Plattsmouth weekly herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1882-1892, March 12, 1891, Image 1

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.lighest of all id Leavening Power.
OH bllMlie
Mr.llm. Walker went to Lincoln
on buMness Mondity.
I Mr. P. Uergor is moving into town
1 this week ami therefore will be one
! of us.
Since our last writing" the weather
; has moderated koiuc ;md makes us
all feel better.
Miss Ilattie Holmes, of Rock
Bluff visited friends here the latter
part of last week.
' The farmers' alliance met Satur
day ilight at the school house to
organize a society.
. We arc glad to learn that Mr.
Frank Moore is improving and if
nothing interferes he will get along
' Moving seems to be the order of
the day now and most any time we
can see a wagon load of goods going
t? ' '
she last snow of the season has
made its appearance, and with it
came sleighs, bells and a general
good time.
Two more weeks of school then
we will all have a long rest, as there
will be no spring school on account
of lack of funds.
Mr. J. M. Holmes, of Sherman
county, has come back to Cass to
spend the summer here on account
of poor crops in that county.
Mrs. Nannie Root was called to
Plattsmouth Monday morning by
the illness of her mother, who was
said to be in a dying condition.
t There will be an exhibition held
at the Peck school house three miles
-uth of here by the school 011
; ay, March 21. " All are invited.
'T. W. Faught of this place
to 'ei to Weeping Writer Tues-
stcaCl week by the serious ill
j iAer father, Elder Root, of
;Miy. A. Rankin shipped a car
load of cattle to Omaha Vednesda3
of last week. From there lie will go
to Armstrong county, Pa., to visit
'friends and will bring home with
him a fair daughter of that country.
iJOur best wishes go with him. We
i, V tlirow our ao. u uroran ancr 111111.
Dr. Brendle of this place and Drs.
Siggens and Schildknecht of your
city performed a difficult surgical
operation on Allen Khoden, who met
with the accident we spoke of last
week, by amputating his limb just
below the knee.
I Mr. Khoden came very neardying
' during the operation, but rallied
and is a little better at present.
Miss Florence Crosser, who has
been attending school at the West
ern Normal College, Shenandoah.
Iowa, flie past winter, has returned
home to visit her parents for a
couple of weeks, but contemplates
returning in a few days. This is
one of the grandest institutions of
V .the west and can be recommended
wV -it hrhlv to all vounir seekimr anedu-
j cat011.
The O. M. society of Murray de
ckled to go to Plattsmouth and have
their pictures taken. They hired a
livery coiUTyance and at ll-.'M they
started on their iourney. They re-
ported a gdoriotis time, but the
driver, at th is writing, seems to be
badly used . up and declares he
i never wm ue or'ugni in tiiat crowd
write a
V lie nies, some one
em io his niemorv.
sf' u.ft,aaics Missionary-Society of
the United Presbyterian church of
this place held their monthly meet-
iug last Friday afternoon "at Mrs.
T. W. Edmunds'. The society-
thought they would do an act of
charity by sending relief to the
western sufferers. The- raised over
ten dollars in money and made a
bee line for Fdmuuds A: Root's store
where they made purchases to that
amount and are at once going to
' ebip the goods to Henkleman. Neb.,
7I wli-'fe the people are in a needy con
? tVmton. May their efforts be blest
' and "They shall receive- their re-
"hat kind of literature sliall the
r.sing generation of our land read?
Our time is so short and jjrecious
that we can not afford to waste the
fragments in reading trashy litera
ture. The mind is weakened and
the brain becomes stitlled. To con
verse with the good and great we
must read their writings and hold
intercourse with them. To converse
with anyone for live minutes we can
easily tell what literature they in
XJhgein. To talk with the learned
wine i it piea.-iire, iui io taut lo
Xrrtiom 11 1 Hereon ij i 1 1 i i .1. i .
is impress on the minds of the
treneration the necessity of
Vj'ng choice literature.
km. JMARSIIA A.. n - VTIsT t-MI
f)C in his office on and after March
V i, Li
U.S. Gov't Report, Aug. 17, 1889.
n o
Mrs. C A. Print, is visiting friends
in Omaha today.
Mrs. Fred Murphy is visiting rcla
ti ves'here today.
hots of snow fi ll last night all
over the wes-ern par! o .'the :-1a(..
Mr. Prandt, auditor of the locomo
tive department, is 111 the city today.
IJert McKlwain and O. A. Hirsch
are nltcndinr to business in Omaha
to lay.
Owing to"a lack of cjiioriini, th
council failed to materialise last
Mrs. F. If. Wilson is feeing rela
tives and friends in the metropolis
Superintendent IJignell, one of the
Is. A: M.'s ablest officials, is m the
city today.
Mrs. John C. DePutron of Lincoln
is the guest today ol lier niece,
Mrs. Atherton.
Misses Alice and Nellie Uoone
went to Omaha this morningto visit
lriends for a week.
Harry Cole, son of Lew Cole, was
the honest boy that found and re
turned Mr. Young's pocketbook the
other day. We did not learn the name
at the time.
