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    WHAT THEY HAD TO SAY. ! K-rW or mi8lea1
lie. JSir. uryan waa.iaiKmg
The Free Trade Apostles Ar
guo Their Cause.
Himlnt Bryan and Smythe Tried to
Entort'Wn an Audience at the
Opera House Last Niht.
l'ro 11 Satur(layn Daily.
The iniich iidvertined Bryan appeared
before 11 jooi Hudiciu'u at the opera
liou.ic last evt-niiiy iu company with
luilj'e irii::s of Columbus, the demo
cratic nominee for attorney general, Col.
Bmythe and Frank Morrissey of Omuhn.
County .Tudic llamsey presided, while
tSam'l Waiigb, Col. Peter E. Uuffiiir,
Mr. Otitsclie, Hon. Win. Neville, lion. J.
M. 1'atttrnon, W. II. Gushing, Col. J. A.
Connor, Col. Peterson and Col.
Sherman of the Journal acted as
a Ktno setting to the entertain
ment and applauded lustily on the
slightest provocation. Judge lUmsey
presented Mr. Higgins who in evidently
a very pleasant gentleman hut his speech
was one of the most insipid listlers point
less affairs we have heard during the
present campaign. As a sample of some
of his statements which we took down
ut the time, the following shows the ten
or and depth of the argument he was
trvimr to use and the wide divergence
between what he said and the facts.
Mr. lliggins says: "Christianity start
ed "out 1800 hundred years ago w ith the
ten commandments and the Lords prayer
and has been whooping it up to the boys
ever since." The point he was trying to
illustrate need not be mentioned when it
is seen that a little itemtw o thousand years
from the truth on his ten commandment
start, was likj most of the remark of
the evening, latgely made up of
misquotations of facts or the mani Ty
ing of immaginary evils. 4
After the Judge had ground out his
grist, the sacred IJryan, with the melli
fluoua voice, made his bow to the audi
ence, which received the gentleman so
recently from Illinois with marks of ap
probation. The first chestnut was,
"Where I stand on prohibition," and as
lie said his piece on that point, Tom
Wilkenson was noticed to move restless
ly in his chair and look imploringly
about him for comfort but it never
came. Since Guy Livingston in a tragic
manner tried to dress him down, Wilkin
son begins to feel like an orphan in strange
land. But re musj not digress; the
pampered and breezy Bon of democracy
warmed up to his sudject and finally
broke out with the assertion that he
wanted sugar, salt, wool, and all raw
materials, which is almost limitless, in
its scope' placed on the free list. He
forgot that he had said at Weeping
Water and Omaha that he stood squarely
a the Mills bill and advocated it, when
Mi tariff was not taken off of sucrar bv
rthatbill at all. He then stooped to
mention the World Herald fake about
fc.the Doraey telegram which appears to be
the popular democratic method
of electioneering. Stealing tel
egrams and publishing them
is heartily indorsed and warmly com
mended bv Mr Bryan. But whether the
people endorse it or not we will learn
later. Bryan forgot to tell us how many
letters had passed between the ehairman
of his committee and the New York im
porters who are furnishing the money to
run these democratic congressional cam
paigns. These New York importers are
the fellows that are suffering to help the
dear farmers of Nebraska, they are wor
ried most to death because we out west
are taxed, it is too bad, but it will be
infinitely worse for us if Bryan is elected
to congress and far better for the impor-'
Bryan made so many mistatements that
we cannot notice the half of them today
but one more must be mentioned. lie
said that thei nerensed cost of tin plate
would increase the price of cans $10,000
for one years work by the canning factory
at Beatrice.for he had been there and
knew all about it. Well we have fig
ured with one of the leading stock hold
ers and a bookkeer in that institution
and w-e find that the lucreasedjjpiice f 4
cer per pound if that were added en
tirely to the cost of the cans after the
work and former price had been
paid,k,it would take enough cans
to keep 200 men employed every day fcr
one year, and would supply enough tin
cans to furnish all the canning factories
m the state with more cans than they
could use in fiye years, on the basis of
the output last year.
