Plattsmouth weekly herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1882-1892, March 19, 1891, Image 1

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11 w; id.
l JtOlJxXVl. NO. 52.
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IM.ATTSMtiUTli. v'A.s i; 1 V, N K 1 1 ! A S K A , TI 1 1 J I J S I A Y. M A 1 C 1 1 4A) IS91
r fKt cf all in Le.-ivf-nlng I'owcr.-
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' ' .
Robert Troop is laid up -with la
jstwj Root is iii Walioo cm legal
.'i. N Wise returned lo his duties
Omaha this morning.
Frank .Morgan is attending to
j msincss in Lincoln today.
, C. vS. Polk was in Louisville last
enin on legal business.
Dr. Withers started this morning
r Sioux City on a business tour.
, '
R. W. Hyers. Georg e W. Fail iieM
nd 11. II. YVboloy were Li lcoln pas-
nlgers t"his morning.
Chief Lugineer Lewis of Ihe M. I
s is been confined to his room for a
.vdaj's by sickness.
Mr. Latham sold a ticket thi
orning to Zumbrota, Minn.; Mo-
ale, Iowa, and Ipavia, 111
i, Kd Parrot id oija of the birds that
( iepa iii doacthis' kind of weather
jn accouniloPa-wlifirht attack of the
i ,.?Mrs. "i. li. Roberts and daughter
returned hoi-je, tjii.-j morning- frwm
pleasant " s5ui m jvith friends in
8 f this citj'. . i
,1; Frank Raderiof .ino.oln ha&' been
I , the guest of his niece-v Mrs. J. L.
moruing. . '. " .
sMr.' Bert I)uriu is very s3ick,
threatened with. It. vcr.
v Mr. Lee 'ii&fti'tfr tliipped a ..'car.
r.K "ATr Tiili'n liickinrton? foi I1m-S
fl " -n ere visittHj.t'Jiirf fci.slerj i4-.
- t -ni:uLer -iiierct ::ia tj;'.lqr k
are tUiing a livelv .'-.btirines
nt. ' ii ."
.Utems of ijiteresf are- ;.cartt this
:eek. luxt we -promise lTiore in the
jenr future;,;' "r'iV ,T?
- Miss PauTine t)ldUam ; retuutitT
home .V.t-;.l:ies'day-. eveinng :.i$mijL,
Xarkio school.
. -4
- . ;. ?4
bnow every
bad road
ill.- ti f4 - 'T -
tfiou in
our ritv -v v:'
ourtuj. . AiJisdrr r:
1 Our post ofiice deparUncrtt
lirtg remodeled, ;tnd yviU" be more
convenient in me iuiure.
11 vur city uocior is Kepi eonsiamiy
lbusy night and day attending to
the sick of our coiiinumity.
!' Mr. Chas. Conally has moved his
t family here and built a small house
j! so as to be handy to his work.
'.Rev. K. U. Graham from Omaha
will occup3 the United Prcsbyteri
jiii rmlnit the comimr Sabbath.
4 1 ' S
f Ir.-C. T. Root of this place spent
J two long (lays last week in Platts
J mouth." What doing? . Courting!
j V new step in front of the butcher
j I y n adtls greatly to its appearance
i Xperhaps jii eveJits some one from
t . Jmds'& Root are erecting- an
; .1'. Ik.;:.-, e to ihe back of ilieir
IJj, (' , tirry a fiill line of
If ; ! '-ments henceforth.
f-t. 'rted a gentleman on' the
' .Vachelo lu south-west of here, is
I going to take a wife unto liuriself
iiext"Vcdnc:-day evening. '
We correct our mistake of last:
II reek, which should have read
i J Buck" instead of "Beck" school
I 10use, where the exhibition is to be
I Ir. Jas. Walker was "taken very
51CV vi-..7 .i.i.....J.i....i.
ouble, but is under the treatment
ilr jv.'IJrendle nnrf we hope "to see
V.'Brendle ami we hope "to
I iround again in a few days.
