Plattsmouth weekly herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1882-1892, February 26, 1891, Image 1

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VOL. XXVI. NO. 40.
$1.50 AY HA It
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'A of all n Lcavrnlag Povcr.
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A nice Child's Suit at $1 .00 at JOE'S, tf
Don't forget the funniest show of
eason at the opera house tonight.
Gfto JOE and lay in jour Bupply for
next etr. It will pay you 1:001 1 ln'er
tst at the pi ices hu is closinj: out his
tock. tf
Come and eee the difference between
cash and credit prices. Elsoa, the cash
No old chestnuts or rubbish at JOE'S.
Everything of the latest style und at be
low cost. tf
Miss Mollie Tucker,
millinery a specialty,
old's store.
Dressmaking and
Rooms over Her'
Now is your chance, nnd such a chance
you will have but once in a life time, to
buy Clothing, Furnishing Goods, Hats,
etc., at slaughtering prices at JOE'S.
The entire stock must be sold out as
quick aa possible, tf
A genuine Stetson $4.00 Hat at $2.75
at JOE'S. tf
. "When you are in Lincoln, call on W,
C. Austin & C., in McBride block, cor
ner of Twclvth and P striets, for Have
lock and University property. tf
J.OE has not "bursted." Joe never
has f hi led. for lie believes tlire is fin
honest living for everybody, but owing
to Dissolution of Partnership, Joe is com
peted to close out his nice and clean
stock, regardless of cost. tf
For glassware, qucenswarc and the
bost and freshest
gioceries go to Phillip
Kraus, where you will find
every tbiog
you want for your table.
A good pair of shoes at
ervous Debilitated Men.
If you will bind us your address, we
will mail you our illustrated pamphlet
enplaininii all about Dr. Dye's celebrated
tlectro-Voltiac Belt and appliances, and
their charming effects upon the nervious
debilitated system, and how they will
quickly ret ore you to viiror ana man
hood. Pamphlet free. If you are thus
afflicted wc will send you a belt and ap
pliances on a trial.
Voltiac Belt Co. Marshall, Nich.
For Sale.
A good farm one-fourth mile fiom the
town of Murray, on the M. P. B. R.
Plenty of timber and water. Good
orchard. 350 bearing trees. Plattsmouth,
Neb Feb., 0th, 1891. wtf
R. W. Hvers.
You can not form an idea what it is to
sell Clothing, etc., at and below cost un
til you look through JOE'S stock, tf
It is only with regret JUii has to sell
iX- out his entire stock, for he has done a
iff very satisfactory and successful business,
fi ' but dissolution between JOE and his
partner, Mr William Fisher compels him
to close out. tt
From this day forward, Elson, the
cash one price clothier will only sell
strictly for cash. , tf
Persfi3 wishing to make investments
with bA returnsor to borrow money on
,:'real estate will find it to thir advan
tage to call on Mr. Thos. Pollock aDd
investigate the plan of the Provident
Savings, Loan fc J3uildmg Association
of Omaha. A large amount of stock has
been taken and a number of loans niade
in this city, to the satisfaction of all.
This is a homo institution and books are
oDen to the investigation of all. The
Tiany beneficial points seen in our plan
' will commend themselves to all. Call
and see us and be convinced.
40-1 w Jab. Pettee, GenT Agt.
Office under Bank of Cass County,
":und door from Main 6treet, on Fifth
A Noted Gypsy.
Fortune teller just from the east
is at the Perkins House, this
city. Past, present and future all teli
by the band. Satisfaction guaranteed or
money returned. Enquire for Mrs.
Boswell. ' tf
It will not be our aim to eee how much
profit we can make, but to sell good
goods for a tmall margin for cash, El-
n the ish clothier. tf
U. S. Gov't Report, Aug; 17,
The Now
Court House an Assured
Plattsmouth, Ntb., Feb. 25, '91.
