Plattsmouth weekly herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1882-1892, October 30, 1890, Image 5

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    Viiuuin, i;-..irt-ii, Uu'iUL'JiK 61) 1500.
V $
Second Reunion of Nebraska Sol
diers. From Monday's Dally.
Comrades: Wc have obtained the
rate of no and one-third () fare for
tho round trip for our second reunion to
le held at Huttumouth, NoyemU-r 18,
11) and 20, 18'0, on tho following rail
roads: The Eurliugton & Missouri Liver;
Chicago, Rock Island fc Pacific; Chicago,
St. Paul, Minneapolis So Omaha; Missou
ri Pacific; Sioux City & Pacific; Fremont,
Elkhorn & Missouri Valley; St. Joe &
Grand Island and Union Pacific.
Comrndes, when you purchase tickets,
don't fail to take u receipt from j our
local aiient, paying full fare to Platt.-:-
niouth. This receipt, when endorsed by
our asioeiation will entitle you to a re
turn ticket home by paying one third (k)
larc. If you change cars from one road
to another, buy a ticket and take a re
ceipt every time you pay a railroad fare.
All agents or conductors niui: give you
a receipt when asked for.
We had a pleasant meeting at our first
reunion and hope to maka this equally
as good. Come, every one of you, bring
jour wife and children and let Ukmu en
joy this-meeting with us. We will have
'"with us General John McNeil, Governor
John M. Thayer, ex Governor Alviu
launders, ex-Governor 11. W. Furnas.
Major Tom Majors, Major Pearman, Col.
George Armstrong, Col. W. F. Sapp,
tx Scnaror T. W. Tipton and other lead
ing orlicers f y".r old regiments, and
last, but not l.-:ist, many of t'n- !.;di
privates from the rear rusk. i -iaes
there will he many distinguished repre
sentatives of other state and branches of
the service who reside in Ni brnsk.: and
Iowa, that have signified their intention
to be present with us on this i.ecasion.
Let everyone that can possibly o so,
answer to roll call at ! a. in., the HUh.
As we propose to keep up our annual
meeting, we would suggest that you come
to be prepared to make some definite
proposition for the next location of the
reunion, as there are a number of places
wanting it. Please notify the president
of the association at as early a day as
possible if you will be with us, and how
many of your family. We have secured
the following hotel rates: Perkins
House, $1 per day; City Hotel, $1 per
day; Pacific House, $1 per day; Cottage
House, $1 per day; Hotel Riley, $2,
$2.50 and $3
II. C. McMaken, Pres.
Geo. V. Hall, See'y.
Another World-Herald Fake Goes
The following from the Lincoln Jour
nal explodes effectually the statement of
!lfie Om&ha Hyphen, that the German re
publicans goulde hoodwinked, through
league officered and managed by dem
ocrats, into voting against L. D. Rich
ards for goyernor. Here is what they
"The German republican members of
the personal rights league of the Fifth
ward held an enthusiastic meeting last
night for the purpose of endorsing the
republican state and county tickets and
to formulate plans to oppose the adop
tion of the prohibitory amendment.
There were eighty seven representative
German citizens present. Henry Rippe
was chosen chairman of the me-jting and
Carl Schmitt secretary. In view of the
fact that the state executive committe of
the personal rights league had attempted
to drag the league into partisan politics
by endorsing James E. Boyd for gover
nor, thus endeavoring to make the pro
hibitory amendment question a political
party issue, the German republicans of
the Fifth ward were desirous of repudiat
ing the action of the executive com
mittee. They are opposed to prohibi
tion, but they are loyal republicans and
desire to go on record as such. The fol
lowing resolution was adopted:
Resolved. That we, the German
republicans of the Fifth ward of the
city of Lincoln, hereby repudiate the
action of the state executive committee
cf the personal lights league in endorsing
Jafei E. Boyd for governor, and we
will not be bound by such action.
A vote was then taken on the repub
lican and democratic candidates lor
governor, which res-ulted in seventy-eight
for Richards and nine for Royd. This
action effectually explodes tlu (rroneov.s
statement that the German republicans
would support Boyd. The republican i
county ticket was then indor&tu. A j
resolution was then adopted pledging !
those present to oppose the prohibitory 1
amendm;.-;.'.. ,
Although it was a meetir.i; of C'.-nv.s.n 1
republican::, se vt ral dtinorvat vcre prcs- ;
cat, which ncrouiits for tie -'
Mr. Boyd recc iv' d." j
Mr. an! Mrs. John Yondron rc.-iuii:g
on south Ti nth street were th-j victims of i
a surprise by their friends anil neighbors j
Saturday evening the occasion being j
their ninth wedding anniversary and also
as an earnest gotd bje ere they move to
their new home on Chicago Avenue.
