Plattsmouth weekly herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1882-1892, July 17, 1890, Image 1

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$1.50 A YEAR.
The next annual meeting of the Ne
braska Association of Trotting Horte
. Breeders will be held at Fairbury, Neb.,
August 19th to 22nd, inclusive. The
managers of this association are highly
gratified at its growth and future proa
pects. The primaries held in Hastings yester
day resulted in the election ot anti-Laws
delegations. The delegations will sup
port the home man for congress, and
Professor W. E. Andrews, of Hastings
college for &tate superintendent of pub
lic instruction.
. Clerk. Campbell.
IT D. A. Campbell has filled his bonds as
clerk of the supreme court and librarian,
and assumed the duties of his office yes
terday. The bond as librarian is in the
Bim of $10,000, and his sureties nreR. li.
Windham, W. II Newell, Frank Carruth
and J. W. Barnes. The security as re
porter and clerk is the same amount as
that of librarian, and'Bigned by John H.
Becker, J. M. Patterson, C. II. Parmele
and W. II. Newell mb sureties.
Killed by a Base Ball.
A Kearney special says that on last Sat
urday a young man by the name of Clar
ence Rice, living in the north part of
this county, was struck in the temple by
a bounding ball thrown by a fellow
player. He made light of the injury but
after playing twenty minutes fell uncon
scious and died in half' an hour. The
day was exceedingly hot, and it is thought
the heat had as much as the blow to do
with his death. He leaves a wife and
two children.
I. O. O. F. Reunion.
The third annual reunion of Odd Fel
lows of the states of Nebraska. lows,
Kansas and Missouri will be h-ld in this
city August 12th and IStli 1890 and the
various committees to whom the work of
preparations is referred report progress,
and every indication poiuts to a grand
and successful reunion. The local secre
tary, L. E. Karnes, has mailed out today
400 invitations to Iowa and Missouri
and 270 in Nebraska. The programme
will appear in this paper in the near
The Cass County Normal lustitut.; fo'
'"" 1S00 will be held at Weeping Wati-r,
August 18th to 30th. We are in receipt
of information through the kindness of
County Superintendtnt Noble to the ef
fect that accommodation? will be ample
for all teachers who may wish to attend,
and at a less cost than it would be under
the Chautauqua plan. Able instructors
will be in charge and excellent work
may be expected.
In County Court.
In the case of Wm. W. Hull vs. John
S. Roberts, the C. B & Q. Co., garnishee
was ordered to pay into court the sum of
IT.S", due from garnishee to defendent.
In case, Clarence E. Wescott vs Johu
Hunsicker. the C. li & Q. railroad gar
nishee, was ordered to pay into court the
sura of $9.06 due from garnishee to de
fen dent.
The Caseof Citizen's Bank Platts
mouth Street Railway Co., filed today,
on promisory note and account stated.
Answer day, August 4th, Byron Clark
attorney for plaintiff.
Police Court.
As we go to press the preliminary ex
amination of John E'.cdge n the charge
of highway robbery is in progress before
Judge Archer.
D. O. lawyer for prosecution and
Byron Clark defending.
E. W. Potter, the post master at Elm
Creek, Neb., says he has personal
knowledge of several cases of rheuma
tism, in that vicinity, that have been
permanently cured by Chamberlain's
Pain Balm, after other remedies were
used without benefit. He sold it at his
drug store there lor five years and suys
he never knew it to fail, that "any cus-
. i, ,.r,f& nuts rliRmlirrlin's Pain
- I IliJC ' 11V vai- -
Balm will have nothing else instead."
For sale by F. O. Fricke A Co. tf
Squire John Martin and Charley Steele
of Union are in the city on business tc-
Mlses Anna Livingstone aud Flora Donovan
were passengers to Onutha today.
Mr. Tarteh and Mw.Clias.HeiU and dainti
er Mary Beitz were .Omaha passengers today.
Hiss Kate Stadelmaun departed this moru
iiR to visit with friendi in Nebraska City for
several day.
MiM Lizzie Fmzler went over to Gleowood
this morning where Mie li empl cent in the
Feeblo Minded Institute at a helper.