. m
1 jf'v.
Torrence of Illitiois wiy
here in the United Presby-
i ,.1. f 1 1
K ; ith. Ihe people ol tins concre-
: atiou are intending to give this
j entleinan a call tocome and preach
fWv5Cheui tlie ensuing year. Ma-
6C "wntrrowu Jus work.
Hh people are at work
on a canal idvt and intend to to see
whether a canal can bo- built to from a pvint sixteen miles
' p the Platter river. Since the Kear
i Sy canal has been dcpioustrated a
it)lete success, various jioints
caught up the scheme, but. the
' 'tcj canal remains to date lie
uccessfnl one in Nebraska. -
I: : ,fiy Hub.
1 4 ..
I. Gov't Report, Aug. 17, iS"
Peter Merges and his wife, we are
sorry to note are both sick.
The Schuyler was an hour late
this morning on account of a wash
out a half mile west of Cullont.
J OK, the One Price Clothier, will
continue to sell you at and below
cost until April 1st. as JOK is very
much in need of money. tf
Miss Nellie Shafcr is now keeping
house for her father, Ilenrj- Shafer,
and jy- n.lo learning the millinery
busineas with Mrs. Wise.
The funeral services of 1 rs.
Wood was not a:; larg-ely nttewled
as it would have been to-d;Vy, owing
to the ahnost impassible cmdition
of the road. .
The regular meeting of the La
dies' Aid Society of the M. K. church
will be held to-morrow, Thursda-,
afternoon at 7 o'clock, at the home
of Mrs. Dabb on West Main street.
JOK must raise a large amount of
money by .April 1st. If you need
anything in his line, go and see
hiflpjhewill sell it to you at your
own figures. tf
The prohibitionists of the Second
ward willmect in convention to
morrow evening. March 10th, at the
oflice of' J. I). Graves & Co. at the
lumberyard on Washington avenue.
Five bums were thrown in jail to
day and will be fired out of town to
night. , One of the gang was fortu
nate in'liaving a wooden leg which
assisted him in raising the wdlixM
for the rest of the crowd. :'
C. II. Jaquette. formerly vith jGeo.
V. Vass, has rented the nopHi -hnjf
of the room occupied by- Mr, Muir
on Sixth street and will open up a
jewelry store and watch repairing
headquarters, Monday next.
Y. V. C. T. U.
."' Then v.i! 1 bo a called moot in cr of
Pie Y; j;t the V. M. C. A. Rooms
jTmir.-dny. 10:!i. at - p. in. All mein-
,ters are requested to be present
to attend to important business
LBv order of President.
Mrs. busai
an TcTi't, mother of Mrs.
?joii Streigiit, of South Bend,
l," fei
and grandmother erf II. J. and O.
M. Streigiit of this cit-, departed
this life yesterday at the ripe old
ageoF3 j-cars. Grandma Tefft was
born4ii Rhode Island while George
Washington was president of the
United Sto.tes. nnd has been person
ally familiar with the histor-of this
republic almost from its birth; her
personal recollections of events
must have been endowed with un-
isual charm. The deceased at the
time of her death was a resident of
Lewis, Cass county, Iowa. The
funeral will take place from the
residence tomorrow. Mr. and Mrs.
Jason Streigiit and II. J. Streight
and wife will go over to Lewis this
afternoon on the 113-er.
A Coocl Pinner.
Kveryb..".: -i.iows Mrs. Kate
Oliver, the ger3l, kindlj- lady that
keeps the boarding house at the
corner ot Vine and Imrd streets.
Well, yesterday . way .-Jier birthday
(but we u'nt going to tell the huly'd
ige, it .would be impolite, 3 0U knov. )
and. quite a number of her lady
friends took dimier with her, and
such a dinner a3 it was. too. Mrs.
Oliver ha
-5 a reputation for good
dinners, but yesterday excelled the
best, in fitting memory .of-tne birth
day of the thoughtful hostess.
