Plattsmouth weekly herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1882-1892, July 10, 1890, Page 7, Image 7

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BIQ DAY AT WABAS! Again entitle ting, ting of the motor ver-nry f 1.1 birthdiv, ns it was desired
cars i-e t.cnr i on t ti e nn-i ts and regular t
' runs iirc being iiiude. 1
W. F. Crubill & Hon have bold the'r ' WwSthe 4th .1 iy of July, tlie rmiu ver.iry
blacksmith shop . ii s.-uth Orli Htiect to of American indoj.fnil. nc.-.
..Miiry i f I.U birth lir, ns it was desired ninmiM mn nnTrnTi! roiTA ntoKinrTrnyrm.
o cel. -brate that event, to whirl, .e re- j ( U ,V ML 1
lied the oidy eyent lie car.-.l to celebrate ' JJ Jjxl I Ul 1 V 1Lill 111 I A Mi" "-:' ' " '" " Ticket
Cass County Farmer's Allianco
Will Celobrate Tomorrow
in a Becoming Manner.
The Switchmen on The Illinois Cen
tral Want Pay for Time Lost While
on the Late Strike The World's
Fair Site Formally Accepted A
Horse Thief Re-Captured The
Seattle Fire.
From Tuesday' Dally
The Fourth at Wabash.
WiiAsn, Neb., July J.. Thu Cass
county farmers' alliance will hold a cele
bration in Boating park ut this place ou
July 4. which will in point of numbers,
probably equal any undertaking of the
kind held in the state. Hon. W. L. Cuu
diff, of Lincoln, will be the orator of the
1 )G-7y, speeches will also be made by N
M. Allen of Union, and L. G. Todd o
Nehawka. The celebrated I teed band o
Ashland will furnish music. Delegn
tloLS from all parts of the county wil
attend in large numbers.
i Ailgas.rd & wanton.
Tlieciuits ftii.i buninos in general,
throughout the city will be closed to- j
morrow, it being a leg:d holiday, j
.Su! ji-ct at the T:;b rnuclt next Sunday j
'morning: "What is the rtcripture i
authority f r obsi -rviiig the first flay of j
t!ie week in pi ice of the seventh? Or, is
there ir.y Scripture for observing the first
da' of the week as the Lord's day?"
Who says the Plattsniouth small boy is
nt patriotic .Since J. P. Young ad
vertised his fire erveker sale iu the
IIkkalii yesterday evening, he has sold
over 1,000 packages of the?e Fourth of
July necessities.
A Nt-braskan has just been installed
int. the high office of sergeant at arms of
the senate. A Nebmskan has during sev-
Tomorrow this
rand event will be
celebrated by 42 states, three times the
original number and three for a remain
der, while at the signing of that iiothale
document the flag represented the num
ber of states, by carrying fut l: lonely-stars.
How we should prize the privilege of
j being an American citizen, and to be
able to enjoy the liberties of such a
grind country as ours
A Bloody Tragedy on a Dia
mond Jo Steamer.
To the Old Soldiers of Cass County.
Comrades: On June 2th 1J10, there
was and organization called the "Veteran
Association of the State of Nebraska"
formed at Lincoln, the object of which
is to aid, assist and protect all the sold
iers of the late rebellion in all their
rights and interests and to 9tand together
A rriiiiint!it You us Citlzenof Culuiuliui,
lint.,. Slay III Wife Two Negroe
lmt llinvn Arine.l Mm (iunrdiiig n
.'.ill A Desperate Contlit-t.
World's Fair Commissioners.
Cuicauo, July 2. The world's fair ua
tional commission this afternoon form
ally accepted the joint site consisting of
the lake front and Jackson park as the
location for the Columbian exposition by
a vote of 78 to 11. This conclusion was
reached without much discussion.
In fact, when the question came up the
opponents of this location, as offered by
the local board of directors, seemed to
number about as many as the advocates
of it. Various resolutions and amend
ments expressive of the views of individ
ual commissioners were offered, but after
the commissioners had listened to de
tailed explanations by the directors a
vote was taken on the proposition to ac
cept the site as tendered, with the result
above given.
lietore this matter came up a com
munication was received from the Na
tional Dairy association asking that such
special consideration be given to that
interest as its financial magnitude war
rai ts.
