Plattsmouth weekly herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1882-1892, March 19, 1891, Image 4

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100 style, prices to suit all.
WK Aviim A Suns, I'iiii.aijeli'IIIJL.
Hold by all deuler.
Loun SALisMirK-v lias written a
letter on the I5ehrin Sea contro
versy anI all the democratic papers it. It is in exemplification
of the doctrine to approve anything'
that is against Hlaine. Call
JUDC.K Gk'oir has resigned the
fiositioti of general laud commis
sioner, an office with a salary at
tached of ij4,a00 per year, on the the
ory that In- is overworked. It is
said the Nebraska delegation has
unanimously nryed the appoint
ment of J initio Cobb of the supreme
court to lill tlx- acancy. juae
Cobb is too i-ood a man where he is
nd as hcis nearly 1 wen ty years older
than (In iff. a position thai was too
oiii'roiis for lib:; would certainly le
a little heavy for J mlv 'obb.
Till-; fol lowing J roisi liie Lincoln
II, va! !. a d.-mocr.itic hee! of the
most -Pslwart !i.--cription. show s
1 : o w 1 1 ( i : 1 e t
1 i ; a e ,' i ii ; !
dH-s noi .-ay
and illti.-l Ie .-
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( ) ! I i
i. Tats view
-t. .Mr. Call!
i ; d is .i C i t
l I H
ted, on the contrary
iat .Mr. Hoyu may
on what is called
ill! : mate..;
have to vat a 1 e
The Herald says: "The answer o
lames h. Itovd in tlieouo warranto
case is absolutely unique in the
history of American political juris
prudence. I'1 its candid and hone?
simplicity and directness anu com-
pleteness it is democratic to the
core. lie states the whole case fully
and unreservedly and is content to
rest upon the findings of the court
Honestly believing himself an elig
ible citizen, he tells the whole truth
and nothing but the truth. The
court may hold that he is not eliri-
ble technically to the olTce of jjover-
nor, and he may retire to private
life. Hut in the popular heart he
will be honored as the honest man
who would rather tell the truth with
out reserve than be governor."
The arguments in the Thayer
Bod case have been heard. It is
believed that Governor Hoyd has
marie a perfect case and stands to
day a full-Hedged citizen. -I'latts-mouth
The nerve of our democratic con
temporary is sublime. The fact
that lames K. Hnyd admits the
... - . .i.-i
; ual ilicat ions o: c 11 1. .en. -a ; i p a- i.ii.i
down by tl
reu'a rded, ;
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a t he ha - t a Urn out
: pers 1 make 1 1 i ; n -
i a
uturc of the banquet was the
f one coarse m tin-plates
turod in the new tin-plate
mill established at St. Louis Kincf
the passage of the new tariff law.
Nr. Cleveland, as he plied his knife
and fork to the viands heaped on
his home-made tin-plate, must have
had Home inner qualms of con
Hcience as he retlected that had he
been successful in tin? campaign of
there would be no tin-platen of
any description manufactured in
this country. And they constitute
only only one of many industries
which have received a new impetus
under the policy of the present ad
ministration and have opened up
the prospect of employment to tens
of thousands of workmen in all
parts of the country in the early
future. He seems resolved to try
the hazard aain next year. Well,
so let it be, ami let the people decide
nain; for, with a fair presentation
of the issue, they may safely be de
pended upon to emphasize the ver
dict of 'HH and sustain the American
industrial policy. --Irish World.
1 hk I'arnellites have landed in
New York preparatory to their tour
of America in search of funds with
which to carry on their campaign
in Ireland. It must be quite a pic
nic to run for office and have for
einers foot tho bills; this is what
I'arnell has been in the habit of do
in Although he owns vast prop
erties in Ireland, yet when he runs
for office his bills have always been
paid. While Mr. I'arnell was the
true leader in the cause of Irish lib
erts, Americans of Celtic birth
poured out their wealth with lavish
hands to aid the fatherland. To-day
however. Mr. I'arnell has been dis
graced and no longer stands as the
eminent Irish patriot, on the other
hand he has done more in the past
three months to create dissension
and trouble on the jjjreeii isle than
all the Knirlish landlords put to
His opportunity for doinr irood
he has turned to his personal ac
count at the expense of sulfermr
mil evicted tenants.