Tne Intermediate Penitentiary.
II. R. No. 512 will be taken up in
the house this morning. "The bill
was introduced by Representative
Shryoek and authorizes the estab
lishment of an intermediate peni
tentiary at Louisville. The citizens
of that place have agreed to donate
a building and 1?S0 acres of land. A
committee of legislators, in con
junction with a committee of Platts
mouth citizens, visited the site and
will report favorably. The object in
view is to establish a place for
young criminals who are too old to
be sent to reform schools. State
A. IJ. Todd and several others left
for Lincoln hi-
night to assist
Louisville in gettin
; the new refor-
The Elocutionist.
Prof. T. L. Crosthwait gave an
evening of readings and imperson
ations to the satisfaction and delight
of all who heard him. He is a mas
ter in his chosen profession of elo
eution and oratorv. W. K. Heans
pastor Trinity M. K. church, Omaha,
Feb. US. 1SD1.
Mr. Crosthwait will be at the M. K.
church the evening of March 17.
Admission 23 cents.
Fori Croolt.
Five hundred thousand dollars
has been appropriated for the im
mediate improvement of this new
fort which is situated just six miles
north of this citv. All of Fort Oma
ha will be removed to the new site,
which will be titled out as one of
the largest and best military head
quarters in the United States. Con
gressman Connell. after a talk with
the officials at Washington, sa3's
work will be begun in earnest on
the new buildings as soon as the
weather will permit, and tiiat he has
reason to believe $2,000,(XJ0 will be
expended on the new fort. Ife sa3s
that the plans being carried out for
the work which begins at once are
on the basis of a million dollar ap
propriation, so confidant is the gov
ernment that at least that amount
will be fi mil ly- given.
The building of this new military
camp so near i's where so many
men will be permanently- located,
and the expenditure of half a mill
ion dollars right at cur door this
summer means much for Platts
mouth. We will have a bridge
across the Platte river and hu mi
red s of mechanics will find employ
ment. Put the permanent feature
lies in the fact that our cit3' will fur
nish the nearest market and source
of supply for this large body of
men who are not producers butcori
sumers. L very Hi iug-this 3 ear tends'
to boom our town and the IIkrald
is glad to note that the business
men appear to be waking up to our
real advantages.
The Burlington Cutting.
A telegram from Chicago saj-s it
is expected by the Hnrlinglon man
agement that the reduction of em
ployees now being made will reduce
the p.13- roll of the eight lines form
ing the Purlington syndicate to
about 1 "AUK) a month. An inside
authority- estimates that the road's
Februar3- statement yvill be fully- as
bad as the Januarj- one. In it,-, "policy-
of retrenchment the Ibtrlingtou
is striking even the higher grade of
employes. J. Simpson, Canadian
passenger agent, with headquarters
at Toronto, and S. J J. Sanford. yvho
had charge of the -Michigan busi
ness at Detroit, have been removed
and their work added to other mem
bers of the Huiiington outside staff.
The dance at Los (Iraves,wlast
night yvas v.vll patronized and the
boys report having had bushels of
The Platte River lo be HBrnesfcec by
Local Company.
fleorge W. Fairlield has hal in
the past two years much experience
in building canals along the bluff
of the North Platte river, having
projected and completed the first
irrigating canal of any size in this
state. Mr. Fairfield is therefore not
01113- :,n engineer 111 theory out in
actual practice. The niethod of
building those long and expensive
canals out in the western part of
the state where money is scarce has
always excited much curiosity; it is
done in this wise: a stock company
is organized and a little money put
in and work begun, when the canal
is bonded to eastern parties at a low
rate of interest to complete it. Fast
ern men who have had experience
in California and Utah ditches,
know their value, and are glad of
an opportunity to loan their money
on that kind of security. Now, if
an irrigation ditch .rXH) miles west
of us in the sand hills is a good
thing, what would be thcught of a
canal 01113- hfteen miles long here in
Cass count3 that would lurinsh a
water power sufficient to run scores
of large factories? Mr. Fairfield
sa3's the plan is not 01113- feasible
but that he is positive from a per
sonal knowledge of the county-and
the business, that the canal could
be made a great success with the
on il:ij. of but little nione3r 13' local
citizens. Mr. Fairlield will be down
next week and will meet with the
board of trade and talk over the de
tails of the business, when we ex
pect to be able to chronicle the for
mation of a compaii' that will push
the great water power to an early
complet ion.
If we had the canal completed the
IJ. & M. shops could irse our power
so cheaply, that the talk of dividing
the shop plant, or building else
where west of the river would never
be heard of again.
The new industries that it would
bring would employ thousands of
men and our cit3r wculd become a
Man' gentlemen of means are
reatl3" to go into this canal measure
and the outlook for its success at
this time is certainly flattering.
Boyd Files His Answer.
In the Thay er-Hoy-d contest case
the ansyver of James 10. Poy d was
filed y-esterda3"; and stripped of its
verbiag-e shows conclusively- that
James 10. P03XI yas not a citizen of
the I nited States when he was
elected governor on last November.