Those present wbo enjoyed the
sumptuous repast were Mesdames
W. C. Showalter, J. A. Connor, S. W.
Wheeler, L. C. Stiles, Con Connor,
A. Taj-lor. Calvin Parmele, Asher
Clark. Lads of Huriington, J. Hoyd
of South Bend, Clel Morgan and
Chas. Lads. Before repairinghomc
all the guests united in extending
their, hearty best wishes to Mrs.
Ojivcr for .the return of many more
s.ut-1 pleasant natal anniversaries.
Ijach season has its own peculiar
mafad-; bxjt with the blood main
tained in a state of uniform vior
and purit5' by, the use, of , Ajer's
Sarsaj)arilla little danges need be
feared ffom meteorologicalinfluence
No other blood medicine is so safe
and effective.
Our Nominees.
The result ol the republican eitv
convenlioii last evening and the
ward 0:1 entio.i.- (.:' Sa tip-day even-
nig cannot he an tlpii: I l it oITVcIj
salisiaclory to the j ,arty ' , a tf J ' t(
tliose who desire a clean adujinis-
tration of pul)lie atfairte" - '
Captain H'-niiet. onqof the .nonii
nit school
board, isan old citizm'o't''i
amo cnaracler and lugh standing in
this coiiinpppt3-". Hp has hal ex
perience 011 tin-school board before
11 1 ... . 1
and always takes a lively interest in
school matters, he should be elect
ed by a good majorit
me opicr proposed member of
the school board, I r. .. J. Graves,
ot tlie Iptth ward is an uctiveyoung
man that has made school teaching
a profession, he knows the actual
needs of our schools better than
m.ui wiio nave been members of
the board for years. Mr. Gr;
a jraciical man, he is personally in-N.
t crested in the schools and would b
indeed be a most valuable
for the place.
For aldermanic honors the I'irsl
ward has nouiinated one of its best
and most popular citi.ens, Mr. (., ,.
S. llouseworth. Mr. II. is a young
man of excellent habits and fine
business judgment, just the kind of
a man that is needed in the city
council and although the ward is
democratic, we preuicf iiis electio.i
by a fair majorit3-.
The SeCoiKl ward n'ntit,i;,-nm:
have nominated for councilman Mr.
D. K. Barr, a gentleman well known
and respected in this city as an lion,
est and industrious citizen. Mr.
Barr is.i practicing lawyer, a mem
ber of the Cass comity bar; he
would bring good qualilications to
the position of alderman and would
abl- represent the ward.
M. B. Murphy lias again been
nominated for the city council from
tile Ttjird ward. Mr. Murphy needs
no -introduction to the people of
this city at our hand?. He is a rest
Jess worker and takes great interest
.in public affairs. The Ifl-KALI) be
lieves Mr. Murphy will' bo elected;
and that he will have no superior in
ihe council as an able, energetic
member there can be no doubt.
J- Betei son, one of our success
ful businessmen received ihe nom
ination for c)U;ieiJn::i:i ' i om the
Fourth ward' last itight. Mr. Peier-
:! !S ,)!.!;!. f!,,s
interest in city m;itte?".-: that
make lum an excellent ni'
in iiio -ijui ::. 1:. ii.ii;m ;:;ri
M. M.. Beai are the city legislative
nominees, they arc both, active, in
dustrious men, repr e.-vntr. Live citi
zen. s of that ward and shouTd be
Republican City Convention.
The convention met in Rockwood
Hall last night pursuant to call
and wasrapped to order by Mr. A.
X. Sullivan, chairman of city central
committee, who was on motion,
made permaitentchainiian. Waller
Thomas was made secret. 'irv.
i here being 110 contest, but little
time way given to the matter of cre
dentials. L. T3. Bennett, of the. Second ward,
and A. J. Graves, of the Fifth ward,
were nominated hy acclamation f&
members of the school board. MrV
Win. Hayes having previously de
clined a renomhiation.