Mr. Win. Holly and wife returned Monday
iBornini? from their postponed ;bridal tour to
Kacine and othr poiiils iu Wisconsin, and re
part a highly erjoysible tl.oe.
Mr. W. D. Jone- returned from Oicalia this
morning and e ure pleased to note that he
report Jirs. Da! Joiie much improved, an.l
hope U now fLjertained cf hr ultimate recovery.
The Security Company' TVarhou
llnrnn Loiim Nearly av Million.
Minneapolis, July 16. The large
.seven story warehouse of the Security
company was entirely destroyed by fire,
together With its contents. Spontaneous
rombnstion was the cause. The upper
Lours were filled with agricultural im
plements and on the fourth floor were
.jim ions of binding twine. A three-story
i;;..ii building adjoining was crushed
1 .p falling walls. The building was
b-iilr la.-t April and cost $50,000, on
v : h e is 435,000 insurance. The
t iiour was occupied as a
:u. ilm i-econrl by orlicen, the third oy
Win. DeHriii. company, the fourth
tle Ai j'jetoii Manufacturing coni
y. tbe fifth ;nid t-ixth by general
jiud the frpventh by furniture.
: i.:ai loss is $85;, 000, injured iufor-
:i companies.
Tnesilay'n Itithe It 1 1 Games.
At Ptdumbrj!- i!ui!il-u-. 1'': Brooklyn,!!.
A S:.. Lout M. lxini. ': :!iiiti'-K, 3.
Ai Iomsvil - i.'ii-i. . ;..f . ;ti. : ;-;u-ue. 3.
At 'I 'ihi- 'I f.ln-ii, (: iji:-titfU r, W.
At Mlnnvar'di ":':..';''.
At Milwtukfc-M.iw " iii".-.
10: -I I'aul. 6.
i-. iX'Us'er, 0.
I: .' k. -" i.iMai'i.
. i r.t n-p.r t.... j-.t.r.i!". u.
a: rti-k:yn h: --'R .? t... i -i t r-1 'irir. 2.
i l'.t i, h.i. t ; T: .'! i ku 11,2.
Al Ne'.v York Hr-r i.ivii.?.: Cleveland, 6.
NA lil.KAI. IA(H'L
A ion i!rio:i. li: ("iivtland. 0.
Al I' 'Ipiiia I'hiia'rhist, f: PittburR. .
A: Nv .. i w Yt-ra, T; Cincinnati, ii.
At Hnxifij I.- rTix-kiyii. 0: CliicaK", 1.
A "r7.T I'lTiichiimn.
P.kvts. July 1G. When President Car
tjot was Hlout ti entfr Elysee palace on
e'.rm from L')tr Champs, a man
-..uiii near . by fcrt'.l a revolver into
:. fir. He v.'ii? ri niplly arresled.
( j- '.i iicirijr tiiken t i The nearest police
...'..u l-.e snia he was? a chemist and the
M.iinr of many invei.tions. Ke had
1 ii out of employment for so rue time.
i-.r-'. '.vihed to attract ihe attention of
ii e -i'.'ent and the public ro his case.
j'm-, j. live say ti-e revolver was loaded
wiiii I iniik cai
!'.: li vir.k- f Cikl in Wyoming.
a Wy o. . July 1 0 Phil
.vU a:id S;ici D.ivi. lfi and 17 year
. -:v-i. wu-i for so-ne week.'"-
' in si
:'. e
."!' I i'
n-er wiir aI'.ss; r::n e luniini" cihitiis
i t m a 'i i the f.fnious Jiuciioye
i-'x: .i iv .-t" ncfire which assavs trmn to S-M.o-m) per ton in free gold.
Thi is tiie richest discovery ever made
in the state, and the miners have started
for the new hV-lds bv hundreds.
Wii.KEsriARUE. Pa., July 16. Oscar
Nicholson, a well-known lawyer here,
w its held by the Unite 1 States commis
sioner to answer for securing fraudulent
jiffid.ivits in the case of John Heibisch,
v. ho liel from the effects of an aault
committed by fellow prisoners while in
Wilk'-sbavre jail, but whose widow pro
cured a pension on the ground that
deatL resulted from injuries received
during the war.
