. to cure ail nervous
diseases, as headache, the blues,
nervous prostration, sleeplessness,
neuralo-ia, St. Vitus dance, lits and
hysteria. Trial bottles and line
book of testimonials free at F. G.
Fricke & Co.'s.
This is what you ouvj-ht to have, in
fact. ou must have it, to fully en
joy life. Thousands are search iiii?;
for it daily, and liioiiriiin because
they find it not. Thousands upon
thousands of dollars arc spent an
nually by our people in the hope
that they may attain this boon.
And yet it may be bad by all. We
o-uarautee that Fleet rie Dittcrs. il
ii-od :icc n ! i i' ; to directions anil
tin- use in.-rsi.-ied in. will briuo" yon
irood diu'.-siioii and oi:--t the (K-iaoa
dispepsia : n . 1 i i ; 1 .- ' 1 in-le.-id eup.-p-ity.
We .s'eco : n ; ! 1 c: e i lijcctric Hiiicr.;
for dyspep.-l'i arrd ;. 1 1 di.-'-a.-'C.-' :'
liver. sit;)!.:.-:i kidneys. Sohlnt
r.: c.,ari! s ! .' ' ) p.-r boitV iv 1". (1.
1-ric'i.c A: Co.'.-- dri:!?- .-'..! .
ILcolr Oia.t for TO'r3 Siprlm .fL.
' r1
Fcxlcids liiqqy '(liqul'js (o lis
foi' lch libci'ql Fq (ronqiio
q coivliqqoqs of lo sqiio iq
Frioijcls qqd Jq(roqs
iq lr, ioqs( qqcl qsl'is
(lie fq(qr(.
Eveiything at and Below cost Until April
- . ;-.---' ' ' f
M 1 v
Insure your projiorly .'igiiinsl fire, li-Iihiiiiir mul
iv 1. :.. u. l)r 1 .
Of Cincl'inatti, ); io
l-rdo Tree
T will hav.
The firip fn
One remarkable peculiarity of the grip
in Ja);;n wao its prcvaleuire among the
uppir clasiLss whereas tho chelera se
lected its victims among tho poorer
people. Samo idea, of the extent of the
c ideinio may he gathered from the fact
that at Yokohama the sufferers officially
ri'Iiortcd numbered over o!),000, and it is
estimated that the unreported cases
throughout the prefecture were 'nearly
twice as .'rear. Of the 10,000 inhabitants
of Kobcs, C,(; 0 weie attacked by the
disease. Ia l( -:io lac i r-iucmic; raged
Happy Hoosiers.
V.'m. Tinaaen.-i, I'ostm ut: r of !diiville ind.,
wrUiv : -'!-!e. trie ir.tterH li:.- doiit n,"' ie for
mr r'i-ci ; '.i .ati.-r e. iriLi-.u i. f..r
1. id fv: a- ari.-ir.'t; i'.om Kidi ey Liver! with f-:reat virulence, and similar reports
tr.iU'.'l.'." .lull.! !....'. l;irii'C:-aiitt t.(!m;ln,
vt Mimir hic-, t-i-y- : "l'uid l.leetrse ihu-r-. to
b. ... i -r; y 1. v.'v i-1 mii iiii'. iiniiti:
fie it-e" e ; ia"V IL- -.-1." '.- .,t
li.-iraw.-uv ri' i'.-'iai r, s;: si;( tov. a. s-;;ys : "l.tce
tric i-itiei s is just tin-1 -n i a sn.'.a vlio 1's
ail mi u.o-n and ('.usi'l car.- w-icnlii-r lie la es or
r sale at lolm Y.
Stone's fruit farm, o::e raih; west of
(ilenwooil, Iowa, iu time for plant
ing tins spring, ;i i;irc -lock ol ap
ple trees of the varieties tested bv
experience in this climate and prov
ed to be valuable in South-western
Iowa and South-eastern Nebraska.
These trees were jq-rown in ?Iills
county. Iowa, and in Missouri and
from this stock Mr. Stone will plant
heavily" this sprinij, and most of
them were thrown in the nurseries
from which he has planted largvly
durin; the hist six years. This
farm is six miles cast of Flatts-
mouth. K. c. White,
wlit Glenwood, Iowa.
c -7 - - . ' f r-.r-
V iy JiiJ . V i . .. w v ;
- : 1 1 f t ,
dies : lie .'..ia d i.( w"! h
Sllld lei; V.--1 Idee lie ll ill a lif'.v
Only ..t)u, a i)ut;1u i'. J. l'licUe Co's Inig
Tho following advertisement, pub
lished hy a. prominent -we-stern patent
incdiciue house, would indicate that they
rugard disease as a punishment for sin:
"Do you vijh to know the quickest
way to cure:; severe cold? We wiil tell
you. To eure.a coiel quickly, it must he
treated before the cold has become set
thel iu the system. Tiiis c:ui tdways he
donu if you choose to, as nature in her
kiudness so raia gives timely warning
aad plainly tells you ia nature's way,
that us a punishment for Some indiscre
tion, you ?re to he afflicted wih a cchi
rnlcsa yu choose to wurd it off by
irotuctior. 1 he nrst symptoms of a
tost cases, is a dry, louel couh
The couph " t f '. -
erne ii'Oia !'oTn:' or tao (.. i:;r;.-t- cities.