Board met pursuant to adjournment
Present, A. B. Todd, A. C. Lder, and
Jacob Tiietsch, commissioners, und Bud
Criichfield, county clerk, when the fol
lowing was done, to wit:
This being the day set for rectiving
bids for buildins court house in Cass
county, Nebraska, the board proceeded
to ooeu the said bids, wnicn were as
VI II IMckena, rialtsmouth, Neb $76,000
L G Larson " " ti9,675
Wm Neville " " C3,0f5
O J King. Omaha C7.SI0
Richards & Co" 70 950
ML Murphy " 70.C00
JuoH Harte " 7T3
W L Morgan & Menan, York. 74.000
W J ChldWter, Lincoln 69.900
EugeDC Wuerurr " 70.000
I I Dunham. Seward 70 000
It appearing thutO, J. King being the
lowest biddtr, the cct-at was duly
awarded to hiui and nn agreement en
tered into, sufficient bond filed and ap
The contractor is to complete the
building according to plans and specifi
cations on or before January 1st, 1p9'2.
for the sum of Sixty seveu ?"hou3and
Nine Hnndred and Ten Dollars, and all
ulans, specifications, details, drawings
bondp, et'- are to be considered a part
of the Commissioners record.
The bond of O. J. King, in the sum of
$.10,000, was signed by Cal Parmele and
F. M. Richey, who is an old time friend
of Mr. King. Mr. K. will cause the sig
nature of two or three wealthy gentle
men of Omaha to be appended in addi
tion to the above. Material has been
ordered and work will begin at once.
The building is three stories high with a
high basement. The basement will be
of stone while the balance of the build
ing will be of pressed brick with cut
stone trimmings. The tower is quite
handsome, the top being 137 feet above
the pavement. The building sets back a
little ways from the pavement and will
haye a frontage on Main street of 80
feet, with 102 feet on Fourth street. A
nice picture of the building as it will
appear when finished is on exhibition at
the county clerk's office.
County Court.
Petition filed for probate of last will
and testament of Bernhard J. Ruhge, de
ceased. Hearing March 23, at 10 a. m.
Petition for final settlement of estate
of Ferdinand Kruger, deceased. Hear
ing March 23, at 2 p. m. .
James Irving vs B. L. Miller et al.
Argued and submitted.
Company "Q."
Col. Lew Ginger dropped in last night
to confer with our Company Q, Young
Ladies. The colonel is conducting a G.
A. R. Fair for the Posts in Omaha, to
open Welnesday, March 4th, at theColi-
teum. ine young lacii.s are to go up on
the opening night anel Col. Ginger has
made arrangements with the B. & M. to
take a special train, leaving here at 3 or
4 p. m. and returning after the show is
over that night, provided one hundred
passengers accompany the young ladies.
The fare will be 80c for the round trip
and 2.1c) admission to the Coliseum. For
the opening night the Omaha Guards
and the Council Bluffs Guards engage in
a competitive arm. uur uo. 14 win
break the hearts of the Omaha youth
with their fine drill; and the Gatling
Gun Squad will give an exhibition drill
with that terrible instrument of destruc
tion, which alone 13 worth $5. They
have never before given a public exhibi
tion. The Sons of Vets and their young
ladies, and the Dads of Yets and their
young ladies, and many of our citizens
w"ill take advantage of this special train
to visit friends and take in the Grand
Army Fair.
A fine worsled men's suit, former
price $18, now at $12.50 at JOE'& tf
Sam Carrigan's department at the shops
had one man too many, so that Sam is
now on the retired list, with George
Barber, an employe in another depart-
The Turners will giro a ball at tlie'r
hall this evening. A grand social time is
The Singer Sewing Machine folks rc-
cived an invoice of a dozen new in:i-
chinesjthis morning.
Col. Ginger has consented to help out
the Sons ot Veterans m an entertainment
tj be given some time in April.
Don't forget the. ball of the Turners'
Society at their hnll tonight. The best
of music will be had and a royal time is
The itching of the scalp, falling f
hsir, resultint: in bal rim-as, are often
caused by dandruff, which may be cured
by using Hairs Hair Renewer.
Our neighbor must have been asleep
yesterday. The important news item of
letting the contract for the erection f
the nf.w couht house wos published ex
clusively in The Hkuald last niiiht.
Guy Livingston went to Li-coln this
morning to secure Bomo law books for
the new law firm of Dwyer, Livingston
& Walling, v hich will open an office and
begin business the first of the coming
By a new arra-gement in the mail
service, the Omaha papeis are now car
ried to Ashland and come in on the
Schuyler. This is to put the Omaha
dailies on the same footing here as the
State Journal, which of lute has reached
this city nearly an hour ahead of the
T. E. Williams, the coal oil king of
Plattsmouth, has an incubator in a cave
at his home in the Second ward, where
he has already hatched out ninety young
chickens. The young orphans are kept
in a warm place above ground, where
they get plenty of sunshine and are
f!oing well.