A resolution that a committee in this
interest be appointed was refeired to the
ommittee on organization. "
A Modest Request.
hicago, July 2. A committee of three,
resenting the freight switchmen of the
recent stike, called on General Superin
tendent Sullivan of the Illinois Central
railroad this morning to ask for the pay
ment of the regular wages to the men for
the four days and seven hours they were
out on the stiike. Mr. Sullivan replied
that there was no principle of equity by
which they could make such a demand
and that the sum would not be willingly
paid. lis added that the amount would
be paid only in case future trouble was
threatened and then only to the men who
would sign a written demand.
The committee left to consult with the
organization. Mr. Sullivan said to a re
porter: 'This demand is merely high
way robbery. They have us in their
power and take unlawful advantage of
the reliance of the employer on the em
ploye. They do not show a business like
spirit and if we are forced to pay the
men for work they refused to do it will
be like money paid to a bandit with
a loaded revolver placed at a traveler's
erl months ably administered the office bu the maintainance of all their rights,
of IT. S land commissioner. Illinois It is the request of the president cf
s ipplies the pension commissioner. Thus J said association that the soldiers in every
the west is rapidly forging to the front, county in the state
We are again placed under lasting ob
ligations to the McCartney Bros., the Pa
cific City gardners, for a bounteous supply
of their fresh vegetables left at this office
today. They are making three trips reg
ularly each week to this market, and if
meet ana form a
company organization, elect their officers
and report to the state organization in
DviiCiiCi la., July 5. A bloody
tragedy occurred We Ine s lay night on
tn sts :-:;mer Mary Morton, of the Dia
woua .Jo line, while flie was lying at
Guttenberg, la., a point about thirty
miles north of this city. A white deck
hand named Turley and a negro rousta-
lut named Charles White engaged in
a hgnt. lute struck Turlev on the
head with a club, fracturing his skull
from top to base. White was put in
irons and brought to this city, where he
now lis in jail. Turley was placed m
Mercy hospital, where he died Thursday
While the boat was lying at Gut ten
lie rg the deckhands were indulging free
ly in whisky. There were twenty-four
whit iiieu and five negroes in the deck
order that the soldiers all over the state
may be organized and know what is to crew, and the negroes, being in the mi
be done for their interest. Only one
nority, were imposed uion by the white
men. Turlev refused tn allow Wliir. tn
organization can be formed in each drink out of the same cud with the
ti. i i .- ii t i countr and in order that Cass ronntv white men, and provoked a hirht. After
ruuiuuu uimye was in luey woum - ... . . . a. iiard battle tW ,r.M. .,Vt.l Mrl
may be tully organized a call ,s made while Tnrley WS wa!)hing th bloo,i
for all soldiers who can meet at Platts- from hi face White .stole mi behind
mouth at G. A. II. hall on Julv 7th. Isfio him and struck him a fearful blow over
make daily trips.
Oswald Guthman, of Louisville, came
down to the city this morning.
Mrs. John II. Becker and daughter, of
Eight Mile Grove precinct, went up to
Omaha this morning, and the boys, Eddie
and Phillip, went to Hillsdale. Iowa, to
spend the 4 th there.
Mr. W. A. Bauch will depart this even
ing for St. Louis, and Mrs. Ilauch will
remain the guest ol her sister-in-law,
Mrs. B. Elson.
tl. Ii-i.l ix-itli l. ....-,-- . .e ...w.i r . t . I - - ilea t j DLlta '1
" W",V i" iV" I'uipuoc i. nirit y tell to the deck apparently dead.
organizing ana we can then call meet-1 wmi white escaped to the hold, where
ings at other points in the other points in fie.W:ls afterward discovered and placed
" I m irons. I nrlev nvr romi
.1 1 1 i .11 I . --.J " - ....v
mewuuijfiiuii luusgei an wie soiuiers sciousness and died and was burietl in
in the county enrolled in the organiza
tion and we can all work together for
each others interest and welfare.