Uo3"d himself swears that he yvas
not a citizen on the Kith of last De
cember and thereupon took out the
necessary- papers and hwk the oath
of allegiance to this country before
ulge Dundy of the United States
court. Since the constitution re
quires that a man must be a citizen
lor tyvo years before he is eligible to
the office of governor, it looks very
much as if Mr. Ho3"d yvas trillim;
yvith the layvs yvhich he so recentK
took an oath to enforce and respect.
Immediate- after the filing of Mr.
Hovds ansyver, 1 havers attorneys
liled the folloyving demurrer, which
the court will hear argued tomor-
royv morning. Lvidently- the result
of the litigation is not far off:
Comes now the state of Nebraska
upon relation of John M. Thayer and
demurs to the ansyver of the defend
ant. James 10. Ho3'd,and forgrounds
of demurrer states:
First That said ansyver does not
state facts sufficient to constitute
a defense to the information herein.
Second That facts stated in said
ansyver are insufficient to justify-the
defendant in holdingand exercising
the office of governor of Nebraska.
Third The ansyver shoyvs upon
its face that the defendant, James 10.
Bo3'd. yvas an alien and ineligible to
the office of governor of Nebraska
in November, TSiX), at the time of his
pretended election, and that he un
lawfully invaded and usurped the
office of governor in Januarj-, 1S91,
before the filing of said information
and that he noy- holds the same 1111-layvfullj-
and without rights or au
thority of layv, as charged in said
in format ion.
Fourth The said ansyver admits
upon its face the fact- p.-ead'-d in
the information showing the elec
tion of relator, John M. Thayer, in
November, 1SSS, and his right to
hold said office bj- reason of the in-eligibilitj-
and the consequent non
election of defendant, for the term
of tyvo years from the first Tuesday
in Januarj-, 1S01, and until a success
or sliaii be electeei and qualified.
Fifth The exhibits filed b- dc-
lemlant with his said ansyver shoyv
him never to have been a citizen of
the L'nited States prior to December,
Wherefore the said relator prnj-s
judgment of the court upon the
pleadings that the said defendant
be ousted from said office of gov
ernor of Nebraska and that the said
relator be reinstated therein."
List ot Letters,
Remaining unclaimed in the Post
Office at Plattsmouth, March 11,
101. for the yveek ending March 4-
r.i ooks. W I!
l'. Try. kuii
li!i)iks. i.i'nrvc
Howell. Mi-.s Kniui.'i
Civult. Aunie
('u,.M;lcii. iyiiss I"nn;:a.
Cuclirati, Mix K Y
Daiiy P.itnck
I'!iitn.!. Hnry
Fir:ii'.T. .1 l!;:n
l!ai.Sf-;i, ;
M'in"r. John
Iluucisii.i, Miss Olive
Hopkins. (J Vv
Ilrtrri-'. Mr Kv:i L
Krolick, Frauk
V aril
Keller. i;i!eu
Kyie. a .r
Mu-.-h'v. t: 11
-"'al l In. rc-,1
WM, I) .1
Nelson, I, V
sirlo-r, li A
rHI. Kitty
1: , k :.i
N ' i h, Mrs f,.iur;i A
Wliir,-. l;il!y
y- att Joliuatlian
Wiignt. I. if
'V:i:ar, .liiinei A
Williariis, A
ei.-on.s cailimr lor :mv nf
r for
above letters yvill please say- ''ad
vertised." II. J. Streigut, P. M.
y bw3 M
JO O ITS L-5 o O 1S Jj 1
00 ci is ei ts
2 . b .
1 1-5
a CI
4 C ' V
S a fe
5 S
0 3
O o
c es
rr, V-
5 a c.'
CD r-
t .1 ll 11 IIIUJI
ouij iipTjsrujiit
VE HAVE cut the prices deep, andHpar
ties in need of anything in the above lines wilJ
save money by calling.
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Ilavelock and University pfoiierty
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a very satisfactory and successful
business, but dissolution uetyveen
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Dissolution Notice.
Votice is herebv criven that the
partnership heretofore existing be-tiv-ori
lh( undersigned under the
'irm name of lictck i: Walker is this
da3" dissolved 13' mutual consent.
All debts clue saul nrm must De paid
to Henry Btt ck, yvho assumes alj in
debtedness of said firm.
Geo. W. Walker.
Feb. 2G1S91. dv.- lm.
JOE has nut "bursted." Joe never
has failed, for ho believes there is an
honest living for everybody, but owing
to Dissolution of Partnership, Joe is com
pelled to close out his mco and clean
stock, regardless of cost. tf
Tyvo shirts wrapped up in a
HERALD of January last. The oyvn
er can have same hy calling at this
office, proving property and paying
for this notice. d2t
.Liu n
The WapJiiiifc'tmi Awnue
Provision Merchants.
Ut adfiuarters for
Wo pay no rent and sell for CASK.
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Singer Seyving Machine Company.
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local agent. '
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