International Cricket Match.
Philadelphia, July 16. In the inter
national cricket match the Canada
eleren finished their first inninj; with
141 runs to their credit. They went in
for their 6econd inning and were re
tired for 97 runs, or a total of 23H for
the game. 31 less than the United States
team made in their first inning.
Judgment Against the Klectrlc Sugar Co.
New York, July Vd. James Moore,
a5? assignee of the English investors in
tilt fxndulent Electric Sugar company,
was awarded judgment against J. II.
Robertson and W. H. Cottrell, officers
of the company, who induced the plain
tiffs to invest in the concern.
Stopped by the Authorities.
Kfvosha, Wis., July l'. Th- C;ir-ney-Fitzgeraid
fight did not come off as
advertised. Tbe police had orders to
stop the fight wherever they found it.
This became known to the parties and
no attempt was made to tight. It was
postponed for two weeks.
Capsized and Sunk.
Ely, Vt., July 16. The steam tug
Pearl was capsized and sunk fh Fair
Lee pond during a severe storm, and
Capt. Frank Brown, aged 33, was
drowned. Several other boats were
upset, but their occupants escaped.
lies Moines' Club Disbands.
DE3 Moines, July 16. The Des
Moines Base Ball association, at a meet
ing of the directors and stockholders of
the club, decided to disband the club,
and accordingly every member of the
team was paid off and released.
A Boodler Conies Back.
New York, July 16. Ex-Alderman
Chas. Dempsey, of the boodle board of
18S4. who has been sojourning in Cana
da. apieared at the district attorney's
office and was admitted to bail in the
sum of $ 35,000.
To Annal Naturalisation Papers.
St. Louis, July 16. Suits to annul
the records in 103 naturalization sa-es
on the ground that the papers were ob
tained fraudulently, are being pushed
Signal by Sioux City.
Milwaukee, Wis., July 16. Hardie
Henderson, the old Baltimore player and
nntil recently an umpire in the Western
assfciation, signed to pitch for the Sioux
City club.
Rlanders at Hannibal.
Hannibal, Mo., July 16. Dr. Pave
Papain cf Columbia has been tele
graphed to coniehere to investigate two
tvase of well defined glanders.
A Dozen Bottles or Five Gal
lons of Liquor
Tim Senate I'asnes the Kill Granting Land
for a Soldier' Home In Washington
Six llunlred and Thlrty-Sl New Clerks
for the I'ension Otttoe.
Washington, July 16. At a confer
ence of the representatives of the liquor
interests in this city with members of
the house who are opposed to the pend
ing original package bill, the following
substitute was framed to be offered in
the house by Mr. Adams of Illinois:
Be it Enacted, etc., That it shall not
be lawful to imiiort into any state cr
territory from any other state or terri
tory, or from the District of Columbia,
any fermented, distilled or other intoxi
cating liquors, except in one or more
original package, as denned by this act.
Sec. i. That for the purposes of thip
act an original package of intoxicating
liquor in Ixjttles 6hall be a case contain
ing not less than one dozen bottles and
an original package of liquor not in
bottles shall contain not lees than five
gallons. Provided, however, that an
original package of liquor imported
from any foreign nation shsll contain
the quantity required by the laws re
lating to dutiefr upon imports.
Sfa . 3. It f-nall not be lawful to sell
within any state or territory any intoxi
cating liquor imported in such state or
territory c.cept in the original package
in which ti.e same has been imported
and f-r.l-ject to the reasonable police reg
ulation?" of such slate or territory regu
lating fcuch liquor a.s a beverage.
Washing r. J.:ly 16 The senate
passed the bill gran: ing land to the state
of Washington U nuldiers'home. Al
most The entire alxnoou was spent in
the discussion f j: wposed amendment
to the tnndry civil appropriation bill
itifieiisintr ;i:e e '.-propria tion bill for ir
rig;ri"T: r-'utveys f-t.r-I $300,000 to !00,
0i;. Without voiiog on the amendment
the senate at 6 p. in. adjourned.