Comrades, we stood together shoulder
to shoulder in 18G1 to 1 85." for the pre
servation of the old flag let us now stand
together for the protection of our own
interest. In this day when all are organ-
the marine quarters in Linwood ceme
tery-. Ihe coroners jury returned a
verdict of deliberate murder. White is
23 years old, and has been on the river
tour years. His home is in Jackson,
in ti i ii.i,
Dk MoiNKS la., July 5. Secretary
C'o' ic. t f the Prohibition Jt.'ite commit
tee, said: "Out committee has jut had
a iii e:ir.g and we are now preparing a
call f : a Prohibition state convention.
The convention will be a mass conv-n-ti
-ii. Hnd will lie held in Des Moinos on
th- -4th day of September. We proline
t is' an iid'lresj to the voter of Iowa
an. I to nominate a full state ticket. The
KepuMIoan platform is so cleirlv
. . . .....
riaa i.e or the prohibition ' (Mvsaou
and so plainly a trap to deceive voters
tiiat i:o h oriest I'rohibitionist cares t
i--:id ii i- iTid.rmeiit to it. If the Honor
ies .,!:ui.,n ha I been engrafted iu the
pl.ittorm there would have lieen no ne
ces-ity f r our party to take the held
out u was rejected and sneered at. and
we propose now to thoroughly organize
h? Prohibitionists of Iowa. wh
have deep convictions u;xn this
all lmjiortant quention, and will
lil the largest vote ever given
tile i'roiii.jitiou ticket in the state. W
are assured of all the assistance m-ces
.-.ur5' from the national Prohibition com
mute-, and wul have some of the lst
speakers in the nation in the state this
r ill. Lwa h is declared for prohibition
ana we cannot artonl to lose this state
if the cause should now lose this state
it would set u-s back a quarter of a cen
tury m our great work for the suppres
siou of the Honor traffic in the nation.
we win nave a large convention on
Sept. 4 ami some of the irreat prohibi
tion orators of the nation will be here.
We have already held one congressional
convention and that was in the Eighth
district. Rev. S. A. Oilley of College
springs, I'age county, was nominated
for congress, and he will receive a large
vote. We will have congressional can
didates in every district in the state."
IN CllIC.(iO IN 3.
T?j. '.niirrAv I'lioTK'TivrTAMirK I.r or
iH I.Ml-ll Mlf II IlK'tt viilutil.lo -r of 1 ,11 lu
il .iim in i. 1 iii'x nre r irfl Willi i.w
i i -;...- ! in I itf r h mi l uivurui nts for i r
I. "i. w'lellur 111 file lllteiet f t 'V'.i.i i
Ui:.l -4. HliTi llUlltS T I'llifi-wil.ilm, .-'i.ti
Km ii of t hi' w rlm im-N to I li
jr.t.--. ii i.iiimce iin!iil i i-,iiiii ni rit In
v ii-I'!, i'. ie liiet-. -I'liidiuirK.iiH i'f ivrtifi t
of ! .. (tur, utiil ol lu r iiruun iitu sliowni,; ii.
.-'.:) f l'i-fit-t ton.
. :y -liulii n will !. R.'tit on rw'i'iiit
ii.-. i.. - uinps e.i i'.t " w iirfi-H, l.l uri
1 .t'. ' 'lU li will trt iM-fit for 4 cetit.-
i a: v!ml.? Iit will ! iM'iit for ir
.-' .Ht-lvo for l etTits. or any tivt- i -r J
t. .'. isaKo iui. Oixlorby iiuiuImt.
Mrs. M. J ICennard, of Lincoln, arrived I izing we must organize too and take care
visit her cousins the of ourselves. Yours,
this mornicg to
Polk Bros.
Mr. James Evans and wife, parents of
Mrs. T. E. Williams left for their home
at Stella this morning. Mr. Williams is
S. P. Vaxatta, )
S. M. Chapman, Com
II. J. Streioht. )
List of Letters
A Worthless Husband Stabs His Wif.