They received many kindly testimonials
of esteem from those present.
J. L. One who was there.
A Statement of Fact.
Robert Metteer called at this office Sat
urday with a copy of the Omaha Bee
i containing a letter from Lincoln in
which Mr. Metteer was severely censured
for a purported letter written Gov. Thay
er about the pardon cf John Polin, His
fori Ceph Metteer was also slandered,
and in proof of Mr. Metteers having
done nothing but what a gentleman
would do under the circumstances we
j append the following:
Pi.ATTsMOUTii, Neb., Oct. 2:;-To
whom it may concern: I hereby state that
I presented the petition of John R. Polin
i to Gov. Thayer for a pardon ami heard
j the letter of Robert Metteer to Gov
' Thayer read and I have also read the
article in the Omaha Bee of Oct. 20 in
regard to said matter and the statements
in Ihe Be-' in regard to said letter are
not tru?.
Allen Bkkson.
Plattsmoutji, Neb,, Oct. 2o: I take
pleasure instating, the article appearing
in tie Oinilu B e of Oct. 20, conc.rning
tiie Polin and Metteer matter is aonosH
inistatement of facts. Also Mr. Metteer
has been considered a first class citizen.
William Gilmokk. -
C. Renwick of Glenwood tried to
catch on to the flyer yesterday evening,
but partly missed his hold, resulting in a
full that will make him sore for many
Taken up.
By the undersigned person 2 miles
south and 1 mile west of Murray the fol
lowing property: One red cow with
white spots, horns turned down side of
her head and is about six years old. Per
son proving property and paying charges
may have same. Geo Lloyd.
Birthday Party.
Master Calvin Atwood arrived at the
ae of thirteen last Saturday and his
mother allowed him to invite a company
of his young friends in and a splendid
time was had. Refreshments were serv
ed and games indulged in until nine
o'clock when the party wishing their
young host a pleasant good night dis
persed. Those present were; Emory
Buckner, Lou Smith, Ralph White, Myrtle
Levings, Percy Agnew, Jennie Ritchie,
Cal Atwood, Bertie Fletcher, Frank
Fletcher, Bertie Bennett, Dick Waugh,
Kittie Agnew, Oliver Young, "Mary Pat
terson," Hilt Wescott, Claire Drummond
Ralph Atwood, Sallie Agnew, Clyde
Drew, Ethel Dutton and Ray Patterson.
Passed Away.
Yesterday about twelve o'clock at the
residence of L. D Bennett, Mrs. Lavina
Duke, better known as Grandma Duke,
passed peacefully to the great beyond.
Her life had been a busy one, yet she
always found time to do good. She was
one of the first members of the Methodist
church in this city. Mrs. Duke, whose
maiden name was Snedeker, was born in
Bethany, West Virginia, on July 2, 1S02,
and on the 14th day of March, 1S26, she
was married to Shepherd Duke, who
died in this city in 1872. She and her
husband remoyed to Ironton, Ohio, where
they remained until 1856, when they
came West, settling in Plattsmouth in
1857. Mr. Duke was the proprietor of
the Platte Valley House up to 1SG1,
when he was elected county treasurer,
holding the office for four consecutive
terms. The children of Mr. and Mrs.
Duke, who are today called upon to
mourn the loss of a mother, are John S.
Duke, Margaret L. Bennett, Elbert T.
Duke and Mrs. R.E. Cooper. Mrs. Duke
had made her home with her son-in-law,
Capt. Bennett, since the eath of her
husband. The funeral vill occur to
morrow from the Bennett residence at 10
o'clock. The friends of the family are
County Court.
From Tuesday's Daily.
Letters of administration issued
to John M. Jackman, administrator of
the estate of John Bringman deceased.
Final settlement John A. Ilennicg,
guardian Spohr minors. Accounts al
lowed and decree accordingly.
A Prominent Citizen Uaned.
lion. Allen Beson, hale and hearty,
arrived at the age of last Saturday,
and when he went home he found a
house full of company and a dinner
H waiting him fit for a king. But just
before going out to dinner the climax of
the surprise was reached by bringing in
;.ud presenting Mr. Beesor. by his family iriendi, an onriniiiitu ;:nd use fa 1
roil,' made of cine foreign wood, which
-,v ill be heartily cherish.-d by the !,rtn-
v.ost.i r.