"T.- T'?ll tlrtf !A tllrt C 1 rCH" ll i"n sr; -fill!
in Monday's paper, as our space cannot
be farther given up to the subject today.
trash to the farmers forvotcs, not ex
pecting that it should be repeated in
Omaha and Plattsmouth. And his ex
planations and attempt to (-core the
IIkuamj fell perfectly Hut on an audience
that vu3 largely composed of shop nun;
one turned to the editor of this paper
with the remark that the explanation
was worse than the original story. And
when Mr. Waugh attempted to break
the c hilly stillness by starting an ap
plausc it met with no response. And
yet this immaculate Bryan after getting
off the 'top not' chestnut and the earncfet
remark that the man who "garbled hurt
himself went right ahead and quoted
from Council's upeech in Washington,
which lie garbled shamefully ns he well
Of the Nebraska Young Men's
Christian Associations
knew, Mr. Conntll having called hi a
down on it at Weoninir Water. And h
did worse than that, he reiterated the ex
President Haves chestnut which .Mr,
Hayes repudiated entirely several day
ago stating that the purposed interview
was baseless and false. And this is the
manner of man that the democrats wisl
to send to congress whose campaign is a
constant reiteration of decayed issues
and questionable statements.
A Fire.
Seldom is Plattsmouth's people called
upon to assist in putting out a fire and
when tho (ire company does get out the
(ire always goes out tco. Today about
one o'clock the fire alarm w as sounded
and smoke was Been issuing from the
roof of Mr. Ilyeis' residence on south
seventh street. As the outlook for a se
rious conflagration seemed imminent the
entire department was soon on the
grounds and with four streams of water
the fire was quickly routed. Great care
lessness was shown in the removal of
goods several articles being damaged
The fire started near the chimney under
the roof and was slow in getting oiit.
The fire boys worked like trojans and
deserve great credit for their prompt ac
tion and successful management of what
seemed for a time would prove a disas
trous fire. The house was fully covered
by insurance so that the damage" will
doubtless be paid in full.
More Lies.
The Journal gring, not sathfied wi:h
a mass of wholesale lying through their
own columns that would make Ananias
blush, indicted themselves on to the
World-Herald last night. The house
was not twice as largs as Mr. Tate's;
Bryan's speech, as every man who his
heard him before knows, was not entire
ly new. And Bryan did not say any
thing about taxing western farmers for
eastern shops; at Weeping Water he said
chops, ju6t as we printed the sentence in
full. There was no attempt to
G. A. R. Fair Notes.
Col. Lew Ginger, who has been heie
for the past week perfecting his arrange
ments to hold the coming Grand Army
Fair, reports that he is highly pleased
with the prospects of having one of his
most successful enterprises here. He has
been introduced to our business men and
citizens, to whom he has explained his
manner of conducting these fairs, and all
assure him and McConihie Post of their
warm support.
By Mr. Ginger's management at least
one thousand dollars will, be brought
here from other cities to help build the
nail, besides many hundreds of old
soldiers from all the surrounding towns
and cities will visit Plattsmouth during
the fair. ,
Our business men will donate articles
to be used as presents, to be given to
those holding the tickets, of which three
thousand are to be issued and sold at one
dollar each. The ticket admits to the
entire three days and evening of the fair,
and the numbered coupon attached will
be used in distributing the presents.
Farragut Post of Lincoln writes Com
rade Uingcr that they and the W. R. C.
will attend in a body from that city and
they are now negotiating with him to
have him work again for them during
the meeting of the legislature, and use
the money now held by them as the re
sult of his eeterprise last winter, and the
receipts of the next fair in erecting a fine
Memorial Hall in Lincoln. The four G.
A. R. Posts in Omaha will greatly assist
the comrades in their work here and our
citizens will respond to help the "Old
Another Lie Nailed
El in wood Echo.
It is said that Mike Cavey made anoth
er attempt to blacken the character of
Lemasters at his home town of Ehnwood
Saturday. When Mike got the floor the
audience picked up their hats and left.
Independent. Eagle.
The above is as false as hades. Facts
arc that Mr. Cavey was called up at the
speaking in Weeping Water and asked
to prove the charges m ide against Le
masters. He read two affidavits in prcof
and attempted to explain, when he was
requested to with hold and he would be
gi anted' opportunity to discuss the mat
ter next night in Elmwood, before Le
masters neighbors. The meeting came
off and Mr. Cavey was not even given a
chance to speak, nor did he attempt to.