New York, July 5. Hester Lotty, a
middle-aged tailoress. was stabbed and
killed by her husband. Martin Lotty, a
drunken and worthl ss little fellow
'viioin sae had suppo: ted. The stabbing
was uuiie while i-iottv was drunk. He
claims that his wife stabbed herself.
in very feeble health and has been here Remaining unclaimed, in the postoffice
for treatment under Dr. Schildkeecht. at Plattsmouth. Neb.. Julv 2. 1890.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Johnson, old for the week ending June 25, 1800:
Boleu, Mrs Emma J
Bock, John
settlers eight miles southwest of the city I ADtt. A A
. . I Baker, John H 2
WCUL II1UI UlUg IU Ol CUll, 111.0., LU
Ari-etel for Murder.
W ILKESBARRE. Fa.., July O. A younf
man named Sweeny was arrested on
suspicion of being one of the two who
beat (teorge VV ardsick to death.
Wardsick, who was a Hungarian miner.
was set on by the men while ou his way
home troin the mines.
Johnson's former
spend the 4th at Mrs.
F. J. Murkin, deputy clerk of district
court, departed last evening for Wash
ington, Iowa, to eiend the Fourth with
his parents.
County Commissioner Todd, and
daughter, Miss Leila, departed last even-
ng for May w ood. Frontier county, to re
main over the Fourth.
II. R. Richter takes his Fourth of July wlU Pase say "advertised."
vacation at St. Joe with relatives. Henry j. otreight, P. M
Cummins. Mary Ann
OodKe. H L
Gerking, J H
Jeuniiigs, Elmer
Laugliery. Wm
Mil!er, Wm
JlcPherson. George
Oaks, Eprlam
Perry, Edgar 2
Roberts, Hugh
Sloan, Mrs Chas II
Wiles, Delia Mr?
Kvens, Dave
Kanuelvvailt, Julas
Hoffman. Mrs C
Keodalt Ezra
Maaville, Mrs h
McCulloch, Maud
Nankeoile, Will
Printc. Miss K A
Pierce. D D
Reynolds, Miss M A
Torin. K A
Williams. KM
Persons calling for the above letters
Two Negroes .Shot.
Alexandria, Ya., July 5. Fayette
Lee and George Pines, disorderly ne
groes while resisting arrest and assault
ing Police Officer Ticer, were shot. Lee
was killed and l ines mortally wounded.
iicer was Uadiy hurt.
Wife Murder In Rton.
Boston, July 5. Michael Connors
bis wife, Maggie, and she will doubtless
die. The couple had lived unhappily to
gether and separated some time ago.
1 hey met on the street and a quarrel re
Horse Thief Captured.
Beatrice, July 2 Word was re
ceived here today that Jack Wortman,
the desperado and horse thief who es
caped from jail in this city several day3
ago, was arrested at Wichita, Kan., last
nit after a desperate struggle by the
sheriff of Jefferson county, Nebraska,
who was in pursuit of lum.
Wm. Gilmore and family, living south I Hear Both Sides
of town, departed this morning for A Sreat aeDftte ot tne prohibition
Modale, Iowa, to spend the Fourth and amendment is to take place at Beatrice
join a reunion of relatives at the home of on JulJ 5' and 7' ,etween Prof. Samuel J named Vegena. They will likely both
nis Drotuer-in-iaw, t;nariey uutier, a lor- I " i"'""
mer resident of this conntv. bition Committee and Rev. Samuel Small
Fatally Stabbed.
Hcrley, Wis., July 5. Morris Welch
and John McCarthy were fatally stabbed
in a saloon row at Gile by an Italian
A Negrro Conviet Pardoned.
International Cong re 4 of Win-k.i itiumt
Called by iiniKer.
New York, July 5. The Americjin
Federation of Labor, through its presi
dent, Samuel Gomjiers, issues a call for
an international congress of working
men to be held in connection with the
worlds fair in IH'J.k The details of this
convention have not yet leen deter
mined ujon. The letter, which will lie
translated and sent to every country
where workingmen are organized, states
that the object in holding the conven
tion is to formulate and discus the
very many question "affecting onr in
terests and to give a greater imiietus to
the cause of progress and civilization
and to make known to the world by our
unalterable determination that we insist
upon being larger sharers in the world's
After Ten Day at Oumrantfne.