Fr.'ir-cis'co C.-dL!ii!S '- I'i tedent.
A c.i-j ( f iateni't to sc'rool teacliers
c rme in C 'rr.vford ccr.nty court re
ci n'.Iy. A teacher ia ono of the schools,
Mi.v? Alice Denlley, atl'.-.apted to correct
a boy imi.iul (Juy McCliutock, wiio was
smearing ink over another boy's face.
Yeuiig :.
and silra
o v inj
teacher 1:1 tuc- face, seri-
iiig ncr and incapacitating
hs r for sell. '..I duties. The board of di
rectors disposed of the by suspend
;::g the boy for one term. Friends of
3"iss De-ntley them lard the case brought
i;. to court. It was tried and a verdict
of guilt v of assault was rendered.
Mea'dvillo (Pa.) Tribune.
A Fatal Mistake.
Physicians make no t.more fatal
mistake than when they inform pa
tients that nervous heart troubles
come from the stomach and are' of
little consequence. Dr. Franklin
Miles, the noted Indiana specialist.
has proven the contrary in his new
book 011 "Heart Diseases" which ma v
be had free of 1. G. Fricke A- Co",
who -guarantee and recommend Dr.
Mih"-:' j; ; -'j ;;;, . -, i,(.v; Heart Cufl.
w liiclt i.a.- iiic la.'jrv.-.t suk- of ;iuy
lie-art remedy in tho world. It cures
nervous and oro-.-mic he-art disease,
short breath, lluttering-. pain or ten
derness in the sieie.arm er shoulder,
irretrular )ulse, fainting, smothering-,
dropsy, etc. His Restorative
Nervine cures headache, fits, etc.
Clark's Poultry iSemcdy.
For sale br
0, H.'&NYDEIt,
DruSgist, Plattsmouth, Neb.
Pronounced Hopeless, Yet Saved.
From a letter written by Mrs. Ada
E. Kurd of Groton, S. D.,wejuoter
"Was taken with a bad cold, which
settled on my lungs, cough set iu
and linaily terminated in consump
tion. Four tloctors gave me up say
ing 1 could live but a short time. I
gfave myself up to my Saviour, de
termined if I could Hot stav with
I mv friends on earth. 1 wcuhl meet
my absent ones isbov". My hus
band was adviseel to ge-t Dr. Kihg's
New Discovery fo- consumption,
coughs and colds. I gave it a trial,
took in all eight bottles; it Pais cured
nignt- tr.e names ot ml tao ieliows wno j inc ana tnaiiK uoul am no .v a well
.-r nosed to her last summer. and hearty woman." Trial bottles
-ii . -:nh.iriw V-tt F. G. Fricke & Co.'s druir
Poor Cholls-.
Maud F.:hel is very conceited.
Choily I never thought h .r so.
Mawl Br.tsh'is. She t..-1-l me last
If y.-u wan!" your '-' atsdi repaired
If you want your l,"neU repaired.
If you want a handsome. Tea set
If you want a handsome Knai kii: ris:.
Or anylhing-in the line of Jewelry
Who I'? - i'lovf-.i into the Hotel
Riley Block, South sicla of
Schilclknccht's Shoe
St.TfG is
Of Satisfaction to deal out to every
customer in the cit-,
StficlJi-iMfrs itvl ivi li: ill v li-.'ih
ot Ohio wliieh tofrofi;.
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'Aye'r's medicines have been
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( practice, especially Ayer's Cherry
, i peeMoral, which has been used by
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savs he knows it saved his life."--"Ill
i F- L- Morris, M. D., Droodlin, N. Y.
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! Carruth's jewelry" store,
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matters, dates er.n be fixed when thes matter will eome up again
should euch letters receive ro reply.
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ters a apT'etit!iients, Payment of Lifo Insurance J'rerniui
of Fire Insurance, bpocial collections, l'ror.;n-:os to
Payment of taxes, Dates set tor suits, E.vjii ratio;
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Parties desiring- cIa-s ink wells will
Taylor &
X Y. Lite Ihii-diusr, Omaha