Lemasters carefully evaded the question
and did not permit it to come up, and
was afraid of it where the people krjow
the facts. The Eagle's statement that
the audience got up and left when Cavey
at '.emoted to speak, is false. He never
attempted to speak.
The Elcvanth Annual StateConyention
of the young Men's Christian Associa
tions of Nebraska, will be held in Grand
Island, November VI Ml
These conventions haye become the
most important gatherings held in the
state, in tho interest of young nun.
Special arrangements have been made
this year to make this the most sue e:-s-ful
convention held in the state It is
expected that delegates wili be present
from every Association in the state, and
a cordial invitation is extended to Chris
tian young nun from towns where t'.iere
are no Associations.
The following prominent workers
abroal will be present: O. E. Ober, Iu
ternational Secretary, New York ;C. L.
Gates, International Railroad Secretary,
New York: I E. Brown, State Secretary,
Illinois; Geo. S. Fisher, State Secretary,
K nsas; T. C. Horton, General Secretary,
St. Paul. Special arrangements have
been made for the singing, which will
be in charge of F. II. Jacobs and wife,
of Missouri.
A rate of one and one third fare,
round trip has been granted by all the
roads in the state.
The Grand Island Association will en
tertain all regular accredited delegates.
Those who plan to attend the convention
should send in their names at once to E.
E. Cole, chairman entertaing committee
Y. M. C. A.. Grand Island, Neb.
Among tLe topics to be considered,
will be:--"Revivals of Religion Among
Young Men," "Systematic Giving,
"Foreign Work," "Boys' Work," "As
sociation Bible Classes," "College Work,"
"Work in Small Towns," "Railroad
Seven parlor conferences will be held
on Friday afternoon from 4 to 7 o'clock,
as follows: College students, railroad
men, commercial trayelers, boy's branches
presidents and directors, committoe men,
small towns.
Special arrangements have been make
for the consideration of "Work in Towns
Without Associations," and young men
from these places are specially invited.
Credentials should be signed by the
pastor of the church to which the dele
gate belongs. Credentials must be pre
sented to the credential committee upon
their arrival at Grand Island to secure
entertainment. The credential com
mittee will be in session at the Associa
tion rooms after 3 p. m. Thursday.
This convention is called for the pur
pose of earnest work ' and it is hoped
that all delegates will come in a prayer
ful spirit.
Further information can be had by
Augustus Nash, State Sec'y,
Omaha, Neb.
Ilcord la th Choir.
Drilling a volunteer choir is tho wont
exasperating work ever undertaken by
a human being. In the first place it is
morally certain that at least half a dozen
members think they know more than
tho leader, and two or three are al-waj-H
letter informed than tho man who
wroto the lausie, ho they offer, with
cheerful alacrity, the most Miotic sug
gestions as to tho manner in which it
should b? jM-rformed, and feel much ag
grieved if their ideas are not acted on.
Then thi women aro always either
so devoted to each other that they keep
up a constant chatter when they should
bo singing or listening to tho leader's di
rection, or are quarreling and "put each
ether out."
They an not responsible for all the
trouM". but when they do quarrel they
:-"-.;Tf.:Iy manage to e?;list the men in
t'.;;! service of both sids. and tho first
ti.ii the L a-ier knows o:i' half his
cho.r has quit and tho oilier half is about
! j do f.o becrnvo they are not numerous
enough to 1'iabs a creditable chorus. A
choir leader ays: "I have g.-no into
church o:i Sunday i::or::i'.ig and found
or eight members sitting hi tie? con
gregation. in-n.ead of in thir places,
an I the rest glaring at them from the
or;c:m stand. It is fun for them and for
iuo people, but it'a death to the leader.''
Si. Louis Globe-Democrat.
Beauty is said to be only skin deep;
ut to possess and preserve a beautiful
skin, pure, vigorous blood is essential
This is best secured by taking Ayer's Sar
siparilla in small but frequent doses
It is the most reliable of blood-purifiers
Congress Gaiteis :1 Drov.iiiiijj.