New Orleans, July 5. After ten
days' detention at Mississippi quaran
tine station, the steamship Professor
Morse arrived here with 2"i0 half -starved
and sick laborers, most Italians, who
have been working on a plantation in
Honduras since April last with but little
food and inadequate shelter. Dr. Oli-
phant, president of the board of health,
with Drs. Gzarnowski and Bickmann.
two experts, boarded the Morse and
made a close examination of the passen
gers and m'ade a report to the board of
health as to the condition of the men.
The report says: We learn from a
statement of Dr. Otto, who came alioani
the vessel June 19, that he found 163
passengers sick out of 262. exclusive of
a crew of ifi. The passengers were suf
fering from dropsy, dysentery, malaria
and bilious fevers. The crew were all I
An Original Package. Alarm.
Kansas City, Mo., July 5. The citi
lens of Ottawa, Kan., are determined
that no original-package house can do
business in that town. Last evening
will uetord sonnded a false alarm and
brought out 20t citizens to mob an
i-" vr ,
Llvftu atel TurllT." R. A. lUki
w .Vlv.iiitanrtuf a l'nt.-tvt. Turlir I
t i- I.Mln.r nn.l In iu-.ui. of Niv I i.n. i
rim, r rri i iim t.mtuv. inn, euA --
I i.ti L. HtvMvi. j
Horn.) fnului -I Ion I(i'li-i.-iiubl.! i.i a - iJIW er,.... of Oil. !ullllfl..lllr :
( .immi-litu. ri-.)ulr.l for the l i-..i,.- ,,r
tll4 L'UIWil SlHt-lt. Ull l A'll'llllHfe ll.Ml .1
l'i..tu'tKiii nf tin-.. I 'iniiinll(lm mu f
ill. without I'rotiji lv lonit." rlr.t
lTiz K.h-. lsss. .'. . Toii ... iZ
4 " W'hut are luw Mut.-rlals t Wmjlil Five Raw
Jmu-rlttlii im A.lniiUm.vMM to tbi Lalmr
aii'l liel-iHirl.n or th I'nlieil .st!.-."
rirt i'rlo Kn..y, lHn.t. II mkhH Imhhx Xt
B r aim. of r'ix-1 ra.l." K. I. Mim.k... 41
t) "atim. Ihwjcid th lurlfT ly an OM lliml-
u.m.Mtia." ukd. liBil-KK xi
T "Tli l'r.t-tlve arllT . It A.lraoiarfi
tfiesoutli." C. L. KDWtHiM STJ
f " The Wool IuUmI." JuIicWm. I.iomim'i n
lT-twt.n ra. rree-Tra.l." A HUtorli-ai
livU-w. D. I. HillKIHAI JW
Tii.f Kurtiitr ami tbe TariiT " Col. TlioMAa
H. Di ULtif lg
XI-' IT t-tlnu a futillo l'lilli-y." uicouoc it.
ll i'.TWKU- Irt
J--T.i'Ily to the ITenlilDt'ii Freo-Traile JU-
K. f. Puktui
i' " Worklinniirn aul tli TrliT." e
11 ' .U- VI t;il vuKKtlnu: shall Anierk-aa Iu.lti.
till Im AIaiiilotil auil Aiiiwloau Mar1
J ui.t in Ofrniun, with AJillilon a
ill "ilia I'mifrru or one lluuilruil Veara."
l " r.iwilon for Anu-rli-an Shinning.". ... n
ft " 111- larl.T Not a Tax." Homkk U. I-irrm... S
'. .. :iy IrUhiui'ii shuul.l Iim l'rotwtloniau. ;i
ui " i"rite-tloii." K. II . AMMiiMiwa i
-l ' V hat U a I'artll ? " A tin w em u a WorkLu-
limu'i lumtlnn 4
22 "Tile AiiiHrloau Wool Induatry." K.U. A-
ukw a
ES ' Waal- anil Coat ttt LiVlni?." J. D. WicaKa. a
M "Sourheru Karniiuij ImlUHtrtea."..
-V A Slu.rt Talk, to VVotkUmmu." . f
" Pi ui.iul.iu ami the r'armr." hmiiior H. 34.