The house spent the entire day in the
discussion of a bill appropriating $636.
li) for an additional force of 636 clerks
i;i the 'pension office. It was used as
the text of a discussion of the extra va
gaiice of appropriations, the charges re-cei-'jy
made against Commissioner
iJaurli !!'. iT.- civil service question.
The bill v;:s p; ssed and the house at
5:10 p. m. aujourue-TL
Arrest of air Assassin.
Washington, July 16. The depart
ment of st.-.te is informed of the arrest
'of Mi .in- who assassinated the wife of
Rev. ,john N. Wright, an American
missionary in Saim, Persia, on the
1 tth ol May last. Minas was a teacher
in the mission school and had just been
dismis-ed from his place for improper
conduct. The arrest of Minas was main
lv due to the efficient action of the Brit
ish onsul at TaHiz, Col. T. C. Stewart,
before whom he will be brought for
Ilontl Purchases.
Washington, Julv 16. The secretary
of the treasury purchased $30,000 4 per
cent, bonds at sfl.03.
The department was advised of the
s!v)inent of !;'5(i.0"0 worth of gold bars
lroin New York, making $3,500,000
shipped abroad iu the past five days.
A FeeI?r for tli' Santa Fe.
Keokuk, la., July 16. C. R. Arnold,
president of the Gjuincy, Keokuk and
Chicago Railroad company, was in the
city consulting with a committee of the
Business Men's association. Mr. Arnold
said that the toad would serve as a
feeder for th Santa Fe, connecting with
that line at Niota. Ills. Arrangements
were made whereby the new road may
use the Keokuk and Hamilton bridge
across the Mississippi. The road asks
$50,000 in stock from Keokuk, which is
not to b paid nntil tnrough trains are
running from Quiucy to Chicago, via
the proposed road and the Santa Fe. A
considerable portion of the stock is al
ready subscribed, and responsible per
sons "have promised that the balance will
be taken.
The Louisville and Dayton.
Columbus, Ind., July 16. Articles of
incorporation were signed by capitalists
at Louisville, New Albany, this city
and Richmond for a new railroad. The
line is to run from Louisville over the
new bridge via Albany, thence in a
northerly direction through the coun
ties of Clark, Scott, Jackson and into
Bartholomew, thence.northeast to Rich
mond aud on to Dayton. O. The lin"
will lie 140 miles in length, and willb
known as the Louisville, Richmond and
Dayton; capital stock, $4,000,000.
From I'aducah to Paris.
Paducaii, Ky., July 16. Track-laying
on the Paducah, Tennessee and Ala
bama railroad, which is to be finished
from here to Paris, Tenn., by Jan. 1, is
moving along well. It is fully expected
to have tiity-five miles of the read
ready for service by Sept. 30. Seven
hundred men are at work on the road.
Gobbled by the Cracker Trust.
Dubuque, la., July 16. The J. P.
Farley and the Alber cracker factories,
of this city, have been purchased by the
American Biscuit company, which, with
a capital of f 10,000,000, owns or con
trols all the cracker factories between
Chicajro and Denver and from St. Paul
to New Orleans. The present manager
will be retained. .
An Orcanlzed Gang of Train Robbers.
Green Bay, Wis., July 16. For sev
eral months an organized gang of
thieves has Ik-en robbing freights of
their merchandise at Fort Harvard, Wis.
Detectives have been put on the case,
but it was not until Tuesd ly that th-y
were able to obtain any clew. In
their search they had their sus
picions directed towards a house in a
tough portion of the town. They forced
an entrance ami found packages and
boxes of the stolen goods which will
amount to about $l,OoO. The Chicago
and Northwestern railway have been
th- lowers, and they have identified the
goods. The gang have been put under
prcKUIcnt Hnrli Srrkiiii Hail.
New Yo:ck, July li. President Ed
wsiid Morton, oi the hew Yoik Export
Liaubt-r company, who was ;.i'i-ste 1 iu
a M;t oy thy Western National bank in
volving Jf iJ.'Jo;), has not yet procured
bail. '
Kditors Sued.
New York. July 10. Tre Granite
State Provident association has beguu
suit for $30,000 damage against several
New York and Brooklyn editors urA
reporters for causing article ; injurious
the association to be. published.