Speaking of congress gaiters and
drowning recalls a fashionable middle
aged physician who thoroughly believes
in this fatality. He gave it away in this
wise: Wiriie consulting a man in deli
cate heakh about his care for huu.self in
te.e winter time 1 no doctor said: w nat
kind of shoes have yon got on?" They
proved to be the fatal congress yaiters.
and the doctor objected. "Did you ever
tee an account of a drowned man found
hi tlio bay that didn't say ho had on con
gress gaiters? You laugh ami say that
doesn't make any difference, and there
is no connection of cause and effect.
"How do you know thero isn't? You
can't it, but I'm not certain that
congress gaiters do not tend to such
moral and physical degeneracy that a
man is liable to fall off a ferry boat, or
m a. fit of despondency to jump into the
river. At any rate I don't wear them,
I told a woman the samo thing once and
she laughed. I went on, and when 1
itached home found a letter from her,
saying she had picked up a paper after 1
went away, and the first thing found
several confirmations of what I said, and
she wanted to admit that she was con
vinced." New York Tribune.
What is
c " a
1 n
Castoria is Dr. Samuel 11 teller's ircseriition for Infants
mid Children. It contains neither Opium, Morphine nor
other Narcotic substance. It is n harmless hiibstitulo
for Paregor'c, Drops, Soothing1 Syrups, and Castor Oil.
It Is lMeasant. Its guarantee is tbirty years uso by
Millions of Mothers. Castoria destroys "Worms and allays
feverishness. Castoria prevents vomiting- Sour Curd,
cures Diarrhoea and "Wind Colic. Castoria relieves
teething troubles, cures constipation and llatulency.
Castoria assimilates tho food, regulates tho htomach
and bowels, giving: healthy and natural sleep. Cas
toria is tho Children's Panacea tho Mother's Friend.
Brazil and Cuba have already asked
for reciprocity under the McKinley bill,
and other countries will soon follow.
Yet Bryan tells the people we are to be
held up by foreign countries on account
of the tariff, just a& though we had not
had a tariff for the last twenty-five years
"His hands reeking with the blood of
organized labor" would be the way the
World-Herald would print headlines for
Boyd if he were running on the repub
lican ticket for governor, but he isn't
consequently in the mind of that modern
ananias he is all right.
Wiiex a candidate has to come back
over his territory to explain the mistakes
he made the first trip, he had better re
sign his candidacy at once or postpone
the election until after Christmas. And
if his explanations are not clearer and
more satisfactory than Bryan's were last
night, the former course, would certainly
be the best.
As a family medicine Ayer's pills excel
all others. They are suited to every age
and, being sugar coated, are easy to take
Though searching and thorough in effect
they are mild and pleasant in action and
their use is attendee! with no injurious
Tiie Irish votes in Omaha where Mr.
Boyd, the orangeman from the north of
Ireland, is well and thoroughly known,
refuse to be dragooned into supporting
that gentleman. He will lose hurdreds
of yotes from men of that class who
1 ve the old Emerald Isle, and who do
not love its enemies, though they be
born on its sacred soil.
A statistician calls attention to the in
teresting fact that most of our deceased
g-ieat men have died before their wives
Grant, Garfield, Logan. Conkling, Mo
Clellan, Sheridan, Fremont, and others
being cited as instances. He adds that
women in general live longer than their
husbands and brothers, which is certainly
i contrary to the common understanding of
the matter.
There are men in Plattsmouth however
who might keep from needlessly fright
ening their wives by leading the three
first lines to them aloud, we venture the
wife would calm Tier fears.
Remember Wildman & Fuller is the
place to buy wall paper. lw
In the Clouds.