Cuixom It
The Ajikiupam RCTOMrsT. a wn-k If Journal !.
wi I" ttu illwiUHlon or all miiumi of t
..uO jM-r aiiuiuu. ftaiupbj ootil .i,
td. i TarLX
AMri4H IIeskt M. IfOTT, 0-n. Sw't Am
Viwa-Uvni aril! lA-awnto. j&i W. XJtl . JAiw
Th flgnre 9 in our dates w'll makn a .onj Ujc
Ho man or woman now living will evi-r date t
iocument without using the figure 9. It stand.-
in the third phice in 1 '.), wher! it will remain ten
ears and then move up to second place in
here it will rest for one ye.-iri.
There is auothor "9"' which ha also come to stay.
It is unlike the figure 9 iu our uuli-s in the respect
that it has already moved up to first place, wliera
It will permanently riirn.iin. It is culled the "Ne.
'Hish Arm WnwlerA Wilson Sewing Machln.
The "No. 9'' was endorsed for iirst tdace by tlr
experts of Euro! ut tie? IV-ris Exposition of IS8:f,
wtu:re, arter a wverecontet with the leading m-v
chines of the world, 11 was awarded th.j oc'.y
Grand Prize given to family sewing machine. i-.U
other on exhibit, having received lower award.
of gold medals, etc. The French Government
also recognized it superiority bv thedecorationof
Mr. Nathaniel V.'iiei-ler, l'rMiiii-iitol' the company,
with the Croas of the Legion of Honor.
The "No. 3" is not an old machine Improved
upon, but i an nlir-ly new in .cuin i. and tin
Craud Prlso at r iris was aw :. d if. :h gramt
est advance in sewing macliiu - taecliauiniu of thu
age,. Thoe who I -it. can r.'.-t assured, thew.
fore, of having the very latest and best.
1778 July Fourth. 1 890.
On the 4th day of July 1776,
. . Y-1 rri II 'i 1 I liii.lro r... o ...... t Tir. t .. , 1
-r . , , i viit.nai I'litnn.'. AKrill. licunu u&u
i . r tKJo VjIty. iiio.. juiv a. nenrv i i a .1 ; i . a i... u-
n f.rnr nf tho ..rnhJhitJnn .mn,lmml I n -T- , ica.ucu iu,: s g.uii uu uv ine
t"- " - i uurier. a negro who was servine a lite satetv committee .and. usinir the Metho-
ana iawara uosewaier. or the Umaha I sentence in the tienitentiarv waa the. aist church lell. signaled that the agent
the I TIpp. and TTnn. John T. Wuhtfer nf rwinipnt nf a nanlrm frm t,a crnm,., had loaded his liqilor Oil a Wagon and
American conoress then in session at I , . ... . . ,L i . nn ncvmnt nf hi nTPmnlrv llmviar I was hauling it to a rented store. The
, "mana, in opposiuon to ine amenament. I a a " -- iT"" TCr ' .cammittee looked for Deford.' but he
i uuaueiuuia. uiaue uic etcr uieuiursuie t:-t.i i. . .. .
I o sucetues mc iu uc 1 11 a tit: uu uuiu i tentiar3' a little
The Seattle Fire.
Seattle, Wash., July 2. The total
loss by last night's fire was $109,000;
insurance $49,000.
A Day's Outingr.
The old settlers of Omaha and the vi
nity will participate in a picnic to
morrow near Bcllevue. The affair will
be devoted entirely to social intercourse.
There will be no set speeches, but enly
informal talks, calculated to please alL
General Brooke and staff, General
Wheaton and staff and other equally
prominent gentlemen will be present.
The Second regiment band will furnish
music for the occasion. Plenty of cool
shade will make the picnic grounds in
viting and assure those in attendance a
glorious time. Trains will leave the
Union depot at 8:15 and 10 o'clock a., m.
returning in the evening.
Declaration of Independence, the grand- j 8;(e8
est of documents, by which the thirteen
American colonies declared themselves
free and independent; under the name of
the thirteen United States of America.