Frc ij'i-.t Wreck.
A i-.!t:d vr- ck oc cured ou the Q. ;.t
v .: ly Lcvr ti I i s'-rnifc three ivii; s or.; t
of CnVioii. Two heavy freight tniiH
were going --ut and for o;n? reason the
rear train ds?h'il into the caboose f tin
forward train derailing several cai.-ar.d
completely demolishing the engine. Tiie
engineer and fireman wcrethougLt to b3
hilled as their bodies hna not been re
covered from under tiie wreck when the
flyer passed the tcene of the disaster
several hours after tUe wreck occured.
The flyer was G hours late on account of
it. .
District Court.
Isaac B, Miller va Emma Miller, di
vorce granted as prayed for.
The case of Isaac Wiles vs The Omaha
Souther Ry., is on trial to a jury this af
ternoon. The injunction obtained by Theodore
Buck vs. the Omaha Southern Railway
was dissolved by Jutlge Field yesterday.
On Satnrday the jury in the Todd
case was discharged, failing to
agree. Two of the jurors held out for
$1000, while the balance wanted from
$1000 to SI 875.
The latest English fad is a vvalkinc
party which w is indulged in bv several
of Platismouth's fashionable young la
dies Saturday night. Th?y all carried
canes as souvenirs presented by the Miss
es Gerings with a bow of yellow ribbon
neatly fastened to the top of the cane.
The trip extendeel out to Livingston
Heights and when the party returned
they took supper at th Riley anel we
suspect there were several good appetites
in thj crowd. Tiu king walking prize
was awarded to Miss Auna Livingston
and Miss Amelia Yallery while the booby
prize was earned by Miss Pierce and Miss
Maggie Sampson. The ladies came in
loaded down with beautiful coloreel
leaves anel bitter sweets showing they
hael improyed their time by gathering
the loveliest harbingers of autumn.
Political Notes.
Mr. McClintic is in town toda This
will be one of the days that Sherman is
nor. for Lemasters.
Why is it that Lemasters' neighbors
put him down as an unreconstructed
rebel! He must have given some cause
for such an opinion.
Ex-President Hayes was a usurper anel
a eleep dyed villain in the democratic
mind only a short time ago; he is now
patted on the. back and quoted approv
ingly by Mr. Bryan.
The Dorsey telegram will soon be a
reminiscence ot what a democrat will do
to get into office. It would seem that
a premium i3 offered by the party man
agers on fraud and forgery, judging
from the amount of it indulged in.
The young Mr. Bryan has been gasping
for breath since Congressman CDnnell
eliew the Mills bill on him. The demo
cratic bill is so inferior to the republican
law in every feature that even Mr. Bryan
finds it hard to muster up enough gall to
defend it. State Journal.
When Bryan stampeded the crowel at
the opera house the other evening, having
talked Col. Srnythe out of his time, our
Col. Connor rushed to the front of the
stage and got a part of the audience
seated long enough to hear a ten minutes
speech from that gentleman. Joe is not
good enough for the democrats to elect
to office, but he is a mighty handy man
to have around to help other fellows in.
The Electric Lamp Company bids fair
to start up again in good shape.
Judge Chapman came home today,
having finished up the Lincoln term of
the District Court.
B C. Yeomans, who has the reputation
of being one of the best detectives in
the state, spent last night in the city.
A fact that all men with gray and
many shaded whiskers should know,
that Buckingham's Dye alway colors an
even brown or black at will.
A fine $150 organ on exhibition at
Henry Boeck's donated by him and Mc
Conihie Post, will be one of the presents
given away at the G. A. R. Fair. Go
anel see it.
P. S. Barnes one of Casj county's next
representatives in the legislature made
the IIerald a pleasant call this morning
Mr. Barnes has made a clean houorable
canyas in strong contrast to the methods
of some of the democratic opposition.
Col, SamT Barker entertained a large
crowd with a political speech at the
Perkins House last night. A3 an orator
Uncle Sam is a stunner but insists that he
must vote for Boyd. Joe Fairfielel held
him level anel bets on the whole republi
can ticket.
L. G. Todd was giving our people fits
for stealing an overcoat of his, andhe
bought n new one which he wears around
town for two or three days. This morn
ing he was in the county clerk's office
:;nd spied his coat just where he Maiden
ly remembered he had left it
The county commissioners were in
.-.ssirn today on account of the delayed
construction of several county bridges.