M. J. O'Riky and Bernard McGlynn,
who are putting in the heavy stone wall
for the Missouri Pacific well at Union,
are in the city today. They say work is
progressing satisfactorily and that when
hey have finished their present job they
will put in a well at La Platte. It is un
derstood the company will use city water
here, hence no well is needed.
Walter White has forfeited his reputa
tion as being a careful man. It seems he
brought the county safe, weighing ten
tons, up to the Bank, and as it was grow
ing dusk he left it stand unguarded on
the street all night. This was very care
less, for had the Nehawka people found
it in that condition the safe without a
doubt would be restiDg today wtth our
cannon, at the shrine of Ike Pollard or
Lawson Sheldon.
The laws of physics were reversed on
the part of the county safe. Careful
measurements last night showed it would
go through the window with 4 inches to
spare. Ihe cold weather, however, in
stead of contracting seems to have ex
panded the safe until it lacked more than
four inches of going in and had to be
pulled back up the incline and turned on
its side. It is safely Loused now in the
Cass County Bank basement and no one
was hurt in its removal.
Valuable Citizens.
Philip Meisinger at the ripe age of SI
years, accompanied by his sons, John,
George and Peter, with their families,
arrived this morning from Pekin,
Illinois, and will hereafter be
citizens of Cass county. Mr. - Adam
Moore and family accompanied them,
making in all over forty people in the
crowd, added to Cass county citizenship
today. It required seven fr5lit chc t
haul their stock and furniture. John
Meisinger moves onto his farm south
east of Cedar Creek, which he purchased
of.Geo. Weidman last fall. Peter will
occupy a farm west ot this city, owned
by John Becker. George will move onto
the old Donnely place, while Mr. Moore
will occupy the Leonard Born farm near
the poor house. These people nre rela
ted to the Cass county Meisingers, the
Horns, Geo. Weidman and others here;
they are well to do people of means and
are indeed a most valuable acquisition.
The nESALD welcomes them to their
new home antl hopes they may neyer have
occasion to regret the change.
The bridge work on the Missouri Pa
cific has all been completed except the
stone and iron bridge across the Papio
in Sarpy county. Work will begin on
this bridge very soon. An immense
amount of steel rails and ties are being
piled tip at Union, preparatory to track
laying as soon as the above named bridge
ia completed. The M. P. has a track
laying machine that puts down the rails
very rapidly when everything is ready
for them, so that very early in the spring
we may expect to hear the whistle of M.
P. locomotives.
1 r I M
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or 4?
g s M $
S 2 W
S jg W
c!3 E-. C3 E3 CJ
000000000 II
00 a o
T-f 0
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a v
j -Pi
03 Qj
X w H
es ee
(- O o
es .iJ
sty v
O if
iSW M '
HAVE cut the prices deep, and par
ties in need of anything in the above lines will
save money by calling.
Our new line of embroideries, the handsom
est and largest line ever shown by us.
iiusT ijoor i:st fiust
The largest and most complete and
chenpfst stock of wall paper, paint and
oil in the county at Gering & Go's. eod.
Look Here!
Kverv one indebted to JOli,',
The One Price Clothier, must set
tle within thirty days or the ac
counts will be placed in the hands
of a Justice lor collection. tf
Joe Ivlein. Wm. Fisiizk.
The fiuest of Furnishing Goods at
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A Husband's Mistake.
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We want everybody in the county to
Bee our stock of wall paper before pur
chasing. eod wtf.
Taken Up
The undesigned has taken up a stray
pig which can be obtained by the owner
by proving property and payidg for this
notice. S. F. Osbobn,
Cor. Eighth and Locust street
The proprietors of Ely's Cream Balm
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Co to buy wall paper. eod wtf
hi hi to il Ri U
mi LI
33 O 0
Carry a Full Line of
mm, -
Assisted by
Mr. yy. S. Marshall,
Organ 18 1 of All faintf "Church. Omaha.
Presbyterian aa.
1 Church.
Seats may be reserved at J. P. Young's.
Bucklen's Arnica Salve.
The Best Salve in the world for CuU
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum. Fever
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fmoney refunded. Pi ice 25 cents per box
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Act on a new nrinrinl raonUtnn
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torpid liver, piles, constipation. Une
qualed for
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