Professor Moller, of Carlsrnhe, has
made some interesting observations on
clouds. The highest clouds, cirrus and
eirro-sti-atus, rise on an average to a
height of nearly 30,000 feet. The mid
dle clouds keep at from 10,000 feet to
23,000 feet in height, while the lower
clouds reach to between 3,000 feet and
7,000 feet. The cumulus clouds float
with their lower surface at a height of
from 4,000 to 5,000 feet, while their
summits rise to 16,000 feet. The tops of
the Alps are often hidden by clouds of
the third class, but the bottoms of thr-
clouds of the second class, and espe
cially of the thunderclouds, often enfold
The vertical dimension of a cioud ob
served by Professor Moller on the Netle
berg was over 1,200 feet. He stepped
out of it at a height of about 3,700 feet,
and high above the mountain floated
clouds of the middle class, while veils of
mist lay in the ravines and clefts. The
'upper clouds were growing thicker,
while the lower ones were dissolving,
and soon it began to rain and snow.
Public Opinion.
A Smart Detective.
Sergeant Moser on one occasion eaw a
waiter in a cafe at Soho receive and
place in his pocket a letter which the de
tective believed to be from a criminal a
knowledge of whose whereabouts he was
anxious to obtain. He therefore drop
ped his ring on the floor and asked the
man to look for it. Alphonse, expecting
a reward, immediately went on his
hands and knees, and while thus en
gaged Sergeant Moser abstracted the let
ter from his pocket and thus obtained
the means of bringing a forger to jus
tice. Who can doubt that this was a
perfectly justifiable act? But if, instead.
Sergeant Moser had suborned another
person to steal for reward, and without
telling him the object in view, he would
most assured!- have acted very wronglj-.
The First Silk Jlill in KnjjlHruJ.
A portion of the old mill built by John
Lombe at Derby in 171S the fir.-t silk
mill ever erected in England has col
lapsed, and it is expected that the whole
building will have to come down. Lombe
worked as a silk weaver in Italy, and at
the risk of his life made drawing.? of the
machi:i:.-ry. il? tbcu iv turned to Eng
land, bringitig some Italian workmen,
and i the factor on an island in the
Derv.-cnt. having first patented the ma
chinery. Me uird enou afterward, and it
is said he was poisoned by a female
emissary of the Italian manufacturers.
The mill was worked for many years,
but has lorg been in cistit-e. It was la.-t
utilized as a steam laundry, and was
condemned some years since as being un
safe. Galignani Messenger.
" Caf-tori.a fs an oxeelli-nt modiclne for chil
dren. Mothers have reeatedly told mo of its
good effect upou tln-ir children."
Dr. Q. C. Osooon,
Lowell, Muss.
Castoria is tho best remedy for children of
which I am acquainted. I hope the day isnrt
far distant w hen mothers will consider the real
hiterest of their children, aid uso Cuxtoria in
stead of the variousquack nostrumswhiVh nro
destroying their loved ones, by forcing opium,
morphine, soothing syrup and other hurtful
agents down their throats, thereby sending
them to premature graves."
Pu. J. F. KiNf-nr-Lon,
CjU'ay, Ark.
The Centaur Company, T7 M
" Castoria is so well adupted tehlldrn that
I recommend it ua superior toany preHcriptiuil
known to inc." a
II. A. Aucnrn, M. D.,
Ill So. Oxford .St., UrHklyn, Is. Y.
"Our physicians in tho children' depart
ment have spoken highly of their experi
ence, in their outside practice w ith Ciistoriu.
and although we oidy have nnxnig our
medical supplies what i.-J known as regular
products, yet wo uro frco to confess that th
merits of Castoria has won lis to look wltU
favor ujMn it."
United Hospital and IaspENSAitTi
Uobton, Mass
Allien C. Smith, Ye.,
-array Street, New York City.
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sinmifpfl (Dapy; '
St. Louis Weekly
Ion't Show Your Collar iutt.-u.
It is desirable that a cravat or four-in-hand
should be li-.M firmly up against
tLe tabs of a collar. The collar br.t ton
never should be seen. With a cravat
:plihfcd bv
this may be aceo:
the first knot fiim. With a four-in-hand
it may be accomplished by first tying a
firm simple knot before making the four-
in-hand movement. Clothier and Furnisher.
- Looks Reasonable.
A Cincinnati policeman who clubbed
a citizen without apparent good reason
explains to a reporter that the cost of
running tne department was increased
bo rapidly that he conscientiously felt
obliged to exhibit an increase of energy.
The citizen happened to be nearest his
Menerg7. Detroit Free Press.
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n m ti
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