This declaration was a bold move
ment made after due consideration on
the part of those who made it, as it was
known that the tyrant, Great Britain,
would regard the act as treason, a crime
punishable with death. What brave
hearts these patriots must have had to
incur such a risk. And this brings to
mind the incident that when the members
of congress were about to sign this docu
ment, John ITancock. one of the signers,
remarked, "We must be unanimous;
there must be no pulling different ways;
we must all hang together." "Yes," re-
The whele debate will be nublished in e opeo. mat in tne sixty years or tnepns-
r I on s existence no convict has evpr livmi
tull in the Omaha weekly See during I out so long a sentence. It is a rare
the month of July. The subscription I thing to find a convict who has lived
I'"""- "- "" ,cuuv-cu I tiary. foor sanitary regulations of the
tor the campaign to a mere cost of paper I institution is the cause.
It will be mailed to any subscriber for
85 cents from now until December first.
over fifteen vears. and TOma Iouna: eopie say no sa
unon investigation the startling fa-t. n. fhall be run there.
A Haniliome forger.
New York. July 5. On the arrival
By sending your orders promptly you of the 5:50 train from Boston detectives
will be able to get the entire debate, I took into custody a handsome, richly
which will rim throtio-h several nnmUn dressed woman named Nettie Clark of
of the paper, beginning with Wednesday spector Byrnes and shown a telegram
July yth. l his otter only holds good I trom rroviaence calling tor ner arrest
for Nebraska subscribers.
The Bee Publishing Company.
Farm for Sale.
. 240 acres of fine land, with all modern
improvements, within one mile of Mur
ray. Will sell all or part of the same.
Prices reasonable and terms easy; for
further particulars address or call on
E. Berger,
Murray, Casa Co., Nebraska.
To Nervous Debilitated Men.
If you will send us your address, we
will mail you our illustrated phamphlet
plied Franklin, indulging in a witticism explaining all about Dr. Dye's Celebrated
on the words, "we must, indeed, hang Electro-Yoltaic Belt and Appliances and
together or we shall most ' assuredly all their charming effects upon the nervous
hang seperately. Immediately after the debilitated system, and how they will
declaration had been signed, it wiis read quickly restore you to vigor and man
aloud from the steps of the old state hood. Pamphlet free. If you are thus
house in Philadelphia, and received with afflicted, we will send you a Belt and
shouts of joy and acclamation by a large Appliances on a trial.
concourse of people who had just shuken . Yoltaic Belt Co.,
off tha rhaina and shackles that hnnnd Marshall, Mich.
iiacLii iu mo uivkuci tuuuil v j..i, -.9 I .
- J Advice of a Prominent Land Broker
The following interring incident wan Rheumatic Syrltp Co., Jackson, Mich :
connected .with the first public reading T Februarv. isso. T
of that neble instrument: menoed nsino-IIibbard's Rheumatic Sr,,
In the belfry of the state house there I and Strengthening Plasters for inflam-
was a bell which had long since been matory rheumatism, having been troubled
brought from England, bearing the in- yem uu uus wiriuH aiseue. My
f- i.r. i t u a a i. joints were swolen so that I could hardly
scnption, proclaim Liberty to all the Wlilk and j attended to my business with
People." It is likely this was the only difficulty. I used three bottles and ap-
bell of the kind in America, and it is a plied the plasters to my limbs and back.
and I can say that I am now cured. I
singular cireumstance that this very bell
was the first to ring out loud and loDg
that a new nation had been born that
our independence had been declared.
a Thomas Jefferson, who wrote the dec
laration of independence seyeral years
after that act, and after he had become
president of the United States, the anni-
have not been troubled with rheumatism
since discontinuing its use. My father-in-
law, Mr. J. D. Skinner, of Manson, has al
so been benefitted by this medicine. We
earnestly recommend it to our friends.
Take my advice, give it a trial. .
C. R. Nicholson,
Manson, Iwa.
Ask yur druggist for it.
It was said that she had secured $3,000
on a forged note. The woman confessed
that she was the party wanted and
handed over 3,500 to the inspector. She
resides with her parents on Oak street,
Killed His Wife.
Colcmbcs, Ind., Jul' 5. At the
Western hotel John F. Petilliott, a
prominent saloonkeeper, shot and killed
his wife. Two weeks ago she left him
and went to the hotel and was serving
as a waitress. Petilliott walked into
the dining'room, drew a revolver and
shot five bullets into her -head and
breast. She died almost instantly.