No patriotic American with a true
regard lor tlie sutierm;s oi uit
Irish peasantry will irive Mr. 1'ar
nell's agitators a single penny. Kv
cry dollar riven them would lie so
much to be used airainst the true
spirit of .Nationalism in Ireland. It
seems to us the American people
are to familiar with the situation on
the oilier side to be duped into as-
si.-'iti;' Mr. Camell to disrupt the
Irish organization mduT than t
I 1 1 i I up and increase itstorce. W e
bell-. -ve the recent arrival of Mr.
I'arnelt's airents bodes no irood for
that ire nt lei nan. and that their search
for funds will be fruitless.
t-r all. Hut what will the free
tra le-tariff editor do? This tin
plate "tax" was h is jrrcatest and al
most only stand-by. And now that
prop is rone! Well, he must send
to the Cobden Club and get some
new ones from headquarters. Hut
he must hurry up, for they are
getting very weak over there, and
won't hold out much longer. So
make hay while the sun shines,
free traders! It will soon enough
be all moonshine with you. - Amer
ican Kcoiiomist.
IIemisti;ap Washhi.'knk, son of
thu late Klihu H. Washburne, re
ceived the republican nomination
for mayor of Chicago Saturday eve
ning. If Cregeir is nominated by
the democrats, the fight will be an
interestinir one between the ramb
lers and dissolute characters who
have flourished under the regime
of Cregier, and the respectable ele
ment under Mr. Washburne.
IT IS predicted that thousand
mile tickets will soon be put on sale
by all lines in the Western I'assen
ger Association for twenty dollars.
Two cents per mile on western
railways is certainly cheap travel
ing. Mileage tickets now cost two
and one-half cents per mile, and
may be purchased by anyone that
desires to invest money in that
T w K X T Y - K i ( 1 1 T thousand, nine
hundred and ten shares of C. H. t
O. stock were sold on the open mar
ket in New York Monday at 79 and a
fraction. This is more than three
times as much as was sold of any
other railway stock except I). T,.
W. Somebody evidently wants (J.
stock, though the price does not ap
preciate over what it was a week or
a month ago.
KxGLA.Nl is about to send Mr.
Joseph Chamberlain to Washington
to negotiate a reciprocity agreement
between this country and Canada
;ind Kngland. It is said Secretary
Blaine is willing to listen, but
makes no overtures in that direc
tion, as there is almost nothing to
be gained. No American of any
party will feel any uneasiness about
the' Britisher getting tin- best of our
brilliant secretary and more than
peer of any diplomat in Kurope.
cheapening of goods through oc
cassional glutting of the market,
which is inseparable from active
production, as a direct injury.
It seems, however, from the fol
lowing sentences, that there is no
Our exports of colored and uncol
ored cotton cloths for lS'.Ki t-hows an
i'lirease of $S00,M) as compared
with those for JSS'j. During the
first half of the year the exports fell
below those tor the corresponding
period of the preceding year; but in
t if latter half the gain is very
market!, October and December
shipments both exceeding $11 .IH X),
), a figure which was not reached
in any month during 1S'..
This will have to be passed in
silence. "Of course," protection
must decrease our exports; "all the
best minds say that is its effect."