MuguiAcewt Gift for Kalamazoo.
Kalamazoo, Mich., July 16. Dr. and
Mrs. E. H. VaiiD.-usen of this city have
prese: ited this city with $50,000 for a
public library building. The city voted
$150,000 for a site and work on the
building will soon begin.
Aid for Astronomers.
Boston, July 10. Professor Edward
C. Pickering, director of the Harvard
astronomical observatory, announces
that Miss C. W. Bruce has given $6,000
to aid in astronomical research during
the present year.
B a ak o f 6a s s Co itat y
Cor .Main and Fifth street.
Paid up capital -?50 ooo
Surplus -5 000
O. H. Parne'.e President
Fred lioruer . Vice President
.1. M. Patterson Caslieir
J as Patterson, Jr. Asst Cashier
C. II. Parmele, J. M. Patterson, Fred Gorder,
A. 15 Smith, li. B. Windham, 1J. S. Kaiusey and
Jas Patterson Jr.
Accounts solicited, i merest allowed on time
deposit ami prompt ;irt -u: iotigiven to all bus
iness encrusted to its care.
First National
Offers the verv best facilities for the prompt
transactioa of liyitimate
Hanking: Business
Stocks, bonds, gold, government and local se
curities bought Mid sold. Deposits received
and interest allowed on the certificates
Drafts drawu, available in any part of the
United States and all the principal towns of
COLLECTIONS MADK AND I'KOMPTLY KEMIT Highest market p'ice pid lor County War
rants, State aim County bonoe.
John Fitzgerald D. Hawksworth
John K. Clark F. E. White
(ieorge E. Dovey
John ritzgmld. S. Waugh,
President Cafhier,
The Citizens
Cayital stock paid in $50 000
Authorized Capital, $IOOfOOO.
President. Vie-Presi iet t
w. n. Cl'SHIN'i. Cashier.
Frank Carruth J. A. Connor, F. K. Guthji am
J W. Johnson, Henry Boeck, John O'Keefe
W. D. M-rriam. Win. Wetencamp, AV.
H. dishing.
Transact" r. ccnerHl 'i;.nkiriir business. All
wlio li:ive aiiy Itsiikr.m I'liiLies to trarisact
are invite-l to call. No matter how
large or small the traipaction. It
will receive our caref ul attention
and we promise always cour
teous treatment.
Issues certificates of deposits bearing interest
Buys aud sell" exchange, county and
city sureties.
A strictly first class machine, fully warrant
ed. Made lroin the very best material by
skilled workmen, and with the best tools tbat
have ever been devised for the purpose. War
ranted to do all that can be reasonably ex
pected of the very best typewriter extant.
Capable of writing 150 words r er minute or
more according to the ability of the operator.
PlltUE $100.
If there Is no agent in your address the
Agents wanted Parish S. V.
F. B. SEELT2MIRE, Agent.
. Plattsmouth, Neb.
Staple and Fancy Groceries
And Fresh fruits and vcetnbles of all kinds kept
on hand, and sold al tiie lowest prices.
Star Listers. Milburn Wagons tind Buygii s. JVIolinti Steel Harrow
Little Joker Cultivator. rMio Strt 1 Hat ster nol Kinde-R
The Dandy Riding Culti vatms, mid
A line line of double a; d single ln;cs.
Our Goods are all new with the latest jiihI best improvements
We have something new in a spring: for a farm waron, it
will pay you tq see it.
Sixth Street, near liilej Hotel.
Full upper or lower set of teeth for $$. Guaranteed
to be the same as those for wliirli other
dentists charge $15.
Satisfaction Guaranteed or Ivloney Eefunded
The only perfect and reliable way of extracting teetli without pai:i
or danger.
Gold, Silver, and Bone Fillings at K educed Kate
DH. WITHERS l'n ion Block Dentist
Best Cough Medicine.
Cnres where all else fails.
tfieta rhiWn 4otn .4 V.
vi.UUji.u ii muiuui oojection. uy aruggiaie.
Recommended by Physicians. , Dn4.,t.L im
a -i . .