Tlie following central committee
was then appointed from each ward
as follows:
J '- l -u .:-.!. fi -t-ry . ir
Seeor.d ward. "Peter Bates,
Third ward. Wm. McC:u:Lv,
Fourth ward, J. Tv. Summers,
Fifth ward, Harry Coolidge,
A. X. Sullivan was elected chair
man ot the committee for another
year, after .which the convention ad
journed. '
Pound Social at Cedar Creek.
The ladies of Cedar Creek will
give a basket supper at the school
house on Wednesday evening,
March 1T. Gentleman paying for
Supper according to weight of lady,
at the rate of on'o-half cent per
pound. ' .
There will also be a fish pond and
fruit stand in connection, together
with musical and literary exercises.
All are cordially invited.
. Dr. Marshall
lias returned from Dental College
and will be found athis oflice in the
Fitzgerald block, 'whore he is pre
pared to do all kinds of dental work.
"Fruits and. Friut trees"
isan ably written bonk and gives
tru.My information for all v. ho grow
fruit of any sort or kind. - taxk
Bros.' .Nurseries, Iuisuma '-. M6
will send it free to all intei effed.
Orange Judd Farmer. ''
O - If i
c c; o
i i
it Ol fl" 15
rH 0
wazx ' jz si ' 2 T
JrJ. . z: C-i rr S
- e . O
- o. . 0 g.
-"V r
c& & r .
9 V v V S
J - .Vl -It,i-fr j 4
Ui kit
it '
it fj oifnii i rf- rj
HAVE cut the prices deep, and par
ties in need of anything in the above lines will
save money bycalling
: Our? ne w line of embroideries, the handsom
est andlargest line ever shown by us.
fikst muni i:asi fiijst
Remember that R. O. Castje k Co have an immense stock of
And Guarantee Satisfaction in all Things
All the late.'siV7i of wall paper
found at Wildu 'n?t-lvi Fullers. .'. -
Miss Mollie Tuckqr. Dressmaking
and milleuery a sjecialty. Rooms
over Harold's store ' tf.
When yoti are in Lincoln, call on
Y. C. Austin &Co,in MeHride block
corner ou twelvth and 1- Stre e t frc
Ilavelock and University property.
' Bucklen'3 Arnica Salve.
The. Ukst Sai.vl i'i for Cut
Bruisej", bores, Uieeid,' 11 m :a:n. i'-v
Sores, Tetter, Cliueji-'d llantb, Cl.iiiir,ia.-Ce-rus,
and all Skin Srdtipi!.c, au.l pusi
tively cures Plies, or ay nay n-quir'.-'l
It 13 guaranteed to trive t-ntisficiion, or
money refunded. I'rice 2." ernts box.
For aale by F. G. FucKe 5,Co.
,Of oil kinds to order. lair chains
pins, rings, crapes,? etc., d . pp.'ciulty
Orders left at Dovey'a store or Mesdaniet
Wise & Hoot, will be promptly attennea
to, or postal card to
Mi;s. A. Knee,
Drives the t!:e Hcircc is not in. ft
And for that matter, neither is tlie
Singer Sewing Machine Company.
Over U.()!iO,nu( Shigcrs have been
sold 'in the United 'States which
means that we have over 0,.1);),0( wit
nesses to the fact that' t!n,SLGKH
is the best machine made. All the
newest improvements have been
added which truly make the Singer
The Oueen of all her Realm.
Machines sold on the tnot favora
ble terms Uy the department mana
ger. . -
at his headquarters in Henry IJo'cka
Furniture store or by Mr. Atherton,
local agent.
f I. A
Tlie Waslilnst
PrqviSion Merchants.
Wc pay no rent add stll for CASH
You don't jj.iy :iay hills fur dead beat;
when you buy of t!.in (irni.
vTLo bc8tSOFr COAL always
Ilmd. ".,4L
Opposite Ilichey Bros Lumber oGce
Carrya Fuil Lincof
9 ft
uot.M 2, K ivii r-i.ucic.
Is recognised". the -leading rrro-
cer of the city. keeps glassware,
pieenswarc, all JvinWc of groceries '
aml table delicacieri. dtf