When Mr. Blaine propoed reci
procity, he was hailed as a new
free-trade Moses who was to lead
the Lancashire "cotton lords" and
all industrial Ivngland out t their
bondage to American tariffs. But
the following from the paper abov
quoted is not such pleasant reading
as was anticipated lor tlie advo
cates of a foreign commerce which
was to be confined to exports of raw-
produce and the imports of finished
goods on our part:
couon-miii men are looking loin
creased ex portal ion of their goods
to Brazil under- the privileges
granted by the new treaty of a re
ductiou of 'St per cent, in the duty
on such articles. The advantage
thus gained over the Knglish im
ports, tnougii siignt, win, it is
Uiouglit, lie sutlicient to cualilc our
manufacturers to control the mar
' (
Carpeting and Curtains3;
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For Sale.
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town of Murray, on the M. 1. It. H.
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Nebn Feb., 9th, 191. wtf
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Needles, oils and parts for ad kins of
machines cn be found at the Singer of
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lection and cheanest wall
Tin; killing of the eleven Italian?
at New Orleans Saturday, who wen
charged, tried, but not convicted of
tlie murder ot clnet llennessy, is
assuming a serious aspect. New
Orleans, the home of the White
League, has so long used her courts
as corrupt machines that answered
to official demands or public clam
or, regardless of the law and the
facts, Was but getting a dose
of the same medicine they have so
often given political partisans.
Guilt of the Italians was clearly
proven, but the kind of practice that
had been winked at in the courts be
fore, again obtained a footing that
popular clamor could not dislodge
bribed the jury, and an acquittal
was what followed. Then a mob of
indignant citizens shoot down the
men that a court of competent juris
diction had said were not guilty of
the crime of murder. One of the
worst features of the whole affair,
however, consisted in the killing of
four subjects of Italy, which is ad
vertising the New Orleans brutality
ill over the world. It was shame
ful that a mis-trial should have been
had, but it was more than shameful
that it should result in mob rub'.
specially to liie extent ol .-lioolmg
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Mow. but
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t which 1 ;
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t a r i a -. s i
r do
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I ieo ! 1 1 ' 1
b ra - k a
n r -;.
of la-t
rial tfr
t ael ; re"
from 1:
is 1,
! I .--own
l told
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I will
now." I 1
! 1 1 y i . ! l i i ,
lid 1 1 ' v
It was rumored in Lincoln yes-
terdav that lodges Norval and Max
well did not agree on tlie ! gal as-
c i o T 1 1 e '"!.: i :"!:: i , I rev i i 1 1 :e
1 oy d case, a n.l a - J u ige Cobb was
at home .-ic! ro eo.ic! 1 1 s am was ar
rived at. It is suspected thai the
inly point in the entire answer of
Mr. Uoyd that presents a judgment
of ouster on the pleadings, is the
ig'e session wherein he says that
'he is informed and believes that
his father took out his first papers
and lost them.-'
It is rather a scaly subterfuge to
fall hack upon, but it raises a ques
tion of fact that it seems would re
quire testimony to settle, though it
is plead in rather an evasive way
1 lie iiKALD does not oeiieve any
such testimony is forth-coming, and
that it is simply a plea for time put
in by the wily counsel for our de
facto governor. If Mr. Boyd has
any proof to substantiate this claim
by all means let him produce it
Boyd he would then be the legal
rightful governor of Nebraska, and
no court in the land would dispute
his claim.
This time-serving, pettifoggingof
counsel may stave off the fatal day
for a time, but we have such faith in
the court, that we do not believe it
will attempt a rape on the constitu
tion to save the neck of Mr. Boyd or
any other gentleman.
I'his talk about unseating- the
quondam governor on a technical
ity is bosh of tlie worst kind. The
duties of an alien to become a citi-
x.en are and the oalv ; i::- 1 1 n
Have tuey Peon eoii;;iui
e lad it Mr. Boyd ma
light they had. cats no t);
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st ite. Call and Ii;- coavined.
1 lenrv
.-. shi-
Itat. ;
I ia the
w I in
U ? ;-4i
W z
!. - A r : ' - V '7
w 1 1 1 1 .
1 1 a e
are in
' i To r
t i
. i "
; 1 1
to I .e
in' a o
i lb.