'Ihe contractor s peared, suid his luin'.-cr
:,ul come and he was ready to compi-.-te
tin- v-ork t once, which tvus ai that
0' rdd be asked.
Union Items.
P. J. Decker of the E. & V. Rt y ;ir
town was down Sunday.
C. II. VaaWyck drew a larjje audience j
Thursday evening at the school buildin".
Over fourteen dollars were raised at
the oyster supper Tuesday eyenin. Tlic
proceeds po to luy a dictionary for the
Vote for John A. X);tvi;3 io county
attorney and 0 tho amendment.
f Normal.
This morning of malarial fever and
other complications, Edgar Tihe, infant
son of Mr. nnd Mrs. John Tiuhe. The
funeral will take place tomorrow at !
o'clock from the houe. The inferrinent
will be made at tiie College Hill Catholic
cemetery south of Louisville near Mrs.
Tighe's former home.
Grandpa Hayes got a bad fall about a
week ago and thought he had si riously
sprained his wrist, as it got no better a
physician was called and it was found
that lie had broken one of the wrist
bones which was M-t after a painful oper
ation and Mr. Hayes is now getting
along all right.
Pneumonia and Bronchitis carry off
One-Third of the Human Race.
It is not generally known that Pneumonia and
Bronchitis carry off out-third of the human race, but
such are the facts, and what is more surprising, both
of the above diieases resuit from neglecting a com
mon ordinary Cold. A Cough should sever be neg
lected. If it is, every time you catch cold you cough
harder, and it sticks by you longer. Ballard's He re
hound Syrup is the best remedy in the world fir
Pneumonia, Bronchitis and all Throat and I.ung trou
bles. If you have any Throat trouble, call fur Bal
lard's Horehound Syrup and take do other.
For sale by F. (I. Fricke, druggist.
"Good and Honest.'
is thus pralse3 :
itt(2 '
ll81fc ury IePt-i Columbus,
" va;jj
Ohio, Feb. 6, 1889.
"I have used St. Jar
cobs Oil in my family
fur years, and find it to
be the medicine of medicines
It !s a good, honest njedicino aud honest men
will not hesitate to recommend it to suffering
humauity." JOHN P. ELEMMOX3.
In Every Hot He There is a Cure. In
Every Application a Itelief.
cTba?to-mo .TheEhaS'MdgeierITD'
XtiO figw e9 in our datns w:ll make a .Dng atajt
Jo man or woman now living will cvor dnte .
locument without using the figure 9. It stands
m the third place in 1890, when; it will remain ten
ears and then move up to second place in 19001
rvhere it will rest for one hundred years.
There is another "9" which h:i also come to stay,
ft is unlike the iisjure 9 in our dates in the respect
'.hut it ha3 already moved up to first place, where
it will permanently remain.' it is called the "N
)" High Arm Wneeler fc Wilson Sewing Machine.
The "No. 9'' Wiis endorsed for ilrst place by the
'xperti of Eurojie at the Pris Exposition of 1889,
vhere, after a severe contest with the leading ma
chines of the world, it was awarded the ocly
Grand Prize given to family sowing machines, all
others on exhibit having received lower awards
of gold medals, etc. The French Government
ilso recognized i'.ssuperiority by thedecorationof
Mr. Nathaniel V."ne::ler, President, of the company,
with the Cross of the Legion of Honor.
The "No. 9" is not an old machine improved
upon, but is an entirely nw machino, and ttio
Grand Prize at Puris was awarded it as the grand
est advance in sewirit: machine mechanism of the
vge. Those who b ty it can rest assured, there.
I re, Of having the very laicst and best.
1ST and lSi' "Wabash 1 ve., Chicago.
Dealer SWaated,
Or- tho Liquor Habit, Positively Curet
It cn be Given in a cup ot coffee or tea, or i:i sr
iiclcs oi ooil. vr ithouc the know led sre of the per
son taking it; it is absoiut.el y harmless and wii;
effect a permanent ami -peeov cure. v.iicTi!.
tiie patient is a !i!0ierrro ii i uker ov an a!c:io!i
wreck. !T NEVER FAILS. v G U A R A NT t F.
acHniilttecuro i;i e v in-:r.!i.:c. i-i piga 1-juK
FPEZ. A.U- in eosi'sieii,-!,-.