Petilliott is in jail and there is talk of
lynching him.
Armed Men Guarding Decker's Murderers
Morris, Ills., July 5. Ten armed
men are guarding the jail to resist any
attempt to lynch Fitzhugh and Maxwell,
the murderers of Charles Decker.
Angry and determined crowds are gath
ering atxmt tne streets and it is thought
the jail will be attacked.
Beverly Tucker Dead.
Richmond. Ya.. Julv 5. Col. Bev
erly Tucker, aged 70years, a prominent
man in the history of Yirginia, died
here. During the war he visited Eng
land twice and Canada in the interests
of the confederacy.
Heath of Robert IS. Canahan.
Pittsburg, Pa., Jnly 5. Robert B.
Corpus Ckrlatl's Ship Channel.
uoRPis UHRism, 'a ex., Jniy 5. it is
reliably stated that the Erie Mannfac
tnring company, of Kansas City, has
received an order of Col. Ropes of this
city, for immediate construction of two
more powerful dredge boats for use in
connection with the opening of the
ship channel through Mustang Island.
it is understood the work of the new
boats will Ic confined chiefly to Corpus
Chnsti liav. as the one at the Island
has demonst rated its ability to perforin
the work for which it was built and
within the specified time.
Confederate Reunion.
Chattanooga, Tenn., July 5. The
first general reunion of the Confederate
veterans is in session in this city. The
city is brilliantly decorated with blue
and graj bunting, stars and stripes, and
large pictures of prominent generals
and other leading characters on both
sides in the late war. Several thousand
people are here from the various south
ern states, among them being Oen.
Kirby Smith. Gen. Gordon and others.
Galena Gems Soiil for MOO.
Galena, Ills., July 5. Four pearls
found in the river a few miles from this
city were sold to a Chicago jeweler for
$400. It is estimated that the amonnt
that will be rea lized by pearl hunters in
this section between now and'fall will
aggregate $15:5,000. The business of
searching is being systematically car
ried on by experienced Scandinavian
pearl hunters.
Clarence O. Wilson Proiaotrd.
Bcrlington, la., July 5.. Clarence
G. Wilson, at present superintendent of
the Chicago. Burlington and Qnincy
railroad in Chicago, has been appointed
to nil the position ot superintendent of
the Chicago, Burlington and Quincv'
lines in Iowa, made vacant by ' the ad
vancement ot w . ij. Brown, ilia bead-
quarters will be in Burlington.
Ilooming Gen. SCiles for President.
New York, July 5. A San Antonio
185 and 187 Wabash Ave., Chicago
712 Eighth Ave., NEW YORK.
22222 HEW MUSIC P"BucTios
Coarl.r.. o.. h,hl.i
Willi by I I. Herman. Oft
at aockavay
to or U V - '
r: P.M r,- w vxt; mmi
Kllw ThM'a H,.k.A U...-
Th llrMm. r.rlo, rr. SO
rlArlO. 'Souoda frcia Ui WrB; K.
AUzaadra Walu, Puktr, oni Waloaa. lit; TrTlita(
OsrotM pabuhli suU. 4ue. riU). 7io.
cnt mimiooh RcciirromaaaKO nicn.
IUSIC1L I5STEUXE3TS. Strings and Trinvmlnn.
reatsst Variety, best qua! fir at lowest prices.
la aaay tf th. Ml.krate4 HtBirKO f ISTOW mm
OaclBoT lull ACCUautuaa, ta kail aa itrnml a
aaa nrla.
no all OMocaa to aiovc aooaca.
tStrt! 23 UNION SQUARE NY. A"rjja
ST.10UIS.M0. J,;1 fli rri OALIAS.TEX.
Canahan. aged 4 years, who waa dispatch to The Herald saya. that army
United States district attorney under officers and othera hav worked np quite
General Grant, died at his residence in
this city after a long illness.
a boom for Gen. Miles as a presidential
candidate. Russell Ijarrison is aUo
said to have lent kla iaflaencQ to tit
A 10 cent cigar in quality is