'oi a i : 1 1 a: t i i :j
hi 1 1 1
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PROBATE NOTICE-Final Settlement
" bpt'iioer s. laillin.", deceased.
In the. county court of Ca-s county. Nlirakk.
Nutic" 'ie hereby given that the lieirn of sa d
spencer s. Uillno;s deceased has made an.ili-
catiou for final settlement, and tiait. said couse
is vet f r lieannj? at mv otllce at PlattHiitonth
on tlie :5ist day ..f M.irch A. I. lan. at Hi oclo: k
a m on said day ; at which time and place, all
persons interested may tie present and exam
ine the accounts of fclla M, Spencer, executrix
of the last will and te.-t anient of said deceased
K. 8. Kamskv, Con Jtv. Judge
Plattmouth. March 10. 1831. 5i-3t.
Sheriff's Sale.
15y virtue of an execution lnsued bv W. C
Showalier. clerk of the district court within
and lor uass county. Jeira.ska, and tome
directed, 1 will on the 30th day of March, A. O.
1S91, at 1 o'clock p. in., of said day at the south
noor oi me court nonse in tn city of Platts-
moutli. iu find county, sell at public auction,
the following real . state to-wit :
iMt t vo hundred and seveiitv-two (aT'J) in the
niace rl oreenwood ; Kits tMrtv-Iwo (.32) j-nd
thiily-thrre (3.1) Jone' Second Addition to Hie
village of Ureenwood. Las couutv. Nebraska.
toiietiier witn tne pro ncee and anpurtenan-
ces thereunto beloninjr or in anywise apper
taining. The same beint; levied upon and
laKen as tne property oi .losiaii i line, deleiiu-
ant ; to sausfv a nidirment of court recov
ered by .luspli T. I. loyd. plaintiff a-rainst aid
riattsmoutli. Neb., Feb. 'jsih. A. I., lsyl.
William Th;iik.
w4!!-:t Sheriff Cass County, N'eb.
a W u A-ti ji Z,
ho Storm onicductioii"
-Tho Storm of Patronage,
S. & C. Mayer Continue to Wear the
Irolrtte oticc
J. -J i J 1 1 1 Ir.'ie:!-i c evaded
In t'ountj' ouit. Cass c-.iuiny
N ol ice i - iiei '-bv 'i . en t hat I.1
: : 1 1 1 1 s ; i- r of ihf ': .f
Inlif-libT I'c.-ea-t (I. mad- ;
aid l ti-it .ii.l
Final .Vet ( lomeot
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tliial -
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t v. . -laiel.
no '.v
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ill p.
!i-i;:i to
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Ill 1 ii:- (
: v" is
ill 'ii n : ...
r i-'i i ii; i:
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im y i i
I'd. dud
! i. in
: t .v i
ii tor
; for
' 1 ' f
1 r-
1QARGAINS in Mens, Boys and Childrens'
clothing, are melting away like ice j
the Summers sun. Our creat RHnnti
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. JL
t such nrirc"
.he city of Pip
ccn offered be-
i::r Ii li.iy I A: ri! A .
i in .said i!av , .a w b i.
s-n-.s in : r. sfi'd iiiaj
said ;i'''M'iiils.
i'l.i ' p : . i" :'. !t. ai '-;i
P M, a' i
im- and
pi. s,.:a
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i; -pi
!.' -IJ.;! '.
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1 ?.
"ore lookinr
your pocke
means money
i ra S' f ' r' -i
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of i'rotectiouistd. A
.i i . 1 1 . i . -happy
oi ivia iii.i a v. i
a I
ha vi" to .-Miap
together that quarter of a cent af-
1 :
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I reo-t I "a le
n 1 1 a i i - i
toiistituted lhat it rei;arl.s
iou.-lv I
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; e:nd for oufl c;.T-.L3-iu-; - p.-a-E.a
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i:z VrjiJ
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