CLScM !??CF!C CO., tC5 Raci St.. Cincinnati. &
Clark's Poultry, ISemcdy.
I :-h-3 f. . V',-L fr y-" 'i ' - - '
For sale lr
DruSgist, Plattsmontb, Nfb.
Hardware. Stove sand Tinware.
We also have the exclusive khIo of the genuine ROUND OAK Heatm- Si.iy nn.l
nd the OLD RELIABLE CHARTER ;o.YIv cooking st..v-H. You will hU. iiuj
he finest steel range in the market nt our store.
OAtt Mt) SEE US.
." 1 Jl.UX S'i'iiEKl'
VaUery's Meal
105 S 'Jth St., Union Rlock, formerly
415 Main street.
A Splendid Market, where Everything
kept is First Class. We aim to
please, solicit the Patron
age of tiie I'uMie.
(iAtlK. FISH AND THl;u 1 Mil, I ( ' V CILS
Uy fair and henest dealing I expect to
merit a share of the trade.
iai-lm. J. R. VALLERY. Prop
Bridge work and fine gold work a
DK. STEINAUS LOCAL as well as other an
estheticsgiven fort lie painless extraetioa ot
C. A. MARSHALL, - Fitzgerald Bloc'
Petersen & Larson
(Successor to Whiting & Whicher)
Groceries and Provisions
Miidle Koom, OperaIIouse Block.
Choice, Fresh Goods
in their line, both as to
Gaiefl Fruits, DM Frails
And Frencli Fruits in Their
Season. .
Always in Stock.
Call and he Satisfied
Wagon and Blacksmith shop.
Wagon, Buggy, Machine and
plovr Repairing done
lie unes tiie
Which is the best horseshoe for the
farmer, or fur fast drivimr, or for city
purpose-sever invented. It is so made
that anyone can put on sharp or flat
corks, as needed for wet and slippery
days, or smooth, dry roads. Call at
his shop and cxanine the t.yi-.kslip
and you will ue no ether.
112 Nortii Fiftli St. ri itt.-mouth
?-:o CURE.
r--f, vi
f. v V- .. . a- 6-. . : '-f
t -
I 3 I 6 Douglas Street, Omaha ?Jeb
A reu'ar srra.iuatt Jn inlic'i: iur.n cj":
lores, a-(lii-ioin i.s r-l:v. l--tiii tr-;t:in will
the trrea-t sii'eH i.ll Nervou. t'linu.e unci
Private diseases of sexes.
A permanent cure ;iiara!i'''t-il for 7atarrh.
SiermMiri ha. li-t Manhood, tfeniiaal
Weakness, Nihr l.os-es, Impoteiiey, acd all
dineases of rhe Blood. ikin and Ciinary Or
gans. All Female Trouble of the womb, etc,
treated by tneniosr improved methods of the
iov.rlon and Pari9 Hopitai
N.d. 'guarantee 5.xr for every ca?e I
uudertake and fail tor- ; Consultation tree,
gend for question list.
suUTP. -
K4i a
A stiictly first i-Lic-i m.irliiiH-. fully
ei!. M;ilo troin T 1 1 i-iy ln-t n.'.O -;tl bv
-k ilit'il . i kni.-i . iii il wil !i" tin- I r-t tools ttat
have Hvi-r 1 -n ile iscl pr t In- piil pus-. Wr
iMiitcil io uil can lie i.-aso iitlily ex
tn'ctcd of the very lievf typewriter ekt;iiit.
Cap-ibleof wriiliiij l"ii wo pis tor inliiiile -or
mine aeeiiicliiig i, llio aliili'y of tlin operator.
ritJCE $ioo.
Ifthere Is no aent in your town add reus thtti
Agents wanted Parish S, Y".
Lincolu, Neh.
Lumber Yard
Shingles, Lath, Sash,
Doors5 BBinds
Can supply everw demand of the city.
Call and get terms. Fourth street
in rear of opera house.
and Syrup.
Low prices quoted on large or small Iottl.
Strictly Pure.
Adirondack Maple Sngar Co
1230 Monroe St., Chicago, I1L
Western Agents.
The 5th St. Merchant Tailor
Keep-i a Full Line oi
foreign & Domestic Goods,
Consult Your lnteres- by Giving Hid a'oall
h h rx tuiH-K b
- i'V" '.
Parlorand Bed Room Sets. Mat
tresses, Sofas, Lour.ee9 ana
Office Furniture.
Call and examine his stock before go
ng elsewhere.